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  Wednesday November 30th 2022 06:14:58 PM

Patio Project

Holes cut for the posts Deep Hole
patio1.jpg (403208 bytes) patio2.jpg (423371 bytes)

patio3.jpg (390781 bytes)

Nice Plug

Cap to be welded

patio4.jpg (384888 bytes)


patio5.jpg (355654 bytes)


patio7.jpg (293141 bytes)


Rear posts in
patio6.jpg (344918 bytes)


patio8.jpg (342221 bytes)


patio9.jpg (342483 bytes)


Covered holes under roof and fastened first joist End joist set in place
patio10.jpg (171311 bytes)


patio11.jpg (254809 bytes)


patio12.jpg (241333 bytes)


I beam inserted between 2x6 beams Sheeting is on finally
patio13.jpg (140569 bytes)


patio14.jpg (163731 bytes)


patio15.jpg (463969 bytes)


Added center brace Had to fudge a little bit
patio16.jpg (301708 bytes)


patio17.jpg (369019 bytes)


patio18.jpg (309110 bytes)


Came up short as expected The edges will settle in a day or two Center support posts in
patio19.jpg (403467 bytes)


patio20.jpg (374115 bytes)


patio21.jpg (363604 bytes)


Got the beam in finally Need to cut the end off now
patio22.jpg (294003 bytes)


patio23.jpg (267061 bytes)




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