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  Thursday February 29th 2024 08:01:34 AM

Miscellaneous Page

16F876A chip installed and tested for heartbeat! Now for the hbridge and glue chips.

Here's the front and back view of my 16F877 Pic controller for one of my mini sumo bots. The PIC chip has been removed to show the crystal underneath and the rest of the board hasn't been fully populated yet. The other socket is for the 754410 Hbridge.

Here's a shot of my Linx tranciever board using a 16F628 as a serial interface to an external device.

Here are some shots of the test cable for my 128 x 128 graphic lcd display I made for the MRM. Following is the Digikey parts list. HF20U-03-ND 3 inch Parlex cable, HFF20T-ND 20 pin straight connector or HFG20T-ND 20 pin 90deg connector.

This is the pinout I used on the MRM

   LCD   MRM   Description

   1       8       D0

   2       7

   3       6

   4       5

   5       4

   6       3

   7       2

   8       1       D7

   9       11

   12     15      CS This goes to CS3 on MRM

12 is contrast on MRM (toes to GND thru a 1k res and is not used on this display)

   13     RES

   14     VEE contrast (about -7v)

   15     13    VDD +5

   16     14

   17     NC

   18     NC

   19     LEDA (GND)

   20     LEDK (+12 thru 15ohm res if desired)

Following are a few of the various projects and boards I've done in the past. Just put here for your viewing pleasure.


On the left above is a shot of my all-purpose PIC programmer. I've programmed 12c508/9's, 16F84's and 16F877's all from this simple board. The electronics kit can be purchased from The pcboard is my own creation. The 8-pin device isn't populated right now. I gave my original board to a friend and haven't populated its replacement entirely. On the right is my PIC 16F877 board with a motor driver circuit on board. I was originally using this board on my larger bot along with a Botboard II and my expansion board. Below is a shot of my partially populated 64 I/O expansion board for the Botboard II. It plugs directly into the Botboard II expansion port with an extra plug for the $7000 port.

This is the top and bottom layer of the boards I'm currently using on a couple of my bots. Included on it are the power distribution, hbridge, sonar relay, charge plug and Schmitt trigger for my IR encoders. Express PCB did these as well as my Bot II expansion board and I was quite pleased with the results.

Here's a shot of the new motor mounts I made on my Sherline CNC for a pair of Hsiang Neng gearheads from Jameco. They are made from T6 aluminum for strength and small to keep the weight down. The base holes are threaded for 4-40 screws that come up thru the bottom of the bot. They will be used on my larger bot when I get back to work on it.

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