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  Wednesday November 30th 2022 06:44:43 PM

CNC Power Supply

But first... A couple good Feed charts and calculators

Feed Speed Wizard

Chiploads for various materials

Feed Rate Calculator

Milling Speed and Feed Calculator

Started with 3 surplus transformers

psu1.jpg (349642 bytes)

psu2.jpg (573356 bytes)

psu3.jpg (471314 bytes)

Mounted the diode packs to the bottom for now.

psu_bottom1.jpg (351407 bytes)

psu_bottom2.jpg (362261 bytes)

psu4.jpg (307810 bytes)

caps1.jpg (302232 bytes)

caps2.jpg (313713 bytes)

frame1.jpg (283649 bytes)

frame2.jpg (323781 bytes)

frame3.jpg (274246 bytes)

Found a piece of heatsink at the scrap yard. Cut down to a workable size. Squared the ends on the sherline.

heatsink_bulk.jpg (271212 bytes)

heatsink1.jpg (275560 bytes)

heatsink2.jpg (235712 bytes)

Edge milled for mounting. New stepper drivers. Started wiring the drivers.

heatsink3.jpg (225236 bytes)

gecko1.jpg (275903 bytes)

driver_wiring.jpg (361806 bytes)

New enclosure for the electronics.

wire.jpg (303088 bytes)

box1.jpg (398820 bytes)

box2.jpg (397260 bytes)

box3.jpg (302277 bytes)

box4.jpg (282512 bytes)

heatsink.jpg (299410 bytes)

Mounted the drivers to the door.

will_it_fit.jpg (390861 bytes)

control1.jpg (357727 bytes)

control2.jpg (412344 bytes)

Started wiring in the Mesa cards. Still need to rewire the pendant plug. 

control3.jpg (347643 bytes)

control4.jpg (306150 bytes)

control5.jpg (295360 bytes)

Changed the stepper plugs to DIN plugs.Started the encoder for the spindle.

control6.jpg (223787 bytes)

control7.jpg (367656 bytes)

encoder_disk1.jpg (89348 bytes)

Moved electronics around a bit.Made room for the 7i84 SSerial IO card.

encoder_disk2.jpg (142755 bytes)

control8.jpg (313439 bytes)

control9.jpg (274858 bytes)

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