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  Saturday February 24th 2024 04:47:58 PM

Trip to the surplus

I took a trip to one of the local surplus to show what is locally available here. Some of the pics aren't the best.


8.jpg (533027 bytes)

9.jpg (593338 bytes)

11.jpg (453500 bytes)

Racks of round stock Smaller round bar

2.jpg (737299 bytes)

10.jpg (619770 bytes)

12.jpg (539375 bytes)

Racks of solid stock

5.jpg (647289 bytes)

4.jpg (275837 bytes)

6.jpg (610654 bytes)

Blocks of all sizes

3.jpg (624975 bytes)

13.jpg (508097 bytes)

17.jpg (423883 bytes)

Extrusion More extrusion Stainless stock

18.jpg (658508 bytes)

1.jpg (601700 bytes)

Tubing More tubing

7.jpg (340509 bytes)

14.jpg (500359 bytes)

15.jpg (410076 bytes)

Large plate Diamond and flat sheet

16.jpg (657069 bytes)

Surplus steel stock

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