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  Saturday February 24th 2024 05:24:56 PM

Making USB Tiny

First attempt of a program socket for the attiny since it needs to be programmed before installing.
attiny1.jpg (90515 bytes) attiny2.jpg (80496 bytes) attiny3.jpg (85003 bytes)
Second attempt works much better. Also added a crystal so I wouldn't get stuck if the external crystal fuses were programmed.
attiny8.jpg (173506 bytes) attiny9.jpg (188535 bytes) attiny6.jpg (145830 bytes)
The closepin didn't have enough clamping force. Programming the target chip.
attiny4.jpg (91856 bytes) attiny5.jpg (90602 bytes) attiny7.jpg (168194 bytes)
The finished Rev1 programmer First batch of Rev1 programmers.
usbtiny1.jpg (84380 bytes) usbtiny2.jpg (117312 bytes) usbtiny3.jpg (208398 bytes)
Protective shrinkwrap was added. New Rev2 boards have finally arrived.
usbtiny4.jpg (239378 bytes) usbtiny5.jpg (244556 bytes) mini_prog_top.jpg (219189 bytes)
USB mini B plug added to the Rev2 boards. Finished Rev2 programmer with cable. First run of Rev2 boards.
mini_USB_prog1.jpg (216226 bytes) mini_usb_prog_cable.jpg (435643 bytes) mini_usb_batch1.jpg (206163 bytes)
Wiring for the 6pin
 to 10pin adapter.
Adapter to correct for mislabeled pinout in this pdf. The correct pinout can be found on P.51 in this file.
10pin_isp.jpg (194212 bytes) program_adapter.jpg (234213 bytes)

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