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Sep 29 2022

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12:02 AM Thorhian[m]: Unfortunately that’s not my area of expertise. I remember there being debouncing logic that we would use in our verilog, it was some chain of logic gates, but I can’t quite remember. That only applied to a single button but maybe you could attach it to all of the inputs of an encoder.
12:15 AM Thorhian[m]: It’s too bad the switches zincboy recommended are so pricy. They look nice.
12:47 AM Deejay: moin
04:31 AM Deejay: re
04:42 AM Tom_L: morning
04:44 AM JT-Cave: morning
04:56 AM TurBoss: morningh
04:56 AM TurBoss: * morning
06:21 AM Loetmichel: Hmm, just milling some 15mm alu on my CNC6040 here... Maybe 0.3mm DOC at 1200mm/min is overdoing it with a 6mm two flute mill bit? I am hearing the 800W 24kRPM spindle touring down when engaged... :D
06:25 AM Alicrow[m]: Morning
07:20 AM ZincBoy[CAON][m]: Oops. I actually used the binary versions: https://www.digikey.ca/en/products/detail/grayhill-inc/71BD36-3119/4117913
07:20 AM ZincBoy[CAON][m]: Only 4 pins needed for 12 positions.
07:28 AM ZincBoy[CAON][m]: You could use something like this: https://www.digikey.ca/en/products/detail/panasonic-electronic-components/EVQ-V9C00116E/1738883 if you want something cheaper (1/10th the price). It just doesn't have the adjustable number of positions.
07:31 AM Tom_L: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Alpha-Taiwan/SR2612F-0112-21R0B-D8-N?qs=yA6kp8fx8Y7S2TB5GvzfgQ%3D%3D
07:31 AM Tom_L: i use those
07:31 AM Tom_L: not encoder though
07:33 AM ZincBoy[CAON][m]: Yes, having the binary output makes hooking up several of them much easier.
07:36 AM Tom_L: i was using 2-3 positions so it wouldn't make much difference on mine
07:39 AM Tom_L: JT-Cave, i'll build some debs later today
07:49 AM JT-Cave: ok
07:50 AM JT-Cave: I still have a bug with the configparser... but less bugs
08:00 AM JT-Cave: I'll be gone most of the day, going to an automation bbq in St. Louis
08:12 AM Tom_L: good day for it
08:12 AM Tom_L: nice n cool here
08:31 AM JT-Shop: same here
09:56 AM perry_j1987: are go /nogo gauges all the same length (within a brand) usually?
10:21 AM Thorhian[m]: The problem I’ve seen so far is that the typical mechanical encoders tend to allow you to keep rotating them. Maybe I’ll just have to deal with it. I really don’t want to create an under flow situation lol.
10:28 AM ZincBoy[CAON][m]: That was the nice thing about the expensive ones I used. They have adjustable mechanical stops. You won't get an underflow situation, it will just wrap around back to the start. I did look at using the cheaper encoders and making a collar around the knob to limit motion.
10:48 AM Thorhian[m]: I might just try to figure out how to use a small MCU to handle the input of a regular mechanical switch instead.
11:08 AM roycroft: i am curious about what you would be controlling with a 12 position switch
11:46 AM jpa-: Loetmichel: if the spindle is open loop controlled, it is quite normal for the RPM to drop when loaded :)
11:49 AM Tom_L: roycroft, speed selection
11:57 AM roycroft: spindle speed?
12:07 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://www.amazon.com/Libre-Computer-AML-S905X-CC-Potato-64-bit/dp/B074P6BNGZ/ref=sr_1_3 $5ea or 2x for $80
12:07 PM CaptHindsight[m]: $45ea
12:21 PM Rab: Looks nice. I guess the cheaper 1GB version in their comparison chart isn't available.
12:21 PM Rab: No blogdates since 2019.
12:25 PM Rab: (At https://libre.computer/blogs/)
12:27 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Rab: https://libre.computer/products/s905x/
12:29 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Rab: getting to its end oflife
12:30 PM CaptHindsight[m]: they are probably working on the next Allwinner or Rockchip board
12:31 PM Tom_L: roycroft, <Thorhian[m]> Also, this is for speed selection.
12:31 PM Tom_L: could be cruise control for all i know
12:34 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Rab: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256804366392588.html
12:34 PM Thorhian[m]: roycroft, I’m trying figure out some speed override switches for a future control panel. One for jogging increments, one for feed override, one for rapid override, one for spindle override. Switches/encoders that have detents and won’t allow you to keep rotating to prevent under flow/over flow is what I’m looking for.
12:36 PM Tom_L: use analog pots to an analog input pin then you would have infinite speeds
12:36 PM Rab: Go and pay attention to the UP main mango not pigeon: https://space.bilibili.com/84013907, if the fans exceed 10,000, it will be open source at the speed of light
12:36 PM Tom_L: make a readout on the pannel to show %
12:37 PM Rab: Link seems to be dead.
12:39 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Rab: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256804186541934.html 1GB version available
12:40 PM Rab: Thorhian[m], you could make custom knobs that engage a stop pin on the panel.
12:41 PM Thorhian[m]: I’ve thought about doing that, but do this ever come with detents? I want to make sure I can stably set the machine to run at 100%, no ambiguity when I need to (or 0%)
12:42 PM Rab: It would be easy to do on a manual mill with a rotary table, which only comes to mind because I'm always desperate to find a use for my rotary table.
12:42 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Rab: what I haven't seen yet is a version with Ethernet for $20
12:42 PM CaptHindsight[m]: so far just wifi
12:42 PM CaptHindsight[m]: easy enough to make
12:44 PM Rab: Thorhian[m], there are many rotary encoders with detents. Some have pretty crisp action. I guess the trick would be orienting the detents with the stop so each end isn't in an ambiguous state.
12:44 PM CaptHindsight[m]: I could make a LCNC dongle with the H616
12:45 PM Rab: Although the cheap encoders I'm thinking of are quadrature output, which could be dangerous if you miss a pulse.
12:46 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256803350581362.html but <$60 with an ARM to run LCNC and an stm32 to run Remora
12:46 PM Thorhian[m]: Yeah, I would want something that has some sort of absolute binary output Rab
12:48 PM Thorhian[m]: The best options I can think of for now is to either use an MCU connected to 12+ switch or use a switch with a Mac of 10 positions and grab some BCD binary priority encoders that Tom recommended last night.
12:49 PM Thorhian[m]: Max*
12:58 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://shop.lerdge.com/products/adapter-module
01:01 PM Rab: Thorhian[m], apologies if this has been covered upthread, but these are pretty cheap as rotary switches go: https://www.mouser.com/c/electromechanical/switches/rotary-switches/?m=Lorlin&number%20of%20positions=12%20Position&instock=y
01:02 PM Rab: I guess you would want the non-shorting type. One of the shorting variants is weirdly cheap: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Lorlin/CK1034?qs=VJkHNLJxjTe7y8%2FCLKiFiQ%3D%3D
01:04 PM Rab: One classic technique for reading the position without a lot of I/O is to put a different value resistor on each position, and read the common with an ADC pin.
01:07 PM Rab: Or I guess a more fault-tolerant method is to use a resistor ladder and short legs on the ladder.
01:08 PM Tom_L: Rab, i posted some position switches earlier without encoding
01:08 PM Tom_L: you could go that way and add an encoder chip or get some with the chip built in
01:11 PM Tom_L: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Alpha-Taiwan/SR2612F-0112-21R0B-D8-N?qs=yA6kp8fx8Y7S2TB5GvzfgQ%3D%3D
01:11 PM Tom_L: i used those on my pendant but i only needed 2-3 positions
01:12 PM Rab: Tom_L, that Alpha looks good.
01:13 PM Tom_L: i suppose they all do but this one had stops to limit rotation to what you used
01:14 PM Rab: Some don't, or they require a special washer or other accessory that has a separate part number.
01:14 PM pcw--home: why not use analog and a pot?
01:15 PM Rab: Legendary pot linearity and reliability.
01:15 PM Rab: And also lack of detents, I guess.
01:16 PM Rab: Some stereo gear has detented pots to simulate expensive switched attentuators.
01:16 PM Tom_L: pcw--home, i suggested that also
01:17 PM pcw--home: A decent pot is likely as reliable as a selector switch
01:18 PM Tom_L: alg or linear? or would it matter that much?
01:20 PM Rab: Log response is usually simulated with a few segments of different resistance, it might be tricky to read with a linear 'feel'.
01:21 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, new debs are up
02:04 PM unterhausen: "linux" is trending on twitter.
02:06 PM Rab: Ominous, any idea why?
02:18 PM unterhausen: I couldn't tell why, although there was some mention that Bill Gates did something that should make people want to switch
02:20 PM XXCoder: bill gates have basically retired from ms years ago. so is it something bill, personally done, or ms have done?
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03:47 PM JT-Shop: Tom_L, thanks
04:56 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, how was the bbq?
05:00 PM JT-Shop: very good and lots of robots
05:03 PM Tom_L: any doing some new tricks?
05:05 PM JT-Shop: lots of machine vision picking loose parts from a box by the one you pick
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05:31 PM _unreal_: so good news. I still have not heard hide or tail from my xwife, who lives in fort myers.
05:31 PM _unreal_: but then again could be no phone service who knows. feel bad for everyone else
07:55 PM t4nk_fn: _unreal_, good news: the phones have been fixed!
09:54 PM roycroft: fort myers is all but completely destroyed
09:55 PM XXCoder: fla?
10:05 PM roycroft: yes
10:06 PM XXCoder: so, basically unreal hoped his xwife dioed
10:07 PM roycroft: hopefully she was able to evacuate
10:07 PM XXCoder: yeah
10:34 PM roycroft: frank howarth's recent video looks interesting
10:35 PM roycroft: i might give it a watch tonight
10:35 PM XXCoder: spheres? yeah fun video
10:35 PM roycroft: yes
10:37 PM roycroft: i haven't done any turning in quite a while, and i've been thinking about doing some
10:41 PM XXCoder: thats cool. ease into it
10:41 PM XXCoder: expecially if havent done for year or more
10:48 PM roycroft: i'm thinking of turning some "mushroom" shaker style drawer pulls
10:48 PM roycroft: they are fairly simple and small
10:48 PM roycroft: and it will be a challenge to make a set that are identical, or close to identical
10:54 PM XXCoder: nice
10:54 PM XXCoder: dont usual method make a "form"
10:54 PM XXCoder: you can simply insert into shape see how close it to right
10:54 PM XXCoder: essentally, a thin wood sheet with profile of half of it
10:56 PM roycroft: yes
10:57 PM XXCoder: cool
10:57 PM roycroft: or i can cut the profile in a piece of sheet metal
10:57 PM XXCoder: makes sense
10:57 PM XXCoder: well youtube-sensi have taught me well lol
10:59 PM Thorhian[m]: Hey Rab, you mentioned that there are many crisp rotary encoders. Do you have any recommendations on finding the especially good ones?