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Sep 18 2022

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01:04 AM Deejay: moin
02:47 AM pere: hi
04:19 AM boozeman[m]: hi
04:35 AM lknoke[m]: Hi, I use the old version 2.9.0-pre0-1055-gfbf9d19f7, today I’m started a project.. I manually set the spindle to g0x400y500, then increased x to 500... then all of a sudden linuxcnc froze? Restart computer, restart linuxcnc... immediately the entire Ubuntu computer is frozen again? Whenever I start linuxcnc, the entire computer freezes... what can I do, I'm a beginner? Thanks
04:37 AM jpa-: lknoke[m]: what kind of hardware are you using? i had similar freezes when my mesa card somehow caused interference to the PCIe bus on one PC; switching to different motherboard helped
04:47 AM lknoke[m]: I’m using an Dell optiplex with parallel port and a triple beast.. old school parallel CNC
04:56 AM jpa-: you could try running memtest and similar utilities on the PC, possibly there is just some failure with it
05:07 AM JT-Cave: morning
05:34 AM Tom_L: morning
05:35 AM lknoke[m]: Are there any log files or reserved files who blocked my computer?
05:35 AM lknoke[m]: Are there any log files or reserved files who blocked my computer?
05:36 AM Tom_L: JT-Cave, #18 is up
05:41 AM JT-Cave: merged thanks
05:42 AM JT-Cave: d/l debian 11.5 for some reason 11.4 is screwed up so a delay in game for the big reinstall
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06:48 AM JT-Cave: and now we wait for dd to finish
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09:25 AM JT-Cave: back and both nic's are known and my video card is known so I'll stop at debian 11.5
09:26 AM Tom_L: :)
09:26 AM Tom_L: is that bullseye?
09:26 AM Tom_L: i've been running bookworm on my main one for a while
09:26 AM JT-Cave: dunno what dumb name it has lol
09:27 AM JT-Cave: debian 11.5
09:27 AM Tom_L: yeah, bullseye
09:27 AM Tom_L: bookworm is 12
09:27 AM Tom_L: (i had to look it up too)
09:28 AM JT-Cave: doesn't know what monitor I have but the resolution is 3840x2160 which is the max
09:30 AM JT-Cave: hmm on to debian 12 in the morning can't change from 3840x2160 lol
09:30 AM Tom_L: i haven't had any problems with it but i'm on old junk too
09:33 AM Tom_L: just redirect the repo and do an upgrade
09:36 AM JT-Cave: I'll do that in the morning during free time
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09:39 AM JT-Cave: reboot works
09:39 AM Tom_L: yjsy
09:40 AM Tom_L: that's and easy one
09:40 AM Tom_L: i type reboot on my old old pc
09:40 AM JT-Cave: off to work on the cat house before it gets too hot
09:40 AM Tom_L: wrote that in asm
09:41 AM JT-Cave: did some code shuffling yesterday in mesact and introduced a bug :(
09:41 AM Tom_L: how did you finally get the version right?
09:41 AM Tom_L: you said you changed methods...
09:44 AM JT-Cave: look in startup.py around line 30 or so
09:44 AM JT-Cave: however it's flawed because other languages are used for the word installed
09:46 AM Tom_L: so you still look for '+' & ':' but after 'installed'
09:46 AM JT-Shop: yea
09:46 AM Tom_L: how many languages does it translate to?
09:49 AM Tom_L: if '+' or ':' in line.casefold() then search from that point
09:49 AM Tom_L: else...
09:51 AM JT-Shop: it = mesact none at the moment the os has zillion but the word linuxcnc-uspace: is not translated by the os when you do apt-cache policy linuxcnc-uspace
09:51 AM Tom_L: should still work then
09:54 AM Tom_L: wouldn't work if somebody was using RTAI
09:54 AM Tom_L: and a new RTAI was just released
09:55 AM Tom_L: i doubt many use it
09:55 AM JT-Shop: RTAI would not be uspace
09:56 AM Tom_L: right
09:58 AM Tom_shop: out of curiosity i checked wheezy RTAI
09:58 AM Tom_shop: linuxcnc:
09:58 AM Tom_shop: Installed: 1:2.8.2
09:58 AM Tom_shop: Candidate: 1:2.8.2
09:58 AM Tom_shop: Version table:
09:58 AM Tom_shop: *** 1:2.8.2 0
09:58 AM Tom_shop: 500 http://linuxcnc.org/ wheezy/2.8-rt i386 Packages
09:58 AM Tom_shop: 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
09:58 AM Tom_shop: 1:2.8.1 0
09:58 AM Tom_shop: 500 http://linuxcnc.org/ wheezy/2.8-rt i386 Packages
09:59 AM Tom_shop: 1:2.8.0 0
09:59 AM Tom_shop: 500 http://linuxcnc.org/ wheezy/2.8-rt i386 Packages
09:59 AM Tom_shop: 1:2.8.0~pre3 0
09:59 AM Tom_shop:
09:59 AM Tom_shop: using linuxcnc instead of linuxcnc-uspace
10:00 AM JT-Shop: what does linuxcnc-uspace return
10:00 AM Tom_shop: tom@wheezy:~$ apt-cache policy linuxcnc-uspace
10:00 AM Tom_shop: linuxcnc-uspace:
10:00 AM Tom_shop: Installed: (none)
10:00 AM Tom_shop: Candidate: (none)
10:00 AM Tom_shop: Version table:
10:03 AM Tom_L: and just the opposite result for bookworm
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10:03 AM Tom_dev: tom@bookworm:~$ apt-cache policy linuxcnc
10:03 AM Tom_dev: linuxcnc:
10:03 AM Tom_dev: Installed: (none)
10:03 AM Tom_dev: Candidate: (none)
10:03 AM Tom_dev: Version table:
10:03 AM Tom_dev: tom@bookworm:~$ apt-cache policy linuxcnc-uspace
10:03 AM Tom_dev: linuxcnc-uspace:
10:03 AM Tom_dev: Installed: 2.9.0~pre0+git20220402.2500863908-4
10:03 AM Tom_dev: Candidate: 2.9.0~pre0+git20220906.02744cdef6-1
10:03 AM Tom_dev: Version table:
10:03 AM Tom_dev: 2.9.0~pre0+git20220906.02744cdef6-1 500
10:03 AM Tom_dev: 500 http://deb.debian.org/debian bookworm/main amd64 Packages
10:03 AM Tom_dev: *** 2.9.0~pre0+git20220402.2500863908-4 100
10:03 AM Tom_dev: 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
10:36 AM JT-Shop: thanks
10:51 AM Tom_L: just create more work for ya?
10:53 AM Tom_L: couple more if's and for's and you should have it
10:53 AM Tom_L: i don't think it would build on wheezy though
11:03 AM JT-Shop: mesact requires python 3.6>
11:03 AM Tom_L: i _might_ look into rtai on bullseye
11:04 AM Tom_L: don't think i could use it on J1900 hardware though so it wouldn't benefit me
11:06 AM Tom_L: https://github.com/NTULINUX/RTAI
11:09 AM Tom_L: Only AMD64 CPUs are supported
11:19 AM Tom_L: ok updated bullseye to 11.5
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11:49 AM boozeman[m]: Lenovo Thinkpad W530 says 47700us after 30min period. Not great, not terrible I quess.
11:55 AM jpa-: boozeman[m]: 47700us or 47700ns? the first is pretty terrible :)
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11:56 AM boozeman[m]: haha, it is 47.700 😄
12:41 PM boozeman[m]: servo thread max is about 1236000
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01:13 PM JT-Shop: debian was so nice to delete everything on a 2TB drive that was in the PC when I installed it...
01:46 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, you need the practice :)
01:47 PM Tom_L: boozeman[m], that's still high
01:47 PM Tom_L: got errors trying to build that RTAI
01:48 PM boozeman[m]: With Mesa 7i96S But That's the limit of this machine. Can't get anything else to disabled
01:49 PM Tom_L: may wanna go on a pc hunt
01:49 PM XXCoder: its why I always have full backup before installing
01:51 PM boozeman[m]: Thinkcentre M720q has i5-8400T but is it too "modern" with 6 cores
01:58 PM Tom_L: you want to limit lcnc to one anyway
02:40 PM JT-Shop: emc = subprocess.check_output(['apt-cache', 'policy', 'linuxcnc-uspace'], encoding='UTF-8')
02:40 PM JT-Shop: i = emc.split('\n')[1]
02:41 PM JT-Shop: if 'none' in i.split()[1]:
02:41 PM JT-Shop: print('nope')
02:41 PM JT-Shop: else:
02:41 PM Tom_L: givin it yer best shot ehh
02:42 PM JT-Shop: i.split()[1]
02:42 PM JT-Shop: that does not need the engrish language as I don't look for installed
02:42 PM Tom_L: you have to compare both strings don't you?
02:42 PM Tom_L: and what if neither is found?
02:42 PM Tom_L: not installed
02:43 PM Tom_L: will the compare strings affect the mesaflash test?
02:43 PM Tom_L: ( i didn't look at it that close )
02:43 PM JT-Shop: after I separate the installed result then if it's none lcnc is not installed
02:43 PM JT-Shop: else drop the 1: if there and the +235
02:44 PM JT-Shop: no, checking for mesaflash is much easier :)
02:44 PM Tom_L: but
02:44 PM JT-Shop: https://github.com/jethornton/mesact/blob/master/mesact/src/libmesact/startup.py#L57
02:44 PM Tom_L: nobody has anything to test it on
02:44 PM JT-Shop: what do you mean?
02:44 PM Tom_L: how are you gonna test the RTAI part?
02:44 PM Tom_L: you can't run it on wheezy
02:45 PM Tom_L: and you need a new rtai installed on something
02:45 PM JT-Shop: I'm not worried about RTAI
02:45 PM JT-Shop: mesa cards run on uspace only
02:45 PM Tom_L: well you don't really need to change the code then
02:45 PM Tom_L: mesa ethernet cards run on uspace only
02:45 PM Tom_L: 7i90 being an exception
02:46 PM Tom_L: maybe one of the only ones
02:46 PM JT-Shop: currently it only works on english local but the above code works on any local
02:46 PM JT-Shop: is the 7i90 ethernet or spi?
02:46 PM Tom_L: parport serial and spi
02:46 PM Tom_L: i've tested parport & spi
02:47 PM Tom_L: quite some time ago
02:47 PM Tom_L: and some are using spi
02:47 PM Tom_L: i know jepler tried it
02:47 PM Tom_L: forget who else
02:49 PM Tom_L: i made a patchcord for the rpi using spi
02:49 PM Tom_L: the 7i80 is the same card in ethernet only version
02:50 PM JT-Shop: it's a pia to support in mesact
02:50 PM Tom_L: i don't know that many using it really
02:50 PM Tom_L: i am
02:51 PM Tom_L: most go for the 7i80 if they're going that route
02:51 PM Tom_L: 72 io
02:52 PM XXCoder: yo
02:52 PM JT-Shop: yoyo
02:53 PM Tom_L: i replaced the 7i84 with the 7i90 when i blew up the 7i84
02:54 PM Tom_L: the 7i84 was one you had to load the config every time you booted
02:55 PM Tom_L: kept in /lib/firmware/hostmot2 iirc
02:55 PM Tom_L: or some such directory
03:00 PM JT-Shop: the 5i20 is like that
03:00 PM JT-Shop: I still have a 5i20 in the chnc
03:00 PM Tom_L: yeah there were a handfull of older cards that way
03:01 PM Tom_L: you haven't pushed any test code yet...
03:04 PM JT-Shop: no, the dev pc is stuck at 3840x2160 until I move up the os line
03:04 PM Tom_L: i would need binoculars to see that
03:04 PM JT-Shop: yep
03:05 PM Tom_L: one of the kids has a 4k monitor i don't like
03:09 PM Rab: What do y'all recommend for painting cold-rolled steel? I was leaning toward just a couple coats of Rustoleum primer, but I see they have an etching primer and various other more esoteric products. It's for indoor use, but it'd be nice if it was rugged.
03:10 PM JT-Shop: powder coat
03:11 PM XXCoder: thats definitely tough protection
03:11 PM Rab: I assume that's an unacceptable use of the kitchen oven.
03:12 PM Tom_L: just don't bring it up at the dinner table
03:24 PM JT-Shop: I guess I'll setup ssh here and make those bug fixes
03:54 PM Tom_L: i'm gonna need a drive on the router if i keep swapping ssd to keep track of all the notes
04:03 PM JT-Shop: lol
04:05 PM JT-Shop: just pushed a couple of fixes
04:05 PM JT-Shop: what a pain to setup a new pc and now I have to do it again in the morning
04:48 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, worth buiding debs or are you doing more in the AM?
04:50 PM JT-Shop: prob not much in the am, gotta get the dev pc up to date and clean chicken shit early as I have to take my wife to Dexter for a mri
04:52 PM Tom_L: ahh you built a deb too
04:52 PM JT-Shop: yep, there was a big bug introduced by me
04:52 PM Tom_L: i'll have em in a bit..
04:53 PM JT-Shop: awesome
04:55 PM Tom_L: you just did the card stuff, nothing on the version thing yet?
04:55 PM JT-Shop: fixed the version thing so it's language agnostic
04:56 PM JT-Shop: I think
04:56 PM Tom_L: ok
04:56 PM Tom_L: so maybe i should test em
04:56 PM JT-Shop: that would help
05:01 PM Tom_L: amd64 looks ok
05:01 PM Tom_L: but you knew that already
05:02 PM JT-Shop: :)
05:03 PM Tom_L: i need another pi then i could build them both at once
05:04 PM Tom_L: armhf looks ok
05:05 PM JT-Shop: awesome
05:05 PM Tom_L: one to go
05:08 PM JT-Shop: just reading up on python unittest to test my code before release
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05:15 PM JT-Shop: https://web.archive.org/web/20130903012954/http://www.voom.net/pyqt-qtest-example
05:16 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Rab: if just indoor then epoxy primer with epoxy topcoat
05:17 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, #19 ready
05:17 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Rab: if indoor an low budget then oil based primer with Japan drier and oil based topcoat with Japan drier
05:18 PM JT-Shop: roycroft, never got japanning to work...
05:18 PM JT-Shop: Tom_L, done
05:18 PM JT-Shop: thanks
05:18 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Rab: if even lower budget spray primer-paint in one
05:18 PM Tom_L: alot easier now
05:19 PM XXCoder: isnt powdercoating modern version of japanning?
05:19 PM JT-Shop: dunno
05:22 PM CaptHindsight[m]: if powdercoat https://www.prismaticpowders.com/shop/powder-coating-colors/ESS-11150/epoxy-primer followed by epoxy topcoat color of your choice
05:25 PM CaptHindsight[m]: XXCoder: low temp powder coats for wood might look similar but won't be reduced with a solvent after cure
05:26 PM CaptHindsight[m]: so it's like UV cured clears on wood
05:26 PM XXCoder: interesting
05:26 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://www.kpuvpowder.com/
05:28 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlWxrgs7iTs&feature=emb_logo the powders melt at lower temps, after they melt they are exposed to UV to polymerize them into a solid
05:43 PM CloudEvil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwbQG8TGDjQ Tangentially related
05:44 PM CloudEvil: Interesting review of 'cheap' fiber laser engravers.
05:44 PM CloudEvil: In short, decent but badly put together hardware, terrible software, fundamentally interesting.
05:44 PM XXCoder: 1399 usd ow
05:45 PM CloudEvil: Yes.
05:45 PM XXCoder: cant price it much lower due to galvo.
05:45 PM XXCoder: thats always expensive
05:45 PM CloudEvil: Well... Galvo kits of the class used in that are $60 or so
05:45 PM XXCoder: last I checked its 200-300 usd? forgot
05:46 PM CloudEvil: I wonder if the above would remove light surface rust.
05:46 PM XXCoder: 60 usd isnt too bad
05:47 PM CloudEvil: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/354202471766
05:48 PM XXCoder: interesting
05:48 PM XXCoder: I always wanted to do fake vector screen for some older arcade
05:48 PM XXCoder: faking vector with raster screens sucks
05:50 PM XXCoder: yeah chineseium quality lol fun
05:57 PM XXCoder: well so far its not too bad but its not amazing
05:59 PM XXCoder: I find it interesting that it dont touch wood or cardboard
06:03 PM CloudEvil: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402162887104 relevant
06:11 PM XXCoder: interesting
06:13 PM CloudEvil: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004674800080.html - seems to be the bare LASER
06:13 PM CloudEvil: maybe
06:14 PM XXCoder: IR seems better on some materials
06:14 PM XXCoder: expecially steel and ti
06:14 PM XXCoder: alum weirdly not so much
06:36 PM mrec: aliexpress.com/item/1005002731343674.html
06:36 PM mrec: are those spindles any good?
06:36 PM mrec: I would like to install one on the compound of my lathe for small things
06:42 PM mrec: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000801582283.html
06:42 PM mrec: this one might even be better for my purpose
06:42 PM mrec: I'd just install it on a vertical slide extension which I have here
06:45 PM roycroft: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BBHJMQB
06:45 PM roycroft: i would recommend something like tht
06:45 PM roycroft: that
06:46 PM mrec: that's too big for my purpose
06:48 PM roycroft: it's not that much bigger than what you were looking at
06:48 PM roycroft: it's 65 mm in diameter, and you were looking at one that is 52mm in diameter
06:49 PM roycroft: but that might be enough bigger to make it not work out
06:49 PM roycroft: i just know the huang yang ones are pretty reliable
06:50 PM roycroft: and the one i linked to is water cooled, which is nice for your application
06:50 PM mrec: I just need it for a few 5mm sticks on the lathe
06:50 PM roycroft: the cooling per se is not that big of a deal, but being water cooled, the spindle is sealed and you won't get any swarf or coolant inside the motor
06:51 PM roycroft: anyway, i don't know anything about the ones you linked to, so i don't have any comment on them
07:54 PM mrec: roycroft: I have a big spindle already what I'm doing is more like engraving on those sticks
07:54 PM mrec: 800w for engraving is a bit ... too much I feel
08:02 PM Tom_L: dude, this is 2022... laser etch them
08:04 PM Tom_L: engraving isn't gonna require alot of power
08:05 PM Tom_L: it may be ok but it's an air cooled open motor which can cause problems around metal chips
08:06 PM Tom_L: might be closed enough for your purpose
08:07 PM mrec: I mean I'm taking a little bit material off only ... like 1 mm on both sides of a stick
08:07 PM mrec: in order to hold my thin spur gear
08:09 PM Tom_L: i certainly wouldn't use it for a main spindle on anything
08:09 PM Tom_L: what about air driven die grinder etc?
08:10 PM mrec: there's no compressor near the lathe. But I think a small spindle should do for my purpose (most of the time it will be de-installed anyway)
08:10 PM mrec: I will try to do it on my 4th axis on the mill first
08:12 PM Rab: mrec, I think the traditional thing is to mount a Foredom flex-shaft handpiece to a toolholder, which allows you to offload the weight and bulk of the motor.\
08:13 PM Rab: Those steel-cased spindles are heavier than they look, although I haven't hefted the smaller ones in person.
08:14 PM Rab: The Foredom might also perform better at low speeds, if that's a criterion.
08:17 PM Tom_L: what sort of rpm can you get from those?
08:17 PM Tom_L: you're gonna want rather high rpm for engraving
08:17 PM mrec: 0 - 10k it seems I don't expect more than 1-2k for that
08:17 PM mrec: you know I made those thin 1mm spur gears there's a slot in the center to fully engage with the shaft
08:18 PM mrec: so now I need to grind the shaft down (but I prefer to do it via cnc because I need to make around 100 of them)
08:18 PM Tom_L: wtf are they for?
08:19 PM mrec: SMD feeder, plastic collection
08:19 PM mrec: they will engage with a thin motor
08:19 PM Rab: Looks like a typical Foredom is 18K RPM: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01C7LYCTE
08:21 PM Rab: Not super high for micro carbide tooling.
08:22 PM mrec: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/Sa576cb12a157437487e5c0d76b3a8a0cx/Universal-Yamaha-Electric-Feeder-8mm-for-0201-0402-0603-0805-1206-2835-DIY-SMT-Pick-and.jpg_.webp
08:22 PM mrec: you can see the small motor at the back
08:22 PM Rab: The smaller chinese spindles use a collet chuck adapter fastened to the motor shaft with a set screw...might be more runout than the 800W spindle roycroft posted, which seems to have an integrated collet chuck.
08:22 PM mrec: the plastic will be pulled through 2 plastic gears which are pushed against each other
08:23 PM mrec: I have all that already, I just need to make the shaft
08:25 PM mrec: not a big deal :-) and there are many ways to do that
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10:47 PM mrec: andypugh: shouldn't A_pos_fb also include +A_pos_cmd in your hobber.comp file?
10:48 PM mrec: I have re-wired it like that: net apos-cmd joint.3.motor-pos-cmd => hobbing.0.A-pos-cmd => joint.3.motor-pos-f
10:48 PM mrec: because I need the A-axis again now.
10:48 PM mrec: -fb of course
10:49 PM mrec: gear_pos has it...