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Jul 30 2022

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08:30 PM snakedGT is now known as snaked
09:04 PM XXCoder: https://youtu.be/QCP-pEzeMu4 myfordboy adds lathe feed to tiny lathe
09:33 PM roycroft: it is time to be afraid
09:33 PM roycroft: abom is now officially taking cnc classes from jason saunders
09:33 PM XXCoder: who?
09:33 PM roycroft: jason saunders is nycnc
09:33 PM roycroft: now saunders machine works, since he moved to ohio
09:34 PM XXCoder: ok is he infamous on bad cnc usage or what?
09:34 PM XXCoder: currently watching joe pie
09:34 PM roycroft: no, he's actually pretty sharp
09:35 PM roycroft: jason is not the cause of the concern
09:35 PM XXCoder: i like that one because he does explain setups
09:35 PM roycroft: it's that abom is now doing cnc work :)
09:35 PM XXCoder: lol ok
09:47 PM roycroft: our heat advisory has been extended until tomorrow night
09:47 PM XXCoder: yep
09:47 PM * roycroft is pretty tired of the heat
09:47 PM XXCoder: monday remains 84f peak but tues have risen to 82f
09:47 PM roycroft: both literally and figuratively
09:48 PM roycroft: this kind of heat just sucks all the energy out of me
09:48 PM XXCoder: today and tomorrow both peajk 92f
09:48 PM XXCoder: yeah
09:48 PM roycroft: maybe i should move back up to bellingham
09:48 PM XXCoder: I need to remove more vines but ill just waoit for now
09:48 PM XXCoder: want join me move to canada
09:48 PM roycroft: no, it's going to get up to 35 in b'ham tomorrow
09:49 PM roycroft: that's probably about a record for there
09:49 PM roycroft: wait, i'm wrong
09:50 PM roycroft: i somehow got redirected
09:50 PM roycroft: 29 in bellingham tomorrow
09:50 PM roycroft: that sounds more like it
09:54 PM XXCoder: ok
09:55 PM XXCoder: hes making bunch of holes in casting
09:55 PM XXCoder: (joe)
09:57 PM roycroft: well i just ran out of 9mm labels for my label maker
09:57 PM roycroft: so i can't label any more fastener boxes
09:57 PM roycroft: i'll just keep printing them for now, and more labels should be arriving tomorrow
09:58 PM XXCoder: cool :)
10:00 PM XXCoder: what joe is making is miniure shaper
10:01 PM roycroft: nice
10:01 PM XXCoder: its challenging since its mini precision machine
10:01 PM roycroft: joe has been into making mini machines for a while now
10:01 PM XXCoder: yeah well I like those series so far
10:05 PM roycroft: joe pieczynski is an excellent machinist and a good instructor
10:10 PM * roycroft pours his 30th or so pint glass of water for the day
10:11 PM XXCoder: walking showerhead at this time eh
10:11 PM roycroft: pretty much
10:11 PM roycroft: my cat seems fairly energetic now early in the mornings
10:11 PM roycroft: so i think that her current affliction is just the heat
10:12 PM XXCoder: someone thought this was great idea https://imgcache.dealmoon.com/thumbimg.dealmoon.com/dealmoon/dab/7eb/f15/d59afec82a273a68799b17f.jpg_480_0_3_b569.jpg
10:12 PM roycroft: it could be worse
10:12 PM XXCoder: shower mode https://i0.wp.com/www.disneyfashionista.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/71NwpoF08wL._SL1500_.jpg
10:13 PM XXCoder: and always can be worse