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May 14 2022

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12:39 AM Contract_PilotRh: Sup all
01:35 AM randy: morning
02:51 AM randy: der "schwiegervater" (der noch keiner ist) braucht abstammungsurkunden fuer deine tauben(zucht)
02:51 AM randy: hupsi, wrong chan :)
02:52 AM Deejay: moin
05:13 AM JT-Cave: morning
05:21 AM Tom_L: morning
05:23 AM travis_farmer853: Good Morning fellow machine enthusiasts πŸ™‚
05:23 AM travis_farmer853: first time posting in the new Discord... πŸ˜‰
05:28 AM randy: "new discord"?
05:31 AM randy: ahh, ic (https://discord.gg/SbskPKPJc6)
05:32 AM randy: hehe, thats funny. a discord/matrix/irc bridge
05:38 AM travis_farmer853: yeah, looks confusing at times, but it seems to work
10:55 AM roycroft: the rain is gone for a few days, thank goodness
12:22 PM _unreal_: I at this point IMO have more or less finished building my Z axis
12:22 PM _unreal_: few touch up aspects to attend to but aside from that my 3d render is done.
12:22 PM * roycroft needs to get drilling
12:23 PM _unreal_: I now just need to comb over it and dbl check everything. make sure I dont have any HOW in the hell aspects
12:23 PM _unreal_: ?
12:23 PM _unreal_: drilling
12:23 PM roycroft: i'm building some cabinets
12:23 PM roycroft: and i'm in drilling hell right now
12:24 PM roycroft: https://roycroft.us/Cabinet_Side_Panel.jpeg
12:24 PM roycroft: i need 10 of those panels
12:24 PM roycroft: 204 holes per panel
12:24 PM roycroft: i'm about half done
12:26 PM roycroft: it was suggested to me that a cnc router would be an ideal machine to do that work
12:26 PM roycroft: and i agree - it might have been better for me to build the router before making these cabinets
12:27 PM CloudEvil: Do they need to not go all the way through?
12:27 PM roycroft: but the cabinets will be the biggest single improvement to my shop organiation and workflow efficiency i've ever made
12:27 PM roycroft: they need to not go all the way through
12:27 PM roycroft: they are 13mm deep
12:27 PM roycroft: the panels are 19mm thick
12:28 PM CloudEvil: ah
12:28 PM roycroft: these holes are for attaching drawer slides
12:28 PM travis_farmer853: a lot of drawers...
12:28 PM roycroft: and while normally i might not install that many screws per slide, the panels are melamine, which has a fairly week substrate, and the drawers will be carrying a lot of weight
12:28 PM roycroft: yes, 54 drawers total
12:29 PM roycroft: https://roycroft.us/CabinetAssembly.jpeg
12:29 PM travis_farmer853: end mill storage?
12:29 PM roycroft: that is a rendering of what i'm making
12:29 PM roycroft: the left two cabinets will be for fasteners
12:29 PM roycroft: the middle for abrasives and hand sanding pads
12:29 PM roycroft: the right two for my festool systainers
12:29 PM travis_farmer853: looks very efficiant
12:30 PM travis_farmer853: * looks very efficient
12:32 PM roycroft: it should be
12:33 PM roycroft: i actually had to make the cabinets slightly deeper than would be most efficient from a materials point of view - i have to buy more sheets of melamine and the drawer bottom plywood than i would if it were a couple cm more shallow, but the depth allows me to install two systainers in a drawer instead of one, and will be much mroe space efficient
12:34 PM roycroft: https://roycroft.us/Fastener-Boxes.jpeg
12:34 PM roycroft: those are examples of the boxes i'm printing for the two cabinets on the left
12:35 PM travis_farmer853: i really need to build my shop, so i can get more efficient storage...
12:35 PM roycroft: right now about 1/2 my fasteners are in plastic storage drawers on the wall above where the new cabinets will go
12:35 PM travis_farmer853: labels and everything πŸ˜‰ looks great
12:35 PM roycroft: and the other half are in boxes and bags scattered about the shop
12:36 PM roycroft: as well, most of my hardwood stock (i do primarily woodworking) is strategically located in the primary trip areas of the shop
12:36 PM roycroft: because i have nowhere to store it
12:37 PM roycroft: when the hardware cabinets are done, the wall space that currently stores the fasteners will get some wood racks, and the hardwoods will move up there
12:37 PM travis_farmer853: sounds like your shop needs an addition πŸ˜‰
12:37 PM roycroft: it does, but that cannot happen
12:37 PM roycroft: i'm at the limits that zoning allows, and the city are not going to grant a variance
12:37 PM roycroft: i could go up, but i can't grow out
12:38 PM roycroft: and i'm not sure i want to work out of a 2 level shop
12:38 PM travis_farmer853: could be worse, my "shop" is a old gutted out camper, currently
12:38 PM roycroft: so the challenge is to learn how to work more efficiently
12:39 PM * roycroft heads off to get to the drilling
12:44 PM CloudEvil: A dremel type tool can be notably better for small diameters than a normal drill.
01:00 PM XXCoder: great.
01:00 PM XXCoder: ordered a part for my project
01:00 PM XXCoder: its been "tracking provided" for almost a week now
01:04 PM travis_farmer853: sounds frustrating
01:05 PM XXCoder: it is
01:06 PM travis_farmer853: i have had a package in China for two weeks...
01:18 PM _unreal_: ok just ordered my thrust bearings
01:18 PM XXCoder: that sucks travis
01:37 PM JT-Shop: rpi4's are triple priced now
01:37 PM XXCoder: yeah not buying another anytime soon
01:37 PM XXCoder: https://www.arducam.com/64mp-ultra-high-res-camera-raspberry-pi/
01:37 PM XXCoder: 64 mp camera for rpi
01:37 PM XXCoder: on sale, soon ends
01:38 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mYRHrLYmLU&feature=youtu.be limitions on that camera
01:44 PM c101horse8332[m]: and all of a sudden it shows up on your doorstep, unannounced
01:47 PM JT-Shop: dog poop?
01:47 PM XXCoder: in paper bag, on fire?
01:47 PM * JT-Shop needs a new keyboard, some of the keys are sticking...
01:50 PM silopolis[m]: > * <@JT-Shop:libera.chat> needs a new keyboard, some of the keys are sticking...
01:50 PM silopolis[m]: bought myself a chicklet Cherry Stream a month ago, very happy of it πŸ™‚
01:51 PM silopolis[m]: <XXCoder> "64 mp camera for rpi" <- Just have to find a Pi for less than the price of a small car ! πŸ˜…
01:51 PM XXCoder: indeed
01:51 PM XXCoder: so glad I have one LOL
01:53 PM JT-Shop: https://www.amazon.com/CHERRY-Stream-Keyboard-Scissors-Mechanism/dp/B07Z1KH3PL
01:53 PM JT-Shop: silopolis[m], like that one?
01:54 PM * XXCoder is happy with his 13 year old apple alum board keyboard
01:54 PM JT-Shop: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008CXTX7S I've been buying these lately
01:54 PM JT-Shop: I like the back light keys
01:56 PM XXCoder: mines https://www.amazon.com/Apple-Keyboard-Numeric-Wireless-Rechargable/dp/B071ZZTNBM/ lol
01:56 PM XXCoder: only paid $100
01:57 PM XXCoder: it lived though over decade of very heavy constant usage lol
01:57 PM JT-Shop: I dislike wireless keyboard or mouse anymore
01:58 PM XXCoder: mouse is wireless but my keyboard certainly isnt
01:58 PM XXCoder: ah that one is wireless. interesting.
01:58 PM XXCoder: nah mine is older non-wireless model
02:07 PM roycroft: three panels done today
02:07 PM roycroft: three to go
02:08 PM roycroft: but my arm and, especially, my wrist, are sore now, so it's time for a lunch break
02:08 PM XXCoder: remember, you can always follow hobbit dining habits ;)
02:08 PM XXCoder: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners
02:08 PM roycroft: i use the wired version of that keyboard, xxcoder
02:09 PM XXCoder: yay fellow alumboard keyboard owners lol
02:09 PM * roycroft is already as fat as the average hobbit, and does not need any help in that department
02:09 PM XXCoder: lol
02:09 PM silopolis[m]: <JT-Shop> "https://www.amazon.com/CHERRY-..." <- exactly πŸ‘Œ
02:09 PM roycroft: the local goodwill occasinally gets a batch of those keybaords, and sells them for $19.99 each
02:09 PM CloudEvil: roycroft: In relation to height, or abolute?
02:10 PM roycroft: when i see them i usually pick up a couple
02:10 PM roycroft: overall roundness:)
02:10 PM XXCoder: I bought a spare years ago, turns out space bar is dead
02:10 PM XXCoder: really need to check into it, but too lazy to
02:11 PM roycroft: they're not the best keyboads i've ever used, but they're the best mac keyboards currently available, imo
02:11 PM silopolis[m]: <JT-Shop> "I dislike wireless keyboard or..." <- never again !
02:13 PM XXCoder: I got it because I liked it when I was at college
02:13 PM XXCoder: been using same keyboard since
02:13 PM XXCoder: 3 pcs, same keyboard
02:14 PM roycroft: i won't use a wireless keyboard
02:14 PM roycroft: my imac will not boot if the keyboard or mouse are missing
02:14 PM roycroft: and dead battery = missing
02:18 PM roycroft: my van died the other day while i was at the home depot
02:18 PM roycroft: i called aaa for a tow, and when the driver arrived he tried jump starting it with a portable battery pack
02:18 PM roycroft: he said that there was a wiring problem, because he could not jump it
02:19 PM roycroft: i thought both my battery and his were dead
02:19 PM roycroft: he informed me that my battery is fully charged, and that he had tested it
02:19 PM roycroft: so i had him tow me home
02:19 PM roycroft: i just pulled it out and tested it and it is completely dead
02:20 PM XXCoder: geez either it drained on way there, or battery cant hold charge for long
02:20 PM roycroft: which is actually good, because it should be a quick and cheap fix
02:20 PM XXCoder: assuming that guy had it right
02:20 PM roycroft: i was certain he was wrong at the time
02:21 PM roycroft: i think that there's a 99+% chance that it will start right up when the battery is charged
02:21 PM roycroft: and that there is no wiring problem
02:21 PM XXCoder: hope so
02:21 PM roycroft: i think his portable battery pack was either dead or he was not using it properly
02:22 PM XXCoder: my bro is borrowing my car for now, but it needs new battery or alt or both
02:22 PM roycroft: i ended up renting a van from home depot for an hour that day to haul the materials i needed for my project
02:23 PM roycroft: but the plywood for my drawer bottoms is on sale for a few more days, and i need to get that before it goes off sale - i'll save over $100 if i get it while it's on sale
02:23 PM roycroft: so i want my van to work again
02:24 PM roycroft: and there is a chance that there's an electrical problem that is causing the battery to drain
02:24 PM XXCoder: im in standard hobby hell - waiting for shipped stuff to arrobe
02:24 PM roycroft: this battery may just be worn out
02:24 PM XXCoder: or you left music or lights on
02:24 PM roycroft: if it doesn't test good after a charge, i'll get another
02:24 PM roycroft: i didn't
02:25 PM roycroft: and if i get another, i'll get two, so i can have a fully-charged spare with me
02:25 PM roycroft: the store where i'm going to get the plywood is only a mile and a half from here, though
02:25 PM roycroft: it's doubtul i'd drain a battery on the way there and back
02:25 PM _unreal_: well time to setup some PILOT holes on my MAIN z board
02:25 PM XXCoder: get a die hard trickle charger to keep alive while its not used
02:26 PM roycroft: i have good trickle chargers
02:26 PM XXCoder: nice
02:26 PM * roycroft is going to get back to drilling as well
02:26 PM roycroft: only about 600 holes to go :)
02:27 PM XXCoder: fun
02:28 PM XXCoder: make sure drill stays sharp lol
02:31 PM roycroft: it's starting to dull a wee bit
02:31 PM roycroft: and it's a brad point drill, so hard to sharpen
02:31 PM roycroft: and it's 5mm, so i won't find a spare locally
02:31 PM XXCoder: theres tools to sharpen drill bits but yeah
02:31 PM Loetmichel: reminds me of making my first big vacuum table
02:31 PM roycroft: i may have another one, but i'm going to push this one until it frustrates me
02:31 PM XXCoder: theres even 3d printed ones
02:32 PM Loetmichel: 100mm by 600mm surface, every 5mm a 3mm hole
02:32 PM Loetmichel: THAT took a moment or two
02:32 PM Loetmichel: 1000mm by 600mm
02:32 PM roycroft: loetmichel: roycroft.us/Cabinet_Side_Panel.jpeg
02:32 PM roycroft: i'm making 10 of those
02:33 PM roycroft: the layout is the standard 32mm euro cabinet grid, but i'm skipping some of the columns that i don't need, and spacing the rows at 64mm, not 32mm
02:33 PM roycroft: for what i'm doing that is what i need, and i do not need to drill a bunch of unnecessary holes
02:34 PM roycroft: the holes are m5
02:34 PM roycroft: and i don't have a cnc router yet, so i'm having to drill them all manually
02:35 PM roycroft: it takes me 20 minutes per panel, so i have an hour of drilling to go yet
02:35 PM Loetmichel: as i said: had to drill my first vacuum table. ~20k drills. times two: 3mm half through and 0.8mm through the plate
02:35 PM Loetmichel: to have big "vacuum surface" but low vacuum loss when open
02:35 PM roycroft: yes, yours was a bigger job than mine
02:36 PM Loetmichel: luckily the CNC did it itselfd
02:36 PM roycroft: i figured you let the machine do the work
02:36 PM Loetmichel: doubt a HSS drill would have done the job though. even the tungsten carbide ones were dull afterwards
02:37 PM roycroft: i'm at about 1500 holes now, and the drill is starting to show signs of dulling
02:37 PM roycroft: but it's not too bad yet
02:37 PM roycroft: i can get another 600 holes out of it, i think :)
02:37 PM roycroft: actually more like 500 more
02:38 PM roycroft: it's a two step process - i first drill a column of holes on the left and right sides as references, and then fill in all the rows, indexing off those first two columns
02:38 PM Loetmichel: the 6mm phenolic paper board i used as a "wasteboard" on top of the vacuum smelled PRETTY bad the last few 1000 drills... and the TC bits were black as the night when it finished
02:38 PM roycroft: and all the reference holes are done on all the panels
02:39 PM roycroft: anyway, i should get back to it
02:39 PM roycroft: my original plan was to have the carcases assembled and installed mid-week, and to have a good start on the drawers by the weekend
02:40 PM roycroft: now my plan is to get the carases assembled and installed by the end of the weekend, and to start working on the drawers next week
02:40 PM roycroft: this week has been a nightmare
02:46 PM _unreal_: and drilling holes
02:59 PM travis_farmer853: yes, no kidding. 🀣 that is always how China mail works. 🀣
03:17 PM _unreal_: GOD I hate it when that happens
03:17 PM _unreal_: My software errored and crashed out
03:18 PM _unreal_: never fails it does weird shit for a while after I restart it then just STOPs and goes back to working normal.
03:18 PM _unreal_: I know its due to the controller that got wacked by bad power but its just so odd.
03:18 PM _unreal_: If it was not for the fact that the controller is sooo damn expensive and hard to get I'd have replaced it a long time ago.
03:18 PM _unreal_: nothing like working with a "working crutch"
03:19 PM travis_farmer853: yeah, i am tempted to get a second Mesa card for my machine, just in case...
03:19 PM _unreal_: this mini machine I'm working with uses a planetcnc controller
03:20 PM travis_farmer853: Hmmm, haven't heard of planetcnc, i guess
03:20 PM _unreal_: I have not made up my mind yet if I'm going to use the 7i96 on this new machine or not.
03:21 PM _unreal_: travis_farmer853, they are worth there weight in gold. and the software is very mature
03:21 PM travis_farmer853: my Mesa card and LinuxCNC works great for me...
03:25 PM _unreal_: when this new machine is done. I plan to start doing more complex stuff
03:26 PM _unreal_: it will be nice to have all of the holes done
03:26 PM _unreal_: right now I'm milling the maine xz body carriage
03:27 PM _unreal_: its.. 6"x11" in size
03:27 PM _unreal_: My z will have a working z travel of 6"
03:28 PM travis_farmer853: nice πŸ™‚
03:29 PM _unreal_: an x axis clearance above the work bed of 8". I can adjust the spindle in the holder if/as needed
03:29 PM _unreal_: so a working area of 8" a cnc tooling area of 6" z
03:29 PM _unreal_: I want to add an A:B axis later on
03:30 PM travis_farmer853: mine has only about 5" on Z, but 40" on X and Y.
03:34 PM _unreal_: very glad I'm using a tiny drillbit just discovered a big error
03:34 PM _unreal_: not tomany holes drilled
03:34 PM _unreal_: some how I have the wrong carriages in a location? odd
03:35 PM travis_farmer853: error in CAD?
03:43 PM roycroft: all the holes are drilled!
03:43 PM * roycroft is *so* glad to be done with that part of the project
03:44 PM XXCoder: yay!
03:44 PM roycroft: also, i put my van battery on a charger a couple hours ago
03:45 PM roycroft: on the automatic charge cycle at 12@ it would normally be pulling about 4a by now, but it's still pulling 7a
03:45 PM roycroft: that indicates to me that the battery itself may be failing
03:45 PM roycroft: which, although an expense, would be the best possible outcome
03:45 PM XXCoder: considering more costly possibilities yeah
03:45 PM roycroft: and it's under warranty, so i'll get some credit towards the replacement
03:46 PM roycroft: it has an 84 month warranty, and it's about 3 years old, so if it's bad it will cost me less than half the price of a new one to get it replaced
03:47 PM roycroft: even with a trickle charger, lead acid batteries that do not discharge and recharge fairly regularly don't last as long as those that do
03:47 PM XXCoder: new blondihack
03:48 PM roycroft: yes, it is saturday
03:48 PM XXCoder: oh didnt know it was always sat
03:48 PM roycroft: she and abom79 always put up a new video on saturdays
03:49 PM _unreal_: almost done editing
03:49 PM _unreal_: sigh
03:49 PM _unreal_: yes error in cad
03:50 PM roycroft: i have to prep my top and bottom panels next
03:50 PM roycroft: which means more drilling
03:50 PM roycroft: but some of the drilling will be done on the drill press
03:52 PM * roycroft is making the layout drawings for that now
03:57 PM _unreal_: ok cad file fixed, cam file fixed. continuing
03:57 PM _unreal_: stupid error
03:57 PM _unreal_: I am in aww I missed it
03:58 PM _unreal_: no issue regardless only one area with "xtra" holes
04:26 PM _unreal_: t4nk_freenode, progress report?
04:29 PM t4nk_freenode: well, it's coming along
04:29 PM _unreal_: I'm making the first round of pilot holes in my main xz carriage
04:30 PM _unreal_: 6"x11" aluminum .5" thick
04:30 PM t4nk_freenode: I fitted the x stepper, leadscrew, nut, bearings and brackets today... need to drill the holes and fix them tomorrow
04:31 PM t4nk_freenode: after that I suppose it's time for the limit switches on the x-and-y's
04:33 PM t4nk_freenode: ah, yes, and I mustn't forget to write a note saying 'CNC MASJEEN' and post-it it on there ;)
05:46 PM roycroft: it's time to set up for cutting a sheet of plywood on my driveway
05:46 PM roycroft: fortuantely it has dried off
06:42 PM roycroft: so that went well - i took my battery into the shop to have it tested
06:42 PM roycroft: it was fully charged, at 13.2v, but it had a capacity of 50ah
06:42 PM roycroft: it's a 350ah battery
06:43 PM roycroft: so now i have a new battery, and since it's been less than 2 years since my last warranty replacement, it was free
06:43 PM roycroft: and the clock reset on the warranty
06:43 PM XXCoder: nice!
06:43 PM roycroft: and, most importantly, my van starts right up now
06:44 PM XXCoder: my car battery I cant really guess on age, likely over 5 years old
06:44 PM roycroft: i have multiple vehicles, most of which i do not drive often
06:45 PM roycroft: so whenever i get a new battery the first thing i do is write the vehicle it goes with and the date on it with a lacquer marker
06:45 PM roycroft: the one i brought in today i got in october 2020
06:52 PM _unreal_: Just started my 3d profile
06:52 PM _unreal_: milling
07:07 PM XXCoder: roycroft: man he sure likes to cut hard
07:07 PM XXCoder: abom
07:07 PM XXCoder: I was imganging hard vibration feeling lol
07:47 PM _unreal_: I just had a stroke of genius.... Please roll eyes... just swapped from 1/8 bit setup to 1/4 ball on this 3d profile. milling SOOO much faster.
07:49 PM _unreal_: man my dust collector is almost full again
07:51 PM _unreal_: the chip load is wonderful
08:20 PM roycroft: yes, abom really likes to push his machines
08:20 PM roycroft: he has won the chip of the month award multiple times, btw
08:21 PM roycroft: _unreal_: i thought that folks often used larger diameter cutters for roughing and then switch to a smaller diameter for the final pass or two
08:26 PM _unreal_: what I'm doing is cutting a "half pipe" into aluminum. its a relief for an other part to "fit" in
08:26 PM _unreal_: for the z "hdpe" poly nut
08:26 PM _unreal_: I did the same thing on my little cnc that is cutting the part right now
08:27 PM _unreal_: and its got hundreds of hours on the z and still tight as can be
08:27 PM _unreal_: only nut I've had to replace from excessive ware was Y
08:27 PM _unreal_: and that was my own fault. aluminum and dust chips getting on the threaded rod
08:28 PM roycroft: i need to bill out the job that is going to pay for my cnc router soon
08:28 PM _unreal_: now I have a bit of angle aluminum mounted over the Y threaded rod. deflected 99%
08:28 PM roycroft: so that i can finish the design and buy more parts/material
08:29 PM _unreal_: I just installed a new "sock" yes a sock on my dust collector
08:29 PM _unreal_: hay its DIY and mini.
08:29 PM _unreal_: and works the bomb
08:30 PM roycroft: nice
08:31 PM roycroft: i finished setting up my new router a short while ago for the penultimate machining operation on my cabinet panels before assembly
08:31 PM roycroft: the setup was very precise - much easier to dial in than on my other routers
08:31 PM roycroft: and extraction is almost 100%
08:31 PM roycroft: vs. the 0% extraction on my other routers
08:32 PM * roycroft sees the potential for more festool routers in his future
08:33 PM roycroft: i can easily and precisely adjust both depth of cut and distance from fence to center of cutter in increments of 0.01mm
08:37 PM _unreal_: this new cnc is going to be very accurate
08:37 PM roycroft: hopefully mine will be
08:37 PM _unreal_: and I'm going to have the steppers at the minimum micro stepping the controllers will allow
08:37 PM _unreal_: I think its 4 micro steps
08:37 PM roycroft: i've decided that i'm never going to build euro cabinets again without a cnc router
08:38 PM _unreal_: all axis are timing belt gear reduction based driving a threaded rod
08:38 PM roycroft: doing it manually was a royal pain in the butt
08:38 PM roycroft: when i was building cabinets back in the '80s i had a gang drill
08:38 PM roycroft: we did not have cnc machines then
08:39 PM Splat7847[m]: can anyone point me in the right direction for sorting out probing routines that will probe in x- until it makes contact then probe in x+ and after making contact go to the middle?
08:41 PM _unreal_: You need + and - probe points to find midle
08:41 PM _unreal_: middle
08:41 PM * Thorhian7490[m] uploaded an image: (1791KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/jauriarts.org/aaeTSWchBQHixRXTmfeVTvlq/IMG_5899.jpg >
08:41 PM * Thorhian7490[m] uploaded an image: (1591KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/jauriarts.org/nDaoqkgQUcumVNmdTKoywWqH/IMG_5900.jpg >
08:41 PM Thorhian7490[m]: Got all of the stepper motor connectors soldered finally. Power and encoder signals. Next are the end stops, then spindle and relay IO.
08:41 PM _unreal_: unless you know the measurement already
08:41 PM _unreal_: then you need one side only
08:42 PM XXCoder: nice
08:42 PM Splat7847[m]: I did say probe in x- then x+ then go to the middle..
08:42 PM _unreal_: Thorhian7490[m], just a suggestion, NEXT TIME use masking tape to put your "lines" on. That way you dont have to try and clean them off later
08:43 PM _unreal_: ahh yes you did Splat7847[m]
08:43 PM Thorhian7490[m]: XD it’s fine. I’ll clean them off it’s powder coated.
08:43 PM XXCoder: did you go to shop for powdercoat or in house?
08:44 PM Splat7847[m]: I'm sure once I manage to get my head around doing it in X then getting the same thing in Y will be much easier.. but currently I only have something for probing Z and that I have no idea how to adapt for X or Y
08:44 PM Thorhian7490[m]: I bought the enclosure for $130, 20” x 16” x 8”.
08:46 PM _unreal_: Splat7847[m], if your traveling and "probe" is contacted even if it is x/y will the machine stop?
08:47 PM _unreal_: if so. you can just enter a position offset that is the radius of the bit.
08:47 PM Splat7847[m]: can't say I've tried yet..
08:48 PM _unreal_: so... 1/4" probe. contact. set to + or - 1/8th
08:48 PM _unreal_: lift Z and then gry a g00 x or y 0
08:48 PM _unreal_: so if you contact the "edge" that is zero. depending on the direction your going.. you get the idea
08:49 PM _unreal_: That is how I typically probe out
08:50 PM Splat7847[m]: I'm trying to mape out where the supports that hold the mdf sheet on my cnc router are.. and the easiest way would be to clamp some brackets on clip on some aligator clips and probe for the middle of the two brackets.. which I would end up needing to be able to do for the Z touch plate I have anyway.. to probe the centre of the hole that is exactly the corner of the work piece..
08:50 PM _unreal_: probe -x probe -y set to the radius of a 1/8th it
08:50 PM _unreal_: are they round?
08:50 PM Splat7847[m]: my fingers can't type very well today..
08:50 PM _unreal_: Thorhian7490[m], nice start
08:51 PM _unreal_: heh my mini dust collection system is just EATING those aluminum chips
08:52 PM _unreal_: Splat7847[m], drink beer, it helps
08:52 PM _unreal_: :)
08:54 PM Splat7847[m]: it's 2020 aluminium extrusion.. I have done this manually before but the positions got changed slightly when I had someone helping me make sure everything was actually square.. heh
08:54 PM Splat7847[m]: so I need to do it again
08:55 PM _unreal_: are you probing to the inside or outside
08:55 PM _unreal_: no pictures so ehhe..
08:56 PM Splat7847[m]: inside..
08:56 PM _unreal_: ok then as I said before I would try doing an X/Y movement probe test
08:56 PM _unreal_: see if it "probe" faults the machine to stop
08:56 PM _unreal_: the moment it stops you have your "location"
08:56 PM Splat7847[m]: I have to clamp some brackets on to reach the anything for the cnc router to probe with..
08:57 PM _unreal_: so.... BIT size & location off set to thickness of the material
08:57 PM _unreal_: with out pictures I dont know what that means :/
08:58 PM _unreal_: what is the thickness of the square tube
08:58 PM _unreal_: and are you going by MM or "
09:00 PM Splat7847[m]: if I probe from the inside of a slot (it may as well be a slot) if I probe in the - direction store the position then probe in the + direction I should be able to know where the middle of those two points are and tool thickness is irrelevant since it makes the same difference in both the + and - directions.
09:01 PM Splat7847[m]: I'm using metric
09:03 PM Splat7847[m]: I'm pretty sure there is a virtual control panel thing that will give me all these probing options.. but I want to work out how to actually do it so I don't need an full on virtual control panel and can have physical buttons on a physical control panel to launch these types of probe operations
09:13 PM roycroft: units are irrelevant as long as you know what you're using
09:36 PM Splat7847[m]: all I really want to know is if someone can point me in the right direction for finding out to do this.. I'm finding plenty of probing Z information but I'm not managing to find much on X or Y.. which I'm sure is due to my poor searching skills..
09:40 PM roycroft: https://roycroft.us/New_Cabinets/Cabinet_Base.jpeg
09:41 PM roycroft: https://roycroft.us/New_Cabinets/Carcase_Panels.jpeg
09:42 PM roycroft: i have some edge banding repair to do - while none of those edges will show, i do want them sealed
09:42 PM roycroft: it was really crappy edge banding - i'm not surprised some of it chipped off
09:42 PM roycroft: https://roycroft.us/New_Cabinets/Old_Fastener_Storage.jpeg
09:42 PM roycroft: that's how i'm storing fasteners now
09:43 PM roycroft: all those should fit in about 1/3 of one of the new cabinets
09:43 PM roycroft: and all that wall space will be used for wood storage
09:47 PM roycroft: the ash edge banding, which is the only edge banding that will show, turned out great
09:53 PM _unreal_: ugh.... still milling
09:53 PM infoproxy is now known as infornography
09:53 PM _unreal_: I swapped to a 5/8ths ball
09:53 PM _unreal_: cutting faster
09:54 PM _unreal_: 145mm/min
09:54 PM _unreal_: not bad
09:54 PM * roycroft is done for the day
10:46 PM _unreal_: crazy milling job
10:46 PM _unreal_: just finished the 3d pocket
10:46 PM _unreal_: good lord
10:46 PM _unreal_: this new machine is going to be SOOO much freaking faster then my little machine
10:53 PM CloudEvil: :)
10:54 PM _unreal_: does anyone know much about lead acid battery chargers? I have a golf cart charger. 48v switching.
10:54 PM _unreal_: I'm trying to figure out how to turn it on
10:54 PM _unreal_: and disable or "control" the charge level feed back.