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May 01 2022

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01:15 AM CaptHindsight[m]: xxcoder: much success
01:25 AM xxcoder[m]: yeah.
01:25 AM CaptHindsight[m]: 🎆
01:25 AM xxcoder[m]: wonder what this shows up as :ShockedPikachu:
01:25 AM xxcoder[m]: interesting
01:25 AM CaptHindsight[m]: looks the same on Matrix and Discord
01:25 AM XXCoder: :ShockedPikachu:
01:25 AM XXCoder: hmm
01:25 AM XXCoder: hmm :ShockedPikachu:'
01:25 AM CaptHindsight[m]: after 1:00 here, going to quit for today
01:25 AM XXCoder: 11 pm here. have good night
02:32 AM * Howie4450[m] uploaded a video: (1245KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/jauriarts.org/JpEhAabJEJHpLCDhOdOmLIFc/linuxcnc_config_editor.mp4 >
02:32 AM Howie4450[m]: I started working on a linuxcnc config editor today because manually trying to edit the file after you first run stepconf, or pncconf kinda hard. Especially if you want to change your velocity or acceleration and need to set it in a whole bunch of places. It's too bad those builder are an all or nothing deal so this... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/861033de34c17e3d130507e6b8a47ea793e835a6)
02:34 AM xxcoder[m]: copying url so irc can see it https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/970073318810075149/970222112197476362/linuxcnc_config_editor.mp4
02:36 AM Howie4450[m]: URL to the code right now:
02:37 AM Howie4450[m]: https://github.com/bhowiebkr/PrintNC_conf/tree/main/tools
02:37 AM Howie4450[m]: Just started so there not much in it. I'll move it into it's own repo at some time and get it out of my machine config settings.
02:37 AM XXCoder: thats awesome
02:41 AM Howie4450[m]: It looks alot better in linux with the OS dark theme (at least in mint 19). In windows I tried to get a dark theme going, because it was blasting my eyes, so have to deal with that later.
03:04 AM Deejay: moin
03:04 AM xxcoder[m]: 🌅
03:52 AM silopolis[m]: <Howie4450[m]> "It looks alot better in linux..." <- Hey that's great ! Maybe you could/should join forces with JT-Shop who's working on a new unified tool for Mesa boards
03:52 AM silopolis[m]: https://github.com/jethornton/mesact
04:01 AM Splat7847[m]: anyone happen to be familiar with the 7i73? I'm trying to work out how the AVDD pins are used
04:04 AM silopolis[m]1: Whoa that Discord bridge is the WE present ! 🥳
04:06 AM silopolis[m]1: xxcoder TurBoss do you think we could bridge #linuxcnc-devel to a #devel channel here ?
04:06 AM XXCoder: I can add channel to discord side, TurBoss8676[m] will need to add bride
04:08 AM xxcoder[m]: *bridge lol
04:09 AM TurBoss8676[m]: okay
04:20 AM silopolis[m]1: TurBoss after that we'll only miss QtPyVCP channel and we'll have full presence here ! (and maybe MachineKit's ? but it's way too quiet there)
04:20 AM xxcoder[m]: how busy is qtpyvcp? if busy enough as well as add it
04:23 AM silopolis[m]: xxcoder[m]: Depends on how chatty TurBoss feels 😜
04:23 AM xxcoder[m]: hah. ok
04:24 AM xxcoder[m]: I'll skip machinekit, but QtPyVCP seems useful
04:24 AM silopolis[m]: No, jokes aside, that's one of the best channel I have had the pleasure to hang in !
04:24 AM silopolis[m]: Great project with great people
04:25 AM xxcoder[m]: ok channel exists now. need to be bridged
04:25 AM silopolis[m]: Friendly mood and helping will, low noise 👌👌👌
04:29 AM silopolis[m]: <xxcoder[m]> "I'll skip machinekit, but..." <- Fair enough 🙂 I'll only have MK and rene-dev/stmbl left on Matrix...
04:30 AM xxcoder[m]: ya I just didn't feel right to add fork of lcnc to lcnc discord or whatever lol
04:32 AM TurBoss8676[m]: machinekit is still mantained?
04:36 AM TurBoss8676[m]: not worth the mention
05:26 AM Tom_L: morning
06:00 AM JT-Cave: morning
06:16 AM Tom_L: JT-Cave, you ever finish those spoke/copy lathe projects?
06:18 AM JT-Cave: I have one more copy lathe to convert but he's waiting on a belt to show up from Italy, doing a slight mod on the last spoke lathe
08:03 AM Richard62: Hello all, I have a CNC Technodrill 2 (CIF) wich works with 3 X 23LM-C355-27 Astrosyn (2.6V/phase and 2.0A/phase 1.8DEG/STEP).
08:03 AM Richard62: I want to drive this CNC with LinuxCNC, could someone help me to figure out what I have to choose for the interface PCB for the Linux PC, the controller PCB, Power supply?
08:03 AM Richard62: I am lost, if anyone can help me to go in the right direction....Thanks by advance for your support.
08:05 AM JT-Cave: Mesa has several options, some are out of stock due to the chip shortage
08:07 AM Richard62: Thanks JT-Cave, buth in short, should I have to go with an ethernet controller like Mesa Electronics 7i76E. Then I have to add the power supply and the drivers for the 3 steppers? Or should I have to use something else?
08:12 AM JT-Cave: does your machine have a power supply and stepper drivers?
08:17 AM JT-Cave: 7I76E is a good card but it's out of stock, the only thing I have in stock is 7i80HD-25 and 7i47 and 7i37TA for stepper systems
08:20 AM Richard62: Yes but they are located directly on the main PCB which contains the CPU with the the serial communication port. Ths is a specific CNC wich works with winows and is driven by Galaad Software. I would to keep the motor and replace everything else.
08:24 AM JT-Cave: Gecko 203V for up to 80v is the best stepper driver and that's what I use
08:25 AM JT-Cave: the G251X is good up to 50v
08:29 AM JT-Cave: Antek power supplies are great, not Antec the pc power supply
08:29 AM JT-Cave: https://www.antekinc.com/power-supplies/
08:30 AM JT-Cave: https://www.geckodrive.com/
08:30 AM JT-Cave: my store https://mesaus.com/
08:31 AM JT-Cave: oh yea the 7i96S is due later this month, it's similar to the 7i96 but uses a different (available) FPGA
08:35 AM Richard62: Thanks a lot, let me check your store.
08:41 AM Richard62: A last question, is it better to use an ethernet controller pcb or a //? because LinuxCNC is the software controller if I understood correctly...does it make sense to use an ethernet pcb?
08:44 AM JT-Cave: the pci(e) cards can be slightly faster IIRC but so fast no stepper driver can take advantage of it
08:49 AM GTKplusplus6432[: ethernet controllers work fine.
08:49 AM GTKplusplus6432[: PCI-e means you can't ever move to a nuc or smaller form factor PC, and I like the idea of keeping the software side and the control panel completely separate instead of putting half of control hardware in the pc
08:59 AM Richard62: ok I do agree GTKplusplus6432 but it is the opposite of what is suggested in the LinuxCNC website, no? Here is what you can read about USB interface for example: 4. Why not use a micro controller over USB as a step generator
08:59 AM Richard62: Short answer:
08:59 AM Richard62: because it breaks the idea of the project - LinuxCNC as a machine controller.
09:01 AM Richard62: I am not sure I understood everything. If you use // interface, the CNC is driven by the LinuxCNC software directly. If you use another interface like ethernet, the CNCN is driven by a CPU located on the controller PCB. This PCB interprets the GCode, right?
09:02 AM Richard62: Sorry for my basics questions...
09:05 AM GTKplusplus6432[: no, the controller boards don't interpret gcode
09:06 AM GTKplusplus6432[: the pc does the gcode interpretation, motion calculate, and generates step timinigs and other signals, which then get sent every 1ms (by default) to the Mesa card, which only handles the real time side of the control
09:06 AM GTKplusplus6432[: since PCs, especially modern PCs suck at doing real time work
09:06 AM GTKplusplus6432[: but all the CNC specific stuff is done by linuxcnc itself
09:08 AM GTKplusplus6432[: also a PCI mesa and a ethernet mesa work exactly the same way, with the same software, just a different bus
09:09 AM Richard62: it makes sense now....
09:12 AM Richard62: Is there any controller PCB (ethernet or //) which could drives directly the 3 X steppers 23LM-C355-27 Astrosyn (2.6V/phase and 2.0A/phase 1.8DEG/STEP) I have? Or Do I have to add 3 drivers PCB (1 for each stepper) and a power supply?
09:12 AM Richard62: (thanks a lot by advance)
09:29 AM JT-Cave: Gecko has a G540 but I'm not a fan of it, if you need < 50v the G251X is good, I've used leadshine drives as well and they are a bit less
09:30 AM Tom_L: JT-Cave, you have any 7i47S?
11:38 AM JT-Cave: 1
11:45 AM _unreal_: good lord, I did it finally!!! I just cleared the f.....ing scupper plumbing in the pool. the plug was a TINY tiny clutch of leaves. hardly filled the basket in the pump half full.
11:45 AM _unreal_: just dumbfounding
11:48 AM roycroft: i've decided that even for 2d drawings, solidworks is way more efficient and accurate than autocad for designing cabinets and cabinet components, because of its mixed unit capability
11:49 AM roycroft: it has always been a struggle to design euro style cabinets with us dimensioned materials
11:49 AM roycroft: the european stuff all being based on a 32mm grid, while our sheet goods use american customary units
11:51 AM roycroft: but with sw, i can design a cabinet height of 1.5in+1088mm and it's spot on, with not fudging or anything necessary
11:52 AM * roycroft hates unit conversion math, and loves being able to work in mixed units
12:22 PM Tom_L: kinda silly that you would do that but good to know sw will
12:22 PM Tom_L: catia will as well
12:26 PM CaptHindsight: ignore me: how long is the bot delay from Libera to Matrix?
12:26 PM CaptHindsight: near instant today
12:27 PM roycroft: why is it silly?
12:27 PM roycroft: all the drawer/shelf hardware is metric, on a 32mm grid
12:27 PM CaptHindsight[m]: he wants to crash a space ship
12:28 PM Tom_L: opens the door for measuring mistakes
12:28 PM roycroft: not really - it actually is more accurate
12:29 PM roycroft: increments of 1.2598425..." would cause more mistakes
12:29 PM xrayjim: Hello!  Looking for some advice on what probe and tool setter software would be best to add to axis/other.  I have a Mill with Prototrak package that I converted four years ago to Linuxcnc.  This week I did a fresh install of Linuxcnc  2.8.2  and have a tool setter on order.  Any insight on what to look at or stay away from would be
12:29 PM xrayjim: appreciated.  Thanks, Jim M.
12:29 PM roycroft: if i need a stile the full height of the cabinet i put a couple 3/4" blocks against the tablesaw fence
12:29 PM CaptHindsight[m]: will it auto dimension drawings and display in both units simultaneously?
12:29 PM roycroft: then i measure 1088mm from there to the saw blade
12:30 PM roycroft: yes and yes
12:30 PM roycroft: but it won't retain the mixed units
12:30 PM roycroft: it converts internally to whatever units the drawing is set to use
12:30 PM Tom_L: i suppose it would depend on what you were designing but i've seen expensive mistakes due to units being wrong
12:31 PM CaptHindsight[m]: xrayjim: for use with Linuxcnc have you seen the new Probe Basic GUI?
12:31 PM roycroft: yes, and i'm not saying it is a good idea for everything
12:31 PM roycroft: but i specifically mentioned cabinets, and designing cabinets has always been problematic for people in the usa because of the mixed units problem
12:32 PM xrayjim: Yes probe basic looks good.  I will have to change the monitor and maybe graphics card.
12:32 PM roycroft: but what i am saying is that if the cabinet height needs to be 3/4"+1088mm, it's more accurate to use the mixed units like that, and use a mix of measuring devices to do the actual layout
12:33 PM roycroft: if we would just adopt standard units in this country this whole problem would go away, but we like to do things the hard way here, to prove our superiority or something
12:36 PM CaptHindsight[m]: 19.05 + 1088 easy :p
12:36 PM _unreal_: man these next two milling jobs suck. I have to do them with out the dust shoe.... so I have to stand there and hold the @#%@#$%@$ collector on them... :/
12:36 PM bjorkintosh: if only other countries would aspire to go to the moon as well, this would all go away
12:37 PM CaptHindsight[m]: bjorkintosh: China has gone to the moon and copied our inch, but shortened it :)
12:38 PM bjorkintosh: really? did they see the US flag over there?
12:38 PM _unreal_: I dont have a choice because its angle aluminu 10mm thick and the "foot" of this part is 3" tall. I have WORKING clearance only with out the dust shoe.
12:38 PM bjorkintosh: or did they just take pictures with a robot?
12:38 PM CaptHindsight[m]: (joke about China always cutting corners)
12:39 PM CaptHindsight[m]: the inch was always "overbuilt"
12:39 PM bjorkintosh: oh I don't think they do very much these days. there's quality shit (hah!) coming from China now.
12:41 PM CaptHindsight[m]: China is too easy to poke fun at
12:41 PM bjorkintosh: it's fine and delicate.
12:41 PM bjorkintosh: that's why.
12:41 PM bjorkintosh: only bring it out for important guests.
12:41 PM XXCoder: heys
12:42 PM CaptHindsight[m]: XXCoder: bots are zippy today
12:43 PM Howie4450[m]: cool, I'll have to check that out.
12:43 PM xxcoder[m]: nice though not sure why matrix invitions appeared under your comment capt
12:44 PM CaptHindsight[m]: we still have shops in the USA that refuse drawings in metric
12:44 PM bjorkintosh: metric is confusing
12:44 PM bjorkintosh: plus, only customary units are guaranteed to get you to take a walk on the moon a few times.
12:45 PM CaptHindsight[m]: i sent someone a metric drawing for some sheet metal and they asked if the m's meant feet
12:45 PM CaptHindsight[m]: sorry meant mm's, yes, I need a channel 1300 feet long in one piece
12:46 PM roycroft: and mixing and matching is the easiest way to crash on mars
12:47 PM * roycroft kind of hopes elon musk will mix and match when he heads off to mars
12:47 PM CaptHindsight[m]: xxcoder: maybe from using invites yesterday, maybe something is sticky
12:47 PM xxcoder[m]: ok
12:47 PM CaptHindsight[m]: did it happen again?
12:48 PM xxcoder[m]: nope 🙂
12:48 PM xrayjim: CaptHindsight[m]  Yes I suppose so.  But the console is built around the aspect ratio of the monitor. I guess if I wanted easy I would have bought a Tormach....=L   I will look closer at Probe Basic.  Thanks!
12:49 PM roycroft: anyway, i have my design finished, for the carcases at least
12:49 PM roycroft: https://roycroft.us/CabinetAssembly.jpeg
12:49 PM roycroft: i still have to figure out what i'm going to do for a countertop
12:49 PM XXCoder: thats nice
12:49 PM roycroft: the top two drawers all the way across are for tools/measuring devices
12:49 PM CaptHindsight[m]: xrayjim: if you want some extra work, QTPYVCP lets you pretty much graphically build your own GUI for LCNC
12:49 PM roycroft: the rest of the drawers in the left two cabinets are for fasteners
12:50 PM roycroft: the middle set is for abrasives and hand sanding stuff
12:50 PM roycroft: the right cabinets are for systainers
12:50 PM roycroft: and yes, i'm showing off that i can do high res renders quickly with my new memory and gpu :)
12:51 PM roycroft: that only took about 30 seconds to render
12:51 PM roycroft: with the old gpu and the old amount of ram it would have taken hours
12:51 PM CaptHindsight[m]: roycroft: not to mention the faster monitor :)
12:51 PM roycroft: yes, that too
12:52 PM roycroft: for reasons still completely unbeknownst to me
12:52 PM roycroft: we'll just have to call it "windows magic"
12:52 PM CaptHindsight[m]: XXCoder: looks like the first time I address someone directly from Matrix they get the invite
12:53 PM roycroft: and in my old age, i'm finally learning to accept that life holds some mysteries that are not worth trying to figure out
12:53 PM XXCoder: bit annoying but ok
12:53 PM XXCoder: in least irc dont get it
12:53 PM CaptHindsight[m]: since roycroft just got one on Discord, even though he'sonly on Discord via the bots
12:54 PM roycroft: i'm not intentionally on discord, that's for sure
12:54 PM xrayjim: CaptHindsight[m]   I will take a look at QTPYVCP again. This upgrade and probe setup is sure stretching my limited talents.
12:54 PM roycroft: nor did i knowingly get any invites to anything
12:54 PM * roycroft is a social reject, and accepts that
12:55 PM xxcoder[m]: sigh seems need to fix that thing. invites is bit annoying
12:56 PM CaptHindsight[m]: while in the old LCNC server on Discord I did a @everyone invite to the new server
12:57 PM CaptHindsight[m]: and a @here invite
12:57 PM CaptHindsight[m]: thats the fun of being an admin :)
12:57 PM CaptHindsight[m]: surprise, you have work
01:00 PM roycroft: i might design some different drawer pulls for that cabinet setup
01:00 PM * roycroft ponders what might be interesting and look better
01:01 PM XXCoder: any povision for locking drawers in position? if it can slide out by quake
01:01 PM roycroft: and would be fast to make - i need 54 of them, and can't afford to spend an hour one each one
01:01 PM roycroft: no, i considered using self-closing drawer slides, which would help if things start shaking, but they are almost 3x the cost of the ones i got
01:02 PM roycroft: my best bet is to make sure the cabinet assembly is perfectly level, or perhaps tilted back half a degree or so
01:03 PM roycroft: it would really cost a lot of money to be able to lock them
01:04 PM roycroft: in a way it would be good to be able to do that, just because there will be not only thousands of dollars worth of fasteners in the cabinets, there will be thousands of dollars of festool gear in the cabinets
01:05 PM XXCoder: I remember something about system where its little more than drawer lower by small amount only at final position all way in
01:05 PM XXCoder: so it cant slide out
01:06 PM roycroft: yes, but i'm using full extension drawer sliders, so that would not work
01:06 PM roycroft: and i'm not adding a face frame to the cabinets, so no rails to use for drawer stops
01:08 PM roycroft: if i could figure out an elegant way to attach it, i could just run a piece of flat bar through each column of drawer pulls and lock them with that
01:10 PM roycroft: if i could afford a bit more cabinet depth i could design a locking bar that locks the drawers in the back
01:10 PM XXCoder: well one of ways you can do without any modification is just bar though handles
01:10 PM XXCoder: remove when using shop but safe from problems during closed
01:11 PM CaptHindsight[m]: steel plate in the back of each drawer with electromagnet back wall
01:11 PM xxcoder[m]: pretty sure magnets and steel isnt free
01:11 PM roycroft: when the big quake comes the power will likely go out
01:12 PM roycroft: it's going to cost me $1500+ to build these
01:12 PM roycroft: adding a few pieces of flat bar would not make much of a difference
01:12 PM roycroft: i just don't know a good way to build the locking mechanism
01:12 PM XXCoder: nah can be just steel and magnet. just enough stick that quake cant defeat but you can pull out just fine. still not free though
01:12 PM roycroft: right now all my fasteners are in plastic drawers mounted to the wall
01:12 PM roycroft: any kind of an earthquake would send them flying instantly
01:18 PM roycroft: https://roycroft.us/Dovetails/11%20Front.jpeg
01:18 PM roycroft: you can see the existing fastener drawers in that picture
01:19 PM roycroft: the wooden shelving unit below them is what i'm replacing with the new cabinets
01:19 PM XXCoder: massive wall of plastic drawers yeah
01:19 PM roycroft: ues
01:19 PM roycroft: yes, rather
01:19 PM roycroft: and a waste of space, not to mention i'm out of drawers
01:19 PM roycroft: the new cabinets will be much more space efficient
01:22 PM XXCoder: nice
01:25 PM roycroft: yeah
01:25 PM roycroft: anyway, now that the cabinet designs are done i can design the base and counter top, and start putting a bom and budget together
01:25 PM roycroft: i'm on vacation the second week of may, and intend to spend part of that time building these cabinets
01:28 PM XXCoder: https://www.amazon.com/TRYMAG-Magnets-Whiteboard-Neodymium-Science/dp/B09SKTDP8L/
01:28 PM XXCoder: may be too tiny though, even if you use 4 each drawer lol
01:29 PM roycroft: i don't think they would even come close to being strong enough
01:29 PM roycroft: for the fastener drawers, at least
01:30 PM XXCoder: it dont have to be. just resist quake
01:30 PM XXCoder: theres a lot stronger screw in magnets but 10 for 16 dollars that get expensive fast
01:30 PM roycroft: yup
01:31 PM CaptHindsight[m]: ignore test: ' ' ' " " "
01:31 PM roycroft: i just got an email from ups
01:31 PM CaptHindsight[m]: and this I'm "mam"
01:31 PM roycroft: it appears that they are going to deliver my third band saw table tomorrow
01:31 PM roycroft: i wonder if this one will be flat
01:32 PM roycroft: it would really be nice to be able to use that band saw
01:32 PM XXCoder: last 2 wasnt and was returned?
01:32 PM roycroft: especially when i have this project ahead of me - there will be a lot of ripping drawer slides, and those 54 drawer pulls to cut out
01:32 PM roycroft: they weren't flat and they weren't returned
01:32 PM roycroft: jet don't want them back
01:33 PM roycroft: so i'm starting a nice cast iron collection
01:33 PM roycroft: meaning i have some junk that's in my way
01:33 PM XXCoder: lol well you can always use woodgears plans to make wood bandsaw
01:33 PM XXCoder: big one
01:33 PM roycroft: they told me that this one would be hand inspected before it is shipped to me
01:33 PM XXCoder: or is it just tables ithemselves?
01:34 PM roycroft: it's just the tables
01:34 PM XXCoder: drat lol
01:34 PM TurBoss: CaptHindsight: this is a test
01:34 PM roycroft: a bandsaw table needs to have a slot cut halfway through it so that the blade can be installed/uninstalled
01:34 PM roycroft: what they do is grind the table flat
01:35 PM roycroft: drill a tapered hole in the side for alignment
01:35 PM roycroft: then cut the slot
01:35 PM CaptHindsight[m]: TurBoss: still spam
01:35 PM TurBoss8676[m]: i see
01:35 PM TurBoss8676[m]: 😦
01:35 PM roycroft: in The Olden Days(tm), this was not a problem, because the castings would be tossed out in the back lot and allowed to sit for a year before machining
01:35 PM XXCoder: yeah to get stresses out cheaply
01:35 PM roycroft: but these days, they're machined almost before they've fully cooled from the foundery
01:35 PM XXCoder: cold and hot
01:36 PM roycroft: so when they cut the slot the table warps
01:36 PM roycroft: and that's what happened to my first two
01:36 PM roycroft: the alighment pin is supposed to pull it back together, but on the first one, it was so warped i could not even get the pin started
01:37 PM roycroft: on the second one, i could get the pin in, but the back side of the slot was about 0.007" higher than the front side, at the center, where the blade runs
01:37 PM roycroft: although it was perfectly aligned at the edge where the pin goes
01:38 PM roycroft: 0.007" isn't a lot, and in fact is well within the spec for flatness of the table, but the problem is that it forms a ridge, so that when i try to push a piece of wood through the blade, it stops the wood
01:38 PM XXCoder: yeah thats not good at all
01:38 PM roycroft: if the front side had been 0.007" higher i'd have been fine with it
01:39 PM roycroft: anyway, perhaps i'll finally be able to start using that machine, almost a half a year after i bought it
01:40 PM XXCoder: geez
01:41 PM CaptHindsight[m]: roycroft: would you mind copying and pasting the following string here to test what the bot does with encodes? ' ' " $ & *
01:41 PM CaptHindsight[m]: are you on a Mac?
01:43 PM CaptHindsight[m]: ' comes through as &apos; on discord
01:44 PM CaptHindsight[m]: TurBoss: another test?
01:44 PM TurBoss: CaptHindsight: this is another mention yes
01:46 PM TurBoss: CaptHindsight:
01:47 PM CaptHindsight[m]: TurBoss: :(
01:49 PM TurBoss: CaptHindsight: ? ' ' " $ & * ñ
01:49 PM roycroft: sorry, i was away
01:49 PM roycroft: did turboss' post suffice?
01:50 PM TurBoss: messageeventprocessor.ts line 533
01:50 PM roycroft: ' ' " $ & *
01:50 PM roycroft: anyway, there's that, in case you still need it
01:51 PM roycroft: but my irc session is not on a mac - it's on a linux machine
01:51 PM CaptHindsight[m]: roycroft :&apos; &apos; " $ & *
01:51 PM CaptHindsight[m]: only converts your '
01:52 PM roycroft: :&apos; &apos; " $ & *
01:52 PM * TurBoss8676[m] uploaded an image: (5KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/jauriarts.org/vubtcfdOmNuKFVqOyzqVebyP/unknown.png >
01:52 PM * TurBoss8676[m] uploaded an image: (4KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/jauriarts.org/MyllafAXEfeOZqvSjjMwZsFB/unknown.png >
01:52 PM CaptHindsight[m]: hah
01:54 PM roycroft: *chuckle*
01:54 PM roycroft: the russians stole $5 million of john deere tractors from a dealership in ukraine
01:54 PM roycroft: john deere remotely bricked the tractors
01:54 PM CaptHindsight[m]: roycroft: thanks
01:54 PM XXCoder: probably protecting thier tanks from theft
01:56 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Russia has/had hackers, they will probably crack the DRM
01:57 PM CaptHindsight[m]: the good ones probably left already
02:00 PM roycroft: i know well that raping and pillaging has always been a part of war, but over the last century or so, and especially recently, with the emergence of social media and cell phone pics/videos everywhere, there has been less of it in most conflicts
02:01 PM roycroft: the russians seem to have gone back to the old ways, where the raping and pillaging is the main point of waging warfare
02:02 PM xxcoder[m]: yep. though there will be ALWAYS people who think "theyre enemies I can do anything to them"
02:08 PM TurBoss: CaptHindsight: this is a test
02:09 PM TurBoss: CaptHindsight: the last one?
02:21 PM TurBoss: !discord bridge 970073318357078036 970073318810075149
02:21 PM TurBoss: !discord unbridge
02:22 PM TurBoss: !discord bridge 970073318357078036 970073318810075149
02:22 PM TurBoss: CaptHindsight: lets see
02:24 PM CaptHindsight[m]: TurBoss: oh noes!
03:55 PM XXCoder: roycroft: about magnets, you may be able to just test it see how strong just a pair can be before buying a bunch
03:55 PM XXCoder: bunch is pretty cheap anyway but yeah
04:14 PM roycroft: i'll keep it in mind
04:14 PM roycroft: i'd like for the drawers not to open so easily anyway
04:15 PM XXCoder: just thought of interesting idea, each drawer face have lever to lock next drawer down into position
04:15 PM XXCoder: of course top ones has lock from above so overall all is locked in position. its bi-stable, so you can leave it in opened or locked
05:00 PM * JT-Shop just got back from a nice ride to Eminence for lunch at the Dairy Shack
05:00 PM XXCoder: awesome
05:12 PM -!- #linuxcnc mode set to +v by ChanServ
06:11 PM _unreal_: wtf?
06:11 PM _unreal_: was there some REALLY odd net split?
06:12 PM _unreal_: sigh
06:14 PM XXCoder: dunno
06:15 PM XXCoder: btw split asked Is there anyone here who can help me understand how the AVDD pins are used on the 7i73? I know it has something to do with using potentiometers on the analogue inputs and when trying to google to find out I'm finding more general electronics stuff telling me they need to be connected to VDD through a filter
06:15 PM XXCoder: for some reason bot missed that
06:17 PM _unreal_: so I broke my first two of the new bits. first break I saw comming. the bit was clearly getting warn
06:17 PM _unreal_: they do NOT like wood it seems. they only touch the waste board by 1/16" but its enough to wear the tip...
06:18 PM _unreal_: second one I broke I decided to do a little bit of load testing just to get an idea of what they can do... I expected it to break. but now I have a much better idea on feed/speed tuning.
06:18 PM _unreal_: sees 40mm/min 1mm per step is good
06:19 PM _unreal_: for my machine with these bits in aluminum
06:19 PM _unreal_: it will handle 55mm just fine but the second it touches wood it looses the tip. its odd.
06:20 PM _unreal_: in any case, both of my Y arms have been cut. now I'm working on the lower Y section that is the aluminum angle that is the interface between the cars and the Y arms.
06:21 PM roycroft: i have the full cabinet design done now, finally
06:22 PM roycroft: https://roycroft.us/CabinetAssembly.jpeg
06:22 PM roycroft: i'm not sure about the wood species that i'll use
06:22 PM roycroft: walnut for the top may be too much
06:22 PM roycroft: that might turn into ash
06:22 PM XXCoder: unless you go to some house scraps and get countertops
06:22 PM roycroft: the only problem being that i can buy walnut plywood for a decent price
06:22 PM _unreal_: roy only if you burn it
06:22 PM _unreal_: LOL
06:22 PM XXCoder: do you have local house scrap stuff store
06:23 PM JT-Shop: that's a lot of drawers to make
06:23 PM roycroft: but for ash, i'd have to veneer some mdf
06:23 PM roycroft: 54, to be exact
06:23 PM roycroft: i'm going to be busy
06:23 PM roycroft: but 34 of them will be identical, so i can set up my leigh dovetail jig and crank them out pretty quickly
06:24 PM XXCoder: yep and stops make it easy too
06:24 PM roycroft: the systainer trays in the right two cabinets are all identical
06:24 PM XXCoder: just be sure that first one fits lol
06:24 PM roycroft: xxcoder: once i get the jig set up it's totally mechanical
06:24 PM roycroft: and i use two routers - one with the dovetail cutter and one with the straight cutter - so i don't have to redo the setup back and forth
06:25 PM roycroft: 34 drawers means 272 joints to cut
06:26 PM roycroft: i should be able to cut a joint with the leigh jig in about 2 minutes at the most
06:26 PM roycroft: so that's about 9 hours or so for the big batch of drawer joints
06:27 PM roycroft: i can probably dovetail those drawers faster than cutting box joints
06:27 PM roycroft: add another day for millwork, and a half day for assembly, and i'm in at a bit under 3 days for that big batch, including setup
06:28 PM roycroft: and actually, another 7 drawers are the exact same size, except a bit wider, so i can use the exact same dovetail setup for those, so i'll be doing 41 of them with the same setup
06:29 PM roycroft: but yes, it's a whole lot of drawers
06:29 PM roycroft: it will be the biggest storage/organization improvement to my shop ever
06:30 PM roycroft: the week or so that it will take me to build the cabinets i'll start making up in saved time finding and storing tools, and not tripping over stuff, immediately
06:34 PM Tom_L: _unreal_, so they can cut cryptonite but not wood?
06:35 PM XXCoder: isnt wood bit abruastive? dunno
06:36 PM XXCoder: when i worked, it was all metals or plastics. and fiberglass which eats all tools
06:37 PM roycroft: wood can be pretty abrasive, especially some of the dense, tropical hardwoods like rosewood and teak
06:38 PM roycroft: they contain a fair amount of silicon, and will dull cutting tools quickly
06:38 PM roycroft: remember - sand is made of silicon
06:38 PM XXCoder: well unreal you can always make drill grinder
06:38 PM JT-Shop: 9 mortises done 3 to go... another 15 minutes and I should be done
06:39 PM XXCoder: theres even 3d printables that uses a dermel. which sharpens AAND adds relief angle
06:39 PM roycroft: xxcoder: btw, there's a good reason for me to build these cabinets out of new, high quality materials
06:40 PM roycroft: if i ever have prospective customers visit my shop, having high quality shop fixtures is a selling point
06:40 PM XXCoder: true
06:41 PM roycroft: i'm still trying to be economical, but i want them to look nice
06:51 PM XXCoder: can always do lamimates of real wood, but thin
06:53 PM roycroft: i considered that
06:53 PM roycroft: it would take a lot of time, and the plywood would actually be cheaper
06:53 PM XXCoder: true
06:53 PM JT-Shop: last mortise...
06:54 PM JT-Shop: I had a few sheets of oak plywood the veneer was so thin you could sand through it in a second
06:55 PM XXCoder: lol
06:56 PM roycroft: that's a problem, and one i don't like
06:57 PM roycroft: even standard veneer, which is 1/42" thick, is easy to sand through
06:57 PM roycroft: but a lot of plywood these days has veneers that are more like 1/64" thick
06:57 PM roycroft: you sand through that stuff by just looking at it hard and thinking about sanding it
06:58 PM JT-Shop: yup
06:58 PM JT-Shop: last mortise done
06:59 PM XXCoder: yay
07:01 PM roycroft: i can get 60 drawer pulls out of one walnut board that's 1x6x96
07:01 PM roycroft: and i need 54
07:01 PM roycroft: actually, maybe fewer, as i'm not sure i need drawer pulls for the systainer trays
07:03 PM JT-Shop2: I have a 48" x 54" x 1" steel top work table that's pretty low, it's so heavy even with the brakes off you have push with all your got to move it
07:03 PM JT-Shop2: thinking of making a portable wood bench to bolt down to that with a vise...
07:04 PM roycroft: i'd love to have 1" thick steel bench top
07:05 PM JT-Shop2: it was a machine at Briggs they retired and gave the table to me
07:07 PM JT-Shop2: I saw a portable bench in a video that gave the idea... I have one dry SYP 2x12x10 that's been in the shop for a few years so nice and dry
07:09 PM _unreal_: god. I'm SOOOO damn happy I got that pool scupper plumbing cleared today
07:09 PM _unreal_: god what a relief
07:17 PM roycroft: i wonder if i can fit a full 8' long panel in my big vacuum bag
07:17 PM roycroft: if i can, i might do the ash veneer thing
07:18 PM roycroft: if not, i'm not going to spend $400 for a bigger vacuum bag
07:18 PM roycroft: although they are on sale right now
07:19 PM roycroft: but the sale price is $385 - the regular price is $505
07:19 PM roycroft: i assume because of that inflation stuff
07:20 PM roycroft: i could always do the veneering the old fashinoned way - with hide glue and a veneer hammer
07:20 PM CloudEvil: Well, a one-off vacuum bag ...
07:20 PM JT-Shop2: that's big vacuum bag
07:21 PM roycroft: it would be 4'x9'
07:21 PM roycroft: i have a 4'x8' bag
07:21 PM roycroft: which i got for a really good price on cl
07:21 PM JT-Shop2: wonder why it's not 5'x9'
07:21 PM roycroft: https://www.veneersupplies.com/products/VS-Extreme-Polyurethane-Vacuum-Bag-4-x-9.html
07:22 PM roycroft: it's 54"x114"
07:22 PM roycroft: so there is a little extra on the sides already
07:23 PM roycroft: the ends have to be a lot longer for the clamping cauls
07:23 PM roycroft: my 4x8 bag might be long enough - i'll have to go pull it out and measure the actual length
07:24 PM JT-Shop2: do you have to clamp both ends?
07:24 PM roycroft: yes
07:24 PM * JT-Shop2 calls it a night
07:24 PM roycroft: there are some bags that have three sides sealed, but i like having it open at both ends
07:24 PM roycroft: it makes it a lot easier to load up
07:44 PM _unreal_: roycroft, are you bagging for veneer?
07:44 PM _unreal_: I have not been following
07:45 PM _unreal_: veneer supplies.com so I assume for veneer. roycroft you do NOT need expensive bagging material
07:46 PM _unreal_: you only need 7-Hg to do flawless veneer quality
07:46 PM _unreal_: the best method on the cheap is to use 4mill plastic, yellow tacky tape, and bubble wrap bubbles DOWN on the veneer
07:47 PM _unreal_: if you have enough vacuum to pop the bubbles it more then is needed regardless
07:48 PM _unreal_: When I was building Hinckley yachts. that was there method. fiberglass wanted higher vacuum. but even bagging foam CORE. they only go low side of vacuum
07:51 PM roycroft: i like the 30mil poly bags
07:51 PM roycroft: they're super flexible, and very robust
07:51 PM roycroft: and i use my vacuum bags for more than veneering
08:01 PM _unreal_: what kind of a vacuum pump do you have?
08:03 PM _unreal_: almost 9pm I am SOO not inclined to stand over my cnc and hold the vacuum :/ I think I'll finish that job tomorrow
08:03 PM _unreal_: I'll be glad when these two jobs are done.
08:04 PM _unreal_: not a big fan of of running with out a dust shoe. especially milling aluminum. granted my cnc is 70% ISH immune to aluminum chips and the rails. its still an issue.
08:05 PM _unreal_: sigh
08:06 PM skunkworks: don't look at the paint job to close...
08:06 PM skunkworks: https://photos.app.goo.gl/YNuMWn6fiMpwSKU37
08:06 PM * XXCoder takes out lens
08:06 PM XXCoder: i think I see some new parts?
08:06 PM XXCoder: under headlight
08:07 PM skunkworks: windshild wiper fluid tank.. That was too cracked up to use..
08:08 PM skunkworks: I thought I was going to be able to test drive it this weekend - but the upper bumper support that I got is the wronge one.
08:08 PM skunkworks: Re-charged the air conditioner - seems to work
08:13 PM XXCoder: doh also nice
08:45 PM * roycroft got his van running this afternoon, which was a relief
08:50 PM XXCoder: yay
09:08 PM Tom_L: gettin closer...