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Apr 29 2022

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01:10 AM Deejay: moin
02:57 AM randy: morning
05:57 AM JT-Cave: morning
07:45 AM Loetmichel_: *note to self*: This battery drill here has more torque even in the lowest slip clutch setting than an M3 thread in 1.5mm Alu can handle... thats the third screw in a row i managed to destroy the thread. :(
07:45 AM Loetmichel_: *grmbl*
07:49 AM Loetmichel_: ... high five for the existence of rivet-in m3 nuts :)
10:15 AM unterhaus: Felder has a promotional picture of a guy that's just about to cut his hand in half on one of their tablesaws
10:45 AM Loetmichel_: sawstop integrated probably?
11:17 AM unterhaus: does felder have some sort of blade retraction now?
11:45 AM roycroft: well, i want to check out some of that 3df filament, becauase it's pretty cheap, but the colors in pla are very limited
11:46 AM roycroft: and the reviews are pretty mixed - a lot of folks complain that it's very brittle, which would not be good for what i'm doing
12:14 PM XXCoder: roycroft: brittleness usually means roll need to be dried
12:17 PM roycroft: i'll try a spool of it
12:17 PM XXCoder: cool
12:17 PM roycroft: i think i'll order one of that brand and one of another discount brand to compare
12:18 PM XXCoder: pla+ ones is nice, stronger prints
12:18 PM roycroft: i've been really happy with atomic filament, but when i'm going to be going through 2-3 spools/week for a while, a 30+% savings in filament costs adds up really fast
12:18 PM roycroft: i had poor results with the other filaments i tried before settling on atomic
12:19 PM XXCoder: yep, those cheap spools isnt amazing, but when you need to print a lot...
12:19 PM roycroft: i'll have to go back and see what i was buying, so i can avoid that in the future
12:19 PM XXCoder: gst3d uses weird rolls so make sure you trim edges so theres no edges to snag on something
12:19 PM roycroft: other folks complained that their 3df filament was "chunky" and jammed their hot ends and extruders
12:20 PM roycroft: but they may be using metallic filaments, or not heating it properly
12:20 PM roycroft: a lot of people are not good at following instructions or solving problems, but are very very good at complaining loudly
12:20 PM XXCoder: dont know. not sure about 3df. gst3d have been great so far, just be sure to trim roll edges if you use edge on rollers type filament holder. I use rod though center so im immune to that
12:29 PM roycroft: oh, i thought 3df is what you were telling me about
12:29 PM roycroft: sorry - that was last night, and on a different computer
12:29 PM roycroft: so gst3d is what you were recommending?
12:30 PM roycroft: and i mount my spools using the center hole, so that would not be a problem
12:33 PM XXCoder: yeah I pasted url to site too :D
12:33 PM XXCoder: https://gst3d.com/
12:34 PM roycroft: thanks
12:34 PM XXCoder: welcome
12:34 PM roycroft: as i said, that was yesterday and on another computer
12:34 PM roycroft: i was going by my not-so-good memory this morning :)
12:35 PM roycroft: but yeah, i remember visting that site
12:35 PM XXCoder: thats fine, mine sucks too
12:35 PM roycroft: the discounts are really good if you buy in quantity and are willing to wait a month
12:35 PM XXCoder: yup, though they sometimes have very good sale
12:35 PM roycroft: perhaps i'll buy a three pack for now, to check it out
12:35 PM XXCoder: we bought 20 for 8.99 each a while ago
12:37 PM roycroft: or maybe a 2 pack
12:37 PM roycroft: there's still a decent discount on that
12:40 PM roycroft: so yeah, if this stuff works that would be nice
12:40 PM roycroft: $35.95 for 2kg of filament, vs $29.99 for 1k of atomic
12:41 PM XXCoder: yeah and in bulk it goes even better ratio pretty quickly
12:42 PM roycroft: yeah, i see that pre-order 20 packs are $9.99-$10.99/kg
12:42 PM roycroft: and i can mix and match colors
12:43 PM roycroft: so if it works decently, i'll save hundreds of dollars on this project
12:45 PM roycroft: i have a couple kg of filament on order from atomic now, but by the time i get the shipment from gst3d.com i'll be out of that, so i'll be able to try theirs immediately
12:46 PM roycroft: and if it works out, i don't mind putting the project on hold for a month while i wait for new supplies
12:46 PM roycroft: but the stuff i just ordered is already shipped
12:47 PM roycroft: so they're as fast as atomic on shipping, at least for non presale orders
12:47 PM XXCoder: yeah pretty decently fast
12:48 PM roycroft: you know that when i get this stuff i'm going to have to fill one of my atomic boxes with screws and drop it on the floor, and then do the same with a gst3d box
12:49 PM roycroft: they will probably both break
12:49 PM roycroft: in which case i'll have to devise another, less intense test
12:49 PM XXCoder: yeah pla+ is bit tougher but probably will anyway
12:49 PM roycroft: and i don't normally drop fastener boxes on the floor
12:50 PM roycroft: but they do get smacked into the corners of pieces of wood, or on the egde of tablesaw or drill press table, upon occasion
12:50 PM XXCoder: that seems best to test that level. if drop to floor its already past average by a lot
12:50 PM roycroft: i'm not reckless and abusive, but i also don't treat things like they are made of glass
12:51 PM roycroft: unless they actually are made of glass, of course
12:54 PM roycroft: do you know where they ship from?
12:54 PM XXCoder: dont recall lol but reasonably fast
12:55 PM roycroft: they list their address as "7088 NW 50th Street"
12:55 PM roycroft: there are lots of cities with that address
12:56 PM roycroft: if it's seattle it will be here monday
12:56 PM roycroft: if it's new york city it will be here next friday
12:58 PM JT-Shop: looks like my stuff from Lie-Nielsen will arrive Wednesday
12:58 PM roycroft: nice
12:58 PM roycroft: what are you getting from them?
12:59 PM roycroft: and btw, i don't feel the least bit guilty pointing you at those vendors, because i buy the same tools i recommend :)
12:59 PM roycroft: i've been told i'm good at spending your money
12:59 PM roycroft: that's hogwash
01:00 PM roycroft: aah, they are in miami
01:00 PM roycroft: so next friday
01:03 PM XXCoder: so basically a week
01:03 PM roycroft: yes
01:03 PM roycroft: assuming it goes out today
01:03 PM roycroft: it's marked shipped, and ups tracking number has been provided
01:04 PM XXCoder: 3 orders we did was few days, and 2 was a week long
01:04 PM XXCoder: both week wait ones was 20 rolls order
01:04 PM JT-Shop: dovetail saw, jojoba oil, tite-mark
01:04 PM JT-Shop: I don't need help spending my money I do a good job myself LOL
01:05 PM roycroft: nice, jt-shop
01:05 PM roycroft: there are folks who like the double wheel marking gauges
01:05 PM * JT-Shop heads to a couple of factories to do a bit of work
01:05 PM roycroft: but i'm really happy with my tite-mark, and it's ultra precise settings
01:05 PM roycroft: and it feels amazing in the hand
01:06 PM JT-Shop: that's the issue with the current one I have it's hard to move it just a tad
01:06 PM roycroft: i have a complete set of mortise marking wheels for it, so i don't see a need for a double wheel one
01:06 PM roycroft: the tite-mark has a nylon screw to set the initial tension
01:06 PM roycroft: and then it has the micro-adjuster, with its own set screw
01:06 PM roycroft: and the main adjuster, also with its own screw, so you can triple-lock the setting
01:09 PM roycroft: if you need any accessories for the tite-mark, they can be hard to find
01:09 PM roycroft: i had to get some from the uk:
01:10 PM roycroft: https://www.classichandtools.com/hand-tools/marking-measuring/marking-gauges/c167
01:10 PM roycroft: hopefully, glen drake will be ramping up production again soon
01:10 PM roycroft: he had to shut down during the pandemic
01:12 PM XXCoder: https://youtu.be/x0fpwlRPZRY very interesting
01:12 PM XXCoder: no filter, and low power desaltation unit for water
03:20 PM CaptHindsight[m]: brittle PLA sounds like it has some filler such as clay
03:21 PM XXCoder: nah water makes pla brittle
03:23 PM CaptHindsight[m]: How do you reduce the cost of producing PLA filaments? You purchase PLA pellets in bulk, operate your equipment where the electric costs are lower and use something lower cost than PLA in the PLA.
03:23 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Aren't you baking your filaments?
03:23 PM XXCoder: depends. if it barely strings at all its dry enough
03:23 PM CaptHindsight[m]: If not, then you are doing it wrong.
03:23 PM XXCoder: if it heavily strings I will dry it
03:24 PM CaptHindsight[m]: this is thermoplastics 101
03:24 PM unterhaus: a cnc group on FB is having a meltdown over leaving your cnc running unattended
03:25 PM XXCoder: I never leave *unproven* cnc program running unattended
03:25 PM XXCoder: but if its been ran many times with no problems, and it wasnt first part this run, I can leave it running
03:28 PM CaptHindsight[m]: some of the silliest people I have come across outside of churches (and similar) are CNC glue gun fanatics
03:32 PM JT-Shop: well 275°F for 60 minutes kills weevils but 250°F for 60 minutes does not... going to try 250°F for 90 minutes
03:36 PM JT-Shop: I take that back the cord is still full of weevils
03:36 PM JT-Shop: corn
03:36 PM roycroft: drama is the new confidence
03:37 PM XXCoder: I see no weevils
03:40 PM JT-Shop: they are small
03:40 PM XXCoder: I hear no weevils ;)
03:56 PM CaptHindsight[m]: and the classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4PzpxOj5Cc
03:59 PM roycroft: teh youtube is dead to me until after our primary election next month
03:59 PM roycroft: every video has multiple, nasty, shouty political ads, and no ad blocker that i've tried can stop them
04:00 PM roycroft: i had one the other day that showed two 15 second ads that i could not skip before the video, and then, 7 seconds into the video, it went to a minute and a half of political ads, again, none of which i could block
04:00 PM roycroft: i've not watched youtube since then
04:01 PM CaptHindsight[m]: huh have you tried ublock Origin and Privacy Badger? I never see ads
04:02 PM roycroft: i haven't heard of either of those
04:02 PM roycroft: i can see if they exist for mac os
04:02 PM roycroft: as much as i hate firefox, firefox without ads would be better than safari with ads
04:05 PM roycroft: ok, i just installed both of those, and i opened that link above in firefox, and got a political ad
04:05 PM roycroft: my past experience with a blockers and firefox is that they generally don't work
04:06 PM roycroft: at least on mac os
04:06 PM CaptHindsight[m]: still no ads here, have you tried it on Linux? :p
04:07 PM CaptHindsight[m]: without the blockers youtube is unwatchable
04:07 PM roycroft: i haven't
04:07 PM roycroft: you are correct
04:07 PM roycroft: when i "need" something from youtube i have to download it and watch it offline
04:08 PM CaptHindsight[m]: worse than late night UHF TV in the 80's
04:08 PM CaptHindsight[m]: 5 minutes of commercials with 4 minutes of whatever show or movie was on
04:09 PM CaptHindsight[m]: and buying the product did not stop the commercials :)
04:11 PM XXCoder: roy my youtube ad blocker have always worked
04:11 PM CaptHindsight[m]: XXCoder: which OS?
04:12 PM XXCoder: Enhancer for YouTube™ addon
04:12 PM XXCoder: linux
04:12 PM CaptHindsight[m]: I think mac has a capitalism anti-filter-filter
04:12 PM CaptHindsight[m]: for your own good
04:13 PM XXCoder: yeah i dont own much of mac stuff
04:13 PM CaptHindsight[m]: walled garden and all
04:13 PM XXCoder: yup
04:16 PM * JT-Shop understands now that corn is a good insulator... 30 minutes at 250°F and the center is only 80°F
04:17 PM roycroft: apple are actually rather pro-privacy
04:23 PM roycroft: that may be part of the problem - if the plugin developers need to poke around areas apple like to protect to do their job, the plugins may fail
05:46 PM JT-Shop: now to come up with a rack for my boards out of some 2x4's
05:46 PM JT-Shop: I want 3 levels at least I think...
06:15 PM JT-Shop2: nothing inspirational on the web...
06:15 PM roguish[m]: JT-Shop2: thought you're retired...........
06:16 PM roguish[m]: sitting in a rocker on the porch..........polishing the old shotgun
06:20 PM JT-Shop2: sitting in a rocker on the porch is for quitters
06:20 PM roguish[m]: fair enough.........
06:21 PM roguish[m]: like Jed or Granny
06:22 PM roguish[m]: hey, just had a complete hvac system installed in my house. fancy Fujitsu heat pump and air handler. all the ducting. out with the old wall furnaces and window ac's
06:23 PM roguish[m]: livin large
06:26 PM JT-Shop2: nice
06:28 PM roguish[m]: well, rum and tonic time on the deck................ ttfn
06:28 PM JT-Shop2: nothin wrong with that
06:54 PM * JT-Shop2 takes 5 with Traffic
06:56 PM roycroft: wait
06:57 PM roycroft: take 5 is dave brubeck
06:57 PM roycroft: traffic do john barleycorn, low spark, etc.
06:57 PM JT-Shop2: vlc media player won't let me scroll through the songs
06:57 PM JT-Shop2: low spark it is
06:57 PM roycroft: if you enjoy traffic, there's a bootleg album i should share with you
06:58 PM JT-Shop2: cool
06:58 PM roycroft: steve winwood with tito puente and his orchestra doing some traffic numbers tito style
06:58 PM roycroft: let me see if i have that handy
06:58 PM JT-Shop2: never heard of tito puente
06:59 PM roycroft: latin american band leader
07:00 PM JT-Shop2: gotta remember to download some of Rob's videos in the morning
07:01 PM JT-Shop2: almost chow time here...
07:01 PM roycroft: it's in my itunes library
07:01 PM roycroft: now i have to find the source files
07:01 PM JT-Shop2: can you put them somewhere so I can download in the morning?
07:01 PM JT-Shop2: pm JT-Cave
07:01 PM roycroft: yeah
07:02 PM roycroft: and i have them in mp3, so you don't have to deal with the itunes format
07:02 PM roycroft: does a tarball work for you?
07:02 PM JT-Shop2: that's good
07:02 PM JT-Shop2: zip is better for me
07:02 PM roycroft: ok, i'll see if i can do that
07:03 PM JT-Shop2: I always have issues with gz or xz or whatever it is lol
07:03 PM JT-Shop2: thanks
07:03 PM JT-Shop2: I got all my albums ready to copy to digital, just need some time to do it
07:06 PM JT-Shop2: Traffic is done, I'm heading inside listening to The Who Squeeze Box
07:06 PM roycroft: the zip utility on my imac doesn't seem to create zip files properly
07:06 PM roycroft: it's primarily for unzippign
07:06 PM roycroft: i'll just copy the stuff to a website - there's only a half dozen files to download
07:07 PM roycroft: seven, actually
07:09 PM roycroft: tito is a drummer, so think traffic with a stong latin beat
07:11 PM roycroft: https://roycroft.us/Steve_Winwood_and_Tito_Puente_1998-07-18_Hamburg,_Germany-Westport_Festival
07:16 PM roycroft: or maybe think latin music with a hammond b3 :)
07:20 PM Tom_L: i thought the b3 was sacred to other genre
07:20 PM roycroft: this is a fusion thing
07:20 PM Tom_L: used alot in the 60's
07:21 PM Tom_L: those crazy dope smokin hippies n all...
07:21 PM Tom_L: :)
07:21 PM Tom_L: i think music was better then
07:22 PM roycroft: oh, yeah, speaking of the '60s
07:22 PM roycroft: i forgot, they do "i'm a man" on this album as well
07:22 PM Tom_L: certainly better than anything pouring out the airwaves today
07:22 PM roycroft: so some spencer davis group
07:22 PM roycroft: now now
07:22 PM roycroft: there is some excellent music coming out today
07:22 PM roycroft: and there was a lot of crap in the '60s
07:23 PM roycroft: the difference is, we tend to remember the good stuff and forget the crap
07:23 PM Tom_L: i suppose
07:23 PM roycroft: but it takes a while to forget the crap
07:23 PM Tom_L: now i just forget it all
07:24 PM roycroft: forget what?
07:24 PM Tom_L: exactly
07:24 PM * roycroft doesn't remember what we're even talking about
07:26 PM roycroft: also, most folks like to listen to the music they listened to in high school, because it brings back so many good memories
07:26 PM roycroft: first kiss, first beer, first car, etc.
07:27 PM roycroft: i mean, who will ever forget the enchantment under the sea dance?
09:01 PM -!- #linuxcnc mode set to +v by ChanServ
09:20 PM Tom_L: tornados stirring up the pot around here
09:20 PM roycroft: it sprinkled a little here today, but mostly the weather has been boring
09:24 PM Tom_L: took out a YMCA E of here
09:30 PM Tom_L: main highway blocked for emergency vehicles only
09:38 PM roycroft: that sounds kind of serious
09:38 PM roycroft: i hope you have a comfortable storm celler
09:38 PM CaptHindsight[m]: why would they block only emergency vehicles?
09:39 PM roycroft: because defund the police?
09:39 PM CaptHindsight[m]: too much noise?
09:41 PM XXCoder: didnt pay road tax?
09:42 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://www.wunderground.com/severe/us/ne/omaha/KNEOMAHA712
10:00 PM Tom_L: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smezfpvwVmM
10:01 PM Tom_L: back from the beginning
10:01 PM XXCoder: mystery video link. lets click it
10:01 PM XXCoder: interesting
10:04 PM Tom_L: that's the one that took the YMCA
10:19 PM Tom_L: another guy's video caught what looked to me like a shipping container flying thru the air
10:19 PM XXCoder: hopefully guy being inside, secure as much as possible
10:20 PM Tom_L: no he's one of those nutty storm chasers
10:20 PM XXCoder: sigh
10:20 PM Tom_L: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7h6zdlTTeA
10:21 PM Tom_L: around 51sec see if you think that's what it is
10:21 PM XXCoder: looks like
10:22 PM XXCoder: can barely look at those views. handcam videos is very bad to me
10:22 PM Tom_L: yeah
10:22 PM roycroft: i don't think our container is in kansas any more, toto
10:22 PM XXCoder: I can literally be bedridden if I force myself to watch those lol it sucks
10:23 PM XXCoder: maybe good witch can use cargo stuff to win war with bad witches
10:23 PM Tom_L: took a very similar path as the one in 1991
10:23 PM roycroft: i do not miss tornados at all
10:23 PM Tom_L: roycroft, sorry your package may not arrive on time...
10:24 PM Tom_L: or at all?
10:24 PM XXCoder: I ordered some stuff, might be at that box lol
10:24 PM roycroft: my print finally finished
10:24 PM Tom_L: ~15-20 mi from me
10:24 PM XXCoder: how was it roy'
10:25 PM roycroft: there's about 1/2m of filament left on the spool - i got really lucky there
10:25 PM Tom_L: maybe not that far
10:25 PM roycroft: it was acceptable
10:25 PM roycroft: everything with this setup is just acceptable, but that's ok, because it's printing fast
10:25 PM XXCoder: nice. lol my closest is filament is entirely inside extruder assembly body
10:25 PM Tom_L: you should learn how to splice filament so it can just keep on goin
10:25 PM roycroft: the majority of what i need to print now is blue and grey, and i am out of both of those filaments
10:26 PM roycroft: i have more blue arriving early next week, and more blue and grey the end of next week
10:27 PM roycroft: i still have some black, so i might print some black boxes over the weekend
10:27 PM Tom_L: like they splice plastic gas pipe etc
10:28 PM XXCoder: I ordered filament fusion device
10:28 PM XXCoder: it'll be bit fun
10:30 PM Tom_L: container was delivering air mail
10:30 PM roycroft: i'm pretty good at estimating what i can print with what's left on a spool
10:31 PM roycroft: i have some tools to keep track of that more accurately in octopi as well
10:31 PM roycroft: i should start using the filament plugins