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Apr 27 2022

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01:25 AM randy: morning
02:14 AM Deejay: moin
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04:58 AM Tom_L: morning
05:36 AM JT-Cave: morning
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12:43 PM Tom_L: sammich time
12:45 PM XXCoder: heys
12:46 PM Tom_L: ok bak to the coal mine
12:46 PM XXCoder: I thank you on service for all BBQs out there ;)
12:50 PM roycroft: one of my test prints did not work right last night
12:50 PM roycroft: the one i queued up as i was going to bed
12:50 PM roycroft: i am at a real loss to understand what's happening
12:50 PM XXCoder: doh what happened?
12:50 PM XXCoder: got pic?
12:50 PM roycroft: too short
12:50 PM roycroft: i loaded the stl file into cura for a box
12:51 PM roycroft: sliced it, and it was fine - 156 layers, as expected
12:51 PM roycroft: then i multiplied it by 1, so it was set up to print two boxes, not one
12:51 PM roycroft: sliced again
12:51 PM roycroft: not having changed the model at all - just "cloning" it
12:51 PM roycroft: and it printed at 137 layers
12:51 PM roycroft: which is the exact problem i've had repeatedly
12:52 PM roycroft: i woke up this morning, loaded the model again, duplicated it, sliced, and printed 2 boxes at 156 layers
12:52 PM XXCoder: theres definitely some sort of problem somewhere
12:52 PM roycroft: something is causing cura to occasionally shorten the boxes
12:52 PM roycroft: and i cannot reproduce the behavior at will
12:53 PM roycroft: fortunately this problem was with the half-size boxes, and it was only 2-up, so i did not waste much filament
12:53 PM roycroft: i even updated to the latest version of ultimaker cura yesterday
12:54 PM roycroft: and when i got the settings the way i liked, i saved them, so whenever i load a new model i first load the saved settings
12:54 PM roycroft: i know nothing is wrong there
12:54 PM roycroft: but what i did not do, and should have, in retrospect, is save the gcode for the "short" boxes
12:54 PM roycroft: i'd like to compare it to the gcode for the ones that are the correct height
12:55 PM XXCoder: yeah
12:55 PM roycroft: oh, wait
12:55 PM XXCoder: als need to talk with cura people
12:55 PM roycroft: i checked all that into git last night and pushed it to my gitlab server
12:55 PM roycroft: so i should be able to pull the "short" gcode file from there
12:55 PM roycroft: yeah, once i get some data
12:56 PM XXCoder: https://media.cdnws.com/_i/23303/p%7B930%7D-3907/2809/11/disc-of-sabu-schist-lotus-vase-bowl-sabou-tri-lobes.jpeg
12:56 PM XXCoder: pretty cool shape. im trying to recreate it lol
12:56 PM roycroft: i also had to do a filament change this morning, and discovered that with the volcano extruder, it takes a bit more purging to switch colors than with the old hot end
12:56 PM roycroft: which makes sense
12:56 PM XXCoder: yeah bigger melt zone = more plastic to clean
12:57 PM roycroft: yup
12:57 PM roycroft: it should be fine, though - i got some of the old color in the bottom two layers of the first box, and that will never be seen unless i turn the box upside down
12:57 PM XXCoder: lol yea
12:58 PM roycroft: that is kind of a cool shape
12:58 PM roycroft: if you add some planes at an angle, and sketch parabolas on the planes, you might be able to do it that way
12:59 PM XXCoder: yeah. parabolas is hard, but bowl is easy
12:59 PM * roycroft has recently become a big fan of adding sketch planes
12:59 PM roycroft: so many problems i've had in the past go away if i just add another plane
12:59 PM XXCoder: I think I will need three of that. or maybe just one, then rotate feature around axis
01:00 PM roycroft: yes, one then rotate is probably best
01:00 PM XXCoder: 3 of them, then remove some excess
01:02 PM roycroft: https://www.instructables.com/How-to-Create-Paraboloids-With-FreeCAD-017-for-3D-/
01:02 PM roycroft: that looks like a pretty straightforward way to sketch parabolas
01:03 PM roycroft: getting it laid out the way you want on your sketch plane might be a bit fiddly, but it looks pretty doable
01:05 PM XXCoder: saved lunk for now
01:06 PM roycroft: that part you're wanting to draw isn't really a parabola, though
01:06 PM XXCoder: yeah it isnt, though I will use some rotating body to make it bit simpler to make
01:06 PM roycroft: you might make yours look closer to the original with just a trimmed circle at the top and a couple of tangent lines
01:08 PM XXCoder: real one looks like 300mm radius, ill just make it half diameter for more printability lol
01:08 PM XXCoder: it'd be still too large for my machine, but not "too large for any machine"
01:30 PM XXCoder: well just finished the first, and easiest part
01:32 PM roycroft: you drew the circle? :)
01:32 PM XXCoder: bowl yeah
01:33 PM XXCoder: https://imgur.com/CCV9bmO.png
01:33 PM XXCoder: ignore the tringle. trying to figure locaion of rotation axis for one of those tabs
01:34 PM XXCoder: for some reason some of rotated curve lip is messed up, ignore that too
01:36 PM Tom_L: it' all the way around if you look close
01:44 PM XXCoder: hmm datum line rotation isnt going what I expected it to
01:53 PM XXCoder: https://imgur.com/GQ7CBUP.png
01:53 PM XXCoder: basically raw material for making tab
01:59 PM XXCoder: thankfully valid since tips meet! LOL https://imgur.com/r3TAWFJ.png
02:21 PM XXCoder: Tom_L: roycroft https://imgur.com/5xZqkV4.png
02:21 PM XXCoder: getting there. some stuff still wrong
02:41 PM roycroft: yeah, that's starting to look like it
02:43 PM XXCoder: yeah still tweaking. I removed radius so I can add it later, making it easier to blend
03:06 PM * roycroft is just printing and printing and printing
03:08 PM XXCoder: fun
03:08 PM roycroft: i also measured one of the drawer slides at lunch and the hoe pattern does not make any sense to me
03:08 PM roycroft: it's definitely not on the standard 32mm centers
03:11 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEimVHp9P7c plastic weld seams
03:12 PM CaptHindsight[m]: i recall a vendor that used to make short runs of custom plastic enclosures using sheets
03:13 PM CaptHindsight[m]: they would heat and fold the sides, then weld the corners
03:14 PM roycroft: that's nice, but i did not see the robot's pooper scooper
03:14 PM CaptHindsight[m]: it was similar to sheet metal but used a heated brake
03:23 PM XXCoder: I did it
03:23 PM XXCoder: mostly, bit of cheats
03:23 PM XXCoder: https://imgur.com/Au5Q2Qk.png
03:23 PM XXCoder: chamfers radiuses not added yet but yeah
03:29 PM roycroft: it's starting to look like a useless invention that was buried in a tomb 3000 years ago :)
03:30 PM XXCoder: lol well they found reason for it
03:30 PM XXCoder: its apparently a way to make cool air and water?
03:30 PM XXCoder: chemistry that wasnt discovered till 1800s
03:30 PM XXCoder: in europe
03:31 PM XXCoder: https://www.milleetunetasses.com/blog/chemistry-in-ancient-egypt/disc-of-sabu-by-ancient-egyptian-technology.html
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04:50 PM JT-Shop2: hmm alfie shine smells nice
04:51 PM JT-Shop2: echo came out no change so I'm good for another year
04:51 PM roycroft: yes, it does
04:51 PM roycroft: it has frankincense resin in it
04:52 PM roycroft: use a tiny tiny amount
04:52 PM roycroft: you should not be able to detect a layer of wax at all
04:53 PM JT-Shop2: ok thanks
04:53 PM roycroft: i use it on all my tool handles
04:53 PM roycroft: the scent goes away when it curse
04:53 PM roycroft: cures
04:53 PM roycroft: but i've also used it inside small boxes, and the scent lingers for quite a while there
04:53 PM XXCoder: when you get cursed with no smell ability ;)
04:53 PM XXCoder: kidding
04:54 PM roycroft: not being able to smell alfie shine *would* be a curse
04:55 PM roycroft: i have finally decided on the dimensions for my new cabinets
04:56 PM roycroft: i've been going around and around trying to find a way to make them in an economical way, by maximizing the use of sheet goods, but i just can't do it - the systainers won't fit right
04:56 PM roycroft: but i've found a way where i only have to use one extra sheet for the carcases, actually 1/2 sheet, so i'll be ok
04:57 PM roycroft: and i decided on melamine for the carcases and not plywood or mdf, so that will save cost
04:57 PM roycroft: not to mention all the saved time by not having to apply finish to them
04:57 PM roycroft: it's not what i want, but building materials are way too expensive now
04:58 PM roycroft: the drawer fronts will be solid wood, though, and that's all that i'll see on a regular basis
05:00 PM XXCoder: yah
05:01 PM XXCoder: why go fancy in box etc. just facade is fine
05:02 PM roycroft: it will be fine
05:03 PM roycroft: the drawers will be overlapping, so they'll hide the carcase frame
05:03 PM roycroft: and i'll apply a strip of solid wood on the upper and lower edges, to match the wood in both appearance and depth
05:04 PM roycroft: hmm, i should make those strips somehow detachable, so i can use a single strip to go the full length of the cabinet run to tie them all together
05:04 PM * roycroft looks into knock-down fasteners that would work
05:05 PM roycroft: i'm thinking those screw-in studs that are used for ikea type furniture might work well, with the cam discs that go in the cabinets
05:07 PM roycroft: yeah, those will work fine
05:10 PM JT-Shop: https://www.goantiques.com/shapleigh-hardware-14-702520
05:10 PM roycroft: they come with plastic inserts for the studs, which are pretty large, but i can probably just drill into the hardwood strips and epoxy the studs in
05:11 PM roycroft: that's a nice looking saw, but i'm concerned that they don't show the teeth at all
05:12 PM JT-Shop: good point, so far they have been reliable and honest
05:12 PM JT-Shop: https://www.goantiques.com/craftsman-fore-plane-42257468
05:12 PM roycroft: if you want a really nice back saw, look at these:
05:12 PM roycroft: http://www.badaxetoolworks.com/16-inch-large-tenon-back-saw.php
05:13 PM JT-Shop: takes a while for them
05:13 PM roycroft: it does, although they usually have some finished saws in stock for immediate shipment
05:13 PM roycroft: i don't like craftsman hand planes
05:14 PM roycroft: they're stanley copies, but the castings are thinner, and the blade and chip breakers much thinner, than the stanleys
05:14 PM JT-Shop: I have what looks like a #4 craftsman plane
05:14 PM roycroft: i have a craftsman #4 as well
05:14 PM roycroft: it weighs about 1/2 as much as my lie-nielsen no 4
05:15 PM roycroft: i don't have any planes with ribbed soles
05:15 PM roycroft: i've heard mixed things about them
05:15 PM roycroft: they're certainly easier to flatten, but that's not something you should need to do frequently
05:15 PM roycroft: as in more than once every few years
05:16 PM roycroft: the supposed lower friction is a sketchy claim, from what i've heard
05:16 PM roycroft: i would not reject one because it has a ribbed sole
05:16 PM roycroft: but i would also not pay extra for that
05:17 PM JT-Shop: hmm it's not a craftsman it's a stanley handyman... had to look close
05:18 PM JT-Shop: 9 1/2" long with a 2" wide blade
05:19 PM roycroft: if you feel really ambitious, i ordered and recently received some sae parts from here: http://blackburntools.com
05:19 PM roycroft: you can make your own
05:19 PM roycroft: i'd also say that unless you lift weights, you might think abut a no 7 vs a no 8
05:20 PM roycroft: very few people, it seems, use a no 8 regularly - it's just too big for most folks
05:20 PM roycroft: i find that my no 7 gives me a pretty good workout
05:20 PM JT-Shop: my #5 gives me a good workout on white oak
05:21 PM roycroft: yes, it can
05:21 PM roycroft: btw, if you ever order from blackburn tools, his 8-12 week lead time is usually more like 16 weeks
05:21 PM JT-Shop: mostly I use the #5 to knock the high spots off a rough board before passing over the jointer
05:21 PM roycroft: he's doing a bit better as we're coming out of pandemic
05:21 PM roycroft: yes
05:22 PM roycroft: if i'm using handplanes to flatten wood, i start with a no 5, then move to a no 7, then to a no 4
05:22 PM roycroft: and if it's really rough i start with the scrub plane before i move to the no 5
05:23 PM roycroft: i have some birch slabs that are really twisted that i need to flatten to make a table for our country fair booth
05:23 PM roycroft: i'm building a router sled to do most of that work
05:23 PM roycroft: i looked at it and decided that i just don't have the energy to do it all by hand
05:24 PM JT-Shop: I was running some poplar through the drum sander the other day to get it to final size of 0.500" an I got a slightly rounded surface with the edges thinner than the center, got any ideas?
05:24 PM roycroft: the slabs are about 23" wide an 6' long, and there are two of them to flatten
05:24 PM JT-Shop: big boards
05:24 PM roycroft: no, that seems odd
05:24 PM roycroft: were they flat when you fed them to the drum sander?
05:24 PM JT-Shop: I wonder if it's because the poplar is so soft?
05:24 PM JT-Shop: yes
05:25 PM roycroft: if they were even a tiny bit cupped they could round that way easily
05:25 PM roycroft: poplar is very very soft, indeed
05:25 PM roycroft: softer than many "softwoods"
05:25 PM JT-Shop: hmm didn't run the bottom over the jointer first
05:25 PM roycroft: that could be the problem
05:25 PM JT-Shop: that makes sense now
05:26 PM JT-Shop: https://www.lie-nielsen.com/products/dovetail-saws-dovetail-saw?path=dovetail-saws&node=4145
05:26 PM roycroft: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VG0HMMC
05:27 PM roycroft: that's what i'm thinking of getting for the edge strips for my cabinets
05:27 PM roycroft: the lie-nie dovetail saw gets good reviews
05:27 PM roycroft: if you get one, get the tapered one
05:27 PM JT-Shop: I've seen them on cheap shelve units
05:28 PM JT-Shop: https://www.lie-nielsen.com/products/tapered-saws-tapered-dovetail-saw-?path=dovetail-saws&node=4145
05:28 PM roycroft: my drawers will overlap the sides of the cabinets and cover up the edges
05:28 PM JT-Shop: and they have one in stock
05:28 PM roycroft: but they won't overlap the top and bottom edges
05:28 PM roycroft: so i want to apply matching wood edging along the top and bottom
05:28 PM roycroft: but i also want to be able to disassemble the cabinets if i ever want to move them
05:29 PM roycroft: so i want those edge strips to be removable
05:29 PM JT-Shop: makes sense
05:29 PM roycroft: i haven't used one, but i have seen handled one in person, and based on that, and its design, would recommend the rob cosman dovetail saw
05:29 PM roycroft: seen and handled, rather
05:30 PM roycroft: rob's saws are realy expensive, but they have a feature that i've not seen in any other dovetail saw
05:30 PM roycroft: for the first inch or so, the teeth are both finer and at a less aggressive angle than the rest of the sawblade
05:31 PM roycroft: so you can use the very end of the saw to easily start your cut, then power through with the rest of it once the cut path is established
05:31 PM JT-Shop: variable pitch
05:31 PM roycroft: just at the end
05:31 PM roycroft: but you pay a premium for that
05:32 PM roycroft: my local woodcraft store have some of his saws, and they are really well made
05:32 PM roycroft: https://robcosman.com/collections/saws/products/rob-cosman-professional-dovetail-saw
05:32 PM roycroft: but $250 + shipping
05:33 PM roycroft: if i did not already have a really good dovetail saw i'd probably buy one of rob's
05:33 PM roycroft: the lie-nielsen tapered dovetail saw would be my second choice
05:34 PM roycroft: and i have to say, i really dislike rob's plastic-looking saw handles, but the saw itself is so nice i would overlook that
05:34 PM JT-Shop: yeah I agree the handle is ugly
05:35 PM roycroft: he sells some with really nice wood handles, but he charges hundreds of dollars more for them
05:35 PM roycroft: it's ridiculous
05:38 PM roycroft: https://robcosman.com/collections/limited-edition-saws/products/limited-edition-dovetail-saw-walnut-english
05:38 PM roycroft: i mean, really?
05:39 PM roycroft: $1600 to swap out the ugly handle for a walnut one?
05:44 PM unterhaus: I'm pretty happy with my Lee Valley saw if I'm getting plastic handles
05:45 PM unterhaus: but I have a Disston D95 with a bakelite handle that's a really good saw
05:46 PM unterhaus: it was top of their line at the time, Bakelite was apparently better than wood
05:46 PM JT-Shop2: wow
05:47 PM JT-Shop2: https://robcosman.com/collections/limited-edition-saws/products/limited-edition-dovetail-saw-shedua
05:48 PM JT-Shop2: yea when you have more money that cents lol
05:48 PM Tom_L: question is.. do you use it?
05:49 PM roycroft: i would use a $250 rob cosman dovetail saw
05:49 PM roycroft: if i had a $2000 one i would probably never open the box, and hope it appreciates in value
05:49 PM JT-Shop2: I'm looking for a marking knife whatever you call them
05:49 PM roycroft: but i'm not sure it's the greatest investment
05:50 PM roycroft: blue spruce make some great ones, jt-shop2
05:50 PM JT-Shop2: and one of those scriber things with a knife blade not a round insert
05:50 PM JT-Shop2: ok
05:51 PM roycroft: you want a tite-mark marking gauge
05:51 PM roycroft: but those have been really hard to get since the pandemic started
05:52 PM roycroft: lie-nielsen used to stock them, but they've been out of stock for a couple years
05:52 PM roycroft: oh, but they have some in stock now, finally
05:52 PM roycroft: https://www.lie-nielsen.com/products/tite-mark-marking-gauges-tite-mark-?path=tite-mark-marking-gauges&node=4179
05:52 PM roycroft: i have two of them
05:52 PM roycroft: and i had to order some of the ancillary blades from the axminster, in the uk, because nobody in north america had any in stock
05:53 PM roycroft: there is nothing that compares to a tite-mark gauge
05:53 PM JT-Shop2: https://bluesprucetoolworks.com/products/joiners-knife
05:53 PM roycroft: the micro-adjust is smooth and precise
05:54 PM roycroft: and there's a triple position lock - it never EVER moves unless you want it to
05:54 PM roycroft: that's a nice knife, jt-shop2
05:54 PM JT-Shop2: that's much better than the one I have now
05:55 PM * JT-Shop2 wraps up here now that the #5 handles have a second coat of T&T
05:55 PM roycroft: but for marking knife lines on wood you want one that is flat on one side, and beveled on the other
05:56 PM JT-Shop2: yeah that's what I'm looking for
05:56 PM roycroft: that's why i pointed to the classic marking knife
05:56 PM roycroft: and a nice thing about the blue spruce one is that you can get spare blades
05:57 PM roycroft: so you're not always having to freshen the edge on your
05:57 PM roycroft: just get a couple spares, swap the blade when it gets dullish, and freshen all the edges up at the end of the day
05:58 PM roycroft: i have some japanese marking knives that i've owned for decades
05:58 PM roycroft: but if i were buying a new one today the blue spruce is what i would get
05:58 PM roycroft: i have a left-bevel knife and a right-bevel knife
05:59 PM roycroft: it would be nice to not have to swap them back and forth, but mine work well
06:00 PM _unreal_: hello
06:00 PM _unreal_: just got an other sat.
06:00 PM _unreal_: ve7it, I'm starting to gather a nice little collection of those BLDC motors
06:03 PM XXCoder: roycroft: https://imgur.com/viw37ic.png
06:03 PM XXCoder: finally figured how to put fillets. seems many lines is making an issue, so I needed to use refine to remove most of em
06:03 PM roycroft: that's looking pretty good, xxcoder
06:03 PM XXCoder: as result more stuff is filleted. yep!
06:04 PM roycroft: i watched part of a video the other day
06:04 PM roycroft: the guy was talking about making signs with a cnc router
06:04 PM roycroft: but he started pronouncing "fillet" like "fil-lay"
06:05 PM _unreal_: XXCoder, what is that a part to?
06:05 PM roycroft: as though he were slicing fish
06:05 PM roycroft: i could not watch it after he started that
06:05 PM Tom_L: it's not fil-lay? or fill it?
06:05 PM roycroft: it's fill it
06:05 PM roycroft: fil-lay is for fish
06:06 PM XXCoder: lol
06:06 PM XXCoder: glad im immune to that :P
06:06 PM roycroft: fill it is for wood and welding metal and stuff
06:06 PM Tom_L: and empty cups
06:06 PM roycroft: no
06:06 PM roycroft: the term for that is "beer me!"
06:07 PM _unreal_: hum
06:07 PM roycroft: my first set of boxes in grey are almost done
06:07 PM _unreal_: snapmaker 2.0 rotary module looks interesting
06:08 PM * JT-Shop wanders inside to visit with the cats
06:08 PM _unreal_: when I get this new cnc setup. I'm going to want an AB compound axis table
06:08 PM roycroft: i have another damn meeting tonight
06:08 PM _unreal_: I will have the the clreance to use it
06:08 PM roycroft: i had to skip dinner with my friends because of it
06:08 PM roycroft: but i think i can get my carcases redrawn before the meeting
06:09 PM Tom_L: _unreal_, hope you have lots of z cause you'll need it with an AB
06:10 PM * Tom_L wonders why XXCoder is drawing flying saucers
06:10 PM roycroft: yeah, that doesn't seem like it would work well with a cnc router
06:10 PM XXCoder: lol
06:10 PM roycroft: it really needs a mill
06:10 PM XXCoder: its my snacks tray. totally
06:10 PM roycroft: preferably a knee mill
06:10 PM roycroft: you're going to print a snack tray with holes in it?
06:11 PM XXCoder: center is for holding dip cup
06:11 PM XXCoder: 3 is for holding in hands lol
06:11 PM Tom_L: XXCoder, is it for practice or something practical?
06:11 PM XXCoder: former. I saw weird very old exypt thing, wanted to recreate it
06:11 PM XXCoder: its not perfect but yeah
06:12 PM XXCoder: https://www.milleetunetasses.com/_i/23303/p%7B930%7D-3907/2809/11/disc-of-sabu-schist-lotus-vase-bowl-sabou-tri-lobes.jpeg
06:12 PM XXCoder: notice mine dont quite match on lobes but yeah thats far more complex than I can do
06:12 PM _unreal_: What is it?
06:12 PM XXCoder: who knows
06:12 PM roycroft: that print is finally done
06:12 PM roycroft: 11 test prints done, 3 to go
06:13 PM roycroft: that doesn't bother us, xxcoder
06:13 PM XXCoder: nobody knows what it is for sure, but very old
06:13 PM roycroft: it's only the ferengi who pay a lot of attention to their lobes
06:13 PM XXCoder: ah yes
06:13 PM XXCoder: that must be aliens who helped eygpts.. for gold
06:13 PM _unreal_: I bet it is for steam
06:14 PM XXCoder: that site its for chemical reactions, but who knows if they was correct
06:14 PM XXCoder: *says
06:14 PM XXCoder: btw its made from very brittle special and expensive rock
06:14 PM XXCoder: imange making that
06:15 PM _unreal_: hum
06:15 PM _unreal_: UGH
06:15 PM _unreal_: 30MIN left milling holes. then I switch to the CUT out and my second arm is done
06:16 PM _unreal_: I'm going to toss the first arm back on so I can do a clean up pass
06:16 PM _unreal_: should have before but what ever
06:16 PM XXCoder: https://www.ancient-origins.net/sites/default/files/field/image/Disc-of-Sabu.jpg
06:16 PM XXCoder: other image
06:17 PM _unreal_: if that was made out of "stone" it was cast
06:18 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Babylonian frizbee?
06:18 PM _unreal_: looking at the last photo that showed pipes and valves. it has to be something to do with steam, or atomizing or something like that
06:18 PM XXCoder: stone is very brittle and fracures easily
06:18 PM XXCoder: unreal thats 1800s chemical machine picture
06:18 PM _unreal_: it looks ceramic to me
06:19 PM roycroft: there's speculation that it was supposed to be a water pump
06:19 PM XXCoder: well yeah but its not. ceramic wont be invented for couple thousand years
06:19 PM roycroft: there's also speculation that it was supposed to be a food grinder
06:19 PM _unreal_: XXCoder, what?
06:19 PM _unreal_: china had ceramics 5k years ago
06:19 PM roycroft: yeah, ceramics are very old
06:20 PM XXCoder: hmm well those discs is from very early egypt days
06:20 PM CaptHindsight[m]: might be a exhaust confabulator a Zingon star cruiser, when they came for a visit
06:20 PM CaptHindsight[m]: if you can't explain it, blame it on ancient aliens
06:20 PM _unreal_: CaptHindsight[m], cheers
06:20 PM XXCoder: The disc of Sabu was discovered in the tomb of prince Sabu (around 3100-3000 BC)
06:21 PM _unreal_: so ya WOW I'm milling right now and I'm still on the first BIT from the other day
06:21 PM _unreal_: I have yet to break a bit
06:21 PM _unreal_: milling aluminum
06:21 PM XXCoder: thats awesome
06:21 PM _unreal_: those bits I posted are FREAKING amazing
06:21 PM _unreal_: I've lost count of how many bits I've broken in the past
06:21 PM roycroft: i am probably not going to be able to finish my test prints today
06:21 PM roycroft: this one is going to take six hours, and the next one about 3 hours
06:22 PM _unreal_: XXCoder, I just picked up an other SAT. dish today
06:22 PM _unreal_: got some more BLDC motors :)
06:22 PM roycroft: and i have to start work at 5am tomorrow, so i can't stay up late to start the final one at midnight or so
06:22 PM XXCoder: cool
06:23 PM XXCoder: roy yeah that sucks lol
06:23 PM XXCoder: hard to get timing right sometimes
06:23 PM _unreal_: so this new cnc I think I'm going to have close to 7" of Z
06:25 PM _unreal_: I really want to build a big 3d printer using those BLDC's
06:25 PM roycroft: this print says it's 156 layers, so it should turn out ok
06:28 PM XXCoder: ok thats good
06:28 PM roycroft: yeah
06:28 PM roycroft: especially since it's a 6 hour print
06:29 PM roycroft: but i'm glad i'm testing every one of my gcode files now, and not assuming they'll be correct
06:29 PM XXCoder: yeah dont know why cura does that stuff but good habit to have
06:30 PM roycroft: i went through an entire 1kg spool of yellow filament, both tweaking the settings for the new hot end, and dealing with the bad gcode i was producing
06:30 PM roycroft: i ended up with 4 usable boxes out of a 1kg spool
06:30 PM roycroft: i need more like 30 boxes/kg
06:30 PM roycroft: so no more mistakes
06:31 PM roycroft: fortunately, yellow is the third-least common color i'll be using for this project
06:41 PM roycroft: when i have time i'll try to sort out what cura is doing
06:41 PM roycroft: right now i just need to print like mad
06:42 PM roycroft: and until the end of summer that will be the case
06:42 PM tcurdt: IIUC the 7i92 has 5V tolerant pins with a pullup resistor. So the voltage of the inputs will be 5V minus what ever is dropped by the pullup resistor. And I just need to pull them to ground for a signal.
06:43 PM tcurdt: is that correct like that?
06:44 PM Tom_L: yes if you have the jumper set for 5v tolerant
06:44 PM tcurdt: which is default
06:44 PM tcurdt: I am trying to asses whether I really really need optocoupler isolation for the endstops.
06:44 PM Tom_L: i think active high is negative right out of the fpga
06:45 PM Tom_L: so an 'on' conditon pulls the pin low iirc
06:45 PM tcurdt: that's how I read it, too
06:48 PM ve7it: _unreal_, cool... wish I had some hi tech dumpsters around here... the one behind the chicken joint doesnt smell very good!
06:55 PM CaptHindsight[m]: tcurdt: how big is this machine and what is the voltage for the motors?
06:56 PM tcurdt: CaptHindsight[m] the motors will be on 42V
06:56 PM CaptHindsight[m]: small hobby machines can often live without isolation on the limits and home
06:56 PM tcurdt: why does size matter here?
06:57 PM CaptHindsight[m]: it's a different story on a large machine with 400V servos and welders mounted on robot arms
06:57 PM tcurdt: ...but I am also not seeing how it could cause problems
06:57 PM CaptHindsight[m]: ground and power differences
06:57 PM CaptHindsight[m]: long distance between PC motion controller and the machine itself
06:58 PM CaptHindsight[m]: powered by two different sources
06:58 PM CaptHindsight[m]: etc etc
07:01 PM tcurdt: you mean when a cable get loose and touches the machine?
07:01 PM CaptHindsight[m]: or grounds that un-touch a machine
07:02 PM tcurdt: un-touch?
07:02 PM CaptHindsight[m]: ground loops are big problem
07:02 PM CaptHindsight[m]: un-touch = disconnect
07:03 PM CaptHindsight[m]: floating a ground can cause this problem
07:05 PM CaptHindsight[m]: every used machine that I have ever purchased has had grounding issues, some even used ground as neutral
07:06 PM CaptHindsight[m]: work lamp with one side tied to hot 120VAC, the other to the machine frame
07:07 PM tcurdt: ah ... I didn't think of ground loops yet
07:07 PM CaptHindsight[m]: if the power ground gets loose then you have 120VAC on the frame
07:08 PM CaptHindsight[m]: best to avoid ground loops now vs have to fix them later
07:16 PM roycroft: a lot of old tube radios had a switched neutral/return, such that when the radio was turned off, but plugged in, the chassis was hot and presented a serious shock hazard
07:16 PM roycroft: when the radio was turned on, the return path was closed, and the chassis was no longer hot
07:17 PM roycroft: while servicing those devices when they are plugged into the mains is not advised, it's actually more dangerous to do so with them turned off than turned on if they are not unplugged
07:25 PM CaptHindsight[m]: were always fun to work on without an isolation transformer
07:25 PM CaptHindsight[m]: tube TV's as well
07:42 PM roycroft: times were different then
07:42 PM roycroft: men were men
07:42 PM roycroft: and all that stuff
07:45 PM CaptHindsight[m]: and dancin was dancin
07:51 PM roycroft: i don't know
07:51 PM roycroft: the lindy hop was rather provocative for the time
07:52 PM Tom_L: Back when a hoe was a hoe
07:52 PM Tom_L: Coke was a coke
07:52 PM Tom_L: And crack's what you were doing
07:52 PM Tom_L: When you were cracking jokes
07:52 PM Tom_L: Back when a screw was a screw
07:52 PM Tom_L: The wind was all that blew
07:52 PM roycroft: and the charleston was downright lewd
07:52 PM Tom_L: ....
07:53 PM roycroft: i mean
07:53 PM roycroft: women actually displayed their lower limbs while doing the charleston
07:54 PM Tom_L: omfg
07:54 PM Tom_L: !!
08:10 PM _unreal_: almost half way done cutting out the second part. still the same bit
08:11 PM _unreal_: just watch. ELON will buy YT next LOL
08:28 PM Tom_shop: cutting P2 on my mold
08:48 PM unterhaus: men were men and sheep were nervous
09:03 PM _unreal_: heh thats rare, my spindle is running almost EXACTLY 15k rpm
09:03 PM _unreal_: free spin is like 15.3k
09:04 PM _unreal_: load 13.2k-15.1k
09:19 PM _unreal_: just amazing, 2" of aluminum chips in my nano dust collector
09:25 PM _unreal_: sigh
09:52 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/reindeer/mold/Reindeer_mold1.jpg
09:58 PM XXCoder: nicely mirrored. I see that keys was added
10:03 PM Tom_L: i should redo P1 and use a ballnose on all of it
10:03 PM Tom_L: but since this is just an experiment i don't think i will
10:03 PM XXCoder: indeed
10:04 PM XXCoder: please let me know :D
10:04 PM Tom_L: it will get sent to canada first
10:04 PM Tom_L: :)
10:04 PM Tom_L: we colaborate on lots of projects
10:05 PM XXCoder: that awesome.
10:06 PM Tom_L: he wanted to try and make some christmas ornaments :)
10:06 PM XXCoder: I can guess that its for xmas lol
10:10 PM Tom_L: made him a fixture for bending those other parts too
10:10 PM XXCoder: https://www.printables.com/model/180057-disc-of-sabu
10:10 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/A9_New/MODS/fixture/A9_Fixture18.jpg
10:10 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/A9_New/MODS/fixture/A9_Fixture21.jpg
10:12 PM XXCoder: working well?
10:12 PM Tom_L: for me it did, i haven't shipped it yet
11:51 PM pcw--home: tcurdt: While the 7I92 inputs are safe to +7V, -0.8V with out a current limit will destroy the input clamp diodes
11:52 PM pcw--home: How do you get -0.8V without a current limit? Easy, just short an input to frame ground that has HF currents from
11:53 PM pcw--home: a step motor drive or VFD. Only return 7I92 inputs to the 7I92 ground itself (or add say 470 ohm series resistors)