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Apr 08 2022

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01:24 AM Deejay: moin
02:00 AM randy: morning
02:11 AM silopolis[m]: morning 🙂
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02:39 AM solarwind: Where can I acquire depleted uranium?
02:40 AM Loetmichel_: solarwind: anger some americans until they send an warthog for you
02:40 AM solarwind: Then salvage its counterweights after I blow it out of the sky?
02:41 AM Loetmichel_: the A10 ammo has DU bullets
02:41 AM solarwind: ah right, it's an anti tank aircraft
02:41 AM Loetmichel_: indeed
02:43 AM solarwind: https://diamondground.com/TungstenGuidebook.pdf this was quite enlightening
04:49 AM Tom_L: morning
04:52 AM JT-Cave: morning
05:26 AM t4nk_freenode: 'lo, eaux du peau
05:34 AM mrec: did anyone ever had the problem that a tool offset did not load for some reason?
05:34 AM mrec: G43 H3 is not loading the offset of Tool #3
05:34 AM mrec: all other tool offsets seem to work
05:35 AM mrec: G43 H2 and G43 H3 are the same
05:35 AM mrec: TLO 0
05:35 AM mrec: while the other 4 tools in the list are ok
05:35 AM mrec: I get no error ... nothing
05:38 AM mrec: T3 P3 Z16.424 D2.50 ;2p5mm_Drill
05:38 AM mrec: TLO = 0.00
05:38 AM mrec: T4 P4 Z1.489 D3.00 ;3p0mm_Endmill
05:38 AM mrec: T5 P5 Z32.012 D4.00 ;4p0mm_Drill
05:38 AM mrec: T6 P6 Z-1.436 D1.00 ;CenterDrill004
05:38 AM mrec: T7 P7 Z2.7 D1.60 ;1p6mm_Drill
05:38 AM mrec: the other ones are fine
05:43 AM mrec: ok seems like comments mess up the tool table
05:43 AM mrec: lesson learned
05:43 AM mrec: lines starting with ; ... aren't good for linuxcnc
05:48 AM MrSunshine: JT-Cave, noticed in the firmwares that the input pins on 7i92 is set to QCount and encoders .. is that what is to be used for user inputs ?
05:50 AM JT-Cave: QCount in an encoder function, if it's disabled then it's I/O
05:51 AM MrSunshine: 11 14 IOPort QCount 0 Quad-A (In) for example
05:51 AM MrSunshine: pin 11 is an ordenary input port on my bob
05:56 AM MrSunshine: ah is it pcw that works on mesa? or have i totaly messed your names up ? =)
06:07 AM JT-Cave: pcw is mesa, I'm a mesa dealer
06:09 AM JT-Cave: if you disable the encoder you get GPIO on those pins
06:09 AM MrSunshine: ah =)
06:10 AM MrSunshine: JT-Cave, this is the problem with mesa cards i feel, there is no real info on how to do stuff like this .. "if you disable the encoder" .. well, where? =) is that with mesa flash ? do i edit some firmware? do i do it in hal file or ini file? =)
06:10 AM MrSunshine: and ive got a parport setup that works very well, with dual drive of Y axis, i would like to convert my config to a mesa config but all i find is "use pncconf to create configuration" .. well that didnt help much =)
06:10 AM JT-Cave: the main thing is to pick a firmware that matches your step/direction pins
06:11 AM MrSunshine: JT-Cave, but ALL of them have that encoder stuff in the pin file
06:11 AM mrec: today is weird linuxcnc behaves absolute like shit
06:11 AM JT-Cave: you don't even get a working 7i92 config from pncconf
06:11 AM mrec: run from here does not work it jumps back to the beginning of the file
06:12 AM mrec: is there any other way to signal that a program should start from a certain line?
06:12 AM JT-Cave: run from line can be a bit strange depending on what's on the line
06:13 AM JT-Cave: MrSunshine, http://linuxcnc.org/docs/stable/html/man/man9/hostmot2.9.html#config%20modparam
06:14 AM mrec: M5 / M6 ... line 590
06:14 AM mrec: it always jumps back to line 12 when I select run from here
06:14 AM JT-Cave: right now my 7i92 configuration tool doesn't have the option to change the number of encoders but I could add it
06:16 AM JT-Cave: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/stable/html/gui/axis.html#_menu_items
06:16 AM JT-Cave: ^^ mrec
06:17 AM mrec: well I think this is a bug
06:17 AM mrec: and it's a dangerous one
06:19 AM JT-Cave: mrec, https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/issues
06:20 AM mrec: it probably takes longer to report and discuss the issue rather than having a look myself at at
06:20 AM mrec: at it*
06:20 AM mrec: it's not a big deal, identifying the issue is the deal
06:23 AM mrec: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/issues/246
06:23 AM mrec: ah it's there
06:30 AM mrec: good that it's not my fault so I can look at it later.
06:31 AM mrec: it's all a back and forward with freecad... freecad's CAM support is not good
06:32 AM mrec: but a very good start
06:53 AM JT-Cave: MrSunshine, if you're using my 7i92 configuration tool I can add number of encoders
07:28 AM Tom_L: MrSunshine, make your own bit file if you can't find one you like :)
07:29 AM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/emc/xilinx/xilinx14_install_index.php
07:31 AM Tom_L: that or don't enable the encoders in the config= line of your config file
07:31 AM Tom_L: then use them as GPIO
09:16 AM pcw-home: on parallel port configs, encoder inputs are on input lines so don't interfere in any way with using the pins asn GPIO inputs
09:17 AM pcw-home: even if left enabled
09:22 AM JT-Cave: good to know
09:27 AM JT-Cave: pcw-home, hows the 7i96S coming along?
09:33 AM JT-Cave: brb gotta shut this pc down
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09:41 AM pcw-home: Its been running with LinuxCNC for about a week, still need to get mesaflash working
09:46 AM JT-Shop: nice
09:47 AM MrSunshine: pcw-home, but cant find one where for example pin 15 is defined as input .. in the pin file atleast, says its primary function gpio but no (in) at the end of the line
09:49 AM pcw-home: All IO ports can be inputs
09:49 AM pcw-home: "I" in I/O
09:50 AM MrSunshine: pcw-home, yes but reading the pin files it gets confusing as the lines with encoder stuff has an (in) at the end, outputs have an (out) at the end, but the ones with no secondary function has nothing on the end of the line =)
09:50 AM MrSunshine: https://snipboard.io/hrtQ87.jpg
09:50 AM MrSunshine: for a noob with these cards its hard to follow =)
09:51 AM pcw-home: The direction at the end of the line is for the secondary function
09:51 AM MrSunshine: ah aight
09:58 AM JT-Cave: MrSunshine, https://imagebin.ca/v/6d3JsTYYlOPf
10:09 AM pcw-home: I changed the mesaflash labels to "Sec. Pin func Sec. Pin Dir"
11:04 AM randy: pcw-home: thats a good idea
11:14 AM JT-Cave: hmm I need to reinstall mesaflash
11:15 AM pcw-home: Note that my latest changes make mesaflash a bit pickier about card names
11:15 AM pcw-home: --device 7i76e will not work anymore
11:16 AM pcw-home: --device 7i76e-16 is required
11:16 AM JT-Cave: ok thanks
11:16 AM JT-Cave: any other cards changed?
11:16 AM pcw-home: (side effect of making 7i96s distinct from 7i96)
11:17 AM pcw-home: I think the 7I76E is the only one
11:24 AM JT-Cave: I wish there was a way to tell what version of mesaflash is installed
11:29 AM randy: calling mesaflash and grepping for "version" is not enough? do you need something like mesaflash --version? or do you want to query the debian installation package version (if this is different?
11:30 AM satiowadahc[m]: I'm assuming the s version is a new one?
11:34 AM JT-Cave: mesaflash doesn't have a --version option and it's in master
11:36 AM randy: mmh.
11:36 AM randy: "mesaflash" display a version
11:36 AM randy: "Mesaflash version 3.4.0~pre1
11:37 AM randy: the "normal" buster 10 iso installation. but yes, "--version" is missing, would be "nicer" ;)
11:44 AM JT-Cave: if you install it with sudo make install instead of getting it from debian it just gets installed in user/bin
11:47 AM * JT-Cave goes back to work on the spoke lathe
12:42 PM solarwind: Magnesium can combust, but how is it possible to TIG weld?
12:42 PM XXCoder: no oxygen
12:42 PM unterhausen: shielding gas
12:42 PM solarwind: What about the other side?
12:42 PM solarwind: Do you have to purge?
12:42 PM XXCoder: remember the tringle
12:43 PM unterhausen: back purge
12:43 PM XXCoder: oxygen, fuel, heat
12:43 PM solarwind: So back purging is essential then?
12:43 PM unterhausen: probably, I'm not a welder
12:43 PM unterhausen: it's essential with titanium
12:43 PM solarwind: why?
12:44 PM unterhausen: titanium will also burn
12:44 PM unterhausen: but the problem is oxidation. Burning is the worst kind of oxidation
12:45 PM XXCoder: unter on that, at last job, coworker set few ti chips on fire to show that, and it broke off and fell right into ti chips bin. ow
12:45 PM XXCoder: thankfully it didnt start any more fire
12:46 PM unterhausen: I know someone that works with ti and tried to get a good fire going. It turns out it can be difficult
12:48 PM unterhausen: any metal will burn, I think. The machinist caught the dust extractor for the grinder on fire. It was full of steel
12:49 PM CaptHindsight[m]: micronized or smaller
12:50 PM XXCoder: thats how you make certain extremely hot fire ya know
01:15 PM CaptHindsight[m]: >12 years already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PSG2al1Sus
01:27 PM XXCoder: lol yeah that thing still scares me :P
01:27 PM XXCoder: after working with giant router, a61, etc
01:51 PM unterhausen: my wife said I couldn't buy a welder because I would just use it to build big things. That's the sort of thing she was afraid of
02:05 PM XXCoder: roycroft: you might enjoy this https://youtu.be/8gbPV8xilvE
02:05 PM XXCoder: customer dog ate one of legs off stool so hes restoring it
03:26 PM JT-Shop: yea it's the weekend
03:31 PM JT-Shop: total solar eclipse 2 years from today over Poplar Bluff
03:33 PM XXCoder: nice
03:48 PM jdh: last one for 20 years
03:52 PM perry_j1987: hows it going
04:08 PM roycroft: grr
04:09 PM roycroft: so i got yet another panel-mount circuit breaker that was supposed to come with a nut and did not
04:09 PM roycroft: and yet again the thread is 3/8"-27, which is an extremely difficult size to source
04:09 PM XXCoder: make one with lathe and mill?
04:10 PM roycroft: i've found a couple expensive sources
04:10 PM roycroft: but nothing local
04:10 PM roycroft: this seems to happen at least half the time when i order panel mount breakers
04:10 PM roycroft: the push-button type
04:10 PM roycroft: and i verified that the part number i ordered includes the hut
04:10 PM roycroft: nut
04:11 PM XXCoder: you should be able to complain to them
04:11 PM roycroft: this is mouser
04:12 PM roycroft: in the past, they've been very responsive
04:12 PM roycroft: but they just send me another of the same breaker, without the nut
04:12 PM roycroft: i'd like to just get a dozen or two of the nuts to keep in stock, since this is a recurring problem
04:13 PM roycroft: that's cheaper in the long run than having to do rmas when the nut is missing
04:13 PM XXCoder: wow 45 degree kurling. never seen that before https://youtu.be/kvR3zupVKTY (23 min or so in)
04:13 PM XXCoder: indeed
04:14 PM roycroft: meanwhile, i can't finish this project until i get the nuts
04:15 PM roycroft: i did find a cheap source for 5, and have ordered them, but it's going to take a week to get them, i suspect
04:15 PM roycroft: they come from vermont
04:16 PM Tom_L: https://www.marshallshardware.com/products/product.aspx?pid=3662-411-203-596-12749
04:18 PM Tom_L: you can buy a tap from Mcmaster for $30
04:18 PM Tom_L: then you can make thousands
04:19 PM roycroft: i saw those earlier, tom_l
04:19 PM roycroft: minimum order quantity is 50
04:19 PM roycroft: that's probably a lifetime supply for me
04:19 PM roycroft: more than a lifetime supply
04:19 PM roycroft: the five i just ordered will probably last me several years
04:19 PM XXCoder: maybe if theres other people, can split order
04:21 PM roycroft: https://www.ebay.com/itm/114909490039
04:21 PM roycroft: or i can buy a shiny brass one for only $30
04:22 PM Tom_L: or just use a threadmill and make yer own
04:22 PM roycroft: yeah, but that's a lot of work
04:22 PM XXCoder: setup a automated lathe station
04:23 PM XXCoder: make 1,000, sell 99% of it
04:23 PM Tom_L: i'd only charge you 25 ea for some brass ones :)
04:23 PM roycroft: i can build this controller and put it in service with a panel knock-out for the breaker
04:23 PM Tom_L: min quantity 50
04:23 PM roycroft: and use it with the breaker just floating inside the enclosure until the nuts arrive
04:23 PM CaptHindsight[m]: We do not accept online orders. We look forward to seeing you in our store
04:23 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Address
04:23 PM CaptHindsight[m]: 8423 Production Ave.
04:23 PM CaptHindsight[m]: San Diego, CA 92121
04:23 PM Tom_L: no you don't
04:23 PM Tom_L: you're just saying that
04:24 PM roycroft: so now i get to book a flight to san diego as well as pay for the nuts
04:24 PM roycroft: now it's getting really expensive
04:24 PM roycroft: plus, i would have to go to socal
04:24 PM CaptHindsight[m]: hire a messenger service to pick them up and take them to FEDEX
04:24 PM Tom_L: find one on the plane and take it then get thrown off the flight before it takes off
04:24 PM roycroft: and my opinion is that if i have to go to socal, people should be paying me to do so
04:25 PM satiowadahc[m]: looks like your getting down to the brass tacks now...
04:26 PM CaptHindsight[m]: a messenger service will be ~$50, so order in bulk
04:26 PM roycroft: i'm not even sure why they're even made with that thread pitch
04:26 PM XXCoder: roycroft: hire me to transport for you
04:27 PM XXCoder: you dont have social thing to do then
04:27 PM roycroft: if 24tpi is not fine enough for these (they tend to be really thin, so i understand a fine thread pitch), 3/8-32 is a standard, and fairly common pitch
04:27 PM CaptHindsight[m]: an avg carrier pigeon should be able to carry 1 or2 nuts each
04:28 PM JT-Shop: roycroft, is that the same nut as a toggle switch?
04:28 PM roycroft: yes
04:29 PM roycroft: and in the past, i've actually gone and purchased toggle switches, used the nuts, and tossed the switch in a drawer
04:29 PM roycroft: but toggle switches are about $6 each, so that's an expensive way to buy a nut
04:30 PM JT-Shop: I might have some floating around in the switch box
04:30 PM XXCoder: ebay switches
04:30 PM roycroft: when i get this lot of five, i'll probably install one in this breaker, and put the rest on nut-less toggle switches that i have in stock, so i can actually use them some day
04:31 PM JT-Shop: bonding with the shop cat at the momemt
04:31 PM satiowadahc[m]: Crazy thought, could you run a die over the stud to a close-ish normal pitch?
04:31 PM roycroft: if you find some and want to send them to me, i'd be happy to cover your cost
04:31 PM JT-Shop: moment
04:31 PM roycroft: this breaker actually has a plastic housing/stud
04:31 PM XXCoder: wonder how hard it is to find tap tool for that thread type
04:31 PM roycroft: i could probably force a 3/8-24 nut on it
04:31 PM roycroft: but i'd rather just do it properly
04:32 PM JT-Shop: same here
04:32 PM satiowadahc[m]: fair, I've seen that done a few times
04:32 PM roycroft: they're easy to find, xxcoder
04:32 PM roycroft: and if i ever had a thickish panel and wanted to screw them directly into the panel, i'd get that size tap
04:33 PM roycroft: i already have a 9/16-27 tap
04:33 PM XXCoder: roy hmm wonder if you could re-thread a nut using tap tool
04:33 PM roycroft: which is the size used for fender amp incators with the jewel cap
04:33 PM roycroft: i've never seen anything but those indicators that use that thread size
04:34 PM roycroft: but i like to use them as indicators on machines
04:34 PM roycroft: i have a source in california who carry 250v led lamps for them, and he finally has them back in stock
04:34 PM roycroft: the holders as well - you may remember i was looking for some last fall
04:34 PM JT-Shop: wow there is a 3/16-100 tap
04:34 PM roycroft: that's super duper fine
04:35 PM roycroft: i guess you use that if you need to tap a hole in tin foil
04:35 PM Tom_L: hmm i have some odd size taps, i wonder if i have one
04:35 PM JT-Shop: 0000-160
04:35 PM Tom_L: that's just crazy
04:36 PM CaptHindsight[m]: 3/8-27 was designed so that you have to buy $5 nuts
04:36 PM roycroft: i suspect that is the case, capthindsight
04:36 PM roycroft: a $5 nut for a $4 circuit breaker
04:36 PM roycroft: i also has epoxy
04:36 PM Tom_L: same with that extinguisher test cap i made for a guy
04:36 PM roycroft: but again, i'm not one to do ugly hacks
04:37 PM * roycroft actually just bit the bullet and ordered a gallon of west system epoxy
04:37 PM roycroft: i got tired of spending $40 for a half pint of epoxy
04:37 PM CaptHindsight[m]: in a pinch a 3/8-24 jamb nut will fit, thinner the better
04:38 PM roycroft: $160 for a gallon is a lot more economical, and west system say that their resin and hardner can be stored for years after it's opened
04:38 PM roycroft: the hardner yellows a bit over time, but still works fine
04:39 PM roycroft: at my present rate of consumption, a gallon is probably a 5 year supply
04:39 PM roycroft: but i'll probably use it more often if it's just sitting on the shelf, and i got their pumps as well, to make it easy to measure
04:40 PM roycroft: no more weighing out resin and then hardener - with their system, it's one pump of resin and one pump of hardner
04:40 PM roycroft: hardener
04:40 PM CaptHindsight[m]: pronounced hrdnr
04:40 PM Tom_L: if it yellows just reorder the hardener
04:40 PM roycroft: yes, if necessary
04:41 PM roycroft: i'm not into doing epoxy pours
04:41 PM roycroft: river tables and the like
04:41 PM roycroft: to me it's mostly an adhesive, so it doesn't matter much if it yellows
04:41 PM roycroft: i've been using it sparingly, because it's so expensive in the quantities that i've been buying, but i've had a number of glueups where i use titebond and have run out of time
04:42 PM roycroft: having an hour or so of open time for a complex glue up will be a major stress reliever
04:42 PM Tom_L: years back i sprayed polyester which was a big mess
04:43 PM Tom_L: especially when it started going off in the gun
04:43 PM roycroft: their standard hardeners are not crystal clear anyway - they sell a clear hardener designed for visible pours, but it's super expensive
04:43 PM roycroft: it's like $60 for a pint
04:43 PM Tom_L: i don't recall what a gallon of poly went for
04:43 PM roycroft: and the clear hardener gets mixed 3:1, instead of 5:1 with the normal hardener, so you use more hardener for doing clear pours
04:44 PM JT-Shop: trying to decide if I want to put a bottom on this egg box or not https://gnipsel.com/images/wood-working/egg-box/Egg%20Box.JPG
04:44 PM roycroft: besides the long open time, epoxy is nice as an adhesive because it can be tinted to match the wood
04:45 PM roycroft: if the sides are stable enough, and you don't otherwise need a bottom, i would not bother
04:46 PM JT-Shop: I'm thinking some rubber pads on the bottom so it won't slide on the counter
04:46 PM roycroft: yeah, that would work
04:47 PM JT-Shop: try and select the sides more or less quarter sawn?
04:47 PM roycroft: just glue some thin strips of neoprene to the sides
04:47 PM roycroft: if you're using solid wood, quarter sawn is always best for drawer sides
04:47 PM roycroft: but the wood can be cheap, such as poplar
04:48 PM JT-Shop: I was thinking about the sides of the box so they don't try and move and yes the drawer can be cheap wood
04:48 PM JT-Shop: but how cheap is free... well not free I worked my ass off getting the red and white oak
04:49 PM JT-Shop: shop cat finally got off my lap...
04:52 PM XXCoder: freeee
04:53 PM XXCoder: run before youre inprisoned again!
04:57 PM JT-Shop: all my toggle switches have 15/32-32 thread
04:58 PM JT-Shop: and I have a sack full of nuts
04:59 PM CaptHindsight[m]: 1/2-32 wasn't good enough for them, huh
05:01 PM CaptHindsight[m]: i only see that size associated with toggle switches
05:03 PM CaptHindsight[m]: http://www.whittet-higgins.com/thrddim.php?id=1 also
05:19 PM roycroft: are you really a squirrel?
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07:02 PM roycroft: sometimes i think i'll never learn
07:02 PM roycroft: this is the fourth time i've ordered an electronics enclosure that i knew could work but was not the ideal size, and was definitely a compromise
07:03 PM roycroft: the other three times i received the enclousure, looked at it and said "eew", and just made a nice one out of wood and sheet steel
07:03 PM roycroft: which is exactly what happened again today - i went "eew", and am now designing one that i'll make tonight/tomorrow
07:12 PM roycroft: perhaps i should force myself to use this ugly one i just got anyway, as a reminder not to order such things in the future, and to just go ahead and fabricate one
07:23 PM Tom_L: yeah you should
07:27 PM roycroft: it won't take long, and i can always make a new one later if i absolutely can't stand to use this one
07:33 PM Tom_L: don't go into it with a bad attitude now!
07:33 PM roycroft: i'm not good at bad attitudes
07:34 PM roycroft: i can be annoyingly chipper :)
07:34 PM Tom_L: wood pun?
07:38 PM roycroft: it wasn't intended as such, but i'll take it
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10:21 PM XXCoder: finally see myfordboy use latthe as drill lol
10:21 PM XXCoder: machine base was simply too big for his mill
10:24 PM XXCoder: or more properly, setup.
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