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Mar 01 2022

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02:57 AM Deejay: moin
04:50 AM JT-Cave: morning
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09:30 AM gp5st: How are the inverse kinemetics of the machine defined? e.g if you have a CoreXY or SCARA system, the cartesean work coördinate system doesn't map linearly to the motor movements
10:22 AM roycroft: when i was a kid we had rain, and when it rained hard it rained hard
10:22 AM roycroft: now when it rains hard we have "atmospheric rivers"
11:54 AM JT-Cave: Barracuda chuck set just left for Tennessee
11:58 AM JT-Cave: when I was a kid you could sit on a snow bank, dangle your feet in a mud puddle and get choked to death by dust when a car went by
12:58 PM perry_j1987: you guys ever use these 0 Flute Amana cutters?
12:58 PM perry_j1987: man they sing through aluminum 18k
01:31 PM roycroft: well, so much for using baltic birch plywood as a building material
01:31 PM roycroft: pre-pandemic, 12mm sheets were $50
01:31 PM roycroft: during the pandemic they shot up to $80
01:31 PM roycroft: expensive, but still tolerable
01:32 PM roycroft: i was just at jerry's getting some fasteners, and since last week it's gone up to $150
01:32 PM XXCoder: ow
01:32 PM roycroft: yeah
01:32 PM roycroft: i'm assuming that has to do with the war, although very little of it is actually manufactured in russia
01:33 PM roycroft: most it it comes from latvia, lithuania, and finland
01:34 PM roycroft: whatever the reason, for that price i can't afford to use it for anything
01:41 PM XXCoder: anything can be used as excuse to increase prices
01:41 PM XXCoder: bird farted on one of workers? increase price 10 cent each
01:42 PM CloudEvil: Fine worker 10 cents.
01:49 PM roycroft: there may be concerns about shipping channels
01:49 PM roycroft: some of the logs used for producing the plywood may come from russia - i really don't know
01:49 PM roycroft: but yes, it is likely mostly price gouging
01:50 PM roycroft: whatever the reason, the effect is that i can no longer use one of my favorite building materials
02:12 PM Tom_itx: sunny & 75°F
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02:27 PM roycroft: it's not raining here, and hasn't all morning
02:27 PM roycroft: i wonder when the 28mm of rain is going to show up
03:08 PM CaptHindsight[m]: gp5st: LCNC has several kins
03:09 PM CaptHindsight[m]: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/motion/kinematics.html
03:10 PM gp5st: How.....how am I so terrible at finding things sometimeS? :(
03:10 PM gp5st: Thank you CaptHindsight[m]
03:11 PM CaptHindsight[m]: no problem
03:12 PM CaptHindsight[m]: most of the kins have evolved pretty well, I think the Puma kins might still think a bit Cartesian, i forget
04:35 PM solarwind: "Plasma cutting with nothing but Ray bans is not cool… Just dumb!"
04:35 PM solarwind: From https://www.weldingtipsandtricks.com/welding-certification.html
04:36 PM solarwind: But anyway, asking again in case anyone new reading: can anyone recommend a decent laser head for leaser cutting? Around 100W?
04:40 PM roycroft: 100w is not something you're just going to mount in place of a filament extruder
04:40 PM solarwind: It's a CNC router
04:40 PM roycroft: even that isn't going to work
04:40 PM roycroft: it's going to long
04:41 PM solarwind: It's a 120cm x 60cm table
04:41 PM roycroft: you'll need to mount it behind or to the side of the machine and direct the beam to the z axis with mirrors
04:41 PM roycroft: iirc 40w is about the most powerful you can get to mount directly
04:41 PM solarwind: That might do actually for my first project, which is just cutting thin stainless steel mesh
04:42 PM solarwind: Like the kind that you find on windows to prevent bugs from getting indoors
04:42 PM roycroft: and for the stainless mesh i'd recommend a punch plate and a die
04:42 PM roycroft: not laser cutting
04:42 PM solarwind: Considered that
04:42 PM roycroft: that's what is generally done
04:42 PM solarwind: I'd have multiple shapes and sizes
04:42 PM roycroft: but the die can be expensive to make
04:42 PM roycroft: or have made
04:42 PM solarwind: The stainless doesn't have to maintain its properties
04:43 PM solarwind: No concern about heat and so on
04:55 PM roycroft: 40w would probably be fine for that thin ss mesh
04:56 PM roycroft: i don't know what 40w laser heads are decent and what ones are shite, though
04:57 PM roycroft: i hope you're planning on building an enclosure around the cnc router to contain the laser should it reflect off something, and an exhaust system for the toxic fumes
04:58 PM roycroft: 40w will put your eye out in an instant
05:04 PM CaptHindsight[m]: solarwind: you want a laser and galvo
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05:08 PM roycroft: probably a uv laser for ss, no?
06:14 PM roycroft: i'm viewing some watchmaking videos
06:14 PM roycroft: the watchmaker is doing a series on casemaking
06:15 PM XXCoder: nice
06:15 PM roycroft: he showed some drawings of his design discussed the rationale behind the design
06:15 PM roycroft: it was all very interesting
06:15 PM roycroft: then it was time to make the case
06:15 PM roycroft: "here's a piece of gold bar, 6mmx6mmx350mm"
06:16 PM roycroft: it was only 18k gold
06:16 PM roycroft: but that's like $15k worth of gold in his hand, melt value
06:17 PM roycroft: watchmaking would be fun and very satisfying
06:17 PM roycroft: but i think it's too rich for me to get into doing
06:17 PM XXCoder: i guess, but then parts is tiny!
06:17 PM roycroft: that's the fun part of it
06:18 PM roycroft: making tiny parts very precisely and making them look beautiful
06:19 PM XXCoder: i guess so, just isnt for me though
06:20 PM roycroft: at least watching the videos is entertaining, though
06:20 PM XXCoder: ineed
06:20 PM roycroft: he has to keep annealing the gold as he's shaping it
06:20 PM roycroft: so he heats it up and then quenches it
06:20 PM roycroft: and it turns black
06:20 PM roycroft: and then he cuts some of it off, and bangs on it some more
06:21 PM XXCoder: got link?
06:21 PM roycroft: it's just bizarre, because he's working it just like working brass or something
06:21 PM roycroft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7xRjE3Sylw&list=PLB9WSi5JwX_sYQ2ziUzyrMgafObgfT23y&index=2
06:21 PM roycroft: yet you look at it and know that's like $6k worth of gold he's banging on and bending
06:22 PM roycroft: i *know* he saves every tiny scrap he cuts off
06:22 PM roycroft: even when cutting it, all the chips are captured and recycled
06:22 PM XXCoder: thats what id do also
06:22 PM roycroft: but it's still rather surreal watching it machined like that
06:22 PM XXCoder: carefully capture everything
06:22 PM roycroft: i don't know if the captions work well
06:23 PM XXCoder: its just ok
06:23 PM roycroft: he's british, but has a good accent
06:23 PM roycroft: so they probably are ok
06:23 PM XXCoder: its not like horrible 2015 or so
06:23 PM roycroft: have you ever seen a jeweler's workbench?
06:23 PM XXCoder: if I remember right, its quite tiny
06:23 PM roycroft: they can be decent size
06:24 PM roycroft: but the important thing about them is that they have three wide drawers in the middle
06:24 PM roycroft: one for gold fillings, one for silver filings, and one for non-precious metal filings
06:24 PM roycroft: whenever you file or cut, you open the appropriate drawer so the filings fall down to the right place
06:24 PM XXCoder: interesting
06:26 PM XXCoder: he used a saw without drawer it seemed
06:30 PM roycroft: yeah, he's not showing the whole setup, but i'm assuming he has a way of capturing swarf
06:31 PM roycroft: i mean, he's going to be putting those rings on a lathe
06:31 PM XXCoder: or hes very rich
06:31 PM roycroft: there's going be thousands of dollars worth of chips coming off
06:31 PM roycroft: i don't think watchmakers are rich
06:31 PM roycroft: even though a watch may cost tens of thousands of dollars, they have thousands invested in materials, and it takes hundreds of hours to make a watch from scratch
06:36 PM XXCoder: lathe work is.. interesting
06:46 PM roycroft: it's a lot different to making engine parts and the like
06:46 PM roycroft: lots of freehand turning and lots of form tools
06:46 PM XXCoder: yeah
06:47 PM XXCoder: its almost like wood but not
06:47 PM XXCoder: its weird mix of botjh
06:47 PM XXCoder: its going to be huge watch.
06:49 PM XXCoder: interesting machines
06:49 PM roycroft: yes
06:49 PM roycroft: i figured you'd enjoy this stuff, since you like clickspring's videos
06:54 PM XXCoder: well thanks. it was interesting
06:55 PM XXCoder: that watch price point is welll above my affordability range LOL
06:56 PM roycroft: yes, but the process is fascinating
07:02 PM XXCoder: indeed
07:02 PM XXCoder: honestly not my style either
07:02 PM XXCoder: just way too huge and thicj
07:22 PM roycroft: yes, his watches are beautiful, but not my style either
07:37 PM roycroft: so i am wrong
07:37 PM roycroft: that guy's watches do not go for tens of thousands of dollars
07:38 PM roycroft: they sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars
07:38 PM XXCoder: ow
07:38 PM XXCoder: one of those can buy a house
08:15 PM roycroft: it's time for the sotu address
08:15 PM roycroft: i've watched it all my life since i can remember, except for the last four years
08:15 PM roycroft: it will be nice to be able to watch it again
08:20 PM roycroft: and yay - the president will announce tonight that us airspace is closed to russian aviation
08:21 PM roycroft: i was wondering when he was going to join the eu et al. in that
08:22 PM XXCoder: interesting. also good
08:23 PM roycroft: who ever thought it would be putin who would unite america
08:24 PM roycroft: the house chamber is awash with blue and yellow
08:24 PM XXCoder: fox host tried to be "always been against russia" recently apparently
08:25 PM roycroft: you mean komrade tucker?
08:25 PM XXCoder: yeah
08:30 PM roycroft: the president is getting standing ovations from both sides of the aisle
08:30 PM roycroft: that will end soon, when he's done talking about ukraine
08:31 PM roycroft: but it's encouraging that it's happening now
08:31 PM XXCoder: indeed
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10:18 PM Tom_L: roycroft, cradek does watch repair
10:19 PM Tom_L: not the same as making them but just as intricate
10:52 PM cradek: I make lots of parts, since I repair watches with no parts available (or that were made before interchangeable parts at all)
10:53 PM cradek: some things like balance staffs are really common, simple lathe work
10:54 PM cradek: a part like this: https://timeguy.com/cradek/01616120850
10:54 PM cradek: also, hi everyone :-)
10:54 PM Tom_L: :)
10:54 PM cradek: saw my name mentioned, I'm mostly a lurker now
10:55 PM cradek: my main use of linuxcnc now is to wind coils (for watch repairs)
10:58 PM roycroft: a lot of watch repair seems to consist of making parts that are no longer available
10:58 PM cradek: yeah and the other part is cleaning and oiling and adjustments
10:58 PM roycroft: yes
10:58 PM cradek: the other other part is undoing botch work by others
10:59 PM cradek: that's pretty much all of it!
10:59 PM roycroft: the major part seems to be dismantling and removing caked on oil and grease that should have never been used in the first place
10:59 PM roycroft: and reassembly using the proper amounts of the proper lubricants
11:00 PM cradek: well oils have really improved in the past couple centuries. if you get something that was last lubed (correctly) with whale or neat's foot oil a century ago it's gonna be a mess
11:00 PM roycroft: sure
11:00 PM roycroft: but that's because it wasn't serviced regularly
11:00 PM cradek: we use almost all synthetics now
11:01 PM cradek: I think I have only one special purpose grease that's natural
11:01 PM XXCoder: cradek: I was curious so I bought a pocket watch for $15 off aliexpress. and it was funny. I could tell that it was simply cleaned then dipped in oil. then theres 2 missing teeth on escapement
11:02 PM roycroft: i was watching some videos by roger smith earlier
11:02 PM roycroft: i'd be willing to bet you've never worked on one of his watches
11:02 PM cradek: heh nope
11:02 PM roycroft: even if you were the best watch repair person in the world
11:02 PM roycroft: because 1. he's only made a small number of watches
11:02 PM XXCoder: riciously expensive
11:03 PM roycroft: and 2. none of them are likely to have needed service to date
11:03 PM cradek: well he's still alive with an active workshop too I think
11:03 PM XXCoder: id not buy it even if im billionbaire
11:03 PM roycroft: xxcoder: one sold for a million dollars
11:03 PM XXCoder: man crazy
11:03 PM cradek: most of what I work on is older than roger smith :-)
11:04 PM roycroft: i like old pocket watches
11:04 PM roycroft: i'm not sure i want to tool up to be able to repair them
11:04 PM cradek: I'm off to bed. if you're interested there are a few photos of recent work on my website.
11:04 PM roycroft: cool, thanks
11:04 PM cradek: cheers, both of you
11:04 PM XXCoder: welcome. later
11:06 PM * roycroft figures it would cost about $5k in tooling to be able to refurbish a $100 watch
11:06 PM XXCoder: depends on what level
11:06 PM roycroft: to make it work like it was designed to work
11:06 PM XXCoder: wristwatch revivial guy has nice video on what tooling you need
11:07 PM roycroft: he has some interesting videos - i like his demeanor
11:07 PM XXCoder: from very basic level to everything
11:07 PM roycroft: i should look for that
11:07 PM XXCoder: if I recall right, very basic level is $300 or so?
11:07 PM roycroft: that's not too bad
11:07 PM roycroft: a lot of the tools, like in any specialty, just make it easier to do things
11:08 PM roycroft: but are not essential
11:08 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tl7xNPvmyM
11:08 PM roycroft: thanks
11:08 PM XXCoder: this video
11:08 PM XXCoder: some he says "eh cheap works" and some he says "nope, cheap doesnt work" so you can avoid bad cheap tools
11:21 PM XXCoder: hope you get a idea on whats needed from video
11:45 PM roycroft: yeah, that's pretty much what i expected
11:46 PM roycroft: and reading the comments, i know immediately which ones are by people who have never used a screwdriver before
11:46 PM roycroft: 100% of the ones saying to buy the cheap chinese ones have never usedd one
11:48 PM XXCoder: I just have low expections when buy cheap
11:49 PM XXCoder: he does use both good stuff and cheap, so he knows what hes talking about