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Feb 26 2022

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02:48 AM Fraesnix: Hello to all
04:26 AM JT-Cave: morning
04:58 AM Deejay: mahlzeit
05:19 AM Tom_L: morning
05:37 AM JT-Cave: going to try and finish up the 3rd copy lathe at foxy monday so I can work on the assembly machine at revere the rest of the week
05:38 AM JT-Cave: the pneumatic valves area is a mess and they are just hanging by the tubing lol
05:39 AM Tom_L: you got more projects now than when you were 'working'
05:40 AM JT-Cave: you got that right, I used to spend a few days a week just riding in the woods
08:29 AM _unreal_: very annoyed... trying to get to the next phase of my cnc build. and a box with many kinds of small screws "purchased packs/boxes" that has all the 4mm 3mm 2mm and bigger sizes and many kinds inbetween is MIA
08:29 AM _unreal_: and I'm beside my self with cluelessness on where it is or what happened to it.
08:30 AM _unreal_: worst yet. about 2 months ago I went though and orginized everything in it. I found one box housing the mini boxes of screws, but I cant find the other one. and they should been together? its dumb founding
08:52 AM CloudEvil: Aliens.
08:52 AM CloudEvil: Clearly the right solution is a tiny CNC to make screws.
10:02 AM XXCoder: CloudEvil: automatic one that you just need to input length, diameter and thread type would be wonderful lol
10:02 AM CloudEvil: It would.
10:03 AM CloudEvil: Worlds teenyist heat-treat oven on the end.
10:04 AM _unreal_: hum
10:04 AM XXCoder: lol indeed. though it have to be double lathe (kind that transfers and can cut other end) in order to completely do it
10:05 AM XXCoder: my last job have expensive swiss machine that can do it
10:05 AM _unreal_: I really dont want to go out and buy those screws but looks like I'm going to have to :(
10:05 AM CloudEvil: I like stocking allthread+nuts.
10:05 AM _unreal_: I was hoping to dry fit the parts today but at this point . not happening.
10:06 AM CloudEvil: Great for missing screws.
10:06 AM _unreal_: Though I'm more interested in locating the thing with the hardware becaue it has other hardwre I need
10:06 AM _unreal_: I finished fixing a mini bow sprit
10:06 AM _unreal_: really nice mini bow sprit that I'm going to put on my sailboat
10:06 AM _unreal_: and replace the one that I have
10:08 AM _unreal_: this new one has a roller guide. So I can get a mini plow/delta anchor
10:09 AM _unreal_: and what's nice about it, is the self deploying feature
10:10 AM _unreal_: all I need to do is loose the rope and it should drop in
10:10 AM _unreal_: no climbing to the bow and tossing it in
10:26 AM _unreal_: FINALLY!! found the damn bin
10:27 AM _unreal_: last place I would have looked for it. dont know how I put it in the location I put it in.
10:27 AM _unreal_: and burried it
10:29 AM XXCoder: its always last place you look at
10:29 AM Tom_L: it _was_ the last place you looked for it
10:30 AM Tom_L: review your mental state when you put it there and it will make perfect sense
10:42 AM _unreal_: sweet I now have the stainless bolts to mount the new anchor pulpit more pulpit then sprit
10:43 AM CloudEvil: :)
11:16 AM Tom_L: is there such a thing as an inverted 45 deg chamfer cutter?
11:17 AM Tom_L: like a cup for chamfering the end of a rod etc
11:17 AM Tom_L: (not a lathe job)
11:20 AM mrec: you're looking for a dovetail cutter?
11:20 AM XXCoder: yeah dovetail
11:20 AM Tom_L: no
11:21 AM XXCoder: or double chamfer endmill. it has tringles so you can cut chamfer on either top or bottom
11:21 AM Tom_L: the inside of the cup is the cutting edge
11:21 AM XXCoder: ahh dont think so?
11:22 AM mrec: maybe with a flycutter
11:22 AM mrec: and some inserts.
11:22 AM XXCoder: dangerous, but maybe?
11:23 AM mrec: well fly-cutter I like to use inserts for milling they're super efficient it seems
11:23 AM W1N9Zr0: pipe deburring tool? https://images.homedepot-static.com/productImages/04d59c06-1e3b-4a29-8203-10cace6db773/svn/pipe-tube-cutting-11006r-64_1000.jpg
11:24 AM Tom_L: something like that yes
11:24 AM Tom_L: but for metal
11:24 AM Tom_L: i doubt that would hold up
11:24 AM Tom_L: maybe for 2nd op cleanup it might
11:24 AM XXCoder: why wont chamfer tool work for this?
11:25 AM Tom_L: because
11:26 AM W1N9Zr0: "OD chamfer tool" on google image search brings up some stuff that looks the part
11:26 AM Tom_L: think manual pencil sharpener
11:26 AM Tom_L: but that's not what it's for
11:26 AM Tom_L: just a visual
11:31 AM XXCoder: yeah I get the picture, I dont know of any such tool so far
11:32 AM Tom_L: there are a few
11:35 AM XXCoder: got link? curious
11:46 AM Loetmichel: *oops* "backbone" switch here at home needed a power cycle... was in a Blinking/rebooting loop every two seconds or so... whatever caused that, no idea ?!?
11:50 AM Tom_L: XXCoder, <W1N9Zr0> "OD chamfer tool" on google image search brings up some stuff that looks the part
11:50 AM XXCoder: ok
11:50 AM XXCoder: interesting
12:03 PM unterhaus: that reminds me that noga has a deburring tool that deburrs the od of a tube.
12:04 PM XXCoder: yeah
12:04 PM Tom_L: link?
12:04 PM unterhaus: it's on my wishlist at amazon, but nobody ever buys it for me
12:04 PM Tom_L: well, i'm not going to either
12:05 PM unterhaus: dang
12:05 PM unterhaus: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005LH06FG/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_5?smid=A21C4U5X700J66&psc=1
12:05 PM unterhaus: might not be big enough
12:05 PM roycroft: that's because you're not a cute young girl with a youtube channel, unterhaus
12:06 PM unterhaus: well, I have a utube
12:06 PM roycroft: and do you shake your booty on it?
12:06 PM roycroft: and would anyone even want to see that?
12:07 PM unterhaus: well, my belly jiggles a little when I'm walking
12:07 PM unterhaus: there are guys my age that actually make useful videos who get gifts, even though they aren't particularly engaging
12:08 PM unterhaus: it's the "useful" part where I fall down somewhat
12:08 PM roycroft: the getting gifts thing is different, though
12:09 PM roycroft: the guys who get those gifts are usually gifted directly by the donor
12:09 PM roycroft: that's a lot different to picking things off an amazon wish list
12:09 PM unterhaus: dunno, I have thought about open sourcing some of my code and putting up a patreon link
12:10 PM roycroft: and the latter, i believe, is mostly a young girl thing
12:10 PM unterhaus: dunno, never occurred to me to look at someone's wish list on amazon, tbh
12:10 PM * roycroft has to go to work in a few minutes :(
12:11 PM roycroft: hopefully this project will be finished within a few days
12:11 PM unterhaus: I think the way people get gifts by their utube is by saying they wouldn't be doing something a ineffective way if they could afford some tool or another
12:11 PM roycroft: then the country fair will have some nice technology to do some important things
12:11 PM unterhaus: works for blondihacks and clough47
12:11 PM roycroft: and i'll be able to bill out the hardware i'm selling them, and have the cash to build my cnc router
12:11 PM unterhaus: that's nice you are getting something out of it
12:12 PM roycroft: i'm not really making money
12:12 PM roycroft: i'm selling them some old servers and network gear for a song
12:12 PM roycroft: and i'm donating way too many hours of my time for free
12:12 PM roycroft: but i don't have to hassle with cl/ebay to get rid of that gear, so that's nice
12:13 PM roycroft: and they're getting some good value - it's a win win thing
12:14 PM roycroft: i'm even donating some gear, which is kind of blowing them away
12:14 PM roycroft: i'm giving them a serial console server and a remote managed power strip, so i can cycle power and get consoles from offsite
12:15 PM roycroft: these folks have never heard of that kind of stuff - they're all windows people who think that a server has a ginormous monitor and a keyboard and mouse
12:16 PM roycroft: but i'll be managing the gear, at least for now, and i don't want to have to run over to the office every time something needs tending
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04:02 PM solarwind: Can anyone recommend a decent laser cutter head for CNC use?
04:26 PM jdh: What do you want to cut
04:37 PM Tom_L: stainless mesh
04:44 PM perry_j1987: g'afternoon guys
04:48 PM perry_j1987: i need some help chasing an issue
04:49 PM perry_j1987: is there anything with linuxcnc that could be causing it to ease corners??
04:49 PM perry_j1987: the preview of the gcode in fusion 360 does not show it easing the corners at all
04:49 PM perry_j1987: its shows it go in in X and then over in Z as i expect it to
04:50 PM perry_j1987: but when i run it JUST before it gets to finall distance in X it starts moving in Z and creates a ramped corner..
04:54 PM JT-Shop: ease corners?
04:55 PM JT-Shop: ah you have not specified the path following tolerance, you're using "as fast as I can go without respect for corners mode"
04:55 PM perry_j1987: whwat specifys that
04:56 PM JT-Shop: G64 P
04:56 PM JT-Shop: G64 with no P is go as fast as you can
04:56 PM JT-Shop: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.8/html/user/user-concepts.html#_trajectory_control
04:57 PM perry_j1987: not found in the gcode
04:57 PM perry_j1987: just did a search for G64
04:57 PM JT-Shop: that is default if not specified
04:57 PM JT-Shop: I've always felt the default should be G61 NOT G64
04:58 PM JT-Shop: so if you don't have a good preamble you might not get what you expect
04:58 PM JT-Shop: https://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/g-code/gen01.html
04:59 PM perry_j1987: interesting
04:59 PM perry_j1987: im learning so much lately
05:00 PM Tom_L: excellent
05:00 PM perry_j1987: i thought lathes would be a lot easier to get ahold of than mills
05:00 PM perry_j1987: but i havnt had near this much oddness and needing to learn with my 6040 than i am with cnc lathe work
05:01 PM JT-Shop: G64 results from speed requested and acceleration limits
05:01 PM JT-Shop: slow your acceleration way down and you will see what I'm talking about
05:01 PM perry_j1987: so the linuxcnc turning postprocessor needs fixed to add g61?
05:02 PM JT-Shop: yes, no
05:02 PM JT-Shop: use G64 Pn
05:02 PM perry_j1987: so if accel is slowed down it would not do the ramping and make it into the tight corner?
05:02 PM JT-Shop: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.8/html/user/user-concepts.html#programming-the-planner
05:02 PM Tom_L: i forget, does G61 help with that?
05:02 PM JT-Shop: just the opposite
05:02 PM JT-Shop: G61 is exact stop mode
05:02 PM JT-Shop: err exact path mode
05:03 PM Tom_L: more jerky on small path moves
05:03 PM JT-Shop: aye
05:03 PM Tom_L: i need a bandsaw
05:03 PM JT-Shop: you can use mine
05:04 PM Tom_L: i could use my buds too but hate to bother him
05:04 PM JT-Shop: I need to get up and push a button but the shop cat is napping on my lap
05:04 PM Tom_L: got a bunch of 5/16 aluminum i need to cut into strips
05:04 PM Tom_L: get a longer stick
05:05 PM JT-Shop: you can cut that on a table saw but it's a mess
05:05 PM Tom_L: i've got an old radial arm i'm a bit hesitant to use on it
05:05 PM JT-Shop: I wouldn't even think of using it for that
05:05 PM Tom_L: 60 tooth blade
05:06 PM Tom_L: yeah they grab too much
05:06 PM Tom_L: it's nearly older than dirt
05:06 PM JT-Shop: I had one a long time ago and gave it away
05:06 PM Tom_L: yeah
05:06 PM Tom_L: i wonder how those portable bandsaws do
05:07 PM Tom_L: i don't have room is a big problem
05:07 PM JT-Shop: I have a DeWalt and it cuts pipe and stuff pretty good
05:07 PM Tom_L: does it have a decent guide?
05:07 PM Tom_L: for this purpose
05:07 PM JT-Shop: no
05:07 PM Tom_L: or a way to makeshift something
05:08 PM JT-Shop: https://gnipsel.com/images/7x12-bandsaw/7%20x%2012%20Bandsaw%2008.jpg
05:08 PM perry_j1987: i got a JET horizontal bandsaw for under 100 bucks on marketplace
05:08 PM Tom_L: i was thinking milwaukee
05:08 PM JT-Shop: that is my old cheap 7x12 bandsaw and vertical is the best for it
05:08 PM Tom_L: they make good tools last i checked
05:08 PM JT-Shop: the DeWalt is good for what it's built for
05:09 PM Tom_L: yeah
05:09 PM Tom_L: about all i'd cut with it would be aluminum
05:09 PM JT-Shop: the horizontal converted to vertical is quite useful and I use it a lot
05:16 PM Tom_L: he used to have a big industrial one but got a grizzly and likes it better
05:16 PM JT-Shop: we bought that bandsaw and a compressor from a guy my partner knew when I asked why he's selling it John said he's going to prison!
05:16 PM Tom_L: not sure which one but it has a foot brake
05:17 PM Tom_L: heh
05:17 PM JT-Shop: what is the brake for
05:17 PM Tom_L: i'm not sure
05:17 PM JT-Shop: we gave $100 each
05:17 PM Tom_L: well it had a foot pedal for something...
05:17 PM JT-Shop: vertical?
05:17 PM Tom_L: yes
05:18 PM JT-Shop: the foot pedal is for the pulling chain
05:18 PM JT-Shop: you wrap the chain and a think around the part and when you press the pedal it pulls the part through the blade so you only have to steer it
05:18 PM JT-Shop: think thing
05:19 PM JT-Shop: usually a toothed v looking thing
05:19 PM Tom_L: he used a big weight on the big one when we were cutting Ti billet
05:20 PM Tom_L: large enough cube to make a landing gear strut
05:20 PM JT-Shop: damn
05:20 PM Tom_L: test articles before they made forgings
05:20 PM Tom_L: we had to make 6
05:20 PM Tom_L: they found out on the citation 10 they couldn't use previous ones they weren't strong enough
05:21 PM JT-Shop: https://www.grizzly.com/products/grizzly-5-portable-metal-cutting-bandsaw/g0885
05:21 PM Tom_L: iirc it took about a week to machine one
05:22 PM Tom_L: plate is probably 6-8" wide.. i didn't measure it yet
05:23 PM Tom_L: last time i cut them on the mill but i'd like to get away from doing that
05:24 PM JT-Shop: yea that would be painful
05:24 PM Tom_L: i need to run a few but right now i want to test some program changes
05:24 PM Tom_L: may just hand cut a few for the test
05:25 PM JT-Shop: I used to be a hacksaw wizard
05:25 PM Tom_L: the blocks are only .5 x 1.5 x .3125
05:25 PM Tom_L: and only need 1 good edge
05:25 PM perry_j1987: my buddy has one of those old reciprocating power hacksaws
05:25 PM JT-Shop: back when I had to cut everything with a hacksaw
05:25 PM perry_j1987: pretty fun to use
05:26 PM JT-Shop: those cut real straight
05:26 PM Tom_L: i have a jig saw i may try
05:26 PM Tom_L: that or a sawzall
05:26 PM JT-Shop: I rebuilt one a few lifetimes ago
05:26 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/A12_New/A12_P2_1.jpg
05:27 PM JT-Shop: that the blank
05:27 PM Tom_L: P1 is on the right then it gets flipped to finish it
05:27 PM Tom_L: yes
05:27 PM JT-Shop: hacksaw
05:27 PM Tom_L: i gotta make quite a few
05:28 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/A12_New/A12_batch2.jpg
05:28 PM Tom_L: last batch
05:28 PM JT-Shop: you need a bandsaw
05:28 PM Tom_L: you think?
05:28 PM JT-Shop: that one I linked to might work for you
05:28 PM Tom_L: horizontal?
05:29 PM JT-Shop: portable horizontal
05:29 PM Tom_L: yeah andy mounted one of those or similar to his lathe iirc
05:29 PM Tom_L: lathe or mill i forget
05:43 PM _unreal_: so much better. got a lot of stuff on the boat done
05:43 PM _unreal_: wish I had a parking pass to the local location.
05:43 PM _unreal_: but... they have made it very hard to get a pass
05:43 PM _unreal_: only open mon-fri
05:44 PM _unreal_: and mail in permit requests take 3 weeks to process and yet the business location place is 5min from my house. really pissis me off
05:44 PM _unreal_: I have to take time off to get the reg/sticker
05:44 PM _unreal_: sigh
05:44 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, that black one of yours isn't the dewalt is it?
05:45 PM JT-Shop: which one
05:45 PM Tom_L: https://gnipsel.com/images/7x12-bandsaw/7%20x%2012%20Bandsaw%2008.jpg
05:45 PM Tom_L: https://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DWM120K-5-Inch-Deep-Portable/dp/B001W0ZIK4
05:46 PM JT-Shop: no that's a Taiwan 7x12
05:46 PM Tom_L: even though it would be portable i could guide it just as easily as what i currently do
05:46 PM JT-Shop: yep that's the one I have
05:46 PM Tom_L: decent quality?
05:46 PM JT-Shop: oh yea
05:46 PM Tom_L: well... dewalt quality
05:47 PM Tom_L: i have several other dewalt things
05:47 PM JT-Shop: I'm a DeWalt poster child
05:47 PM Tom_L: heh
05:47 PM Tom_L: that or milwaulkee
05:47 PM _unreal_: clicking along searching for something else marine related... and saw this.... GOOD LORD that could turn into a problem if the HEEL failed https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/51xCj5e14yL._AC_SL1043_.jpg
05:48 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, how deep is the neck on that one?
05:48 PM Tom_L: 5" it seems
05:48 PM Tom_L: should be ok for what i need i think
05:49 PM Tom_L: space is a concern or i'd shoot for a grizzly vertical
05:49 PM _unreal_: so I now have a new anchor pulpit mounted on my sailboat
05:49 PM _unreal_: just need to get the anchor
05:50 PM JT-Shop: I have the 20v cordless but it's the same saw
05:51 PM JT-Shop: I can measure it
05:51 PM Tom_L: it was in the notes
05:54 PM JT-Shop: mine is the little brother of that one a 2 1/2"
05:54 PM Tom_L: no matter, they're out of stock anyway
05:55 PM JT-Shop: heh
05:55 PM JT-Shop: the grizzly one might be a better fit for the job
06:00 PM JT-Shop: https://www.toolnut.com/rikon-15-400-4-x-6-metal-cutting-bandsaw.html
06:01 PM JT-Shop: have you looked at cold saws?
06:04 PM JT-Shop: https://www.dewalt.com/product/dw872/14-355mm-multi-cutter-saw?tid=
06:05 PM JT-Shop: https://www.toolnut.com/dewalt-dw872-14-355mm-multi-cutter-saw.https://www.toolnut.com/dewalt-dw872-14-355mm-multi-cutter-saw.htmlhtml
06:21 PM Tom_L: toolnut page not found
06:21 PM Tom_L: oh, the links ran together
06:22 PM Tom_L: those do ok on metal?
06:23 PM Tom_L: the horizontal saw would be great if i had room
06:25 PM JT-Cave: work good on aluminum
06:27 PM JT-Cave: I used one for 8020 mostly
06:29 PM Tom_L: i need to cut lengths alot too though
06:31 PM Tom_L: i ripped a 2' piece in half to do these yesterday: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/A9_New/MODS/A9_A10_1st_batch.jpg
07:29 PM roycroft: all my machines are online now at the country fair office
07:30 PM roycroft: and all the devices that are out of my control are working
07:30 PM roycroft: this should be my last weekend of work on that project
07:43 PM XXCoder: new blondihack
07:43 PM XXCoder: bit scary at end but amazing
08:57 PM roycroft: quinn puts out a video every saturday
08:58 PM roycroft: she and abom are on a regular schedule like that
09:22 PM XXCoder: nice