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Dec 09 2021

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01:53 AM Loetmichel: hmm, just went to the car rental that officially opens at 0900... at 0815 it was already open and the boss took the car keys and wrote the reciept himself... there are still miracles in germany ;)
02:12 AM Deejay: moin
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03:54 AM Loetmichel: MAAAN, sumtimes i am duuuumb. Just desoldered the Laser diode of a Laser scanner assembly... removed the PCB, put a brass enclosure around it, mounted it back on the assembly, soldered the brass enclosure shut on EVERY seam... why dosent it work? AHH, forget to resolder the LD! :(
04:06 AM HY-IGH: Would you please help me see the problem of Inovance servo?
04:07 AM HY-IGH: Wechat 15527523006
04:07 AM HY-IGH: loadusr -W lcec_conf basic_3_CIA402.xml
04:07 AM HY-IGH: loadrt lcec
04:07 AM HY-IGH: loadrt trivkins
04:07 AM HY-IGH: loadrt [EMCMOT]EMCMOT base_period_nsec=[EMCMOT]BASE_PERIOD servo_period_nsec=[EMCMOT]SERVO_PERIOD num_joints=[TRAJ]AXES
04:07 AM HY-IGH: addf lcec.read-all servo-thread
04:07 AM HY-IGH: addf motion-command-handler servo-thread
04:07 AM HY-IGH: addf motion-controller servo-thread
04:07 AM HY-IGH: addf lcec.write-all servo-thread
04:07 AM HY-IGH: net ec_up lcec.state-op => iocontrol.0.emc-enable-in => lcec.0.0.drivecontrol-0 => lcec.0.1.drivecontrol-0 => lcec.0.2.drivecontrol-0
04:07 AM HY-IGH:
04:07 AM HY-IGH: setp lcec.0.0.drivecontrol-1 1
04:07 AM HY-IGH: setp lcec.0.0.drivecontrol-2 1
04:07 AM HY-IGH: setp lcec.0.1.drivecontrol-1 1
04:07 AM HY-IGH: setp lcec.0.1.drivecontrol-2 1
04:07 AM XXCoder: uh id suggest use dpaste.com if youre pasting more than 2-3 lines
04:07 AM HY-IGH: setp lcec.0.2.drivecontrol-1 1
04:07 AM HY-IGH: setp lcec.0.2.drivecontrol-2 1
04:07 AM HY-IGH: net Xachse_AF axis.0.amp-enable-out => lcec.0.0.drivecontrol-3
04:07 AM HY-IGH: net Yachse_AF axis.1.amp-enable-out => lcec.0.1.drivecontrol-3
04:08 AM HY-IGH: net Zachse_AF axis.2.amp-enable-out => lcec.0.2.drivecontrol-3
04:08 AM HY-IGH: net Xachse_fb lcec.0.0.pos => axis.0.motor-pos-fb
04:08 AM HY-IGH: net Xachse_cmd axis.0.motor-pos-cmd => lcec.0.0.poscommand
04:08 AM HY-IGH: net Yachse_fb lcec.0.1.pos => axis.1.motor-pos-fb
04:08 AM HY-IGH: net Yachse_cmd axis.1.motor-pos-cmd => lcec.0.1.poscommand
04:08 AM HY-IGH: net Zachse_fb lcec.0.2.pos => axis.2.motor-pos-fb
04:08 AM HY-IGH: net Zachse_cmd axis.2.motor-pos-cmd => lcec.0.2.poscommand
04:16 AM HY-IGH: https://dpaste.com/6655U2MUA
04:16 AM XXCoder: excellent. hopefully someone will know
04:32 AM HY-IGH: https://dpaste.com/4PD3W6SH5
04:35 AM HY-IGH: https://dpaste.com/CPFSQFZPB
04:35 AM HY-IGH: Would you please help me see the problem of Inovance servo?
04:35 AM HY-IGH: Wechat 15527523006
04:40 AM Tom_L: morning
06:29 AM JT-Cave: morning
06:29 AM t4nk_freenode: 'lo
06:32 AM JT-Cave: 41°F
06:33 AM JT-Cave: hmm high of 58°F today, I might get the big shop up to >68°F and pull the truck in and install the Bedrugs
06:35 AM t4nk_freenode: mmmm 41 here too
07:24 AM t4nk_freenode: inside the house it's still pretty warm though
08:53 AM unterhausen: penn state is selling a 24 channel mixing board, good thing I got over my mixer obsession years ago
09:03 AM roycroft: a few years ago i found a 48 input 4 channel analog mixing board leaning up against my car
09:03 AM roycroft: i tested it and it worked perfectly
09:03 AM roycroft: then i donated it to st vincent de paul
09:56 AM perry_j1987: lol
11:17 AM unterhausen: deer hunting season goes on forever, and yet we're still overrun with them. Then they start up again for antlerless flintlock, whatever that is
11:19 AM unterhausen: I guess you can get an extra deer if you use a flintlock, because they have a regular firearms season then too
11:47 AM pcw--home: HY-IGH: I would post your question in the EtherCAT section of the LinuxCNC forum
11:49 AM unterhausen: I successfully talked the client out of me making him some washers.
01:27 PM XXCoder: HY-IGH: please dont pm random people asking if know solution. ask in here
02:21 PM roycroft: we've had over 100 earthquakes off the coast of oregon in the last 48 hours, 9 of which were between magnitude 5 and magnitude 5.8
02:21 PM roycroft: and they're not letting up yet
02:21 PM roycroft: they are shallow - less than 10km deep
02:21 PM roycroft: but they're not close to the cascadia subduction zone
02:22 PM roycroft: so no tsunamis are expected, nor are they necessarily a sign of a bigger quake that will have effects on land
02:22 PM roycroft: but we average three magnitude 5 or greater quakes/year off our coast
02:22 PM roycroft: so we got three year's worth in two days
02:23 PM roycroft: so far
02:29 PM XXCoder: geez
03:04 PM * roycroft waves goodbye to the matrix
03:06 PM XXCoder: wonder wehen neo would come in
03:17 PM Tom_L: 68F
03:18 PM XXCoder: nice. its 40f here heh
03:19 PM aaroncnc: its a warm 32f here
03:19 PM Tom_L: enjoy
03:21 PM aaroncnc: oh boy saturday is going to be fun "Southwest winds around 30 mph with gusts of 50 to 60 mph possible."
03:21 PM aaroncnc: well i didnt want electricity anyways.
03:31 PM Tom_L: that's just a breeze around here
03:32 PM aaroncnc: its not bad for some but our infrastructure is not built to handle it. soo many downed trees will take the lines with them. and then it will take them a week to restore power...
03:35 PM aaroncnc: going to go out and fill all my cans up. having about 32 gallons of gas should keep my family going. and if by some miracle i dont lose power i will just use it in my cars.
03:36 PM aaroncnc: I need to get my nat gas generator back up and running.
03:41 PM JT-Shop: almost done cleaning out the garage... only two buildings left to go
03:42 PM JT-Shop: 56°F at the moment
03:52 PM JT-Shop: crap I forgot about the Beer Cave it needs deshamblizing
03:53 PM roycroft: what's going on?
03:54 PM roycroft: are you going to be giving your new girlfriend a tour of the office?
03:56 PM JT-Shop: me? making room for the Ridgeline in the garage and trying to clean up all my messes
03:57 PM XXCoder: jt just got hit with cleanup chain
03:57 PM XXCoder: he gonna go all way to end of chain
03:58 PM JT-Shop: making room for the Ridgeline created 3 disaster areas LOL
04:09 PM roycroft: i just got a random phone call
04:10 PM roycroft: "hello, i'm sara from the department of visa and mastercard. how are you?"
04:11 PM roycroft: "i'm fine, but i'm not sure you are. you seem to have contracted scammer disease - you should probably have that looked at"
04:11 PM roycroft: as usual, i'm not so much annoyed by the scam attempt as insulted by how unclever it was
04:11 PM JT-Shop: lol
04:12 PM XXCoder: :)
04:15 PM Tom_L: when JT-Shop gets done cleaning he'll think somebody broke in and ransacked the place
04:18 PM JT-Shop: a garden gnome maybe
04:19 PM Tom_L: i should pull my lathe out and clean under/behind it
04:20 PM Tom_L: that's beein in the same spot for a good 30 yrs
04:24 PM JT-Shop: it's amazing all the crap you find when you do a major clean up
04:25 PM JT-Shop: some of it you say "I remember that" and some you just say "hmm"
04:27 PM Tom_L: i know there's at least one S10 starter under it and i haven't had that for several years now
04:28 PM aaroncnc: my solution has just been to build another shed to put things in. this spring will mark shed number 3...
04:28 PM XXCoder: JT-Shop: free tools!
04:32 PM JT-Shop: found a box with 3 briggs & stratton starters... and I bought one for the splitter
04:54 PM Tom_L: it's our duty as mericans to collect as much crap as possible so our kids can fight over it when we're gone
04:54 PM XXCoder: Tom_L: lol
04:55 PM Tom_L: looks like matrix is taking another hike
04:55 PM XXCoder: really need to call neo in to fix it
04:56 PM Tom_L: CaptHindsight[m] must have the secret decoder ring
04:57 PM XXCoder: neo from matrix movie heh
05:00 PM CaptHindsight[m]: matrix bridges to IRC have been flaky today
05:06 PM roycroft: perhaps the supply of blue pills vs red pills is out of balance
05:06 PM _unreal_: ?
05:07 PM XXCoder: probably yes
05:07 PM XXCoder: or someone took both at once
05:07 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/?extent=7.79808,-136.40625&extent=60.02095,-53.61328
05:08 PM roycroft: and the flux capacitor got caught in a wormhole, causing a time warp that makes janet turn into a smurf
05:09 PM roycroft: yes, we be jiggly off our western shore, for sure
05:11 PM roycroft: i haven't felt any of them
05:11 PM * JT-Shop has no idea where a cutler-hammer explosion proof limit switch came from
05:11 PM roycroft: but we rarely feel earthquakes that far offshore, even the shallow ones
05:12 PM roycroft: i bet i could blow it up if i tried
05:15 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Tom_L: nickserve has also been twitchy, have had to identify a few times today
05:16 PM * JT-Shop knows he could blow it up...
05:21 PM _unreal_: JESUS finally got the damn mosquito
05:22 PM roguish[m]: JESUS would leave it alone.................it a being......
05:22 PM _unreal_: try living in the tropics
05:23 PM * roycroft lives where he lives very intentionally
05:25 PM roycroft: and avoiding the wily mosquiteaux is one of the reasons
05:26 PM Tom_L: but while he's chasing a mosquito around he sticks his foot in an aligator's mouth
05:32 PM JT-Shop: don't forget the black panthers...
05:32 PM JT-Shop: I think JESUS is dead
05:32 PM _unreal_: JT-Shop, naa, just perm VA-CAY
05:32 PM XXCoder: I had Jesus as schoolmate and coworker.
05:33 PM XXCoder: coworker Jesus didnt last long, he was fired after 2 weeks.
05:33 PM JT-Shop: Jesus flew in a B29 over Korea...
05:37 PM JT-Shop: chickens are all tucked in...
05:37 PM * JT-Shop calls it a day
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07:36 PM HY-IGH: @Tom_L can you help me?!
07:42 PM HY-IGH: https://dpaste.com/4PD3W6SH5
07:42 PM HY-IGH: https://dpaste.com/CPFSQFZPB
07:42 PM HY-IGH: Would you please help me see the problem of Inovance servo?
07:42 PM HY-IGH: Wechat 15527523006
07:44 PM Tom_L: no i'm not familiar with ethercat
07:45 PM Tom_L: take pcw--home's advise and ask on the forum
07:46 PM HY-IGH: Send a link
07:47 PM Tom_L: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/ethercat
07:47 PM Tom_L: you may have to join first
07:47 PM Tom_L: unless you have already
07:48 PM Tom_L: (spam prevention)
08:45 PM roycroft: of all the horrible things that have happened in the world in the past few years, i'm declaring the emergence and scourge of "river epoxy" tables the worst
08:46 PM Tom_L: huh?
08:47 PM roycroft: people building tables out of slabs of hardwood that has voids/cracks in it and filling the voids with tinted epoxy to look like a river, allegedly
08:47 PM roycroft: or sometimes not even bothering to find slabs that have natural craks
08:47 PM roycroft: cracks
08:47 PM roycroft: they just take pieces of wood and pile them up in a form, and pour epoxy around them
08:48 PM roycroft: and i don't blame the people that are making them - they sell them for huge amounts of money
08:48 PM roycroft: it's the people with no taste who demand them
08:49 PM roycroft: i could probably blame whoever started this horrible fad
08:49 PM roycroft: but i have no idea who that is, and don't care enough to find out
08:49 PM roycroft: i just hope it ends soon
08:51 PM Tom_L: ahh
08:51 PM Tom_L: there was a guy here making vape devices from similar wood some time back
08:52 PM Tom_L: oh, maybe that was zeeshan... i forget now it's been a long time
08:53 PM roycroft: sorry, i was just asked if i could make one
08:54 PM roycroft: and i had to bite my tongue so hard it was almost bleeding
08:54 PM roycroft: and then politely responded that i do not have the equipment to produce such a thing in my shop
08:54 PM roycroft: i think "river epoxy" tables are hideous
08:55 PM roycroft: but if you go to the youtube and enter "river epoxy table" you'll find a huge number of videos, some with millions of views
08:56 PM roycroft: and i'm not at all averse to mixing other media with wood - it's not a "wood purity" thing with me
08:56 PM roycroft: i just think that they look awful
08:59 PM roycroft: i could make good money making those things too
08:59 PM roycroft: but eew
09:00 PM Tom_L: heh
09:01 PM Tom_L: vape device is a bit different than a table but i get your point
09:01 PM roycroft: i haven't costed it out formally, but to me it looks like a $1k slab + $200 in epoxy + $500 in hardware + 20 hours of work and it sells for $10k-$15k
09:01 PM roycroft: that's a decent margin
09:02 PM Tom_L: now the logs that are found in rivers etc are a different story imo
09:02 PM Tom_L: they also bring big money
09:03 PM roycroft: oh yes
09:03 PM roycroft: and they are well worth it
09:03 PM roycroft: bog timber is something i'd like to work with at some point
09:04 PM Tom_L: probably plenty to be found in your area too
09:07 PM roycroft: actually not a lot that i know of
09:07 PM roycroft: most of the bog timber in this country is found in the deep south
09:07 PM roycroft: what i'd really like is to get some bog oak or bog yew from the uk
09:07 PM roycroft: some of that has been in peat bogs for over 1000 years
09:07 PM Tom_L: huh
09:08 PM roycroft: and it's just spectacular stuff when it's harvested and cut up
09:08 PM roycroft: but it's extremely rare, and almost impossible to get out of the uk other than as finished products
09:25 PM roycroft: i could make a lot of money making vape pipes/bongs/etc. as well
09:25 PM roycroft: and i have nothing inherently against that stuff, as long as i don't have to smell the smoke
09:26 PM roycroft: but it's not the image i want to convey
09:29 PM Tom_L: i think he was making them for somebody
09:29 PM Tom_L: surprised i even remembered that it's been so long
09:33 PM roycroft: if i were hurting for money i'd consider make something like that, but i'd want it to be branded by someone else
09:34 PM roycroft: with again, no judgement on my part, but awareness that there may be judgement by others
10:01 PM enleth: roycroft: that got me wondering what kind of margin could you reasonably expect to get out of bog timber knobs, feet and enclosures for audiophile equipment
10:02 PM enleth: does the rich idiot tax add up or multiply here?
10:22 PM roycroft: i could probably do very well, enleth
10:23 PM roycroft: and making high end enclosures for audiophile equipment is already in my plans
10:23 PM roycroft: i've actually designed some enclosures for mcintosh gear
10:24 PM roycroft: i happen to own a mcintosh hifi, so that seemed like a good starting point
10:24 PM roycroft: since i can product test on myself
10:48 PM roycroft: i would first of all need to source the bogwood