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Aug 25 2021

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12:27 AM perry_j1987: this erpNEXT is pretty neat
01:13 AM Deejay: moin
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04:22 AM randy: morning
04:37 AM Chiko: Hi, are there any mirrors or torrents available for http://www.linuxcnc.org/iso/linuxcnc-2.8.2-buster.iso ? I've been looking but haven't had much luck finding one.
05:29 AM JT-Cave: morning
05:31 AM XXCoder: yo
05:33 AM JT-Cave: Chiko, you can download with zsync http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.8/html/getting-started/getting-linuxcnc.html#_download_using_zsync
05:48 AM JT-Cave: how goes the keto?
05:48 AM XXCoder: okay so far
05:48 AM XXCoder: havent been well other type of dizzy so far
05:49 AM XXCoder: so its 2 symtoms that overlap, and i removed one
05:49 AM XXCoder: still havent solved totally yet
05:49 AM JT-Cave: nice
06:31 AM unterhaus: I needed a 1/4" ratchet wrench and found out mine had some glue or something in it so it would only tighten
06:31 AM unterhaus: I know I'm a slob, but I have no idea what that stuff was or where it came from
06:32 AM unterhaus: fortunately some acetone got it loose, but I'd rather not spend that much effort to switch a ratchet wrench
06:33 AM JT-Cave: take care of your tools and they take care of you
06:34 AM JT-Cave: yuck the forecast went up a few degrees for the next few days
06:36 AM unterhaus: maybe it will come back to me how this might have happened, but it was inside a case.
07:00 AM CloudEvil: Protip. Seal up your space 100% and add sufficient oxygen absorbers.
07:11 AM unterhaus: halon
07:18 AM * JT-Cave doesn't see how oxygen absorbents will stop glue from sticking
07:20 AM CloudEvil: I assumed the something was rust
07:21 AM JT-Cave: <unterhaus> I needed a 1/4" ratchet wrench and found out mine had some glue or something
07:22 AM CloudEvil: 'or something' can totally be rust
07:24 AM JT-Cave: or beaver snot
07:48 AM unterhaus: yeah, no rust
07:48 AM unterhaus: although my Iowa farm heritage would suggest rust as a possibility
07:52 AM unterhaus: fine woodworking had a short article about designing a bench hook in sketchup
07:53 AM unterhaus: because apparently people can't make something out of 3 boards without a 3d model
07:53 AM XXCoder: sometimes its better to do for visualization
08:01 AM unterhaus: plans are not my style, so I wouldn't know. I do occasionally lay things out on a piece of scrap plywood or something
08:01 AM XXCoder: yeah. honestly different people different method
08:01 AM unterhaus: inevitably if you make a woodworking project, people will ask if you have plans. Haha, no
08:02 AM unterhaus: If I was going to do something more ambitious and fancy, I might make a mock up
08:05 AM JT-Cave: or use some crap wood for a test
08:14 AM CloudEvil: Prototype everything in cheese.
08:19 AM unterhaus: This time of year I do my prototypes in vaseline, in a walk-in freezer.
08:19 AM unterhaus: living the dream
08:20 AM unterhaus: you can't get published calling a mockup "using some crap wood for a test"
08:20 AM unterhaus: wood doesn't grow on trees, you know
08:32 AM JT-Cave: roguish[m], did more work on gcode generator canned cycles and help system this morning https://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/gcode/install.html
08:32 AM JT-Cave: not enough to bump the version yet as that's a pain
08:39 AM unterhaus: JT-Cave, does it spit out a program that combines the operations?
08:39 AM JT-Cave: canned cycles does now
08:40 AM JT-Cave: just finished that this morning, however that only works for canned cycles at this point
08:41 AM unterhaus: that's great
08:41 AM unterhaus: I have done a lot of work on an accurite, and that's how it works
08:41 AM unterhaus: you can feed it gcode if you're brave, but I'm not
08:47 AM unterhaus: I'm afraid to go downtown, taking your life in your hands with all the students driving around
08:49 AM unterhaus: sometimes it reminds me of the old cruising days, except now they are looking for parking
09:03 AM JT-Cave: unterhaus, I like that idea and will make a gcode tab with the option to append any page gcode to that tab
09:03 AM unterhaus: that would be neat.
09:17 AM unterhaus: good news, package from JT out for delivery
09:18 AM unterhaus: no weird side trips
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11:00 AM perry_j1987: morning
12:58 PM unterhaus: I told my neighbor I was moving my garden closer to the property line and he seemed to think I was asking permission
12:59 PM Tom_L: heh
01:01 PM unterhaus: never found him to be unreasonable before
01:03 PM Roguish: gardens are good
01:08 PM Tom_L: not real sure why you even discussed it with him if it was your land
01:10 PM unterhaus: I was trying to see if he knew where the boundary marker was
01:10 PM unterhaus: and I try to keep good relations with the neighbors
01:11 PM Tom_L: well if you didn't know where the line was yeah
01:11 PM unterhaus: I didn't think he would care because he's currently growing 3' high weeds in his garden
01:12 PM unterhaus: I can find the marker with sufficiently long tape measures. I have 3
01:12 PM unterhaus: 3 markers
01:13 PM unterhaus: the postman drove away with JT's package and had to come back
01:13 PM unterhaus: scatterbrain
01:14 PM Tom_L: i chased one down the other day
01:14 PM unterhaus: This is the second time in a week that has happened, at least they come back instead of misdelivering it
01:15 PM unterhaus: like ups does
01:19 PM unterhaus: I shouldn't tempt fate, our UPS driver has been very good
01:21 PM unterhaus: a school district in California took a fun summer trip to afghanistan
01:33 PM roycroft: my letter carrier always does his rounds twice
01:33 PM roycroft: he'll drive down the block delivering all the letters and small parcels the fit in people's mailboxes
01:33 PM roycroft: then he drives down the block again delivering all the larger parcels
01:33 PM roycroft: i don't know why he does it that way - my old one would deliver everything at the same time, which seems more efficient to me
01:35 PM unterhaus: all of ours stop at the driveway, turn off the jeep, deliver packages to the door. Turn the jeep back on, go to the mailbox, deliver letters
01:35 PM unterhaus: Once they get the electric trucks it will be better
02:08 PM roycroft: it looks like 2 day priority mail actually means 4 days now
02:08 PM roycroft: so my controller will not arrive until monday
02:08 PM roycroft: i guess i don't get to make the shop functional this weekend
02:21 PM CaptHindsight[m]: depends on where, in the middle it's often still 2-day service
02:22 PM CaptHindsight[m]: less so on the coasts
02:25 PM roycroft: when i sent the board i paid for 2 day shipping and it took four days
02:25 PM roycroft: the board was just sent back with 2 day shipping and it's scheduled to arrive on monday
02:25 PM roycroft: so four days again
02:26 PM roycroft: it is going from maine to oregon, so almost as far as it can go in the continental us
02:26 PM roycroft: but 2 days is 2 days
02:27 PM roycroft: i have other things i can do this weekend, but i really wanted to put the shop back together
02:27 PM unterhaus: I think the problem is Maine
02:27 PM unterhaus: it's remote
02:27 PM roycroft: i'm sure the problem is the usps and louis dejoy's ongoing attempt to destroy it
02:28 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/interactive/2021/dejoy-usps-delays-by-zip-code-map/
02:28 PM roycroft: he wants to hang on as postmaster general just long enough to completely destroy the usps before he goes back to xo logistics
02:29 PM CaptHindsight[m]: they haven't fired him yet, not sure what the plan is for him
02:29 PM roycroft: that map is for first class mail
02:30 PM roycroft: priority mail is still a guaranteed delivery service
02:30 PM unterhaus: I think they are going to wait until it's not a slow news period
02:30 PM roycroft: guaranteed to take twice as long
02:30 PM roycroft: the problem is this:
02:30 PM roycroft: the president cannot fire the postmaster general
02:30 PM roycroft: the usps board of directors, i forget what they're officially called, are the only ones that can do it
02:31 PM roycroft: and under the previous regime, all those directors were disappeared
02:31 PM roycroft: the current president has to appoint a new set of directors and get them confirmed by the senate
02:31 PM unterhaus: don't hate me, but it all goes back to Bernie putting a hold on Obama's nominees to that board
02:31 PM roycroft: then and only then can the postmaster general be dismissed
02:31 PM CaptHindsight[m]: he can hang himself or be crushed in a imploding building or similar
02:31 PM roycroft: i don't hate on people for telling the truth :)
02:32 PM roycroft: during the obama administration not all of them had left
02:32 PM roycroft: there were enough remaining for the previous administration to appoint a postmaster general
02:32 PM roycroft: but now there are none
02:32 PM roycroft: and it seems a low priority for this senate
02:33 PM roycroft: and it's rather weak leader
02:33 PM * roycroft is not a fan of chuck schumer
02:33 PM CaptHindsight[m]: sent a Priority package earlier today the 25th, it said 2-day service and will arrive by end of day the 28th :)
02:34 PM roycroft: the bottom line is we have a postmaster general who came from the logistics industry and was hired to destroy the postal service and who will return to the logistics industry when he has completed that task
02:34 PM CaptHindsight[m]: yes, some of us are aware
02:34 PM roycroft: his tenure is an absolute conflict of interest
02:35 PM CaptHindsight[m]: what 40% of the country still wants
02:35 PM CaptHindsight[m]: they also drink bleach
02:35 PM CaptHindsight[m]: and take cow meds
02:35 PM roycroft: no they don't
02:35 PM CaptHindsight[m]: uh huh
02:35 PM roycroft: they've moved on to cattle deworming pills
02:35 PM roycroft: bleach is so 2020
02:36 PM CaptHindsight[m]: let freedom ring!
02:36 PM unterhaus: I wonder if people around here will start stealing catalytic converters
02:36 PM unterhaus: so far it's not too common
02:37 PM CaptHindsight[m]: they have been around here for 10 years
02:37 PM roycroft: freedom means don't get your free shot that will prevent you from getting any serious symptoms if you get the virus - instead get really sick and pay $1000 for some meds that the governor of florida profits from
02:37 PM CaptHindsight[m]: I have one but am wondering who i should sell it to
02:37 PM unterhaus: my brother just had one stolen and got an anti-theft device
02:37 PM CaptHindsight[m]: came off an old car I'm restoring
02:37 PM unterhaus: this is the wrong order, get the anti theft and then not get it stolen
02:38 PM unterhaus: apparently they are way too easy to sell
02:38 PM unterhaus: find a meth addict and ask them
02:38 PM unterhaus: the jerk discussion on the ML is vaguely interesting to me but I refuse to read up on the subject
02:39 PM * roycroft prefers to keep his distance from meth heads, which is difficult around his part of the world
02:39 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://www.amazon.com/Mask-Because-Protect-But-Gun/dp/B0945S75YM
02:41 PM roycroft: i almost like that t-shirt, capthindsight[m]
02:42 PM unterhaus: no mention of cat protection on prius forums for my car
02:43 PM roycroft: but i know the answer to that question
02:43 PM roycroft: "god gave us guns to protect us"
02:43 PM roycroft: "god did not give us masks - the government gave us masks"
02:45 PM CaptHindsight[m]: oh sure, makes sense
02:45 PM CaptHindsight[m]: god stuff can be complicated
02:45 PM roycroft: no it's very simple
02:46 PM roycroft: if we like it god gave it to us
02:46 PM roycroft: if we don't like it government shoved it down our throat
02:47 PM CaptHindsight[m]: do the lists get passed out on Sunday mornings?
02:47 PM unterhaus: there was an interview recently where a woman said god the sheep from the goats, and she was a goat
02:48 PM unterhaus: apparently she didn't read the part where the goats went to hell and the sheep went to heaven
02:48 PM roycroft: no need to pass out the lists
02:48 PM roycroft: we all know what we like and what we don't like
02:49 PM CaptHindsight[m]: unterhaus: the bible was written to provide an abundance of things to pick and choose from
02:49 PM CaptHindsight[m]: there are so many words in it that it's difficult to keep track of
02:50 PM unterhaus: and also God works in mysterious ways, but you should at least know the goats went to hell
02:50 PM Roguish_shop: are you guys getting all political again???
02:50 PM CaptHindsight[m]: unless you are part of the group that has the real translation and "bible" facts
02:51 PM unterhaus: we did get political, but now we're just advocating for reading comprehension
02:51 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Roguish_shop: let me check the lists
02:53 PM unterhaus: turns out you can convert a prius for off-road
02:53 PM CaptHindsight[m]: Roguish_shop: huh, ranges from blasphemy punishable by getting stoned, to turn the other cheek
02:53 PM Roguish_shop: ok, well just keep it clean
02:53 PM CaptHindsight[m]: weed is legal so I vote stoned
02:54 PM unterhaus: I'm getting some masks made that just say: Matthew 4:7
02:54 PM CaptHindsight[m]: unterhaus: have pics?
02:54 PM unterhaus: no, planning stages
02:54 PM Roguish_shop: personally I just point and laugh....
02:55 PM CaptHindsight[m]: that is handy scripture for the thoose question people, the thinkers etc
02:55 PM unterhaus: there probably is some crazy interpretation of 4:7 that says you shouldn't wear a mask
02:56 PM unterhaus: but it means you shouldn't jump off a cliff and expect Jesus to save you
02:56 PM Roguish_shop: ah crimminy. now you're getting all religious....
02:57 PM captain_morgan: it's a shame this network doesn't support anyone creating a random channel to talk about their inane bullshit so we have to endure it hee....
02:57 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpkWT5voTSE
02:58 PM CaptHindsight[m]: some afternoon levity to break the monotony
02:58 PM unterhaus: how do you get under a prius to steal a cat?
02:59 PM Roguish_shop: cat theft from prius cars is rampent out here.....
03:00 PM Roguish_shop: apparently it's pretty easy, especially when one's very practiced at it.
03:00 PM unterhaus: yeah, must be. I'm probably just too fat
03:01 PM unterhaus: Cap'n, have you ever done a lcnc application where it didn't use the motion planner
03:01 PM unterhaus: like JT's winder application?
03:03 PM roycroft: my cat does not like cars
03:03 PM roycroft: cars = trips to the vet
03:03 PM unterhaus: before I start traveling again, I'm going to put a cat shield on the prius
03:03 PM unterhaus: $200 though
03:03 PM roycroft: trips to the vet = no
03:04 PM CaptHindsight[m]: yeah, some machines had LCNC in it and did simple dumb things with the option of doing smarter things later
03:04 PM unterhaus: I think one of the dogs is getting suspicious when I put him in the car
03:05 PM roycroft: so to return to something somewhat on-topic
03:05 PM roycroft: i got another email from the controller repair guy
03:05 PM roycroft: he said that my board was damaged either by a power surge on the mains or by the motor itself surging back to the controller board
03:05 PM roycroft: i don't think the mains took a power surge, but i'm not certain
03:05 PM roycroft: the motor is a brushed dc motor
03:05 PM unterhaus: Cap'n, did you use QTpyVC?
03:06 PM unterhaus: if you stopped the motor hard it might over volt
03:06 PM CaptHindsight[m]: unterhaus: i use qtpyvcp for all new GUI's
03:06 PM roycroft: what would be a good way to check the motor to see if it's defective?
03:06 PM roycroft: i did not do that
03:07 PM roycroft: what happened was that i was doing a light milling cut in some 0.120" mild steel - i was just milling a vee groove in the steel so i could bend it at that point
03:07 PM roycroft: while i was in the middle of cutting a groove, the mail arrived and i had to deal with the letter carrier, so i turned off the machine
03:07 PM roycroft: by first turning down the speed pot to stop the spindle, which i always do
03:08 PM unterhaus: my understanding of dc motors is incomplete, but I think back emf goes down with failures, not up
03:08 PM Roguish_shop: did you inadvertently back drive the motor???
03:08 PM roycroft: when i went back to finish the operation the machine did not come back on
03:08 PM roycroft: no
03:08 PM roycroft: i just turned the pot down until the motor stopped
03:08 PM roycroft: i don't even think i turned off the power
03:08 PM roycroft: it's been a while, so i don't remember for sure
03:09 PM roycroft: but on my machine, the safety interlock does not allow me to power it up unless the pot is turned all the way down
03:09 PM unterhaus: maybe it was just ready to go. I can see how that sequence of events could possibly back drive the electronics
03:09 PM CaptHindsight[m]: electronics also just wear out, might have been 1,000 cuts to the mosfets vs one single event
03:09 PM roycroft: so i know it was turned off
03:09 PM roycroft: that's what i'm thinking - that after 12 years it was just ready to fail
03:09 PM unterhaus: but the electronics should be able to handle the back emf reasonably seen from that motor
03:10 PM CaptHindsight[m]: have to examine the mosfets
03:10 PM roycroft: my only concern, of course, is connecting the motor to the newly-repaired controller board and frying it again
03:10 PM CaptHindsight[m]: shave the packages down to the die
03:10 PM unterhaus: well, that's one way to test the motor
03:10 PM roycroft: the guy told me that the thyristors were fried, and the leads on a diode were melted
03:10 PM CaptHindsight[m]: bond wires also wear
03:10 PM unterhaus: that doesn't sound like a motor problem to me
03:11 PM roycroft: he replaced those components, and replaced the power resistor, even though it had not failed
03:11 PM roycroft: he said they tend to fail over time and wanted to be sure mine did not fail shortly after the repair
03:11 PM unterhaus: commutator bars usually go open. I suppose something bad could happen then
03:11 PM roycroft: the motor runs fine when i connect a 9v battery to it
03:11 PM roycroft: it's really slow and won't handle any load
03:12 PM roycroft: but it turns around and around
03:12 PM unterhaus: that probably argues against a bad commutator bar because it would be jerky
03:12 PM roycroft: yeah, it turn smoothly
03:12 PM roycroft: the brushes are fine
03:12 PM unterhaus: there are lots of semi-failed dc motors out there because inertia carries the rotor past the bad comutator bars
03:13 PM unterhaus: but sometimes they don't start
03:13 PM CaptHindsight[m]: be content with todays badness, don't be anxious
03:13 PM roycroft: i'm not going to replace this motor with another like it
03:13 PM roycroft: if it gets to that point i'll get a 3 phase motor and a vfd to replace the entire spindle drive system, so that i can more easily manage it with linuxcnc later
03:14 PM roycroft: but as i've said before, i need the mill to make parts to convert the mill
03:14 PM roycroft: so i hope this repair works for a while
03:15 PM unterhaus: I might want to go through someone's test procedure for a dc motor. But then I would say screw it and just hook it all up and see if smoke comes out
03:16 PM CaptHindsight[m]: "All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made."
03:16 PM CaptHindsight[m]: so gods fault again
03:16 PM unterhaus: This situation is a perfect example of one of my major personality defects
03:17 PM roycroft: the guy thought i had overfused the mains and that is what caused the problem
03:17 PM unterhaus: what does overfused mean?
03:17 PM roycroft: but when this happened it was on the original factory fuse, which was a 10a fuse
03:17 PM roycroft: it means putting a bigger fuse in that what it's rated to have
03:17 PM roycroft: people do stuff like that when the blow fuses a lot
03:17 PM unterhaus: so overloaded the circuit
03:17 PM CaptHindsight[m]: too high a current rating for an over current protection device
03:18 PM roycroft: but since it's a metric fuse, i had a hard time sourcing new ones locally
03:18 PM unterhaus: yeah, but you can put in a 1000amp circuit breaker and if everything is normal nothing bad will happen
03:18 PM roycroft: and i replaced it with an 8a fuse, so i underfused it
03:18 PM roycroft: correct
03:18 PM CaptHindsight[m]: use a Chinese fuse rated at 50% of what you need
03:18 PM roycroft: replacing a fuse with one that has a higher rating does not cause a problem per se
03:18 PM roycroft: it just fails to do its job when it needs to do its job
03:18 PM unterhaus: so the bottom line is that he thinks something was wrong and was blaming it on the fuse
03:19 PM roycroft: when things are working properly it never needs to do its job
03:19 PM unterhaus: it's never the fuse, except if you need better glasses and think a .5 amp fuse is a 5 amp fuse
03:19 PM roycroft: my machine, for example ran for 12 years without the fuse having to do its job
03:19 PM unterhaus: and then the board blew to protect the fuse
03:19 PM roycroft: and i'm still not sure if it did its job or not
03:20 PM roycroft: because when i went to remove it it flew out of the fuse holder and disappeared
03:20 PM CaptHindsight[m]: out local power co calls that an act of god
03:20 PM CaptHindsight[m]: out/our
03:20 PM roycroft: we've had enough god talk for the day, i think
03:20 PM unterhaus: "act of god" can be a term of art
03:20 PM CaptHindsight[m]: just sayin
03:21 PM CaptHindsight[m]: spooky quantum effect
03:21 PM unterhaus: it is commonly used in contracts because otherwise they would have to say "act of goat" and everyone would be confused
03:21 PM roycroft: well i guess all i can really do at this point is hook the motor up to the board when it gets here and see what happens
03:21 PM roycroft: "act of nature" is commonly used these days
03:21 PM CaptHindsight[m]: and scapegod would be silly
03:22 PM roycroft: "entropic action" would be a better term than either of the above
03:22 PM unterhaus: there are tests you can do, especially if you know the nominal ohms
03:22 PM unterhaus: act of nature is good, because I imagine it's unfair to say act of god
03:22 PM roycroft: i don't have any specs on the motor except what is printed on it
03:22 PM unterhaus: and what is printed on it?
03:22 PM roycroft: 110vdc, 4000rpm
03:22 PM roycroft: oh
03:23 PM roycroft: and
03:23 PM roycroft: "china"
03:23 PM unterhaus: very informative
03:23 PM CaptHindsight[m]: so 70V 2k rpm motor?
03:23 PM roycroft: i don't know if there's a current rating or not - i forget
03:23 PM roycroft: one moment
03:23 PM unterhaus: current ratings are pretty worthless, even from the really good motor companies
03:23 PM CaptHindsight[m]: China is fun if you don't take it seriously
03:24 PM unterhaus: sorta a vague recommendation at best
03:24 PM roycroft: it also says 6.5a 0.8hp
03:24 PM unterhaus: I like it when the chinese motor has numbers on it but the stuff that says what they mean is in Chinese characters
03:24 PM JT-Shop: tried to update the expiration date at verizon and it would not let me... by the time I was done and used a new cc my bill went to $208!
03:25 PM roycroft: this is a grizzly machine, which tends to be the higher end of the chinese stuff
03:25 PM roycroft: and it worked reliably for 12+ years of daily use
03:25 PM unterhaus: There are chinese motors and such that have full specs on them, just like AB
03:26 PM unterhaus: JT what did it used to be?
03:26 PM JT-Shop: $163
03:26 PM unterhaus: that ain't right
03:26 PM roycroft: if you did not change the expiration date your bill would soon be $0
03:26 PM unterhaus: JT, thanks for the parts, spend the 48 cents you made off of them wisely
03:27 PM CaptHindsight[m]: ever notice how the payment page on an online payment site tends to be down on the day the payment is due?
03:27 PM CaptHindsight[m]: "try back tomorrow after we add a late fee"
03:27 PM roycroft: i always pay mine well before the due date, and that is one of the reasons i do so
03:28 PM roycroft: when i get a new credit card i get my statement cycle date changed so that the due date is 10 days after my pay day
03:29 PM roycroft: so i can pay all my bills on pay day or the day after and still have plenty of time to get everything processed before the due date
03:29 PM unterhaus: between our cell and cable, a guy could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas each month
03:30 PM roycroft: i don't have a personal cell phone and i don't have cable tv
03:30 PM roycroft: so i pay for neither of those things
03:30 PM roycroft: my land line is up to $60/month though, so i think it's finally time to get rid of it
03:30 PM roycroft: it's $60/month for the most basic service - local calling + caller-id
03:31 PM roycroft: and i hardly ever use the phone
03:31 PM CaptHindsight[m]: I haven't had POTS since 2005
03:31 PM roycroft: my cell (work provided) does not work in my house
03:31 PM JT-Shop: lol, I have to pay the higher one this month then next month I get a double discount then the month after it goes back to what it was...
03:31 PM roycroft: i have sip lines for most of my telephony
03:31 PM roycroft: but i've kept a land line for emergencies
03:31 PM roycroft: if i have to dial 911 i want it to work, no matter what
03:32 PM CaptHindsight[m]: I never use 911
03:32 PM roycroft: but with the land line costing $60/month now i'm having a rethink about that
03:32 PM CaptHindsight[m]: well i did once to report a piece of steel on the highway
03:32 PM roycroft: the reason it costs me $60/month now is because i'm the only person on my block who still has a land line, i think
03:33 PM unterhaus: we have simulated pots, it's a cellphone in a box
03:33 PM roycroft: i pay $1.50/month for a sip trunk
03:33 PM roycroft: plus something like $0.0005/minute
03:34 PM roycroft: and since i hardly ever use the phone, it takes a lot of time for $0.0005/minute to add up to anything i would ever notice
03:34 PM roycroft: i have two sip trunks and a vfax line
03:35 PM roycroft: i have to pre-fund an account at the sip provider, and iirc i push $15 every three months or so
03:35 PM roycroft: much better than $60/month
03:36 PM roycroft: so when i get my controller board back i think the first thing i'll do is finish the part i'm making right now
03:36 PM CaptHindsight[m]: I have to ping my SIP provider, their servers time is off by 40 minutes
03:36 PM roycroft: then i'll figure out what i need for a motor mount for a 3 phase motor, and make that part, even before i get the 3 phase motor
03:36 PM CaptHindsight[m]: unless i really do get calls from the future
03:36 PM roycroft: so if the thing blows up again i can just get the new motor and vfd and get back to work
03:37 PM unterhaus: what motor mount does it take?
03:37 PM roycroft: it's a non-standard bolt hole pattern
03:37 PM roycroft: i haven't measured it
03:37 PM unterhaus: too bad you can't send motors by land line, I have one I would give you
03:37 PM CaptHindsight[m]: or fax
03:37 PM roycroft: but a 3 phase motor will have a standard pattern
03:37 PM roycroft: i want to replace this stuff anyway
03:37 PM roycroft: i can't do spindle control with linuxcnc with the current setup
03:38 PM unterhaus: I would put a brushless on it, but I have a collection that is collecting dust
03:38 PM roycroft: so a 3 phase motor with vfd would be much better
03:38 PM roycroft: i might even upgrade the motor to 1hp
03:39 PM unterhaus: I think I would copy Tom_L, that's always a good plan
03:39 PM roycroft: i would not go any bigger than that though - the spindle bearings on the mill probably would not handle it
03:39 PM roycroft: i did not follow his build closely enough to remember what he did for spindle drive
03:40 PM unterhaus: well, the stage where he had the water-cooled taig motor on it might argue against my assertion
03:42 PM roycroft: i'd like to find a small form factor 3 phase motor for the machine
03:42 PM roycroft: that's my only reservation about doing a motor swap - i don't want a giant motor hanging off the side of the machine
03:43 PM unterhaus: yeah, brushless is far superior in that regard, you might want to look at some combos
03:43 PM unterhaus: a couple of people have recommended some on the mailing list, but not recently
03:43 PM roycroft: the only reason i want 3 phase + vfd is because i know i can control the vfd with linuxcnc
03:44 PM unterhaus: of course, this is in 12 years when the control fails again
03:44 PM roycroft: if there's a brushless dc motor + controller that works with linuxcnc i'm open to that
03:44 PM roycroft: i'll do that research soon
03:44 PM roycroft: for right now i just want to get this one working again
03:44 PM perry_j1987: think i've seen guys using huge RC style brushless with ECS and linuxcnc
03:44 PM unterhaus: I think I have a bad brushless motor, have to take it off of the mill
03:44 PM roycroft: and i have a patio project that i started last spring that i put on the back burner for the summer
03:44 PM perry_j1987: even grbl for that matter
03:45 PM roycroft: i need to get back to it very soon - i have to get it done before the rainy season starts
03:45 PM unterhaus: I wouldn't use RC motors, it really doesn't save much money and it just adds headaches
03:45 PM roycroft: as soon as i get that project back on track i'll look into spindle control for the mill
03:46 PM unterhaus: a drive/motor isn't that much
03:46 PM perry_j1987: ac servo
03:46 PM unterhaus: about the same as a 3 phase and vfc
03:46 PM roycroft: to replace what i have with the same would cost me $600
03:46 PM roycroft: and i'm not going to do that
03:46 PM roycroft: i can get a vfd + 3 phase motor for much less than that, and it would be a better setup
03:47 PM unterhaus: if all you want is speed control, that's the path of least resistance
03:47 PM roycroft: plus, i hate the way this system is set up
03:47 PM roycroft: the controller is a pain in the butt to access
03:47 PM perry_j1987: you want rigid tapping and the like too?
03:47 PM roycroft: and the controls are on the very top of the machine, on the right side
03:47 PM roycroft: i can hardly reach them
03:48 PM roycroft: i can mount a vfd on the front where it's easy to reash
03:48 PM roycroft: i would like rigid tapping, yes
03:48 PM roycroft: i want more than just speed control
03:48 PM roycroft: i want directional control as well, at least
03:49 PM perry_j1987: lots of guys online doing ac servo's for spindle motors on mini mills
03:50 PM roycroft: i think i'll get this sorted before i start work on the new belt grinder
03:51 PM roycroft: even if i don't purchase the spindle motor, i'll at least figure out what i'm going to do and make the mount for the new motor
03:54 PM unterhaus: I was sloppy calling ac servo "brushless" but that's what I meant
03:54 PM unterhaus: I think it's ideal for a mini-mill, but it depends on what you are more comfortable with
03:56 PM unterhaus: and as a random thing, I just realized where I can put my servomotor on the lathe to do electronic gearbox
03:56 PM roycroft: i don't care what the technology is
03:56 PM roycroft: i want it to be small (skinny)
03:56 PM roycroft: and i want it to be reliable
03:56 PM unterhaus: there is only one common tech
03:56 PM unterhaus: of brushless motor
03:56 PM roycroft: i don't care if it's brushed or brushless
03:56 PM roycroft: dc or ac
03:56 PM unterhaus: I think you do
03:57 PM unterhaus: brushed is just not a good option anymore
03:57 PM roycroft: i'll say that if a brushless motor meets my two criteria i'd take it over a brushed motor that also meets those criteria
03:58 PM roycroft: but i have a brushed dc motor now, and it's worked reliably for over 12 years with pretty much daily use
03:58 PM unterhaus: virtually nobody makes a good brushed motor anymore
03:58 PM roycroft: even if it turns out to have failed now, that's a pretty good track record
03:59 PM unterhaus: the size difference is considerable too, brushless is much smaller
03:59 PM roycroft: so that's a big advantage
04:00 PM unterhaus: I was sorting through my motors recently and found a 2kw one that's half the size of my bridgeports 1hp spindle motor
04:02 PM Roguish_shop: my BP has a 4hp. it's enormous
04:03 PM Roguish_shop: 30 years old, or more....
04:08 PM enleth: Roguish_shop: Series II?
04:11 PM unterhaus: okay, I think my series 2 has a 2hp
04:11 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://www.amazon.com/Dixie-Hear-Cups-Non-Electric-Amplifier/dp/B0794FGGN8
04:12 PM unterhaus: Cap'n, someone left the door open at etsy
04:13 PM unterhaus: that variable speed mechanism give me any trouble and it's gone
04:14 PM enleth: roycroft: a permanent magnet 3-phase servo with an older drive that still has analog input would be a great fit
04:15 PM enleth: can work like a dumb VFD, but could be configured for position control in the future
04:17 PM unterhaus: I'm just happy I figured out where to put the servomotor on my lathe, we can fix roycroft up later
04:17 PM unterhaus: spoiler alert, there's plenty of room right next to the spindle motor
04:18 PM unterhaus: not sure why that took so long to figure out
04:28 PM CaptHindsight[m]: was wondering why i could not reach the outer edge of a rotor on the lathe yesterday with the cutting tool, even though the rotor cleared the bed while mounted in the chuck
04:30 PM CaptHindsight[m]: moved the tool back as far as possible in it's holder
04:30 PM CaptHindsight[m]: still would not clear
04:31 PM CaptHindsight[m]: then I realized, "hey this lathe has a cross slide"
04:32 PM unterhaus: I find the cross slide to be quite useful
04:32 PM unterhaus: not so much the compound
04:33 PM CaptHindsight[m]: covid side effects
04:35 PM unterhaus: any change on tasting things?
04:35 PM Tom_L: roycroft, i used what i had which was a sherline spindle. i just upgraded the motor a considerable bit
04:35 PM CaptHindsight[m]: garlic and yest were detected earlier in the form of a bagle
04:36 PM unterhaus: Tom_L, what's the motor now?
04:36 PM Tom_L: roycroft, i already had alot of tool holders for it
04:36 PM Tom_L: 1.2kw bldc
04:36 PM Tom_L: ~5k rpm
04:36 PM unterhaus: that's what I was thinking he needs
04:37 PM Tom_L: not a chinaco bazillion rpm one
04:37 PM Tom_L: i wanted low end torque
04:37 PM roycroft: i'm not changing out my spindle
04:37 PM roycroft: no way
04:37 PM roycroft: just the spindle motor and controller
04:37 PM Tom_L: no i didn't either, just updated the motor
04:38 PM roycroft: when i do the cnc conversion i'd like a high speed spindle, but not as the primary one
04:38 PM Tom_L: i probably should but it's working fine
04:38 PM roycroft: i want the stock one that i can run at low speeds
04:38 PM Tom_L: i'm not one to swap out spindles
04:38 PM roycroft: the spindle motor is mounted on the left side of the headstock, hanging down from the top
04:39 PM roycroft: what i'm considering doing is mounting the new motor above the headstock, facing down
04:39 PM Tom_L: i got a glockcnc spindle motor but later found them on aliexpress
04:39 PM roycroft: and getting an 80mm er spindle to mount where the current motor is
04:39 PM roycroft: for when i need to do high speed stuff
04:40 PM roycroft: but since i'm now planning on making a cnc router, and since that will have a high speed spindle, i may just use that whenever i need high speed
04:40 PM roycroft: i'm really not sure yet
04:40 PM Tom_L: if you're mostly cutting wood i can see a high speed spindle
04:40 PM roycroft: i have too many things i want to do, and too little time to do them
04:40 PM Tom_L: i wanted to be able to cut steel
04:40 PM roycroft: on the router it will mostly be wood
04:41 PM roycroft: on the mill i was thinking of doing engraving and the like on non-ferrous metals, which would require a high speed spindle
04:41 PM roycroft: but i should be able to do that work on a router
04:41 PM roycroft: and yes, i'll use the mill primarily for steel
04:41 PM roycroft: so i want a nice, slow spindle
04:41 PM roycroft: and i need the r8 collet
04:41 PM roycroft: i can't move from r8 to er
04:42 PM roycroft: especially er16 or er20
04:42 PM * roycroft wonders how many more years linux mint is going to take to update itself
04:42 PM roycroft: it's taking almost as long as a windows update
04:43 PM roycroft: granted, i haven't updated this machine since december last
04:43 PM Tom_L: i haven't done one of those in quite a while
04:43 PM -!- #linuxcnc mode set to +v by ChanServ
04:44 PM Tom_itx: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/310V-1-2kw-electric-motor-1200w_60737993181.html?spm=a2700.7724857.videoBannerStyleB_top.9.32c7751dTHUvzS
04:44 PM Tom_L: it would be nice to find that in 110v though
04:47 PM roycroft: that would be a nice motor if i had a controller for it
04:48 PM roycroft: and yes, i don't know how i'd step up the voltage unless i installed a transformer
04:48 PM Tom_L: that's basically what i have
04:48 PM Tom_L: but mine is 110v
04:48 PM Tom_L: and a tiny bit more rpm
04:48 PM Tom_L: 15mm shaft
04:48 PM roycroft: 4000 rpm is my current motor's maximum speed
04:49 PM roycroft: and i'd like to stick with that so i don't have to regear it
04:49 PM Tom_L: mine takes pwm or analog in
04:49 PM Tom_L: automation dirct probably has something similar
04:50 PM roycroft: and while 110v would be easier, it's not a huge deal to step up the mains to 310v
04:51 PM roycroft: i'd proably step up a 240v circuit, not at 120v circuit
04:51 PM Tom_L: that's the output side
04:51 PM Tom_L: input is 220v on that one
04:51 PM roycroft: right, but don't most of those controllers use the same voltage in and out?
04:51 PM roycroft: oh
04:51 PM roycroft: well that makes it easy
04:52 PM Tom_L: i inquired to them about one with 110v and i don't think they had one available. i'm about 90% sure that's where glockcnc gets his
04:52 PM Tom_L: they did send me chinese docs on the modbus
04:53 PM Tom_L: google didn't do to bad translating
04:54 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/PDF/BLDC/
04:54 PM roycroft: i don't see anything suitable in dc motors at automation direct
04:55 PM Tom_L: https://glockcnc.com/
04:55 PM Tom_L: he's not cheap
04:56 PM Tom_L: i went my own route on bels
04:56 PM Tom_L: belts
04:56 PM roycroft: yeah, that's a little pricey
04:57 PM roycroft: but if i delete the mount and pulleys and belts not too bad
04:57 PM Tom_L: pretty sure it's the same outfit as aliexpress
04:57 PM Tom_L: a little more rpm and 110v
04:57 PM roycroft: oh, wait, the pulleys and belts are not included
04:57 PM Tom_L: he may have done a custom order from them
04:58 PM Tom_L: no no pulleys
04:58 PM roycroft: so all i can delete is the mount
04:58 PM Tom_L: just the mounts
04:58 PM unterhaus: Tom_L, you feed that ac or dc?
04:58 PM Tom_L: ac
04:58 PM Tom_L: mains
04:58 PM roycroft: which puts it at $747
04:58 PM roycroft: vs. $303 from the alibaba vendor, for what is probably the exact same thing
04:59 PM Tom_L: yeah slightly different specs
04:59 PM Tom_L: i found that ali link after the fact
05:00 PM Tom_L: i'm pretty happy with it anyway
05:01 PM roycroft: updates are finally done
05:03 PM unterhaus: I wonder if I can find the recommendations for motor/drives on the mailing list
05:05 PM roycroft: the bolt pattern on that alibaba motor is 65mm from bolt to bolt
05:05 PM roycroft: my current one is 57mm
05:06 PM roycroft: so i would need a new bracket, but they're close enough that it should fit in the space pretty easily
05:06 PM roycroft: and my current motor's shaft is 12mm, while the alibaba one is 15mm
05:06 PM roycroft: so i'd have to do something about that, but again, no big deal
05:09 PM Tom_L: i wound up getting a keyslot cutter for the pulley
05:11 PM roycroft: i got a broach for the handhweel i recently installed on my thicknesser
05:11 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/rotary/Broach/Broach1.jpg
05:11 PM Tom_L: iirc it was 5mm
05:11 PM roycroft: and iirc it was a 15mm broach
05:12 PM roycroft: if so, i'd be all set to bore out the pulley
05:12 PM Tom_L: with a 15mm collar
05:17 PM roycroft: oh, no
05:17 PM roycroft: i have a 4mm broach and a 12mm collar
05:17 PM roycroft: so i can broach a keyway in existing pulley to exactly what it already is
05:17 PM roycroft: that's no help
05:18 PM roycroft: but if i need a new broach and collar, i'll get them
05:18 PM Tom_L: feel free to come borrow mine
05:18 PM roycroft: i've been meaning to buy a set of broaches for years and years
05:19 PM Tom_L: my bud had a set but they were inch
05:19 PM Tom_L: the collars anyway
05:19 PM roycroft: it's big money getting a fairly complete set
05:19 PM Tom_L: yes
05:19 PM unterhaus: how much does one cost?
05:19 PM Tom_L: for a decent set anyway
05:19 PM roycroft: which is why i never ended up buying a set
05:19 PM roycroft: a broach is roughly $50-$100 for a decent one, depending on size
05:19 PM roycroft: collars are around $15-$20 each
05:20 PM JT-Shop: not much sense in having a set unless that's what you do all day long
05:20 PM unterhaus: yeah, I used one once, fortunately they had the one I needed at work
05:20 PM roycroft: the problem is you need a lot of broaches and a lot of collars to have a set
05:20 PM Tom_L: https://www.ebay.com/itm/351705652325?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item51e34a5c65:g:nbAAAOSwJQdXC96r&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACkPYe5NmHp%252B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSd0ReTLyM7cxPnI6zs468EIgnOOkCV7TN%252FFE4bzJb6875i%252FSEbYkLXZqedKXiPPkNBG%252F7rRUETC%252BC%252FnFA49OA0QAYnaiZq7PauLL0sZJfKq410TCdZx9yh04EOGGYGu%252Ftfegkb3M1SHApXEAXQVTRksxs8lap5JcLaNl%252B0LPJxPbhzu0Fc6Gn1n5xv2HrqzQY%252FWs3le1scoPi6tQ48%252F7NPdSIhCm5r5RGmMsWMOU%252F%252B0bt
05:20 PM Tom_L: 8yXOuyxgIpjTq1sdcYATEMUmnr2istb8X4Vq1T6QLaqCqX0swHLnoIE7o6N9zOf2mohlJQJkU5DKnIaazFJ0n0ybctnAp4x83S2yuMlXAeZsvjB0gHdv4HwUThfWi2tMWU2gsnPiBxlOFbSJalUzhbQocuxEP1MfQe821gEU7CXsCRD3mCdx%252BwbZat7aEID6SaxebMx2umD2qGT7v4f1h7MPKXvbbFBcCTu%252BFSdISIseCDZqVdEiZc9EyCoQ7EK1%252BF%252FJ4woZAGR1Gb5zfxyHUTdlmXApZUdxCBCVwpuenx%252Bz2%252FoxM38J6JwNGytOPM1CvVni7yyF%252FCvc68f%252FEcOLbqpM9VMJO%252FZRQji4AdaZqbqeVqV59P3c4B2zdGBNVZz3i7QIRw28tr9k2VSb053%252FO
05:20 PM Tom_L: fi0iDQnIu9lEnLb%252BSNvkZV4XCeSXRSMV7MXKrKuA7q%252BKc4WN5%252FNY5Y2e2%252BjcTBSezUeIh%252B5SfB1N%252FZl%252FRZYleHsHEHjEpISiJ3yeyn3j8yFd1DBEisGVVBTPaOEAsLYuMubQjA0VmOhI7YgDQGPNjcBCcb0Skqo6HrK2u9aJEf%252Ftewm16QE%252FAX8uyMarZbi%7Campid%3APL_CLK%7Cclp%3A2334524
05:20 PM roycroft: um
05:20 PM Tom_L: wow
05:20 PM JT-Shop: wow
05:20 PM Tom_L: sry
05:20 PM roycroft: please no?
05:20 PM roycroft: :)
05:20 PM roycroft: The Mother of All URLs(tm)
05:20 PM unterhaus: actually, the first split worked
05:21 PM Tom_L: just picture a pretty little broach for about $60
05:21 PM roycroft: usually you can delete from the ? on
05:21 PM unterhaus: yeah, why hasn't ebay made that easy after all this time?
05:21 PM roycroft: because they don't want you to link directly to items
05:21 PM Tom_L: https://www.ebay.com/itm/351705652325
05:21 PM roycroft: they want you to enjoy the total ebay experience
05:22 PM Tom_L: and then you need the collar
05:22 PM unterhaus: not having direct links makes no sense, what if you want your boss to order something for you
05:22 PM roycroft: and not all collars work wiht all broaches
05:22 PM roycroft: it's best to stick with the same brand collar and broach
05:22 PM Tom_L: i got mine locally thru grainger or somebody
05:23 PM roycroft: anyway, that is all minor stuff
05:23 PM roycroft: deciding on what motor/controller to get and how/where to mount the motor is the important thing
05:24 PM roycroft: the rest is all details that are easy to deal with
05:24 PM Tom_L: i'd be curious if you decide to inquire on that ali link for 110v
05:24 PM roycroft: i do have a dedicated 120vac circuit for the mill
05:24 PM roycroft: so it might be useful to get something that's 120v on the mains side
05:25 PM roycroft: but it would also be easy to rewire that circuit for 240v
05:25 PM roycroft: the wire would be overrated for the application, but that's fine
05:25 PM roycroft: it's already overrated - it's a 20a circuit for a device that draws 6.5a
05:25 PM Tom_L: it took 3-4 emails to get those chinese docs for modbus
05:26 PM Tom_L: she said they didn't have an english translation for them
05:26 PM roycroft: that's actually the concern - getting proper documentation that i can parse
05:26 PM Tom_L: i'd go with the pwm or analog in personally
05:26 PM roycroft: and when you email those people you get a lot of apologies and well wishes but not much information
05:26 PM Tom_L: mesa has what you need
05:27 PM Rhine_Labs: Mesa has everything
05:27 PM roycroft: my 7i76 should work
05:27 PM Tom_L: if it has a 0-10v analog out
05:27 PM roycroft: but i would need to be able to control the spindle manually as well
05:27 PM Rhine_Labs: Have not seen him here latley
05:27 PM roycroft: especially since it would not be cnc on day one
05:27 PM Tom_L: i use a pendant for manual stuff
05:27 PM Tom_L: and mdi the spindle speed
05:28 PM roycroft: once i have my cnc conversion done, that would be fine
05:28 PM Tom_L: i tested it by wiring up a pot to the input
05:28 PM roycroft: but before i have that done, i need to be able to operate it manually as a stand-alone machine
05:28 PM Tom_L: which also worked fine
05:28 PM roycroft: if i can do it with a pot and a switch that would be just fine
05:29 PM Rhine_Labs: Most VFD's have pot control
05:29 PM roycroft: actually, a pot and two switches
05:29 PM roycroft: one for power on/off
05:29 PM roycroft: one for forward/reverse
05:29 PM Tom_L: their little demo video shows a pot
05:30 PM Tom_L: enable
05:30 PM roycroft: and i can't remember the last time i ran the mill in reverse, so i wouldn't even need that for manual mode
05:31 PM Tom_L: don't switch fwd/rev quickly or you'll blow the vfd
05:31 PM Tom_L: ask skunkworks
05:32 PM Tom_L: shouldn't be a problem as their brake / accel have pretty slow ramps
05:32 PM Tom_L: at least mine did
05:32 PM Tom_L: i bumped the accel ramp up quite a bit on mine but left the braking one alone
05:33 PM roycroft: i think that's common with most of the low-end vfds
05:33 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/configs/NEW_MILL_SHOP_2.8.1/New_Mill_IO_Pinout.pdf
05:33 PM roycroft: with my huanyangs i always make sure the motor stops completely before reversing direction
05:33 PM Tom_L: the last page shows the settings i went with and what it came with
05:33 PM roycroft: but i have them configured to stop pretty quickly
05:34 PM roycroft: my belt grinder stops in about 3 seconds
05:34 PM Tom_L: so does this
05:34 PM Tom_L: even how they have it set
05:34 PM roycroft: out of the box the vfd takes more like 25 seconds to ramp down
05:35 PM Tom_L: you can compare the factory, vendor and user settings in that pdf
05:35 PM roycroft: i could run for president, get sworn in, and be impeached by the time it stops
05:35 PM Tom_L: you're not a very sly politician then
05:36 PM roycroft: i'd be a horrible politician
05:36 PM Tom_L: when i got that, the settings were pretty spongy
05:38 PM Tom_L: changed the toner on my brother printer and it still shows low toner. tried 2 brand new cartriges
06:01 PM JT-Shop: rut row
06:03 PM W1N9Zr0: did they start cheaping out on toner chips now? i know they don't have a chip in the drum and you have to go into a hidden menu and tell the printer whenever you change the drum
06:04 PM Tom_L: yeah that would have been good to know then :)
06:04 PM Tom_L: it's working but it still shows low toner
06:38 PM Tom_L: looks like you gotta manually reset it
06:39 PM unterhaus: I vaguely recall they always just worked off of sheet counts
06:41 PM Tom_L: i used to refill em on my old HP series II
06:41 PM Tom_L: talk about a boat anchor
06:44 PM roycroft: my printer actually detects toner level and waste toner level, but does click counts to determine when the drums and fuser need to be replaced
06:44 PM roycroft: fortunately there's a hack to reset that without actually replacing them
07:03 PM enleth: Tom_L: I'm still using a 2100TN and 2200D, both are 22 years old and do their job better than many modern printers
07:04 PM roycroft: i have a konica/minolta c220 these days
07:04 PM enleth: integrated print server, native PostScript
07:04 PM roycroft: it replaced four other printers, and has a nice document scanner
07:05 PM roycroft: i scan a lot more than i print
07:05 PM enleth: and most importantly, the manual feeder doesn't try to be too smart for its own good
07:06 PM enleth: when there's stuff in it, it pulls the stuff
07:06 PM enleth: when there isn't, it pulls from the tray
07:14 PM Tom_L: enleth, yeah it got to a point i needed a scanner too and the series II was going on the fritz
07:15 PM Tom_L: my feeder is similar
07:15 PM Tom_L: manual or stack
08:18 PM bjorkintosh: oh good.
09:07 PM unterhaus: a suggestion was made on the list to compare tinyg with lcnc on the same system
09:08 PM unterhaus: seems to me that would be an interesting system
09:08 PM unterhaus: not sure tinyg could run a bp series II
09:12 PM Tom_L: maybe ok for a toy cnc
09:12 PM Tom_L: doubt it's nearly as feature rich as linuxcnc
09:12 PM unterhaus: I was going to say, I have an original shapoko
09:13 PM unterhaus: but even a toy would be a lot of work to integrate with both systems
09:13 PM skunkworks: I could log the trajectory output...
09:13 PM Tom_L: 2.5A max
09:14 PM Tom_L: my drivers are 7A iirc
09:14 PM Tom_L: hi skunkworks
09:15 PM Tom_L: any new things happening?
09:15 PM skunkworks: Tom_L: no.. mostly work and family..
09:16 PM skunkworks: I could log the trajectory output... mach's output.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfU4uyGgLZw
09:54 PM Eric_ is now known as unterhausen
09:55 PM unterhausen: if both systems are run open loop I am not sure how easy it would be to get the trajectories to match up
09:56 PM unterhausen: since both systems ^
09:57 PM unterhausen: finally looked up tinyg, it's like a smoothie board in that the drivers are integrated
09:57 PM unterhausen: so difficult to see the step dir
10:34 PM Tom_L: roycroft,
10:34 PM -!- #linuxcnc mode set to +v by ChanServ
10:34 PM Tom_itx: http://en.lanjiukeji.com/product/754.html
10:35 PM Tom_itx: specs say 110/220vac input
10:43 PM roycroft: nice
10:43 PM roycroft: thanks
10:44 PM Tom_L: i'm not sure who actually mfg them but they look the same
10:44 PM Tom_L: unable to find that same bldc motor on that site though
10:46 PM roycroft: assuming my current motor is still good, it would be nice to be able to just replace the controller
10:46 PM Tom_L: for the 485 you'd likely have to write your own modbus driver
10:46 PM roycroft: or use analog control
10:46 PM Tom_L: i dare say it also will accept pwm/analog in
10:46 PM Tom_L: mine has the rs485 plug but no docs for it
10:47 PM roycroft: the 7i76 can do analog control
10:47 PM Tom_L: that's what i would do
10:47 PM roycroft: that's quick and easy
10:48 PM Tom_L: i used a separate encoder for feedback to lcnc
10:48 PM roycroft: that's also pretty easy
10:48 PM Tom_L: and let the motor hall do it's thing back to the vfd
10:48 PM Tom_L: so i have pid on lcnc and the pi on the vfd
10:49 PM Tom_L: it only gives you KP and KI