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Aug 07 2021

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01:09 AM Deejay: moin
03:04 AM Rhine_Labs: Looks like it's a china order.
05:22 AM JT-Cave: morning
05:23 AM norias: good morning
05:27 AM XXCoder: heys
05:48 AM norias: oh man
05:49 AM norias: reading about interpolation methods in CNC controls
05:49 AM norias: fascinating stuff
05:49 AM norias: once I wrap my head around it, I feel like it'd be useful to consider what it means in terms of writing good gcode
05:49 AM norias: and inspection
05:50 AM norias: it'd be fun to look at how linuxcnc does it
05:51 AM norias: turns out all that calculus was actually useful
07:28 AM enleth: norias: the entirety of modern civilization is built on top of calculus and linear algebra
08:46 AM MrHindsight[m]: my favorite pronounciation https://youtu.be/T8KFieVkVkU?t=70
08:55 AM MrHindsight[m]: those kids would all be in their late 50's now, wonder what has become of them
09:08 AM JT-Cave: damn whiteflys are all over my tomato plants
09:52 AM Tom_L: saw a monarch butterfly this morning.. i thought they were going extinct
09:56 AM roycroft: their status is near threatened, meaning they're likely to become endangered in the near future
09:57 AM Tom_L: we used to see them all the time here but not lately
10:01 AM roycroft: they are much less common than they used to be
10:01 AM roycroft: i haven't seen any in 40 years, but that's because i no longer live in thier migration path
10:01 AM roycroft: i used to see them when i lived back east
10:17 AM skunkworks: Eagles on the other hand.. I remember being a kid and never seeing them. Now we have a nesting pair down the street.
10:22 AM Tom_L: yeah, there have been several bald eagles around here last couple years. never used to see them here
10:33 AM roycroft: there's a fire in an industrial park about a mile from here
10:34 AM roycroft: i can see the smoke from my house
10:34 AM roycroft: the radio reports that firefighters are on the scene, but it may be a while before they get it under control
10:35 AM roycroft: this is the third fire near my house in the last couple weeks
10:35 AM roycroft: all grass fires
10:36 AM roycroft: anyway, eagles have recovered well
10:36 AM roycroft: it's a testament to the endangered species act
10:36 AM roycroft: they were all but extinct, but now they're back in large numbers
10:43 AM unterhaus: there are eagles in central Pennsylvania now too, that's a real surprise
10:43 AM unterhaus: at first I only saw them near big rivers
10:43 AM unterhaus: like the Delaware
10:49 AM roycroft: i've never seen any eagles around here, but when i lived in washington i used to see them frequently
10:50 AM roycroft: and i often see them on the northern california coast
10:50 AM roycroft: i'm fairly certain i'll make a day trip down to cali next week, so perhaps i'll see one then
11:06 AM unterhaus: I used to see them in Utah back in the early '90s, in Ogden canyon. It was a real novelty back then
11:07 AM unterhaus: I was out riding my bike near here and there was a couple who had stopped riding. I asked if they needed help, and they said they were watching eagles
11:08 AM unterhaus: Not particularly satisfying if you don't have binoculars
11:26 AM JT-Shop: we have eagles here too, I hope they don't like chicken...
11:51 AM perry_j1987: hows it going
11:51 AM perry_j1987: i seen an Eagles coverband playing in a park not to long ago :P
12:02 PM roycroft: were you standing on a corner in winslow arizona at the time?
12:09 PM skunkworks: it was such a fine sight to see.
12:33 PM solarwind: MrHindsight[m] can you link me to that open engine controller again?
12:33 PM solarwind: I forgot what it was called
12:48 PM skunkworks: megasquirt used to be a thing
12:50 PM skunkworks: I don't know what currently is out there.. rusefi? speedunio?
12:58 PM roycroft: i still have my megasquirt for my '74 vw bus
12:58 PM roycroft: i still have to install the new engine in the bus
01:05 PM perry_j1987: i've never driven a vw bus
01:05 PM perry_j1987: are they fun to drive
01:07 PM MrHindsight[m]: solarwind: https://rusefi.com/
01:14 PM roycroft: vw buses are the most fun to drive
01:17 PM roycroft: any vehicle where you sit on top of the front wheels is fun to drive
01:32 PM MrHindsight[m]: Mostly hawks around here for large birds, some turkeys
01:51 PM skunkworks: OMG - A binkey episode!
02:18 PM perry_j1987: cant wait to bake this sourdough bread today
02:18 PM perry_j1987: put caraway seeds, roasted garlic, sage and minced onion (dried) in it
02:31 PM unterhaus: I'm sure eagles would like a chicken, but I feel like they would have problems fulfilling any such desires
04:00 PM roycroft: you have the wrong idea about them, unterhaus
04:00 PM roycroft: eagles fly with the doves
04:02 PM roycroft: it is getting hot, and i'm trying to deal with the blackberries on the periphery of the property today - the ones that were not part of that huge patch i cleared out
04:03 PM roycroft: i was not going to work on them until after my vacation, but i felt inspired to get as much done before i leave as possible
04:03 PM roycroft: i intend to return from my trip refreshed, and do not want to be overwhelmed with chores immediately
04:04 PM roycroft: i think i'll get almost all of them cleared out today
04:08 PM _unreal_: roycroft, considering how good blackberrys are..... BOY are they such a weed
04:40 PM Rhine_Labs: Removing the RT8279 clearned on the 24V DC Circuit on the Tormach ECM PCB.
04:44 PM _unreal_: man that was weird
04:45 PM _unreal_: I fell asleep at my desk
04:45 PM _unreal_: I woke my self up KICKING my desk
05:12 PM Rhine_Labs: Sesiure?
05:29 PM JT-Shop: don't buy any brass wood screws from menards they are just trash and break way too easy
05:32 PM -!- #linuxcnc mode set to +v by ChanServ
05:37 PM _unreal_: I think that https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:348810
06:17 PM Rhine_Labs: https://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/20210807_135850-1024x576.jpg
06:19 PM roycroft: i usually run zps or ss screws in first to cut the threads, then back them out and install the brass screws
06:19 PM roycroft: and i always install brass screws by hand
06:19 PM roycroft: even a tiny screw gun will twist them off easily
06:20 PM roycroft: i'm glad i tackled the blackberries today, because i only got half done
06:20 PM roycroft: when i got started, there was bamboo to thin and trees to trim, and i decided that instead of just doing blackberries i'd clean up everything in the area
06:21 PM roycroft: so maybe i'll be finished next weekend
06:21 PM roycroft: which is still on schedule
06:27 PM * JT-Shop hasn't had a schedule in 20 years
06:29 PM roycroft: i have a lot going on, and i find that schedules help me
06:29 PM roycroft: that doesn't work for many folks, i know
06:29 PM roycroft: but it works for me
06:29 PM roycroft: it actually lowers my stress
06:31 PM JT-Shop: https://gnipsel.com/images/wood-working/saw-stop/saw-cabinet-17.jpg
06:32 PM JT-Shop: yeah I don't estimate well so therefor no schedules
06:32 PM JT-Shop: I just work hard at what I'm doing and try to do my best always
06:38 PM roycroft: the drawers are looking good
06:38 PM roycroft: estimating is a big part of my job
06:38 PM roycroft: i'm actually pretty good at it most of the time
06:39 PM JT-Shop: estimating was my partners job when we were blowing and going
06:39 PM JT-Shop: I can build a machine in my head but can't tell you how long it will take to build it
06:39 PM roycroft: but for personal projects, i'm finding i'm not able to work as fast as i used to, and while i'm adapting, i also build in a lot of wiggle room so that when things don't go as planned i don't get too far behind
06:40 PM JT-Shop: thanks, the screws from menards are trash so I could not finish fitting the drawers
06:40 PM JT-Shop: today
06:40 PM roycroft: that is often an advantage such as with this project
06:41 PM roycroft: i'm growing the project because i'm not needing the wiggle room
06:41 PM JT-Shop: I used a 1/8" round over bit on the fronts and let them stick out 1/8" and I like that look
06:42 PM JT-Shop: next I need to come up with a drawer pull design...
06:42 PM roycroft: i have finished the shoji panels for my lamp, but i have not done any of the infill patterns yet
06:42 PM roycroft: and the shoji paper just arrived
06:42 PM roycroft: so when i get back from vacation i should be able to finish up that lamp fairly quickly
06:43 PM JT-Shop: cool
06:43 PM roycroft: yeah, it will be nice to complete one, even though i'm going to redesign major parts of it
06:43 PM JT-Shop: I have to build 6 steel posts for a sun shade sail but I have to finish converting the copy lathe first
06:43 PM roycroft: it's the first prototype, and i've learned a lot
06:44 PM JT-Shop: I learned a lot building this cabinet
06:44 PM * roycroft needs to get the milling machine working soon after his vacation, as well
06:44 PM JT-Shop: time to check on chow
06:45 PM XXCoder: jt if you had cnc router, you can make kickass front for it too
07:49 PM unterhaus: I guess since I inadvertently ordered more 7i96es than I wanted, I should set up my lathe to use one for making it cut metric threads
07:49 PM unterhaus: the manufacturers solution was to add 7 gears to get a 127/100 ratio
07:50 PM unterhaus: Thinking about using a RPi
07:55 PM XXCoder: as linuxcnc device to control lathe?
07:55 PM XXCoder: you would probably need MESA with it
08:00 PM unterhaus: that's what I said, I bought two extra mesa boards
08:00 PM XXCoder: nice
08:00 PM XXCoder: i want to try rpi4 with mesa board
08:00 PM XXCoder: for my cnc router
08:00 PM unterhaus: I'm surprised there isn't more discussion of RPi on the forum
08:00 PM XXCoder: sounds like much neater setup than current
08:01 PM unterhaus: I probably should get a rpi for my mill, it would solve the space problem
08:03 PM XXCoder: nice
08:04 PM XXCoder: now that i have 3d printer, I can make nicer cases etc for my cnc router. problem? i have zero space for setting it up :(
08:15 PM unterhaus: I would like to have a cnc router, but no space
08:16 PM XXCoder: what workspace?
08:16 PM roycroft: i'm working on a cnc router design that will sit on top of my current router table
08:17 PM roycroft: if it works out it will be able to be broken down and set up quickly, and stored in a minimal amount of space
08:18 PM roycroft: what i'm working on currently is based on the lowrider router design - you might google that and see if something like that might work in your space
08:33 PM Rhine_Labs: Quick and Dirty Blog Post on the Blown Tormach ECM V1.5 Control Board. https://www.stevenrhine.com/?p=58921
08:43 PM unterhaus: $825 for that? Everybody gotta eat I guess
08:44 PM XXCoder: 625
08:45 PM unterhaus: I knew I should clean my reading glasses
08:45 PM XXCoder: clean glasses and save $200 ;)
08:45 PM unterhaus: I would order 3 by mistake so it would be $1900
08:46 PM unterhaus: lowrider looks interesting
08:46 PM unterhaus: I should get rid of my wood lathe
08:47 PM XXCoder: havent used it for long while?
08:52 PM Rhine_Labs: Yea, they are very proud of their BOB
08:54 PM Rhine_Labs: Be so happy to have my 6.5 digit DMM back on the bench next week.
09:06 PM unterhaus: I have never used my wood lathe at all. Got it as part of a package deal
09:06 PM unterhaus: I want a wood lathe, but it's not currently usable
09:08 PM roycroft: i'm seriously thinking about getting a new wood lathe
09:39 PM Rhine_Labs: I need to finish my lathe.
09:47 PM _unreal_: yep thats a good one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3389742
10:35 PM Rhine_Labs: anyone else have a collection of device programmers? https://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-admin/upload.php?item=49852
10:36 PM Rhine_Labs: Ahh wrong link.. https://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/CT_Pilot_PGMERS-SNR-S-1024x576.jpg
10:40 PM Tom_L: your desk is too neat
10:41 PM Tom_L: i've made a few hundred
10:44 PM Rhine_Labs: Only neet till i get work or a project LOL
10:45 PM Tom_L: i've made a few avr programmers
10:45 PM Rhine_Labs: I ahve odd ball programmers.. https://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/20210807_2026451-1024x578.jpg
10:45 PM Tom_L: i've got a generic one of those
10:45 PM Tom_L: usb
10:45 PM Rhine_Labs: Thought I had a Xilinx USB Jtag but only LPT
10:46 PM Rhine_Labs: May have to get a LPT card.
10:46 PM Rhine_Labs: or try a USB to LPT
10:47 PM Tom_L: moto, pic, avr, xilinx
10:47 PM roycroft: i have an old eeprom burner still that uses a proprietary interface card that only works with ms-dos
10:47 PM roycroft: i've an old 486 that runs dos 6 that i use when i need to burn an eeprom
10:47 PM Rhine_Labs: roycraft LOL
10:47 PM Rhine_Labs: https://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Xeltek-Magic-Adpt-Bread-Board.jpg
10:48 PM roycroft: it still works, so i see no reason to get a new one
10:49 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/boards/USBTiny_Mkii/USBTiny_Mkii_batch.jpg
10:49 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/boards/USBTiny_Mkii/Boxes/blue3_batch.jpg
10:49 PM roycroft: well, i should say it still worked the last time i used it, which has been 3-4 years
10:49 PM Tom_L: 2 different styles
10:49 PM Rhine_Labs: I think my 6100N is 103562 devices on the last update
10:50 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/boards/new_batch/USB_chips.jpg
10:52 PM Rhine_Labs: Ohh yes i know that sight.
10:53 PM Rhine_Labs: I need to find an alternative to the Segger 5 to read/write Renesas M38039FFFP really dont want to pull the QFP when there is a ISP on the Board.
10:53 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/temp/xilinx/Spartan6_1.jpg
10:53 PM Tom_L: couple xilinx boards
10:54 PM Rhine_Labs: use my little USBjtagnt a lot.
10:54 PM Rhine_Labs: I have a local co that brings me trays of chips to program.
10:56 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/attiny2313/attiny9.jpg
10:56 PM Tom_L: i'd just hold those on the board with a finger to program em
10:56 PM Tom_L: xtal on the bottom
10:56 PM Rhine_Labs: I suck at coding..
10:57 PM Tom_L: i probably would now. haven't done much in a while
10:57 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/attiny2313/mini_usb_batch1.jpg
10:57 PM Rhine_Labs: https://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Xeltek-6100N-5000E-1024x900.jpg
10:58 PM Tom_L: those were the first avr programmers i did
10:58 PM Rhine_Labs: Yea, this is on a atmega328
10:58 PM Rhine_Labs: some off bootloader
10:58 PM Rhine_Labs: USB Boot
10:58 PM Tom_L: most are based on app 109? iirc
11:00 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/pdf/atmel/AVR109.pdf
11:00 PM Tom_L: bootloader
11:01 PM Rhine_Labs: HIDBootFlash is whats used to program the atmega
11:01 PM Tom_L: mine did all 3 protocols
11:02 PM Tom_L: xmega was pdi, some tiny were tpi and most were isp
11:04 PM Tom_L: i collaborated with dean camera (lufa usb lib) on those
11:04 PM Tom_L: he actually went to norway to atmel on an internship for a while
11:40 PM Rhine_Labs: this one is sitting in the recycle bin right now.. LOL t
11:41 PM Rhine_Labs: https://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/20200103_193042.jpg
11:48 PM Rhine_Labs: Sure do miss my reflow oven.
11:49 PM Rhine_Labs: https://www.stevenrhine.com/?p=14183