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Jul 11 2021

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12:34 AM veegee: can anyone recommend a torch-mounted current control for TIG welding?
01:50 AM Deejay: moin
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04:39 AM Tom_L: morning
04:40 AM XXCoder: yo
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05:01 AM XXCoder1: oh great
05:01 AM XXCoder1: just had blackout
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05:01 AM XXCoder: it was very short one
05:46 AM veegee: Any TIG welding experts in the house?
05:46 AM veegee: Deejay FML I haven't slept yet
05:47 AM * Deejay had barbecue for lunch a few minutes ago :)
05:55 AM enleth: veegee: what's the problem? not and expert, but maybe I've seen the solution you're looking for somewhere
05:57 AM veegee: enleth no problem, just wondering why you'd choose gas lens collet body vs. the "gas saver" parts
05:57 AM veegee: standard parts diagram: https://canadaweldingsupply.ca/collections/ck-worldwide-2-series-parts
05:58 AM veegee: gas saver parts diagram: https://canadaweldingsupply.ca/collections/ck-worldwide-2-series-gas-saver-parts
05:58 AM veegee: I have both types for both 2 series and 3 series torches
05:58 AM veegee: Just wondering what I should buy more of
05:59 AM veegee: Well for the pyrex cups, you need to use the "gas saver" parts because the cups are push-on with an O-ring seal
06:00 AM veegee: the standard parts set cups are all screw thread, and pyrex cups don't come in that format. So I guess if you want pyrex cups, you have to use the gas sever series parts
06:05 AM enleth: well, it's better in some regards but you get less variety of cups that fit
06:05 AM enleth: I prefer the push-on style, much easier to swap during welding when it's hot
06:05 AM enleth: sometimes this is useful
06:06 AM veegee: Yeah that's what I have the most of
06:06 AM enleth: but the traditional style sometimes goes back on the torch, mainly for the long reach sleek cups with a step in them
06:07 AM veegee: I have long push on cups
06:08 AM enleth: I still have a bazillion of the screw-on cups in a large variety of shapes, mostly the long ones
06:09 AM enleth: I'll probably look for push-on equivalents as the screw-on ones wear out and break
06:09 AM enleth: and switch to that entirely at some point
06:10 AM enleth: and just keep a separate small torch for tiny, poorly accessible stuff
06:11 AM veegee: Have 3 torches already. Contemplating getting this one: https://canadaweldingsupply.ca/collections/180-250-amp-water-cooled-tig-torches/products/ck-worldwide-ck200-flex-head-master-tig-torches
06:11 AM veegee: I have the TL300 flex head and it's great, but small water cooled torches are great
06:12 AM enleth: I have that on my to-buy list
06:13 AM enleth: not that specific one, but something similar
06:13 AM enleth: I modified the CNC laser cutter's chiller to use it as a torch chiller as soon as I get the torch
06:14 AM enleth: put ISO F flat-face hydraulic quick connects on it so it can be detached from the laser and carted over to the welding table
06:14 AM JT-Cave: morning
06:15 AM enleth: at 1.7kW of cooling capacity, it should be able to keep the torch very comfortably cool under high load
06:16 AM veegee: enleth try some CPU thermal paste in the collet body threads
06:17 AM enleth: doesn't it start smoking at very high heat?
06:17 AM veegee: That's why I'm asking you to try it so you can let me know
06:18 AM veegee: I'll try the indium-gallium alloy in the meantime
06:18 AM veegee: that's the liquid metal alloy which has far higher thermal conductivity
06:19 AM veegee: But not sure if it'll dissolve the brass. It'll destroy aluminum heatsinks so I only use it on pure copper or nickel plated copper heatsinks for my CPUs
06:19 AM enleth: quite toxic, too
06:22 AM enleth: veegee: but does that even make any useful difference? the front end of the torch can get hot just fine, cooling protects the torch body
06:22 AM enleth: so you want less conductivity between the cup and body, not more, right?
06:24 AM veegee: That is true
06:25 AM veegee: But water has such enormous heat capacity that it would be nice to cool the entire collet body, collet, even the tungsten down a bit
07:17 AM rs[m]: https://www.virgingalactic.com/watch/
07:19 AM rs[m]: sorry
07:19 AM rs[m]: wrong channel
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07:36 AM perry_j1987: morning
07:43 AM perry_j1987: went out to shop yesterday and ran spindle
07:43 AM perry_j1987: noticed it feeling warmer than normal
07:43 AM perry_j1987: went to do tool change on the er collet and was too warm for comfortable holding
07:43 AM perry_j1987: ....fun
07:52 AM enleth: perry_j1987: sounds like it's in need of a bearing change
07:52 AM enleth: does it run on factory bearings now?
07:52 AM perry_j1987: ya im looking into teardowns for these 2.2kw water cooled spindles
07:52 AM perry_j1987: ya factory stock atm
07:53 AM perry_j1987: 2 years old
07:53 AM enleth: just to state the obvious - you sure it's not a cooling system issue?
07:53 AM perry_j1987: bottom of the spindle is where the heat is generating
07:53 AM perry_j1987: it heat up pretty quickly
07:53 AM enleth: yep, looks like a dying bearing
07:54 AM perry_j1987: stayed around 126 degrees with cooling system going
07:54 AM perry_j1987: so kept running the last job
07:54 AM perry_j1987: and watched it close
08:09 AM perry_j1987: before i crack my only spindle open i think i'd prob buy a new one to swap it out for
08:09 AM perry_j1987: then i can crack it open in a less stressful situation on the bench heh
08:11 AM JavaBean: having backups or even multiple backups isn't just a "prepper" thin
08:11 AM JavaBean: g
08:14 AM enleth: perry_j1987: look into replacing the bearings with better ones, someone might have already figured out upgrades for your model
08:14 AM perry_j1987: aye
08:15 AM enleth: but beware of just blindly replacing them with whatever higher precision bearings that fit dimensionally
08:15 AM enleth: even water-cooled, a high speed spindle might require bearings that account for thermal expansion
08:15 AM perry_j1987: the spindle sounds completely normal when running
08:16 AM perry_j1987: but it feels like there is more preload or something now
08:16 AM perry_j1987: seems harder to turn the spindle by hand now than i remembered
08:16 AM perry_j1987: even unplugged the wires to see if it was cogging or something
08:23 AM enleth: if the bearings are greased, the grease might have cooked off
08:24 AM enleth: or the bearings are just getting worn
08:25 AM enleth: if you identify the one that's gotten stiff after you pull them out, disassemble it and inspect the races and balls, the surface might hint at the failure mode
08:28 AM enleth: (quick bearing post-mortem disassembly tip: use a small flat-ended punch to rip open rivets that hold the cage together)
08:28 AM enleth: when you punch a rivet, that part of the cage gets pulled in and typically the two adjacent rivets snap, too
08:29 AM _unreal_: just finished designing a separation disk for my mini cyclone. should improve it a lot
08:29 AM _unreal_: cant wait till I clear the que of items being printed
08:29 AM _unreal_: to make that one
08:34 AM perry_j1987: i'll have to take the spindle over to my buddy's place he has a press i can use to get the thing apart
09:00 AM perry_j1987: im really liking this amana 51377 cutters
09:00 AM perry_j1987: you guys know anything that beats these?
09:10 AM Deejay: re
09:46 AM Tom_L: nice N breeze this AM, hi 81F
09:50 AM pcw_home: 56F now highs 74 inland 15 miles its 95 highs
09:51 AM pcw_home: (the SF bay/Pacific ocean moderate temps here a lot)
10:08 AM roguish[m]: 105.8 HERE YESTERDAY
10:10 AM roguish[m]: pcw_home: good morning. could you recommend a good flyback diode to put on a 24v dc contactor switched by a 7i37 ?
10:10 AM roguish[m]: like a 1n400?
10:13 AM pcw_home: Yeah in400X is fine
10:31 AM pcw_home: maybe best to verify polarity by switching with a mechanical switch first
10:38 AM JT-Shop: It's that time of year again and it's game on!
10:38 AM JT-Shop: Tobacco Hornworms 0, JT 2.
10:38 AM JT-Shop: Going to say Cyonara to any I missed tonight.
11:41 AM perry_j1987: *finds himself drooling over mitutoyo calipers again
11:45 AM veroski: pcw_home and other: good day, i have 7i97 card with 7i97_D.bit firmware load. if i want connect 7i74 card i must load 7i97_7i74D.bit,and up here we are. my question is: once the correct firmware is loaded, is the card automatically detected? also the additional cards that I will connect? (7i70, 7i84). If not, do I have to add something in the hal file to make them recognize them and to make them write
11:45 AM veroski: the additional pins? thank you.
11:52 AM pcw_home: Yes, the cards will be automatically detected if they are enabled in the driver command line
11:55 AM pcw_home: sserial_port_0=00000000" would enable all (in mode 0) note that channel 0 on the 7I74 is not active, only channels 1..7
12:02 PM veroski: i don't undersand, when i load the firmware i must specify sserial_port_0=00000000? (that enable all ethernet port on 7i74)
12:04 PM pcw_home: No, that's in the hal file, for example:
12:05 PM pcw_home: loadrt hm2_eth board_ip="" config=" num_encoders=6 num_pwmgens=6 num_stepgens=0 sserial_port_0=0000xxxx"
12:05 PM pcw_home: would only enable the first 4 sserial channels
12:06 PM pcw_home: (0..3) channel 0 is on the 7I97
12:06 PM pcw_home: bbl
12:06 PM veroski: ok ok i understand if i want enable only first 2 port i do sserial_port_0=00xxxxxx
12:08 PM veroski: ah..what do you means for channel?
12:13 PM veroski: im reading manuals
01:12 PM * flyback bites Roguish
01:12 PM veegee: perry_j1987 dat rake https://www.amanatool.com/pub/media/productattachments/51470-L.jpg
01:12 PM flyback: veegee,
01:12 PM flyback: ingineerNUCK
01:12 PM veegee: For aluminum, why even bother with solid carbide?
01:13 PM veegee: I'd just grind an HSS single flute cutter "D bit"
01:13 PM veegee: flyback that is oddly accurate
01:13 PM flyback: well that's now indians say it
01:13 PM perry_j1987: my buddy has been pushing one of those 51377 cutters in 1in slabs of aluminum plates for over 6 months and the cutter still feels nearly as sharp as his backup one still in the case
01:13 PM flyback: so you are an INGINEERnuck
01:14 PM veegee: flyback can you convince roycroft to be my friend?
01:14 PM veegee: flyback try as I might, he loves me no longer
01:14 PM flyback: roycroft, BMCC
01:14 PM * flyback hurls veegee at roycroft
01:15 PM veegee: perry_j1987 yeah, similar experience with my niagara micrograin solid carbide cutters in mild steel
01:15 PM veegee: but aluminum is so soft
01:15 PM veegee: you can get away with HSS all day
01:17 PM veegee: perry_j1987 I'm about to pull the trigger on this: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1573729839
01:17 PM veegee: then pull the trigger on myself because roycroft doesn't want to be my friend :'(
01:17 PM perry_j1987: seen stuff like that on marketplace lately around 600ish
01:18 PM veegee: Tool and cutter grinders are a bit hard to come by around here. Lathes and mills are much more common
01:18 PM flyback: veegee, be sure to use a indian gun made from cardboard paper tubes
01:18 PM veegee: So one in good condition is a pretty rare find
01:19 PM flyback: toolgrinders own your "canuck"
01:19 PM veegee: flyback lol!
01:19 PM * flyback tips veegee over
01:19 PM flyback: m000
01:19 PM flyback: so weird being on win7 again for the first time in yrs
01:20 PM veegee: India is still on XP
01:20 PM flyback: this is for my drac 4 card I bought one of my old servers that is used for data recovery
01:20 PM veegee: But impressively also using the latest Linux distros too
01:20 PM flyback: cause it's headless and got sick of hsving to attach a monitr once in a while when it's mounted in a cabinet
01:20 PM flyback: but it needs old browers and old java
01:20 PM flyback: so I setup a old laptop
01:21 PM flyback: win7 was the limit and ie8
01:21 PM veegee: 22ÂșC in the workshop but humid
01:21 PM veegee: feels yucky
01:22 PM veegee: my 4 dehumidifiers are on the rack but the humidity makes me lazy and I'm too lazy to get them down
01:22 PM flyback: wish I could get a drac for the other old server but at least it's in my room so attaching a monitor is not a problem
01:22 PM flyback: working on my nas today also
01:22 PM veegee: flyback I should show you data hoarding rack
01:22 PM flyback: once I get all the files transferred from the data recovery boxes I am going to reinstall gentoo on both of them
01:23 PM veegee: a full 25U rack with 70-bay LTO tape library with 4 drives
01:23 PM flyback: I had a box of 200 old hd's 1000 cdr's and 350 floppies
01:23 PM flyback: I imaging
01:23 PM flyback: nice
01:23 PM flyback: wish I had one of those
01:23 PM veegee: 3 x 12 DAS connected over SAS3
01:23 PM flyback: nice
01:23 PM flyback: freenas I hope :P
01:23 PM flyback: or at least btrfs in linux
01:23 PM veegee: a 24 core server, infiniband FDR switch
01:23 PM veegee: Linux, both btrfs and zfs
01:23 PM flyback: nbice
01:24 PM flyback: I wanted to use btrfs for my nas since the data recovery boxes already use btrfs but there's no good nas distro
01:24 PM flyback: both openmediaserver and rockstor can't manage or monitor btrfs from their gui
01:24 PM veegee: damn, cmd+q by accident
01:24 PM flyback: CANUCK
01:24 PM * flyback bites veegee
01:24 PM flyback: sorry reflex when I see .ca
01:24 PM veegee: bandwidth from my workstation to the rack is 54 gbit over infiniband
01:25 PM flyback: nice
01:25 PM veegee: latency is insanely low
01:25 PM flyback: yeah inifinband will do that but you pay out the ass for it
01:25 PM veegee: so there's tape libraries, 36 x 8TB SAS3 hard drives, and about 96TB in nVME enterprise SSDs
01:26 PM flyback: I have like two 80gb hd's in the nas for os/boot and 2 3tb hd's for storage
01:26 PM veegee: not the shitty consumer SSDs, these are 3 DWPD drives with guaranteed minimum performance specs when fully loaded
01:26 PM flyback: it came with two 120gb ssd's intel but they have a compatible problem
01:26 PM flyback: so I had to remove them
01:26 PM flyback: they would disconnect which isn't a problem if one out of 2 does it
01:26 PM veegee: all my infiniband is from ebay deals
01:26 PM flyback: but it it tried to reconnect, it would crash the whole sata controller
01:26 PM veegee: I paid less for the switch and cards than 10G-BaseSR
01:27 PM flyback: which is very bad
01:27 PM flyback: nice
01:27 PM veegee: use SSDs for OS/boot
01:27 PM veegee: they're cheap enough now
01:27 PM flyback: I can't
01:27 PM flyback: see above
01:27 PM flyback: unless it turnss out to only be this model intel ssd
01:28 PM veegee: SATA or NVMe?
01:28 PM flyback: sata of course because the nas is a n40l
01:28 PM flyback: I love it though
01:28 PM flyback: 4 drive bays
01:28 PM flyback: 10x8x10 inches
01:28 PM veegee: that is really weird because SATA is generic
01:28 PM veegee: well so is NVMe
01:28 PM flyback: well the one ssd kept disconnecting and like I said it's a problem if it tries to reconnect live
01:29 PM veegee: but any drive should work just fine.
01:29 PM flyback: if it stayed disconnected it would be ine
01:29 PM veegee: Yeah. Different SSD with different controller should work better
01:29 PM flyback: for now two old 80gb hd's is fine the whole os is like 2gb I think
01:29 PM veegee: No more consumer hardware for me
01:30 PM veegee: yeah
01:30 PM flyback: well this is a real server
01:30 PM flyback: hp microserver N40L
01:30 PM veegee: Got 2 x HP DL380 G9
01:30 PM flyback: https://n40l.fandom.com/wiki/HP_MicroServer_N40L_Wiki
01:30 PM flyback: nice
01:30 PM veegee: made a custom fan controller circuit for it to make them as quiet as a regular PC
01:31 PM veegee: https://www.servethehome.com/ useful site by the way
01:31 PM flyback: yes and they like my hw
01:31 PM flyback: as does truenas
01:32 PM flyback: it's 10 yrs old but still solid although I Might have to put in a psu eventually
01:32 PM veegee: for storage, totally fine
01:32 PM flyback: i put in a usb 3.0 3 port card with a usb nic combo card in it
01:32 PM flyback: yeah that's all it does
01:32 PM veegee: if it has PCIe of any kind, it'll work fine for storage
01:32 PM flyback: storage and auto backup my folk's pc's eventually
01:32 PM flyback: it has 2 pci-e
01:32 PM flyback: it'e a neat little box
01:32 PM flyback: amd turion dual core
01:32 PM flyback: 8gb ecc ram
01:33 PM veegee: first thing that goes into my storage servers is a SAS HBA
01:33 PM flyback: well this has it's own 5 port sata controller so no need
01:33 PM flyback: espically since I am running sw raid
01:33 PM flyback: https://liquidstate.net/content/images/2014/Jul/HP-MicroServer.jpg
01:34 PM flyback: better pic
01:34 PM veegee: True
01:34 PM veegee: I love SAS because it's so much better than SATA in every single way
01:34 PM flyback: oh I agree
01:34 PM flyback: my 2 data recovery boxes
01:34 PM veegee: SAS expanders, external direct attach storage
01:34 PM flyback: even though they are all sata drives
01:34 PM veegee: yeah
01:34 PM flyback: I put a 8 port sas controller in the one and a 4 port in the other
01:34 PM flyback: so I could isolate os/boot and raid temp storage from the drives being recovered
01:35 PM flyback: $45 and $25 wasn't a big investment
01:35 PM veegee: ebay sometimes gives you amazing deals. I was looking for just the 12 bay DAS, but the units I bought came with 4TB SAS enterprise drives already lol
01:35 PM flyback: this also lets me do stuff like put the sata controller in ide mode which is a trick needed sometimes
01:35 PM flyback: since my os and temp storage are isolated now
01:35 PM veegee: yeah yucky trick
01:36 PM flyback: hey it works sometimes a dying sata drive works better in ide mode
01:36 PM veegee: had to do that once and it made my stomach upset
01:36 PM flyback: also you gain hw reset pin etc
01:36 PM flyback: well both of those servers
01:36 PM flyback: dell rigged so they only run ide mode
01:36 PM flyback: but I found out how to enable ahci using grub setpci command
01:36 PM veegee: https://www.labgopher.com/
01:36 PM veegee: another site for you
01:36 PM flyback: the only downside is I can never suspend
01:36 PM flyback: because that will reset the chipset back
01:37 PM veegee: I'm waiting for the HP DL380 G10 leases to expire so I can buy them used
01:37 PM veegee: eh, no need for suspend
01:37 PM flyback: thx
01:37 PM flyback: yeah I don't need suspend on data recovery box either
01:37 PM flyback: those old core2quad servers exist for one reason
01:37 PM flyback: ddrescue
01:37 PM flyback: that's it
01:38 PM flyback: I used gentoo so I could compile the kernel with very old ide drivers for one of the pci cards
01:38 PM flyback: because the old ide driver lets you turn dma off
01:38 PM flyback: the modern libata ones don't
01:38 PM veegee: https://i.imgur.com/7lZwLKc.jpg
01:38 PM flyback: they finally just yanked that code out in 5.14 so I have to put a pin in gentoo portage to never upgrade to 5.14 or better
01:38 PM flyback: you?
01:39 PM flyback: oh I have a pic of sherlock hang ong
01:39 PM flyback: https://imgur.com/a/V7DGx6n
01:39 PM flyback: I got rid f that big psu and distribution board
01:39 PM veegee: No I am java dev-loper vith many EYE-TEE experience
01:40 PM flyback: it was causing the box to lose it's bmc
01:40 PM flyback: I didn't confirm this till I got the drac card and it did the same damn thing
01:40 PM flyback: I spend 4 hrs taking the server apart and reflowing all the atx pins with lead solder
01:40 PM flyback: that didn't solve it either but tightening the holes on the atx connector resolved it
01:41 PM flyback: I even yanked on it many time and no more blinking bmc/ipmi lights
01:42 PM flyback: that box has been crashed many times due to early sata port issues, ups issue and power supply issue so I want to reinstall gentoo, this time start with btrfs which will protect the os from data corruptiuon or at least notify if any
01:42 PM flyback: it's a pain in the ass to redo gentoo so I wanted to get the drac card first
01:42 PM flyback: I found a really NASTY bug in sata ports in ide emulation mode
01:43 PM flyback: it pairs 2 ports into a virtual ide cable with master/slave
01:43 PM flyback: and because no hw really ever did multitasking on ide on the same cable
01:43 PM flyback: if you attach your dying hard drive you are pulling data from on the same virtual pair as your os drive
01:43 PM flyback: it will cock block the os drive from being accessed
01:44 PM flyback: but that's no longer an issue since I got sas cards to keep the os/boot drive and temp raid space drives on
01:44 PM flyback: totally isolated now
01:44 PM veegee: ah, that's why you need the good old TLER
01:44 PM flyback: I have used that on soe data recovery
01:44 PM flyback: I set it down to 0.5S
01:44 PM flyback: so it would just abort on every bad sectors instantely
01:45 PM flyback: so it would quickly image all the good ones
01:45 PM flyback: I really only have to do that on "minefields"
01:45 PM flyback: aka drives with endlesss bad sectors all over the place
01:47 PM flyback: sherlock has a hp h220/lsi 2308 card
01:47 PM flyback: and watson I forget now
01:49 PM flyback: lsi megaraid 9240i 4 port
01:49 PM flyback: normally megaraids you can't convert to IT mode
01:49 PM flyback: but this one is sorta a fake partially sw megaraid
01:49 PM flyback: so it converted
01:49 PM flyback: sas2008 I believe
01:50 PM veegee: wait you can
01:50 PM veegee: you can flash all megaraid to IT mode
01:50 PM flyback: nope
01:50 PM veegee: SAS2008 is easily flashed to IT mode
01:50 PM flyback: most megaraids with true lsi megaraid HW can't be flashed
01:50 PM veegee: you sure? I've done it a bunch of times before I upgraded them all to LSI 9600 series
01:50 PM flyback: yours is porbably a hybrid
01:51 PM flyback: what chip
01:51 PM flyback: lspci it
01:51 PM veegee: Not in front of it at the moment, but it's a SAS2008 for sure
01:51 PM veegee: I have lots
01:51 PM flyback: yeah that's not a true megaraid HW
01:51 PM flyback: so yes those are flashable
01:51 PM veegee: I have SAS2008, SAS2116
01:52 PM veegee: They're all 92xx series
01:52 PM veegee: Which ones are you referring to that are the true megaraid?
01:52 PM flyback: trying to find the guide
01:52 PM veegee: We're having a more productive conversation here than you can in ##hardware about this stuff
01:53 PM veegee: that channel just has a lot of kids arguing about "muh gigahurtz brings all da FPS to the yard"
01:53 PM flyback: 2116 is a IT only mode chip
01:53 PM flyback: 2008 does raid 0,1, 1e,10
01:53 PM flyback: those are usually flashable to IT mode
01:53 PM flyback: the ones with true hardware raid 5/6/50/60 are not flashable to IT mode
01:53 PM veegee: Yeah I bought at least one of every chipset a few years ago for testing before I settled on one that was good
01:54 PM veegee: I have ones that are indeed true hardware raid
01:54 PM veegee: but I didn't want that so I flashed them to IT mode
01:54 PM veegee: just forgot the exact chipset
01:54 PM flyback: well Im not talking true hardware 0,1,10
01:54 PM flyback: that's flashable to IT mode
01:54 PM veegee: I know, you're talking about 5, 6
01:54 PM veegee: with write hole and all
01:54 PM flyback: it's the ones with 5/6/50/60 in hardware that usally are not flashable
01:55 PM flyback: 2008 is still a good chip the only bad thing is it can't be used in esxi 7.0
01:55 PM flyback: 2308 is the only 2xxx series that can
01:56 PM veegee: eh don't care about vmware at all
01:56 PM flyback: reason being is esxi 7.0 dropped their linux kernel emulation they used for drivers
01:56 PM flyback: i know, just saying
01:56 PM flyback: I misss having a esxi rig at home though
01:56 PM veegee: But all my cards are now LSI 9400 series, like this: https://www.broadcom.com/products/storage/host-bus-adapters/sas-nvme-9400-16i
01:57 PM veegee: SAS3 for the huge amount of bandwidth that's shared among all the drives
01:57 PM flyback: yep and a bigger cpu
01:57 PM veegee: I can do sequential writes in excess of 20 GBytes/s
01:57 PM flyback: on the 3xxx series
01:57 PM veegee: This is to the RAID10 BTRFS array
01:57 PM flyback: nice
01:57 PM veegee: ZFS good too, arguably safer, but much slower
01:58 PM veegee: BTRFS is several times faster. Personally no data loss for me, but I've read stories
01:58 PM flyback: I run 10 on sherlock cause it has 4 drives and raid 1 on watson cause it only has 2
01:58 PM veegee: so just to be safe I have ZFS as main pool
01:58 PM flyback: btrfs usually only loses data on
01:58 PM flyback: a) raid 5/6
01:58 PM flyback: which is marked still do not use
01:58 PM veegee: Yeah I only do RAID10/mirrored vdevs
01:58 PM veegee: anything else is too slow
01:58 PM flyback: b) drives and sdd's that ignore write cache sync commands or reorder writes in a bad way
01:59 PM veegee: I do RAID 0 for my SSDs
01:59 PM flyback: yeah we learned the hard way about raid 5/6 at work when we ran a mini hosting company
01:59 PM veegee: the SSD array is the
01:59 PM veegee: "cache"
01:59 PM veegee: But RAID 0 and same size as main hard drive array size
02:00 PM veegee: So all the read+write benefits of SSDs in RAID 0 with reliability of enterprise SAS drives in RAID 10
02:00 PM flyback: nice
02:01 PM flyback: it's going to be nice to be able to keep all these old hard drive, floppy and cd images uncompressed
02:01 PM flyback: so I can mount them live and extract data
02:01 PM veegee: Yeah I pretty much archive the whole damn internet
02:01 PM flyback: actually they will be compressed but using zfs compression on the filesystem
02:01 PM veegee: tape libraries make that possible
02:01 PM flyback: not zipping each file
02:01 PM veegee: Yes that too
02:01 PM flyback: probably going to take a week to unzip all the files and recompress them via the filesystem on this nas
02:01 PM flyback: :/
02:01 PM veegee: I'm going to make an acrylic enclosure for the tape libraries so you can see the little robotic autoloader move around and work
02:01 PM flyback: uh oh
02:01 PM veegee: it's so cute
02:01 PM flyback: I hear the wall gurgling
02:02 PM flyback: in the basement
02:02 PM flyback: where the french drain is
02:02 PM flyback: that means it must be pouring outside
02:02 PM flyback: bbl going to check it out
02:02 PM veegee: damn french, always rainin' and drainin'
02:03 PM flyback: back
02:04 PM flyback: my folks had to have 2 french drains put in the basement
02:04 PM flyback: even bac in 2005 or earlier when I lived here before I wenr to grandmas to live till she died in 2018
02:04 PM flyback: I would have water all over my floor when it rained
02:04 PM flyback: it got to be a creek after I lef
02:04 PM flyback: so they had them put in french drains and pumps
02:05 PM flyback: now we know why
02:05 PM flyback: dad was drilling into the wall to try to vent the water before the 2nd french drain was installed
02:05 PM veegee: When I lived with my parents, I redid my whole basement to elevate the floor itself off the concrete with a waterproof subfloor
02:05 PM flyback: he found
02:05 PM veegee: so even if it flooded, no issue
02:05 PM flyback: a) they used fake masonary blocks that are made from pieces not a cast whole block
02:05 PM veegee: there's a drain in the floor and the water just passes under the floorboards
02:05 PM flyback: b) they didn't mix the morter well it was full of sand
02:05 PM flyback: nice
02:10 PM flyback: be careful with ssd's on 2xxx series chips
02:11 PM flyback: they have a off by one bug that happens with fstrim
02:11 PM flyback: so I had to partition one cylinder less
02:12 PM veegee: wait what?
02:12 PM veegee: Didn't know that
02:12 PM veegee: I'm not on SAS2008 anymore, but didn't know about that when I was
02:13 PM veegee: But I was using ZFS and gave it the entire SSD and didn't have any problems
02:13 PM flyback: might only be some ssd's also
02:13 PM veegee: These were consumer SATA SSDs though and I already did a hard reset (memory cell clearing) on them
02:14 PM veegee: Like this https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Solid_state_drive/Memory_cell_clearing
02:14 PM flyback: hdparm --security-erase ?
02:14 PM flyback: :P
02:14 PM veegee: pretty much
02:14 PM flyback: yep
02:14 PM veegee: and verified data by manually invoking fstrim
02:14 PM flyback: I came up with t hat theory myself
02:14 PM veegee: Didn't have any data loss and ZFS didn't report any issue
02:14 PM flyback: that doing the secure erase lets the drive blank all the translation tables etc
02:14 PM flyback: and other internal housekeeping
02:15 PM flyback: vs trying to overwrite it which the drive thinks is valid data
02:16 PM veegee: SAS had that feature natively since before SSDs were a thing
02:16 PM flyback: it's also very fast :)
02:16 PM flyback: nvme format and hdparm --security-erase
02:16 PM flyback: ugh
02:16 PM veegee: SCSI unmap is great
02:16 PM flyback: since I ugraded win7 to the last set of patches from m$
02:16 PM flyback: it's about 2x slower on my drac
02:17 PM veegee: why use DRAC at all?
02:17 PM flyback: when reloading the os or running a diagnostic
02:17 PM veegee: Oh just remote management
02:17 PM flyback: yes
02:17 PM flyback: cause this box is buried in a cabinet
02:17 PM flyback: to keep it warm in the winter since it's in a fruit cellar part of basement
02:17 PM veegee: yeah enterprise remote management is damn slow
02:17 PM flyback: unheated
02:18 PM veegee: gigabyte rack servers are great
02:18 PM veegee: https://www.gigabyte.com/Enterprise/Rack-Server/R282-Z92-rev-100#Overview I was about to get that
02:18 PM flyback: I can do the remote mangement and power on/poff
02:18 PM flyback: using firefox in wine
02:18 PM flyback: from this pc
02:18 PM flyback: but for the virtual media you need ie8
02:18 PM flyback: so have to run on that old win7 aptop
02:18 PM veegee: That monster of a server has 24 U.2 bays
02:19 PM flyback: nice
02:19 PM veegee: hooked up to PCIe retimers
02:19 PM veegee: Supermicro servers are also really nice
02:19 PM Tom_L: whoda thunk flyback and a canuck....
02:19 PM flyback: supermicro does make nice hw
02:19 PM veegee: He's been trolling me since forever :P
02:20 PM veegee: Just like I've been trolling roycroft since forever
02:20 PM Tom_L: 2 trolls duke it out!
02:20 PM veegee: Difference between roycroft and me is I can take a joke lol
02:20 PM flyback: man it was a nightmare to update this drac to the latest firmware
02:20 PM flyback: cause it wouldn't do it from it's web gui
02:20 PM flyback: so the other option was this program that makes dos floppies and needs to write to a floppy
02:20 PM flyback: so I setup a windows vm
02:21 PM flyback: wrote out the virtual floppies then copied them to a bootable usb dos disk
02:21 PM veegee: yup, been there
02:23 PM flyback: even with it's limitations
02:23 PM flyback: drac remote console only works up to windows 7 else no mouse and keyboard
02:23 PM flyback: and vitual media will only boot up to a xp disc but can boot any linux etc
02:23 PM veegee: Yeah when I hit limitations like that, I just buy a newer server
02:23 PM flyback: still way more than before with the serial console and serial over lan
02:24 PM flyback: so I am happy
02:24 PM flyback: this machine only runs inux anywyss
02:25 PM flyback: $20 well spent on the drac
02:33 PM flyback: bbl
02:50 PM _unreal_: My prints came out good and ok
02:50 PM _unreal_: the new cyclone part for the dust collector is amazing
02:55 PM perry_j1987: mmmm spaghetii
03:09 PM roycroft: the bootleg fire went from 50,000 acres to almost 150,000 acres overnight
03:10 PM flyback: *CANUCKED*
03:10 PM * flyback rubs veegee on the area
03:10 PM roycroft: it's 0% contained
03:10 PM * veegee thanks roycroft for using a thousands separator
03:10 PM XXCoder: wheres fire?
03:12 PM roycroft: southern oregon - just east of klamath falls
03:12 PM roycroft: 1200 homes are threatened
03:12 PM XXCoder: :( that sucks
03:13 PM roycroft: we may have a record fire season again
03:13 PM roycroft: which we seem to have every other year or so lately
03:14 PM XXCoder: yeah i guessed it becasuse boy green grass turn yellow in 2 days
03:14 PM XXCoder: thats fast.
03:14 PM XXCoder: i wonder how long this smokey hellscope season will last.
03:14 PM roycroft: we have late august conditions already, in early july
03:14 PM roycroft: it's only going to get worse
03:20 PM XXCoder: yep
03:20 PM XXCoder: not a lot we can do except try vote people who cares
03:22 PM roycroft: well even if we took extreme measures to combat climate change, it's going to take decades or centuries to make real progress
03:22 PM XXCoder: yeah best time to start was decade ago
03:22 PM XXCoder: second best time to start is now
03:22 PM -!- #linuxcnc mode set to +v by ChanServ
03:22 PM roycroft: we do need to get people to work on fire prevention more
03:23 PM roycroft: we mock our former president for saying that californians should "rake their forests", but there is a nugget of truth there
03:23 PM roycroft: we can't "rake the forests"
03:24 PM roycroft: but we can do a better job of building and maintaining fire breaks near houses and businesses
03:25 PM roycroft: and we probably need to start thinking about where we build, as the climate has changed and some areas that used to be fairly habitable are now too dangerous to live in with an expectation of safety
03:26 PM XXCoder: yeah
03:26 PM XXCoder: i do want ongoing climate change policy to get it turn around however as well as that
03:27 PM XXCoder: otherwise its just treating symtons
03:28 PM JT-Cave: see if you can load gnipsel.com, it's timing out for me
03:28 PM XXCoder: loads fine
03:29 PM JT-Cave: hmm, wonder why I can't load it
03:30 PM JT-Cave: just reset everything and I can go to any other site...
03:30 PM roycroft: even conservative republicans are now acknowledging that global climate change is real
03:30 PM roycroft: wacko cult followers of the former president don't, but they never will
03:30 PM XXCoder: yeah if you get nose rubbed on it enough, you realize that it exists
03:30 PM roycroft: but the smart ones finally acknowledge it
03:31 PM roycroft: it loads instantly for me, jt
03:32 PM JT-Cave: thanks for checking
03:32 PM XXCoder: welcome
03:32 PM roycroft: it resolves fine at all of its nameservers
03:47 PM perry_j1987: 2 flute or 4 flute 90 degree chamfer mill for alum?
03:50 PM JT-Cave: hmm I can't ping it or traceroute to gnipsel.com wtf?
03:57 PM JT-Shop: weird gnipsel.com just loaded on this debian 10 pc
03:58 PM JT-Shop: unless it's a cached page lol
03:59 PM JT-Shop: yep
04:18 PM enleth: roycroft: unfortunately, even one of the names of the phenomenon unintentionally contrubuted to the difficulty of explaining it to people
04:18 PM enleth: "global warming" is technically correct on one hand, but misleading for a layman on the other
04:20 PM enleth: and I've seen literature and even school textbooks describing it in a way that concentrates on the "it'll be a few degrees warmer everywhere" angle without any understanding of what this really means
04:22 PM enleth: so as the term has been around for decades by now, so are people saying "so what if it's warmer by two degrees?"
04:22 PM enleth: the name was probably coined as an offhand by some random researcher who understood the implications but gave little thought to the consequences of such a name becoming popular and semi-official
04:24 PM enleth: meanwhile, the amount of additional energy needed to warm a whole fucking atmosphere by two degrees is so mindbogglingly monstrous
04:25 PM enleth: and what do you get when you put a shitload of energy into a huge dynamic system, on top of everything that was already going on?
04:25 PM enleth: stuff in the system starts moving faster and harder.
04:25 PM roycroft: "global warming" has been deprecated for decades
04:25 PM enleth: but it's still in common parlance among common people
04:26 PM enleth: and journalists
04:26 PM roycroft: we've been calling it "global climate change" since at least the '90s
04:26 PM XXCoder: JT-Shop: ctrl alt R on firefox on linux to force load
04:26 PM roycroft: but it really doesn't matter what we call it
04:26 PM enleth: it's also region-, culture- and language-dependent
04:26 PM enleth: I've seen it called that well into the 2000s over here, in newly printed textbooks
04:27 PM enleth: and people still use this term widely
04:27 PM enleth: it's done its share of damage by now and it's hard to get rid of
04:27 PM roycroft: we still have to convince the cultist simpletons that "climate" and "weather" are not synonymous
04:27 PM XXCoder: indeed enleth
04:27 PM roycroft: otherwise they won't understand what we're talking about no matter what language we use
04:27 PM XXCoder: i hate it when someone says "LOOK! Ice! so much for climate warming eh"
04:28 PM XXCoder: then turn around and have one of most nasty summer and winter in same year and say its not climate change
04:28 PM roycroft: and actually, "global warming" is technically correct
04:28 PM roycroft: i.e. the average temperature of the planet it increasing
04:28 PM enleth: roycroft: good luck even getting them to understand that weather is a result of gigantic masses of air moving from place to place, and not local air warming up or cooling down
04:29 PM roycroft: but a term like "global warming" does not lend itself to the nuance that is reality as well as "global climate change" does
04:29 PM enleth: yes, that was exactly my point
04:30 PM enleth: roycroft: without the above, they'll never understand that extreme weather is a result of those masses of air moving faster, farther and possibly from way higher up in the atmosphere, which is how a "global warming" causes extreme winters
04:32 PM roycroft: we had a us senator a few years ago bring snowball into the senate chamber in december, after a snowstorm, and asked on the senate floor "where's this global warming you're talking about?"
04:32 PM roycroft: our nation's capital gets significant amounts of snow every year
04:32 PM enleth: so much for deprecated
04:32 PM roycroft: i'm not sure if the senator is that dense - i suspect he isn't
04:33 PM roycroft: but he knows his constituents are, and he's paid handsomly by the oil industry to deny climate change
04:37 PM enleth: one part of the trouble is that, other than a fair amount of actual morons, there are many quite intelligent people capable of complex, logical reasoning who, due to their upbringing and social circle they live in, engage in logically sound analysis based on false assumptions and unkowingly simplified model of the reality
04:37 PM JT-Shop: XXCoder, I can't even ping gnipsel.com
04:37 PM XXCoder: weird
04:37 PM enleth: so, *if* the way they believe the world works were to be true, their conclusions would be perfectly true as well - their thinking is correct
04:38 PM enleth: and it's hard to argue with them by calling them morons, because they know they aren't
04:40 PM roycroft: many of the right engage in willfull ignorance
04:40 PM roycroft: but there are fundamental flaws in their thought process
04:40 PM XXCoder: dunnging k something syndome :(
04:40 PM XXCoder: everyone has flaws but that ones bad one
04:40 PM enleth: which is another way of saying that even intelligent people can be made into functional idiots by depriving them of proper education
04:40 PM roycroft: i've found that in the last couple decades or so, the right in this country tend to be very binary
04:41 PM enleth: which is why right-wing nut leaders try to fuck up education
04:41 PM roycroft: and they form conclusions based on ideology, then try to find facts to support their conclusions
04:41 PM roycroft: it wasn't always that way with the right
04:41 PM roycroft: but has become increasingly so
04:42 PM roycroft: and that's not to say that the left don't have binary thinkers and ideologues
04:42 PM roycroft: they certainly do
04:42 PM roycroft: but there's a lot more of that on the right
04:42 PM roycroft: and it's gotten to the point that *everything* is politicised
04:58 PM XXCoder: https://youtu.be/v96LTfmtDPU
04:58 PM XXCoder: cool casting
04:59 PM XXCoder: roycroft: yeah sad when first thing they think is "how do we benefit from this?"
05:06 PM roycroft: it's not even that so much these days as "how can we use this to hurt the other side?"
05:07 PM XXCoder: I would think they use that as backup to earlier
05:07 PM XXCoder: no benefit? as well as use it to hurt them
05:15 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, working here
05:41 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Assembly/Final/Vise_parts/Table_side_brackets1.jpg
05:41 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Assembly/Final/Vise_parts/Table_side_brackets2.jpg
05:41 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Assembly/Final/Vise_parts/Table_side_brackets3.jpg
05:42 PM Tom_L: hopefully that will distribute the force more evenly instead of right at the screw head causing the plastic to crack
05:44 PM XXCoder: nice
05:45 PM JT-Shop: they had some kind of block on it
05:45 PM Tom_L: why?
05:45 PM Tom_L: that wasn't very nice of them
05:46 PM XXCoder: thats weird yeah
06:13 PM JT-Shop: dunno
06:14 PM JT-Shop: having all kind of weird issues...
06:15 PM JT-Shop: but the good news is the package I shipped on Apr 22nd has been delivered in NZ tomorrow
06:21 PM XXCoder: :)
06:22 PM perry_j1987: any reason you couldnt use a single form threadmill as a front/back chamfer mill
06:22 PM XXCoder: expensive id say
06:22 PM XXCoder: could be wrong
06:27 PM perry_j1987: i want to switch a lathe part over to fixtured mill part
06:27 PM perry_j1987: so i can have some breathing room with cycle times lol
06:33 PM Tom_L: you could as long as you don't want alot of chamfer and are ok with it being 60 deg instead of 45
06:34 PM JT-Cave: hmm I guess I'll replace the speakers on Rusty as I'll have to use her for a few months it seems
06:36 PM perry_j1987: aye that would work fine for this application Tom_L
06:36 PM perry_j1987: i just figured out how to define the tool as a chamfer tool in fusion so adding that now
06:38 PM JT-Cave: hmm nearest honda dealer has a Ridgeline RTL-E in transit but the wrong color... at least they will have trading stock if it's not sold already
06:38 PM Tom_L: what's out of commission that you're stuck driving rusty?
08:33 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://www.thefreelibrary.com/A+Canadian+effort+to+address+fractions+teaching+and+learning...-a0393001492
08:34 PM CaptHindsight[m]: ^^ written in Canadian English
08:35 PM CaptHindsight[m]: https://www.hotpepper.ca/blog/2009/07/09/canadian-style-tip-35/
10:18 PM perry_j1987: gah that strobing ad on the rightside CaptHindsight[m]
10:18 PM perry_j1987: https://www.penntoolco.com/procunier-style-e-high-speed-lightweight-extra-sensitive-tapper-3mt-85-070-103/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwraqHBhDsARIsAKuGZeGn0lhxiArsVH-YM_yhzcMEsidJRPgmPgA6BQ1PgpFM6SBB9cM-Q7kaAiwzEALw_wcB anyone want to buy this off me
10:18 PM perry_j1987: heh
10:24 PM -!- #linuxcnc mode set to +v by ChanServ
10:43 PM veegee: I brought my KEF Q300 to the workshop. Always had these speakers, as well as the LS50
10:44 PM veegee: First time I'm doing a side by side comparison
10:44 PM veegee: The LS50s truly are holographic
10:45 PM veegee: Tthey really are a masterpiece in speaker design
10:45 PM veegee: Q300 are excellent for the price though