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Jun 20 2021

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12:36 AM Deejay: moin
01:22 AM veegee: Deejay good morning to you sir
01:23 AM veegee: It's 2 am here and my girlfriend wants me to take her to some store at 7:30 am to get there before the huge lineup
01:23 AM veegee: You can already guess what kind of store it is
01:23 AM veegee: The kind that makes all men miserable
01:24 AM veegee: Waking up in < 5h from now for this
02:11 AM enleth: veegee: re:bison, a fun fact: most of their products are being made essentially unchanged since 1960s and spare parts are typically interchangeable between old and current production
02:11 AM veegee: enleth yeah that's good, I like solid designs that last forever
02:12 AM enleth: the old production, mind you, was under the communist regime
02:12 AM veegee: Who cares
02:12 AM veegee: I'm trying to figure out the practical difference between the set tru 4 jaw chuck and the 4 jaw "combination" chuck
02:12 AM veegee: the combination chuck adjusts like a regular 4 jaw, but clamps all jaws like a 3 jaw
02:13 AM enleth: set-tru has a much finer adjust and more adjustment points
02:13 AM veegee: the 4 jaw set tru scroll chuck clamps all jaws at the same time, but the adjustment mechanism acts on a different way
02:13 AM enleth: slower to use, potentially more precise and repeatable
02:14 AM enleth: more adjustment points can put the whole thing under controlled tension and compression
02:14 AM veegee: but the range of adjustment would be much more limited
02:14 AM veegee: right?
02:14 AM enleth: yes
02:15 AM veegee: whereas the 4 jaw combination can hold workpieces off center intentionally to turn something like a camshaft
02:15 AM enleth: set-tru is mostly for grabbing round stuff on-center, over already machined reference surfaces
02:16 AM enleth: it gets that half of a 4-jaw chuck's use case space
02:16 AM veegee: that's a good way to put it
02:16 AM veegee: 6 jaw set tru and 4 jaw combination would both be nice to have
02:16 AM enleth: combination is mostly a faster general purpose 4-jaw and for fast grabbing of repeated odd-shaped or off-center parts
02:16 AM veegee: going to add them to my list
02:18 AM enleth: with a 6-jaw set-tru you can swap parts end-to-end over machined journals without a care in the world for repeatability of re-chucking
02:18 AM enleth: so it's good for machining shafts
02:19 AM enleth: and especially for finish operations and repairs
02:19 AM enleth: cuts down on truing up
02:22 AM veegee: Yeah that makes a lot of sense for me
02:22 AM veegee: I'm leaning towards that
02:23 AM veegee: Have to sleep now and hope 5h of sleep is enough. Thanks for the info enleth. Good night
05:17 AM Tom_L: morning
05:47 AM Deejay: noon
05:50 AM JT-Cave: morning
06:02 AM XXCoder: late night
08:28 AM perry_j1987: morning
08:29 AM Tom_L: sunny, Hi 101F
08:35 AM JT-Shop: sunny, windy 93F
08:35 AM JT-Shop: Tuesday high 79F
08:37 AM Tom_L: t-storms moving in this evening tomorrow hi 75
08:38 AM perry_j1987: 66 now 79 later today with thunder / lightning this evening
08:38 AM Tom_L: bet you're glad the bp is back up and runnin...
08:39 AM JT-Shop: glad but mill_touch_v7 won't open a file and it's basically a copy of mill_touch_v6 :(
08:41 AM Tom_L: how'd the sliting saw work out?
08:41 AM Tom_L: what F & S did you use?
08:41 AM perry_j1987: https://wiki.printnc.info/en/controllers/linuxcnc/tool-setter-no-probe how does this look to you guys
08:41 AM JT-Shop: hmm missing something
08:41 AM Tom_L: tryin to figure out where to start on this woodruff cutter
08:41 AM JT-Shop: the slitting saw worked fine, I just turned on the spindle and used the mpg to cut with
08:42 AM perry_j1987: what are you doing with the woodruff key cutter
08:42 AM JT-Shop: I did slow the spindle down until it stopped complaining
08:43 AM Tom_L: perry_j1987, cutting this slot: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/Extra/A12_finished.jpg
08:44 AM perry_j1987: ah so you dont have to refixture the part to do it with an endmill?
08:44 AM Tom_L: 2 positions over 3 or 4 yes
08:45 AM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/A12_New/A12_P1_chamfer2.jpg
08:45 AM perry_j1987: i'd be interested seeing a video of it cutting for you
08:45 AM Tom_L: me too :)
08:46 AM perry_j1987: lol
08:46 AM Tom_L: it will be done in P1 but i don't have the cutter yet
08:47 AM perry_j1987: amazon has them next day or 2 day delivery :)
08:47 AM Tom_L: i'll have it Tues
08:48 AM Tom_L: amazon was the same price as grainger so i'll pick one up there
08:48 AM perry_j1987: i never looked at grainger
08:49 AM Tom_L: solid carbide was $$$$ so i didn't go that route
08:55 AM perry_j1987: last one i bought was around 34 dollars
09:14 AM Tom_L: https://www.grainger.com/product/KEO-Narrow-Keyseat-Cutter-33UW81
09:18 AM perry_j1987: ive been wondering what the use of such a large shank is
09:18 AM perry_j1987: if its reduced anyways
09:26 AM tiwake[m]: to reach in a weird corner?
09:27 AM tiwake[m]: its supposed to be a key cutter, so the necked down area provides some clearance for that, depending on the diameter of the shaft
09:36 AM perry_j1987: its only as strong as the weakest point i mean
09:36 AM perry_j1987: why have such a thick shaft
09:44 AM Tom_L: more rigidity
09:45 AM Tom_L: if it was thin all the way up it wouldn't be as rigid
10:45 AM perry_j1987: think might plan a trip to Equador
10:51 AM * CloudEvil knows little about Equador other than the song.
10:55 AM perry_j1987: my buddies uncle retired down there and i have an open invitation to stay long as i want heh
11:28 AM * Tom_L bets it's hotter there than here
11:30 AM CloudEvil: https://weather.com/en-GB/weather/today/l/-0.22,-78.52?par=google It is currently around 12C average.
11:40 AM JT-Shop: weird I just met the rural mail carrier delivering yesterdays mail...
11:53 AM CloudEvil: Be careful you do not become your own grandfather.
12:16 PM roycroft: much of ecuador has a fairly mild climate, as much of the country is mountainous
12:23 PM mrec: I'm trying to add a motor to the tailstock but fail configuring it it seems I use to get following errors on the newly installed stepper (open loop)
12:24 PM mrec: any idea how to get rid of that?
12:25 PM mrec: this error message might have a real background but the message itself is nonsense close to no one will understand that I guess.
12:27 PM Tom_L: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/38-general-linuxcnc-questions/36464-joint-following-error-on-stepper-system
12:39 PM mrec: I set the stepping to 16x
12:39 PM mrec: next thing I need a Y axis on the lathe setup
12:41 PM mrec: the tailstock is the new axis in the setup
12:48 PM mrec: is there a way to show up Y in axis in the lathe mode?
01:14 PM JT-Cave: use QtPyVCP and you can do whatever you like... I assume your using Axis?
01:15 PM mrec: is there any g-code to turn on/off particular axis motors?
01:15 PM mrec: marlin and grbl seems to use M12/M13
01:15 PM mrec: I'm using Axis yes I found some information in the forum already
01:17 PM mrec: the scale on the tailstock is barely readable, the small stepper adds quite some comfort to it
01:21 PM Tom_L: JT-Cave, have you ever used M1 in a program?
01:21 PM Tom_L: over M0
01:21 PM Tom_L: working on my post a little
01:22 PM JT-Shop: I use M0 to pause
01:22 PM Tom_L: so do i, just was trying to think of an occasion wher i'd want M1
01:22 PM JT-Shop: if you have an optional stop button it could be handy once you have proved a program out
01:23 PM Tom_L: i don't think i do. axis may have one but i've never used it
01:23 PM Tom_L: i don't recall using M1 on the big ones either
01:24 PM Tom_L: added material block size to the preamble so i don't have to keep checking the model
01:28 PM JT-Shop: in Axis the button with M1 on it is optional stop
08:20 PM _unreal_: so I'm designing a new top half to the cyclone
08:21 PM _unreal_: just waiting on my freaking computer to stop lagging on the cad work
08:21 PM _unreal_: sigh
08:52 PM tiwake[m]: who was it again that resold the mesa electronics kits?
08:53 PM XXCoder: resold dunno but i know jt does sell em
08:53 PM tiwake[m]: well, not used
08:53 PM tiwake[m]: do you have a link?
08:54 PM XXCoder: lets see
08:54 PM XXCoder: think this is jt's https://mesaus.com/
08:54 PM tiwake[m]: that looks right
08:55 PM roycroft: yes, mesaus.com is jt's site
08:56 PM * roycroft has done a lot of sanding today
08:57 PM XXCoder: fun
08:57 PM * Tom_L has done alot of nothing today
08:57 PM Tom_L: was too hot in the shop
08:57 PM roycroft: plus it's father's day
08:58 PM Tom_L: well, there's that
08:58 PM roycroft: you're not supposed to be doing anything but laying around being waited on
08:58 PM flyback: I watched curiousmarc cnc machine carbon rods
08:58 PM roycroft: it was hot in my shop as well
08:58 PM flyback: to replace slip rings in a 1960's ibm tape drive
08:58 PM roycroft: but i have a nice fan that i had blowing right at me, and that made it tolerable
08:58 PM flyback: this laptop is failing
08:59 PM flyback: developed a sound stuffer any time I load firefox and now I had to power cycle to get sound at all
08:59 PM Tom_L: it's normally bearable but i share the shop with a vehicle and it was out in the sun quite a while
08:59 PM roycroft: ouch
08:59 PM Tom_L: so it was a bit too toasty to do much
08:59 PM Tom_L: i did work on my post a tiny bit more
08:59 PM Tom_L: no code changes
09:00 PM flyback: Tom_L, for you
09:00 PM flyback: https://youtu.be/7Lh4CMz_Z6M?t=275
09:00 PM roycroft: i had to move my thickness planer out on the driveway for about a half hour so i could rip some large sheets of plywood on the table saw, and it was almost too hot to move back inside
09:00 PM Tom_L: thought of putting the block dimensions in the gcode header so i don't have to keep going back to the cad model to find out
09:00 PM roycroft: i should have put a blanket over it when i moved it outside
09:00 PM roycroft: but it got me thinking back to july of last year, when i started working on my workbench
09:01 PM Tom_L: flyback, 9 track?
09:01 PM roycroft: and had the jointer and thicknesser both outside on the driveway, and i ran them for hours and hours in the heat
09:01 PM flyback: I think
09:01 PM Tom_L: my bud offered me one several years back but i turned it down
09:01 PM flyback: just watch him lathe a carbon rod
09:01 PM roycroft: i used to have a 9 track
09:01 PM flyback: crazy shit
09:01 PM flyback: but it worked
09:01 PM roycroft: it was part of that z8000 based pick os machine
09:01 PM roycroft: the one with the 14" hard drive
09:01 PM Tom_L: also had a big raid but i refused that too
09:02 PM flyback: OMG
09:02 PM * flyback punches Tom_L
09:02 PM Tom_L: the raid was smaller than most every day hdd now
09:02 PM Tom_L: 5.25" drives iirc
09:02 PM flyback: oh
09:03 PM roycroft: my primary file server at home is up to 24TB now
09:03 PM flyback: mine is 3tb
09:03 PM flyback: n40l running freenas
09:03 PM roycroft: and it's raid 10, so there's actually 48TB of disk in it
09:03 PM flyback: it has crashed twice now but I figured ut the problem
09:03 PM roycroft: yeah, i run freenas
09:03 PM roycroft: er
09:03 PM roycroft: truenas
09:03 PM flyback: these shitty ssd to 3.5 adaptors it came with
09:03 PM roycroft: we need to get with the times :)
09:03 PM flyback: the ssds hang by their connector
09:03 PM flyback: no screws
09:03 PM flyback: no mount
09:03 PM flyback: they fucking hang off power and sata
09:04 PM flyback: and this idiot maker charges $30 for them each and tounts them as tool-less
09:04 PM Tom_L: so what's the problem with that???
09:04 PM flyback: more like toothlesss
09:04 PM flyback: Tom_L, loose connector
09:05 PM roycroft: that 14" hard drive was 100MB, and it was bigger, heavier, and way way more expensive than my 48TB truenas machine
09:05 PM Tom_L: pretty sure you could see the tracks on them too
09:05 PM XXCoder: 100mb? dang where did you find that
09:06 PM XXCoder: thats even smaller than my first hard drive of 250 mb :)
09:06 PM flyback: been a rough day
09:06 PM flyback: BMC on my one data recovery box locked up
09:06 PM flyback: had to attach a monitor and kyeboard and reset the bmc config
09:06 PM roycroft: that machine was made in the '80s
09:07 PM flyback: freenas dropped one of it's boot ssd's
09:07 PM flyback: think I have the solution ordered now
09:07 PM flyback: and this laptop lost sound
09:07 PM roycroft: the one complaint i had about freenas was that they pushed using pairs of usb sticks for the boot device
09:07 PM roycroft: that's about the dumbest idea ever
09:08 PM roycroft: unless you like reinstalling the os frequently
09:08 PM roycroft: i tried that for a while, got tired of replacing thumb drives all the time, and finally went to pairs of enterprise ssds
09:08 PM flyback: well this n40l came with two 120gb ssds so :)
09:08 PM roycroft: that's fine
09:09 PM roycroft: and i hope the replacement you ordered is exactly the same as what you have, or larger than what you have
09:09 PM roycroft: if it's a different brand 120GB ssd that is 1 byte smaller than your current ones it won't work
09:10 PM JavaBean: roycroft, the official guidance is not to not use "usb sticks" to have the os installed on
09:10 PM flyback: I just ordered new mounts
09:10 PM roycroft: that was not the case in th epast
09:10 PM flyback: the ssd's are fine
09:10 PM roycroft: it sounds like they've learned their lesson on that
09:10 PM JavaBean: that is the case now though
09:10 PM roycroft: because they used to offically push usb thumb drives
09:11 PM roycroft: and a lot of people got offically pissed off about it
09:11 PM flyback: yeah they did but once they made rootfs zfs it wasn't ideal for usb drives anymore
09:11 PM JavaBean: the first not in what is said was supposed to be now
09:12 PM roycroft: i think the reason they pushed thumb drives in the beginning is that they did not take up drive slots
09:12 PM roycroft: but even external usb drives would have been better than thumb drives
11:28 PM veegee: Lake Ontario is < 2km away from my workshop
11:28 PM veegee: If I were closer, air conditioning would be a non-issue
11:28 PM veegee: Ugh...
11:28 PM veegee: Just pump lake water through huge radiators and directly back into the lake
11:29 PM veegee: energy-efficient cooling done easy
11:29 PM veegee: Unfortunately, no easy way to run a water pipe down the street to the lake
11:45 PM veegee: How many collets in an ER32 and ER40 collets are needed to have every size covered?
11:46 PM veegee: I'm placing an order for a set of ER16, ER32, and ER40