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Apr 24 2021

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01:16 AM Deejay: moin
03:25 AM Bleep-CNC: Who can tell me where I can find the macro file on the right of this pic ? http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gui/images/gmoccapy_with_right_panel_in_MDI_mode.png
03:28 AM * Bleep-CNC has been mounting limit switches, installing test probe jacks and annoying StepConf until it produced files that work without manual editing.
04:16 AM Tom_L: morning
05:27 AM JT-Cave: morning
08:03 AM Tom_L: glad i mowed last evening... it rained overnite
08:23 AM JT-Cave: I'm glad it rained wife put out some grass seed the other day
08:26 AM Tom_L: i've got some sprouting so the rain didn't hurt
08:31 AM Tom_L: JT-Cave, how's the spoke machine coming along?
08:32 AM JT-Cave: pretty good I have a couple of videos just need to trim them down
08:32 AM Tom_L: what do you use for video editing?
08:33 AM Tom_L: i had something years ago but dunno what it was
08:34 AM JT-Cave: kdenlive I think is the best of the three I have installed
08:34 AM Tom_L: does it let you join clips?
08:35 AM Tom_L: wow, runs on win7 as well
08:37 AM JT-Cave: yea you can add audio and video clips
08:40 AM Tom_L: those videos on lakeshore are pretty decent i thought in collaboration with tormach
08:43 AM Tom_L: i see what zeeshan was preaching about now on thinner deeper cuts
08:43 AM JT-Cave: https://gnipsel.com/images/customers/Foxy/Top%20Cutter/spoke-01.mp4
08:44 AM JT-Cave: what is he preaching?
08:44 AM Tom_L: take a narrow deeper cut and it's more efficient
08:45 AM Tom_L: they compare a 30% wide cut with an 80% wide cut and show the results of the chip temperature and loads
08:45 AM JT-Cave: hmm
08:45 AM Tom_L: it's actually quite a bit more efficient
08:45 AM JT-Cave: I've been usually just doing 0.025" DOC for most stuff
08:46 AM Tom_L: i think they used a .250 em for the tests
08:46 AM Tom_L: i'll go maybe 75% of the tool width deep
08:47 AM JT-Cave: https://gnipsel.com/images/customers/Foxy/Top%20Cutter/spoke-02.mp4
08:47 AM JT-Cave: in alum or steel?
08:47 AM Tom_L: the test they did was in steel
08:48 AM Tom_L: 4140?
08:48 AM JT-Cave: I mostly cut aluminum
08:48 AM Tom_L: same here
08:48 AM Tom_L: but the same applies
08:48 AM JT-Cave: yeah 4140 is tool steel
08:48 AM Tom_L: and they say 3 flute is more efficient and rigid than 2
08:48 AM JT-Cave: is that test with the roughing em?
08:49 AM Tom_L: regular
08:49 AM Tom_L: i just got those because i wanted to try them
08:49 AM JT-Cave: I used mostly the em's with radiused edges
08:49 AM Tom_L: he said that's a life saver too
08:49 AM JT-Cave: they last a lot longer than sharp corner em's
08:49 AM Tom_L: even if it's minimal
08:50 AM JT-Cave: I only use sharp corner em's to clean up to a sharp inside corner... and I have a part to do today like that
08:51 AM JT-Cave: at 30% wide what is the doc?
08:51 AM Tom_L: unless the callout is for a sharp corner it will make for a stronger part with a tiny radius
08:51 AM Tom_L: https://www.lakeshorecarbide.com/videos.aspx
08:52 AM Tom_L: 8 & 9
08:53 AM Tom_L: they ended up with something like .003" chip load
08:55 AM Tom_L: i forget what he said for doc
08:55 AM Tom_L: i'll likely watch some of those again
09:07 AM Tom_L: .2 doc
09:07 AM Tom_L: .250 4 flute
09:10 AM Tom_L: so 80% of width for doc
09:24 AM Tom_L: ended up at 3500 rpm, .003 ipt, 42 ipm, 30% woc, 80% doc in 4140
10:13 AM JT-Shop: I watched a bit of the video but didn't see what he used to measure the results'
10:14 AM Tom_L: chip color
10:14 AM Tom_L: was alot of it
10:15 AM JT-Shop: ah, if they start to get straw colored too much heat?
10:15 AM JT-Shop: or blue even
10:15 AM Tom_L: straw is supposedly ideal
10:15 AM Tom_L: or just below that threshhold
10:16 AM Tom_L: and keeping track of chip removal rates on his spreadsheet
10:16 AM Tom_L: notice the sfm stayed constant iirc
10:18 AM Tom_L: i think understanding how to adjust the rpm and chip load for different conditions was what he was trying to get across
10:19 AM JT-Shop: I need to download it and watch it a few times but my download button had vanished from putube
10:20 AM Tom_L: the tail end of the video sums up all the tests if you don't feel like watching it all
10:22 AM JT-Shop: ok
10:24 AM iw: Quick question
10:25 AM miss0r: shouldn't there be a questionmark after that sentence for it to work like that? :O
10:25 AM iw: If I was asking to ask a question, yes
10:25 AM Tom_L: never do that here
10:25 AM miss0r: hehe
10:25 AM Tom_L: just ask silly
10:26 AM miss0r: Tom_L: No! Never ask a question in here. Danger might come of it
10:26 AM iw: How to time the job?
10:26 AM miss0r: in form of answers you might not like
10:26 AM Tom_L: usually in hours and minutes
10:27 AM miss0r: ^Exactly what I am talking about :D
10:27 AM Tom_L: that usually narrows down the question in question
10:28 AM JT-Shop: run it in a sim
10:28 AM iw: So, I don't use linuxcnc, I'm asking for a friend, so sorry if I don't know what's going on
10:29 AM JT-Shop: a sim with the exact same max accel and vel
10:29 AM Tom_L: i'm not sure what you're asking really
10:29 AM Tom_L: are you trying to price a job?
10:29 AM iw: Tom_L, exactly
10:29 AM JT-Shop: oh and add the time component to the gui
10:29 AM Tom_L: program time, proving, spindle time, inspection
10:30 AM Tom_L: (you don't get paid for bathroom breaks)
10:30 AM iw: lol, i didn't understand anything
10:31 AM Tom_L: what country are you from?
10:31 AM iw: bosnia
10:31 AM iw: The language barrier isn't a problem, it's just that I've never used linuxcnc
10:32 AM Tom_L: what i said has nothing to do with lcnc
10:32 AM iw: okay
10:32 AM Tom_L: just general machining costs
10:32 AM Tom_L: it takes time to program the part
10:32 AM iw: So, what my friend is asking me is how he can have a timer start automatically when he starts a job on linuxcnc
10:32 AM Tom_L: prove the program out
10:32 AM Tom_L: run the part
10:32 AM Tom_L: and inspect it
10:33 AM Tom_L: i do that on mine
10:33 AM iw: Yeah, and how do you time the machining part itself
10:33 AM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/screenshot.png
10:33 AM Tom_L: cycle times
10:34 AM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/configs/NEW_MILL_SHOP_2.7/
10:34 AM Tom_L: the configs to do that
10:34 AM Tom_L: postgui.hal
10:34 AM Tom_L: i think)
10:34 AM iw: where are they
10:35 AM Tom_L: display.xml also
10:35 AM Tom_L: i think)
10:35 AM Tom_L: it's been a while...
10:35 AM iw: okay, I'm sorry
10:35 AM iw: give me a second
10:36 AM iw: Okay, I'll forward this to him
10:36 AM iw: thank you
10:36 AM Tom_L: there may be more files involved but they are all there and those 2 are the main ones
10:37 AM iw: Is there a way to configure it from the GUI?
10:37 AM Tom_L: what gui?
10:37 AM Tom_L: not that i know of
10:37 AM iw: alright
10:38 AM Tom_L: also you need an entry in the main.ini file
10:38 AM Tom_L: in the [HAL] section
10:38 AM Tom_L: POSTGUI_HALFILE = postgui.hal
10:41 AM iw: You think that'd be all?
10:41 AM Tom_L: try it and see
10:42 AM Tom_L: i'm not sure
10:42 AM iw: alright, thank you very much
10:42 AM iw: for the patience
10:42 AM iw: bbl when I fail haha
10:42 AM Tom_L: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.8/html/gui/pyvcp.html
10:42 AM Tom_L: woops he left
11:11 AM JT-Shop: he stayed longer that a lot of them do lol
12:06 PM veroski: good morning
12:09 PM veroski: i,ve a question. when i run my hal file for mesa 7i97 he says that can't find module hm2_eth. i use rtai kernel and i read that this component there is only in preemt_rt
12:10 PM veroski: so i can use my mesa card only on kernel preemt_rt or i can change component that to work in rtai kernel for mesa 7i97?
12:16 PM pcw_home: hm2_eth only works with preempt-RT
12:26 PM veroski: yes. i read on the documentation that mesa card with ethernet works only in preemt_rt.
12:26 PM veroski: thamks
12:38 PM drdoc: how's everyone?
12:38 PM drdoc: (I'm asking for a friend)
12:49 PM Tom_L: he can't speak?
12:49 PM drdoc: he's in bosnia
12:50 PM Tom_L: yeah we met him already
12:50 PM Tom_L: iw?
12:50 PM drdoc: yeah
12:51 PM drdoc: bless his heart
12:51 PM drdoc: "Hey, you read English, right? Can you ask those guys how to do this highly technical thing?"
12:52 PM drdoc: btdt
12:52 PM drdoc: So my $125 auction belt grinder doesn't run at all
12:52 PM Tom_L: the timer thing?
12:52 PM drdoc: yes
12:52 PM Tom_L: all the code is in my config
12:52 PM Tom_L: just pick it out
12:53 PM drdoc: ah say, ah say
12:53 PM drdoc: it was a joke, son!
12:53 PM Tom_L: plug the grinder in and try it
12:53 PM drdoc: nope
12:53 PM Tom_L: now that was a joke...
12:54 PM drdoc: just turning it by hand revealed the reason they trashed a $1500 machine
12:54 PM drdoc: the fan housing has a huge dent
12:55 PM * drdoc loves school district auctions
12:58 PM drdoc: it's a Baldor 2048-151TD
12:58 PM drdoc: on a very nice stand
01:04 PM drdoc: the contact wheel doesn't show any wear at all, the tool rest isn't worn, and the guards aren't scarred from busted belts
01:09 PM _unreal_: I'd be doing better if I could get GRBL built for ether of these stm32 boards
01:09 PM drdoc: why?
01:10 PM drdoc: Bart Dring
01:10 PM _unreal_: oh wow my screen was scrolled up
01:10 PM drdoc: lol
01:10 PM _unreal_: hehe drdoc first post I saw was how's everyone doing LOL
01:11 PM drdoc: "bdring" on github is big into 32-bit GRBL
01:11 PM drdoc: he's also on some of the CNC fora
01:13 PM Rab: drdoc, sweeet deal, if it wasn't dented after pulled from service. I got a brand new 1.5HP motor for my mill from a friend who ran an e-waste place; same problem: dented fan shroud.
01:15 PM Rab: That e-waste outfit was a sweet deal; they had just gone bankrupt, so I got the pick of the place. I loaded my car down until the tires were bellied out. Telco racks, linear slides, motors, all sorts of industrial goodies.
01:15 PM drdoc: nice
01:16 PM Rab: Everything covered in a layer of fine black carcinogens from the shredder.
01:16 PM drdoc: lol
01:17 PM drdoc: if the motor's unrecoverable, the contact wheel's 3/4" bore
01:18 PM drdoc: 1-1/4" stepped to 3/4" shafts are easy to come by
01:20 PM drdoc: even if the motor's OK, I might convert it to belt drive anyway so I can slow it down
02:28 PM _unreal_: bdring?
02:29 PM drdoc: Bart Dring
02:29 PM drdoc: bdring is his github nick
02:31 PM drdoc: https://github.com/bdring
02:37 PM drdoc: I may have to get out the A-frame to unload this damn grinder
02:38 PM JT-Shop: hmm I have two 1/4-20 holes that need to be 10-32...
02:43 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, what material?
02:44 PM Tom_L: get a couple of thread inserts?
02:45 PM JT-Shop: 6061, but I said screw it I'm just going to use 1/4-20 screws
02:45 PM Tom_L: well screw it then
02:46 PM JT-Shop: that's what I did screwed it with 2 screws
02:47 PM drdoc: good man
02:48 PM Tom_L: what would you finish birch butcher block with?
02:57 PM JT-Shop: butcher block oil
02:58 PM Tom_L: naw, she want's it for a desk top
02:58 PM Tom_L: maybe urethane?
02:59 PM Tom_L: i've got a couple different types of oil but that wouldn't do so well for this
03:03 PM JT-Shop: ah yeah any kind of finish is good, I'm impressed with the tried and true varnish oil
03:03 PM JT-Shop: may not be for everything, just depends on the use
03:04 PM JT-Shop: I put polyurethane on the chicken poop table and it's slick and tough for sure
03:07 PM JT-Shop: I've used Olympic Maxium on several things, it's a penetrating type of finish
03:24 PM roycroft: i use tried and true varnish oil on cutting boards
03:24 PM Tom_L: if it were to be used that way yes
03:25 PM roycroft: for a butcher block that's used as a desk top i'd probably use tried and true varnish oil and then a couple coats of hard wax
03:35 PM veegee: NO FUCKING WAY
03:35 PM Tom_L: YES WAY!
03:35 PM veegee: I bought a good vacuum gauge for $200
03:36 PM veegee: And after a 48 hour "burn in" on the sum-ting-wong single stage vacuum pump and changing oil, the gauge reads 0.050 mbar
03:36 PM veegee: the pump is rated for 5 pascals and it's actually pulling 5 pascals now
03:36 PM veegee: I guess it really did need a burn in for the vanes to seat properly
03:37 PM veegee: The pump was $80 new on amazon and its actually performing according to spec
03:47 PM gigasu_shida is now known as gigas_cedar
03:55 PM FinboySlick: Anyone up for a game of 'find that molex connector'? https://unsee.cc/album#9WpPZ1c4FUD3Mfil
03:56 PM perry_j1987: thats a molex connector
03:56 PM perry_j1987: right in the center of the picture
03:56 PM perry_j1987: found it
03:56 PM FinboySlick: But I need a new one.
03:58 PM perry_j1987: digikey has a ton of molex
03:59 PM perry_j1987: with some nice filter tools to narrow it down
04:03 PM FinboySlick: What would you call this type of connector? Terminal block?
04:24 PM JT-Shop: female plug
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04:36 PM Rab: FinboySlick, that's a weirdo. You could try posting it to the EEVblog forum.
04:37 PM Rab: FinboySlick, what's the contact pitch? (Center to center between adjacent contacts)
04:43 PM Tom_L: if you have a smartphone there is a google app "google lens" that will identify just about anything
04:44 PM Tom_L: might be worth asking it
04:45 PM Tom_L: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.ar.lens&hl=en_US&gl=US
04:53 PM * JT-Shop hopes the 3rd time is the charm for this little sheet metal cover
04:54 PM * Tom_L wonders where the allen wrench went i just had
04:56 PM JT-Shop: it's with my lost allen wrenches
04:57 PM XXCoder: its in dimension of lost tools
04:57 PM XXCoder: ask your local time lord for help on accessing that
04:57 PM XXCoder: ;)
04:59 PM JT-Shop: here goes nothing... back to the press brake for another try
04:59 PM FinboySlick: Rab: It's from an old washing machine. Let me measure, one moment
05:00 PM Tom_L: FinboySlick, https://www.whirlpoolparts.com/PartDetail/Wire-Connector/3948614/547154
05:00 PM Tom_L: close?
05:01 PM Tom_L: (i closed your tab)
05:01 PM Loetmichel: re from my sister... maan that BMW starts GUZZLING E10 when you drive 230km in 1h30. Twice. (Sister with depressions is good for "emergency runs" every now and then... Hugging and comforting her seems to help. Just those 460km every time are a bit annoying. Luckily german Highways have no speed limit half the time.)
05:01 PM FinboySlick: Rab: looks like 0.225
05:02 PM Tom_L: http://www.connector-terminal.com/Washing-Machine-Series-molex-wire-connector-crimp-terminal-351790300.html
05:02 PM Tom_L: possibly the terminals for it
05:03 PM FinboySlick: It's completely flat on the long sides. The short sides are fancy go-in-one-way with clamps.
05:05 PM FinboySlick: Rab: 20056632 is the part number for the whole harness but I haven't been able to find it (has about 16 wires and another 12 pin molex.
05:05 PM FinboySlick: That other one is round pins, 8 of the 16 used.
05:09 PM XXCoder: loet cant get high kmg car?
05:21 PM JT-Shop: kml
05:21 PM XXCoder: oh right. liters
05:26 PM Loetmichel: XXCoder: its about 15 to 18 liters per 100km. BMW 318i cabriolet.
05:26 PM Loetmichel: and no, i dont mind the fuel cost. more the time wasted on the road.
05:27 PM XXCoder: 14 mpg roughly. eh but yeah
05:27 PM Loetmichel: XXCoder: remember that a liter E10 cost about $1.80 here.
05:28 PM XXCoder: yeah pretty expensive
05:28 PM XXCoder: here its 3 usd per gallon
05:28 PM XXCoder: and its one of most expensive gas in usa, wa state
05:28 PM Loetmichel: Lucky you ;)
05:29 PM XXCoder: i have heard of 4 usd per liter in some countries there lol
05:29 PM Loetmichel: ok, filled 'er up for 1.53 eur per liter yesterday, so not really $1.80, but close
05:30 PM Loetmichel: the unleaded "super plus" (no alcohol content) is close to 2 eur though. Per LITER
05:30 PM XXCoder: fun lol
05:31 PM XXCoder: hows your sis doing
05:32 PM JT-Shop: 93 octane no alcohol went from $3 to $3.80 a gallon
05:32 PM JT-Shop: I'm glad the Corvette can get 33 miles to the gallon at 70 MPH
05:32 PM Loetmichel: not that good. Our mother is an expert at inflicting mental damage to her. I'm pretty angry but there is nothing i can do, sister cant stop taking mothers calls.
05:33 PM JT-Shop: crap, that sucks
05:33 PM XXCoder: :( that really sucks
05:33 PM Loetmichel: <- pretty pissed about the whole situation.
05:33 PM JT-Shop: take your sister a new phone with a different number
05:34 PM Loetmichel: She could block my mother easily. Thats not the problem. Sister feels obliged to speak with her regardless of knowing that it will end in more tears and hate.
05:35 PM Loetmichel: And i cant really get a handle for a restraining order, because Mother is "expert" enough to just imply and not actually do anything punishable.
05:38 PM JT-Shop: hmm Thumper is at the buffet outside the machine shop door so I'm stuck in here till he is done
05:38 PM JT-Shop: I know him because something bit off part of his left ear
05:41 PM c-log is now known as Guest25509
05:42 PM XXCoder: loet that sucks, hope it will be resolved eventually. some problems is just very hard to resolve
05:44 PM Loetmichel: here's hoping, too. I dont mind driving there to hug her every now and then but she is suffering badly and i want her to be better as soon as possible.
05:45 PM XXCoder: those hugs may be literally keeping her alive
05:47 PM Loetmichel: They dont do now, but they may do when my sisters "unofficial husband" finally loses patience an leaves her. Borderline isnt fun for the spouse either.
05:48 PM Loetmichel: sadly i see that coming not too long away if she dont get professional help. We are trying to get there though.
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06:25 PM Tom_L: so JT-Shop how did Thumper get his name?
09:09 PM drdoc: oh hey
09:10 PM drdoc: Rab: I got the PSU backplane in today, for those HP 48V units
09:12 PM drdoc: that should give me load balancing and for sure gives me accessible connectors for the 48V instead of bodging something into the blades
09:12 PM drdoc: otoh, now I gotta figure out a different housing, as I wasn't planning on using 2
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10:33 PM Bleepshop: Is PyCAM dead or am I just screwing things up badly? It keeps bombing whit the error that it can't load the GTK2 bindings and I need to install python-gtk2 with pygobject installed on Fedora 33.
10:34 PM XXCoder: dunno though py2 is increasily being retired, with py3 replacing it. wonder if thats related