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Mar 22 2021

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02:20 AM Deejay: moin
02:28 AM miss0r: o_0 excellent question
02:31 AM Bleepshop: I've had good luck in the apst with running fbdev and then forwarding whatever desktop apps to a remote machine. I ran my Arduino IDE and Blender that way for a while with a pair of RPi3s.
02:35 AM Bleepshop: I was actually thinking about running a pair of RPis one Pi running linuxcnc with 3.3V<>5V level shifters on the gpio pins and the display on the other Pi with whatever other cruft I want to run without disrupting the machine.
02:36 AM Bleepshop: Use a Pi3 for the linuxcnc board and a Pi4 with the dual HDMI outputs for the display unit with monitor 2 slaved as the display for the Pi3.
02:37 AM miss0r: Sounds complicated. I wonder if you will get the result you are hoping for
02:38 AM Bleepshop: Well actually the question at this point is "Am I fucking nuts or am I fucking brilliant ?" LOL
02:39 AM miss0r: that is a very fine line to walk :D
02:39 AM miss0r: some would even argue that the line is not even a line, but more of a grayzone :D
02:40 AM Bleepshop: Even if it doesn't reduce the latency of the Pi running linuxcnc it should still allow for the cnc headunit to do a lot more than just the mahine display.
02:41 AM Bleepshop: miss0r: I was taught as a child that it was a 16 lane freeway like in LA. ;D
02:41 AM miss0r: hehe
02:41 AM Eric__: it doesn't help latency to run remote, IIRC
02:42 AM Eric__: that's where machinekit came from
02:42 AM Bleepshop: Eric__: Yeah, but I could drop 400W of obsolete PC in favor of a 15W Pi.
02:42 AM Eric__: someone was working on a split system where the messaging from user space was on one computer
02:43 AM Eric__: and the hardware was on the other computer. They were complaining about the size of the messages a couple of months ago
02:43 AM Eric__: it would be nice to be able to do that, but it breaks things
02:44 AM Eric__: running over x doesn't break anything, but it doesn't really help
02:47 AM Bleepshop: I'm thinking of having all the hardware level inputs e-stop/etc go to the Pi running the machine and literally just use the second on like a thin client to unload everything else off the the RT processing side.
02:47 AM Bleepshop: Run RT Preempt on the machine side and whatever on the display side.
02:48 AM Bleepshop: Basicly it's leveraging X to make my life a little less power mad. LOL
02:49 AM Bleepshop: I've got an issue where I'm about to hit the limits of the old 100amp service on this place and the lights dim when the dryer starts. They really dim for a second if the oven is on too. :/
02:54 AM * Bleepshop has an old Sola constant voltage output box to go between the wall and the CNC machine. It'll throw 120V out with 12V in as long as the line frequency stays between 40-80Hz. Makes the input leads get hot and it growls like it wants to bite the mailman but it'll throw a rock solid 120V out. LOL
04:18 AM NoGodDamnIdea: morning yall
04:19 AM miss0r: morning
04:21 AM XXCoder: heys
05:31 AM Tom_L: morning
05:40 AM JT-Cave: morning
09:24 AM skunkworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLyP2YwdstQ
10:58 AM roycroft: *chuckle*
10:58 AM bjorkintosh: is there a way to permanently straighten the z-axis lead screw on the creality 3d pro?
10:59 AM roycroft: the ebay seller - mister "beware the buyer" - has now informed me that the part sold to me was exactly what was pictured in the listing
10:59 AM roycroft: after changing the listing pictures
10:59 AM roycroft: i guess my response should be "beware the ebay"
11:00 AM roycroft: because ebay have a record of the original listing, and of the changes the seller made
11:00 AM roycroft: this has just gone from mistake to fraud
11:00 AM * roycroft opens a case
11:02 AM NoGodDamnIdea: _unreal_, they sent me a link to all parameters https://www.stepcraft-systems.com/en/services/machine-parameters
11:20 AM Loetmichel: *MUHAHA* "Chinese Whispers" at work... PM:"i need two of these adapter plates"... So i designed them, got the file to the CNC guy... "make me 3 so there is one in reserve"... just got five back from him. :-)
11:46 AM Bleepshop: bjorkintosh: How badly is it bent?
11:48 AM * Bleepshop knows a couple of methods to straighten a leadscrew. Plus how to do it right if you have the proper tools. xD
11:51 AM bjorkintosh: Bleepshop, it's not so bad. when I hold it as it moves up and down, it's fine.
11:52 AM bjorkintosh: I'm surprised the device doesn't come with a little cap at the end to hold it in place.
11:52 AM bjorkintosh: and to keep it straight.
11:52 AM Bleepshop: bjorkintosh: But it wants to whip when you dont support it ?
11:52 AM bjorkintosh: yeah.
11:53 AM bjorkintosh: it starts making an awful "i'm stuck! I'm stuuuck!" noise (in machinese)
11:54 AM Bleepshop: Sounds like you need a better leadscrew or to temper that one. It'll end up brittle but that shouldn't matter with the minimal stresses involved.
11:58 AM Bleepshop: Unless I'm totaly misunderstanding which way it's wanting to flex.
12:00 PM bjorkintosh: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/-xMAAOSw-RNd3~Yu/s-l640.jpg
12:00 PM bjorkintosh: something like this is what it needs.
12:00 PM Bleepshop: bjorkintosh: Wait a minute. Creality 3D Pro? That has the Z steppers at the bottom of the frame doesn't it?
12:00 PM bjorkintosh: yeah.
12:02 PM bjorkintosh: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/FK8AAOSw~-dfGIzV/s-l400.jpg
12:02 PM bjorkintosh: it's a rather obvious component, I wonder why it was not included.
12:03 PM Bleepshop: That's part of the problem IMO. They needed to invert that and put the steppers at the top with a block like that at the bottom so the leadscrew is in tension instead of compression.
12:04 PM bjorkintosh: yeah. perhaps next design.
12:07 PM Bleepshop: This is annoying. Got up 2 hour ago, walked out to the shop in pants, shirt, sandals. The temerature has dropped 15F, it's now snowing outside, I've had light the woodstove in the shop and go back in the house to put on socks and long-johns.
12:10 PM Bleepshop: bjorkintosh: Print a pair of flanges like this and pop 608s in them for now ? https://static.grainger.com/rp/s/is/image/Grainger/4X815_AS01
12:11 PM bjorkintosh: ah of course. thank you!
12:12 PM bjorkintosh: I wonder if it's an oversight or a 'feature'.
12:20 PM roycroft: bleepshop must live in colorado
12:27 PM gregcnc: cost saving feature
12:28 PM bjorkintosh: 5 bucks??
12:28 PM bjorkintosh: nah.
12:28 PM bjorkintosh: it's a brain fart, penny wise sorta thing.
12:30 PM Bleepshop: roycroft: Northern New Mexico. I was just south of the mess that slammed CO last week.
12:31 PM * Bleepshop wonders how well RT Preemt works on the RPis now.
12:36 PM Bleepshop: Are any of the gurus or brainboxes around?
12:36 PM * Bleepshop had a warped and twisted idea last night.
12:37 PM Tom_L: if you have a question ask
12:37 PM Tom_L: rpi4 will run linuxcnc but that's about it
12:38 PM Bleepshop: Take a pair of RPis, wire one as the linuxcnc controller with a minimal install and the shell pointed to linuxcnc. Use the other one as your display and access the first one via 'ssh -X'.
12:38 PM Tom_L: why?
12:40 PM Bleepshop: Uhh... Because I'm trying to stuff a big controller in a very small box and I don't have an mini-ITX or other tiny x86 boards ? LOL
12:42 PM Bleepshop: Tom_L: I've tried doing the Dr Who thing but it always just stays in this dimension and blows through the back wall of the box. ;D
12:46 PM Bleepshop: Tom_L: Seriously though, I've got enough room in the controller cabinet for a mini-ITX or a pair of Pi boards and I'd like to make this thing totally self contained since I'm planning on a 15" touchscreen for the DRO + a 21" generic display/keyboard/trackball.
12:48 PM Tom_L: why do you need 2 rpi boards though?
12:50 PM Tom_L: i'm not sure anyone has tested the touchy (touch screen) on the rpi
12:50 PM Tom_L: i've tested axis
01:10 PM Tom_L: skunkworks, lookin good
01:16 PM Bleepshop: Tom_L: My thought was that you boot the systems and when you log into the machine controller [B] via 'ssh -X' it drops you straight to linuxcnc fullscreen with the DISPLAY exported to screen 2 on [A].
01:18 PM Tom_L: planning to use mesa cards?
01:18 PM Tom_L: (SPI or Ethernet) are your choices
01:19 PM Tom_L: with ethernet that would use up the only rpi port
01:19 PM Tom_L: not sure i'd want to use wifi on a controller
01:20 PM Bleepshop: Basicly I'm thinking of it as a way to offload all the cruft that you'd normally want for convenience to a separate CPU/GPU leaving the stripped minimalist system with the GPIO pins wired through level shifters ticking along.
01:20 PM Tom_L: mesa makes a board that mounts to the rpi as well. iirc it's spi
01:21 PM Tom_L: you need a ribbon between the 2
01:21 PM Tom_L: the mesa card will do most of the heavy lifting in that case
01:21 PM Tom_L: no real need for 2 rpi
01:23 PM Bleepshop: Tom_L: I was thinking of linking ether to ether with a crossover cable then WiFi/BT on [A] can be used for connectivity and won''t monkey with anything on [B].
01:24 PM Tom_L: not sure i'd trust wireless on a machine control
01:24 PM Bleepshop: Plus I have no Mesa cards at all but I do have several RPi 3s and a couple of 4s. LOL
01:24 PM Tom_L: 3 won't work
01:24 PM Tom_L: 4 do ok
01:27 PM Bleepshop: Tom_L: No wireless. Direct wired ethernet between them. It'll force [A] to use WiFi/BT for comms at the cost of a dedicated link to [B].
01:28 PM Bleepshop: I was thinking RPi 4 for the linuxcnc controller and an RPi 3 for the display head.
01:28 PM Tom_L: best of luck :)
01:31 PM Bleepshop: I figure it's worth a try as I've got just enough room in the box for them and it'd be a great way to cut down the power draw from 400W to 40W because electricity doesn't grow on trees. ;D
01:43 PM * Bleepshop is also tired of tripping over things.. Power cables, Data cables, Air hoses, the cat that wants to know exactly what's going on 24 hours a day.
02:22 PM CaptHindsight: the Rpi's have their fan base but it's not a real time SOC
02:23 PM CaptHindsight: the OrangePi has an integrated micro for real time high speed stepping but the driver is still broken
02:25 PM CaptHindsight: the Rpi will never have open source firmware, so fat chance of getting it to behave consistently since the Rpi devs don't care about real time
02:25 PM CaptHindsight: they seem to be appeased only by lack of crashing
02:31 PM CaptHindsight: the OrangePi has everything that machinekit wanted PLUS a GPU that works, but few are interested in the Orangepi
02:32 PM roycroft: rpis are for maintaining a porn library and keeping track of how much beer is left in the keg
02:34 PM XXCoder: i just learned of skiffos
02:34 PM XXCoder: its supposed to be very trim os for small boards
02:34 PM roycroft: btw, jeremy schmidt is back, and he has a gen2 2x72 belt grinder, which has some significant improvements over gen1, which i built
02:34 PM XXCoder: wonder if adoptable for linuxcnc
02:35 PM roycroft: unfortunately most of the gen2 attachments do not work on gen1, and vice versa
02:35 PM roycroft: although the only ones i have made so far should work on gen2
02:35 PM roycroft: i don't think i'm ready to build a new belt grinder though
02:35 PM roycroft: that is a lot of work, and i have a lot of other projects
02:36 PM roycroft: but anyway, it's nice that he's back, and his new design is really nice
02:36 PM roycroft: he also has a metric version, which is not just us customary units translated to mm
02:36 PM roycroft: it was designed to use metric metal stock
02:39 PM * JT-Shop is stuck in the shop while Junior eats a bowl of corn
02:44 PM robotustra: some progress
02:44 PM robotustra: https://i.imgur.com/ZjOWkdh.png
02:44 PM robotustra: can draw solids already
02:48 PM XXCoder: :)
02:51 PM robotustra: next may be the export to STL
02:51 PM CaptHindsight: skiffos looks like Gentoo only without all the developers
02:57 PM XXCoder: it seem to be focus on small boards like rpi
02:58 PM XXCoder: so might be good in future dunno
03:00 PM CaptHindsight: Buildroot, Docker
03:02 PM CaptHindsight: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Embedded_systems/ARM_hardware_list
03:02 PM roycroft: so ups freight were supposed to be here by noon
03:03 PM roycroft: it is 12:51
03:03 PM CaptHindsight: they sure have simplified the tracking info at UPS
03:04 PM CaptHindsight: "On its way" and "Delivery by 9:00pm on this date"
03:04 PM roycroft: at ups, yes
03:04 PM roycroft: but ups freight is a different story
03:05 PM CaptHindsight: I ship freight with them often
03:05 PM roycroft: one cannot even cut and paste a tracking number on ups freight's site
03:05 PM roycroft: one has to type it in manually, every time
03:05 PM CaptHindsight: ctrl+v used to work
03:06 PM roycroft: it does not now
03:07 PM roycroft: and when i go to their tracking site, i have to type in the tracking number
03:07 PM CaptHindsight: be sure to pay for the insurance https://imgur.com/nFAsIhU
03:07 PM roycroft: then it brings me to another page, where i have to again type in the tracking number
03:07 PM roycroft: i'm not the shipper
03:07 PM roycroft: it's up to them
03:07 PM roycroft: it's not my responsibility until i sign off on the delivery
03:08 PM roycroft: and if there is even a tiny tear in the outer cardboard wrapping i shall note it on the bill of lading, and take pictures of it
03:08 PM roycroft: which will piss the driver off, because they like excuses to get pissed off
03:08 PM roycroft: i know exactly how this is going to go
03:08 PM roycroft: the driver will show up and demand that i sign for the shipment before he even brings it to the lift gate
03:09 PM roycroft: and i'll tell him i need to see it and note any potential damage before i can sign off
03:09 PM roycroft: and the driver will get pissed off
03:09 PM roycroft: it happens almost every time
03:09 PM roycroft: it's as though i'm personally unsulting the driver
03:09 PM CaptHindsight: he's onnah scheduly!
03:09 PM roycroft: insulting
03:10 PM roycroft: when in fact, i assume that any damage occured before the last mile
03:10 PM robotustra: the driver should know that's it' just his job
03:10 PM roycroft: the driver has probably never touched the pallets before delivering them
03:10 PM roycroft: someone else loads the truck at the depot
03:11 PM roycroft: it does not take me long to inspect a shipment
03:11 PM CaptHindsight: my UPS freight guys are great
03:11 PM roycroft: this is in two crates, so all i have to do is look at 10 surfaces and note any that are not perfect
03:11 PM roycroft: should take me about 10 seconds per surface at most
03:11 PM roycroft: i've never had ups freight before
03:11 PM CaptHindsight: I have to try to get them to leave, love to chat
03:11 PM roycroft: their dispatch center is awful
03:11 PM roycroft: the driver may be fine
03:11 PM roycroft: i hope so
03:12 PM roycroft: i'm going to try to get help pushing the stuff up my driveway
03:12 PM CaptHindsight: varies by location greatly
03:12 PM roycroft: i'm going to try to have that conversation before we get to the sign off before inspection conversation
03:12 PM CaptHindsight: even the drivers complain about dispatch
03:13 PM roycroft: my regular ups driver is one of the most unfriendly persons i've ever encountered for a delivery person
03:14 PM CaptHindsight: mine is the best guy in the world and my Fedex ground guy is awful
03:14 PM roycroft: she's in her 50s, has a scowl on her face all the time, and when i smile at her or thank her she just grunts and goes back to her truck as fast as possible
03:14 PM roycroft: she also notes "delivered to mr. man" every time i'm present when she drops something off, which i think is kind of funny
03:14 PM CaptHindsight: but we just got a new fedex ground guy, seems fine
03:15 PM CaptHindsight: hahah
03:15 PM roycroft: the last three fedex drivers i've had refuse to wear a mask
03:15 PM roycroft: i've had to call fedex each time one of them came and did not mask up
03:15 PM roycroft: i think that's why i keep getting new drivers
03:15 PM roycroft: usually i get the same fedex driver for years
03:16 PM roycroft: but now it's a different one every time
03:16 PM roycroft: and i would not care if they did not mask up if they did not have to interact with me, but the last three times it's been shipments for which i had to sign
03:16 PM robotustra: all drivers already don't want to deliver to roycroft :)
03:17 PM CaptHindsight: "Signature Required" always shows up when we are out
03:17 PM roycroft: yes
03:17 PM roycroft: and not only that
03:17 PM roycroft: they wait
03:17 PM roycroft: they lurk just around the corner
03:17 PM roycroft: they wait for you to leave
03:17 PM CaptHindsight: then the next day they just leave it at the door without knocking
03:17 PM roycroft: then they quickly swing by and drop off a delivery exception note
03:17 PM robotustra: is any UPS drivet in this chat?
03:18 PM roycroft: and get the hell out of there as fast as the can in case you go back home right away
03:18 PM CaptHindsight: robotustra: "General Shipping Complaints"
03:18 PM roycroft: more like "shipping war stories"
03:19 PM robotustra: I think that's a common service problem in capitalism
03:19 PM roycroft: i just got a new spool of 12/3 sjoow, because i know my new jointer will need a longer power cord, and that stuff is too expensive to buy by the foot
03:19 PM robotustra: "get you service and f$% off"
03:24 PM roycroft: while i was waiting for ups freight i put a new power cord on my thickness planer, as that cord was always too short
03:24 PM roycroft: when i opened up the magswitch, which is located inside the base unit, and which i had never opened in the 12+ years i've owned that machine, i found that all of the power connections were so loose they just fell out when i took the cover off
03:24 PM roycroft: it's amazing that the machine did not fail or catch on fire over the years
03:24 PM roycroft: even more amazing that the connectors were not all pitted
03:24 PM roycroft: that's all fixed now, and i know that if i had not noticed it today i'd have a fire the next time i used it, so i guess ups freight being late isn't a totally horrible thing
03:24 PM roycroft: robotustra: what is this "capitalism" of which you speak?
03:26 PM robotustra: joblessness?
03:26 PM XXCoder: more jobs so on
03:26 PM roycroft: mailing a letter from vancouver to vancouver typically takes a week or longer, and costs $1.07
03:26 PM XXCoder: evenually it will be busy enough for me to be rehired
03:26 PM roycroft: granted, that's CDN$1.07, so more like $0.22 in real dollars :P
03:26 PM roycroft: but still
03:26 PM robotustra: I would like to get some money without being hired anywhere
03:27 PM roycroft: you could hire a kid to messenger it for about that much, and it would arrive the same day
03:27 PM robotustra: roycroft, no, you couldn't, because the bus ticket costs more
03:28 PM roycroft: messengers ride bicycles
03:28 PM roycroft: and now it's time for ups freight to show up, because it just started raining
03:34 PM robotustra: bicicles, in canada
03:34 PM XXCoder: https://usborne.com/us/books/computer-and-coding-books cool
03:34 PM robotustra: in the winter..
03:36 PM XXCoder: wow i'd have loved to have those when i was young!
03:37 PM CaptHindsight: My First Little Hackers Book
03:37 PM robotustra: I hate websites with popups
03:38 PM robotustra: close them immediately, zero tolerance
03:38 PM roycroft: so you hate all websites everywhere
03:39 PM XXCoder: interesting. didnt get any. probably due to noscript
03:39 PM robotustra: almost
03:40 PM robotustra: XXCoder, how do you brose web without javascript? 50% of web is broken for you then
03:40 PM XXCoder: nah i enable domains as needed
03:40 PM XXCoder: sometimes i dont even need to, like that site
03:46 PM CaptHindsight: robotustra: what are you drawing with?
03:46 PM CaptHindsight: i refer to your imgur links
03:46 PM XXCoder: capt his own cad
03:47 PM XXCoder: dont think he named it yet?
03:47 PM CaptHindsight: YACA, yet another Cad app
03:48 PM CaptHindsight: I'm focusing on CAM for tool paths
03:48 PM robotustra: CaptHindsight, I'm programming simple cad system to do all my drawings, and generate g-code for them
03:48 PM XXCoder: nice. your own, or some other program
03:49 PM CaptHindsight: 4+ axis CAM
03:50 PM robotustra: no, I'll need 3d max
03:50 PM robotustra: 2-2.5-3
03:52 PM CaptHindsight: robotustra: interesting, why a closed source Winders app?
03:52 PM CaptHindsight: Autodesk 3ds Max?
03:53 PM robotustra: you misunderstood my phrase :) "I don't need more than 3d milling"
03:54 PM robotustra: I don't need more than 3 dimentions for my hobby applications
03:54 PM CaptHindsight: ah
03:56 PM robotustra: I think I'll use just somple text based stl format
03:57 PM _unreal_: NoGodDamnIdea, nifty
03:58 PM robotustra: simple*
03:58 PM _unreal_: NoGodDamnIdea, have you gotten your driver board yet?
04:04 PM roycroft: you could name your app "openscad"
04:04 PM CaptHindsight: I need complex multi-axis paths for "light" (radiant) and aerosol based "tooling"
04:05 PM CaptHindsight: how about dropping the S and using openCAD?
04:06 PM roycroft: are you prejudiced against the letter 's' or something?
04:06 PM CaptHindsight: what is SCAD?
04:06 PM roycroft: were you bullied as a lad by a slitheran?
04:06 PM CaptHindsight: or is it supposed to be opens CAD?
04:07 PM roycroft: i don't know why openscad is named as it was
04:07 PM roycroft: maybe it is a contraction of "OPEN Source CAD"
04:07 PM CaptHindsight: it's fine but I would have used more consonants for extra confusion
04:07 PM CaptHindsight: opensfcad, opensssssscad or similar
04:08 PM CaptHindsight: huh or osCAD, osourcecad
04:09 PM CaptHindsight: naming stuff can get hard
04:09 PM roycroft: you must be part welsh
04:09 PM CaptHindsight: https://opencad.io/ is a thing
04:11 PM roycroft: how about calling it pywllgwnfaosillowgogmwntcad?
04:12 PM CaptHindsight: but it's pronounced Luxury Yacht
04:12 PM roycroft: actually it's transliterated as luxury yacht
04:12 PM roycroft: but it's pronounced throatwarbler mangrove
04:13 PM CaptHindsight: context https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7uv0n8
04:13 PM robotustra: openscam
04:14 PM robotustra: I'm not doing opensource
04:14 PM robotustra: I don't believe in it
04:14 PM CaptHindsight: run away!
04:14 PM roycroft: so call it "closedscam"
04:14 PM robotustra: :)
04:14 PM roycroft: or just "scam" for short
04:14 PM CaptHindsight: most are
04:14 PM NoGodDamnIdea: _unreal_, should arrive tomorrow morning
04:14 PM robotustra: no, I do miniTextCad
04:15 PM NoGodDamnIdea: and I will go with it at the shop if I find the will to live again
04:15 PM XXCoder: robotustra: funny thing camotics used to be called openscam
04:15 PM roycroft: i am hoping to get this shipment in time for me to measure for the metal stock i need for the mobile base and procure it before the end of the day
04:15 PM roycroft: it's not looking promising for that at this point
04:16 PM roycroft: and i can't work on my blasting cabinet while i'm waiting, because i won't hear the truck arrive if i'm out in the fabrication shop
04:17 PM robotustra: I 100% agree with this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLVjSeusPYg
04:17 PM NoGodDamnIdea: _unreal_, do i put those parameters in the $fields?
04:17 PM XXCoder: guy needs teleprompter
04:17 PM roycroft: i only watched about 5 seconds of that, because i'm not terribly interested in what that guy has to day
04:18 PM roycroft: the gpl has done more harm to the open source movement than anything, though
04:18 PM _unreal_: NoGodDamnIdea, you will want to follow this for your limit switches https://www.cnczone.com/forums/controller-cards/413028-cnc.html
04:18 PM _unreal_: its one of my post's
04:18 PM _unreal_: you WILLLLL need the filter which is just resistors/caps
04:18 PM _unreal_: you also will need to figure out what kind of limit switches the machine has
04:19 PM _unreal_: are they standard CLICK switches like what is pictured in that link I just posted.
04:19 PM _unreal_: if so GREAT.
04:19 PM NoGodDamnIdea: they are
04:19 PM robotustra: pull requests is really a microagression and harm
04:19 PM robotustra: are*
04:19 PM _unreal_: just make sure they are all wired the same. you can have them all N/O or N/C I would suggest N/O
04:20 PM NoGodDamnIdea: they are probably all n/o
04:20 PM _unreal_: make sure they are
04:20 PM NoGodDamnIdea: they are actually as I have tested them with a multimeter
04:20 PM XXCoder: isnt linuxcnc gpl
04:20 PM _unreal_: does it have limits at each end?
04:21 PM _unreal_: y+/- x+/- z+/-?
04:21 PM _unreal_: or just at one end?
04:21 PM _unreal_: NoGodDamnIdea, do you have a spindle for it?
04:22 PM _unreal_: the machine
04:23 PM NoGodDamnIdea: it has one limit per XYZ
04:23 PM Bleepshop: CaptHindsight: What's your opinion on running linuxcnc on a Pi 4 and using the GPIO pins for direct output via level shifters? The PC-2-ROUTE board I have has 5V inputs/outputs and optical isolation up the wazoo so I'm not too worried on that side.
04:24 PM NoGodDamnIdea: technically i do have a spindle, in practice I do not
04:24 PM NoGodDamnIdea: I bought some roland blades tho :D
04:24 PM _unreal_: roland blades? dont know what that is
04:24 PM _unreal_: NoGodDamnIdea, you'll want to get some more switches and mount them at the other ends of the macine
04:24 PM _unreal_: machine
04:25 PM NoGodDamnIdea: vinyl cutter
04:25 PM _unreal_: you do NOT want the machine to be able to stop safely in one direction/end and run into the END
04:25 PM _unreal_: in the other
04:25 PM NoGodDamnIdea: cant i just put soft limits?
04:25 PM NoGodDamnIdea: since I know the length of the bed
04:25 PM _unreal_: you can and you will HATE soft limits real quick
04:25 PM XXCoder: you can have no limit switches
04:25 PM XXCoder: my cnc router dont have one
04:26 PM XXCoder: you have to manually home it however. me, I just move it by hand to "home" then enable steppers then home
04:26 PM XXCoder: *set home
04:26 PM Bleepshop: Yeah, I'm a cheapskate and even I scrounged up enough good quality switches for +/- X/Y/Z limits and a few spares.
04:26 PM _unreal_: NoGodDamnIdea, the limits are based on the offset.
04:26 PM _unreal_: for soft limits
04:27 PM _unreal_: you can end up running into soft limit errors with plenty of runway because you did a g92 offset
04:28 PM _unreal_: its better and safer to have limits at each end
04:28 PM NoGodDamnIdea: lets make it run first, its not that hard to put some limit switches after
04:28 PM _unreal_: use manual switches, use magnetic switches WHAT ever. does not make a difference as long as its a hard switch.
04:29 PM _unreal_: very true
04:29 PM _unreal_: but I would strongly advise having limits at both extremes
04:29 PM _unreal_: dont forget to wire for the PROBE sswitch as well :)
04:30 PM NoGodDamnIdea: i even have a probe :D
04:30 PM _unreal_: there are different methods of using a probe
04:30 PM _unreal_: you can use a touch probe. or a depth setting probe
04:30 PM XXCoder: bleep reason I havent is im not sure how to place em
04:30 PM XXCoder: i now have 3d printers so i can make limit switch holders, but i still have no room for my cnc router
04:31 PM _unreal_: XXCoder, you should go with magnetic reed switches
04:31 PM robotustra: btw, chinise cnc controller for the lathe has both end switches and home switches
04:31 PM robotustra: or "zero" switches
04:31 PM robotustra: it means 3 switches per axis
04:31 PM _unreal_: 3 switches?
04:32 PM robotustra: you kind of can home without touching limit switches
04:32 PM robotustra: 3 per aixs
04:32 PM _unreal_: thats a new one on me
04:32 PM Bleepshop: XXCoder: I didn't have the room for this one either but when it showed up I made it freakin fit! LOL
04:32 PM XXCoder: LOL
04:32 PM XXCoder: well right now i only have single table
04:32 PM XXCoder: in my room
04:33 PM XXCoder: i dont want wood dust in my room so its out
04:33 PM _unreal_: room?
04:33 PM _unreal_: as in work shop or bed room?
04:33 PM XXCoder: its okay tho im having fun with prusa mk3s
04:33 PM NoGodDamnIdea: _unreal_, i got this guy https://i.imgur.com/dNabana.png
04:33 PM XXCoder: gonna repair mmu2, just got new wires replacements
04:33 PM _unreal_: NoGodDamnIdea, most of us have that one :)
04:34 PM XXCoder: i fgot that exact same thing lol never used it yet
04:34 PM _unreal_: dont worry once you get it setup. you'll have a WELL dended probe surface :)
04:34 PM * Bleepshop has a 12x24 shop with bad lighting, wood heat and a floor that makes the lunar surface look smooth as glass.
04:34 PM NoGodDamnIdea: lets hope i get it working with this shield
04:35 PM _unreal_: I replace them about once ever 6 months. to many Oppsssyyys. forgetting to attach the alagator clip, forgetting to turn on limit switches... and other things
04:35 PM _unreal_: you will
04:37 PM Bleepshop: Hell, I've got room on this beast to attach that clip to a connector once and then just set it somewhere on the Z when not in use.
04:38 PM Bleepshop: _unreal_: Spring loaded puck in there?
04:38 PM _unreal_: ?
04:39 PM Bleepshop: Is that a 'soft' point with a spring in/under it or a 'hard' point with no give at all ?
04:40 PM _unreal_: those are hard
04:40 PM _unreal_: no give
04:40 PM _unreal_: very true feed back
05:32 PM roycroft: it is now past noon honolulu time and ups are still not here
05:32 PM roycroft: so much for a four hour delivery window
05:34 PM veegee: Guys I have a serious problem. My sister asked me to watch her cat while she's away for university. He's an orange tabby and a little on the chubby side. So I put him on a diet and it works. It's a nuisance, I have to measure 150mL of food each morning, but it works and he's healthy.
05:34 PM veegee: I have my own cat at the office which I'm going to bring to the workshop and they'll both be in the same physical space. This one eats just as much as she needs.
05:34 PM veegee: If I put out enough food for both, the orange one will just get fat again
05:34 PM roycroft: i guess "four hour window" means "here's the window but we may be 4 hours late"
05:35 PM veegee: If I meter the orange one's food, he'll probably steal food from the other cat's bowl
05:35 PM roycroft: veegee: you need to separate them at feeding time and only provide food at feeding time
05:35 PM roycroft: i've dealt with this in the past
05:35 PM roycroft: it's a pain in the butt
05:35 PM roycroft: and the one who does not overeat will wonder why it's being punished
05:35 PM roycroft: but it's the only thing that works
05:36 PM veegee: damn
05:36 PM veegee: how many feeding times per day?
05:36 PM roycroft: i usually do 3-4
05:36 PM roycroft: i am down to one cat now, so it's not a problem
05:36 PM veegee: Oh wow'
05:36 PM roycroft: but several
05:37 PM roycroft: measure out the 150g of food for the one
05:37 PM roycroft: keep the other's bowl full
05:37 PM roycroft: and feed them both several times/day
05:37 PM roycroft: i've never figured out a better way to deal with it
05:37 PM veegee: Alright I'll try that, thanks
05:37 PM roycroft: but i'm not the smartest person who has ever lived
05:37 PM roycroft: i have had many cats over the years, though
05:38 PM roycroft: there may be a better way
05:38 PM roycroft: but that's the best way i've found
05:38 PM veegee: I was thinking an RFID type of thing which only opens for the respective cat
05:38 PM roycroft: you underestimate the cleverness of cats
05:38 PM _unreal_: I miss my cats
05:38 PM _unreal_: :(
05:39 PM _unreal_: I had to give up my cats just to move to FL
05:39 PM _unreal_: :(
05:39 PM roycroft: but now you can have pet gators!@
05:39 PM roycroft: and piranas!
05:39 PM roycroft: and burmese pythons!
05:39 PM _unreal_: now I just want to get out of the @#$@#$ living arrangement I'm in
05:39 PM roycroft: and all sorts of other invasive, non-native exotic critters!
05:39 PM _unreal_: thats what pellot guns are for
05:40 PM * roycroft wonders if "stand your ground" applies to animals other than humans
05:40 PM _unreal_: I've won ever battle
05:40 PM _unreal_: every
05:41 PM veegee: I love my fluffy kitty so much, she's the sweetest little thing ever
05:41 PM veegee: Very low maintenance. I can just fill the food bowl every week and not worry about it
05:49 PM veegee: So cuddly too. Especially if you have a fever and a headache and want to sleep, don't need a hot water bottle. Just get the kitty cat. So soft and warm and fluffy
06:16 PM roycroft: grr
06:16 PM roycroft: i've done just about everything i can do that doesn't take a long time or can be interrupted to tidy up my shop, and ups freight are still not here
06:17 PM roycroft: they are over fours hours late now
06:18 PM Tom_L: take all the tools down and polish them
06:18 PM CaptHindsight: veegee: kitty treadmill
06:18 PM roycroft: they are in pretty good shape already, tom_l
06:19 PM roycroft: i'm sure i have some chisels/plane irons that could use a bit of honing
06:19 PM roycroft: that is always fun
06:19 PM roycroft: and a good way to pass the time
06:19 PM Tom_L: how to recover win10 start menu
06:20 PM XXCoder: ez
06:20 PM XXCoder: install linux on it
06:20 PM XXCoder: add windows 10 looklike theme
06:20 PM Tom_L: mastercam doesn't run on linux
06:20 PM roycroft: reinstall windows :)
06:20 PM XXCoder: aw
06:21 PM Tom_L: the problem was dropped in my lap
06:21 PM XXCoder: lockon to machine suck
06:21 PM XXCoder: and os even worse (key file invalid if reinstall os)
06:21 PM Tom_L: it took from 8am to 1pm to run a disk check
06:21 PM roycroft: i honestly don't know much about that stuff
06:21 PM roycroft: windows is just too weird and complicated for me to care enough to figure out
06:21 PM Tom_L: this is why I don't use win10
06:21 PM roycroft: i run it in virtual machines
06:21 PM XXCoder: my knowledge is old. i last used windows when windows 7 was latest
06:21 PM Tom_L: slower than pig shit
06:22 PM roycroft: i buy a copy of windows 10 pro, install it in a vm, and then use that as a master
06:22 PM XXCoder: tom sounds like need some refresh
06:22 PM roycroft: whenever i need to run a windows app, i clone that vm and install the app
06:22 PM roycroft: if it works great
06:22 PM roycroft: if not oh well
06:22 PM roycroft: if it ever breaks, i can nuke the vm and reclone/reinstall the app
06:22 PM XXCoder: roy yeah have image where its all fresh installed and licensed
06:22 PM Tom_L: type here to search just looks at me
06:22 PM roycroft: it's the sanest way i've found to run windows
06:22 PM XXCoder: if it goes bad, just delete bad image and make copt of fresh install one
06:23 PM roycroft: yup
06:23 PM roycroft: and i usually only install one third-party app per windows virtual machine
06:23 PM roycroft: because the interactions between third-party apps so often breaks things
06:24 PM roycroft: i don't use too many windows apps, so it's not a big deal to have multiple vms laying around
06:32 PM CaptHindsight: roycroft: do you use virtualbox or vmware or??
06:34 PM roycroft: vmware fusion, mostly
06:35 PM roycroft: ups said that they will be here within a couple hours
06:35 PM roycroft: they are almost 4 1/s hours late already
06:35 PM roycroft: 4 1/2
06:35 PM roycroft: i use virtualbox on the linux laptop
06:36 PM CaptHindsight: I have seen them as late as 6pm
06:36 PM roycroft: because that's the only hypervisor i've tried on debian that actually works reliably
06:36 PM roycroft: i had a window
06:36 PM roycroft: 8am-12pm
06:36 PM CaptHindsight: Virtualbox seems to work in Debian as host to other Linux
06:37 PM roycroft: well windows 10 seems to run ok on virtualbox
06:37 PM roycroft: that's how i run autocad on the linux laptop
06:37 PM CaptHindsight: i haven't tried Linux host with windows in many years with virtualbox, maybe 11 or 12
06:38 PM roycroft: i'd rather not use virtualbox at all, because it's a soracle product, but since ironically it's the only hypervisor that runs well on stock debian it's what i use
06:38 PM CaptHindsight: back then I got a patch from the vbox devs for USB devices that change ID's after being initialized
06:38 PM Bleepshop: CaptHindsight: Did you see my question earlier ?
06:39 PM CaptHindsight: lots of windows devices still didn't work in vbox
06:40 PM CaptHindsight: Bleepshop: unlikely. Last few hours, days, sometime in 1994?
06:41 PM CaptHindsight: " What's your opinion on running linuxcnc on a Pi 4 and using the GPIO pins for direct output via level shifters?"
06:41 PM Bleepshop: Yeah.
06:42 PM CaptHindsight: latency on the rpi4 is somewhere ~70K, lower if you don't use a browser or play a video or something else unknown
06:42 PM CaptHindsight: so if that is fast enough then it will work
06:43 PM CaptHindsight: for an extra $100-200 you can use a Mesa card and not worry about any latency spikes again
06:45 PM Bleepshop: I'm thinking of using a pair. [A] / [B] . [B] with a stripped system and Preempt-RT running the machine with a dedicated link to the head unit [A] running linuxcnc on [B] via 'ssh -X'.
06:46 PM Bleepshop: I can't drop the $ on the Mesa card. The old lady would freak. She had a cow when I wanted to pick up a drill press at HF to replace the POS I have now.
06:47 PM Bleepshop: And I have a pair of Pi 4s siting here from another project that is on hold due to the router being down and in the way.
06:49 PM CaptHindsight: Bleepshop: why two Rpi4's?
06:49 PM Bleepshop: Basicly it's a way I've used in the past to leverage X11 into faking more CPU than I actually have in one box.
06:50 PM CaptHindsight: the Rpi has been a GPU with an arm cpu attached
06:50 PM CaptHindsight: processing power and GPU performance isn't the issue
06:51 PM CaptHindsight: we have no source to the closed firmware that initializes the Rpi
06:51 PM Bleepshop: [B] would be headless with DISPLAY exported to [A]. Use both HDMI ports on [A] with port 1 being the display for [A] and port 2 being the display for [B].
06:52 PM CaptHindsight: so we can't verify if there are better settings for lower latency of if the design just can't be configured better
06:53 PM CaptHindsight: Bleepshop: you could test performance and let us know if it is any better run that way
06:55 PM Bleepshop: I was thinking of takiing the latency hit if I can get it to <60K for the servo thread just to get the power draw down from 400W to 40W and to get teh computer down to smaller than a full size case/motherboard. Limited space in the shop. The monitors will be arm mounted to the machine.
06:56 PM CaptHindsight: the OrangePi uses u-boot so firmware could force the cpu core clocks to not change speed
06:56 PM Bleepshop: CaptHindsight: That's the plan. I can test it with one Pi and my desktop machine for the moment.
06:56 PM CaptHindsight: last i read the Rpi4 firmware still did funny clock things even if you supposedly forced certain settings
06:57 PM CaptHindsight: they don't care about real time
06:57 PM _unreal_: I'm guessing NoGodDamnIdea passed out :)
06:58 PM _unreal_: considering he's in the UK I believe
06:58 PM _unreal_: hehe
07:00 PM CaptHindsight: Bleepshop: I was going to test a USB GPU on the Rpi4
07:02 PM CaptHindsight: Bleepshop: "Playing videos over FF or Chrome and latency for 50,000 base and 200K servo is <50,000 for both with software rendering. Video playback is a little choppy, also have 4 glxgears running at the same time. "
07:02 PM * Bleepshop has a USB>VGA dongle somewhere. Which would be acceptable for a DRO or message display but is a POS when trying to play fullscreen video.
07:03 PM CaptHindsight: Bleepshop: here are the configs https://forum.linuxcnc.org/18-computer/36879-raspberry-pi-4-mmap?start=450#183409
07:04 PM CaptHindsight: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/18-computer/36879-raspberry-pi-4-mmap?start=440#183363
07:04 PM Bleepshop: CaptHindsight: Yeah, I found the RPi4 HAL GPIO configs already.
07:05 PM CaptHindsight: Bleepshop: you need a good heatsink for the Rpi4
07:05 PM CaptHindsight: you need to set the clock speed higher and keep it cool so that it does not speed step
07:06 PM Bleepshop: And it looks like run them with big heatsinks to avoid the thermal throttling.
07:07 PM CaptHindsight: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/media/kunena/attachments/16508/RPi3-17Jan2021-50794.png
07:07 PM * Bleepshop wonders where he could get a 2 liter bottle of 3M Novec.
07:08 PM CaptHindsight: some aluminum and a fan is all you need
07:08 PM Bleepshop: CaptHindsight: WTH latency test is that ? All I've gotten is the cheesy 3 or 4 line box.
07:09 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.amazon.com/Aluminum-Heatsink-Case-Raspberry-Magnetite/dp/B082354K9H/ref=sr_1_23?dchild=1&keywords=raspberry+pi+4+case&qid=1616457393&s=pc&sr=1-23 works well enough
07:09 PM CaptHindsight: Bleepshop: it's in the graphical drop down
07:10 PM Bleepshop: CaptHindsight: ???
07:11 PM * Bleepshop turns on the current linuxcnc machine.
07:11 PM CaptHindsight: you download and install LinuxCNC 2.8.1 Raspberry Pi OS based on Debian 10 Buster
07:11 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.linuxcnc.org/iso/linuxcnc-2.8.1-pi4.zip
07:13 PM CaptHindsight: Bleepshop: I'm not in front of a LCNC machine right now but it's in the LCNC menu
07:13 PM CaptHindsight: or via command line http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/install/latency-test.html
07:14 PM CaptHindsight: latency-histogram
07:14 PM Bleepshop: This is the only one I've ever seen. http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config/images/latency-test_en.png
07:15 PM CaptHindsight: try latency-histogram --help
07:15 PM CaptHindsight: yes latency-test vs latency-histogram
07:15 PM CaptHindsight: try it
07:16 PM CaptHindsight: another is latency-plot --help
07:16 PM CaptHindsight: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config/images/latency-plot.png
07:19 PM _unreal_: does anyone in here have a laser etcher?
07:21 PM roycroft: so now ups say they should be here around 6
07:21 PM roycroft: but would rather reschedule
07:21 PM CaptHindsight: at least it is before dark
07:22 PM roycroft: i asked if they're going to pay me for the time i have to take off work again if they reschedule
07:22 PM roycroft: so i'm thinkin they'll show up sixish
07:22 PM roycroft: meaning probably before 7:30
07:23 PM roycroft: at least my shop is pretty clean and tidy now
07:23 PM roycroft: i haven't done the best job of keeping it clean over the winter
07:24 PM roycroft: when i'm done for the day it's generally too darn cold to want to spend time tidying up
07:24 PM roycroft: so i've been doing the minimal for a while
07:25 PM * roycroft wonders if ups ground and ups freight will arrive at the same time today and, if so, what that means for the stability of the universe
07:27 PM CaptHindsight: roycroft: I have had to call UPS at 5pm to get them to go back out and meet the warehouse guy at 6pm and ask the warehouse guy to stay until 7
07:28 PM CaptHindsight: how they just seem to operate in some areas
07:28 PM CaptHindsight: this was NJ/NY metro
07:29 PM CaptHindsight: Dear warehouse veteran of 40 years. Which trucking co in the north east does a good job of arriving on time?
07:29 PM CaptHindsight: Answer: they all suck!
07:40 PM Bleepshop: roycroft: Taht's why there are stacks of boat anchor PCs sitting in my floor that I have been walking around for days. LOL
07:45 PM CaptHindsight: roycroft: is it still raining there?
07:53 PM roycroft: it is not at the moment
07:53 PM roycroft: and ups ground have come and gone
07:53 PM roycroft: so we don't need to worry about a ground-freight wormhole forming or anything
08:08 PM CaptHindsight: 5:56 PM
08:08 PM CaptHindsight: Monday, March 22, 2021 (PDT)
08:08 PM CaptHindsight: Time in Portland, OR
08:09 PM CaptHindsight: and we'll find out what happens right after this special message from our sponsors
09:07 PM roycroft: well, my machine is here
09:07 PM roycroft: and i'm glad i did not build the mobile base for it ahead of time, because there's no way it would have worked
09:08 PM roycroft: i'm going to try the built-in caster system, but i also don't think that will work very well
09:10 PM roycroft: the good news is that it's easy to get the sides off the cabinet, and that would make it easy to install a new mobile base later on - i would just lift the machine, remove the old casters, and set it down on the new base
09:10 PM CaptHindsight: success! \0/
09:10 PM roycroft: it's not success until it's powered up and working
09:10 PM roycroft: i have the base set up
09:10 PM roycroft: but i still have to lift the jointer bed onto it
09:10 PM CaptHindsight: even more success
09:10 PM CaptHindsight: successier!
09:11 PM roycroft: and reduce the weight from 550 lbs to 500lbs by removing all the cosmoline
09:11 PM roycroft: two gallons of acetone and a case of blue shop towels later ...
09:11 PM roycroft: but it's dinner time now
09:12 PM roycroft: i may set the machine on the base tonight, but i'm not going to be able to power it up tonight
09:14 PM CaptHindsight: https://youtu.be/6yRh-3L7sMk Amazon thief with 4 legs
09:15 PM XXCoder: geez
09:15 PM CaptHindsight: city squirrel
09:26 PM roycroft: when you go to the amazon.com "problem with my order" page, which box do you check?
09:26 PM roycroft: i've never seen a "stolen by squirrel" box
09:26 PM Bleepshop: roycroft: They'd think you were nuts. ;D
09:27 PM roycroft: that video would indicate otherwise
09:28 PM veegee: CaptHindsight lol kitty treadmill, I annoy the orange tabby a lot
09:28 PM veegee: I annoy the cats as much as they annoy me. I clip the claws first of course
09:29 PM * Bleepshop spends an hour perusing Amazon for USB/HDMI/Cat-6/etc bulkhead fittings and discovers that the easiest way to get uniform size/shape parts is to use keystone jacks.
09:29 PM veegee: They're such silly animals. You can bug them until they hiss at you and then 5 seconds later they come back purring
09:29 PM veegee: Bleepshop yes keystone jacks is the only way because they have a size spec
09:31 PM Bleepshop: I need 2 USB and 3 HDMI for what I'm looking at. Figuring a 6 hole plate with a Cat-6 in the empty and put a hub in the box as well.
09:34 PM Bleepshop: veegee: There's the aviation style but they start at $15/ea.
09:35 PM * Bleepshop is trying to do this on the cheap and getting a sponsor to pay for part or all of it would be even better. xD
09:39 PM Bleepshop: But then again I want to build a 10,00sq/ft [100'x100'] shop with overhead rails and a couple of pairs of Kuka KR250s on overhead trolleys wired for tele-operation to move things around with.
09:42 PM Bleepshop: I learned years ago that the universe has a warp and twisted sense of humor so if you're gonna wish for $, wish for it in a form that can't fall out of the sky and flatten you. LOL
09:42 PM veegee: Bleepshop Where are you building such a large workshop?
09:43 PM veegee: 100' x 100' is 10,000 sq•ft
09:43 PM Bleepshop: Nowhere till Elon Musk decides to go nuts and give me piles of $. LOL
09:43 PM veegee: ...
09:43 PM veegee: I am so thankful for my 3,300 sq•ft workshop
09:44 PM roycroft: he'll never do that
09:44 PM veegee: perfect for what I'm paying in rent
09:44 PM roycroft: musk is rather stingy
09:44 PM veegee: Musk is a piece of shit
09:44 PM Bleepshop: I've currenly got ~ 12'x24' with a floor that makes the Grand Canyon look flat.
09:44 PM veegee: He's the Thomas Edison of our time
09:46 PM * Bleepshop wishes for 6yds of concrete. To materialize as a floor under the shop and not to manifest in any other form.
09:48 PM CaptHindsight: cubic yards, not linear
09:48 PM CaptHindsight: or maybe 6 yards x 1 inch
09:49 PM Bleepshop: veegee: You know what MDF is right? This floor is 40 year old MDF from when they were tuning the output roller pressure and varies from 3/4" to 1-1/2" [sometimes in the same sheet] with several years of leaks and no maint.
09:49 PM veegee: yeah fibreboard is garbage
09:49 PM veegee: I didn't know they made floors out of that
09:50 PM CaptHindsight: pour 50 gallons of epoxy on it
09:50 PM veegee: I've only ever seen concrete and plywood
09:50 PM Bleepshop: CaptHindsight: 6yds should give me a 4" thick slab for the entire floor.
09:50 PM roycroft: you can pour leveling cement on it and then put whatever finish floor you want on top of that
09:50 PM veegee: it's so annoying that our garbage disposal company was listing me bin sizes in cubic yards
09:50 PM CaptHindsight: marine MDF
09:50 PM veegee: what the hell is a god damn yard, we live in Canada!!!
09:51 PM veegee: Ended up getting the "4 yard" which is actually 4 cubic yards
09:51 PM veegee: can't even get the dimensions right
09:51 PM Bleepshop: veegee: This is New Mexico. They make walls out of adobe [mud] bricks and floors out of dirt with a layer of wax or varnish in this state.
09:51 PM veegee: I'd rather have mud than MDF
09:52 PM roycroft: a yard is close enough to a meter that you know what a yard is accurately enough for a trash bin
09:52 PM Bleepshop: Teh place I moved out of to get here was 150-180 years old and had a layer of dead grass in the attic from the original sod roof. LMAO
09:53 PM Rab: 4 cubic yards = 3 cubic meters
09:54 PM roycroft: and that's close enough for trash
09:54 PM Bleepshop: veegee: I've got an in at a countertop place and I'm trying to stack up a bunch of slabs I can wetsaw and then tile to redo the floor.
09:54 PM Rab: Which is significant enough to want to convert, I guess.
09:56 PM Bleepshop: The quartz countertop stuff is nice, thick, heavy and nonskid if you flip it over with the polished side down.
09:57 PM Bleepshop: I'm also getting optically flat marble and granite chunks from them which make nice bench plates.
10:00 PM Bleepshop: I had to replace my big bench plate after I lost my last one to my girlfriend as a pastry slab in the kitchen. LOL
10:01 PM veegee: Rab exactly
10:01 PM veegee: And it's just as important as any other decision. Have to pay monthly for it, although not that much
10:01 PM veegee: lower than my cell phone bill now that I think about it
10:02 PM veegee: but more importantly, principle
10:02 PM veegee: We live in Canada, why the hell do they go out of their way to use a retarded unit of measurement when a proper one exists
10:02 PM veegee: I get using feet for plywood dimensions and what not, but no reason at all to do it for dumpsters
10:03 PM veegee: especially since we're the only country in the world doing 600V 3 phase for industrial power, so much so that motor manufacturers offer 600V models just for us
10:03 PM veegee: which is great, now let's do it with everything else
10:03 PM Rab: Maybe the landfill predates metrication!
10:04 PM Bleepshop: veegee: Because if you trace the ownership of the company and the writer of the contracts back you'll probably hit Waste Management Corp.
10:04 PM Bleepshop: Which is a US company.
10:04 PM veegee: there are lots of them here, but yeah probably the bin manufacturers
10:05 PM Bleepshop: veegee: There are lots of subcontractors all working for WM anymore. And yeah the bins are standardized.
10:06 PM Bleepshop: Trash truck from Mexico City would have no problem with a bin in Ontario.
10:15 PM * Bleepshop remembers he has an original Asus Tinkerboard squirreled away and wonders how it would do with linuxcnc.
10:16 PM Tom_L: not good
10:16 PM Tom_L: iirc _unreal_ tried one
10:17 PM * Bleepshop tosses it back in the SBC drawer.
10:19 PM roycroft: it might be fine with some mesa hardware hanging off of it
10:19 PM Tom_L: iirc it may have been driver issues or something
10:20 PM Tom_L: no realtime for it or something
10:36 PM CaptHindsight: Bleepshop: will require you to build a working Linux for it compatible with LCNC
10:37 PM CaptHindsight: http://opensource.rock-chips.com/wiki_RK3288
10:38 PM CaptHindsight: no integrated ethernet
10:38 PM CaptHindsight: but has a nice GPu and two ARM cores at 1.8GHz
10:39 PM CaptHindsight: sorry it has integrated Gb Ethernet
10:39 PM Bleepshop: CaptHindsight: What board is that?
10:40 PM {HD}: anyone know if the $800 import tariffs include chipping costs? $650 merch $200 shipping cost...
10:40 PM CaptHindsight: it's the ARM SOC on the Tinkerboard
10:41 PM CaptHindsight: {HD}: depends on the country
10:41 PM {HD}: I am importing from china to the US
10:41 PM CaptHindsight: tarrifs are generally on the merchandise only but if the shipping costs are higher than the value of the goods then they tax the shipping charges
10:42 PM Bleepshop: CaptHindsight: I aske dbecause you said no net and I'm looking at eh Tinkerboard I was about to put back in the drawer and going "Uhhhhh". LOL
10:42 PM CaptHindsight: ah ok, into the USA it should be on the vaule of the goods only
10:42 PM {HD}: haha so they just pick "whichever is higher"
10:42 PM {HD}: thats wack
10:42 PM CaptHindsight: into China it's how i described above earlier
10:44 PM CaptHindsight: yup
10:44 PM CaptHindsight: Bleepshop: the RK3288 has no integrated microcontroller that I am aware of
10:44 PM CaptHindsight: so software stepping can't be offloaded to it
10:45 PM CaptHindsight: so it would be however fast the GPIOs can toggle vs latency jitter
10:45 PM CaptHindsight: or use Mesa
10:46 PM CaptHindsight: and it's a quad core, not 2 core as i said earlier
10:46 PM CaptHindsight: man that drawing is terrible
10:46 PM Bleepshop: OK. Pi4 cables have been found, good SD card has been found, flatscreen TV has been found because I've also got a pile of monitors that froze to death and linuxcnc-2.8.0-buster.iso has bee written to SD and checked. Time to fire up a Pi.
10:49 PM CaptHindsight: I currently have a Rpi4 on now with a 4K DLP projector as the display
10:52 PM CaptHindsight: the screen is ~100mm x 55mm
10:53 PM CaptHindsight: so each pixel is ~25 micron (0.001")
10:59 PM _unreal_: Tom_L, I'm just trying to solve the software and tuning the machine
10:59 PM _unreal_: rdworks so far makes no sense
10:59 PM _unreal_: laser GRBL is annoying with the nonconstant speed
11:00 PM rue_mohr: its not changing speed during the cut is it?
11:07 PM Bleepshop: If it's slowing down at the corners you missed a config option.
11:09 PM Bleepshop: There's also a g code you can use to kill it on a one-time basis IIRC.
11:10 PM Bleepshop: OK. This is really funny. The jitter is lower on the base thread than the servo thread on the RPi 4. 72K/62K
11:11 PM Bleepshop: That's first boot without turning off desktop effects and othe rcruft.
11:14 PM CaptHindsight: latency gets better with software rendering
11:15 PM CaptHindsight: <50K for base thread
11:15 PM Bleepshop: This is the linuxcnc rpi4 image. There's f-all for window manager options to turn off.
11:16 PM CaptHindsight: how to turn off hardware accell https://forum.linuxcnc.org/18-computer/36879-raspberry-pi-4-mmap?start=440#183363
11:18 PM CaptHindsight: isolcpus=1,2,3, idle=poll has lower latency than isolcpus=3, idle=poll
11:18 PM CaptHindsight: Core clock speed on Rpi4 max is set at 1500 set by
11:18 PM CaptHindsight: arm_freq=1500 in the config.txt
11:18 PM CaptHindsight: force_turbo=1 goes into the config.txt file, not the cmdline.txt
11:22 PM Bleepshop: candyonetoo: How do I tell if this is running hardware or software rendering right now?
11:28 PM Bleepshop: Crap, did it again..
11:28 PM Bleepshop: CaptHindsight: How do I tell if this is running hardware or software rendering right now?
11:28 PM Bleepshop: Or do I just assume it's HW and add the blacklist file?
11:32 PM CaptHindsight: yup
11:32 PM CaptHindsight: it won't be software rendering until after it boots with the blacklist file
11:33 PM CaptHindsight: and then you'll also notice slower video (a bit choppy)
11:33 PM Bleepshop: OK. Now to get the blacklist file there somehow since chromium isn't starting.
11:34 PM CaptHindsight: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/media/kunena/attachments/1324/blacklist-gpu.txt
11:34 PM CaptHindsight: wget ^^
11:35 PM CaptHindsight is now known as CaptCandyPants
11:36 PM CaptCandyPants: how is this not creepy?
11:36 PM CaptCandyPants is now known as CaptHindsight
11:36 PM Bleepshop: Damn. Looks like the Polar Bears are going hungry today. ;D
11:45 PM Bleepshop: CaptHindsight: 28K/12K ... This is more than acceptable to me even if it doubles running the GPIO pins directly.
11:46 PM Bleepshop: Maxes are 1028K/37K with the intervals running 100K/25K
11:47 PM Bleepshop: s/interval/last interval
11:50 PM Bleepshop: Two glxgears gets me 110K / 94K/ 100K for the servo thread and 70K / 45K / 25K for the base thread.
11:51 PM Bleepshop: 0f course now that I look see that both copies of glxgears are running >140FPS. LOL
11:53 PM Bleepshop: With one copy it wants to run at 250+ FPS.
11:54 PM CaptHindsight: to really beat it up open FF or Chrome and play a youtube
11:56 PM Bleepshop: Chromium is bitching that my kernel is too old and it can't play in the sandbox. Of course not, the neighbors cats crap in there. ;D