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Feb 27 2021

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01:05 AM XXCoder: finally back home
01:34 AM Deejay: moin
02:38 AM sensille: maybe now someone can give me a hint ... after redoing my config, g38.2 doesn't work anymore, "probe already triggered". but jogging works fine and stops when the probe is hit
04:24 AM Tom_L: morning
05:14 AM JT-Cave: morning
06:32 AM gloops: *dreaming of the perfectly smooth hole
06:32 AM gloops: in a piece of thin ally, pop can foil probably
06:32 AM andypugh: gloops: Electrochemical machining
06:33 AM gloops: andypugh - yeah i feared that was the solution
06:33 AM gloops: probably as well buying that bit
06:33 AM andypugh: sensille: look at motion.probe-in and see what state it is in when the probe is trigggered, and when not.
06:34 AM andypugh: Halmeter is the easy way to tell.
06:35 AM andypugh: gloops: I think that EC milling can be very easily done at home with improvised equipment. Have a look on the interwebs
06:36 AM gloops: andypugh ill have a look thanks, might be something i can do without making a big project of it
06:39 AM sensille: andypugh: oh. it's true when untriggered. that explains not only why g38.2 doesn't work, but also why probe detection while jogging is sometimes somewhat flaky. it relied on the signal to bounce on first contact :-/ thanks for the hint
06:40 AM andypugh: You probably just need to link to an in-not pin rather than an in pin in the HAL. (or vice-versa)
06:40 AM sensille: yeah, just invert it in stepconf
06:41 AM andypugh: If you haven’t edited the config manually, yes, that will work.
06:41 AM andypugh: *stepconf will reverse any hand-edits)
06:45 AM sensille: that's how i lost my previous config :-/
06:45 AM JT-Cave: I should finish my parallel port configuration tool it does NOT change the ini file
06:46 AM andypugh: JT-Cave: Easier answer, have stepconf delete the .stepconf file and announce “here is your HAL and INI file, you can do anything you want with them now”
07:08 AM JT-Cave: that sounds like the same as you want to view a sample config and see what it looks like you can't just view it you must make a copy
07:09 AM JT-Cave: make a copy so you can edit it Yes Cancel why bother asking
07:38 AM JT-Cave: the internet thinks I'm in Pollock, Louisiana lol
07:44 AM JT-Cave: https://www.auberins.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=14:58c1ec15c3ca831914ef68d93cd42880
07:44 AM JT-Cave: looks like a good start to a proving box for the wife
11:45 AM JT-Shop: one cnc high speed pocket is not a rocket but a snail... been running all morning and only half way down to -0.250
11:46 AM sensille: inch?
11:47 AM JT-Shop: aye
11:47 AM JT-Shop: 3" x 3" part with a 2" boss
11:48 AM JT-Shop: so not much to machine really
11:53 AM Tom_L: kids work lost power this morning, wonder how many broken cutters they got
11:59 AM Tom_L: JT-Shop, what you usin.. a .125 cutter? :)
12:00 PM JT-Shop: well wrong feed rate might have a bit to do with it and no 0.5000" em
12:01 PM JT-Shop: 10,000 lines of g code for 10 passes... switched to conventional and it's 500 lines of g code
12:02 PM JT-Shop: now if I could find my blue teeth hearing protectors...
12:02 PM Tom_L: shouldn't be that much different
12:02 PM Tom_L: cutter talkin back to ya ehh
12:03 PM JavaBean: yeah, they usually have rather loud voices too
12:04 PM Tom_L: variable flute cutters are supposed to help with that
12:07 PM roycroft: variable pitch bandsaw blades are certainly a lot more quieter and cut more smoothly than fixed pitch ones
12:07 PM Tom_L: https://www.lakeshorecarbide.com/variablefluteendmillsforaluminum.aspx
12:07 PM roycroft: i don't have any varaible flute milling cutters, but i should imagine they would be more quiet as well
12:07 PM Tom_L: i don't think i do either
12:09 PM Tom_L: well at least one of is is making noise this morning
12:15 PM JT-Shop: all of my endmills are variable flute from lakeshore
12:16 PM Tom_L: do they help with the squealing?
12:29 PM JT-Shop: been using them so long it's hard to remember what it's like to not use them
12:34 PM XXCoder: hey all
12:34 PM XXCoder: whew been on trip for 3 days
12:34 PM XXCoder: 1800 miles lol
12:35 PM XXCoder: hey unterhaus_ whats up?
12:35 PM JavaBean: 1800miles?? sounds like a daytrip, what were you doing for 3 days?
12:36 PM XXCoder: driving. lol
12:36 PM JavaBean: 3 days of driving?? sounds like you need a better transport... :p
12:36 PM Tom_L: he drives like a grandma
12:37 PM XXCoder: i dont go 100 mph or anything, but average is 5-7 mph above speed limit
12:37 PM JavaBean: OFFICER!!!! we have someone here that likes to drive fast and turn left
12:40 PM XXCoder: lol
12:41 PM XXCoder: anyway the reason I went to calfornia is simple
12:41 PM XXCoder: to get prusa mmu printer
12:41 PM XXCoder: and tons of reels
12:44 PM JavaBean: i hope for your sake, disney can't figure out it was you that raided the reel vault
12:45 PM XXCoder: lol
12:51 PM unterhaus_: I finally powered up the 3d printer and homed it, not sure z is acting correctly
12:53 PM XXCoder: yeah? id recommand lowering bed some first mine was 2 full rotations too high
12:53 PM XXCoder: and why you think its not acting correctly?
12:54 PM unterhaus_: I didn't know you could lower the bed
12:54 PM unterhaus_: z doesn't jog very well and home seems to be in a weird place
12:56 PM unterhaus_: is z home supposed to be at initial printing height?
12:57 PM XXCoder: yeah
12:57 PM XXCoder: turn screws on bed down 3 rotations, then turn machine on and home it
12:57 PM XXCoder: then you rise bed up to it
12:58 PM XXCoder: get a sheet of paper, what you want it to do is drag when you pull paper
12:58 PM XXCoder: but not excessive drag
12:58 PM XXCoder: go back and forth few times because if it was angled, it will change as you adjust other end
12:59 PM XXCoder: what you want is check all 4 corners and dont need to change anything
01:00 PM XXCoder: check it before lowering bed, yours may be close to correct anyway
01:00 PM XXCoder: mine was wayy off
01:14 PM unterhaus_: okay, don't know if I understood that procedure in the manual
01:15 PM unterhaus_: I'm trying to keep myself from taking it apart
01:18 PM XXCoder: all I needed to do was to level the bed then clean bed, and clear hotend assembly
01:19 PM XXCoder: took me a bit to do that, pushed filament into hotend for while as it cleared out stuff
01:21 PM unterhaus_: mine looks unused. Probably because they scavenged the parts for another printer
01:22 PM XXCoder: hmm maybe thats why power brick is missing
01:22 PM XXCoder: anything else missing? got pictures?
01:53 PM unterhaus_: All I got was the machine and the box. Didn't even get the hangar for the filament
01:54 PM XXCoder: hanger isnt great but man
01:54 PM XXCoder: postive side is its brand new
01:54 PM unterhaus_: It heated up fine and moved so I figure it works
01:54 PM XXCoder: mine was "barely used" but badly used
01:55 PM unterhaus_: what size sd card do I want?
01:55 PM XXCoder: 2 gb
01:55 PM XXCoder: smaller can work but why heh
01:55 PM XXCoder: mine was missing a sdcard think that was only thing I was missing
01:56 PM unterhaus_: I haven't figured out where it goes
01:56 PM XXCoder: its on bed side
01:56 PM XXCoder: look for slot there
02:03 PM unterhaus: it's actually micro sd, right?
02:04 PM sensille: i'm toying with the idea of getting a vertical mill. something that can do more that just mild steel, but it still has to fit into my basement, so it shouldn't be too heavy. are there some well known models to recommend? i'm in europe
02:10 PM gloops: manual (vintage) or cnc sensille?
02:10 PM sensille: manual at first, i might add cnc later, if that's possible
02:11 PM sensille: i'm a bit afraid of old machines, because i have no experience with vertical mills
02:11 PM XXCoder: unterhaus: oops didnt actually say it, but yes microsd sorry lol
02:12 PM sensille: also most used mills i see are >1t. i'd like to stay below 200kg
02:13 PM unterhaus: amazon doesn't want to sell a 2gb sd card
02:13 PM unterhaus: they aren't particularly interested in selling 8gb sd cards
02:14 PM XXCoder: someone said you can format a 32gb one into 2 gb
02:15 PM XXCoder: lemme link what i bought, its not for sure it will last but i got 5 for fairly cheap
02:15 PM gloops: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRIDGEPORT-INTERACT-SERIES-1-CNC-MILLING-MACHINE/203288036244?
02:15 PM XXCoder: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07R2J5CC4/
02:16 PM XXCoder: sure larger is almost as cheap, but 2 gb ones you dont have to force format to be 2 gb, just use em directly
02:16 PM gloops: slightly over 200kg though at a guess...
02:17 PM unterhaus: thanks. Amazon wanted to sell me a $4 data recovery plan
02:17 PM XXCoder: i had utter crap one before it broke, and with that one it seems it was improved printing a little bit
02:17 PM XXCoder: lol yeah
02:17 PM XXCoder: anyway i suspect its due to sdcard being so slow that it lagged a bit. this one works just perfect
02:18 PM sensille: "slightly" :)
02:19 PM sensille: ok, i should be more specific, i'm in germany. picking up one in UK would be quite the trip :)
02:19 PM unterhaus: the swim would be difficult
02:19 PM unterhaus: this time of year
02:19 PM sensille: at least with more than 200kg, yes
02:20 PM XXCoder: why carry it? just bring a mini boat for it heh
02:20 PM unterhaus: more like 800, iirc
02:21 PM unterhaus: I have heard rumors of illegal channel crossings
02:22 PM unterhaus: they were talking about it on a bike touring group
02:23 PM sensille: how can i say it ... it should still feel like a hobby :_
02:27 PM unterhaus: good philosophy
02:27 PM unterhaus: the better Chinese mills seem fine. There was a discussion on the mailing list
02:28 PM unterhaus: not sure how easy they are to get in Germany though
02:28 PM sensille: in germany paulimot has a selection of reasonably priced ones
02:47 PM _unreal_: interesting. so I'm ripping apart two satilights right now
02:47 PM _unreal_: they have ln298 drivers in them for steppers
02:48 PM _unreal_: and expensive DSP controllers
02:48 PM _unreal_: would be cool to be able to re-program the board to be a standard stepper driver
02:48 PM _unreal_: :)
02:48 PM _unreal_: dsp56f807py80e
02:50 PM _unreal_: lot of pic chips in these two sats as well
02:58 PM _unreal_: pic17c756a's and other flavors
03:09 PM sensille: unterhaus: do you happen to have the subject of that discussion? the list archive is somewhat awkward to browse
03:10 PM unterhaus: let me look to see if I still have that discussion
03:13 PM unterhaus: "machine opinion please" started by gene heskett
03:14 PM sensille: thanks
03:14 PM unterhaus: not sure if it will be super helpful
03:37 PM enleth: sensille: all individual parts of a small Deckel or Shaublin should be light enough for 2-3 people to safely carry down some stairs into a basement
03:38 PM enleth: sensille: being in Germany, you have the unique possibility to cheaply get one of those
03:40 PM enleth: you want to disassemble, clean and reassemble any mill you get anyway
03:40 PM enleth: used one - because it's going to be gunky
03:40 PM enleth: chinese one - because the factory probably did a shit job of removing casting sand, random trash and whatever else might have ended up inside
03:41 PM sensille: i looked at a few of those ... i feel i'm not there yet
03:41 PM enleth: as you wish
03:44 PM enleth: oh, paulimot is selling SIEG as SIEG now, that's a good sign
03:45 PM enleth: Arc Euro Trade in the UK has been doing that for ages and rumor has it that they've always been getting the best specimens selected by factory QA
03:47 PM enleth: still, don't spend too much on a toy
03:48 PM enleth: the bigger SIEGs cost almost as much as a somewhat beat up FP1 might
03:48 PM enleth: if you add some accessories, it might in fact cost more
03:49 PM sensille: there is indeed a deckel for < 3000 euro
03:49 PM sensille: most of what i've seen so far is 5000+
03:49 PM enleth: but those at 5k are usually with a bunch of accessories and tooling
03:50 PM enleth: when you get that SIEG, expect to shell out 1-2k for those almost immediately anyway
03:50 PM sensille: i've seen with the lathe how quickly the tooling can get expensive
03:52 PM sensille: the paulimot f400-g looks appealing (not sieg)
03:52 PM enleth: besides, a 70s Deckel selling at 5k now is going to be worth those 5k (or an inflation-adjusted equivalent) forever, or more if you get more stuff for it
03:53 PM enleth: a modern Chinese mill is like a modern car, the moment you buy it, it's already worth half the price
03:57 PM sensille: finding a cheap deckel seems to be a bit like finding a cheap steinway
03:59 PM internut: hi all
04:00 PM internut: if I have an svg file, can I turn that into a tool path that will cut out the shape using a smaller bit, and making multiple passes to cut wider features?
04:00 PM internut: I'm having a little problem with the gerber to gcode process
04:01 PM internut: free software may not be quite up to what I want to do
04:02 PM internut: I want to say, here's you're .2mm end mill, now cut out these printed circuit traces, and of course use the gcode to drive a laser.
04:03 PM internut: I can output postscript, gerber, svg, dxf, pdf, hpgl, and I prefer to avoid any rasterization.
04:09 PM sensille: enleth: is the PM-25MV also a chinese model?
04:15 PM jdh]: yes
04:19 PM sensille: there are nearly identical looking models for around the same price available here, too
04:28 PM jdh]: same base model as grizzly g0704 and others. The PM versions are supposed to be better but I think most of the 'good' parts are removed for CNC conversion
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04:31 PM JT-Shop: another truck load of firewood loaded, unloaded and stacked from my friendly self service firewood purveyor
04:31 PM jdh]: that sounds like work
04:33 PM Tom_L: at least he's friendly
04:40 PM * JT-Shop will sleep good tonight
04:41 PM JT-Shop: still can't find my 3m blueteeth hearing protectors
04:41 PM XXCoder: heys
04:41 PM JT-Shop: yo
04:55 PM * JT-Shop needs to build a new wood rack closer to the big shop and something that can store up to 20" splits
05:31 PM JT-Cave: looks like we still have some below freezing nights ahead
05:32 PM JT-Cave: freaking flood watch for tonight!!!
05:37 PM XXCoder: ow
05:37 PM XXCoder: flood then ice
05:37 PM JT-Cave: cold nights are after the flood...
05:38 PM JT-Cave: I'm not going to be caught next winter without plenty of firewood
05:42 PM XXCoder: yeah and have few ways to make power
05:42 PM XXCoder: solar, wind power, etc
05:42 PM XXCoder: you have pretty good size lot out of nowhere. you can put in pretty big wind power pole
05:52 PM Tom_L: JT-Cave, you're above the flood level thought right?
05:52 PM jdh: it was 78f and sunny today.
05:53 PM Tom_L: 59F currently
05:53 PM jdh: beats freezing!
05:54 PM jdh: Witchita?
05:54 PM Tom_L: no kidding
05:54 PM Tom_L: yeah
05:54 PM Tom_L: nobody spells that right
05:56 PM JT-Cave: yeah I'm above the high water mark for sure
05:56 PM Tom_L: so far anyway
05:56 PM jdh]: yeah, I know it doesn't have that T, but I typed it anyway
05:57 PM jdh]: I'll be back in Emporia in June.
05:57 PM JT-Cave: if the high water mark gets up to my house a lot of folks will be swimming
05:57 PM Tom_L: build an arc
05:57 PM JT-Cave: but I have more than two chickens...
05:57 PM Tom_L: get your pocket machined finally?
05:58 PM JT-Cave: yea just need to machine off the other side now
05:58 PM JT-Cave: I let it run while taking my nap
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09:37 PM skunkworks: http://electronicsam.com/images/greenmachine/IMG_20210227_212411.jpg
09:38 PM XXCoder: getting there!
09:38 PM XXCoder: still 3d printed gearing or replaced?
09:44 PM skunkworks: still 3d printed gears..
09:45 PM Tom_L: what's this gonna be for?
09:45 PM XXCoder: I wonder how low profile you can make this mechicism
09:46 PM skunkworks: http://electronicsam.com/images/greenmachine/IMG_20210227_213252.jpg
09:47 PM skunkworks: Tom_L: 4th axis - using 3d printed harmonic splines
09:48 PM XXCoder: skunk if stepper is off axis and using gears, would it be possible to make one inch high one
09:48 PM XXCoder: then mill T nut grooves on it
09:49 PM skunkworks: I don't like that the stepper is mounted off the back... The plan would be(if this works ok) would be to run flex gear with a belt and have the stepper off the side and turned around
09:50 PM XXCoder: isnt that rather lossy
09:50 PM XXCoder: and has backlash
09:50 PM skunkworks: not if done right with the right belt profile.
09:51 PM skunkworks: This would be after the 100:1 harmonic drive - so any backlash is not going to effect much
09:51 PM XXCoder: very little affect. trye
09:51 PM XXCoder: *true
09:51 PM XXCoder: also *effect dammit thanks for messing with me LOL
09:55 PM Tom_L: i've been prety happy with those GT2 5mm belts on the mill
09:58 PM Tom_L: skunkworks, you think the plastic teeth will be able to hold up against milling forces on the axis?
10:03 PM XXCoder: tom its prototype
10:04 PM skunkworks: Tom_L: I dont know yet.
10:06 PM skunkworks: maybe?
10:06 PM Tom_L: i'm not quite seeing the whole assembly picture here
10:07 PM Tom_L: what does the disk attach to? held in a bearing on the flat block?
10:08 PM XXCoder: show him video
10:09 PM Tom_L: i found it
10:14 PM Tom_L: so the ring just floats in there
10:15 PM XXCoder: cant find video heh
10:16 PM Tom_L: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK4zgFTD2SA
10:16 PM Tom_L: that?
10:16 PM XXCoder: thanks
10:18 PM XXCoder: does drill use same system?
10:18 PM XXCoder: or is it planetry system
10:22 PM XXCoder: if drills do use planetary gearing, I wonder if harmic system would be stronger
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10:23 PM Tom_L: or cost effective
10:23 PM XXCoder: true
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10:23 PM XXCoder: hey jt
10:35 PM XXCoder: wtf https://youtu.be/cL2FKDtpRt8
10:35 PM XXCoder: 499 engine in honda
10:52 PM XXCoder: https://youtu.be/xwgYa0WNKJc they fixed things and got 50 mph
11:03 PM XXCoder: i wouldnt sub to channel tho. too many emotji abuse heh
11:25 PM XXCoder: LOL fun video https://youtu.be/vsTTXYxydOE