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Jan 25 2021

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12:56 AM Loetmichel: **BRRRRRR* Note to self: 120 liters of hot water for FOUR 2 person households isn't enough... that Shower was COOOOLD! (although: NOW i am wide awake :) )
01:06 AM Deejay: moin
01:28 AM roycroft: cold showers build character
01:36 AM Loetmichel: thanks, but i'd rather shower hot than have a good character... that said: it certainly speeds up the showering ;)
01:56 AM sensille: hm. would it be stupid to use the lathe to cut aluminum extrusions to an exact length? rough cut with the hacksaw, the rest by facing off in the lathe?
02:37 AM Loetmichel: sensille: if you have a 4 jaw chuck... and a big enough hole in the spindle: why not?
02:38 AM sensille: good. but right, i can only fit in 1515s anyway :-/
02:39 AM sensille: and they don't really need to be centered, so a 3 jaw chuck should do
03:02 AM sensille: i really want a proper saw to cut them, but a vertical bandsaw is big and expensive
05:26 AM Tom_L: morning
05:30 AM Loetmichel: sensille: if you have a good circular table saw: that works well, too
05:30 AM Loetmichel: just get an aluminiumm blade for it
05:31 AM Loetmichel: and be CAREFUL.
05:31 AM Loetmichel: Kickback with alu extrusions is nothing to jokeabout.
05:32 AM Loetmichel: BTDT got the scars to prove
06:16 AM Loetmichel: **MUHAHAHA*... just overheard a conversation between two coworkers. "Hey, how do i make those cables?" "Ask loetmichel!" "And how do i put those enclosures together?" "ASK LOETMICHEL!" "And how do i cure my kid from his cold?" "Ask loetmichel, he knows all!" ... Someone has a quite high opinion of me... Or knew i was listening and mocked me :)
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09:36 AM JT-Cave: nasty rainy day here
09:37 AM JT-Cave: only 879 new cases in Missouri yesterday
10:03 AM unterhaus: weekend
10:03 AM unterhaus: I assume the new strains haven't made it to Misery yet. Hopefully they don't
10:05 AM gregcnc: is florida still around?
10:38 AM satiowadahc: Morning
10:49 AM unterhaus: Just glued a guitar headstock back on
10:50 AM unterhaus: practicing for when the right broken Les Paul shows up
11:05 AM sensille: the noisiest part of my cnc is the pump to cool the spindle :-/
11:18 AM SpeedEvil is now known as Guest10776
11:21 AM unterhaus: I decided not to threaten the ebay vendor for the 3d printer with bad feedback just yet, but they are working on deserving it
11:39 AM Loetmichel: hehe
11:40 AM Loetmichel: bad customer management, unterhaus?
11:40 AM unterhaus: they didn't ship me a power supply for my 3d printer
11:40 AM unterhaus: now asking for things they didn't give me
11:41 AM unterhaus: there was supposed to be one of their stickers on it
11:54 AM roycroft: unterhaus: when i have problems with ebay sellers and they're non-responsive i just open a case with ebay
11:54 AM roycroft: that almost always gets the seller to do the right thing very quickly
11:57 AM roycroft: i've been using ebay for almost 20 years, and i've only left one negative feedback ever
11:57 AM roycroft: but i've opened scores of cases when sellers are not doing what they're supposed to do
11:57 AM roycroft: opening a case is not a big deal
11:57 AM roycroft: leaving negative feedback is
11:57 AM roycroft: what i do is send the seller a message explaining the problem
11:57 AM roycroft: if they don't responde in two day, i send them a reminder
11:57 AM roycroft: if they still don't respond i open a case
11:59 AM unterhaus: opening a case is a good idea, I'll give them until the end of the day
12:05 PM Loetmichel: MUHAHA... Wife just sneezed. i wished her "GESUNDHEIT" (gernman for "bless you") across the flat... reminds me of my coworker when i Sneezed at the company a while ago... seconds later the Phone rang... "GESUNDHEIT.... I have heard you sneeze across a big company floor AND one floor up thru a concrete ceiling. You are sure there are no pressure front injuries around you?"
12:18 PM probotix: can anyone explain why linear_units is 0.0393700787402 for inches?
12:21 PM JT-Shop: mm
12:22 PM roycroft: that looks like 1/1000 of a meter to me
12:27 PM Loetmichel: probotix: 1/25.4mm
12:27 PM Loetmichel: aka: linear units are in mm, not in inch
12:29 PM probotix: ah, ok
12:38 PM * roycroft wants it to be lunch time so he can go work in the shop for a bit
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12:57 PM roycroft: tonight is burns supper night
12:57 PM satiowadahc: https://pastebin.com/Li3BfcGG
12:57 PM satiowadahc: There's a few lines of linuxcnc dev code
12:59 PM roycroft: i'll have to make tatties and neeps for dinner
01:07 PM satiowadahc: https://pastebin.com/TUQKcCF0
01:08 PM satiowadahc: Well at least its fairly consistent on print syntax. But need to convert a few to python3 yet
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03:28 PM perry_j1987: hows it going
03:44 PM JT-Shop: about to call it a day and switch to fun work
03:50 PM roycroft: i wish i could say the same, but i have an hour and 20 minutes before i can head back to the shop
03:50 PM roycroft: i'll finish my motor mount today, and maybe even have time to shoot some primer on it
03:59 PM JT-Shop: bring it by the shop and I'll powder coat it
04:00 PM roycroft: that would be nice
04:00 PM roycroft: although i'd probably want to prep it better first
04:00 PM JT-Shop: I have a nice big blast cabinet
04:00 PM roycroft: i didn't even grind all the mill scale of the plate - i just used a flap wheel to get the loose stuff off
04:00 PM roycroft: and the plate has some scratches/grooves in it
04:01 PM JT-Shop: https://gnipsel.com/images/blast-cabinet/
04:01 PM roycroft: for something like a motor mount i don't worry about that kind of stuff - i just use a primer with a lot of filler to level it
04:01 PM roycroft: that does not work well when powder coating
04:02 PM roycroft: that's a nice blast cabinet
04:02 PM roycroft: i wish mine had doors on both ends
04:02 PM JT-Shop: https://gnipsel.com/images/blast-cabinet/Blast%20Cabinet%2046.JPG
04:02 PM JT-Shop: thanks
04:02 PM JT-Shop: the rubber fell off the wheels lol
04:03 PM JT-Shop: 11 gauge HR
04:03 PM roycroft: yeah, those don't look like the best casters
04:03 PM JT-Shop: all the bends were done on my griz 4' box and pan brake
04:04 PM roycroft: do you use that kiln for heat treating, or do you do ceramics as well?
04:04 PM JT-Shop: I don't move it anymore so it don't matter but if I needed to I'd have replace all the casters first lol
04:04 PM roycroft: or is it a shop heater? :)
04:06 PM JT-Shop: powder coating
04:06 PM roycroft: oh, that's your powder coating oven
04:06 PM JT-Shop: I need to build a regular oven one day maybe
04:06 PM roycroft: slightly overkill for that isn't it?
04:06 PM JT-Shop: yea, it was free so it works just fine
04:07 PM roycroft: powder coating: 200 degrees
04:07 PM roycroft: kiln: 1250 degrees
04:10 PM JT-Shop: this one will do 2350F max
04:11 PM JT-Shop: but free overrides common sense
04:11 PM roycroft: so ~1300 degrees
04:12 PM roycroft: porcelain capable
04:18 PM Tom_L: crappy rainy day
04:18 PM Tom_L: hi tomorrow looks like 31
04:22 PM satiowadahc: Rain Would be much appreciated right now. Its -35C(-31F) here
04:25 PM roycroft: we've had plenty of rain this year already
04:25 PM roycroft: we had snow in the forecast, but that's gone now, thank goodness
04:28 PM CaptHindsight: snow starting here
04:28 PM CaptHindsight: 4in (100mm) overnight
04:28 PM roycroft: it might get down to freezing tonight
04:29 PM roycroft: late last week the forecast for this week was lows of -1 to -2 every night, but it looks like freezing is as low as it will go for the rest of the month, with most nights getting down to 2 or so
04:30 PM roycroft: which is about right - our average high/low this time of year is 9/2
04:30 PM roycroft: that said, it's only 1 degree right now, and it's the middle of the afternoon
04:31 PM roycroft: but the sky is clear right now - clouds are coming in presently, and the temperature will go up
05:32 PM skunkworks: had an interesting proxmox issue. I get an email that a bunch of servers are down (all hosted on proxmox)
05:33 PM skunkworks: could not get to them from home. Get to work - the 2 main servers (main and backup) had rebooted. One was at initramfs - the other could not find boot device.
05:34 PM skunkworks: The initramfs one just couldn't find the rpool. Easy fix - booted up.
05:34 PM skunkworks: the other one took a re-boot and came back up.
05:35 PM skunkworks: both are running zfs mirrors for the boot devices. Both had a failed device in the mirror.
05:35 PM skunkworks: totally different hardware
05:38 PM skunkworks: so - it didn't HA fall over because the backup was down.
05:38 PM roycroft: so you had a weird coincidence
05:39 PM skunkworks: I would think that we had a weird power issue - but there are about 4 other servers that stayed up.
05:39 PM roycroft: different upses?
05:40 PM skunkworks: no actually - 3 are on the same 2 ups's and one of the 3 stayed up.
05:40 PM roycroft: some power supplies are more sensitive to mains glitches than others
05:40 PM skunkworks: we may never know.
05:40 PM roycroft: it's worth spending a little time trying to sort out
05:40 PM roycroft: but not too much time
05:40 PM skunkworks: It was a nice exersize replacing the bad mirror drive. I like zfs
05:41 PM roycroft: yes, i'm a big fan of zfs
05:41 PM roycroft: in my home network file server is a freenas machine, and i have a second freenas machine acting as a replication server for the main one
05:42 PM roycroft: and i have two fairly beefy servers for virtual machines, both running pve with zfs
05:42 PM roycroft: i really need a third one, just to break ties
05:43 PM roycroft: but with modern pve that third one does not have to even be on the same network, as long as it's only acting as a tie breaker
05:43 PM roycroft: but this is what i like the most about zfs
05:43 PM roycroft: for years, even decades, my boss and his kid complained about files getting lost or corrupt and blaming me for not managing them well
05:44 PM roycroft: i knew it was not me, and it was user error
05:44 PM roycroft: but they would have no part of that
05:44 PM roycroft: so i put the office fileserver on a freenas machine
05:44 PM roycroft: files don't get corrupted with zfs
05:44 PM roycroft: they don't just go missing with zfs
05:45 PM roycroft: and every time they complain i restore a snapshot and show them that they're full of swill
05:45 PM skunkworks: plus you can do snapshots.
05:45 PM skunkworks: right
05:46 PM roycroft: it's usually something along the lines of "this file was in this directory the other day, and now it's disappeared"
05:46 PM roycroft: so i go "what day did you last see it there?"
05:46 PM roycroft: then i restore a snapshot from that day
05:46 PM roycroft: and show them that the file was never there
05:47 PM roycroft: anyway, zfs lets me sleep soundly
05:47 PM roycroft: that's the bottom line
05:47 PM roycroft: i keep snapshots for 2 years, btw, because it's cheap and easy to do so
05:48 PM skunkworks: we have tb of data.. so I am finding a limit to the snapshots. Not quite a year probably
05:48 PM skunkworks: with the space we currently have
05:48 PM roycroft: yeah, the office file server is less than a terabyte of files
05:49 PM roycroft: i have four 3TB drives in the machine, in a RAID-10 configuration, so 6TB of storage
05:49 PM roycroft: keeping 2 year's worth of snapshots is easy right now
05:49 PM skunkworks: sure
05:50 PM roycroft: i have close to 20 TB of files at home
05:50 PM roycroft: but most of them are my dvds and cds that i've ripped
05:50 PM skunkworks: I have about 20tb here at home... But only because a work offsite bakcup
05:50 PM roycroft: those are rather static, so 2 years worth of snapshots is no big deal at home either
05:51 PM roycroft: my home freenas machines are raid-10 as well
05:51 PM roycroft: as are my proxmox machines
05:51 PM roycroft: raid-10 is not very efficient as far as disk usage, but it's very robust
05:53 PM roycroft: i did raidz2 at first when i was running freenas, but realized that in that configuration there's a good chance a second drive will fail while resilvering after replacing one
05:53 PM roycroft: this is true for any drives >1TB
05:53 PM roycroft: so i bought a bunch of new drives and switched to raid-10
05:53 PM skunkworks: I have zfs running on some under powered here at home.. You certainly see the overhead.
05:54 PM roycroft: i scored some decent machines really cheap on ebay for my freenas machines
05:54 PM roycroft: 24 cores, 64GB of ram
05:54 PM roycroft: freenas usually uses <1% of cpu, and only about 80% of the memory
05:55 PM roycroft: the only drawback is that they're big and noisy and power hungry
05:56 PM roycroft: and they "only" have 12 drive bays, which are all full
05:56 PM * roycroft heads back out to the shop
08:00 PM satiowadahc: Sometimes I think I'm too easily amused... giggling at the thought of gonzo was gonzo
08:27 PM perry_j1987: wow lots more options now for pico power supplies for atx replacements
08:28 PM Tom_L: yup
08:34 PM unterhaus: is more pico power supplies good or are they mostly crap?
08:34 PM Tom_L: i've got a couple
08:35 PM Tom_L: they work good
08:35 PM unterhaus: I have one, never gave me any problems
08:35 PM Tom_L: i've got one 5A and one 8A 12v for them
08:35 PM XXCoder: hey unterhaus they contacted you yet?
08:36 PM unterhaus: I sent them another message, haven't checked if they responded to that one yet
08:39 PM XXCoder: sigh really hope they send you power brick
08:39 PM XXCoder: i suppose you can always buy one, but it shouldnt be a requirement
08:39 PM unterhaus: they just offered me $20, so that's good enough I think
08:40 PM unterhaus: happens to be what they cost on amazon
08:40 PM XXCoder: not bad! i guess they dont want to hunt down other one and now have another printer with no power supplt
08:40 PM roycroft: the problem with that is that if the printer does not work after you buy a power supply they can point fingers at the power supply
08:40 PM roycroft: and the power supply vendor can point fingers at the printer
08:40 PM XXCoder: hmm indeed
08:41 PM XXCoder: that ones bit easier "I tested with multimeter and it shows zero power"
08:41 PM roycroft: if it were me at this point i'd ask them to either send a power supply or send a return shipping label
08:43 PM roycroft: and if they push back at all, open a case
08:43 PM XXCoder: i guess but then they are nonprofit selling for donations
08:45 PM roycroft: that does not absolve them of responsibility
08:45 PM XXCoder: i know
08:47 PM perry_j1987: couple of these and i can ditch these ATX psu https://amzn.to/2Yfw4Ve
08:47 PM roycroft: it's almost time for my burns supper
08:47 PM roycroft: i'm not making haggis
08:48 PM roycroft: not even vegetarian haggis - i'm grilling salmon instead, which is a very scottish thing
08:48 PM XXCoder: something like this? https://c.tadst.com/gfx/750w/burns-night-dinner.jpg
08:49 PM roycroft: i am making neeps and tatties
08:49 PM roycroft: so take that picture, and substitute grilled salmon for the haggis
08:49 PM roycroft: and i'll have a wee dram, of course :)
08:51 PM Tom_L: perry_j1987, why are you gonna use those over an atx supply?
08:52 PM Tom_L: are you putting the MB in a control box?
08:52 PM perry_j1987: less fans to die is good
08:52 PM Tom_L: iirc i got a 180w
08:52 PM Tom_L: yeah
08:52 PM XXCoder: cool
08:52 PM Tom_L: i'm not using either one atm
08:53 PM Tom_L: had pics but can't find em
08:54 PM perry_j1987: what did you get for base thread jitter on your rpi4
08:54 PM Tom_L: i dunno, wasn't concerned about base since mesa uses servo
08:57 PM perry_j1987: ah
08:58 PM Tom_L: you basically don't wanna do anything else on the rpi4 while running lcnc but it will work fine
08:59 PM perry_j1987: like move the mouse up to pause a job laggs it out? :P
09:00 PM Tom_L: no
09:05 PM unterhaus: the crummy guitar I'm fixing cost over $300
09:05 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/itx/itx3.JPG
09:05 PM unterhaus: I guess I knew crummy guitars cost more nowadays
09:05 PM Tom_L: there's one i'm not using currently
09:10 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.shophacks.com/newsletter/workshop-air-filtration-system-performance-shootout-including-effective-low-cost-diy-box-fan-filtration-systems#/
09:11 PM CaptHindsight: Effective dust collection trumps effective air filtration because it is always MUCH easier to remove dust one inch away from the source than it is to remove it from the entire room.
09:32 PM unterhaus: I have more invested in quick disconnects for my dust collection than some of those systems cost
09:32 PM unterhaus: but none of the quick disconnects work
09:32 PM unterhaus: was looking on thingiverse for them and there are some magnetic ones I'm going to try
09:33 PM XXCoder: nice
09:33 PM unterhaus: I was wondering if I could buy some of the aircraft ground service disconnects on ebay
09:35 PM unterhaus: can't even find them on the web
09:37 PM JavaBean: might not be using enough buzzwords, and if you do find them it will be a "contact for a quote" kind of bs
09:37 PM unterhaus: I figured, we used to have to get them made when I was in the Air Force
09:38 PM Tom_L: don't use 'aircraft' as a search word or they'll cost 10x as much
09:38 PM unterhaus: pretty simple though
09:38 PM unterhaus: the woodworking ones are crap
09:38 PM JavaBean: the 'chair force' didn't have pallets of those things?
09:38 PM unterhaus: funny thing is, the guy that was supposed to make them didn't understand the drawing
09:39 PM JavaBean: LOL
09:39 PM unterhaus: I though I did, but I decided to go look at one. I found one holding the hangar door open
09:40 PM unterhaus: that one was an interesting design. Hard to describe, it was fairly simple and both sides were the same
09:41 PM unterhaus: I thought about designing one for 3d printing, but then I found the magnetic ones
09:43 PM unterhaus: People would bid on items they didn't know how to build. No penalty really, if figured you had bid wrong and said you couldn't make it
10:38 PM mrec: CaptHindsight: that article seems to be really good
10:42 PM Lcvette: o/
10:42 PM Lcvette: hello all!
10:46 PM Tom_L: hi
10:46 PM Lcvette: whats crscking Tom, how ya been?
10:47 PM Lcvette: * whats cracking Tom, how ya been?
10:47 PM Tom_L: not much
10:47 PM Tom_L: you ever get your mill goin?
10:48 PM XXCoder: yo
10:48 PM Lcvette: yeah man!!
10:48 PM Lcvette: got the mill going got the programmable coolant setup going!
10:48 PM Tom_L: finally put a new spindle motor on mine
10:49 PM Lcvette: NICE!!
10:49 PM Lcvette: pics! vids !
10:50 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Spindle/Control_Pannel1.jpg
10:50 PM Lcvette: whats up xxcoder!
10:50 PM XXCoder: not a lot
10:50 PM Tom_L: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX4eP3QLwo0
10:51 PM Lcvette: Tom is that a new spindle or spindle motor?
10:51 PM Tom_L: motor
10:51 PM Tom_L: changed belt & pullies
10:51 PM Lcvette: hows the new motor do?
10:52 PM Tom_L: great
10:52 PM Tom_L: went from ~200w to 1.2kw
10:53 PM mrec: Tom_L: why don't you stick a contactless sensor ontop of the spindle?
10:53 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Spindle/Belt_Guard1.jpg
10:53 PM Lcvette: ready for some hoggin now!!
10:53 PM Tom_L: mrec, it has hall allready
10:54 PM Tom_L: and i already had that one wired up
10:54 PM Lcvette: mrec: contactless?
10:54 PM Lcvette: you mean like a wheel and pickup?
10:55 PM Tom_L: i did have one from a printer but crap resolution
10:55 PM Tom_L: that one is 500cpr
10:55 PM mrec: Lcvette: austrian microsystems has a few magnetic ones
10:55 PM Lcvette: yeah was about to say ifn you want to try rigid tap you need some decent resolution
10:55 PM Tom_L: and i need room for a draw bolt for some tooling
10:55 PM Lcvette: ah magnetic encoder
10:55 PM Lcvette: yeah those are cool
10:56 PM mrec: https://ams.com/as5048a .. they have a bunch of them (for every kind of purpose)
10:58 PM Tom_L: Lcvette, how's the probe basic workin out for ya?
10:58 PM Lcvette: love it!
10:59 PM Tom_L: i've done rigid tapping with it
10:59 PM Lcvette: did you see my programmable coolant setup?
10:59 PM Tom_L: no
10:59 PM Lcvette: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDJOWWI7RGs&t=1s
10:59 PM Lcvette: this was a really fun and helpful project!
11:02 PM Tom_L: nice
11:02 PM Tom_L: what sort of servo did you use on it?
11:02 PM Lcvette: it pulls tool length data from the tool table so its all automatic nothing really to do once you setup the initial entries on the settings page to get the spindle centerline and rotational centerline height and space setup, then just add tools to the tool table as normal and it pulls the tool length from the table and self adjusts, really helpful for running without M01 on
11:02 PM Lcvette: RC servo
11:03 PM Lcvette: PCW wrote a little update to mesa for rc servo pwm output
11:03 PM Lcvette: very simple and very reliable
11:04 PM Tom_L: is the mesa function still pwmgen?
11:05 PM Tom_L: or did he call it something else
11:07 PM Lcvette: it was a special flash i had to load
11:08 PM Lcvette: its been a while im not 100% sure but he setup two pwm outputs
11:08 PM Tom_L: tool changer looks like the spindle is coming down a bit too far
11:08 PM Tom_L: pushing down on the carousel
11:08 PM Lcvette: not the spindle the drawbar
11:08 PM Lcvette: im not sure how to adjust that out
11:09 PM Lcvette: the height is perfect for the tool grooves and carousel holder slots
11:09 PM Lcvette: but when the drawbar activates the fingers are pushing the tool down a bit farther then it should i think
11:12 PM Tom_L: you can't shorten the drawbar?
11:12 PM Tom_L: or shim it up
11:14 PM Lcvette: maybe
11:15 PM Lcvette: but it would just be increasing the gap between the cylinder and drawbar and would be loud when it clacked on it
11:15 PM Lcvette: need to try and find a manual on the actuator
11:15 PM Lcvette: its air over hydraulic
11:15 PM Lcvette: maybe there is a throw adjustment on it
11:15 PM Lcvette: just has not been high on my do list
11:38 PM veegee: Alright I decided to buy a hot water pressure washer
11:38 PM veegee: I bought this one: https://easykleen.com/commercial-hot-water-gas/
11:38 PM veegee: 4,000 psi, 3.5 gpm, > 100 kW diesel water heater
11:39 PM veegee: night and day difference between a cold water pressure washer
11:39 PM veegee: Super expensive, but definitely keeping this thing
11:46 PM veegee: I should probably get the wet sandblasting kit