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Jan 24 2021

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01:21 AM Deejay: moin
05:26 AM JT-Cave: morning
05:29 AM Tom_L: morning
05:30 AM XXCoder: mornings
05:44 AM Tom_L: 40F & light rain
06:09 AM JT-Cave: supposed to be overcast here but I've not looked yet
06:16 AM JavaBean: wait until daystar rises before crawling out of your cave
06:49 AM JT-Cave: I come out of the cave at dawn + 15
06:49 AM XXCoder: https://cdn.thingiverse.com/assets/c2/93/9a/42/c8/poop-marble.jpg
06:50 AM XXCoder: just printed that for heck of it. fun
06:52 AM JT-Cave: two colors of filament or black marker?
06:52 AM XXCoder: black 2.0 paint
10:09 AM _unreal_: milling my main breakout PCB for the Z head on the laser setup for plugging in all of the limit switches and a number of other control wires
10:56 AM perry_j1987: morning
10:58 AM Tom_L: for a bit longer yes
10:59 AM perry_j1987: mcdonalds rules?
10:59 AM perry_j1987: they dictate when morning ends heh
11:05 AM perry_j1987: considering the 7i96 instead of the 7i92+7i78
11:06 AM perry_j1987: i havnt found additional beneifits the 7i92+7i78 would give over 7i96 (i can use rs485 or pwm to 0-10v board for spindle)
11:26 AM gregcnc: many way to skin this cat
11:26 AM roycroft: hmm, both the snow and the thunderstorms are now gone from tomorrow's forecast
11:27 AM roycroft: that's good
11:29 AM perry_j1987: ya tons of ways to skin this cat.
11:30 AM perry_j1987: wondering if there's anything im not thinking of that has me paralyzed from hitting the checkout button heh
11:30 AM gregcnc: it's just money
11:36 AM roycroft: i got a 5i25+7i76
11:36 AM roycroft: i believe the 7i96 is the ethernet version of the 7i76
11:37 AM JT-Cave: not quite
11:37 AM JT-Cave: the 7i76e is the ethernet version of the 5i25+7i76
11:37 AM roycroft: ok
11:38 AM JT-Cave: the 7i96 has less i/o than the 7i76 and one less stepgen but the 7i96 does have a wonderful configuration tool!
11:38 AM perry_j1987: benefit of it being a lathe = less I/O needed
11:39 AM JT-Cave: https://github.com/jethornton/7i96
11:39 AM JT-Cave: yea and a single cat6 cable from pc to controller card
11:39 AM JT-Cave: you getting one from me?
11:40 AM perry_j1987: you sell them?
11:40 AM perry_j1987: though pcw sold them
11:40 AM JT-Cave: mesaus.com
11:40 AM JT-Cave: I wrote the configuration tool as well
11:40 AM perry_j1987: ah i've been on that site poking around
11:40 AM JT-Cave: https://github.com/jethornton/7i96
11:40 AM JT-Cave: so your the one poking me with a stick...
11:41 AM perry_j1987: heh
11:42 AM perry_j1987: what would you do for this lathe, 7i92+7i78 or 7i96 + pwm to 0-10v / rs485
11:43 AM JT-Cave: not sure what you mean by + pwm to 0-10v / rs485
11:44 AM perry_j1987: a pwm to 0-10v board or reconfigure my vfd for rs485
11:44 AM perry_j1987: the 7i96 doesnt have 0-10v built in
11:45 AM JT-Cave: the 7i96 has one pwm if you flash it with the correct firmware
11:46 AM perry_j1987: aye thats what i'd have to use to output to a pwm to 0-10v board
11:46 AM JT-Cave: gotcha
11:51 AM JT-Cave: 7i96 has everything in one board 4 stepgens, 1 pwm, 1 encoder
11:51 AM JT-Cave: bbib time for my weekend nap
01:35 PM perry_j1987: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtlXg-iU2XI
01:35 PM perry_j1987: not a bad vid to watch on a lazy sunday
01:58 PM Tom_L: it sure would be handy to have a chart of mesa cards and their features so we can recomend to noobs the best route to go
02:07 PM roycroft: that's one minor nit i have about mesa - their website is essentially designed for people who already know what they want/need
02:08 PM roycroft: i had several discussions here before i was able to determine what would work best for me
02:08 PM JT-Cave: roycroft, how do I clean the drum sander belt after using the eraser for stuff that won't come off?
02:08 PM roycroft: if it weren't for pcw and jt especially, and several others it would have been rather difficult for me to determine what is best for me
02:09 PM JT-Cave: http://mesaus.com/ethernet-cnc-solutions/
02:09 PM roycroft: if you're talking about glazed on material, you change the belt and don't sand so aggressively next time
02:10 PM JT-Cave: I'm not sure what it is...
02:10 PM Tom_L: that's a help
02:10 PM roycroft: if it's hard and shiny then you do what i just said
02:10 PM JT-Cave: I'll go look to see if it looks like glazed
02:11 PM roycroft: if it's not then the eraser should be able to remove it
02:12 PM roycroft: i got lucky and found some angle that is perfect for my motor mount
02:12 PM roycroft: now for some cad work so i can lay out the mounting slots
02:17 PM Tom_L: what's the cad of choice today?
02:18 PM perry_j1987: prob fusion 360
02:19 PM roycroft: autocad 2008 is my default for anything 2d
02:20 PM roycroft: a month or so ago i paid for an upgrade to my qcad pro license, and tried using that, but it's just too frustrating
02:20 PM Tom_L: i recall that
02:20 PM roycroft: i actually really like autocad, especially this old version, other than that it runs on windows
02:21 PM roycroft: but i find it easier to start up a windows vm and use autocad than to run qcad natively on mac os or linux
02:21 PM roycroft: and my old copy of autocad runs on windows 10, which is the least objectionable version of windows i've ever used
02:21 PM Tom_L: never was that fond of acad
02:23 PM roycroft: i've been using it forever
02:23 PM roycroft: in part, i'm sure that what i like about it is that i'm used to it
02:23 PM Tom_L: i used it for my property layout but that's about it
02:24 PM Tom_L: the new gui looks more 'windowsy' but still...
02:25 PM Tom_L: my kids had a student copy when they took it
02:25 PM Tom_L: i'm not even sure what ver i have but it's old
02:26 PM JT-Shop: roycroft, doesn't look hard and shiny but is stuck to the belt, I was sanding some white pine western red cedar edge glued table top
02:33 PM roycroft: hmm
02:34 PM roycroft: you might try the eraser again, with a little more pressure
02:34 PM roycroft: but if it's some of the glue you might not get it off
02:35 PM roycroft: the best thing about making pizza on friday night is leftover pizza for lunch on sunday
02:40 PM JT-Cave: roycroft, I think it's pine pitch as it comes off with solvent
02:40 PM * JT-Cave wonders how a pizza made it past Saturday
02:44 PM * Tom_L wonders that too
02:49 PM _unreal_: getting closer
02:49 PM _unreal_: so my x/z carriage break out PCB has been milled and soldered together. one small F-up but no biggie I can fudge around it. Most of my wires are now run
02:50 PM _unreal_: the HARD fab portion is done
02:51 PM _unreal_: Now I'm down to finishing the wiring and making the mounts for the control boards and getting those parts wired up
02:52 PM roycroft: i am disciplined
02:52 PM Tom_L: tell that to my 2 boys
02:52 PM roycroft: cool, jt-cave
02:52 PM JT-Cave: learn something new every day :)
02:53 PM Tom_L: i try to
02:53 PM roycroft: i suppose if it was aromatic cedar it might be rather pitchy
02:53 PM roycroft: even red cedar has a little bit of resin
02:53 PM Tom_L: solvent doesn't hurt the belt?
02:53 PM JT-Cave: yea the red cedar was in the middle where the pitch was stuck to the belt
02:53 PM JT-Cave: cloth backed so no
02:53 PM roycroft: wiping a bit of turpentine on the belt should not hurt it
02:54 PM roycroft: i'm trying to sort out a 1/4" discrepency in my meaurements, and it's just confusing me
02:54 PM roycroft: maybe i'll just make the slots 1/4" longer and not worry about it
02:54 PM JT-Cave: I hate when that happens
02:54 PM Tom_L: that's cheating
02:58 PM roycroft: yes, it is
02:58 PM roycroft: but they are "adjustment slots" already
02:58 PM roycroft: so i'm just making them a wee bit more adjustable
02:58 PM Tom_L: so when you dimension someting do you start from a baseline and measure out from that or do acumulative measurements?
02:59 PM roycroft: yes
02:59 PM roycroft: :)
02:59 PM roycroft: it depends on what i'm measuring and how much access i have
02:59 PM Tom_L: i'd say it depends on the part
02:59 PM roycroft: i try to measure off a baseline as much as possible
02:59 PM roycroft: this is not a dimensioning problem - it's a measuring problem
03:00 PM roycroft: when i dimension it depends on the part, for sure
03:00 PM roycroft: i'm trying to avoid buying a new drive belt for my bandsaw
03:00 PM roycroft: to do that i need to locate the new motor exactly the same distance from the lower wheel axis as the old motor
03:01 PM Tom_L: i considered that when i got my new spindle motor but decided to widen the belt and went with new
03:01 PM roycroft: the motor is installed inside the base
03:01 PM roycroft: i could not easily measure the axis to axis distance while the saw was assembled
03:01 PM roycroft: so had to take multiple meaurements and add them
03:01 PM Tom_L: yuck
03:02 PM roycroft: yes, not fun
03:02 PM roycroft: and i came up with this 1/4" discrepency
03:02 PM roycroft: but the motor mounting slots are slots so that i can adjust for belt wear
03:02 PM roycroft: making them a little longer is not a big deal
03:03 PM roycroft: slots also make it easier to install the belt, of course
03:20 PM _unreal_: all x/z components needed for basic operation now wired in
03:20 PM _unreal_: and I got to go get my daughter :( 3 hour drive :(
03:20 PM _unreal_: so much lost time
03:21 PM roycroft: when i lived up in washington my partner had a son with her former partner, and they had shared custody
03:21 PM roycroft: we lived in bellingham, and the father lived in port angeles, on the olympic peninsula
03:22 PM roycroft: the court order for the shared custody stipulated that when it was visitation time, we were to go to the ferry terminal on the peninsula to pick him up
03:22 PM roycroft: and when it was time for him to go home, the father would go go the ferry terminal on whidbey island (our side) to get him back
03:22 PM roycroft: so no cars driving on the ferry, and we'd essentially meet in the middle, although our leg of the trip was much longer
03:23 PM roycroft: the father refused to cooperate with this at all, and we had to drive all the way to port angeles and back, taking two ferries, each time
03:23 PM roycroft: it took about 8 hours round-trip
03:23 PM roycroft: we kept going back to court
03:23 PM roycroft: the judge kept holding him in contempt, but never fined or imprisoned him
03:24 PM roycroft: she just scolded him every time
03:24 PM roycroft: and every time he promised to obey her order
03:26 PM roycroft: and my first drawing is done
03:28 PM _unreal_: that sounds like a typical LIBERAL judge
03:28 PM _unreal_: alaways on the side of the law breaker
03:29 PM roycroft: judges are not supposed to be liberal or otherwise
03:29 PM roycroft: they're supposed to be judges
03:30 PM roycroft: this one was not doing her job properly
03:31 PM roycroft: and my print is done, so i need to go do some machining
04:12 PM roycroft: i need another set of 1 2 3 blocks right now, and there's no where to buy them locally
04:13 PM roycroft: so i guess i have to come up with some other solution
04:17 PM roycroft: i might be able to use my vise jaws as thick parallels :)
04:17 PM * roycroft needs to get some thick parallels, as well as more 1 2 3 blocks
04:18 PM JT-Shop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU_dbXvWuIo
04:18 PM Tom_L: wish i could find a set of 4" parallels
04:19 PM JT-Shop: I've never seen 4" parallels
04:19 PM Tom_L: i got a short set but they're shorter than 4"
05:13 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, why do you bag the compost?
05:29 PM asdfasd: why I have 2 MAX_LINEAR_VELOCITY and only one of them is working?
05:30 PM asdfasd: the one in display is supposed to be for jogging only, but it limit all velocity
05:30 PM asdfasd: the one in traj doesnt work at all, it should be for coordinated movement
05:32 PM Tom_L: one is in DISPLAY and the other in TRAJ
05:33 PM Tom_L: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.8/html/config/ini-config.html
05:33 PM asdfasd: yes, but they are described as serving different purposes
05:33 PM asdfasd: in display is for jogging, while the one in traj is for coordinated movement
05:33 PM Tom_L: traj is further limited per axis
05:34 PM asdfasd: nope, it doesnt work at all, I set very low value and it does nothing
05:34 PM Tom_L: dunno then
05:35 PM asdfasd: MAX_VELOCITY is for individual axis
05:35 PM Tom_L: right
05:35 PM Tom_L: is it lower or higher than the one in TRAJ?
05:35 PM asdfasd: its higher
05:35 PM asdfasd: the one in traj is very low, for test purpose, but it is ignored
05:36 PM Tom_L: idk then
05:36 PM asdfasd: hm...
05:38 PM skunkworks: Spent the last hour or so squaring the ender 3.. It was a bit out. 1/8 in 6 inches.. or more
05:38 PM skunkworks: Should have done that when I first put it together - I just assumed it was good
05:38 PM skunkworks: for the shart parts I was printing - you could see the skew
05:41 PM asdfasd: I think I found the problem
05:41 PM asdfasd: its a bug
05:41 PM Tom_L: skunkworks, do you know how all the velocity settings interact?
05:42 PM asdfasd: it is supposed to check ini file for certain values, and if first value (in display) is available, it doesnt read the rest
05:42 PM skunkworks: somewhat...
05:43 PM skunkworks: I know I had problems recently because the [display] seciton velocity setting was limiting something
05:44 PM asdfasd: someone simply copy-paste the same code for all values, and they all read display first, and if it is available dont read the rest
05:46 PM JT-Cave: Tom_L, so I can store it until needed
06:12 PM unterhaus_: Bruce Ariens was a student teacher at my high school
06:12 PM unterhaus_: first student teacher I have had go to the super bowl
06:33 PM asdfasd: max speed problem solved, now another one, which is known for years but couldnt find a solution
06:34 PM asdfasd: RS274NGC_STARTUP_CODE = S1 G64 P0.03
06:34 PM roycroft: i'd really like a bigger mill
06:34 PM roycroft: i had to machine my motor mount plate in two setups, which i hate doing
06:34 PM roycroft: not quite enough y
06:34 PM roycroft: but when i finally convert this machine to cnc i might be able to eek out a big more y
06:35 PM asdfasd: here I have very important G64 which must be always set, even if its missing in the G code, but this RS274NGC_STARTUP_CODE dont survive after e-stop
06:35 PM asdfasd: how to make it permanent?
06:38 PM roycroft: use a sharpie instead of a pencil when you write the gcode
06:41 PM asdfasd: seriously
06:41 PM asdfasd: is that an alternative? - CENTER_ARC_RADIUS_TOLERANCE_MM
06:41 PM asdfasd: it says Default 0.00127 but doesnt look that much, its much bigger
06:44 PM W1N9Zr0: G64 P0.03 goes in your gcode from the CAM processor because it depends on the job you're running, it's not a configuration constant for your machine
06:45 PM W1N9Zr0: ie: you use lower accuracy when roughing for more speed, and tighter accuracy when finishing
06:46 PM asdfasd: I know what you mean, but I need to set this as defauld, in case its missing in the Gcode
06:47 PM asdfasd: some time is not included and its becomming a mess, badly rounded corders, simply need default value which is permanent
06:47 PM asdfasd: G code can always change it
06:48 PM W1N9Zr0: this sounds like it fixes the restore on estop: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/commit/6bc4a2a431f6e8d6674227f7d81c978ff5050436
06:49 PM asdfasd: I seen that - 18 changed files with 182 additions and 75 deletions.
06:50 PM asdfasd: Its a lots of work, so decided to ask if any alternative is known
06:51 PM asdfasd: should I make these changes manually or there is automated way?
06:53 PM W1N9Zr0: the commit is in master, so i think you could run the master buildbot packages http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/ or run it from source
06:54 PM W1N9Zr0: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/master/html/code/building-linuxcnc.html
06:55 PM asdfasd: Im not sure if it is different but I did already apt-get update/upgrade
06:55 PM asdfasd: and it did upgrade linuxcnc too
06:56 PM asdfasd: now is version 2.8.1
06:56 PM asdfasd: initially was 2.8.0
06:56 PM asdfasd: ahhh the master is 2.9
06:58 PM asdfasd: which is not stable yet, any other alternative way?
07:04 PM W1N9Zr0: the commit mentions working with state-tags, which i don't think is in stable yet. you're mucking around with source anyway, why not run the dev branch?
07:06 PM asdfasd: because Im amateur, Im not sure what and how to do it, and already wasted too much time with upgrading the system, I prefer a stable version which wont need attention for another 10 years
07:06 PM Tom_L: iirc
07:07 PM Tom_L:
07:07 PM Tom_L: http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/dists/buster/2.8-rtpreempt/binary-i386/
07:07 PM _unreal_: home finaly what a fantastic waste of time
07:07 PM asdfasd: Im on amd64
07:07 PM Tom_L: http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/dists/buster/2.8-rtpreempt/binary-amd64/
07:08 PM asdfasd: yes, that is on my repo list
07:08 PM _unreal_: roycroft, we'd all like a bigger mill
07:08 PM asdfasd: and I did upgrade, now it shows 2.8.1
07:08 PM Tom_L: did you install the upgrade?
07:09 PM _unreal_: good lord I just got a wicked shiver down my spine WTF was that
07:09 PM _unreal_: like epileptic level
07:11 PM asdfasd: yes
07:11 PM asdfasd: it was 2.8.0 now after the upgrade shows
07:11 PM asdfasd: linuxcnc-uspace:
07:11 PM asdfasd: Installed: 1:2.8.1
07:11 PM asdfasd: http://www.linuxcnc.org buster/2.8-rtpreempt amd64 Packages
07:18 PM Tom_L: the should show at the top of the screen when you run it
07:21 PM asdfasd: how to find out which one exactly I have installed
07:22 PM asdfasd: whatever I type only shows 3 digits - 2.8.1 it doesnt show the last number
07:23 PM asdfasd: apt list linuxcnc-uspace -a
07:23 PM asdfasd: linuxcnc-uspace/linuxcnc,linuxcnc,now 1:2.8.1 amd64 [installed]
07:25 PM Tom_L: do you run axis gui?
07:25 PM Tom_L: should show at the top
07:26 PM asdfasd: yes - 2.8.1
07:27 PM asdfasd: help - about - 2.8.1
07:28 PM Tom_L: i haven't updated mine
07:34 PM Tom_L: updating..
07:35 PM Tom_L: ok mine shows 2.8.1-39 now
07:38 PM Tom_L: asdfasd, http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Linuxcnc_2.8.1.39.png
07:39 PM asdfasd: hm...
07:39 PM Tom_L: where's your repo pointing to?
07:39 PM Tom_L: i did it from synaptic package manager but i had to fix the source list first
07:40 PM asdfasd: deb http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/ stretch 2.8-rtpreempt
07:40 PM Tom_L: change stretch to buster
07:40 PM Tom_L: it's not in the list yet
07:40 PM asdfasd: ops, no, I did copy wrong one
07:40 PM Tom_L: it's not in the list yet
07:41 PM Tom_L: not for 2.8 anyway
07:43 PM asdfasd: just have to finish something quickly and will change it
07:43 PM Tom_L: i had 2 entries and didn't realize it
07:44 PM Tom_L: "Being a little older I am very fortunate to have someone call and check on me every day. He's from India and is very concerned about my car warranty."
07:45 PM Tom_L: roycroft, should appreciate that
07:52 PM hazzy-m: Tom_L: haha
07:59 PM roycroft: well, i'm pleased
07:59 PM roycroft: my motor mount lined up perfectly in all 3 axes
08:00 PM roycroft: i was able to drill close fit clearance holes and all the hholes lined up perfectly
08:00 PM roycroft: and i had all the fasteners i needed in stock, so no trip to to the hardware store to look for fasteners they don't carry
08:00 PM roycroft: i got no calls today about my car warranty
08:00 PM roycroft: but i did get a couple yesterday :)
08:17 PM asdfasd: just did the upgrade
08:17 PM asdfasd: now shows
08:18 PM asdfasd: but that e-stop issue still not fixed :(
08:22 PM roycroft: if you have code that absolutely must be loaded before every run you should probably put that code in a file that you prepend to every script you feed to your cnc machine
08:22 PM roycroft: there are various tools available to do that
08:23 PM asdfasd: Im already using various of tools, and because they are too many tools one after another often mistakes happen
08:23 PM asdfasd: so wanted to avoid at least that mistake
08:23 PM asdfasd: but not lucky, may be another day
08:25 PM asdfasd: Im surprised how long this bug remined, its know for 5 years or so
08:26 PM flyback- is now known as flyback
08:36 PM _unreal_: there now the Y limits are wired in
08:36 PM _unreal_: all opto limit switches :)
08:37 PM _unreal_: OMG i WANT IT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtlXg-iU2XI
08:38 PM asdfasd: who is watching porn so late
08:38 PM asdfasd: haha
10:17 PM mrec: did anyone use linuxcnc for making a laser cutter?
10:19 PM Tom_L: i'm sure someone has
10:20 PM roycroft: i'm sure more than one person has
10:59 PM skunkworks: mrec: depends.. Do you want to rasterize? then you may need to get dirty...
11:26 PM roycroft: this is a family channel
11:26 PM roycroft: please don't get dirty here