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Jul 11 2020

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12:08 AM XXCoder: likely
05:17 AM jthornton: morning
05:17 AM XXCoder: hey ex-cave
05:28 AM jthornton is now known as JT-Cave
05:28 AM JT-Cave: test
05:31 AM XXCoder: caveman is back!
05:37 AM JT-Cave: I'm almost done with the run for the Cinnamon Queens but this heat is wearing me out
05:43 AM XXCoder: i bet. heat sucks for me
05:43 AM XXCoder: ugh looks like wed might be 78f and cloudy. hummmmmid
05:44 AM JT-Cave: yea mid 90's here
05:44 AM XXCoder: oit dont get very wet here, even in raining time
05:45 AM XXCoder: like 60%
05:45 AM XXCoder: winters is drier
05:46 AM JT-Cave: 90% right now but by the afternoon it's been down to 30%
06:03 AM Loetmichel: *hmpf* just poured a coffee all over my station wagons center console... i really should have bought a convertible with as much hp as the station wagon. 3 weeks not driving the "big rig" and i am totally surprised how fast it accelerates :(
06:03 AM Loetmichel: mornin' btw.
06:03 AM XXCoder: lol. hey loet
06:44 AM Tom_L: morning
06:47 AM JT-Cave: morning
06:48 AM Tom_L: 73 with a high of 99
06:48 AM JT-Cave: wow
06:49 AM Tom_L: heard some thunder but nothing is to come of it
07:03 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: I got the pinkest pink and black 3.0, and it is not that wow
07:04 AM pink_vampire: yeah it is pink, but it is more of a neon pink then pink
07:06 AM pink_vampire: about the black 3.0, I've tried to paint with it wood, and hope it will make it more of a 2D, but I can still see the wood texture very easy even after several thick coats.
07:08 AM pink_vampire: not sure if it worth the money, it is more of a novelty item in my opinion, not very practical.
09:21 AM jymmmm: morning
09:21 AM jymmmm: Loetmichel: Just remove that lead foot and you'll be fine ;)
09:25 AM jymmmm: In the city: 69F currently, High 103F
09:27 AM JavaBean: in the city(airport) 111f for a high 86f @ 0751
09:32 AM Tom_L: morning mr jymmmm
09:32 AM jymmmm: Tom_L: Hey, how goes it?
09:32 AM Tom_L: meh still breathin
09:33 AM * jymmmm steps on tom's oxygen tube, "How about now?"
09:33 AM * Tom_L lights the tube
09:33 AM * jymmmm takes foot off tube
09:36 AM jymmmm: I'm having the hardest time finding an inverter that will take LiPo voltages, or if I do, it's way too big
09:40 AM jymmmm: Hey andypugh!
09:41 AM andypugh: Hai
10:02 AM jymmmm: Hmmm, 20 cells in parallel doesn't sound like a good idea
10:02 AM Tom_L: how come?
10:02 AM Tom_L: big current boost
10:02 AM jymmmm: if one shorted, would take out the whole pack
10:03 AM Tom_L: off grid commercial packs are done that way
10:03 AM Tom_L: dunno what kind of batteries those are
10:04 AM jymmmm: I *THINK* it might be better to build up series/parallel, to get up to the final pack
10:07 AM jymmmm: Instead of 4s20p, maybe 2s5p, then combine them?
10:07 AM Tom_L: how is that different?
10:07 AM Tom_L: end result is the same
10:08 AM jymmmm: I want the BMS to "catch" any faults.
10:10 AM jymmmm: If one cell dies, I don't want to take out the whole battery
10:11 AM jymmmm: take down*
10:15 AM jymmmm: Got a replacement electric blanket yesterday that's rated for 180W, and pulls 254W
10:16 AM Tom_L: not very efficient
10:16 AM jymmmm: fire hazard
10:18 AM SpeedEvil: Fusing groups of cells also works.
10:19 AM jymmmm: Sunbeam electric blankets/throws/etc are really crappy.
10:19 AM SpeedEvil: (also for the minimal group)
10:19 AM pjm: afternoon all, about to do mapping of leadscrew. I have dro scale attached to X axis, plan is to set backlash to zero, measure every 5mm from zero to table end of travel, then back from end to zero and make the compensation file, is this the correct method to do the measurement?
10:20 AM perry_j1987: morning guys
10:20 AM jymmmm: SpeedEvil: I have a 4S 60A BMS coming, was going to use different cells but they are sold out, considering these in a 4S20P https://batteryhookup.com/products/new-case-of-80-3-7v-4-4ah-16-28wh-w-bms
10:20 AM andypugh: pjm: Souds like as good a way as any/
10:21 AM andypugh: pjm: I wonder if there is a way to automate it?
10:21 AM andypugh: Does the scale position appear in HAL?
10:22 AM SpeedEvil: I would also wonder if there is any systematic error at harmonics of 5mm.
10:22 AM Tom_L: pjm, that's how i did it
10:22 AM SpeedEvil: So I'd measure the odd 6mm as well
10:22 AM Tom_L: andypugh, if you had the scale wired to dump to a file
10:22 AM andypugh: Section 16: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/gcode/overview.html#gcode:print
10:23 AM andypugh: You could make the moves with a Gcode loop, read in the scale and dump commanded and actual to a logfile.
10:23 AM Tom_L: never seen or used that
10:25 AM andypugh: With LinuxCNC the answer to “is that possible” is generally “Yes, but you need to know where to look in the docs”
10:27 AM Tom_L: or at least who to ask
10:27 AM * jymmmm lol @ andypugh
10:29 AM rmu: even the impossible is possible "as long as you know how to program it yourself"
10:30 AM pjm: ok great thanks - i did wonder about automating it, the scales are standard i/q output, 5v so would be simple to add as another encoder on my 7i43
10:30 AM pjm: but then if i do that i may as well keep them on there for position feedback!
10:31 AM andypugh: pjm: Yes, and in fact you can use them to correct the position, meaning that screw mapping and backlash comp become irrelevant.
10:32 AM pjm: well the DRO really is for my lathe, i'll see how the compensation does, if i'm not happy with it i'll order a pair of linear scales and use those for feedback
10:33 AM pjm: its a stepper system so my main issue is wondering what happens if the commanded position is in between 2 stepper motor poles
10:35 AM pjm: ok also interesting on the dumping it out, the DRO actually has a 9600 8n1 rs232 output
10:35 AM pjm: so automating a 5 or 10 move + read would be simples
10:43 AM andypugh: You could use linuxcncrsh to command linuxcnc to move while logging RS232 on a separate machine.
10:43 AM jymmmm: syslog?
10:45 AM pjm: andypugh, yeah actually thats a good idea, i would just write a simple g-code loop to go 0 to X limit and back in 5mm lumps
10:45 AM Tom_L: subroutine
11:22 AM * JavaBean grumbles, is trying to install vents into the crawlspace cover... wasps have taken over the vents and cover, neither of which should be causing such agression. the vents just went outside, the cover nor crawlspace appear to have hosted a nest... wtf are they being so agressive?
11:31 AM SpeedEvil: shop-vac left to run for a few hours can grab them as they fly in/out
11:31 AM SpeedEvil: Then bag up the vac and dispose.
11:32 AM JavaBean: its not the crawlspace they are interested in. its the cover that was removed, and the vents sitting next to it that i was measuring to cut
11:33 AM Tom_L: come back in the winter
11:33 AM SpeedEvil: odd
11:34 AM JavaBean: if i don't get vents into that cover, the water pressure pump will just keep overheating(in theory)... ever tried taking a shower were suddenly there is no pressure? or lights for that matter, the electrical in this doublewide are kinda fsck'd
11:36 AM jymmmm: JavaBean: https://www.harborfreight.com/propane-torch-with-push-button-igniter-91037.html
11:36 AM JavaBean: i have one at another place... cover and vents are next to the door of the car
11:38 AM jymmmm: JavaBean: the wasps are UNDER the house, or on the outside of the cover?
11:39 AM JavaBean: they are not under the house. the cover is off from the crawlspace and a bit away from crawlspace. i was measuring to cut the cover so i could add vents
11:39 AM jymmmm: JavaBean: is there a nest in that area?
11:40 AM Tom_L: probably condensation from the pump draws them to the mud
11:40 AM JavaBean: if there is, it would be in the "eves" outside the garage that the cover/car are in
11:40 AM jymmmm: JavaBean: Is there a tractor supply near you?
11:40 AM JavaBean: about 30 miles away, jymmmm
11:43 AM jymmmm: JavaBean: This is intend for orchard spraying, you'll have to register to buy, I use one ounce per gallon of water... https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/wisdom-tc-flowable-insecticide-1-qt
11:44 AM JavaBean: hmmm, will need to remember that
11:45 AM jymmmm: JavaBean: good for everything except ants, including termites, spiders, wasps, etc
11:45 AM JavaBean: also, just an FYI. a "supersoaker" full of dishsoap water works great against hives, and if you can manage to hit them, indiividual wasps/bees
11:46 AM jymmmm: JavaBean: blowtorch more effective
11:47 AM SpeedEvil: supersoaker full of gasoline
11:47 AM jymmmm: JavaBean: cause when they go after your sorry ass, that supersoaker aint gonna do shit, but the blowtorch you dont even need to get close :)
11:48 AM JavaBean: don't have one "on hand"... and being in the desert means many much highly flamable things right now... oh yeah, side note... nearby-ish airport in one direction says 111f for today and in the other direction about the same distance says 107f for today
11:48 AM jymmmm: JavaBean: which desert?
11:48 AM JavaBean: desert southwest... that 111f is for the el paso international airport
11:51 AM jymmmm: JavaBean: I'm not saying set the tumbleweeds on fire, and hopefully they aren't growing THAT CLOSE to the house.
11:53 AM JavaBean: not just the tumble weeds, the bare wood and/or osb and plywood... if i said normal building materials become quite flammable within a few years outside around here, i wouldn't be making it seem like a big enough issue
11:54 AM jymmmm: JavaBean: If you are already going to Tractor Supply... Generic Round Up weed killer super cheap.... https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/compare-n-save-concentrate-grass-and-weed-killer-41-glyphosate
11:54 AM JavaBean: already dug up the "weeds" near the garage, gotta keep "fire safety" in mind
11:56 AM jymmmm: JavaBean: Make a borax solution and spray on the flammable stuff, been used for over a 100 years as a fire retardant... https://www.borax.com/news-events/february-2019/borate-flame-retardant-ideal-solution
11:59 AM JavaBean: interesting, thanks jymmmm
11:59 AM JavaBean: also, i managed to kill 5 of the lil fucks... but the others seem to be "gone"
12:00 PM jymmmm: JavaBean: I discovered it as sawmills way back were spraying it on finished wood to reduce fire hazard
12:00 PM jymmmm: JavaBean: Pfff, when you get to 500, let us know :D
12:02 PM JavaBean: trying to not let nests get that big... there are 3 bugzappers, a flytrap(in garage) and a few wasp traps scattered around within 100feet of this house
12:06 PM _unreal_: veegee, you live?
12:07 PM _unreal_: veegee, wondering is it possible to use the programer on the ICSP to interface with the dspic like the serial interface for getting console?
12:07 PM _unreal_: all I "" need "" is to gain working access so I can get the paramiters setup
12:08 PM _unreal_: parameters
12:13 PM JT-Cave: I wonder if there is another program for windblows to replace notepad++ having that annoying popup that always fails to work is too much
12:14 PM skunkworks: Atom?
12:14 PM jymmmm: JT-Cave: Yeah, hang on a sec...
12:14 PM skunkworks: https://atom.io/
12:15 PM JT-Cave: thanks
12:16 PM jymmmm: https://www.textpad.com/download but it looks like the website is being updated
12:16 PM skunkworks: (have a co-worker that really likes it - I have only lightly used it)
12:22 PM flyback: <flyback> btw my local walmart had anker 2.4 dual socket ac adaptors on clearance for $2
12:22 PM flyback: <flyback> and 12/24 to 5v@4.8a cigge plugs for $2 on clearance
12:27 PM Tom_L: what? you don't use 'word' for a txt editor?
12:28 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: EDLIN
12:28 PM Tom_L: copy con
12:29 PM roycroft: there's a vi-like editor for windows
12:30 PM roycroft: also, microemacs has run on dos/windows for decades
12:35 PM W1N9Zr0: https://alternativeto.net/software/notepad-plus-plus/?license=free&platform=windows
12:54 PM veegee: but either way if you have a programmer, debug the UART like I said
12:55 PM veegee: put some code in there to stream data out on the UART
12:55 PM _unreal_: I really dont know coding well
12:56 PM _unreal_: but what I'm looking for is if I can do a serial console via the programmer instead of the serial interface
12:56 PM _unreal_: I know the programmer works
12:56 PM SpeedEvil: 'eight megabytes and fully locked in CPU cache'
12:56 PM _unreal_: at this point all I "" need "" is to get the the settings done. then I can get the mesa 7i96 setup
01:23 PM _unreal_: FINALLY!!!!!!!! I just found my PSU for the old ibm laptop that has a serial port on it
01:23 PM _unreal_: I do not know how it got into a filing cabinet
01:32 PM JavaBean: grah, them lil demons came back. and brought more friends. darnit i was almost done, but wow thermometer says its 98f in the garage?? i guess i can take a break
01:38 PM JavaBean: this time though, its rather clear what their objective was... had a bucket of water for cement
01:54 PM jymmmm: JavaBean: cover the bucket
01:54 PM jymmmm: add salt
01:54 PM jymmmm: both
01:56 PM jymmmm: JavaBean: drive 60 miles to get a weed burner and nuke the lil bastards, don't forget the marshmellows :D
01:56 PM jymmmm: JavaBean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_R8QxsUSr4
01:58 PM JavaBean: actually, added soap to the water. seems to be working well as an imprompto wasp killing trap
01:59 PM ve7it: _unreal_, had a thought on your issues.... what clock oscillator did you use for the pic? There were 2 versions... a 6Mhz xtal and a 14.318 packaged clock oscillator. They require the software to be compiled for the appropriate clock frequency... that would explain why your serial stuff is funny
02:01 PM jymmmm: JavaBean: nice
02:03 PM JavaBean: was mostly done with it anyway, even with water as expensive as it is up here. sacrificing 2 or so gallons to murder a bunch of wasps ain't a thing
02:04 PM ve7it: _unreal_, look at line 47,48 of main.c the 25sept version used 6Mhz, the 29jan version used 14.318Mhz, so you could used use the appropriate hex file in the project if you dont want to recompile
02:19 PM jymmmm: DIY water filter (kinda cool) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kazEAzGWuIc
02:27 PM _unreal_: hi
02:27 PM _unreal_: one sec let me switch tothe other computer got to log off here
02:29 PM _unreal_: hello
02:30 PM _unreal_: ok what ever you posted you'll have to post it again. different computer
02:30 PM _unreal_: different room
02:32 PM _unreal_: ok crystal
02:32 PM _unreal_: ve7it, 6mhz
02:32 PM _unreal_: I used what was on the web site
02:33 PM _unreal_: hum I have no idea which one is/was used
02:33 PM _unreal_: arg...
02:39 PM ve7it: _unreal_, on web page.... last line of comments in Notes section! http://ve7it.cowlug.org/dspic-servo.html
02:41 PM _unreal_: arg.. I'm trying to remember which computer I used
02:41 PM _unreal_: if I had to guess I used the 29th 2k8 one
02:45 PM _unreal_: ya i'm 99% sure used the 2k8
02:46 PM _unreal_: fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck... I have no easy way of re-programing. I'm going to have to get my laptop setup with mplab
02:48 PM ve7it: or reflash with the hex file from the earlier package
02:49 PM _unreal_: what I mean is the controller boxes are not setup in a way they are easy to move
02:49 PM ve7it: just do 1 board until you get things talking
02:49 PM _unreal_: slightly hard connected to other parts
02:49 PM _unreal_: I have to get my laptop setup so I can use the programer
02:49 PM _unreal_: sigh
02:50 PM _unreal_: well that explains the jiberish
02:51 PM ve7it: problem solved.... dont know why I didnt pick up on that point earlier... it has been 12 years since I worked on that stuff!
02:53 PM _unreal_: I have 14mhz xtals but wayyyyyy to much trouble to replace them
02:54 PM _unreal_: I'm pounding my head on the table I'm at right now btw
02:54 PM JavaBean: jymmmm: elpaso has gotten the its first "extreme heat warning" issued in about 3 decades
02:57 PM jymmmm: JavaBean: go play in the river =)
02:57 PM _unreal_: ve7it, are there any major difference between the software versoins?
02:58 PM _unreal_: wondering if it would be better to recompile? OR ifit would be better to just use the 2k6 version?
02:58 PM JavaBean: river?? are you familiar with this area? the "river" around here is basically a toxic mud path
02:59 PM jymmmm: JavaBean: Ok then, hop across the river, they have ice cold coronas :D
02:59 PM ve7it: _unreal_, I dont think so, from source file // Nov 21 2006 -- changed osc to use a 14.318mhz packaged osc instead of a 6mhz xtal
02:59 PM ve7it: / -- added j x.x command for servo tuning
02:59 PM ve7it: / -- added error output on pin 22/pwm3l/re4
03:00 PM JavaBean: corona?? dude, that company ain't doing so well lately, for some odd reason or another
03:00 PM jymmmm: Dos Equis Lager then
03:01 PM _unreal_: ok so it would be better to recompile then
03:01 PM _unreal_: just to add the new features
03:01 PM JavaBean: not too bad an idea. need to mortar some 4inch block first tho
03:02 PM JavaBean: but with the inside of the garage reading 103 right now... not much desire to do so
03:02 PM _unreal_: I like the idea of having an ERROR feed back and I dont know the full aspct of the servo tuning
03:02 PM _unreal_: but i'm sure its a feature I'm going to want
03:05 PM _unreal_: ve7it, ?? would you be willing to recompile the 2k8 for the 6mhz xtal? just thinking it would save me time. while I get the other computer setup JUST to be able to program the controllers
03:05 PM JavaBean: https://www.zdnet.com/article/backdoor-accounts-discovered-in-29-ftth-devices-from-chinese-vendor-c-data/
03:06 PM ve7it: sure... I did get mplab 8 setup so I think I can generate the hex file for you
03:06 PM _unreal_: That would be wonderful. ya i'm booting my laptop right now. I have not booted into win10 on this laptop in prob 8 months :S
03:07 PM _unreal_: I dont want to touch it to the internet because its going to go UPDATES UPDAGES updages!!!
03:10 PM _unreal_: ! wait a sec 8 months is not exactly accurate exactly I did boot it to windows 2 weeks ago. had to bring it into work but i never connected it to the internet. a captain of a 30 million dollar yacht was ahving me make a CAD drawing for a water jetting project for a floor pannel in the engine room
03:17 PM _unreal_: stilll installing.. sigh
03:25 PM _unreal_: LOL intsll file corupted redownloading
03:33 PM ve7it: _unreal_, ok... should be on the website now... http://ve7it.cowlug.org/dspic-servo-29jan2008-6MHz.hex
03:34 PM ve7it: when I went to build it, I had to do several of the items mentioned in the notes section of the web page
03:35 PM ve7it: just in case you want to build from source
03:35 PM _unreal_: I see
03:36 PM _unreal_: hehe I'm 300 o f900 megs downloading again the installer for mplabs
03:36 PM _unreal_: for some reason the one that I downloaded says corupted
03:37 PM ve7it: I have never tried building it on mplabX... I have mplab ide v8.33 running under wine
03:41 PM XXCoder: pink_vampire: you need couple coats of black 3.0. could use black 2.0 which is cheaper as first paint. it helps a LOT
03:46 PM _unreal_: this download is sooooooo slow
03:46 PM _unreal_: 590mb downloaded
03:56 PM perry_j1987: sometimes i shouldnt restock the beer fridge in the shop
04:06 PM pink_vampire: how stiff is peek?
04:07 PM jymmmm: perry_j1987: get a soda machine and stock the beer in that at $5 PROFIT!!!!
04:10 PM pink_vampire: XXCoder: I tried.. maybe my vision is above average?
04:10 PM XXCoder: definitely neefd second coat try that yet?
04:10 PM XXCoder: because wood grabs em
04:11 PM pink_vampire: I thing there is like 5 or even more
04:11 PM pink_vampire: the pink looks very similar to the pink spray marker that you spray on the ground
04:13 PM XXCoder: it does look neon pink but it doesnt shine in uv
04:13 PM XXCoder: so its not neon.
04:15 PM XXCoder: it looks less black in person because human eyes is so much more sensive than camera
04:18 PM _unreal_: ?????? just got back inside was taking the edger to the side walk. came back and the laptop was OFF or suspended
04:18 PM _unreal_: wtf
04:18 PM _unreal_: and I ignore it on the boot now its booting to linux LOL
04:20 PM _unreal_: ve7it, that power supply at idle apears to run at 27v
04:24 PM ve7it: should not be a problem... dont want to see it over 30... you could always put a little load on it... got any 28v light bulbs? maybe from the boats?
04:25 PM ve7it: just to be clear, you do have a +25v and a -25v supply?
04:26 PM _unreal_: I have the one that you agreed should be good from ebay
04:26 PM _unreal_: and hum... light bulb or bulbs?
04:27 PM _unreal_: I DO have a 2.4k resistor on both caps between +/- polls to drain them on power loss
04:27 PM _unreal_: wondering if that dwnload finsihed or WTF?
04:27 PM _unreal_: was outside doing some lawn work
04:29 PM ve7it: soemthing like a 28volt aircraft bulb on each cap would probably add 1/2 amp drain or so to keep the peak voltage down... like a car tail light only 24/28v
04:30 PM ve7it: do you have to unmount your boards to get to the programming pins? or have a way to program the chips off the boards?
04:32 PM _unreal_: nope did not fnish downloading computer shut off for some reason
04:32 PM _unreal_: no I can get to the pins easy
04:32 PM _unreal_: I built an adapter for the serial programing to make it easy and all in one area.
04:32 PM _unreal_: programming is just a matter of connecting to the jumpers
04:36 PM _unreal_: yep downloading from scratch
04:41 PM jymmmm: Um why would then fan on a HVAC unit be sound like it's RPM's are changing at random, but never in the years past?
04:43 PM jymmmm: Smells like something is getting hot
04:52 PM Tom_L: she's gonna blow!
04:54 PM Tom_L: jymmmm, are the bearings going out?
04:54 PM Tom_L: i've had to replace fan motors at least once or twice
04:55 PM Tom_L: jymmmm, outside fan or furnace blower?
04:55 PM Tom_L: last time the cap went out on the furnace blower. $5 part
04:56 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: IDK, it doesn't have that "grinding" sound, but it seems like the RPM's are lowering, then it kinda "wakes up" a bit. I DO smell something getting hot. I turned off the AC for now. Would a bad cap act like this?
04:56 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: outside unit
04:56 PM Tom_L: see what's hot before it cools
04:57 PM Tom_L: i've had to replace the cap on the outside unit before as well
04:57 PM Tom_L: i'm thinking it's for the compressor though
04:58 PM jymmmm: I'll have to take it apartto see whats hot
04:58 PM jymmmm: I replaced the cap for the compressor last winter
04:58 PM jymmmm: as well as contactor and a relay
04:59 PM jymmmm: Well, IDK if it'll still be hot by the time I take it apart, Let me pull the fuses and take it apart
05:00 PM Tom_L: on the inside unit, if the bushings get too worn on the motor it acts like that
05:00 PM Tom_L: but it's capacitor start
05:00 PM Tom_L: not sure the outside fan is
05:00 PM Tom_L: it may be
05:06 PM _unreal_: !@#$!@#$ computer did it to me again. just discovered that some windows update turned on power saving now I know why it kept turning off on me
05:07 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: Ok, took it apart, the motor is still at 208F
05:08 PM Tom_L: maybe a bit warm?
05:08 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: too hot to touch for a fan I'd think, unless that was sarcasim
05:09 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: how does a defect cap act like?
05:11 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: there is no little "stickout" for a cap like I have seen on other motors, but the label says 4mfd, probably inside the cabinet
05:26 PM jymmmm: It's FREE SLURPY DAY at 7-11
05:31 PM Tom_L: jymmmm, i think a bad cap just makes it not start or slow to start
05:32 PM Tom_L: it could be mounted to the frame like the compressor one
05:32 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: Ah, I replaced the main cap last year too... https://i.imgur.com/WIIcT1k.jpg
05:33 PM Tom_L: ask rue, he's an electrician
05:37 PM Tom_L: jymmmm, it should be fine as far as heat....
05:37 PM Tom_L: it's thermally protected :)
05:38 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: sarcasam?
05:38 PM Tom_L: who me??
05:38 PM jymmmm: I'll take that as a yes =)
05:39 PM jymmmm: Motor goes from $150 to $250
05:39 PM Tom_L: sounds about right
05:39 PM Tom_L: does it turn freely?
05:39 PM Tom_L: how much side play?
05:54 PM JavaBean: jymmmm: hit 106f according to my thermometer
06:50 PM _unreal_: finally the instsall is working. ended up downloading 4 times. finally figure out the issue. both the power savings was on AND my laptop is missing a rubber foot the fan was smothered and the lapto was over heating
06:51 PM _unreal_: was wondering why it kept shutting down
09:18 PM pink_vampire: hi
09:18 PM pink_vampire: any life?
09:18 PM XXCoder: nah zombies left
09:18 PM XXCoder: ohh fresh brains here
09:18 PM jymmmm: Freezing as many jugs of water as I can. Tomorrow is suppose to be 98F and no AC :(
09:19 PM XXCoder: ow
09:19 PM Tom_L: jymmmm, did you determine if it's the fan motor?
09:19 PM jymmmm: I'm out of jugs :C
09:20 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: I'm waiting a little bit longer for it to cool down to test, it's a rat nest of wires that I have to detangle
09:20 PM Tom_L: mmm
09:21 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: If I leave the fan running tomorrow, will it just blow up the motor, or could I damage something else too?
09:23 PM jymmmm: I can't get parts till monday anyway
09:25 PM * JavaBean sends his condolences to jymmmm...
09:26 PM jymmmm: JavaBean: thanks, I apprecite it
09:26 PM pink_vampire: lol
09:26 PM JavaBean: how hot did it manage to get indoors today?
09:26 PM jymmmm: 82F
09:26 PM Tom_L: did the fan quit entirely?
09:27 PM JavaBean: ouch, i made it to 80f... even though my a/c is fine
09:27 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: No, it still ran
09:27 PM pink_vampire: here it is 33.8C
09:27 PM JavaBean: indoors, pink.. we were talking indoors
09:27 PM pink_vampire: yes
09:27 PM pink_vampire: in my home
09:28 PM JavaBean: i thought vampires were weak to heat... wtf?
09:28 PM XXCoder: 65f here
09:28 PM pink_vampire: right now the thermometer on the table show 33.81
09:28 PM pink_vampire: brass part that I made https://i.imgur.com/7CJarQ5.png
09:29 PM skunkworks: https://youtu.be/wv7mMS5xKks
09:29 PM jdh: guess I shouldn't mention I have it down to 68f
09:29 PM XXCoder: skunkworks: nice
09:30 PM XXCoder: so its roughing with larger radius corners
09:30 PM XXCoder: then slower on finish
09:30 PM JavaBean: $wa 106F in C
09:31 PM * JavaBean grumbles
09:31 PM XXCoder: no wa here
09:31 PM jdh: <wa> damned hot.
09:31 PM jymmmm: jdh: MY HVAC AC outdoor fan motor is crapping out today, can't get parts till monday
09:31 PM jdh: that sucks.
09:31 PM jymmmm: jdh: And suppose to be 98F tomorrow
09:31 PM pink_vampire: skunkworks: nice
09:32 PM JavaBean: ok so this thermometer that i have in the garage outside hit 106f/41.1c today... the 8kbtu window a/c has been running all day, and its 80f in this room
09:33 PM jdh: I have a 2ton window unit for the garage.
09:33 PM jymmmm: JavaBean: That bites, I lived in a place that i had 3 window AC units going
09:33 PM jdh: jymmmm: I'd be out buying a window unit for the bedroom
09:33 PM JavaBean: my garage is attached but has no doors and the roof is vented through its peak
09:34 PM jdh: I have a little one I got that can run off a generator for post-hurricanes
09:34 PM jdh: skunkworks: how did you generate the gcode for the hex?
09:35 PM JavaBean: looking at going with a "small-ish" 48v off-grid power system... this house has great access to wind and daystar tends to be rather bright. bonus points 48vdc mini-splits exist
09:37 PM jymmmm: jdh: Good idea. I cna't get to the store tonight before it closes, but I can tomorrow morning. They only have 5000 BTU units in stock, but something is better than nothing at all.
09:38 PM * JavaBean says hmmm, thinks his a/c is a 8kbtu... could be less, would not be surprised
09:56 PM skunkworks: jdh: it is a pretty simple hal componant. Calculates a polygon from the spindle position
09:57 PM Tom_L: skunkworks, good stuff...
10:17 PM CaptHindsight: perry_j1987: Klipper is written by the same Kevin as seabios
10:18 PM CaptHindsight: he probably could not stand marlin either
10:18 PM perry_j1987: nope he cant
10:35 PM CaptHindsight: marlin is like wearing dirty underwear
10:35 PM CaptHindsight: it does the job but it's just yucky