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Jun 28 2020

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01:49 AM Deejay: moin
02:22 AM t4nk_freenode: moaning
02:22 AM Deejay: hey
02:22 AM t4nk_freenode: I'm off to bed actually :)
02:22 AM t4nk_freenode: gnight!
02:24 AM Deejay: gnite t4nk
05:10 AM JT-Cave: morning
05:11 AM XXCoder: hey jt
07:21 AM pink_vampire: hi
07:47 AM Tom_L: hi
08:23 AM JT-Cave: yo
08:59 AM perry_j1987: morning
09:59 AM veegee: Contemplating getting this: https://www.busybeetools.com/products/dust-collector-3hp-w-canisters-csa-cx402.html
09:59 AM veegee: If they can put a 3 phase motor on it
10:34 AM Tom_L: you doing woodwork too?
11:44 AM perry_j1987: ok i think im sold on the precision mathews pm-25mv
11:57 AM jdh: nice machine
11:59 AM jdh: they don't seem to cost much more than g0704 now
12:19 PM andypugh: perry_j1987: Where are you? (approximately)
12:20 PM andypugh: Bridgeport Boss machines go for about the same money, if you can find the space. The controls / cnc scare folk off, but if you are planning a CNC conversion then they are already done.
12:21 PM andypugh: One example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bridgeport-Boss-5-CNC-Vertical-Knee-Milling-Machine-Textron-Controls/353114932932
12:22 PM andypugh: I didn’t have the space, so ended up with one of these: http://www.lathes.co.uk/harrisonmiller/index.html which does suffer from a much lower spindle speed than the Precision Matthews, but is also built a lot more like a machine tool.
12:23 PM Tom_L: it has a smaller footprint?
12:23 PM Tom_L: my friend starteed with a boss5
12:23 PM Tom_L: i sent the manual to archivist
12:30 PM andypugh: This is about the same footprint as the PM, and about 10x as good. Also 10x as epensive :-) https://www.ebay.com/itm/DECKEL-FP1-UNIVERSAL-MILLING-MACHINE-WITH-TOOLING/353096169828
12:30 PM andypugh: But they are rather lovely, i have used one. That one has a nice selction of tooling too, including the high-speed spindle.
12:31 PM Tom_L: nice size table
12:34 PM andypugh: That one also has the tilting/rolling universal table as an accessory
12:34 PM andypugh: And you can take the table off and use the vertical T slot face for really big stuff
12:35 PM andypugh: http://www.lathes.co.uk/deckel/page2.html
12:36 PM andypugh: (Or replace the table with a dividing head)
01:25 PM perry_j1987: back
01:26 PM perry_j1987: i make small stuff
01:26 PM perry_j1987: and dont have crazy power available at the shop
01:27 PM perry_j1987: barely have 110
01:29 PM miss0r2: pffft :)
01:29 PM miss0r2: Three phase 400 volt here. Makes for a fast(er) job :P
01:31 PM unterhaus_: I would love to have a Deckel. I know someone with 2, he's less than fully positive about them, but they are nice
01:33 PM miss0r2: unterhaus_: They are realy sturdy machines, no doubt
01:34 PM perry_j1987: so you guys are advising me to not get a pm-25mv ?
01:39 PM perry_j1987: https://www.ebay.com/itm/PM-25MV-Mill-w-Full-Enclosure-Installed-Kit-Electronics-Turn-Key-Ready-to-Run/392267065057?hash=item5b54f066e1:g:~RcAAOSwA~VaAHzx was looking at this
01:44 PM SpeedEvil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLKI0HWV3dc wack
01:44 PM SpeedEvil: (why you need a 12 (?) axes robot.
01:52 PM perry_j1987: i love how a human pops in and spins the block each time in the timelapse
01:52 PM perry_j1987: couldnt add a stepper motor turntable eh?
01:54 PM SpeedEvil: 13 axes is unlucky
01:54 PM JavaBean: a human hand is better than a stepper motor... it allows for 0.00001degree precision!!! +-30degrees
01:55 PM SpeedEvil: ^resolution
01:55 PM miss0r2: lol
01:55 PM perry_j1987: lol
01:55 PM miss0r2: SpeedEvil: I would agree with you, had he not added the +- 30degrees
01:56 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.ebay.com/itm/USED-BridgePort-Vertical-3-Axis-CNC-Milling-Machine-w-Boss-8-Controls-DB/173661311479 $3,250
01:56 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Used-Lagunamatic-250S-3-Axis-CNC-Knee-Mill-Machine-1000-Dynapath-Delta-Control/263863279315 $4k
01:57 PM miss0r2: perry_j1987: Well.. honnestly; The pcnc is alright for what it is. It is not as rigid as alot of used options for the same price. but it is nice and tidy
01:58 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-KM3-Hurco-Three-Axis-CNC-Milling-Bridgeport-Mill-Machine-Shop-Tool/264597668867
01:58 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SUPERMAX-YCM-40-CNC-MILL-3-AXIS/233438227394
01:58 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Alliant-9-x42-Milling-Machine-with-Yuasa-vise-and-R8-collets-Bridgeport-type/233447373459
01:59 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.ebay.com/itm/FM32H-CHEVALIER-CNC-TURRET-TYPE-VERTICAL-MILL-27985/372753186898
01:59 PM perry_j1987: i just make small little things
01:59 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.ebay.com/itm/DynaPath-K3-CNC-Knee-Mill-Delta-CNC-Autocon-Hurco-Control/324180024147
01:59 PM CaptHindsight: all under $4k
01:59 PM miss0r2: perry_j1987: At some point you'll be wanting to make something bigger. this *ALWAYS* happens :D
02:01 PM perry_j1987: i got the 6040 for bigger stuff :P
02:01 PM miss0r2: hehe
02:02 PM miss0r2: .0015" resolution... meh
02:02 PM CaptHindsight: theoretically
02:02 PM CaptHindsight: some parts come out that way
02:02 PM miss0r2: even if that is the theoretical best case, it still sucks :D
02:04 PM CaptHindsight: the PCNC is made for people that just want to unbox and start playing
02:04 PM jdh: there is a lot to be said for that
02:04 PM CaptHindsight: no cleaning, adjusting, squaring, scraping etc
02:04 PM CaptHindsight: no converting
02:04 PM miss0r2: hmm.. alright, accuracy is one thing. I wonder what the repeatability if this thing is
02:05 PM miss0r2: which, for surface finish, is more important than accuracy anyway
02:05 PM perry_j1987: it would like to get a tormach, support local business
02:05 PM perry_j1987: they are less than half hour away from me
02:06 PM miss0r2: Meh. I don't have time to get enrolled in another chat about machines, however interresting it might be! I have to get some work done. Cya
02:06 PM perry_j1987: its sunday
02:06 PM perry_j1987: day for bs'ing on irc :P
02:06 PM CaptHindsight: miss0r2: what type of spindle is it? What bearing arrangement?
02:06 PM miss0r2: CaptHindsight: I have no idea :)
02:06 PM miss0r2: https://www.ebay.com/itm/PM-25MV-Mill-w-Full-Enclosure-Installed-Kit-Electronics-Turn-Key-Ready-to-Run/392267065057?hash=item5b54f066e1:g:~RcAAOSwA~VaAHzx
02:07 PM miss0r2: posted by perry_j1987
02:07 PM perry_j1987: thats one of those precision mathews pm-25mv alreayd convertered with an enclosure and such
02:07 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Grizzly-G0704-CNC-Mill-w-Enclosure-Kit-Electronics-Turn-Key-Ready-to-Run/392267065085
02:07 PM perry_j1987: 1700 dollar mill base with all the work done
02:08 PM perry_j1987: the pm-25mv is a lot nicer than the g0704 same price
02:08 PM CaptHindsight: US $5,995.95
02:08 PM miss0r2: I don't like how 'flimsy' that ballnut mount for the X axis looks.. This is a machine running on dovetails mind you. That thing will flex
02:08 PM miss0r2: I'M DOING IT AGAIN ! Being sucked in. I'm off NOW
02:08 PM perry_j1987: lol
02:09 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.grizzly.com/products/Grizzly-7-x-27-1-HP-Mill-Drill-with-Stand/G0704 what they are based on
02:10 PM perry_j1987: the precision mathews ones have ground ways instead of machined etc
02:10 PM CaptHindsight: it's a drill that can do some light milling
02:10 PM CaptHindsight: the rest is up to you
02:12 PM CaptHindsight: with so many companies going out of business there are lots of machines going for low prices
02:12 PM perry_j1987: that is a valid point
02:12 PM CaptHindsight: it's just going to get worse for them
02:13 PM CaptHindsight: the news hasn't been focusing much on the disaster
02:14 PM CaptHindsight: likely as we get closer to the election they will
02:14 PM syyl: still waiting for cheap machines over here
02:14 PM syyl: not happening currently
02:15 PM CaptHindsight: socialism here is just for large co's
02:15 PM CaptHindsight: your system might be different
02:16 PM syyl: the smaller businesses i talk to are swamped with work
02:16 PM syyl: try to get something machined within 2..3 weeks currently
02:16 PM syyl: good luck
02:18 PM CaptHindsight: doesn't cost too much to ship a container of machines
02:19 PM CaptHindsight: looks like a buyers market here
02:21 PM jymmmm: CaptHindsight: how much?
02:22 PM CaptHindsight: few $K
02:22 PM jymmmm: CaptHindsight: under $10K ?
02:22 PM CaptHindsight: could go around the world twice for that
02:23 PM jymmmm: CaptHindsight: is it based on weight or volume?
02:23 PM CaptHindsight: a bit of both but full containers are almost a flat rate
02:23 PM jymmmm: ah
02:25 PM jymmmm: pink_vampire: You'll be happy to know I repaired my portable propane heater, works great, and only had to use one piece of bailing wire to hold it all together. And no, the hot glue did NOT melt =)
02:26 PM pink_vampire: jymmmm: COOL!!!
02:27 PM jymmmm: pink_vampire: The platic pieces are just so cracked, I'll buy a replacment the next time it dies
02:28 PM jymmmm: Sadly, I guess it's a disposable heater
02:28 PM pink_vampire: there is no all metal versions?
02:29 PM jymmmm: There are no OTHER versions at all, not for the same thing at least
02:30 PM jymmmm: pink_vampire: It's the only "indoor safe portable propane heater" that I'm aware of.
02:31 PM pink_vampire: I hope for you it will last
02:31 PM jymmmm: Eh, maybe another season I'd suspect
02:34 PM CaptHindsight: good thing it's summer in the northern hemisphere
02:37 PM jymmmm: CaptHindsight: Well, it's a backup to the backup. When they work, they are a great little heater. Just have a tendancy to fail at thw worse possible time it seems. They get clogged with sludge. This black goo came out of the regulator https://i.imgur.com/gJ2ldAM.jpg
02:51 PM jymmmm: CaptHindsight: What I find ironic, is propane has been used on RV/trailers for 70+ years without any filter, but these heaters have an optional filter?
03:03 PM skunkworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoVhDQlU38M
03:10 PM jymmmm: skunkworks: Well, GIT ER DONE
03:10 PM skunkworks: I know - right?
03:10 PM jymmmm: skunkworks: how many acres are you on?
03:11 PM skunkworks: parents place - 25ish?
03:12 PM jymmmm: skunkworks: have you considered geothermal instead?
03:13 PM pink_vampire: skunkworks: NICE!
03:15 PM jymmmm: skunkworks: Great video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD_3_gsgsnk
03:17 PM skunkworks: jymmmm: yes - showed that to dad. He has always been thinking about doing something like that.
03:17 PM jymmmm: skunkworks: I always LOVE passive thermal stuff
03:18 PM jymmmm: skunkworks: This is a very slick solar traker you could use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkhVomoD47g
03:20 PM skunkworks: jymmmm: that part is pretty much done... It is really just a 24 hour clock.
03:21 PM jymmmm: skunkworks: Ah, well this is self powered, to clocks, no electronics
03:21 PM jymmmm: no clocks*
03:29 PM jymmmm: skunkworks: The only thing I'm not sure about regarding the geothermal, is how to calculate how many BTU's you can extract from the ground in a given period of time (24hr) and how long it needs to "recharge"
03:34 PM Tom_L: jymmmm, https://www.researchgate.net/post/Equations_for_geothermal_calculation
03:34 PM Tom_L: 1st comment's attached works.pdf
03:35 PM Tom_L: or the 2nd one's
03:47 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: TYVM. I wonder how much difference there is in the claculations of liquid vs air system
03:49 PM SpeedEvil: Modern air systems can be very efficient
03:49 PM SpeedEvil: Especially if you count capital cost
03:50 PM jymmmm: SpeedEvil: I LIKE the simplicity of air tubes and an old swamp cooler retrofitted... KISS. And HATE HATE HATE the potential for water leaks
03:51 PM SpeedEvil: Also, first upgrade should be insulation, if you possibly can.
03:53 PM Tom_L: just move into a cave
03:53 PM jymmmm: SpeedEvil: I don't have the acerage for it sadly. There are underground utilities stopping me
03:57 PM jymmmm: In the summer, the geothermal makes sense, just pump the hot air down, and you'll get cool air up. But I'm not sure about winter time as you'll have to suppliment it with an additional heat source.
03:58 PM SpeedEvil: That's not quite how it works
03:58 PM SpeedEvil: you put it low enough that the winter-summer cycle averages out
03:58 PM jymmmm: SpeedEvil: Well, I'm speculating 54F underground temperature, avg hot day in the summer being 100F.
03:58 PM SpeedEvil: Also, ground tubes can be part of the system - hot summer air is fed gently throuhg larger tubes to re-heat
03:59 PM SpeedEvil: (or cool off)
04:01 PM jymmmm: SpeedEvil: In the summer, the 54F "should" be able to reduce the 100F to (let's say) 75F, so that works out, no need to suppliment the cooling.
04:01 PM SpeedEvil: yeah - that works well in that case
04:01 PM SpeedEvil: Here the subsurface average temp is ~7C
04:01 PM SpeedEvil: So it doesn't work well for heating
04:01 PM jymmmm: SpeedEvil: Inthe winter though, if it's 35F, and I'm raising that to 54F, I still need to suppliment the heat to 75F
04:05 PM jymmmm: SpeedEvil: I did think of one passive scenario.... My HVAC unit kicks into defrost mode below 45F (which also kicks on the VERY EXPENSIVE to run resistive heating units until the compressor kicks in again)..... But If I placed a "doghouse" around the outdoor unit, use the existing exhaust fan on the outdoor unit to circulate the 34F to the 54F, then the unit will never see the defrost cycle
04:05 PM SpeedEvil: yes
04:05 PM sync: the best way to go about that is to drill a wet geothermal well and use a heat pump
04:06 PM sync: or just use an air driven heatpump
04:06 PM sync: as that is easier and less hassle
04:07 PM Deejay: gn8
04:07 PM jymmmm: dn9 Deejay
04:07 PM Deejay: :)
04:08 PM jymmmm: sync In ref to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD_3_gsgsnk
04:09 PM jymmmm: https://blog.therainforestsite.greatergood.com/teddy-bear-squirrel/?utm_source=trs-trsfan&utm_medium=social-fb&utm_content=link&utm_campaign=teddy-bear-squirrel&utm_term=6474219&fbclid=IwAR2hhmE9e9zb53oKDN7wgoh8Ai2U3Jkqf2wbn_NZfvufHHWcjbWidjStGTU
04:13 PM jymmmm: SpeedEvil: While I got the outdoor HVAC unit figured out, not sure how to raise the house temp to at least 54F so the HVAC does't kick in as often, I know it's an air heat exchanger of some sort, but that's it :)
04:13 PM jymmmm: As for summer, also get the bonus of lowering humidity levels
05:43 PM veek: any idea what the 'VPE' is? if i put '1' in, how much would i be buying https://llfa.de/alu-flachbeutel.html#
05:50 PM XXCoder: it transates to "PU" no idea what it means
05:50 PM nubcake: VPE means Verpackungseinheit which roughly translated should be packaged units, idk if that makes any sense
05:50 PM nubcake: packaging unit*
05:50 PM XXCoder: so 100 units in carton
05:51 PM nubcake: no i don't think so, it says 100 Packaging units(VPE)
05:51 PM nubcake: but Karton/Carton says 10.000
05:51 PM XXCoder: pack of packs?
05:51 PM nubcake: so i guess 100 packaging units/Carton
05:52 PM nubcake: or 1Packaging unit/100 bags
05:52 PM XXCoder: that is what I meant yeah heh
05:52 PM XXCoder: bah I said it wrong sorry
05:53 PM nubcake: :D
05:53 PM nubcake: if you click the calculator icon, they show you the % you get if you order more/less
05:53 PM XXCoder: do 100 units, 10,000 total bags in a box
05:53 PM nubcake: yup i'd say so
05:54 PM XXCoder: veek: its good source of your cocoine powder packets ;)
05:54 PM nubcake: xD
05:59 PM veek: Oo - thanks let me read
06:00 PM XXCoder: nub I used to joke about having tons of little baggies for cocoine
06:00 PM XXCoder: i still havr few thousand left now
06:00 PM XXCoder: used to be in lego biz
06:02 PM veek: so the first line would be 10000 cartons/boxes filled with 100 VPE and I can order in multiples of 100 pcs?
06:02 PM XXCoder: x100 wow thays crapload of baggies
06:02 PM nubcake: 1 Packaging Unit includes 100 pcs
06:03 PM XXCoder: nub look at spot near cart
06:03 PM XXCoder: (amount) x 100 stk
06:03 PM nubcake: so 1 Carton is 100 PU
06:03 PM nubcake: 100x100
06:03 PM nubcake: pcs
06:05 PM XXCoder: english version https://llfa.eu/alu-flat-pouch.html
06:06 PM XXCoder: 10,000 baggies it looks like yeah 18 euro
06:06 PM nubcake: more like 1.8k
06:07 PM XXCoder: nah final pric 30 euro tac ec etc
06:07 PM nubcake: just hover the calculator icon, it shows the details
06:07 PM nubcake: 1x100 5x100 and so on
06:07 PM skunkworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxZjRrhh-Q4
06:07 PM veek: nubcake, but what's a stk
06:08 PM XXCoder: pcs
06:08 PM nubcake: pcs
06:08 PM nubcake: yes
06:08 PM nubcake: stk -> Stueck which translates to piece/s
06:08 PM XXCoder: skunk no actual cutting bah
06:09 PM veek: a piece being a karton? or multiples of (10000 karton)
06:09 PM skunkworks: XXCoder: sorry ;)
06:09 PM XXCoder: np lol
06:09 PM * veek sighs
06:10 PM nubcake: veek; a piece is 1 bag, a Product Unit is 100 pieces, a carton is 10.000 pieces
06:10 PM nubcake: but you can't order 1 piece, only in multiples of 100
06:10 PM nubcake: so 1x100 you get 100 bags
06:10 PM nubcake: for ~19€
06:11 PM veek: thanks
06:11 PM nubcake: veek; you're welcome :)
06:11 PM XXCoder: 0.19 euro per bag meh
06:11 PM XXCoder: 21 cents usd. i suppose its fine for metallic ones
06:12 PM XXCoder: i went for 2-3 pennies per bag when I was selling lego parts, with clear cheap plastic ones
06:12 PM nubcake: i guess plastic ones are cheaper but if you need aluminum ones it should be ok
07:08 PM sync: veek: I just had a quick look, nothing in depth, I'm sorry
07:09 PM XXCoder: i got bottles for varta 2 oil!
07:09 PM XXCoder: any of you in usa wanna buy some?
07:09 PM XXCoder: 16 oz bottles
07:11 PM XXCoder: problem is I want non-dropper caps so it can be shipped more safely :(
07:12 PM veek: hey sync :) hi
07:12 PM veek: thanks - np
07:23 PM veek: XXCoder, link
07:23 PM XXCoder: for bottles?
07:23 PM XXCoder: sure a sec
07:24 PM XXCoder: https://www.ebay.com/itm/223966674526
07:27 PM veek: thanks
07:27 PM XXCoder: if you meant what I plan to sell not listed yet
07:27 PM XXCoder: i dont think I will use amazon ebay etc to sell em
07:28 PM veek: no i was just curious to see what the link was
07:28 PM veek: i wasn't sure what varta oil was :p
07:28 PM XXCoder: ok
07:28 PM XXCoder: vactra 2 actually
07:28 PM Tom_L: 3d printer snake oil!
07:28 PM XXCoder: mispelled
07:28 PM veek: ah
07:29 PM XXCoder: plan to also use it for cnc router atcually
07:29 PM Tom_L: what's a 16oz bottle worth?
07:29 PM CaptHindsight: XXCoder: I have ~50 gal of it
07:29 PM XXCoder: 9 usd plus 9 shipping at ebay
07:31 PM Tom_L: US only?
07:31 PM XXCoder: capt cool :)
07:31 PM XXCoder: tom yeah pretty much
07:32 PM Tom_L: shops generally get it in 5gal pails or 55gal drums
07:33 PM CaptHindsight: vactra 2 and way oil
07:33 PM XXCoder: i bought a gallon
07:34 PM CaptHindsight: somehow ended up with a drum of each
07:34 PM Tom_L: heh, should last a day or so
07:34 PM XXCoder: if you mean bibical day sure
07:34 PM XXCoder: millions of years ;)
08:07 PM veegee: XXCoder any cheap slideway oil will do. Vactra 2 is nothing special
08:08 PM veegee: machine tool slide way oil has very little demand placed on it
08:08 PM XXCoder: i guess but whatever heh
08:08 PM veegee: no high temperature, very little contamination, no combustion, very little pressure
08:08 PM veegee: worst thing to happen to it is coolant contamination
08:09 PM veegee: diesel engine oil on the other hand...
08:09 PM veegee: it's amazing engine oils last as long as they do
08:09 PM veegee: it's amazing _engines_ last as long as they do
08:10 PM jymmmm: XXCoder: Just cook some bacon, then grease your slides.
08:10 PM XXCoder: lol
08:10 PM XXCoder: cookinmg bacon is ALWAYS correct action to do
08:11 PM veegee: machine tool slide ways are also usually cast iron with hardened surfaces or coated with something
08:11 PM jymmmm: Disassembled MrHeater Portable Buddy propane heater... https://i.imgur.com/O6Vyeob.jpg
08:12 PM jymmmm: The black goo that came out of said heater's regulator... https://i.imgur.com/gJ2ldAM.jpg
08:13 PM jymmmm: and valve, and tubing
08:13 PM XXCoder: fun stuff
08:13 PM XXCoder: is that why youre rebuilding it?
08:14 PM jymmmm: I replaced the regulator because I had a spare. Everything else I just ran through the ultrasonic cleaner.
08:14 PM jymmmm: XXCoder: Yesh, it stopped working. Teh goo was clogging the heater
08:15 PM XXCoder: i wonder what it built up from
08:15 PM XXCoder: impurities in gas it use to heat?
08:15 PM jymmmm: IT's either A) plasticizer from the hose, B) tailings from the propane itself, or C) BOTH.
08:16 PM jymmmm: I checked the hose, nothing came out of it, but I didn't have enough pressure to truly tets it.
08:17 PM jymmmm: I spent extra to buy the hose that they say does NOT need a filter, but maybe it does anyway, IDK.
08:18 PM jymmmm: This has happened a few times (the black goo) before, so not exactly sure why, just that it happens.
08:20 PM jymmmm: Why question is why does it only happen to THEIR heaters, and nobody else's propane applicances?
08:20 PM XXCoder: dunno thats odd. wonder if they dont oil things correctl
08:21 PM jymmmm: The BIG BUDDY I have doesn't have that issue, but it uses a tank side regulator and never see's high pressure.
08:22 PM jymmmm: And unless I cut open my $30 hose, I won't know for sure if the hose is the issue or the propane is.
08:23 PM jymmmm: XXCoder: They say it's the plasicizer in the hose that leeches out
08:23 PM jymmmm: They being MrHeater Company
08:23 PM roycroft: put a filter in front of the hose and see if it catches any thing
08:24 PM roycroft: then you'll know if it's the propane or the hose
08:24 PM XXCoder: then why do it say "filterless" if it leaks crud out by itself?
08:24 PM XXCoder: filter both ends of hose
08:25 PM jymmmm: XXCoder: The "filterless" hose is suppose to be better quality and not leech out under high pressure.
08:25 PM XXCoder: jeez
08:25 PM XXCoder: you sure its filterless? it might be shipped wrong item
08:25 PM jymmmm: roycroft: I'd like to, but I'm a little leary of using a filter on the high pressure side of things.
08:25 PM jymmmm: XXCoder: I'm sure
08:26 PM XXCoder: well hope you figure things out
08:27 PM roycroft: even for testing?
08:27 PM jymmmm: I got the heater working again, but it's this sludge I'm not sure about.
08:27 PM roycroft: are there no filters designed for high pressure?
08:28 PM jymmmm: roycroft: I didn't even know theree propane filters to begin with. No other propane appliance I know of uses them.
08:31 PM jymmmm: roycroft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnYL4ZSOveQ
08:47 PM jymmmm: HAve any of you heard of GaN chargers??? https://www.howtogeek.com/509209/what-is-a-gan-charger-and-why-will-you-want-one/
08:48 PM gregcnc: GaN is the next thing in all power electronics
08:51 PM XXCoder: interesting
08:56 PM jymmmm: I saw mention of it on this https://www.amazon.com/ZMI-zPower-Turbo-Power-Adapter/dp/B07D64QLQ1/
08:58 PM XXCoder: honestly I have never used a charger this year lol I have a few but I usuaully use my pc to charge em
08:58 PM XXCoder: slowly sure but i has all night
08:58 PM XXCoder: that new tech is cool tho
08:58 PM XXCoder: might grab one for my travel kit
08:59 PM jymmmm: XXCoder: Well, USB-C is taking the place of charging laptops now
08:59 PM XXCoder: yeah which is good
09:00 PM XXCoder: my phone is usbc
09:00 PM XXCoder: my kindle is microusb, but its because its getting close to 6 years old lol
09:26 PM veegee: All these angle grinder dust shrouds for concrete grinding are crap
09:27 PM veegee: They're never big enough to extend to the full height of the diamond cup
09:28 PM veegee: I got one of them to just barely make it if I don't use the back flange, but that causes the grinding cup to seat slightly at an angle and causes a lot of vibration
09:28 PM veegee: I'll probably just have to custom make it. It's really not a complicated thing
10:42 PM XXCoder: pink_vampire: check this out https://youtu.be/1r3tmWb4-Xc