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Jun 21 2020

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12:16 AM perry_j1987: hows it going guys
12:33 AM perry_j1987: didnt know mcmaster had fixture clamps lol
12:33 AM perry_j1987: should have known
04:11 AM Deejay: hi
04:15 AM XXCoder: perry_j1987: mcmaster is your dad. mcmaster is your mom. Or more properly, they sell everything including you. ;)
05:10 AM JT-Cave: morning
05:50 AM veegee: I bought this glycerin filled pressure gauge for my air tank since the one it came with is trash. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0087UUQVS/
05:51 AM veegee: All the liquid filled ones seem to be filled only about 80% or so and the refraction caused by the fluid is annoying when trying to read the needle in that top position
05:51 AM veegee: I can fill it up much higher with more glycerin since it came with a drain valve. Is there any harm in doing that?
05:52 AM veegee: I'm thinking there must be reason they're not filled to 95% or 100% so I'm worried I might damage it. Is there a good reason they're not fully filled?
05:53 AM XXCoder: hey veegee JT-Cave
05:53 AM veegee: Yes ma'am?
05:53 AM veegee: just kidding
05:53 AM veegee: <3 u
05:53 AM XXCoder: lol
05:54 AM JT-Cave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOYR5xgJ0bQ
05:55 AM veegee: Is one of you that old white man with the beard?
05:55 AM XXCoder: behold the power of beard
05:55 AM veegee: Wait that's you isn't it JT-Cave
05:55 AM XXCoder: wow cant watch that. converting it to "slide show"
05:55 AM JT-Cave: yup
05:55 AM veegee: Impressive beard
05:56 AM veegee: I wish I had the powers of growing such manly facial hair
05:56 AM XXCoder: i pretty much cant
05:56 AM veegee: but that's a nice jig
05:56 AM JT-Cave: that's the only place it grows, I wanted side burns so bad when I was a ute
05:57 AM veegee: Are you in Alaska?
05:57 AM XXCoder: i look like week unshaved when i dont shave for a month
05:57 AM XXCoder: and many gaps everywhere
05:57 AM XXCoder: making me look even more of a bum
05:57 AM JT-Cave: I was born on Kodiak Island in the Territory of Alaska
05:57 AM veegee: But not Alaska in the video?
05:57 AM JT-Cave: Fisk Missouri
05:57 AM veegee: Ah ok
05:58 AM veegee: Hard to tell age over the internet. I feel like a kid here
05:58 AM * JT-Cave goes to clean chicken shit
05:58 AM veegee: Only 29 years old
05:58 AM veegee: almost everyone is twice my age
05:59 AM XXCoder: im 44
05:59 AM XXCoder: so im NOT twice your age
05:59 AM JT-Cave: I'm 66 3/4 lol
07:18 AM sync: neat my movie 9 andypugh
07:19 AM andypugh: I am sure I changed the name, but iMovie forgot. I changed it now.
07:20 AM sync: yeah, it's correct but my notifications still have it
07:20 AM andypugh: It’s a shame that by the time you reach Peak Beard capacity it has generally turned white.
07:27 AM acer_ is now known as _unreal_
07:28 AM _unreal_: hum I feel like the baby at 41
07:39 AM Tom_L: veegee, it leaves room for expansion under pressure
07:42 AM Tom_L: JT-Cave, that's a healthy chunk of wood
07:46 AM Tom_L: veegee, not for the video but for what's inside: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9MJAXhLSv0
07:46 AM Tom_L: the bladder will expand some under pressure
07:49 AM Tom_L: andypugh, true that
08:07 AM JT-Cave: we have some missing links around here that are born with a full beard
08:23 AM _unreal_: sweet finally got my mini laser etcher producing quality
08:54 AM SpeedEvil: I've always wanted to etch lasers.
09:24 AM _unreal_: why dont you? they are dirt cheap
09:25 AM _unreal_: the one I have is aggravatingly small
09:25 AM _unreal_: but works
09:28 AM _unreal_: mine cost me $60 few months ago
09:28 AM _unreal_: before the bs virus
09:35 AM rmu|w: hanlon's new razoe: never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by the virus
09:36 AM rmu|w: razor
09:39 AM perry_j1987: morning
09:48 AM veek: anyone have any idea how much 4 layer Aluminium+PET+2xPolyethylene moisture barrier bag will cost (low WVTR 0.0002gm/sqin/day) and such
09:48 AM veek: used for sealing metal parts
09:48 AM veek: vacuum sealing
09:50 AM veek: it's some germany company but the spec is a bit wonky 0.02 g/m2.C http://www.branopacindia.com/branovac.html 200mx1m role
09:54 AM _unreal_: So my laser etcher is working nicely now
09:54 AM _unreal_: also figured out what I F'ed up I had the y motor plugged in backwards
09:56 AM perry_j1987: what are you etching
10:02 AM Tom_L: veek, check uline. they might have them
10:03 AM veek: thanks
10:03 AM Tom_L: https://www.uline.com/Product/AdvSearchResult?KeywordTyped=moisture&keywords=Moisture%20Barrier%20Bags
10:03 AM Tom_L: oh, those 'electronics' bags... i used to order those from digikey
10:05 AM Tom_L: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/desco/13405/16-1027-ND/299787
10:06 AM Tom_L: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/desco/13415/16-1028-ND/299788
10:06 AM Tom_L: what size do you want?
10:06 AM sync: Tom_L: it's not the same
10:06 AM Tom_L: oh
10:08 AM Tom_L: https://www.digikey.com/products/en/static-control-esd-clean-room-products/static-control-shielding-bags-materials/605?k=moisture%20bag
10:08 AM Tom_L: moisture barrier make a difference?
10:10 AM sync: most of the export foils are thicker
10:11 AM sync: veek: a roll 150cmx100m costs like 120€
10:14 AM perry_j1987: hmm bigger reservoir or add radiator/fan to my spindle cooling system?
10:16 AM JavaBean: radiator/fan... but that's my default recommend
10:17 AM perry_j1987: https://amzn.to/2BomC9Z like this?
10:18 AM veek: Tom_L, ah yep, but those are ESD bags but yeah Digikey sells the Drishield 3000 series and such with low WVTR
10:18 AM veek: http://documents.staticcontrol.com/pdf/Dri-Shield-3400-Moisture-Barrier-Bag.pdf
10:18 AM JavaBean: perry_j1987: seems a bit small, but i don't know how many watts you need to dissapate
10:18 AM veek: i wanted the roll thanks sync
10:19 AM perry_j1987: oh there's selectors for diff sizes
10:20 AM JavaBean: i would recommend the 240mm option, but also remember that alu and copper in the same loop causes corrosion
10:20 AM JavaBean: atleast with water
10:20 AM perry_j1987: should be all alu in the 2.2kw spindle motor for the coolant jackets id think?
10:20 AM perry_j1987: where are you thinkingthere is copper
10:22 AM JavaBean: idk, depends on manufacturer.. copper in pc water cooling components is common because its better than alu, but i have no way of knowing what they are using in your spindle. but because how well it works i wouldn't be surprised to see they epoxy sealed the copper windings to make it water tight and running water over said windings
10:23 AM JavaBean: also, you can use some kinds of automotive radiator fluid in alu/copper mixed setups to mostly prevent corrosion
10:26 AM perry_j1987: ok
11:00 AM veek: sync, how did you figure out that roll price
11:10 AM perry_j1987: so what would cause a drill bit to make powder on some pecks and chips on others
11:10 AM perry_j1987: rigidity?
11:12 AM veek: Oo https://www.folienpreis.de/folien/
11:14 AM veek: Oo https://www.antalispackaging.co.uk/files/live/sites/UK_Antalis/files/Information%20Centre/Packaging_Literature/Antalis%20Packaging%20Catalogue%20UK2015.pdf
12:16 PM jymmmm: Manual wire stripping machine... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HUZD3LQ/
12:17 PM jymmmm: semi-manual wire stripping machine... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078HXJJ9M/
12:19 PM jymmmm: Electric wire stripping machine... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078HRLFHX/
12:20 PM Tom_L: i want a gas model
12:22 PM jymmmm: Tom_L: You get this instead... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Y546F56/
12:26 PM jymmmm: Sliding door kit, might get some good ideas for DIY if anyone is so inclined... https://www.amazon.com/CO-Z-Heavy-Duty-Sliding-Straight-Shape-Straight-8FT/dp/B07Z68QH5M/
12:27 PM Tom_itx: vertical cnc rails
12:30 PM Tom_itx is now known as Tom_L
12:37 PM jymmmm: JT-Cave: Time to get that smoker all fired up... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JN83192
12:58 PM snakedypoo is now known as snakedkranz
02:21 PM perry_j1987: everything is soo LOW in this shop im not liking it
02:21 PM Deejay: gn8
02:21 PM perry_j1987: lower back hurts after few hours working in here lol
02:49 PM jymmmm: perry_j1987: got backbelt?
02:49 PM perry_j1987: i dont
02:50 PM jymmmm: perry_j1987: They help my back when lifting, bending
02:50 PM jymmmm: BIG time, not sore the next day either
02:59 PM perry_j1987: i might have to try that
03:00 PM perry_j1987: hmm https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/fcMAAOSwLVZVlK~z/s-l500.jpg i just found this old meter in one of my boxes
03:00 PM perry_j1987: must have bought it 15 years ago
03:00 PM perry_j1987: cant find any wiring diagrams for it anymore online
03:00 PM perry_j1987: voltage/amp meter
03:05 PM _unreal_: perry_j1987, where did you get it from
03:05 PM _unreal_: who is the maker
03:05 PM perry_j1987: ebay most likely
03:05 PM nubcake: perry_j1987; could it be this one: http://www.jyins.com/productshow/up-5135_id51.html ?
03:05 PM nubcake: whoops, wrong lik, sorry
03:05 PM nubcake: https://www.osta.ee/en/20v50a-dc-panel-digital-combo-amp-voltmeter-shunt-28998984.html
03:05 PM nubcake: this one?
03:06 PM perry_j1987: its possible
03:06 PM perry_j1987: that one has different wiring colors
03:06 PM perry_j1987: mine is green,white,black,black.red from left to right
03:07 PM nubcake: red should be +6-24v-dc and black gnd if i had to guess
03:08 PM nubcake: does the IC have any text on it?
03:08 PM nubcake: maybe you could find out more that way
03:16 PM perry_j1987: i just put it back in a box heh
03:16 PM nubcake: haha that works too i guess
03:18 PM perry_j1987: maybe in anotehr 15 years it will be even harder to find paperwork for these haha
03:20 PM nubcake: possibly lol
03:21 PM perry_j1987: need to order some drill bits from mcmaster, trying to figure out what else i can order so im not paying shipping for few measely drill bits heh
03:21 PM nubcake: i know that struggle.. haha *shoppers gonna shop*
03:22 PM nubcake: needing item a, shipping be 4,95, ending up buying stuff for an additional 50 bucks, just to avoid shipping cost haha
03:22 PM perry_j1987: lol
03:23 PM perry_j1987: logistics companies are extremely hated apparently lol
03:23 PM nubcake: true lol
03:23 PM nubcake: why can't they do it for free? *shrugs*
03:24 PM perry_j1987: i just need some stubby bits is all
03:25 PM perry_j1987: maybe i'll bite the bullet and order some of these uniforce fixture clamps
03:25 PM perry_j1987: thinking of making a fixture to hold bar stock and then i can slot out the slugs instead of cutting them on the bandsaw and facing the ends to dimension
03:25 PM perry_j1987: would automate alot of that process for me
03:26 PM * nubcake Devil on the shoulder whispers *buy it*
03:32 PM perry_j1987: hm maybe i'll think it over A&W lunch
03:37 PM nubcake: :)
03:38 PM nubcake: if it makes your (work)life easier, just buy it (if it kills your bank, don't)
03:41 PM perry_j1987: the prob is making sure im getting the right size clamps and such
03:43 PM perry_j1987: bbiab lunch
03:43 PM nubcake: have a good one
04:19 PM unterhaus: I wired up a 3 phase contactor so it will work with a single phase system. When I hook it to the wall without a motor, I get a relatively quiet 60hz hum
04:19 PM unterhaus: curious if that's normal
04:43 PM sync: yes
04:47 PM skunkworks: andypugh: is the cross slide nut what you made the tap for?
04:49 PM Tom_L: unterhaus, maybe loose core in the electromagnet
04:50 PM Tom_L: i'm using similar on my 220v compressor and it's quiet as a mouse
04:50 PM skunkworks: sometimes rust of crap gets between the core peices... Caused a louder hum
04:50 PM skunkworks: we have lapped the cores on stuff we have saved.
04:54 PM skunkworks: But the hum might be norma :)
04:54 PM skunkworks: normal
04:56 PM Tom_L: ya what he said.
04:58 PM Tom_L: skunkworks, how's progress on the lathe goin?
05:00 PM andypugh: skunkworks: Yes. I concluded that single-pointing a start thread was probably a good idea. The nut is bronze (ie hard to tap) and very long (ie hard to tap)
05:13 PM andypugh: But the single-point thread came out to clean and smooth…
05:31 PM skunkworks: Tom_L: good - I was trying to get the tool post mounted and try some actual cuts but got side tracked.
05:32 PM skunkworks: andypugh: makes sense. The threads looked great!
05:34 PM skunkworks: the tuning of the spindle is decent - it could be geared down a bit more - right now the top speed is 2400 and 50rpm I think would have enough torque to polyturn
05:35 PM skunkworks: I think a 2 speed timing pully arrangment might work great - something with a top seed of about 1500rpm and the other with a top speed of 4000rpm
05:35 PM skunkworks: (the motor is rated at 4000 but does 6000 just fine)
05:36 PM skunkworks: andypugh: it probably makes it squire'er and true'er
05:40 PM Tom_L: what's the swing on that lathe?
05:40 PM skunkworks: the emco?
05:41 PM Tom_L: yeah
05:41 PM skunkworks: it is a emco 5 which I assume you could spin 5 inches - but never actually looked
05:41 PM Tom_L: so it _is_ small
05:42 PM skunkworks: yes - I think it is the smallest that emco made in this range.
05:42 PM skunkworks: it was really made as a trainer
05:44 PM skunkworks: but cute little double nut ball screws..
05:44 PM skunkworks: it needs oiling now
05:45 PM skunkworks: the chuck is 3.14 in diameter.
05:45 PM skunkworks: (80mm)
05:46 PM skunkworks: I do have to add a clearance plane for the polygon comp - so that it can start somewhere other than x=0
06:52 PM elmo40: _unreal_: any recent pics of your machine?
06:56 PM _unreal_: not really
06:56 PM _unreal_: no real major new changes in a while
06:57 PM _unreal_: yesterday I spent 5 @$%@#$ hours figuring out why my relays were not working
06:57 PM _unreal_: kind of burnt me out for the weekend
06:57 PM _unreal_: I did get my laser etcher working
06:57 PM _unreal_: one of those TINY NEJE one'
06:57 PM _unreal_: s
07:15 PM perry_j1987: hows it going guys
07:22 PM pink_vampire: ok
07:22 PM pink_vampire: I'm tying to face mill some aluminum with my machine
07:23 PM andypugh: This is a bit slow, but interesting. Making a custom end mill with all the right tools: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2vPng7O5bQ
07:23 PM andypugh: pink_vampire: You make it sound like it isn’t going well?
07:30 PM pink_vampire: I was using 1/8" 4f and it is old endmill so I had to take it abit slow
07:31 PM pink_vampire: I think the finish is ok
07:31 PM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/134NY4h.png
07:31 PM Tom_L: andypugh, you gettin special cutters ground or just watching stuff?
07:32 PM andypugh: Just watching stuff.
07:32 PM Tom_L: there's at least half dozen grind shops around here and yes it's pretty cool
07:32 PM perry_j1987: you guys ever come up with better way to do something and waiting on new tooling to do it but you have to still fire off some the old way and draggin feet doing it :P
07:32 PM andypugh: Why such a small cutter for such a large flat face?
07:33 PM pink_vampire: 60K spindle
07:33 PM andypugh: OK. I gess that a fly-cutter is not an option then.
07:34 PM pink_vampire: I'm trying to make the surface flat not liquid
07:34 PM pink_vampire: fly cutter with 60K rpm...
07:34 PM pink_vampire: I need to try that one day
07:34 PM Tom_L: no, that went terribly wrong at a shop here... don't try it at home
07:35 PM Tom_L: it went thru 3-4 walls tearing up everything in it's path
07:35 PM Tom_L: luckily nobody was killed
07:35 PM pink_vampire: do you think it will stay at low earth orbit or it will go higher?
07:35 PM Tom_L: it cut a 6" kurt vise like butter
07:36 PM Tom_L: ripped it right off the table in pieces
07:36 PM Rab: pink_vampire, checked tram on your mill?
07:37 PM pink_vampire: I think the "waves" are the ballscrew
07:39 PM pink_vampire: but you can't fell it of see it even with the dial indicator, so it is good enough to be cover with CA glue
07:40 PM Rab: pink_vampire, also, tried smearing a little coolant (cutting oil, WD40, etc) over the workpiece first?
07:40 PM pink_vampire: it was with cutting oil
07:40 PM Rab: ahh
07:41 PM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/DcB2CGY.png
07:42 PM pink_vampire: with paint https://i.imgur.com/L7aSvk6.png
07:42 PM Rab: My favorite facing tool is an old 3/4" radiused end mill that some nut ground down to a 3/8" shank. The radius really seems to minimize tool marks, leaves that nice diffraction rainbow finish.
07:43 PM pink_vampire: try to facing with flay cutter and a servo spindle
07:43 PM pink_vampire: fly*
07:43 PM Rab: I don't run it at 60K rpm however, more like 600.
07:43 PM Rab: Nice looking part!
07:45 PM _unreal_: freaking hell I'm trying not to fall asleep
07:45 PM Rab: _unreal_, happy father's day!
07:45 PM _unreal_: thank you thank you
07:46 PM _unreal_: it will feel more like fathers day when I get my daughter back.... so tired of this BS seperation
07:46 PM pink_vampire: that was done with the servo spindle sync with the X axis, the cutter is some lathe tool from HF https://i.imgur.com/OIRiWum.png
07:46 PM pink_vampire: it was about 150RPM
07:47 PM Rab: pink_vampire, looks great, where'd you get the little insert tool?
07:47 PM _unreal_: lol he just said from HF
07:47 PM _unreal_: she
07:47 PM jymmmm: pink_vampire: WTH?!
07:47 PM jymmmm: pink_vampire: It's not PINK paint
07:48 PM pink_vampire: no..
07:49 PM jymmmm: pink_vampire: What's wrong with you? Did the 55gal drum of pink paint run out?
07:49 PM Rab: _unreal_, thanks for pointing that out.
07:49 PM pink_vampire: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! something like that
07:49 PM * _unreal_ imagines a mega pink mural
07:49 PM jymmmm: pink_vampire: I thought you had that on weekly reorder
07:50 PM pink_vampire: jymmmm: I'm eating and you make me laugh soo hard.
07:51 PM jymmmm: pink_vampire: Did pink milk come out of your nose?
07:51 PM pink_vampire: almost
07:51 PM _unreal_: ewwww
07:52 PM Rab: pink_vampire, something like this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/392053449160
07:54 PM pink_vampire: yes, that is the set
07:56 PM jymmmm: pink_vampire: WOOHOO, then my work here is done
07:56 PM Rab: Sweet, thanks! I wanted something to experiment with turning on my mill, but didn't want to spend a bunch of money...nice turning set is stranded at the office under COVID-19 shutdown.
07:58 PM pink_vampire: I did alot of stuff like that
07:58 PM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/FTfKVhu.png
07:59 PM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/flCfleO.png
08:01 PM Rab: I saw that screw, turned out nice.
08:02 PM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/VjW3gkp.png?
08:03 PM Rab: Whoever inherits that screw will be bemused by metric thread and US customary drive.
08:03 PM Rab: pink_vampire, what's going on there
08:04 PM pink_vampire: it work fine with 4mm hex wrench
08:05 PM pink_vampire: I'm using it as a thumb screw
08:05 PM pink_vampire: 4+1 machining https://i.imgur.com/IFvRUaC.png
08:07 PM pink_vampire: very old part, but it was done on a mill using it as a lathe https://i.imgur.com/w6bRXYr.png
08:15 PM snakedkranz is now known as snaked
08:23 PM perry_j1987: im about to make my butt pucker
08:24 PM perry_j1987: setting up new gcode for thread milling inner diameter (have only done outer diameter so far) heh
08:25 PM pink_vampire: perry_j1987: it will be much simpler to extract it then a tap
08:25 PM perry_j1987: breaks the bank acount though
08:27 PM pink_vampire: can you do rigid tapping? or it is some weird size?
08:28 PM perry_j1987: i have a 6040 router
08:28 PM perry_j1987: its not able to rigid tap
08:31 PM pink_vampire: I have G0704
08:31 PM pink_vampire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R2v1B9ewhk
08:33 PM perry_j1987: want to trade? :P
08:33 PM perry_j1987: i'll trade my huge working area for your rigidity heh
08:35 PM pink_vampire: I want to make something like the shaper origin but based on RPI and the build in camera.
08:37 PM andypugh: Shaper origin is really cool.
08:37 PM andypugh: If I did any woodwork at all I would have one.
08:39 PM pink_vampire: but $2500...
08:40 PM andypugh: Yes, but it’s so cool!
08:40 PM pink_vampire: I wish linux CNC was able to support markers recognition
08:41 PM andypugh: I am sure it isn’t impossible. Folk gave integrated OpenCV into LinuxCNC>
08:41 PM JavaBean: would only take some programming time on your part to make such support
08:41 PM pink_vampire: the problem is that I'm totally not a programmer.
08:41 PM JavaBean: seems like a "good reason to learn"
08:42 PM andypugh: Ah, well, you see, nobody is. Until they learn. I am pretty sure that nobody is born as a programmer.
08:43 PM pink_vampire: If someone want to collaborate it will be awesome,
08:43 PM andypugh: I am still not sure I call myself a “programmer” but I do some programming. But I only really started because linuxCNC didn’t have a feature I wanted.
08:45 PM pink_vampire: I think this is a good start https://docs.opencv.org/trunk/d5/dae/tutorial_aruco_detection.html
08:46 PM pink_vampire: how is GRBL vs LinuxCNC?
08:47 PM Tom_L: lacking
08:49 PM andypugh: There you go, solved problem. I leave the implementartion as a excercise for the Vampire.
08:49 PM andypugh: (should sleep)
08:56 PM perry_j1987: yay i didnt break the threadmill
08:56 PM pink_vampire: pics!
08:57 PM perry_j1987: does make the butt pucker when it plunges into the bottom of the hole haha
08:57 PM perry_j1987: rapid plunge
08:57 PM perry_j1987: glad i had the foresight to tell cam to start from middle of hole instead of plunging from side heh
08:58 PM Tom_L: good call on that
08:58 PM Tom_L: i rapid to the top of the hole and feed from there
09:03 PM perry_j1987: fusion defaults like to scare the crap out of you it seems
09:03 PM XXCoder: wow that grinder cnc is cool
09:04 PM pink_vampire: the software is even cooler then the grinder
09:04 PM XXCoder: oh talking about software
09:04 PM XXCoder: you ever found wire bender cam
09:05 PM pink_vampire: no
09:05 PM pink_vampire: I can't find any
09:05 PM XXCoder: too bad
09:05 PM perry_j1987: cnc wire bender?
09:05 PM XXCoder: w3hat the heck do they use for cam
09:05 PM perry_j1987: there's a few 3d printed ones on hackaday probably list what they used
09:05 PM XXCoder: perry youre in world of discovery heh
09:06 PM XXCoder: did they say what cam is used?
09:06 PM perry_j1987: i seem to remember that he did
09:06 PM pink_vampire: https://www.aosmicro.com/micro-bender-mb1/
09:06 PM perry_j1987: or at least showed how he wrote it
09:06 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPQbKTJPsU4
09:07 PM XXCoder: no links, even to buy
09:07 PM XXCoder: wtf
09:12 PM perry_j1987: https://howtomechatronics.com/projects/arduino-3d-wire-bending-machine/
09:12 PM perry_j1987: what are ou talkin about
09:12 PM perry_j1987: description full of links
09:12 PM pink_vampire: for cam??
09:12 PM XXCoder: pink's link
09:13 PM perry_j1987: its been long time since i seen the video but i think he just hand coded the gcode for this vid
09:14 PM XXCoder: looks like yeah
09:14 PM XXCoder: pinks been looking for cam for qhile now
09:15 PM pink_vampire: I want something that will take the model of the wire and will make the Gcode for me
09:15 PM XXCoder: or take inkscape path object
09:15 PM XXCoder: that'd be awesome
09:15 PM perry_j1987: does it use the same K formula like bending sheet metal?
09:15 PM perry_j1987: what do you want to make out of wire
09:17 PM pink_vampire: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z4A2oXc3kfy9_19o6IyfAde3wYoaB869I5SrUIGmpJE/edit
09:17 PM XXCoder: https://www.blmgroup.com/en/wire-bending
09:18 PM XXCoder: found one I think./ im sure, really expensive..
09:18 PM XXCoder: VGP3D dont have price listed lol
09:20 PM XXCoder: cant find price. must be in thousands usd lol
09:23 PM Tom_L: is it in the category 'if you have to ask, you can't afford it' ?
09:23 PM XXCoder: very much so
09:23 PM XXCoder: if it has no price its too priceless for me
09:23 PM XXCoder: maybe a hint in this pink_vampire https://hackaday.io/project/166369/logs
09:24 PM pink_vampire: let me see
09:31 PM pink_vampire: nothing
09:31 PM XXCoder: yeah didnt find it even in comments
09:32 PM XXCoder: but hey https://youtu.be/5QjVeH2Z57E
09:33 PM perry_j1987: man i love threadmilling
09:41 PM Tom_L: it's slow for production work
09:41 PM XXCoder: yep. we rarely use em. usually with truly huge jobs where taps would evenually kill a part
09:42 PM XXCoder: we have thread mills that ran few thousand parts
09:42 PM XXCoder: good luck tapping that many parts
09:42 PM Tom_L: hardly any stress on the cutter
09:43 PM Tom_L: full form threadmills would be quicker for production
09:43 PM XXCoder: full form?
09:43 PM Tom_L: http://ep.yimg.com/ay/yhst-94661700992560/un-threads-3.gif
09:44 PM Tom_L: one and done
09:44 PM XXCoder: interesting. almost like tap tool but not
09:44 PM Tom_L: unlike a single point, you're limited to that pitch thread
09:44 PM XXCoder: it mills same way as thread mill?
09:44 PM Tom_L: yes
09:45 PM XXCoder: nice. so it'd be damn near immortal
09:45 PM Tom_L: not as many 'helix' though
09:45 PM Tom_L: one or two
09:45 PM XXCoder: yeah some limitions
09:45 PM Tom_L: that's why i said 'one and done'
09:48 PM XXCoder: that part that we use helix mills on, set of 4 bolt holes cannot be done that way. we use taps
09:48 PM XXCoder: its almost certain we would scrap a part or 2
09:48 PM XXCoder: 2000 part * 4 holes. thats just very heavy usage of tap
09:48 PM XXCoder: it dont help that its quite small hole and over half inch deep
09:52 PM Tom_L: you only get just so many threads on a threadmill due to the shank
09:52 PM Tom_L: usually it's plenty
09:52 PM XXCoder: yeah. though probably can grind down shank
09:52 PM XXCoder: for little bit more
09:52 PM Tom_L: i'd hate to on my new mills :(
09:53 PM Tom_L: i did cut the shank off on the big one so it would clear
09:53 PM Tom_L: i didn't feel good about it but it worked out
09:53 PM XXCoder: heh yeah i dont like that either. some rills I have to do that too, due to hole being deeper for that diameter than any drills can access
09:53 PM Tom_L: 5/8" shank won't fit up in the sherline spindle bore
09:53 PM Tom_L: i made a special holder for it and cut it off
09:54 PM XXCoder: you should get heat strunkers
09:54 PM XXCoder: very expensive though
09:54 PM Tom_L: yeah they use that tooling at my kid's work
09:54 PM Tom_L: induction heat the holder?
09:54 PM XXCoder: it allows you to get amazing clearance for mill
09:54 PM XXCoder: yeah
09:55 PM XXCoder: dont use coil if it ran less than 5 minutes ago
09:55 PM Tom_L: more accurate than collets
09:55 PM XXCoder: if heat strunker holder glows red you overdid it
09:55 PM Tom_L: i wonder how many heat cycles the tooling is made for
09:56 PM XXCoder: dunno but lasts pretty good. special job needs HUGE clearance to mill groove around the boss
09:56 PM XXCoder: its fiberglass so it eats tools
09:56 PM XXCoder: one endmill will last maybe 8 to 10 parts. so we change tools quite often. after year or 2 maybe one will fail and start losing grip
09:57 PM Tom_L: that's not so bad
09:57 PM XXCoder: note to lessen abuse we have 4 tools for this feature. rough, finish, and another 2 to swap in so you can instant replace and go off to change tool
09:57 PM Tom_L: even so, they probably spend more on tooling than the machines
09:57 PM XXCoder: isnt that always true?
09:59 PM XXCoder: fiberglass one is bit strange. we keep all tools basically forever (big ones not thin one ie for that groove)
09:59 PM XXCoder: we just keep regrinding em down
09:59 PM XXCoder: .75 endmill is usually .72
09:59 PM Tom_L: it's quite abrasive
09:59 PM XXCoder: yeah and tools is very expensive. so to keep price down on fiberglass we regrind tools over and over
10:00 PM Tom_L: do they run them dry?
10:00 PM XXCoder: LOL NO
10:00 PM XXCoder: that is insanely dangerous. and dry eats tools 10 times faster
10:00 PM Tom_L: i've not tried to machine fiberglass but i know it's nasty stuff
10:01 PM XXCoder: never ever let it run dry
10:01 PM XXCoder: HEAVY coolant flow
10:01 PM Tom_L: years ago my bud ran some phenolic parts
10:01 PM XXCoder: and dont use chip belts, use a machine that dont have that
10:01 PM Tom_L: yeah it would get into everything
10:01 PM XXCoder: and constantly grind them
10:02 PM XXCoder: you would do better to pour fine sand into bins than fiberglass
10:02 PM XXCoder: if new fadal ever dies we probably will close down fiberglass jobs. or buy another fadal or any machine with no chip converyer
10:03 PM Tom_L: he had a couple fadals
10:03 PM Tom_L: one tiny one and a 6040 maybe
10:04 PM XXCoder: your son?
10:04 PM Tom_L: no my friend
10:04 PM XXCoder: ahh yea
10:04 PM XXCoder: fadal meh. its pretty good but not amazing
10:04 PM Tom_L: he's retired now but kept a couple cnc's
10:04 PM Tom_L: 200 ipm rapids is pathetic
10:06 PM XXCoder: heh yeah
10:06 PM XXCoder: not very fast
10:16 PM jymmmm: I never hard these called "aviation" connectors before... https://www.amazon.com/Aviation-Socket-Connector-Female-Locking/dp/B01EZMQ7V4
11:59 PM Deejay: moin