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Apr 13 2020

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01:03 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/hJNnEoS.mp4
01:08 AM XXCoder: ya saw it before
01:08 AM XXCoder: amazing isnt it
01:08 AM pink_vampire: very painful to watch
01:08 AM XXCoder: i can't touch that hammer. not even remotely
01:08 AM XXCoder: i can't even guessmate on tols
01:08 AM pink_vampire: see you in abit
01:08 AM XXCoder: later
02:06 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: I'm back
02:06 AM XXCoder: wb
02:08 AM pink_vampire: I had an idea for Sora
02:08 AM XXCoder: yeah?
02:13 AM pink_vampire: are you also in reprap??
02:13 AM XXCoder: yeah cant have different nick in channels on irc unlike discord ;)
02:13 AM XXCoder: was watching video so was bit slow on reply lolo
02:14 AM pink_vampire: oh ok
02:52 AM jymmmm: I'm in lust, just found a pyro chemical company =)
02:53 AM XXCoder: hey keep both hands above desk tpp
02:53 AM jymmmm: =)
02:55 AM Deejay: moin
02:55 AM jymmmm: They got everything... chems, metals, oxidizers etc
02:55 AM jymmmm: Good morning Deejay
02:55 AM pink_vampire: link or didn't happen
02:55 AM pink_vampire: I think Deejay is a bot
02:56 AM Deejay: o0
02:56 AM Deejay: good morning jymmmm & pink
02:56 AM jymmmm: Potassium Perchlorate, $7/lb
02:56 AM pink_vampire: Deejay: I'm fine
02:57 AM Deejay: I'm not sure ;)
02:57 AM jymmmm: Potassium Nitrate $3/lb
02:58 AM pink_vampire: jymmmm: Not sure what are you doing, but stay safe and keep you fingers attached to the hand.
03:00 AM jymmmm: pink_vampire: heh, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DVpSFL_bFA XXCoder
03:01 AM XXCoder: looking
03:01 AM XXCoder: king of random ugh
03:01 AM pink_vampire: I think he died
03:03 AM XXCoder: king of random guy>
03:03 AM XXCoder: last video 13 hours ago
03:06 AM jymmmm: XXCoder: ugh???
03:06 AM XXCoder: yep
03:06 AM jymmmm: why?
03:06 AM XXCoder: just cant stand his videos
03:07 AM jymmmm: eh, he does showboat alot
03:08 AM pink_vampire: The "original" king of random
03:09 AM pink_vampire: "Grant Thompson"
03:09 AM pink_vampire: Cause of death: Accident, Date of death: July 29, 2019
03:09 AM XXCoder: oh dunno
03:09 AM pink_vampire: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_King_of_Random
03:11 AM XXCoder: interesting
03:13 AM jymmmm: felony charges
03:14 AM jymmmm: Damn, guess I gotta send the $200 for a explsovies manufacture permit, damn ATF
03:29 AM pink_vampire: 518400
03:30 AM jymmmm: pink_vampire: since when?
03:30 AM jymmmm: XXCoder: rocket stuff https://www.youtube.com/user/ElementCollector1001/videos
03:31 AM XXCoder: oh yeah
03:32 AM jymmmm: pink_vampire: https://www.atf.gov/explosives/qa/what-are-fees-licenses-and-permits
03:33 AM pink_vampire: I'm fine without anything crazy
03:33 AM jymmmm: define crazy?
03:34 AM pink_vampire: broken nail
03:34 AM jymmmm: haha, I thought you cut them ?
03:35 AM pink_vampire: I have long nails but not AS long
03:35 AM pink_vampire: 1/8 - 3/16
03:37 AM jymmmm: but they were 2 inches
03:37 AM pink_vampire: nooo
03:37 AM pink_vampire: maybe 1
03:37 AM pink_vampire: 7/8"
03:42 AM pink_vampire: https://www.naturepl.com/cache/pcache2/00498790.jpg
03:42 AM pink_vampire: Now I want a baby ostrich
03:42 AM pink_vampire: SOOOOOO CUTE!
03:44 AM jymmmm: they sure looked like 2" to me =)
03:46 AM jymmmm: pink_vampire: oh you want cute? Hang on....
03:46 AM pink_vampire: LOL
03:46 AM jymmmm: pink_vampire: Baby Dragons (taken yesterday)... https://i.imgur.com/yBhemVi.png
03:47 AM pink_vampire: https://live.staticflickr.com/1116/794522483_d7f32b554b_z.jpg
03:47 AM pink_vampire: AWWWWWWWWWWW
03:47 AM pink_vampire: CUTEEE
03:47 AM jymmmm: Just a month old
03:48 AM jymmmm: pink_vampire: and SUPER SOFT =)
03:48 AM pink_vampire: AWWW it's adorable!!
03:49 AM jymmmm: The younger one (left) likes to snuggle in your hand
03:49 AM pink_vampire: I can't do it with my pets
03:50 AM jymmmm: And when you try to move her, she gives this "Awww, I was comfy" look
03:50 AM pink_vampire: AWWWWWWWW
03:50 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/U7j8iY2.png
03:51 AM pink_vampire: those are my pets
03:51 AM jymmmm: Well you could, but....
03:51 AM pink_vampire: babies https://i.imgur.com/xxFansH.png
03:51 AM jymmmm: super tiny
03:51 AM pink_vampire: about 3/8"
03:53 AM pink_vampire: maybe 7/16"
03:53 AM jymmmm: eeeesh
03:54 AM jymmmm: XXCoder: his is why I gave up on Mg... https://youtu.be/3W-k82vxKNE?t=226
03:54 AM pink_vampire: I think I found a reason to get ceramic gauge blocks
03:55 AM jymmmm: to forge a ceramic knife?
03:56 AM pink_vampire: nooo, to measure my baby fish
03:57 AM jymmmm: oh, hahaha
04:07 AM XXCoder: looking
04:10 AM jymmmm: pink_vampire: THIS is why I call them Baby Dragons... https://i.imgur.com/tugzRQB.jpg
04:10 AM XXCoder: beaked dragons
04:11 AM XXCoder: what is oscach rised for? meat?
04:11 AM pink_vampire: jymmmm: AWWWW &^W%D T !!!!
04:11 AM jymmmm: heh
05:00 AM jthornton: morning
05:32 AM Deejay: hey
06:36 AM Tom_L: morning
06:38 AM jthornton: morning
06:39 AM * Tom_L puts a log on the fire and pours a cup of java
06:39 AM Tom_L: 29°F
06:47 AM jthornton: 40°F
06:47 AM jthornton: Breezy, with a north northwest wind 10 to 20 mph, with gusts as high as 39 mph.
11:17 AM jymmmm: jthornton: How talented are your chickens?
11:21 AM jymmmm: jthornton: https://www.pyrodirect.com/chicken-blowing-balloon.html
11:27 AM jthornton: lol
11:28 AM jymmmm: jthornton: I thought you might like that =)
11:33 AM jymmmm: jthornton: If you get one, take video =)
01:24 PM jymmmm: Worlds smallest WORKING firearms... https://youtu.be/PSVlrc8NimE
01:27 PM XXCoder: perfect, airplanes will start taking tiny gun keychains
01:27 PM jymmmm: love the rounds.... 2mm
01:27 PM gregcnc: you're gonna shoot your eye out
01:28 PM jymmmm: lol
01:46 PM Loetmichel: jymmmm: 2mm is perfectly fine... if fast enough ;)
01:48 PM Loetmichel: you would be surprised how much penetration a simple 1/8" mill bit shaft has if magnetically accelerated by a few 100 joules of electric energy
01:48 PM Loetmichel: :-)
01:56 PM miss0r|office: Loetmichel: I made a rather powerfull coilgun about a decade ago.
01:56 PM miss0r|office: Loetmichel: I had a pretty nasty range on the thing too :) Accelerated the projectile through 6 stages of wound coils.
01:57 PM miss0r|office: Loetmichel: for better trajectory I ended up holding the projectile in a cup magnet attached to a mini dremel motor at the end, so I span it up close to 30k rpm before firing. That thing was awesome
01:58 PM miss0r|office: ALthough. It did cost a cellphone and a wrist watch before I took care not to have sensitive electronics close to the coils when firing :D
01:59 PM miss0r|office: It was a 12x60mm projectile. It made a pretty dent in harc concrete.
01:59 PM miss0r|office: I had it penetrating a 10mm plywood sheet at 25 meters
01:59 PM miss0r|office: Thats when I got married and the wife told me I had better things to do.
02:17 PM Loetmichel: miss0r: hihi. yes, those coils are no joke field strength wise ;)
02:18 PM Loetmichel: i shot 1/8" tungsten carbide mill bit shafts (broken off ones)
02:18 PM miss0r: nope. The phone I get. But the wrist watch had to go the the watch repair man, and he asked me wtf had happened to it, as he had to replace three gears in there that was sorta bend towards the clock face :D
02:18 PM miss0r: damn
02:19 PM miss0r: That thing can hurt as well :)
02:19 PM Loetmichel: yes, that stuff is magnetic, it contains cobalt as binder for the tungsten grains
02:19 PM Thorhian: Does anyone know what retention knobs/pull tabs are?
02:21 PM Loetmichel: Thorhian: pull tabs i would say are the things that modern electronics use to hold their clamshell plastic enclosures closed
02:22 PM Loetmichel: miss0r: the speedo of a friend with a gun license said 180m/sec for that 3.15mm by ~40mm tungsten rod...
02:22 PM Loetmichel: and the best thing: the "ammo" was free
02:22 PM miss0r: yeah, I wouldn't want to get hit by that.
02:22 PM Thorhian: Loetmichel: I was just curious since I have seen both terms thrown around for bt30 tool holders. Them seem to screw in on top.
02:22 PM Loetmichel: i kill quite a few of those mill bits ;)
02:23 PM Thorhian: I'm kind of new to this whole tool holder business.
02:23 PM Loetmichel: no idea for the tools, thorian
02:23 PM miss0r: Thorhian: hmm.. I guess it could be referring to either the drawbolt.. or the two "follower tabs".
02:23 PM Loetmichel: i have never seen a BT30 took holder
02:24 PM Loetmichel: only the SK**
02:24 PM Loetmichel: (mainly SK40)
02:24 PM miss0r: BT is almost the same as SK
02:24 PM miss0r: if you lay them side by side they are alot alike
02:24 PM Thorhian: They seem to screw on top, maybe for an ATC system?
02:24 PM Thorhian: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=bt30+retention+knobs&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=bt30+er20
02:24 PM Loetmichel: ah, then i would guess the "follower tabs", too
02:24 PM miss0r: Thorhian: Indeed
02:24 PM miss0r: that would be the "pull knob"
02:24 PM Loetmichel: ahh!
02:25 PM Loetmichel: thats the thing that holds the whole tool holder in the spindle
02:25 PM miss0r: indeed
02:25 PM Loetmichel: there is a "grapple" in the spindle at the end of the drawbar that grips those balls
02:25 PM miss0r: well. the part the springloaded clamps hold on to
02:26 PM Loetmichel: yes
02:26 PM Loetmichel: grapple= clamps
02:26 PM Thorhian: Well, problem is that I'm getting a spindle that doesn't seem to have a grapple?
02:26 PM Thorhian: Something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-BT30-Spindle-Unit-7-24-Taper-Power-Head-Unit-Head-8000rpm-CNC-Drilling-tool/323910703422?hash=item4b6a95193e:g:eDcAAOSwH7VdfJJJ
02:26 PM Loetmichel: two or three (havent seen four so far) half shells that grip that ball and pull up
02:27 PM miss0r: Thorhian: Yeah, that looks like you'll need a gool'ol pullbar
02:27 PM miss0r: basically a long bolt that threads into the back of the BT30 tool holder
02:27 PM Thorhian: Okay. So basically a pull bar is something that threads into the bt30 holder to keep it in place?
02:27 PM miss0r: yeah
02:27 PM Thorhian: Okay, makes sense.
02:28 PM Thorhian: Thanks miss0r!
02:28 PM miss0r: on a system with hydraulic/pneumatic whatever tool release, you need to have a "pull knob" on the end of the toolholder that it can catch
02:28 PM miss0r: no problem
02:29 PM miss0r: Thorhian: Now I am curious: What are you building with that spindle? :)
02:29 PM Thorhian: A CNC mill miss0r. I've been on here a few times trying to get some help in terms of choices for parts like the spindle.
02:30 PM miss0r: also.. I am wondering about the quality of that spindle there...
02:30 PM miss0r: $246.14 for a 8k rpm spindle...
02:30 PM miss0r: that is like 1/8th the price of a single proper spindle bearing for 8000rpm
02:30 PM Thorhian: Unfortunately miss0r I don't have the cash to really go for something better. Also really?
02:30 PM miss0r: and there are two in the buisness end, and a cheaper one in the back
02:31 PM miss0r: Thorhian: I hear ya. What are you planning to mill since you are chooting that option over one with a build in motor?
02:32 PM Thorhian: Got any recomendations spindle wise? I can't really go over $400-500. I'm doing aluminum and steel.
02:32 PM Thorhian: $400-500 for the spindle anyways, that's the max.
02:32 PM miss0r: looking at the BT30, I am assuming you are not planning to run big shellmills and doing serious cutting?
02:34 PM miss0r: I would love to be of assistance. Perhaps Loetmichel can be of some help. I seem to recall he bought a spindle at some point. I don't know about the price range though
02:34 PM miss0r: All I can tell you is what *not* to buy, as I have not had great experience with fleabay spindles - although I'm sure theres some decent ones out there
02:34 PM Thorhian: Not big, but I'd hope to be able to run some sort of facing mill, at least for aluminum. I'm aware that my current budget for a spindle isn't the greatest.
02:35 PM Thorhian: I wish I could go all out and buy a proffesional ISO30 or ISO40 ATC spindle from Mechatron, but I don't have that kind of money.
02:35 PM Thorhian: Or something else with HSK 63.
02:35 PM Thorhian: But I dont....
02:35 PM miss0r: HSK 63.. hehe that is massive
02:35 PM Thorhian: Yeah lol.
02:36 PM miss0r: Hmm. I would realy recommend you getting something with an ISO 40 taper
02:36 PM Thorhian: Hollow Taper Shanks seem to be a good idea IMO. Also, why ISO40?
02:36 PM miss0r: The tool holders are alot cheaper and more readily avaliable if nothing else
02:37 PM Thorhian: I mean BT30 is relatively avaialble and cheap too, but I'll look into it.
02:37 PM miss0r: plus; added stability
02:37 PM miss0r: I don't think the "dead" spindle(no motor) is a bad idea though. *IF* the machining is done right and the materials are good, you could always swap out the bearings in the future for something better.
02:37 PM miss0r: heck, they might be sufficient for what you want to do
02:38 PM Thorhian: Yeah, I figured if I can get a decent enough motor and belt drive it, it would be fine (for now).
02:38 PM miss0r: or you *could* go get one of those chinesium spindles with a ER16 or 25 collect at the end.
02:39 PM Thorhian: I know I will likely replace whatever cheaper option I get in the near future with something a lot better when I have more disposable income.
02:39 PM miss0r: some of them come in kits with a VFD as well
02:39 PM miss0r: depending on your mill design, you might be better off with a spindle that runs faster, so you don't have to strain the frame with the higher tool pressure
02:39 PM Thorhian: Yeah, I can. I've seen a lot on ebay, amazon, aliexpress. Not too sure about them though.
02:39 PM miss0r: (this requires the machine to be alot more rigid)
02:40 PM miss0r: Just don't go for stuff like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-Air-Cooling-500W-Spindle-Motor-Speed-Governor-13-ER11-Spring-52MM-Clamp/192552502893?epid=5019938826&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item2cd506066d:g:pDUAAOSw3UZbC8B8&enc=AQAEAAACUBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qXviIbIX%2FD2Cfk4bCUWU%2FVRSyXGIiuoMSW0ddHL3%2FavTHU%2BmVAVd7SGBVp%2BNx9KbEbe1zyzUhWcb0mRrQiHjajw6OZKvuiG1pKs2RyzZLan25Qu2Z7ANnWAibuyr3IyFRNoVMN6%2Bu0YH3nBPMZOkrsShFrMbkKwIXoVCgjItZeyPnDQbB
02:40 PM miss0r: lrdUyiWuN7L%2FY%2BmIolMVn2tFBUqgWk1ci0bHSsgm8oj%2BqmiL3O8IrIkAMAbg7YUCpApp6SEVJBqkguvcnHazO%2Famdzi3OgAeuXSv20XBsgRuiCsJuqylDq5KCcZC4Ac%2BW0wU1fypDoEN4Wua08RbkUiUXCVbM6CDkUdGtDPnjZ7t5jVMcvybpN8T9ZxpufCF9ep3YT25z1ATFofKJljK%2FwfLxlsMJLFW3vAHTbIa%2FWHe4JPjLSlZGpviFkuKdA0SBQuYujSJM0%2B%2FHIguYHDm%2Bh9AGTJoh8tM%2BZ8V029LZOMPLZEpSlj70jkJErZZS1OwCZOrwernxY14SwhYv7lcI4b4pWFSVeo7NU7mEQZFspRG28%2BdzmVrixklasykS3XaWodfdoHGy4t8V7EGOWryE8Le6qCEhV%2B8fO8Gh
02:40 PM miss0r: DOvEeGZPi9foRp%2FHTaNa8dk8Kl9Ewvl6hptGUdMDot9pcK5hEIT%2BSTG2sdSOfJfz39D4gwnfGZBc7MJJPrh1r9v49rT2IvGQlecG
02:40 PM miss0r: eQm%2F%2FlWFxtJoCjkmBZMh5iaw6GiYIRD36kn8Y6%2Bs308b4%2BuW04%3D&checksum=192552502893e76dd8c24120438ebab686787190cd0e
02:40 PM Thorhian: I've been recommended multiple times to avoid fixed collet spindles here, and I happen to agree with them.
02:40 PM miss0r: holy.. sorry about that... :-/
02:40 PM Thorhian: XD
02:41 PM Thorhian: Dang it my irc client won't let me select all of that XD
02:41 PM miss0r: anyway. That was one of the el'cheapo ones that is basically a sub par electric motor with a ER11 collec clamped to the tiny output shaft
02:41 PM Loetmichel: miss0r: nope, never got a spindle with a tool holder
02:42 PM Loetmichel: i only do "käsefräsen" aka gantry routers
02:42 PM miss0r: thats "cheese milling" in my vocabulary :)
02:43 PM Thorhian: Yeah I'm not building a gantry router. Fixed column and Z spindle will only move up and down.
02:43 PM miss0r: Thorhian: A fixed collec spindle is not the best idea, no. But perhaps its not a bad idea on your budget?
02:44 PM SpeedEvil: What's the issue?
02:44 PM SpeedEvil: you mean a ER* collet mounted permenantly to the shaft not on a taper?
02:44 PM miss0r: SpeedEvil: Spindle for a homebuild CNC with a price limit of 3-500 USD
02:45 PM miss0r: SpeedEvil: indeed
02:45 PM Loetmichel: Thorhian: while fixed collets are somewhat nasty if you have to change the tool a lot its basically useless to try to get something working with $500
02:46 PM Loetmichel: the tool holders alone will cost more than that if you want more than two
02:46 PM Loetmichel: and thats not including the spindle at all
02:46 PM miss0r: Loetmichel: Nah ;) the tool holders are basically dirt cheap now'a'days
02:46 PM miss0r: even for the better ones
02:47 PM miss0r: I buy Kemmler ISO40 tool holders for 50eur a peice
02:47 PM Thorhian: Yeah BT30 is pretty cheap, even the ISO40 holders don't seem terrible.
02:47 PM Loetmichel: if you say so... last i looked a SK40 was about 150 eur a piece
02:47 PM miss0r: (for the basic weldon holders)
02:47 PM Loetmichel: WITHOUT the ER collet and nut
02:48 PM miss0r: anyway: If I've learned one thing it is to NOT cheap out on the spindle.
02:48 PM Loetmichel: ah, weldon holders. do you think he has the means to shrink the tools in?
02:48 PM miss0r: All the other work put into the CNC build will be for nothing
02:48 PM Loetmichel: or were the weldon the ones with the grub screw?
02:48 PM miss0r: Loetmichel: I'm using the kind with a grub screw
02:48 PM Thorhian: XD No tool shrinking will be going on here lol.
02:48 PM miss0r: I think the term weldon goes for both the shrink and grubscrew version
02:49 PM miss0r: I might be completely off base here.. I only use the ones with grubscrews
02:49 PM SpeedEvil: 'I used JB-weld - you mean that was wrong?'
02:49 PM Thorhian: I have seen one video examining that standalone BT30 spindle (no motor). I'm pretty sure it will be okay for getting started.
02:49 PM Loetmichel: not tool shrinking. there is a kind of holder that grabs the tool by heating up the holder, cooling the tool, insterting it and let the whole thing cool down, basically shrinking the hole in the holder
02:50 PM miss0r: SpeedEvil: Sounds reasonable... :)
02:50 PM * Loetmichel uses CA glue to clamp workpieces quite often
02:50 PM Loetmichel: but jbweld for the tool? ahem...
02:50 PM Loetmichel: :-)
02:50 PM Thorhian: Loetmichel: I have seen that system on Haimer's website.
02:50 PM miss0r: SpeedEvil: that is a surefire way to mount an 8mm tool in a 10mm bore.. and you can center it while it cures :P
02:51 PM miss0r: Thorhian: Yeah its a bit above and beyound :)
02:51 PM miss0r: for the home gamer that is
02:51 PM Thorhian: Yep XD
02:51 PM Thorhian: JB Weld seems like a recipe for disaster.
02:52 PM miss0r: I have to call it a night. I have to go line up a cnc lathe in the morning. Someone managed to ram the tool holder revolver into the spindle hard enough to dislodge it in all three axis...
02:52 PM miss0r: I hope I did more than to just confuse you here
02:53 PM Thorhian: Are you from germany mss0r?
02:53 PM miss0r: Thorhian: Denmark, close
02:53 PM Thorhian: Ah, I see.
02:53 PM miss0r: you?
02:53 PM Thorhian: USA, it's early afternoon here.
02:54 PM miss0r: I figured as much - based on the link you sent me with "US STOCK" labeled on it ;)
02:54 PM miss0r: Anyway. I have to run. See you around
02:54 PM Thorhian: See ya!
02:56 PM gregcnc: what machine are you putting that 30 taper spindle onto?
02:57 PM pink_vampire: Hi
02:57 PM Thorhian: gregcnc: It will be home built.
03:01 PM gregcnc: how sturdy is this machine?
03:03 PM Thorhian: I plan on using a 1inch plate as the base for the Y axis. Fixed clumn of rectangular tube steel filled with some sort polymer concrete or epoxy granite.
03:03 PM Thorhian: 16mm ballscrews for driving the axis, HGR20 with appropriate carriages for the axis.
03:05 PM Thorhian: Travels will hopefully be: Y - 210mm, X - 350mm, Z - 300mm
03:05 PM Thorhian: I'll be using steel (whatever kinds I can find locally). No aluminum allowed.
03:07 PM gregcnc: sounds reasonable
03:08 PM Thorhian: Thanks, I'm still pretty new to the machining world, but i have been dealing with CNC stuff in the form of a router gantry and 3D printing.
03:09 PM gregcnc: how are you working the parts to make this machine?
03:10 PM Thorhian: For holes I do have drill presses capable of drilling through steel. I'll need to have a local machine shop do some facing most likely.
03:22 PM jymmmm: Loetmichel: I was just impressed by a 2mm bullet in general
04:20 PM _unreal_: hello
04:22 PM Tom_L: hi
04:23 PM Deejay: gn8
04:26 PM _unreal_: oooff my stocks took a beating today
04:26 PM _unreal_: heh
04:34 PM Loetmichel: _unreal_: cant happen to me. i have none ;)
05:39 PM _unreal_: Loetmichel, sad thing is I dont care that they are going down. infact I'd prefer them to get back down to my purchase level OR LOWER sure i'm loosing """" money """" but if it gets that low or lower I'll buy more of the certain stocks
05:39 PM _unreal_: when they come back they will RAGE back $$$$$$ $$$$$$$
05:40 PM _unreal_: infact I have a stock I'm watching that always averages $10 a share and its going in the $2 range. I'm hopping it drops down lower. I'll prob put a few grand in on that company. it comes back to $10 or higher as its been in the past OMG... I could be looking at 30-60k easy
05:48 PM SpeedEvil: good luck.
05:49 PM SpeedEvil: I have stocks.
05:49 PM SpeedEvil: 24 units of both beef and chicken.
06:01 PM Thorhian: Lol chicken and beef stock? How much soup can you make?\
06:06 PM * jthornton has some chicken and beef stock...
06:07 PM _unreal_: cant wait for my fed check... going right into my stocks :)
06:08 PM _unreal_: planning on multiplying it "" "" with any luck
06:14 PM * jthornton hopes to get more done on the brooder tomorrow...
06:17 PM Tom_L: jthornton, when do the new residents arrive?
06:19 PM jthornton: I'm pondering a hit and run to Lebanon to pick them up in that case the 30th, if I let them mail them prob the 2nd of May
06:19 PM jthornton: it's about a 3 hour drive from here
06:19 PM * jthornton finished up his taxes today
06:24 PM jdh: I keep meaning to do that
06:32 PM veegee_: Just bought my everlast powertig 325 EXT welder
06:32 PM veegee_: so excited
06:33 PM veegee_: Also got a tank of argon and a whole bunch of stuff for starting out TIG welding
06:40 PM Tom_L: so now what?
06:40 PM Tom_L: build a mill?
06:41 PM JavaBean: https://imgur.com/gallery/WZWPrpD
06:45 PM veegee_: Tom_L I already have one
06:45 PM veegee_: I'm going to practice welding soda cans together lol
06:45 PM veegee_: Unrelated, but damn this makes me sad: https://www.amazon.ca/Marinco-CS6365N-Volt-Plug-Locking/dp/B00E4QBCJE
06:46 PM veegee_: So beautiful but the price is so high
06:46 PM veegee_: I would standardize everything to that plug. I really really hate straight blade
06:47 PM jthornton: roguish[m], I got some of the parts/tools needed to convert to a single chainring today
06:47 PM jthornton: still don't have the crank tool :(
06:47 PM Tom_L: veegee_, you got a pulsed tig?
06:47 PM veegee_: Tom_L the welder? Yeah
06:48 PM veegee_: one of the best you can get
06:48 PM Tom_L: nice
06:48 PM veegee_: chose it because it's fully featured for both tig and stick including hot start and arc force control
06:48 PM gregcnc: kilobux?
06:48 PM veegee_: and of course full pulse parameter control
06:48 PM veegee_: And very high current rating
06:48 PM Tom_L: footpedal?
06:48 PM Tom_L: i'm sure..
06:48 PM veegee_: yup included
06:48 PM veegee_: also included a water cooled torch
06:49 PM veegee_: They gave me a good discount on the unit that had minor cosmetic damage from shipping
06:49 PM veegee_: Just waiting for the adderall to kick in before I get to work. I'm loving this lockdown so much
06:49 PM gregcnc: farking tax time here
06:49 PM veegee_: I've turned the office into a workshop since I'm the only one here.
06:50 PM veegee_ is now known as veegee
06:52 PM veegee: Father has cancer so I'm staying away from home to avoid risk of infecting. Which means I sleep on the couch in the office. Not bad actually
07:00 PM Thorhian: Hey Tom_L, do you mind if I see a picture of your mill again?
07:01 PM Tom_L: cad or real?
07:01 PM veegee: You designed your own mill?
07:01 PM veegee: And built it?
07:01 PM Tom_L: why not?
07:01 PM veegee: Do make a blog post
07:02 PM Thorhian: Both?
07:02 PM veegee: Would love to read
07:02 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Column_Mill_VMC.jpg
07:02 PM Tom_L: no just a bunch of pics there
07:02 PM veegee: Ok lol if you want I'll give you free hosting
07:02 PM Tom_L: wander around and you'll find more
07:02 PM Tom_L: been offered before but thanks anyway
07:03 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Assembly/spindle_cooler/Mill2.jpg
07:03 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Assembly/spindle_cooler/Mill1.jpg
07:03 PM veegee: Tom_L you were the guy that recommended the Hubbel twist lock stuff to me right?
07:03 PM veegee: Something about welders burning out the NEMA plugs you installed before?
07:03 PM veegee: Or was that someone else
07:04 PM Tom_L: not that i recall
07:04 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Assembly/Mill_Assembly1.jpg
07:04 PM veegee: How old are you, just out of curiosity?
07:04 PM Tom_L: how old is dirt?
07:04 PM veegee: My guess is 40+
07:04 PM Thorhian: XD
07:05 PM veegee: maybe 50+
07:05 PM Tom_L: keep guessin :)
07:05 PM veegee: So younger than 40?
07:05 PM veegee: If so, shame on you for the 90s HTML: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/
07:05 PM Tom_L: i watched the mercury space program live if that helps
07:05 PM _unreal_: I'm still trying to figure out the power for the wiring
07:05 PM veegee: If older than 40, you're absolved
07:06 PM _unreal_: on this vfd
07:06 PM veegee: _unreal_ I'll help you, it's easy
07:06 PM veegee: Tom_L so over 60?
07:06 PM veegee: _unreal_ what troubles you today?
07:07 PM veegee: I'm familiar with that shitty huanyang V/Hz VFD by the way
07:07 PM Thorhian: Even though the colors aren't great, the HTML and CSS isn't too terrible fir something simple like this.
07:07 PM veegee: Their GT series are much better
07:07 PM veegee: Thorhian don't get me wrong, I love minimal design: http://bettermotherfuckingwebsite.com/
07:07 PM Rab: veegee, XHTML 1.0 Transitional wasn't adopted until January 2000.
07:08 PM veegee: But owning a software engineering company means I'm naturally very very critical of clean code and standards
07:08 PM Thorhian: You own a software engineering company?
07:08 PM veegee: Owning a North American* software engineering comnpany
07:08 PM veegee: Overseas "developers" are all trash
07:08 PM veegee: Thorhian yes
07:09 PM veegee: Which is why I can turn my office into a welding workshop during quarantine and no one can say a damn thing because I'm the boss :P
07:09 PM Thorhian: Nice. I'm actually a CS student. I plan on diving into Elixir this summer. Personally I wish I could just dump all Javascript off the face of the earth, but we all can't get everything we want.
07:09 PM veegee: Learn every language
07:10 PM veegee: Elixir is fine but very niche
07:10 PM veegee: Language itself isn't the problem. Understand the fundamentals to learn every language. When I interview candidates, I give them difficult problems I know they can't solve to see how they approach it
07:10 PM veegee: Don't care what language
07:10 PM veegee: Javascript is shitty, yes, but webassembly will help standardize things
07:11 PM Thorhian: I know a few already, and have used Javascript. It's a mess. I like elixir since it plays well with what I want to do with webstuff. I just happen to hate a lot of web stuff, but I have to get over that.
07:11 PM veegee: Erlang VM is solid and reliable but unless you need hot reloading for running servers with zero downtime, I wouldn't bother
07:11 PM veegee: If you want something very cool, learn Scala
07:12 PM veegee: if you want to be very productive and not have your brain melt, use Go
07:12 PM veegee: We standardized on Go for all our web application servers
07:12 PM veegee: Python for prototyping, excellent language, but very very very slow
07:12 PM Thorhian: I think I'd use elixir and Rust over Go if I were to make something myself. I know if I work for another company ill have to use whatever they are using.
07:13 PM veegee: Rust is fine, but green threads are extremely efficient and very mature
07:13 PM veegee: The Rust async/await stuff is still not fully mature
07:14 PM veegee: I wouldn't bet client projects on it just yet but that's purely from a business perspective
07:14 PM veegee: Also don't study CS in school lol
07:14 PM veegee: gigantic waste of time, everyone who comes out of it are next to useless
07:15 PM Thorhian: Personally though my heart lays in with graphics programming and machine learning, not web design.
07:15 PM veegee: you'll find that a lot of things you learn in any specific area are applicable to others
07:15 PM veegee: learn _everything_
07:15 PM Thorhian: Also, I have heard very different opinions about schooling. I will take your advice there with a grain of salt.
07:16 PM veegee: as you should
07:16 PM Thorhian: But yeah, if you can't do the job, a degree isn't going to magically change anything if you didn't learn anything.
07:17 PM veegee: the point I'm trying to make is that school will not prepare you for the work you'll be doing daily
07:17 PM veegee: not even close
07:18 PM veegee: I have no formal education in in CS. I studied virology/human biology in university and I haven't come across many people who can come up with better system designs than I can
07:18 PM veegee: We have a project for the Toronto-Montreal stock exchange run by Desjardains that outperforms SMARTS by NASDAQ
07:18 PM Thorhian: I personally can't even graduate without having done an internship at least. I fully aknowledge that school can/is very different from the work environment.
07:18 PM veegee: I designed it without any formal education
07:19 PM Thorhian: And that's great!
07:19 PM veegee: Anyway _unreal_ message me if you have VFD questions, I'm going to make dinner
07:27 PM Thorhian: Well, I think I have decided to go with a cheaper BT30 spindle with a drawbar setup and upgrade later. I'm fine with providing my own motor.
07:57 PM unterhaus_: my sister ordered ice cream last week and didn't get any. So for this week's delivery, she ordered one of each variety and got it all.
08:00 PM unterhaus_: I hate Go because talk about polluting the namespace.
08:01 PM unterhaus_: Now if you want to search for something about the ancient game of Go, you have to engage in search gymnastics
08:01 PM unterhaus_: I'm going to invent a programming language and name it "the"
08:02 PM unterhaus_: 25 billion search results returned for "the"
08:45 PM Thorhian: Do you guys think I could get by using a single phase AC motor? I'm pretty sure there are ways to control the RPM on them?
08:51 PM roycroft: if you invent a language named "corona" you'll get 25 trillion search results on it
08:53 PM Tom_L: wonder how the beer is fairing
08:53 PM Thorhian: Lol
08:54 PM Thorhian: BTW Tom_L what did you use as a spindle and motor for your mill?
08:54 PM gregcnc: i read they shut down corona production a couple weeks ago
08:54 PM Tom_L: i previously had a sherline so i robbed it off the sherline
08:54 PM Tom_L: some day i hope to get a decent spindle
08:54 PM Tom_L: but it works ok
08:55 PM Rab: Thorhian, you might be able to use a triac-based speed control, but there will be a proportional loss of torque. I wouldn't recommend it. If you want to go really cheap, look into DC treadmill motors. Sometimes free at the curb.
08:55 PM gregcnc: either go DC or three phase
08:55 PM Tom_L: 3phase is probably best
08:56 PM Tom_L: the little sherline motor is DC
08:56 PM Thorhian: I see. I have a couple of single phase motors lying around, but I'll look for a 3 phase. What's the advantage of DC?
08:56 PM Tom_L: i considered using a servo as a spindle motor since i want low end torque and not a bazillion rpm
08:57 PM Thorhian: I'm probably going with this spindle for now, so I just need a motor and belts for it.
08:57 PM Thorhian: https://www.ebay.com/itm/8000rpm-Steel-Mechanical-BT30-Spindle-Unit-CNC-Auto-Tool-Change-Power-Head/254532653736?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D225074%26meid%3D9ed2e02610074c169f902a32df8a6a89%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D184247772923%26itm%3D254532653736%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A704
08:57 PM Thorhian: f943a-7dd9-11ea-abf7-74dbd180f731%7Cparentrq%3A75be619c1710a9cb8b467814ffe575a4%7Ciid%3A1
08:58 PM Rab: Thorhian, or: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254532653736
08:58 PM Rab: ;)
08:59 PM Thorhian: How did you get that shortened link lol?
08:59 PM Rab: I copy/pasted the good bits.
08:59 PM gregcnc: the the extraneous bs
08:59 PM gregcnc: cut
09:00 PM Thorhian: Also, thanks for your help earlier Rab.
09:02 PM Rab: Thorhian, of course!
09:02 PM Rab: (Don't remember, but I hope it was good.)
09:02 PM Thorhian: XD
09:03 PM Thorhian: Lol I was talking to my dad about spindles and he thinks he could make some decent ones once he builds his own lathe. I'm not exactly sure about that.
09:04 PM Thorhian: Especially since truly good spindles, especially tapered/ATC spindles, are so expensive.
09:05 PM Rab: Thorhian, it would need to be a pretty legit lathe, but I do not believe design and construction are beyond the ability of a dedicated enthusiast.
09:06 PM Rab: I have this book, only skimmed it so far but it seems helpful: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/1854861492/
09:07 PM Rab: I also built my own spindle, but it's pretty much a toy (although it's done a bunch of profitable light work): http://reboots.g-cipher.net/spindle/index.html
09:08 PM Thorhian: Yeah I'm not sure if he could build a "pretty legit lathe". If he could do that, then maybe he could make a decent spindle.
09:09 PM _unreal_: wow busy
09:09 PM _unreal_: veegee, just trying to figure out what the wiring for the power is 110vac
09:10 PM gregcnc: good spindles take some effort
09:10 PM _unreal_: veegee, hy01d511b
09:10 PM _unreal_: I dont know what the RST terminals stand for nothing says
09:13 PM _unreal_: Thorhian, if you want speed control use stacked pullys
09:14 PM Thorhian: I want fine speed control, not stacked pulleys.
09:15 PM _unreal_: Thorhian, your not going to get fine speed control unless you have a motor with feed back and and more so bldc style power system
09:16 PM _unreal_: Thorhian, you can do a pully setup if you want to use one motor/spindle for everything
09:16 PM _unreal_: you could get upto 1200 RPM if you went with that power head posted from the other day the 7:23 gear ratio
09:17 PM _unreal_: and a direct drive spindle head with stacked pullies you could prob get 3-8k rpm
09:17 PM _unreal_: using a single phase motor
09:17 PM Rab: Thorhian, you need servo drive with encoder feedback so you can make leet hexagonal holes.
09:18 PM Thorhian: XD
09:18 PM veegee: _unreal_ do you have the manual for that?
09:18 PM _unreal_: Thorhian, your better off with a BLDC style drive motor. That way you can control the speed
09:18 PM _unreal_: I do but it does not say what the locations are for
09:18 PM _unreal_: hy01d511b is the modle veegee
09:18 PM veegee: _unreal_ RST are 3 phase input
09:19 PM veegee: the other three on the other side of the screw terminal are the 3 phase output to the motor
09:19 PM _unreal_: so standard usa 110 Vac
09:19 PM veegee: Yeah pick any two of R, S, T
09:19 PM _unreal_: ?
09:19 PM veegee: Wire one wire to R, the other to T. Leave S disconnected
09:19 PM _unreal_: any two?
09:19 PM veegee: yes
09:19 PM _unreal_: why s
09:19 PM veegee: I usually pick the two that have a transient voltage suppressor between them
09:20 PM veegee: some models have it only on R <-> T from my cursory teardown analysis
09:20 PM veegee: but either way it's connected to a full bridge rectifier internally
09:20 PM veegee: you can feed those VFDs direct DC and they won't know the difference
09:20 PM _unreal_: ahhh.. a tear dwn
09:20 PM _unreal_: hum
09:20 PM veegee: I run mine off of 300V DC
09:21 PM _unreal_: I have black on R white on S right now
09:21 PM veegee: Yeah that's fine
09:21 PM _unreal_: nothing else hooked up regardless
09:21 PM veegee: it should power on
09:21 PM Thorhian: That's gonna be a lot of amps for BLDC lol. Might as well take a look.
09:21 PM _unreal_: and what is the difference between having the wires between transient inputs?
09:21 PM _unreal_: Thorhian, ?
09:22 PM _unreal_: oh 300v
09:22 PM veegee: They have a MOV ( metal oxide varistor) between R and T
09:22 PM _unreal_: ahh
09:22 PM veegee: they should have them between all pairs but I didn't see it. They probably do, but hidden underneath or something
09:22 PM _unreal_: I can see one no clue how its wired
09:22 PM veegee: I didn't do a full teardown
09:23 PM veegee: if you can, I'd return that one and get a GT series which has much better organized parameters/settings and has sensorless vector control
09:23 PM _unreal_: sensor less vector control?
09:23 PM veegee: use a transformer to step up from 120V to 240V for the GT series because they only have 240V+ models in the GT line
09:23 PM veegee: you'll have to google that, I'm eating and typing with one hand haha
09:24 PM _unreal_: I see
09:24 PM veegee: but essentially MUCH better low speed stability
09:24 PM _unreal_: 240 isnt an issue
09:24 PM veegee: where did you buy it from?
09:24 PM _unreal_: amazhttps://www.amazon.com/MYSWEETY-Cooled-Spindle-Converter-Collet/dp/B01N1EJEQ1/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=1.5kw+spindle&qid=1585873038&sr=8-2
09:24 PM _unreal_: That one
09:25 PM veegee: yeah return it and get this one: https://www.amazon.com/Variable-Frequency-Controller-Converter-HUANYANG/dp/B077KT1Q6B
09:25 PM veegee: For the shitty sum ting wong brand, you'll want something much higher rated than the motor your actually driving. I blew 3 of the 7.5kW models driving a 7.5kW motor
09:26 PM veegee: they were fine with lower power motors
09:26 PM veegee: Then I got the 11kW one to drive a 7.5kW motor and it's ok
09:26 PM veegee: but the reason they're so cheap is that they pick the cheapest components they can get away with
09:27 PM _unreal_: lol thats 4kw
09:27 PM _unreal_: mine isss 1.5kw
09:27 PM veegee: I just got MODBUS working with it too yesterday. I can fully program all settings with one click from my computer and monitor multiple variables like frequency, current, power on the computer
09:27 PM veegee: yeah you want the 4kW trust me
09:27 PM veegee: I've tested all of their units, blew some up, returned them
09:28 PM veegee: kept the better built ones with the decent IGBT modules after teardown
09:28 PM _unreal_: well if I blow this one up I'll look at one of those
09:28 PM veegee: tip: start a return and print the label in case it blows up after 30 days
09:28 PM veegee: amazon still accepts the return months later as long as you have the label printed already
09:29 PM _unreal_: I'll just be happy to be done with this build
09:29 PM _unreal_: I'm getting close
09:30 PM veegee: the HY series has poorly organized settings. You MUST program it with the correct parameters for your motor
09:30 PM veegee: it's not a plug and play device
09:30 PM _unreal_: tomorrow my friend will be "" done "" with the box so I can mount all of my motor controllers in it for the cnc its self
09:30 PM veegee: read the manual fully and program the parameters carefully
09:30 PM _unreal_: ya I was looking at the PD bs
09:31 PM veegee: manual no hav da gud engrish ok?
09:31 PM veegee: you'd think they can hire a translator for like $1,000 to have correct grammar
09:31 PM _unreal_: This manual seems to have very good engrish
09:31 PM veegee: it's fucking pathetic not knowing english in 2020
09:31 PM veegee: no respect for anyone who refuses to learn. It's my third language and I'm doing just fine
09:32 PM _unreal_: Tom_L, some peole double talk, veegee tripple talks ;)
09:33 PM veegee: It's a language, doesn't take that hard to learn with minimal effort
09:33 PM Tom_L: heh
09:33 PM veegee: I'm actively mean to people who waste my fucking time with their blabbering bullshit
09:33 PM veegee: doesn't take that long* to learn
09:34 PM Tom_L: don't be a hater
09:34 PM Tom_L: :)
09:34 PM Tom_L: just fuck with em
09:34 PM veegee: I just have low tolerance for stupidity and religion which necessarily implies stupidity
09:37 PM veegee: _unreal_ oh one thing, there's a jumper inside you have to switch
09:37 PM _unreal_: ?
09:37 PM veegee: If you turn the dial to adjust speed, you'll notice it jumps around erratically. That's because it's wired to the analog input as well as the terminal
09:37 PM veegee: so it picks up noise
09:38 PM veegee: there's a jumper that allows you to select where the analog input gets its signal from (the potentiometer, or the terminal block inside)
09:38 PM veegee: by default the jumper is in a position where it makes it connect to both simultaneously
09:38 PM flyback: veegee, BMCC
09:38 PM veegee: details should be in the manual
09:39 PM veegee: so just move it to the position where it's either getting it from the keypad potentiometer OR the terminal block, not both
09:39 PM veegee: You have to take the top cover off, probably a couple of screws
11:40 PM diginet_ is now known as diginet