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Mar 16 2020

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02:43 AM Deejay: moin
03:07 AM serp6 is now known as serp
04:31 AM * Loetmichel just left the Hospital. MAAN those waiting chairs in front of the orthopaedic ward are pure torture. 3 hours waiting for my wife to get taken in and i need a few new joints myself... anyways, now back home, waiting for 3-5 hours for the hip surgery to be (hopefully) successfully finished, then back to the hospital and bringing the rest of the suitcases to her.
04:32 AM XXCoder: :) glad didnt lose appt
04:33 AM Loetmichel: appt?
04:33 AM XXCoder: appointment
04:33 AM Loetmichel: ah
04:34 AM Loetmichel: its already moved 2 times
04:34 AM Loetmichel: wife REALLY wants to be done with the bad hip now
04:35 AM XXCoder: too bad spine isnt replacable
04:36 AM Loetmichel: XXCoder: Spine is. the nerves inside: not so much
04:36 AM XXCoder: for me it'd be very expensive lol
04:36 AM XXCoder: entire lower back and some of mid and upper
04:37 AM XXCoder: if youre replacing that many as well as go for all
04:48 AM jthornton: morning
04:48 AM XXCoder: hey jt
05:01 AM Loetmichel: XXCoder: i have two bad vertebrae (from birth, malformed)... luckily they dont bother me. doc says: "can happen at any time that you break your back, while lifting something or while just turning "wrong"... or can happen never. One just dont know!"
05:01 AM XXCoder: my lower is 2 inches or so too far forward
05:01 AM jthornton: 12 hours of daylight today here
05:01 AM XXCoder: i can stand agains wall and have both my arms behind me
05:01 AM Loetmichel: so far i lived 51 years with it, no problems apart from some scary sounds when i do heavy lifting ;)
05:02 AM XXCoder: and my wrist is around 8"
05:02 AM XXCoder: so not thin arms
05:02 AM Loetmichel: thats sounds like seriously "S" malformed spine
05:09 AM XXCoder: yeah
05:09 AM XXCoder: arthitis since 27 lol
05:10 AM Loetmichel: ouch
05:10 AM Loetmichel: wife just gets a new hip (left side)
05:15 AM XXCoder: i hope i never need one heh
05:18 AM jthornton: another cold wet day here
05:19 AM XXCoder: dry here. 33f next night
05:19 AM XXCoder: friday will be 56f
06:37 AM Tom_L: morning
06:39 AM jthornton: morning
06:39 AM XXCoder: morning
06:39 AM Tom_L: 40 & light rain
06:39 AM * jthornton watches a small bird in the chicken run
06:40 AM XXCoder: usa airport caught someone bringing in fake coronavirus tests from uk
06:40 AM XXCoder: man glad they got it because fake test can cause sick person to go out more and get others sick
06:41 AM jthornton: geez, just what we need
06:42 AM XXCoder: yeah
06:43 AM Tom_L: surprised they haven't closed the school district here, alot of the smaller surrounding ones are
06:43 AM XXCoder: state wide here
06:43 AM XXCoder: deadline for closure is 17th and lasts till near end of april
06:46 AM jthornton: in Missouri it's up to the school district to close or not
06:46 AM Tom_L: unless they sent out a memo which i wouldn't get, it's not listed on the normal places they list closings
06:48 AM XXCoder: wa is at 761 cases 40 deaths
06:48 AM XXCoder: largest in usa so far. (seattle mostly)
06:51 AM jthornton: CDC says 457 cases in wa but that was last updated Friday
06:52 AM XXCoder: https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
06:52 AM XXCoder: 769 cases now :( usa in general 3774
06:53 AM XXCoder: sigh off to bed. laters
06:53 AM SpeedEvil: XXCoder: nn
06:53 AM jthornton: night
07:56 AM jymmmm: good morning
10:39 AM Tom_L: skunkworks, how long did it take to machine the hex?
11:44 AM skunkworks: Tom_L: umm.. I did it realtime in the video.
11:46 AM skunkworks: Tom_L: looks like about 5 minutes
11:46 AM skunkworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWLcFdObLvA
11:46 AM skunkworks: (drill, bore hex, bore hole)
11:53 AM gregcnc: is speed limited by acceleration of the linear axes?
11:53 AM skunkworks: yes
11:54 AM skunkworks: I think I am running about 50in/s^2
11:54 AM skunkworks: well - 90% of that with the way eoffset works
11:56 AM skunkworks: that is about as slow as I can run the spindle currently
11:57 AM gregcnc: does G64 come into play?
11:58 AM skunkworks: no - it is strictly moving the axis based on the spindle postion. all in hal
12:21 PM Tom_L: the real question is..... why?
12:37 PM skunkworks: because?
12:37 PM skunkworks: how else would you machine that? huh?
12:43 PM pcw_home: a stouter tool would probably be better for the shallow cuts you are doing (not sure if such a thing exists)
12:45 PM skunkworks: well - roughing and finishing cut would help too..
12:45 PM skunkworks: this is an interesting video..
12:45 PM skunkworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nBhyW4SIYY
12:46 PM skunkworks: is he relying on the spindle stopping fast enough and keeping the correcty speed?
12:47 PM skunkworks: I was going to grind a tool this weekend but got side tracked.
12:49 PM Rab: <skunkworks> how else would you machine that? huh?
12:49 PM Rab: Rotary broaching, I believe.
12:50 PM Rab: Although a case could be made that it's a computer-aided form of rotary broaching, leaving no other method. ;)
12:52 PM Tom_L: skunkworks, i undercut the corners a bit: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Assembly/Final/Vise_parts/Speedhandle2.jpg
12:52 PM Rab: I can't wait for the followup about hexagonal single-point thread milling, that'd catch PM
12:53 PM Tom_L: hah
12:54 PM Tom_L: some wrenches put an undercut radius in the corners as well
12:54 PM pcw_home: skunkworks: the spindle feedback for tapping could come from a servo spindles commanded position instead of an encoder and long as it tracks well...
12:54 PM gregcnc: unfortunately I don't think PM will be impressed unless it happens at Speedio production rates and solves real problems
01:06 PM Loetmichel: Re from the hospital. MAAAN, cant SOMETHING work for a change? wife on the table: surgeon decided that its to much bleeding, closes her again without replacing the hip. And now thanks to corona its unsure when/if that surgery will be repeated :-( *shitshitshit* only pain, no gain for the wife :-(
01:11 PM Tom_L: just don't let him bill you for doing nothing
01:14 PM Loetmichel: Tom_L: i am german. we dont get bills for surgery here.
01:14 PM Loetmichel: 10 eur a day for the hospital bed/food is all we pay
01:15 PM Tom_L: lucky you..
01:15 PM Tom_L: shame she has to go thru all that though
01:16 PM Loetmichel: problem is that my wife has that bad hip for 8 years now. she was counting the days to the surgery. and now it looks like the professor cant even reschedule in the near future because of corona and our government deciding:"cancel all planned surgerys germany wide so there are more beds for corona patients"
01:37 PM p0g0: Loetmichel, I am very sorry to hear that.
02:43 PM enleth: if you ever get a persistent banging noise problem in a rigid ram/ballscrew Z Bridgeport (such as the Series 1 CNC) - check alignment between the head casting and the riser block
02:45 PM enleth: we've been investigating that damn noise for months
02:47 PM enleth: turns out, even a very slight planar misalignment between the two can cause the spline end of the spindle to flop around in the splined hub
02:47 PM enleth: and I think this problem isn'
02:48 PM enleth: isn't widely known because it affects classic manual heads much less
02:49 PM enleth: no riser for the ball screw to fit, which is one more mating surface that can get out of alignment and has no locating pins
02:51 PM XXCoder: Loetmichel: damn not great bews :(
03:08 PM _methods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-HiX9q0nu8
03:08 PM _methods: oh such secksay vise
03:14 PM XXCoder: way too fancy for me
03:16 PM _methods: oh i would love to take a hammer to that vise
03:16 PM _methods: especially if i dind't pay for it
03:21 PM XXCoder: jeez. some ritual spraying salt water on people got 46 people sick
03:22 PM XXCoder: supposely healing. well it was anti heal
03:23 PM _methods: yeah what a bunch of morons
03:23 PM _methods: everyone knows eating toilet paper is the only thing that stops corona virus
03:23 PM _methods: i've been eating 3 rolls a day
03:23 PM _methods: corona virus free
03:26 PM XXCoder: lol
03:26 PM XXCoder: https://youtu.be/v-mWK_kcZMs
03:34 PM enleth: "they're all dead here as well" - "but look how clean their arses are!"
03:35 PM XXCoder: they would think coronavirus have secondary symtoms of bleeding arse
03:36 PM enleth: "Bloody Arse" sounds like a British punk rock band
03:37 PM XXCoder: lol ok
03:37 PM XXCoder: ore wonderful goverment management of virus https://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/12/white-house-removes-public-health-experts-coronavirus-discussions?utm_campaign=shareaholic
03:38 PM p0g0: Do they do a cover of the Kinks "My Corona"? (My Sharona, to be correct)
03:39 PM p0g0: XXCoder, the US White House has classified all the executive branch discussions of the pandemic.
03:39 PM XXCoder: dumb really
03:39 PM p0g0: They started that last week
03:40 PM p0g0: it's mortality stupid.
03:41 PM XXCoder: yeah
03:41 PM XXCoder: i still wodner if they are trying "purges" with virus
03:41 PM p0g0: Laying on of hands...
03:41 PM XXCoder: stupid really because virus dont care if you are rich or not
03:42 PM enleth: XXCoder: one Norwegian university urged students to return home, especially if they're currently in a country with "poorly developed health services", "such as the US"
03:42 PM XXCoder: just read that on fb lol
03:43 PM p0g0: I think that might best be "only for the richly health services"
03:44 PM XXCoder: fuck whole foods
03:44 PM XXCoder: they asked workers to share sick days to others
03:44 PM XXCoder: how about giving them more, you rich asshole
03:46 PM enleth: I wonder if Francis Key meant "they have to be brave to keep living here" when he wrote about "home of the brave"
03:48 PM p0g0: Artistic license.
03:51 PM JT-Shop: I wonder if it's possible to use a dial up phone as an intercom using the old phone wiring?
03:52 PM p0g0: not really
03:52 PM XXCoder: you probably can make automated wiring setup
03:52 PM XXCoder: each room have its own phone number
03:52 PM p0g0: * is your friend tho, with the right POTS stuff
03:52 PM p0g0: You can certainly use the wiring.
03:53 PM p0g0: The telco needs a current source, the phones expect one from the telco
03:53 PM p0g0: hmm, let me say that more intelligently
03:53 PM JT-Shop: I'm just looking for a phone in the kitchen to be able to ring a phone in both shops
03:53 PM p0g0: isn't that just the common "extension"
03:54 PM XXCoder: JT-Shop: https://youtu.be/8bwLjU90puA
03:54 PM p0g0: oh, your kitchen phone isn't a telco wired thing anymore?
03:54 PM XXCoder: it'd not be "old phoen wiring" otherwise ;)
03:55 PM p0g0: The common old US telephone has a ring voltage of about 90-120v
03:55 PM p0g0: The modualated voice is about 20-40v
03:55 PM p0g0: the current for that is delivered by the telco's copper loop, not the phone
03:55 PM JT-Shop: I should get my buddy an old phone guy to wire me up
03:55 PM XXCoder: p0g0: watch the video
03:56 PM p0g0: if you are not on copper, then it's VOIP probably.
03:56 PM XXCoder: JT-Shop: it looks like really simple mod to get phones working with just 9v battery
03:56 PM XXCoder: 20 to 30 hours runtime with just one battery
03:56 PM p0g0: If you want a phone to carry voice and ring like the old time phone you need a current source, and some logic.
03:57 PM p0g0: yes, you can use a battery, but that has obvious limits.
03:57 PM XXCoder: https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Intercom-From-a-Pair-of-Old-Corded-Phones/ more details
03:57 PM p0g0: If you have a power source that can offer >80v and a "ring cadence" modulation, you can make it ring.
03:58 PM XXCoder: yeah probably can build old style automatic POTS
03:58 PM p0g0: Once it rings, you only need the lower voltage.
03:58 PM XXCoder: off to work laters
03:59 PM p0g0: I've run asterisk systems here, making a "key system" around the farm to do what you describe.
03:59 PM p0g0: That takes new hardware...
04:02 PM p0g0: But a plain old intercom, I think you can just use the wiring as is, and all the current and ringing stuff is in the intercom.
04:03 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, get a couple old hand crank phones..
04:03 PM p0g0: While I have not seen one, I can imagine that there are intercoms that you can pluig a handset into.
04:04 PM p0g0: The handset itself is just what you think, a mic and a speaker.
04:07 PM JT-Shop: interesting
04:12 PM p0g0: If it matters, the US has it's own ring voltages, dial tone voltages and cadence, and it's own ring cadence. If you lived in a rural area and are old enough, you may have met "distinctive ring" stuff, a party line solution that shares the line but makes a different ring from one client to the next.
04:13 PM p0g0: All that stuff went away when the copper loop from your telco to you get traded out for a local switch set withing a few miles of you, and the telco linked to that with trunk or fiber lines.
04:14 PM p0g0: That usually happened in the US when DSL was being set up.
04:15 PM p0g0: I might be the only one here that ever had a "party line" phone service.
04:17 PM Tom_L: my grandparents did
04:36 PM gonzo_: we had one in the late 70's, in the UK
04:37 PM p0g0: hey neighbor!
04:52 PM Deejay: gn8
06:14 PM Javabean: Open source ventilator project. https://www.projectopenair.org/
06:23 PM t4nk_freenode: yeah, I'm gonna just ignore that if you don't mind :)
06:30 PM jthornton: my daughter just sent me a text and Houston closed all the restaurants, bars and clubs and schools
06:32 PM Tom_L: i think quite a few places are doing the same thing
06:34 PM t4nk_freenode: yeah, I'm gonna just ignore that if you don't mind :b
06:34 PM SpeedEvil: Bay area closure notice reads in part 'The homeless are exempt from this curfew'
06:35 PM jthornton: hmm we are up to 6 cases in Missouri
06:53 PM jthornton: looks like 10% die from covid 19 and 90% recover
06:55 PM unterhaus_: it depends on age and how overloaded hospitals get.
06:56 PM jthornton: Hubei has the most recovered at 55k
06:56 PM t4nk_freenode: I've heard that this whole scheme is just another ploy from the same muslim terrorists guilty of the world trade center attacks!
06:56 PM jthornton: bats...
06:57 PM t4nk_freenode: perhaps we should invade china this time, I've heard they are producing wmd's
07:43 PM p0g0: SpeedEvil, the curfew in the bay area is an order to stay home, not a lot of meaning in that for people without a home.
07:44 PM p0g0: The curfews there are interesting, going out in public is OK for exercise, with a single rule for staying 2m apart.
07:45 PM p0g0: I have paid some attention, having kin in the locked down 6 counties.
07:51 PM andypugh: The UK has just been told not to go to pubs, clubs or theatres, not to visit friends and not to go to work.
07:52 PM andypugh: I was planning to do some building work on my mum’s house this summer. Looks like that is off?
07:53 PM Tom_L: the day the world stood still
07:54 PM p0g0: I have a friend of a friend in Italy, locked down from getting to a house they've been working on. Stuck instead in some apartment with nothing to do.
07:58 PM CaptHindsight: All Illinois bars and restaurants are curb side take out only until April, I'm glad I can finally get a scotch in the car :)
08:00 PM andypugh: April won’t be the end of it.
08:01 PM andypugh: One article I have read says that we will have to keep this up until a vaccine is created, and that could be 18 months.
08:01 PM andypugh: (Though I imagine that there will be almost irresitable pressure to shortcut the medical safety testing)
08:04 PM cradek: in a month or two, significant numbers will have survived it. aren't they then fairly immune and free to go on with their lives?
08:05 PM Tom_L: if they test 3x negative
08:09 PM CaptHindsight: the reaction now is to stretch out the curve of serious cases over time
08:09 PM CaptHindsight: a sharp peak will overload the hospitals
08:10 PM CaptHindsight: s slow steady stream is what they can cope with
08:11 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vww1nIIoqmw Coronavirus Pandemic Update 36: Flatten The COVID-19 Curve, Social Distancing, Hospital Capacities
08:11 PM CaptHindsight: by docs for docs
08:14 PM CaptHindsight: andypugh: I would think that you'd want to stay apart from your mom so that you don't possibly infect her...
08:15 PM CaptHindsight: but working away from other people should just be fine
08:15 PM andypugh: Well, yes, that’s a major part of not going there. That and the advice to not travel or visit folk.
08:16 PM andypugh: Might work out well for LinuxCNC, I am not going to be able to do anything much else this summer.
08:17 PM CaptHindsight: b ut the announcements here make it sound like people should stay home, but outside and away from others makes sense as long as it's not touching surfaces covered in infected droplets
08:18 PM CaptHindsight: maybe they can't trust people to stay apart while outside
08:19 PM _unreal_: hello
08:26 PM andypugh: Anyway, time to sleep.
10:17 PM CaptHindsight: https://imgur.com/nFAsIhU looks like they stacked on top of my pails
10:19 PM CaptHindsight: the covers were punched from something heavy since they were stacked 3 high and covered in plywood
10:19 PM CaptHindsight: rammed the top layer right into the bottom 2