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Jan 01 2020

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12:21 AM ve7it: cool
01:15 AM elmo40: ve7it, happy new year!
01:16 AM ve7it: thanks man... 1 more hour to go here ... are you talking to me from the future (next year?)
02:45 AM Deejay: moin
05:29 AM jthornton: morning
05:30 AM XXCoder: wow havent seen you since last decade
05:30 AM XXCoder: hows ya been
05:30 AM jthornton: yea been a long time
05:36 AM XXCoder: heh
05:36 AM XXCoder: man I wish laser engraver was fully functional
05:36 AM XXCoder: boring and nothing to do since last decade
05:36 AM jthornton: I feel like Rip Van Winkle I slept through
05:40 AM jthornton: got a bit more painting done on the house yesterday
05:41 AM XXCoder: man thats long delay between paint sessions
05:45 AM jthornton: I actually started the project some months ago but weather and other projects kept getting in the way
05:45 AM XXCoder: bet thats annoying
06:05 AM jymmmm: Happy New YEar
06:06 AM XXCoder: happy new decade
06:06 AM jthornton: yea I wish it was done but I'm really just starting
06:07 AM jymmmm: jthornton: ChickenCity 2.0 ???
06:08 AM jthornton: painting the house and replacing 4 walls of siding
06:09 AM jymmmm: Replacing?
06:09 AM jymmmm: Defective siding?
06:10 AM jthornton: yea bottom rows of cedar siding is rotten from rain on 4 of the walls of my house
06:10 AM XXCoder: this house sidings is ugly
06:10 AM jthornton: so changing it out for LP smartside cedar looking siding
06:10 AM jymmmm: Oh man, that sucks :(
06:10 AM XXCoder: evenually want to replace em all, and add actual isulation
06:11 AM jymmmm: XXCoder: blown in?
06:11 AM XXCoder: nah just cheap alum sidings from 80s I guess? behind it is orginial 1940s wood siding
06:12 AM jymmmm: I meant blown in insulation
06:12 AM XXCoder: oh nah no isulation at all
06:12 AM jymmmm: yuck
06:12 AM XXCoder: yeah lol
06:13 AM XXCoder: basement now have quitw thick isulation
06:13 AM XXCoder: downstairs stays cool and warm quite good
06:13 AM XXCoder: upstairs not so much
06:13 AM jymmmm: Need is in the attic space most of all
06:13 AM jymmmm: it*
06:13 AM jthornton: https://gnipsel.com/images/house/2019_12_25_1.JPG
06:14 AM XXCoder: huge deck heh
06:14 AM jymmmm: Is the yellow the new stuff?
06:14 AM XXCoder: definitely southern style house
06:14 AM jymmmm: (yellow or tan)
06:14 AM XXCoder: you might want to sweep rain gutters
06:15 AM jthornton: yea without the deck the upstairs doors would not work lol
06:15 AM jthornton: yea the cream colored is new
06:15 AM XXCoder: here that deck is screaming for rot
06:15 AM jymmmm: Fireman's pole =)
06:15 AM XXCoder: if I built such a deck I'd make it out of plastic-wood mixture
06:15 AM XXCoder: last 20 years or so
06:16 AM jthornton: don't think they had that when I built the house
06:16 AM jthornton: 22 years ago
06:17 AM jthornton: I need to replace the handrail top with some composite stuff
06:17 AM XXCoder: thats good idea. whatever under handrail or floor should last a long time
06:17 AM XXCoder: expecially protected by composites
06:19 AM jymmmm: The only thing I heard was that it can warp
06:19 AM Tom_L: morning
06:19 AM jymmmm: HNY Tom_L
06:19 AM jthornton: morning
06:20 AM Tom_L: 20 yrs ago we were worried about Y2K
06:21 AM XXCoder: 18 years left I think for unix time rollover
06:25 AM jymmmm: epoch?
06:26 AM XXCoder: 19 January 2038
06:27 AM XXCoder: almost precisely 18 years lol
06:29 AM Tom_L: jthornton, cannon still in working order?
06:31 AM jthornton: yea
06:33 AM jymmmm: Heh... Be aware that the Epoch function return the unix Epoch SELECT EXTRACT(EPOCH FROM TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE '1970-01-01 00:00:00-00'); returns 0.
06:34 AM XXCoder: people have been changing stuff over to long unix time
06:34 AM XXCoder: but theres probably few old systems left
06:38 AM jymmmm: I wonder what crypto systems are effectived by epoch, cause that will be fun to see
06:38 AM BitEvil is now known as SpeedEvil
06:42 AM jymmmm: Almond, $275/cord, not sure if that's high or not.
07:13 AM jthornton: furniture grade?
07:40 AM jymmmm: firewood grade
07:57 AM p0g0: seems way high to me, but almond is a good firewood.
08:05 AM _unreal_: YAWN
08:16 AM jthornton: dunno the don't have cords here they use made up names like face cord, rank, rink, pile
08:16 AM jthornton: usually it's $40-$50 a rank
08:26 AM _unreal_: interesting. have not seen pinkvamp in a while
08:31 AM p0g0: jymmmm, it's not a fair fight for me, I own a lot of forest, 3 chainsaws, and all the tools to handle wood (but I don't burn it anymore).
08:31 AM p0g0: So seeing a $ value like that just seems silly to me.
11:08 AM _unreal_: ! OMG its noon?
11:18 AM jthornton: not yet
11:22 AM jthornton: https://github.com/jethornton/qtpyvcp_actions/blob/master/README.md
11:23 AM tiwake: hmm
11:36 AM tiwake: https://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/tls/d/fort-worth-rotary-table-dividing-head/7039041133.html
11:37 AM tiwake: oh wow that would be nice
11:46 AM tiwake: I don't think I can fit anything much bigger than a haas VF1 in my little shop
11:46 AM tiwake: because the garage door is only 8' tall
11:47 AM net|: what do they call the (mechanics per hour) or mpH factor for most vehicles ? durability rating ?
11:47 AM tiwake: what?
11:49 AM net|: mpH rating for 10000 hours maybe
11:53 AM tiwake: https://www.haascnc.com/machines/vertical-mills/vf-series/models/small/vf-2tr.html
11:53 AM tiwake: want
12:08 PM SpeedEvil is now known as Guest72098
12:10 PM elmo40: nice
12:11 PM elmo40: i'll take one, too.
12:12 PM elmo40: base price of $120,000... and then there is the electrical requirements.
12:12 PM elmo40: guess i'll have to wait a little while longer.
12:12 PM tiwake: I'm going to put 3 phase in my little shop
12:13 PM elmo40: i'd love that. problem is no 3-phase on the line at the road... i'd need a digital phase inverter.
12:14 PM tiwake: you can get single pase input -> three phase variable frequency drives
12:14 PM elmo40: see. dielectric strength of 500V. We can toss full line voltage to these things... for 1 minute. LoL
12:15 PM elmo40: oops. wrong channel.
12:15 PM tiwake: if I recall correctly, they require about 1.5x more power than what is being pulled on the three phase side
12:15 PM elmo40: that much more?
12:15 PM elmo40: that is a lot
12:16 PM elmo40: 50%?
12:16 PM tiwake: yeah, not from power (thermal) loss either
12:16 PM elmo40: how large are you needing?
12:17 PM elmo40: 50A?
12:18 PM tiwake: I'm just saying you get something like 30% less power from the same volts and amps going from 3-phase to single phase
12:18 PM tiwake: variable frequency drives need a bit of headroom too
12:22 PM elmo40: going from single to 3-phase is really horrible.
12:23 PM elmo40: need ~60A single to make ~35A 3-phase.
12:23 PM tiwake: no matter how you slice it, yeah, its rather clunky
12:37 PM elmo40: just get a shop in a real 3-phase location ;-)
12:37 PM elmo40: or buy a 40kW 3-phase genny...
12:38 PM tiwake: there is three phase power at the lines here that I can have put in
12:39 PM tiwake: I asked when I switched the power bill under my name
12:39 PM tiwake: 480 volt three phase
12:42 PM elmo40: oh. 'merican. sorry about your low voltage...
12:42 PM elmo40: ;-)
02:37 PM gloops: well, learned how to do screws, twists, ropes and get them to follow a path/curve in Blender last couple of days
02:37 PM gloops: nothing else to report
02:39 PM _unreal_: gloops, I did something like that with inkscape
02:39 PM _unreal_: ended up being so simple
02:39 PM _unreal_: make a shape and then do a paste repeat along a path
02:42 PM gloops: https://ibb.co/884x6Kn
02:42 PM gloops: not tried it in inkscape, these are 3d though, going to put ropes and swists as the border for plaques
02:58 PM nvz: yeah I gotta get to learning this stuff too.. most the parts for my machine are here.. still waiting on the kit I bought with the motors and drivers though should be here later this week
02:58 PM nvz: and I gotta find a suitable system to run it on..
02:59 PM nvz: cause originally I was gonna go with the raspi3b with the cnc hat but then when I came here and they said that grbl stuff isnt linuxcnc.. I changed my mind and got a paraport board
02:59 PM nvz: cause I like the look of linuxcnc and that it has an active support community
03:00 PM nvz: I been on freenode since like 2003 as part of the debian community and that support communtiy is probably the most valuable thing you can have
03:00 PM gloops: dont think youll be wanting to do much linuxcnc doesnt do
03:01 PM nvz: well to start with we're gonna build out of furniture grade plywood a machine with a 4x4ft workable area with a gantry, 3 axis (4 cause of cloned Y for better precison on moving the gantry) with a spindle and laser
03:02 PM nvz: but I'd like to keep adding to it is why we're building from scratch
03:02 PM nvz: we'll probably have about $800 into it by time we're operational
03:02 PM nvz: USD that is
03:04 PM nvz: I ordered some bearings, drag chain, 500mm zaxis kit with the screw/rails/bearings/etc and a kit with 4x Nema 23 4.2A 425oz-in motors and 4x DQ542MA controllers, 2 350W 36v power supplies and the parport board, and my cousin ordered the timing belt, the spindle, laser, and other stuff
03:08 PM nvz: I'm just waiting on the kit with the motors all the rest of my parts came in.. I think he's still waiting on the laser and timing belt
03:08 PM nvz: and we got the wood ordered.. just need to go get the rails at a local shop
03:08 PM nvz: I'm going with a din rail and groove bearing design for the X/Y axis..
03:08 PM nvz: just using round rail and screw on the Z
03:08 PM nvz: gloops: the fancier stuff my cousin asked about that I have nfc and linuxcnc can't do is like being able to scan something and duplicate it
03:09 PM nvz: I'm not really interested in 3d prinding yet anyhow.. that seemed like it had more overhead costs to 3d print.. buying the plastics and more costly in trial and error of design prototyping
03:10 PM nvz: will worry about adding extruder and crap at a later point
03:10 PM nvz: though without A and B axis can't do much 3d work with just a spindle and laser
03:11 PM nvz: its mostly just 2.5d stuff
03:11 PM nvz: at best
03:11 PM nvz: I figure it'd cost at least another $100-200 to make it 3d print and another $400 or so to add an A/B axis later on
03:22 PM Loetmichel: nvz: actually: if your end product can be plastic there is NO cheaper way to make things than to do it with a filament printer
03:22 PM Jymmm: p0g0: Even when having cut/split forewood delivered is still a pain... stack haul in, kindling, getting the fire started every day, hauling out the ash, sweeping the chimney once a year, etc.
03:23 PM Loetmichel: and as complete and userfriendly 3d printers like an Ender3 are aviable at less than 150 eur these days i would say dont try to make another machine print, just get a dedicated printer
03:23 PM nvz: Loetmichel: yeah well given the backgrounds we have and no experience in using a CNC, I felt the laser/spindle would be more profitable in short term.. seemed simpler to design stuff you're just etching and we already do a lot of residential construction and my cousin's wife has established crafts business
03:24 PM nvz: Loetmichel: and yeah a dedicated printer is a thought too
03:24 PM nvz: Loetmichel: for one we have a huge stack of slate we salvaged off a roof we replaced I figured we can etch with laser or spindle and make signs and crap..
03:24 PM Loetmichel: ah i see
03:25 PM Loetmichel: yes, that would be the job of a cheap engraver
03:25 PM nvz: Loetmichel: he also recently put plywood in a mudroom in a house and burned it all with a torch to raise the grain, it looks nice.. but I said to him imagine what we could've done burning that with a laser putting designs on it..
03:25 PM Loetmichel: either spindle and diamond tip or laser
03:26 PM Loetmichel: you CAN cut slate with a tungsten carbide mill bit... IF it has no quarz inclusions
03:26 PM Loetmichel: if it has your mill bit will look look like this afterwards: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=13206&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
03:27 PM Loetmichel: left: new, right: after milling ONE piece of slate into a trophy socket ;)
03:27 PM nvz: Loetmichel: yeah I was not thinking of really cutting it so much as burning a design into it or lightly engraving it.. I figure those sorts of things to make yard signs.. perhaps a family name or something to sit in your yard..
03:28 PM nvz: its def gonna be a hard material, but given that we have a ton of it for free and we been sitting on it for years now..
03:28 PM Loetmichel: if you go laser you need quite a bit of power to actually engrave slate though ;)
03:28 PM Loetmichel: i would guess around 80W co2 minimum
03:29 PM nvz: yeah.. we ordered a much smaller laser to start out.. cause once you get in over like 10W you need to add in water cooling and such
03:29 PM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=13179&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
03:29 PM nvz: gonna do all that, build a whole shop vac system with valves and stuff.. but went with cheaper tools just to get the feel for the machine
03:30 PM _unreal_: ve7it, how goes it
03:30 PM _unreal_: i've been working on projects between mine and my daughters
03:30 PM _unreal_: today
03:30 PM Loetmichel: thats the trophy stand i made: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=13179&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
03:30 PM Loetmichel: ups, double
03:30 PM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=13176&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 <- was quite messy
03:30 PM nvz: yeah our laser isn't gonna do glass and stuff thats for sure
03:31 PM _unreal_: love the aluminum paste :)
03:31 PM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=13185 <- looked nice afterwards though
03:32 PM nvz: idk exactly what tools he ordered but I think its just a small 120v spindle and like 7w laser it'd cut real thin stuff and etch /maybe/ some softer metal
03:33 PM nvz: I figure with the initial tools we should be able to make furniture out of wood and simple things
03:33 PM _unreal_: later on today I'm going to be hacking my BIG aluminum stock
03:33 PM nvz: enough to get the feel for the software/design side of things
03:33 PM _unreal_: down to a work able size so I can put it on my mill and cut my mounts
03:33 PM _unreal_: I'm torn between making exact mounts? and adjustable mounts
03:33 PM _unreal_: it """" should """" be perfect
03:34 PM _unreal_: but I also dont want to add resistance
03:34 PM _unreal_: the parts I'll be cutting are the lead screw ends
03:35 PM nvz: by this time next year we hope to have it all figured out and be renting out the machine/design time and working regularly in the shop.. so thats why I went with custom build and thinking larger on the motors and work area.. so we can expand as needed
03:36 PM nvz: cause when you build it out of wood and start with nice sized motors and drivers with good step, you can always just make the machine bigger or add on
03:36 PM nvz: the software/controller doesn't care how long the rails are or where you put the limit switches :P
03:49 PM Deejay: gn8
03:50 PM * Loetmichel actaully made quite a few machines out of "wood"
03:50 PM Loetmichel: ... waterproof "concrete form" plywood to be exact
03:51 PM Loetmichel: the stuff thats on the backs of semis/trucks often, dark brown, one smoot side one with a metal "sieve" pressed into it
03:51 PM Loetmichel: works pretty well. They can even do alu
04:03 PM elmo40: _unreal_, every mount should be adjustable
04:03 PM elmo40: there is no such thing as a perfect machine...
04:03 PM gloops: yeah i slotted everything
04:03 PM _unreal_: I made my machine water proof
04:04 PM gloops: especially with a welded iron frame, will be twisted all over
04:04 PM _unreal_: gloops, I'm thinking open hole and bearing mount
04:04 PM _unreal_: that has slightly over sized holes for adjustment
04:04 PM elmo40: you sprayed ScotchGard on it?
04:04 PM _unreal_: one thing is for sure I CANT be more then 1mm out
04:04 PM _unreal_: eheh one sec
04:05 PM gloops: the motor mounts i made have XY adjustment, and needed every bit, took ages to make all those bits
04:06 PM _unreal_: !!! wtf? I thought I took pictures of the epoxy
04:06 PM _unreal_: ! or I didnt upload them yet
04:06 PM gloops: no milling machine, slots were chain drilled, ground, filed - however i could lol
04:06 PM gloops: i was sick to death of being in that garage
04:07 PM _unreal_: ahh haaa found it
04:07 PM _unreal_: uploading photo
04:08 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1feJUHQfwfrGRO7LnBXBGSu6aNICulUX2
04:08 PM _unreal_: check that
04:08 PM _unreal_: top and bottom
04:09 PM _unreal_: the entire base is epoxy coated
04:09 PM elmo40: that'll hold for a few weeks...
04:09 PM _unreal_: the idea is to top it from warping
04:09 PM _unreal_: stop
04:10 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f6TWb6NphBRVxX_OkOiMWla_-WDPPNE2
04:10 PM _unreal_: then I added stilts to the bottom
04:10 PM _unreal_: MAINLY because I am putting the Y motor under the table
04:11 PM _unreal_: all the feet have self adheasive foam pads
04:11 PM _unreal_: so the table will conform to the surface that its sitting on AND any thing that is not perfectly flat will even out
04:12 PM _unreal_: quote unquote
04:12 PM _unreal_: besides 3" of wood and differen types laminated and different grain patterns etc.... I dont think the frame will ever warp out much if at all
04:13 PM _unreal_: I used fiberglass epoxy to glue the bottom wood supports to the base
04:13 PM _unreal_: with fiberglass strands
04:16 PM gloops: hmm, well i dount youll ever get the table surface to coincide with the movement of the spindle
04:16 PM gloops: until you machine it off
04:16 PM gloops: or more usual - mdf spoilboard on top and machine that
04:39 PM _unreal_: I plan on a spoil board
04:39 PM _unreal_: just ! being stupid :/
04:40 PM XXCoder: boo
04:40 PM _unreal_: just relized that the plate I cut will not work
04:40 PM _unreal_: I changed the dimentions in cad and have not printed a new print off
04:40 PM _unreal_: sigh
05:06 PM _unreal_: well id ont know if I can mill these parts or not
05:06 PM _unreal_: ?
05:06 PM _unreal_: I'm thinking I could ISH mill them
05:06 PM _unreal_: put pilot holes
05:40 PM _unreal_: well here goes nothing
05:40 PM _unreal_: just made my program
05:40 PM _unreal_: going to mill my metal
05:41 PM _unreal_: annd just using pilot holes for holes that I dont have a SET location FOR
05:59 PM elmo40: did someone mention they needed a DraftSight replacement?
05:59 PM elmo40: https://www.cad6.com/e/cad6starter.htm
06:00 PM elmo40: I have no idea on the features but it might be what they are looking for
06:00 PM _unreal_: draft sight?
06:00 PM elmo40: ah yes. beachbumpete1
06:01 PM elmo40: he(?) was looking
06:01 PM _unreal_: WOW i'm loving these bits more and more
06:02 PM XXCoder: dang bit expensive lol
06:03 PM _unreal_: single flute 1/8 upcut with drafts around the cutting surface
06:03 PM XXCoder: no exports looks like
06:03 PM _unreal_: no
06:03 PM _unreal_: oh that software
06:03 PM _unreal_: likely
06:04 PM _unreal_: god WHY IS IT SOOOOOOO damn much fun to use one machine to upgrade an other
06:05 PM elmo40: someone need to design a surf board?
06:05 PM elmo40: http://boardcad.com/
06:05 PM _unreal_: :) I do live in the tropics
06:05 PM XXCoder: lol quite specific
06:06 PM elmo40: you coconut eating weirdo...
06:06 PM * _unreal_ should go snape a photo of some coconuts>:)
06:06 PM elmo40: who in their right mind would live in a place where there is no tormenting blizzards or freezing rain? Just plain nuts, i tell ya.
06:06 PM _unreal_: WOW my machine is milling 6061 aluminum at 200mm/m
06:07 PM XXCoder: linux using coast living surfer that also mills surfboards can use this cad. fancy
06:07 PM XXCoder: too bad besides linux user I dont apply lol
06:07 PM _unreal_: I own??? 2 surf boards
06:07 PM _unreal_: and a buggy board
06:08 PM _unreal_: FUCK thats hot
06:08 PM _unreal_: just picked up a little cylneder nugget... when milling starboard NOT a problem
06:08 PM _unreal_: aluminum NOT so cool
06:10 PM _unreal_: DAMN IT
06:11 PM _unreal_: one "does not matter" edge is going off of the tooling area
06:12 PM _unreal_: ve7it, how goes it?
06:17 PM * SpeedEvil ponders EDMboxes.
06:17 PM SpeedEvil: Like bandsaw boxes, but in metal.
06:17 PM SpeedEvil: https://imgur.com/gallery/YUvASjT
06:17 PM XXCoder: cool
06:18 PM SpeedEvil: And yes, you could do a straight bandsaw box in metal too. Sort-of.
06:19 PM XXCoder: you ever see bandsaw deer?
06:21 PM SpeedEvil: Well - meat.
06:22 PM XXCoder: lol
06:22 PM XXCoder: well what I mean is theres deer statue you can make with few bandsaws on single block
06:22 PM XXCoder: and its nicely 3d too
06:23 PM XXCoder: https://www.woodgears.ca/reindeer/index.html
06:24 PM SpeedEvil: ah
06:24 PM SpeedEvil: I thought you meant bandsawing meat - which I haven't done. Chisel only.
06:25 PM XXCoder: cool :) I want to have deer meat but I simply dont have right personaility for hunting
06:25 PM XXCoder: anyway its simple project I always wanted to try make it
06:37 PM Tom_itx is now known as Tom_L
06:46 PM _unreal_: !@#@!#$!@#$ fuck how did I miss adding 3 holes to the part ot be milled
06:46 PM _unreal_: good thing I have holding tabs
06:50 PM elmo40: sounds like you are having fun
06:50 PM _unreal_: #$%@#$%@#$@
06:51 PM _unreal_: 1min to finish then I can do my "cofuckuprection"
06:52 PM _unreal_: ok milling correction
06:53 PM _unreal_: I dont know if the plunge is to much or the feed rate is to much
06:53 PM _unreal_: doing a 1/16th per pass
06:53 PM SpeedEvil: https://www.mmsonline.com/articles/micro-milling-at-12-million-rpm
06:53 PM SpeedEvil: oops
06:54 PM SpeedEvil: Well, it's on-topic - but ...
06:54 PM _unreal_: so it can be done :)
06:55 PM _unreal_: hehe 2003
06:57 PM _unreal_: oh WOW second pass cleans up really nice
06:58 PM XXCoder: thats why many jobs at work have rough and finish pass
06:59 PM XXCoder: rough leaves something like .1 or .03 all over depending on whatever then finishing removes
06:59 PM XXCoder: but at much less sideload so surface is nice
07:01 PM _unreal_: ok running the entire process over again :)
07:01 PM _unreal_: ya I should have done a rough and finish pass
07:01 PM _unreal_: but then again i NEVER mill metal with this machine
07:01 PM _unreal_: and it mills starboard like a champ first pass
07:02 PM _unreal_: I'm not in practice
07:03 PM _unreal_: second pass really cleaned up that out of round
07:05 PM _unreal_: the holes are not perfect but still more then find enough
07:05 PM _unreal_: fine
07:07 PM XXCoder: nice
07:08 PM _unreal_: the mounts I'm making are for the threaded rod
07:08 PM _unreal_: first of a bunch of parts
07:09 PM _unreal_: kind of winging it
07:09 PM _unreal_: no very much so winging it
07:09 PM _unreal_: I know what I need and it will work
07:09 PM _unreal_: :)
07:11 PM _unreal_: just did a re-homing to ensure I have not lost any steps
07:11 PM XXCoder: :)
07:11 PM _unreal_: and i'd say I didnt
07:11 PM _unreal_: it just really walked the bit out
07:12 PM _unreal_: XXCoder, opinion? the bit though only a 1/8 walked to a side a bit
07:13 PM XXCoder: yeah
07:13 PM _unreal_: would you say too high a feed rate or plunge is too great
07:13 PM XXCoder: on machines that weak you would need to do spring cut
07:13 PM _unreal_: .... or other
07:13 PM _unreal_: dont know what a spring cut is
07:13 PM XXCoder: its cutting at same place where last cut was
07:14 PM XXCoder: so it removes the defection remaining material
07:15 PM _unreal_: What I dont like is that estlcam so far as I know does not let me choose direction of cut. I'd rather climb cut
07:15 PM XXCoder: with spring cut all you need to is just run same cut again
07:16 PM XXCoder: remove slight material left after cutting
07:17 PM jthornton: morning XXCoder
07:17 PM XXCoder: hey jt
07:18 PM XXCoder: unreal some defection is unavoidable really even with much larger machines
07:18 PM XXCoder: expecially with smaller diameter tools
07:20 PM _unreal_: all in all the part looks good
07:21 PM _unreal_: part's
07:21 PM XXCoder: thats good
07:22 PM _unreal_: they are not the "" shape "" I wanted but I dont have enough material to do it exactly how I want. AND I need to use the rest of the material for the other BIG cnc machine I'm building
07:22 PM _unreal_: speaking of I still have not even ordered the rails I need
07:22 PM _unreal_: I'm looking for the cheapest set of rails I can on the order of 30mm
07:23 PM _unreal_: ether the round or square
07:23 PM _unreal_: 2x 4' rails
07:23 PM XXCoder: so sbr or mgn
07:23 PM jthornton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGbZqWac0jU
07:23 PM _unreal_: what ever is stronger <=> price reasonable
07:23 PM jthornton: a bit long but he cuts a reindeer with the bandsaw
07:24 PM XXCoder: he starts at 27:26
07:24 PM jthornton: cutting the reindeer?
07:24 PM XXCoder: oh thats not it
07:24 PM XXCoder: he made thin shell
07:24 PM _unreal_: XXCoder, I'm trying to find rails at or under $250 with shipping
07:25 PM _unreal_: and preferably use
07:25 PM _unreal_: usa
07:25 PM XXCoder: good luck since 4 feet is well above 550 mm for cheap shipping
07:25 PM _unreal_: hence USA
07:25 PM XXCoder: one guy on youtube actually used 2 mgns end to end together
07:25 PM XXCoder: aligning em must have been a nightmare
07:25 PM _unreal_: you use a clamp
07:25 PM _unreal_: and a CENTER punch/drill
07:26 PM XXCoder: he showcases a snake at 31 min
07:26 PM _unreal_: there is an alignment clamp that holds the two ends together so you can drill ..... etc.. the mounting holes
07:30 PM XXCoder: found it
07:30 PM XXCoder: 23 minutes and its very different
07:33 PM jthornton: hmm I didn't even have to put the garden hose up today... low of 40°F tonight
07:33 PM XXCoder: jthornton: man he does it so fast and freehand
07:33 PM jthornton: yea he is good
07:34 PM jthornton: I mainly watched it to get tips on setting up my bandsaw
07:35 PM * jthornton wanders upstairs to retire to the couch
07:35 PM XXCoder: later
07:41 PM _unreal_: jthornton, funny you should mention bandsaws I just ordered a bunch of parts for mine
07:42 PM _unreal_: XXCoder, funny thing is I'm not milling much off the part at this point
07:42 PM XXCoder: thats around typical
07:42 PM _unreal_: its all milling the ouside edge of the original path
07:44 PM _unreal_: you know there is so much grease on my cnc machines 3/8ths threaded rod. I dont think its really wearing much any more
07:44 PM _unreal_: and still no backlash
07:45 PM _unreal_: part of the reason why I said fuck it i'm making the new home machine with threaded rod as well
07:45 PM _unreal_: and cheaper
07:46 PM XXCoder: allthread or ACME?
07:46 PM SpeedEvil: But if you use threaded rod, your nipples will fall off.
07:49 PM elmo40: damn tiny nipples...
07:55 PM elmo40: _unreal_, you done messing around and finally completed that machine yet?
07:55 PM elmo40: ;-)
07:58 PM _unreal_: I just finished milling the aluminum parts for the primary lead screw mounts
07:58 PM elmo40: this looks cool
07:58 PM elmo40: https://sourceforge.net/projects/openshoedesigner/
07:58 PM _unreal_: I'll post them later
08:05 PM nvz: so I hooked up and tested out my spindle, and it has a variable 0-100VDC power supply with 2 pins for 120/240VAC 2 for the motor, 2 for on/off and a 2pin and 3pin control for the speed of the spindle. My question is will I really need to adjust the speed and can I just hook that up to one of the A/B/C axis on my controller as the machine I'm building only has X/Y/Z and just control the speed in software
08:05 PM nvz: rather than with a manual dial?
08:06 PM nvz: I mean I'll need one of the ABC as a cloned/reversed Y axis, but I'd still have the other two as my control board supports 6 axis
08:10 PM _unreal_: huh?
08:11 PM _unreal_: nvz, I dont know what your setup is. but manual or soft control of the speed is upto you
08:11 PM _unreal_: it cant hurt to just setup a switch so you can manual or auto speed control
08:11 PM _unreal_: the trick is to use a dual throw
08:11 PM nvz: thats not a bad idea
08:12 PM nvz: offhand I can't think of why I'd wanna control the speed but that may come apparent to me over time :P
08:12 PM _unreal_: and "lights" signal leds with labels on your control "panel" for manual auto. if you do that I'd also suggest doing an R/C network with a transistor so you can have the LED flashing when in manual control
08:13 PM _unreal_: nvz, I can tell you right off hand TESTING materials is a lot easyer when you can just spin a dial
08:13 PM nvz: I can make a flashing led with a coil/capacitor/relay
08:13 PM _unreal_: too fast oh shit it melts. too slow "eeeeeEEEcc" I'm going to break something
08:13 PM _unreal_: if you use an LED why use a coil
08:14 PM _unreal_: just use a cap resistor transistor
08:14 PM _unreal_: then you dont need to listen to CLICK CLICL CLICK CLICK
08:14 PM nvz: true.. guess the led would provide the induction
08:14 PM _unreal_: one sec brb checking food
08:14 PM _unreal_: besdies you can use a POT to set the blink rate you want
08:15 PM * nvz already checked food.. its in muh belly :P
08:15 PM nvz: its on its way to the extruder..
08:15 PM nvz: :D
08:16 PM _unreal_: I'm "forcing" my daughter to learn to do stuff on her own
08:16 PM elmo40: good!
08:16 PM elmo40: nvz, nasty extruder!
08:16 PM _unreal_: she's monitoring the stove :) making mac and hamburger
08:16 PM elmo40: hamber helper?
08:16 PM _unreal_: sure
08:16 PM elmo40: i'm not even going to correct that...
08:17 PM _unreal_: extruder ... ehh ehh ehh ehh.... ! oh ewwww
08:17 PM _unreal_: ;)
08:17 PM nvz: I'm goig to be cramming a lot more into this machine that I originally intended.. got 4 PSUs so far
08:18 PM _unreal_: nvz, so ya I DO NOT use manual speed control often but I find it very helpful when testing RPM to material/feed rates
08:18 PM _unreal_: got pics?
08:18 PM _unreal_: this is my new bitch current progress https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fVV9dUz8Q6PG8vvjZBhxonPBBfuqWQc7 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fcoc2xAgaib-Q2Wg19fngoEMoU5TnfrY
08:18 PM nvz: nothing to take pictures yet all we have so far is the spindle and psu and the psu for the laser that was broken, another one is on its way
08:19 PM nvz: by next week we will have most of the stuff the timing belt is gonna be the last thing to arrive
08:19 PM _unreal_: do you have any frame work?
08:19 PM nvz: I'm losely basing the desing on the machine from the diybuilds.ca
08:19 PM _unreal_: or is this a mill to begin with?
08:20 PM _unreal_: nvz, you look at my links?
08:20 PM nvz: no don't believe I have
08:20 PM _unreal_: I just posted, I do believe I did
08:20 PM nvz: https://www.diybuilds.ca/shop-project-plans.html
08:21 PM _unreal_: I'm building my machine from parts lot of parts.. taken from marine satellites
08:21 PM _unreal_: I get them free
08:21 PM nvz: is basically what we're building, the same design he used but with different motors/drivers/tools
08:21 PM _unreal_: if you want an idea google seatel 4004 and 4006
08:21 PM _unreal_: I work in the marine industry and they just toss them out as they age out or want new features etc...
08:21 PM nvz: I'm using stronger motors, higher precision steppers.. a real spindle not some store bought tool.. and mounting a laser on with it like that guy did later
08:22 PM nvz: his drivers only did 1/16 mine do 1/128 and his motors are 270oz-in mine are 425
08:23 PM _unreal_: heh micro stepping is NOT "" quality ""
08:23 PM _unreal_: and precision
08:23 PM nvz: https://ebay.com/itm/USA-free-Wantai-4Axis-Nema-23-wantaiStepper-Motor-4-2A-425oz-in-Driver-CNC-KIT/15354184713 is the kit I bought, and a 500mm z-axis kit
08:23 PM nvz: seems to me the more step resolution the quieter and fluid the movement is
08:23 PM _unreal_: your motor torque drops like a rock as your micro stepping goes up
08:23 PM nvz: but the controllers are adjustable
08:24 PM _unreal_: I would not go over 1/16 micro stepping
08:24 PM _unreal_: its a waste of time
08:24 PM _unreal_: unless your driving something that has NO load like a laser setup
08:25 PM nvz: based on the specs looks like it can go from 2-128 microsteps
08:25 PM nvz: and the motors say 1.8 deg (200 steps)
08:26 PM nvz: https://www.diybuilds.ca/uploads/1/1/6/7/116702907/cnc_plans.pdf is what I plan to go with for the design adapted to what I'm putting on it
08:27 PM nvz: he later added laser and vac to his.. and I plan to put those on to start with
08:28 PM _unreal_: nvz, do the math. if you take a coil and divide it to a FRACTION of its current and the other coil at a fraction. any resistance and its going to over power
08:29 PM nvz: yeah.. well like I said, I'm new to this.. just spent several days at the university of youtube.. and saw videos showing different microstepping and the lower it went the more it sounded and moved like an old dot matrix priner and as they increase the microsteps the movement became less jittery and more silent
08:30 PM nvz: so I wanted something with a wider range of control
08:30 PM _unreal_: hehe goes both ways. and they are not kidding "silent but deadly"
08:30 PM _unreal_: nvz, if you want quality you gear down the motors
08:30 PM nvz: the steppers that diybuilds guy used only went to 1/16 max.. these ones I ordered are like 1/128 max
08:30 PM _unreal_: so timing belt drive
08:31 PM nvz: yeah I'm going to use the same open belt design he used
08:31 PM nvz: no gears to start with..
08:31 PM _unreal_: belt drive with different sized pullies IS gearing
08:32 PM _unreal_: its just a NO loss no jitter interface
08:32 PM _unreal_: gears are a no loss but likely to have jitter
08:32 PM _unreal_: infact my build that I'm makeing right now I'm going to have two stages to my gear reduction
08:33 PM nvz: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KFO1P9K/ is what I ordered for the timing belt
08:33 PM nvz: 32 teeth pulleys 8mm bore, think its 15mm wide with 3mm pitch
08:33 PM nvz: got 10m worth of length should be plenty
08:34 PM _unreal_: its going to have a first belt reduction, then that one is going to go to a LARGE serpentine belt driving both lead screws on the Y
08:34 PM _unreal_: LOL I'm going with WAY more reduction then that
08:34 PM _unreal_: 8-32 then 8 to 48
08:34 PM nvz: yeah I figured I could add in reduction gears if needed
08:35 PM _unreal_: I'm also going with brushed servos
08:35 PM _unreal_: the idea being they can spin at much higher RPM with high torque
08:35 PM nvz: yeah servos are nice but more expensive
08:35 PM _unreal_: and I only increase my precision
08:35 PM _unreal_: bs
08:36 PM nvz: that guy build his machine about 11mo ago for pennies under US$900 and I figure we'll have $800 in this one by time we're done
08:36 PM _unreal_: I got my servos from ebay $20 each
08:37 PM _unreal_: nvz, I'm building this right now
08:37 PM _unreal_: http://ve7it.cowlug.org/dspic-servo.html
08:37 PM _unreal_: nvz, infact the guy who designed THAT and has been copied endlessly is in this channel right now
08:38 PM nvz: yeah thats a bit more advanced stuff that I really wanna be trying to accomplish on my first machine :D
08:38 PM _unreal_: if you can build a machine such as the one you linked to WHAT does the motor profile matter
08:39 PM _unreal_: hummMMMMMMM ??
08:39 PM nvz: that link talks about programming a controller..
08:39 PM _unreal_: do you have an arduino
08:39 PM nvz: nope
08:39 PM _unreal_: ?
08:39 PM _unreal_: oh well your fucked
08:39 PM _unreal_: ;)
08:39 PM nvz: I got an orange pi lite collecting dust :D
08:39 PM _unreal_: programmers are dirt cheap
08:40 PM _unreal_: programming the chips is nothing
08:40 PM nvz: if you know wtf you're doing
08:40 PM _unreal_: the file is already on the website
08:40 PM _unreal_: a "hex" file
08:40 PM nvz: ah..
08:40 PM _unreal_: if you scroll down to the bottom of the page all the files are there INCLUDING nc files for milling the PCB board
08:41 PM _unreal_: so you dont have to etch it
08:41 PM nvz: yeah I'm not setup to be milling much of anything right now
08:41 PM _unreal_: drill the holes and mill the traces. remove fromm the machine and start soldering
08:41 PM nvz: thats what I'm building this machine for :D
08:41 PM _unreal_: My current WORKING bad boy https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D-k13xqrv-9Z-6ok8anqo4-VMt7iCLG4
08:42 PM _unreal_: fyi photos are high res you can zoom in
08:42 PM _unreal_: made for work https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D35kqiMnAK0GH_AaEDkLZkmSJAxKPVKH
08:42 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DGSfzLhsRSR3ifz4o1mIDvj3MzQsHgmc
08:42 PM nvz: cool.. yeah this machine is gonna be larger than that
08:43 PM nvz: like 6x6ft roughly, with 4x4 workable area
08:43 PM _unreal_: I made this machine in 2010 ish
08:43 PM _unreal_: 7.75"x12"x1.5" its made me $ thousands
08:44 PM _unreal_: example https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I6sOsXy7h3nRVIoGICmUYGBgGy8Uq44V
08:44 PM nvz: well we do a lot of construction and if need be I wanted to start out with something big enough that I could do a whole 4x8 sheet of material if I put it in both ways and did half at a time
08:44 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I8y9E8dKzZPAV3djz3p3vfOGrDstoA1z
08:44 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Jhdu2UXy-NDLAabpD3d6cB-wlT9qazFm
08:45 PM _unreal_: nvz, you can use the machine its self to "" move "" the material a precision movement
08:45 PM nvz: we dont really have a space for a whole 4x8 machine cause while we got a decent workspace we got a lot of work benches and tools already and still wanna be able to park a car in there
08:45 PM _unreal_: nvz, vertical mill
08:46 PM _unreal_: very common when dealing with plywood
08:46 PM nvz: thing is rails get expensive at lengths.. which is why I was gonna buy 6ft din rail locally to start with
08:46 PM _unreal_: LOL
08:46 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EzVANFGFA96IZYhtiRTWMElxfJVwtkb5
08:46 PM nvz: hah
08:47 PM nvz: that looks ghetto AF does it work well?
08:47 PM _unreal_: works very well, the bottom bearing failed because it got metal particals in it
08:47 PM nvz: and is that metal or pvc pipe you're using as a rail?
08:47 PM _unreal_: ALSO open bearing no dust seals
08:47 PM nvz: _unreal_: interesting point
08:47 PM _unreal_: thats iron pipe
08:48 PM nvz: hmm.. yeah we may have to try that :P
08:48 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Epi_HnCUA83Bbr7-sbDEt4EFKLzObQoM
08:49 PM nvz: I liked the idea of din rail that diybuilds guy used.. blew my mind when I was looking at ordering long round or flat rails pre-fabbed with bearins.. and seen het just used din rail with v grove bearings
08:49 PM nvz: so I was just gonna do it that way for now
08:50 PM nvz: I like how you have a firm grasp on the mechanics and just use whatever you got..
08:50 PM _unreal_: nvz, that bearing setup will NOT let go
08:50 PM nvz: yeah I never would'
08:50 PM _unreal_: ?
08:50 PM nvz: would've thought to build my own bearings with a clamp like that
08:50 PM _unreal_: very easy
08:50 PM _unreal_: scratch lines in the angle steel
08:50 PM nvz: I tend to hit enter when doing aprostrophies a lot
08:51 PM _unreal_: drill holes/tap
08:51 PM _unreal_: if someone wants more hold. add more U bolts
08:51 PM nvz: I've got no experience in this stuff.. so these kinds of things don't occur to me
08:51 PM _unreal_: and it does NOT take much tension on that ubolt to be strong as shit
08:52 PM _unreal_: think about it. I have a single bearing on the back side
08:52 PM _unreal_: ! I should post the photo
08:52 PM nvz: I learned a bit of electronics growing up in a tv/vcr repair shop, been working with computers a long time, got a firm grasp and lot of experience with linux and some programming(dabbling) in various languages.. and my cousin who I'm doing this with his background is mostly residential construction
08:53 PM nvz: we are gonna have enough trouble learning to design and operate the software :P
08:53 PM _unreal_: ok files are uploading
08:53 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fnDdmO8oMWCKIWO9yF5W1kBki8bxOwxU
08:53 PM * _unreal_ waits for response
08:54 PM _unreal_: nvz, do you know cad?
08:54 PM _unreal_: ???
08:55 PM _unreal_: hello?
08:56 PM nvz: not really
08:56 PM _unreal_: ok
08:56 PM _unreal_: I really do need to go eat "with my daughter"
08:56 PM _unreal_: ok here is the deal
08:56 PM _unreal_: first of all
08:56 PM _unreal_: check out designspark machanical
08:57 PM _unreal_: GET IT set up an accound download it. ITS FREEE
08:57 PM nvz: honestly my cousin's wife probab;y got the most experience with the software end of things she has a cricut :P
08:57 PM _unreal_: its just as powerful as fusion360
08:57 PM _unreal_: oh and its FREEE
08:57 PM _unreal_: its VERY VERY easy to learn.
08:57 PM nvz: if its windows stuff thats my cousin's department.. I dont have anything running windows
08:57 PM _unreal_: the learning curve is very low
08:58 PM _unreal_: any thing CAD that is GOOD cad is going to be windows based. WINDOWS BLOWS WINDOWS SUCKS no argument. I'm a linux guy end of story but I have two computers sitting in front of me.
08:58 PM _unreal_: one is my use for evrything computer that is fedora. the other is my make me lots of money computer that is windows because of the cad software
08:59 PM _unreal_: windows/liunux WHAT EVER dont be a stuck up putzz holding your nose. espeically if your going to be doing CNC stuff.
08:59 PM nvz: yeah, if it doesn't run on linux or at least wine/crossover I am not buying windows.. but my cousin and business partner on this endeavor and his wife are windows users
08:59 PM _unreal_: YOU WILL NOT FIND good and EASY to learn and use and work with software for linux to do cad
08:59 PM _unreal_: you WONT
09:00 PM _unreal_: buying? dude windows is freee
09:00 PM _unreal_: LOL
09:00 PM nvz: sure.. they have free downloads on microsoft.com for 8/10 now I seen
09:00 PM _unreal_: only a fool buys windows
09:00 PM nvz: but you still are suppose to register it :P
09:01 PM nvz: I used to be an end user supporter of windows ages ago.. I haven't touched windows since like 2002ish
09:01 PM _unreal_: again. you will NOT find linux software for doing cad/cam work
09:01 PM XXCoder: im fool because I bought windows 95, 98, 98se, me, xp, 7
09:01 PM _unreal_: is it out there YES. but the learning curve is pathetic
09:01 PM nvz: blender, inkscape..etc.. but yeah I get your point on the technical debt involved
09:02 PM _unreal_: nvz, few people use blender for cnc cad work
09:02 PM nvz: I wouldnt use blender for anything but making smoothies :P
09:02 PM _unreal_: inkscape is OK ISH but your going to run into translation nightmares
09:02 PM _unreal_: nvz, designspark, for your cad, or if your a small enough company you can get a free fusion360 lisences
09:03 PM _unreal_: nvz, also look at carbide create
09:03 PM nvz: yeah we're a couple dudes in a garage, not a company (yet) :P
09:03 PM _unreal_: carbide create is FREE but it has a bunch of stupid problems but works very well
09:04 PM nvz: I'm noting these things.. and will see if they might run on crossover/wine but I'll certainly have him install them on one of their windows laptops to check out
09:04 PM _unreal_: nvz, freecad is very powerful but the learning curve is a nightmare. and there are few to no people in the professional market that do cnc work with freecad
09:04 PM _unreal_: nvz, they dont
09:05 PM nvz: I have crossover 17 but of course not everything runs in that
09:05 PM _unreal_: I'll save you the trouble
09:05 PM _unreal_: they DONT
09:05 PM nvz: :D
09:05 PM _unreal_: and the few that kind of do are very unstable. and the one's that are unstable are slightly unstable in windows to begin with
09:05 PM _unreal_: I've been doing cnc stuff for a long time
09:05 PM _unreal_: I'm not a PRO like XXCoder
09:06 PM XXCoder: lol well your knowledge is more general than mine
09:06 PM _unreal_: My trade is in the marine industry, it just so happens what I do in the marine industry heavlly over laps
09:06 PM XXCoder: you can do cad and cam parts, I dont
09:06 PM nvz: I am not really setup to be running windows I got a 128GB ssd in this T440 and while I also have a HP T520 thin client and a Dell Opti 780 USFF, I don't even have a stable living situation yet to be setting up a desktop workstation
09:06 PM _unreal_: :)
09:06 PM nvz: so as I said, thats my cousin's department anything that requires windows for now
09:07 PM _unreal_: nvz, see this https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cZ_rTRuKh85aVzAOJW3WQTf6sAHK0dZi
09:07 PM _unreal_: the white thing
09:07 PM nvz: all my shit runs debian
09:07 PM XXCoder: i dont want windows because I dont want 2 computers by cnc machine lol
09:07 PM _unreal_: XXCoder, if your ever looking for stuff to be drawn/coded let me $$ know :)
09:07 PM XXCoder: lol
09:08 PM _unreal_: nvz, did you look at that link?
09:08 PM nvz: yeah one machine inside another
09:08 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fNUz8yQsjeJA0Uxd1_SwFodAyful3OVN I did that in designspark, took me two days
09:08 PM _unreal_: the white one I'm building for my daughter
09:08 PM _unreal_: going to mount a pen on it
09:08 PM nvz: cool
09:09 PM XXCoder: you could do pen toolchanger system like that guy did
09:09 PM XXCoder: pretty amazing
09:09 PM nvz: depending on how well we take to the software we may when we get around to renting out for design just hire on someone more familiar with this stuff
09:09 PM _unreal_: nvz, if you install the google sketchup app on your phone you can look at the cad drawing https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ddky-8kduCad8l4dAsVpw7eTxmEcPuUR
09:09 PM nvz: we'd still make the money on machine time even if someone else made the money on the design
09:09 PM XXCoder: I also suggest spring to take in pressure from marking
09:09 PM _unreal_: in 3d
09:10 PM nvz: I believe I ran sketchup on my linux box before when I was fooling with secondlife/opensim
09:10 PM _unreal_: nvz, well if your looking for someone just to get going I'm always $$ available "part time" I'm a full time single parent
09:10 PM nvz: yeah.. I hear ya
09:11 PM XXCoder: _unreal_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M-6UJb5Zg0
09:11 PM _unreal_: ugh 10pm back in 20min going to "" eat with my daughter"" then its off to bed
09:11 PM nvz: after the learning curve, we got a shitload of slate here to work with we took off a roof job years ago
09:11 PM _unreal_: for her
09:12 PM nvz: will likely need better tools first as we just got like a 7w laser and small spindle to start with
09:12 PM nvz: we'd removed all the slate without breaking as much as possible off a big job.. got a lot of it
09:12 PM _unreal_: XXCoder, lol I posted that yesterday
09:12 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFW_y8ux32U redesigned
09:13 PM nvz: figure that will turn into some cash eventually
09:13 PM XXCoder: ya your machine is too small so maybe like I said, just do springs mounted
09:13 PM XXCoder: make pen holder nut shorter then have spring on top to push it down
09:13 PM XXCoder: ideally it have zero x/y backlash but has some on z so theres room to draw without smashing pen into paper
09:13 PM _unreal_: XXCoder, thats the plan, constant pressure with out over forcing the tip
09:14 PM nvz: _unreal_: how old is your kid you're teaching milling to?
09:14 PM _unreal_: 10
09:14 PM _unreal_: nvz, as I said check out carbide create
09:14 PM _unreal_: its kind of the windows paint of hybrid cad/cam MORE so cam
09:14 PM _unreal_: cam being to generate the motion tool path
09:15 PM nvz: ah.. these kids learn shit so much easier.. a lot of the kids around here are 2 and under and pickup tablets and phones and use em like they're engineers
09:15 PM nvz: meanwhile I'm linux certified, been using and supporting debian for nearly two decades and android still confuses me at times :D
09:15 PM _unreal_: but as I said carbide create has some design issues that have never been fixed. granted its FREE but the designers really need to fix some of the UI issues
09:16 PM nvz: yeah, well I'm well aware of issues with software both FOSS and Commercial
09:16 PM _unreal_: there are a number of other programs I can link you to when your ready
09:17 PM nvz: I left windows as a teen cause I got stuck in a reboot loop updating windows media player and just had enough :P
09:17 PM _unreal_: there are some website one's as well that work good BUT again. your best starting point is going to be designspark and carbide create.
09:17 PM _unreal_: That will get you going on the 2D milling side
09:17 PM nvz: yeah well our mill is only gonna do 2d/2.5d type stuff.. it has no ABC just XYYZ
09:18 PM _unreal_: I HATE winows but when it comes to operating it I dont discriminate
09:18 PM _unreal_: LOL noob
09:18 PM nvz: :D
09:18 PM _unreal_: you dont even know what I'm talking about
09:18 PM _unreal_: 3d milling is milling something like a HALF circle
09:19 PM nvz: yeah I dont really call that 3d
09:19 PM _unreal_: or using other axis outside of xyz
09:19 PM _unreal_: software does
09:19 PM nvz: if I can't carve a large chess piece I can't do 3d :D
09:19 PM _unreal_: 2D
09:19 PM nvz: and for that I need extra axis
09:19 PM _unreal_: 2d is cutting circles/rec/squares and different depths
09:19 PM nvz: I call that like two and a half dimensions
09:20 PM _unreal_: 2.5d refers TO WHAT the machine is capable of milling
09:20 PM _unreal_: NOT the type of milliing being done
09:20 PM nvz: fair enough.. these distinctions will become apparent in time
09:20 PM _unreal_: from a software point of view. if you want to mill half a spheare
09:20 PM _unreal_: ether convex/concave
09:20 PM nvz: I been coding for 30 years.. only laarned terms like class, method, etc.. in the last couple
09:21 PM _unreal_: THAT is 3d milling
09:21 PM nvz: been doing that shit.. just didnt know what it was called :P
09:21 PM _unreal_: nvz, that photo of the cad drawing of my daughters cnc machine I'm building
09:21 PM XXCoder: 2.5d yeah
09:21 PM _unreal_: that is entirely a 2D machining job
09:22 PM nvz: yeah just cutting and drilling, then assemble
09:22 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I8y9E8dKzZPAV3djz3p3vfOGrDstoA1z
09:22 PM _unreal_: That is a 3d milling job
09:22 PM nvz: to me 3d is making an engine block :P
09:22 PM _unreal_: that is 3D
09:22 PM nvz: yeah that cutting board looks like 2d to me
09:22 PM nvz: or 2.5d
09:22 PM _unreal_: 2d milling means your only cutting at PART at X depth
09:22 PM _unreal_: no its 3d
09:23 PM XXCoder: kinda want pocketnc
09:23 PM XXCoder: but so much money just for lols
09:23 PM nvz: I get that 3 dimensions is 3 axis.. but to me 3d milling requires at least 5.. to be able to come in at angles
09:23 PM XXCoder: nv yeah d500 at work can do that
09:24 PM _unreal_: nvz, 2.5d only refering to what the machine can EXPRESS in work
09:24 PM XXCoder: limitions is that it cant do pure sphere because of olvious reasons. but it can get damn close. it can make truck tow knob
09:25 PM _unreal_: nvz, 2d milling refers to taking a stock. LETS say 1/4 thick plywood
09:26 PM _unreal_: now cut shapes
09:26 PM _unreal_: thats ONLY 2d milling
09:26 PM nvz: yeah well the sad part is my cousin likes to try leave this shit up to me, when he's the smarter more educated one
09:26 PM _unreal_: I have no degrees
09:26 PM XXCoder: man the world of possibilities if we ever find a way to access 4th dimension
09:26 PM _unreal_: I have a high school diploma, and a number of certs from single collage corses I took
09:27 PM XXCoder: sphere would be actually possible with 4d milling
09:27 PM nvz: I got a GED and some certs at 25 about 11 years ago
09:27 PM _unreal_: ?!
09:27 PM * _unreal_ feels old
09:27 PM _unreal_: just a baby
09:27 PM nvz: self taught through experience has its advantages and disadvantages
09:27 PM _unreal_: ok I'll be back in a few
09:28 PM _unreal_: ! dont go away
09:28 PM _unreal_: ;)
09:28 PM XXCoder: heh youre few years younger than me nv
09:28 PM XXCoder: im 43
09:28 PM nvz: >> Irssi: Uptime: 53d 14h 22m 17s
09:28 PM nvz: as if I'm "going" anywhere
09:28 PM XXCoder: lol
09:29 PM XXCoder: usually i dont either but had issues so uptime is in couple days now
09:29 PM nvz: and thats only 53d cause I'm running on a crappy old emachines Athlon X2 with the magic smoke about to come out sitting in my father's furnace room like 90mi away
09:29 PM nvz: no UPS or anything
09:30 PM nvz: I wonder if I still have pics of my "server" :P
09:31 PM XXCoder: lol
09:33 PM nvz: https://imgur.com/a/7s1gRVi
09:33 PM nvz: I was running it off my HP T520 Thin Client with a USB3 Sata Dock.. but those HGST server class disks got too hot
09:34 PM nvz: I paid maybe US$80 for those two 3TB disks
09:34 PM XXCoder: 3 tb? damn
09:34 PM nvz: yeah I got 6TB total on my server
09:34 PM XXCoder: it looks like old 250 mb hd days lol
09:34 PM tiwake: XXCoder: make only left hand things... flip them over in the 4th dimension to get a matching right hand one
09:35 PM nvz: the dmidecode says its a Gateway MCP61SM2MA
09:35 PM XXCoder: tiwake: yeah that'd be possible, only with non-direction sensive materials tho
09:35 PM nvz: it says emachines (same thing) on the case, whats left of it
09:36 PM XXCoder: you cant eat mirrored sugars for example but salt no problem since its just 2 elements together
09:36 PM XXCoder: people probably dont care about mirrored plastic tho
09:36 PM nvz: the drives are super cool now though :P
09:37 PM tiwake: XXCoder: there would be plenty of rat testing, for sure
09:37 PM nvz: they were getting too hot in that sata dock.. and they slow down when they get hot
09:37 PM nvz: /dev/sda: ST380011A: 31°C /dev/sdb: HITACHI HUA723030ALA640: 30°C
09:38 PM XXCoder: it would be interesting to mirror ourselves once we have no dieases or parastes then eat mirrored foods
09:38 PM XXCoder: dieases would be unable to touch us
09:38 PM XXCoder: (hence being careful not to have dieases when flipping)
09:38 PM tiwake: maybe
09:41 PM XXCoder: anyway one of interesting stuff with 4d milling is this
09:41 PM XXCoder: sphere milling
09:41 PM XXCoder: not ballnose, but literal sphere
09:41 PM XXCoder: picture this, a 4d cylinder where cross sections is spheres
09:42 PM XXCoder: so what we could see in 3d space is a cross section, or a sphere
09:42 PM XXCoder: so it could mill into 3d space and make something hollow
09:42 PM XXCoder: make hollow spaces
09:43 PM _unreal_: I'm back
09:43 PM XXCoder: wb
09:44 PM _unreal_: ya kid is taking a shower reall quick
09:44 PM _unreal_: ! that makes me wonder
09:45 PM _unreal_: heh uptime 25 days
09:45 PM XXCoder: 2 days 12 hours here
09:45 PM XXCoder: had to reboot trying to fix display manager. didnt work
09:45 PM XXCoder: lightdm refuses to work. I dont kike gdm3 at all
09:45 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I8y9E8dKzZPAV3djz3p3vfOGrDstoA1z
09:45 PM _unreal_: fuck
09:46 PM _unreal_: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU P6100 @ 2.00GHz
09:46 PM XXCoder: cant see whats wrong
09:46 PM XXCoder: is that chatter on side?
09:47 PM _unreal_: ?
09:47 PM XXCoder: you know what chatter is?
09:47 PM _unreal_: oh the link I just posted?
09:48 PM XXCoder: yeah picture of part being printed
09:48 PM _unreal_: I didnt mean to repost the link for starters and NO that was a rough in
09:48 PM XXCoder: errm milled
09:48 PM _unreal_: printed???
09:48 PM _unreal_: XXCoder, https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I6sOsXy7h3nRVIoGICmUYGBgGy8Uq44V
09:48 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Jhdu2UXy-NDLAabpD3d6cB-wlT9qazFm
09:48 PM XXCoder: interesting
09:49 PM XXCoder: chipping board?
09:49 PM XXCoder: *chopping
09:50 PM _unreal_: for breads snacks horderves
09:50 PM XXCoder: cool
09:50 PM _unreal_: you like :)
09:50 PM _unreal_: I think it took me 5min to draw
09:50 PM XXCoder: it looks nicely made just didnt need one really
09:51 PM _unreal_: I made $120 for that
09:51 PM XXCoder: wow its that popular?
09:52 PM _unreal_: just custom
09:52 PM XXCoder: im thinking about making stuff to sell, but not your kind stuff
09:52 PM _unreal_: someone wanted a cutting board for a gift for an anniversary
09:52 PM XXCoder: more deaf cultural in some ways
09:52 PM _unreal_: :) what do you MEAN.... my kind of stuff
09:52 PM _unreal_: I think we lost nvz
09:53 PM _unreal_: XXCoder, did I post the photo of my metal parts yet I forget?
09:53 PM XXCoder: metal parts not yet
09:53 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fnDdmO8oMWCKIWO9yF5W1kBki8bxOwxU
09:54 PM _unreal_: photos are high res you can zoom in
09:54 PM XXCoder: one circle isnt quite circle, I guess thats what you mean about it wasnt round at first run
09:55 PM _unreal_: this machine under load is not very stiff
09:55 PM XXCoder: and erm is one part top cut off?
09:55 PM _unreal_: :(
09:55 PM _unreal_: ya......sss.......
09:55 PM XXCoder: well it pretty impressive you did alum with that machine
09:56 PM _unreal_: 200mm/min
09:56 PM _unreal_: 1/16" per pass
09:56 PM XXCoder: rpm?
09:57 PM _unreal_: ahh should be around 12k
09:57 PM XXCoder: makes sense
09:57 PM _unreal_: notice my spindle https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ffvr-FttLliykEUM7PAVBrSwE6uhglKn
09:58 PM _unreal_: I'm running 48v on the spindle
09:58 PM XXCoder: high speed steel for alum, or carbide?
09:58 PM _unreal_: ahh
09:58 PM _unreal_: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078S3S956/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
09:59 PM _unreal_: I mill everything with these
09:59 PM XXCoder: impressed you pulled that off.
09:59 PM XXCoder: its not for alum at all
10:00 PM _unreal_: the bit that is chucked right now has prob milled 1000' of HDPE so far
10:00 PM _unreal_: I just did the aluminum job. and I dont see any real loss of the edge
10:00 PM _unreal_: YEP its pointy as shit
10:01 PM _unreal_: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078MJCZFK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
10:01 PM _unreal_: those and these I use A LOT
10:01 PM _unreal_: thought eh second link the two flute bits I brake far more then I do the single flute
10:03 PM XXCoder: lol it says tungsein and steel in title, but not listed as materials its for
10:03 PM _unreal_: they are VERY hard
10:04 PM _unreal_: they do not loose there edge unless they hit iron etc...
10:05 PM nvz: XXCoder: I been using lightdm for awhile.. it does have issues but for the most part I like it
10:05 PM XXCoder: it used to freeze at login once a while
10:05 PM nvz: XXCoder: you could also try sddm which is newer and lxdm
10:05 PM XXCoder: I uninstalled clean it, reinstalled now it refuses to run
10:05 PM nvz: or even nodm if you want autologin without session selection
10:06 PM nvz: XXCoder: what distro do you use?
10:06 PM XXCoder: xfce mint
10:06 PM _unreal_: fedora here
10:06 PM nvz: ah, the ubuntu mint or lmde?
10:06 PM XXCoder: former
10:06 PM nvz: I've tried mint a bit years ago for people who I thought could use more frequent updates .. gamers..
10:06 PM nvz: I personally am a die-hard debian user
10:07 PM _unreal_: I use fedora mainly because of the preformance
10:07 PM _unreal_: and the CLEAN feel
10:07 PM nvz: I had tried a few linux distros when I was a windows refugee then I found debian site read their social contract and why debian? documents and I was blown away
10:08 PM nvz: I agree 100% with their mission
10:08 PM * _unreal_ elbows XXCoder... one of them.....
10:08 PM _unreal_: hehehe
10:08 PM XXCoder: why debian site?
10:10 PM nvz: why debian? is a document they wrote
10:11 PM nvz: https://www.debian.org/intro/why_debian
10:11 PM XXCoder: well yeah thats why im asking for link lol
10:11 PM XXCoder: thanks
10:11 PM nvz: https://www.debian.org/social_contract
10:12 PM nvz: those two documents changed my life :D
10:12 PM XXCoder: nice
10:12 PM nvz: windows had an EULA.. was nothing like the social contract
10:13 PM nvz: you're part of a communnity with debian..
10:13 PM nvz: and that is more valuable to me than anything
10:14 PM _unreal_: hum
10:15 PM XXCoder: support is important yeah
10:15 PM XXCoder: I love xfce thats why I picked xfce mint
10:17 PM _unreal_: there small child is in bed
10:17 PM _unreal_: ! crap I should collect some of my tools
10:18 PM _unreal_: brought a bunch of my tools from work home. I only used a fraction of the. nothing but FUCKING rain for the past 2 weeks
10:18 PM _unreal_: last month and a half we have seen WAYYY more rain then we ever see in the winter time in south florida
10:18 PM _unreal_: WAY more
10:18 PM _unreal_: normally winter is the dry season and rains like a few times EVER. this winters its been endless
10:18 PM _unreal_: little to no blue sky etc...
10:20 PM XXCoder: here its opposite
10:20 PM XXCoder: its supposed to rain till we forget what dry roads colors are
10:21 PM nvz: its not even just about the support.. its about being on the same page as everyone else about priorities
10:21 PM nvz: debian's priorities are freedom and stability at the core
10:26 PM XXCoder: sorry tried to fix again. didnt work
10:30 PM nvz: what init system does that use?
10:58 PM XXCoder: nvz: so what you use for distri, stright debian?
11:09 PM _unreal_: sigh midnight
11:09 PM _unreal_: ok sooo I just got my parts located
11:09 PM XXCoder: no more easy date 1-1
11:10 PM _unreal_: ?
11:11 PM XXCoder: 1-1-2020 heh
11:11 PM _unreal_: ya still not sure what you mean or the intent is?
11:11 PM XXCoder: you said midnight so its 1-2 for you now
11:11 PM XXCoder: just joking really
11:12 PM _unreal_: oh.. ok..
11:12 PM _unreal_: OH date as in calendar
11:12 PM _unreal_: now I get it
11:12 PM XXCoder: lol
11:12 PM _unreal_: I was thinking date as in dating date
11:13 PM XXCoder: lol
11:13 PM _unreal_: so I was like ahhhh surrrrrre.
11:13 PM _unreal_: So with those parts mounted my machine looks far more like a real machine
11:13 PM _unreal_: they are not even tight. I dont have the right sized bolts
11:14 PM _unreal_: if I had a TAP that could tap deeper I'd be all set
11:14 PM _unreal_: and use the one's that are about 1/4" to long
11:14 PM _unreal_: better really anyways
11:16 PM _unreal_: I'm also not sure what kind of bearings I need
11:16 PM _unreal_: or should go with
11:16 PM _unreal_: if I should just stack bearings. or get thrust bearings?
11:16 PM XXCoder: dunno im not a machine designer :)
11:21 PM _unreal_: freaky https://www.exportersindia.com/luoyang-kaixuan-bearing/coss-cylindrical-roller-bearing-axial-slewing-ring-gear-rings-china-452102.htm
11:21 PM XXCoder: cheap lol
11:30 PM _unreal_: so ya as I was saying I have a few different methods for bearings
11:32 PM _unreal_: the smart way is to use good trhust bearings OR double stack the bearings to spread the load
11:33 PM _unreal_: lateral, axial etc...
11:46 PM _unreal_: well time to take a REALLY quick shower then go to bed
11:46 PM _unreal_: just ordered my bearings