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Oct 07 2019

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12:00 AM CaptTactful: i used to use 3 inputs on my parport0 for limit switches
12:05 AM XXCoder: one of reasons it might have joint limit is machine limit 0 is also at 0, should have soft limit 0 and machine limit at small amount lower than that for example
12:05 AM CaptTactful: then moved them to parport1
12:05 AM XXCoder: so it was functional before?
12:05 AM XXCoder: if it was, then it isnt configuration issue
12:05 AM CaptTactful: is tha some step to take oimn stepconfig?
12:05 AM CaptTactful: yes, limit switches worked b4
12:05 AM CaptTactful: on parport0
12:05 AM CaptTactful: now on parport1, nogo
12:05 AM XXCoder: okay so its not configuratuon, in least not limit switches section
12:05 AM CaptTactful: thats y im not sure parport1 is working
12:05 AM XXCoder: well theres sample c program to control parallel port, could attach a led and flash it see if it works at all
12:05 AM XXCoder: https://aharrymind.com/custom_smart_devices/control_devices_with_the_parallel_port_in_linux_continued/
12:05 AM XXCoder: im not sure how HAL selects which parallel port when you define pins
12:05 AM CaptTactful: cant u test voltage at db25?
12:05 AM XXCoder: ya could do that
12:06 AM CaptTactful: how does the Nissan hook up to a db25 parallel port?
12:07 AM CaptTactful: I think it has proprietary ports
12:07 AM jesseg: that part is no problem, for a while I had two volt meters and a 4 channel oscilloscope on the dash hooked into the engine electronics.
12:07 AM jesseg: But try to get rear struts and you're out of options :P G'night folks
12:08 AM XXCoder: later and good luck
12:08 AM CaptTactful: right
12:08 AM CaptTactful: who, me or the Nissan guy?
12:08 AM XXCoder: jess
12:09 AM jesseg: thanks XXCoder :D
12:11 AM CaptTactful: hmmm, i wonder if my port has been initialized in HAL?
12:11 AM CaptTactful: cing documtentaion on what should b, but, dont c where 2 input it
12:15 AM XXCoder: thats good question to ask, "is card even enabled in this HAL?"
12:16 AM CaptTactful: right. no idea
12:16 AM CaptTactful: imagine it should be as i selected 2 parports in config
12:16 AM XXCoder: isnt there a step in stepconfig where you select port for say limit switch?
12:17 AM CaptTactful: yes in port setup
12:17 AM CaptTactful: so parport0 = port1 in config
12:17 AM CaptTactful: parport1 = port2 in config
12:18 AM XXCoder: so you would get two pages one for each port
12:18 AM XXCoder: you enable or not on those pages
12:18 AM CaptTactful: it must initialize the port as i selected 2 ports ans it shows me the 2nd port screen for pin selection
12:18 AM CaptTactful: no
12:19 AM CaptTactful: select 1 or 2 ports in Bse Info page
12:19 AM CaptTactful: Base Info page
12:19 AM XXCoder: later steps woould be checklist for limit switches etc
12:19 AM CaptTactful: next page is port 1 then port 2
12:19 AM XXCoder: indeed
12:20 AM CaptTactful: so, lcnc should accept the port as active... i think
12:21 AM XXCoder: yeah
12:21 AM XXCoder: so we confirmed condig and address of port
12:21 AM CaptTactful: yep
12:22 AM XXCoder: so next is confirming port works
12:22 AM CaptTactful: gota take off 4 now
12:22 AM CaptTactful: thx 4 the help
12:22 AM XXCoder: no problem later
01:59 AM Deejay: moin
04:59 AM Tom_L: morning
06:12 AM jthornton: morning
11:37 AM jesseg: Morning
12:18 PM jthornton: breaking the screen on your phone sucks, all the tools to transfer assume two good working phones...
12:41 PM t4nk-freenode: or just connect to your pc via usb
12:41 PM t4nk-freenode: and copy over
12:42 PM JT-Shop: just copy the files?
12:43 PM SpeedEvil: Or replace the motherboard.
12:43 PM t4nk-freenode: cnc a new lcd yourself?
12:44 PM JT-Shop: lol
12:44 PM SpeedEvil: I have with a tablet gotten an identical one, and blind-activated screen sharing.
12:44 PM JT-Shop: I have a new screen on the way
12:44 PM SpeedEvil: To my TV
03:35 PM Deejay: gn8
03:58 PM _unreal_: I'm back
03:58 PM _unreal_: more durty duty BS gone and done with
04:41 PM gregcnc: anyone ever replaced bearings in a AC servo?
04:54 PM sync: yes gregcnc
05:16 PM t4nk-freenode: mmmzmmzz.. I think I almost got three sets of dc motor, rotary encoder and gears 'complete'
05:17 PM t4nk-freenode: I managed to replace a small motor with a nice big fat one on a frame
05:17 PM t4nk-freenode: v nice
05:18 PM t4nk-freenode: gotta do the same with the third set, I think this will work, then I just need to glue some sensor to the frame, to read the encoder
05:18 PM jthornton: I managed to get 0 work done today
05:18 PM t4nk-freenode: a feat as well
05:19 PM * t4nk-freenode did saw a big fat steel? rod with a baby saw ;)
05:20 PM t4nk-freenode: I just accepted that it would take a decent amount of time... exerted no pressure at all
05:20 PM t4nk-freenode: sang a few songs and I was done.
05:58 PM * jthornton wonders what was eating up bandwidth yesterday and today...
05:59 PM jdh: chickens were looking at cat pics
05:59 PM jthornton: or ordering crickets
06:00 PM t4nk-freenode: well... I look at pussy too sometimes.. nothing wrong with that ;)
06:04 PM jthornton: wow the forum has 20 updates to do, crap I've only been gone a few days
06:10 PM jthornton: all right the forum is up to date and rebooted... my work is done for the day
06:14 PM jym: Blackouts from Tuesday THRU Friday!!!
06:31 PM jthornton: I need to make a vacuum forming box, anyone made one before?
06:32 PM jthornton: jym, look at the savings you'll get
06:34 PM jym: jthornton: I JUST bought two boxes of advil in anticipation
06:34 PM jthornton: lol
06:35 PM jym: And 5 qts of oil for the generators
06:35 PM jthornton: your generators leak oil?
06:36 PM jym: jthornton: No no, I installed an hour meter and if they get a bit low, instead of topping them off, just do an oil change.
06:37 PM jym: jthornton: I pre-measure 20oz of oil into soda bottles, makes oil changes fairly simple.
06:39 PM jym: There aint very much saving these little engines other than oil, so just change it more often since it's running like 18 hours at a time non stop
06:40 PM jthornton: chickens are heading to bed or roost as the case may be
06:40 PM jym: jthornton: sunset? or did you program a sleep time bell?
06:40 PM jthornton: sunset in 4 minutes
06:41 PM jym: ah
06:41 PM jthornton: chickens are pretty amazing how they know what to do without being taught by an adult
06:42 PM jthornton: if a chick can find water and food it will survive, if a chick finds me it lives in the lap of luxury and is spoiled
06:42 PM jym: Just got a clamp on amp meter, now I need to figure out how to measure the full 220V load
06:42 PM jym: jthornton: LMAO, Wait, who siad you were an "adult" ?
06:42 PM jthornton: measure each leg
06:43 PM jthornton: I didn't teach them anything
06:43 PM jthornton: hmm Molly is still outside...
06:44 PM jym: ah ok, I wasn't sure, I'm really only using the L14-30 for the 120V feed(s)
06:44 PM jym: jthornton: She lost?
06:44 PM jym: Chicken Rebel?
06:48 PM jthornton: she feels neglected because she is ugly from molting
06:49 PM jym: Awwwww, stickerry and feeling miserabl
06:51 PM jym: Whatcha think, 40 hours on 20 oz of oil?
06:52 PM jym: It looked pretty dirty at 65 hours
06:57 PM hazzy-m: re
07:02 PM * Tom_L lights a candle for jym
07:08 PM hazzy-m: is anybody here planning to attend MetalCon or FABTECH this year?
07:11 PM jym: Tom_L thanks
07:12 PM Tom_L: jym you runnin 24/7 gen?
07:13 PM jym: Tom_L No, I shut it down when sleeping, but I have a marine battery and inverter in the house for lighting and whatnot, the start it back up around 6am or so
07:14 PM Tom_L: i think i change the oil in mine 2x in the long outtage we had way back when
07:15 PM Tom_L: almost 10-14 days iirc
07:15 PM jym: Tom_L I installed a quick connect on the 250 gallon propane tank, then run a hose 50ft to the generator.
07:18 PM jym: EVERYBODY was filling up with gasoline today, mostly I think to evacute than the generators
07:20 PM Tom_L: panic probably
07:20 PM Tom_L: that happened here once
07:20 PM jym: After last year, OH YEAH.... cars were running out of gas trying to evac last time.
07:21 PM Tom_L: long lines and pickups full of drums in the back to fill
07:23 PM jym: I only have 5+2 gal of gasoline, mostly for my Honda EU2000i generator
07:24 PM _unreal_: FINALLY recoverd
07:25 PM _unreal_: just got around to wiping that 23" i5 computer I was given
07:25 PM _unreal_: dual booting it for win/lcnc
07:25 PM _unreal_: speaking of Ineed to download the latest image of lcnc
07:28 PM unreal_ is now known as Guest14079
07:30 PM _unreal_ is now known as Guest71605
07:39 PM taloot: hi guys
07:47 PM flyback: jym, what the canuck is going on
07:47 PM flyback: why blackouts
07:49 PM _unreal_: flyback, becuase he lives in cali
07:49 PM _unreal_: only the rich and illegals get to have power
07:52 PM flyback: yeah their forced green thing
07:52 PM flyback: enjoy more and more of this
07:53 PM _unreal_: this next election cycle is going to be a real eye opener ME thinks...
07:54 PM flyback: i doubt it
07:54 PM flyback: california has been damned for a long time
07:56 PM _unreal_: flyback, remember my cad drawing? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QZydBdrzgvEeSeUNslRsTQ7cvXA6og3l
07:56 PM flyback: nice
07:58 PM CaptHindsight: No-calibration branch is fixed. Please resume testing. github.com/NTULINUX/RTAI
08:04 PM _unreal_: flyback, as I said I'm going to make you one liek it or not
08:05 PM flyback: dude my dad won't let it in here
08:05 PM flyback: thete;s no room
08:05 PM flyback: I keep telling you
08:05 PM _unreal_: this first one is the one for my daughter. not working yet but 3/4 done
08:06 PM _unreal_: a final version really needs to have ball bearings instead of the slide rails I have setup and am setting up
08:07 PM _unreal_: I'm burning Lcnc right now wheezey
08:08 PM flyback: jym, mabye you should leave irc
08:08 PM flyback: and go get more fuel
08:08 PM flyback: etc
08:09 PM _unreal_: its just cali's way of suggesting to the people of cali to switch to solar and WIND...
08:09 PM _unreal_: NO damns though damn are bad
08:09 PM flyback: yeah
08:09 PM flyback: I know
08:10 PM _unreal_: but if its a beaver damn and it floods out your own. thats good
08:10 PM _unreal_: nature good
08:11 PM _unreal_: omg... I was just thinking back to when I had my first cd burner
08:11 PM _unreal_: 2x HP4020I
08:12 PM _unreal_: I loved that cd burner
08:12 PM _unreal_: it was a scsi...
08:12 PM _unreal_: I even had to repair it because it had a defect in the laser caddy
08:13 PM _unreal_: required some bits of paper under a certian set of legs to raise the tray.
08:13 PM _unreal_: had to do with the targeting.
08:14 PM _unreal_: the spring got weak with time as I recall and the fix was to just shim the carrage up
08:14 PM _unreal_: BUT OMG burning at 2x cdrom
08:14 PM _unreal_: :P
08:18 PM flyback: nice
08:19 PM flyback: I have a burner with a bad tray
08:19 PM flyback: but using it anyways cause it's really good for reading bad discs
08:52 PM Sabotend_ is now known as Sabotender
08:52 PM t4nk-freenode: *sigh*... the motor I want to use has some cog attached that has twist in the grooves, so I want to replace it
08:52 PM t4nk-freenode: it's a little metal cog, I tried heating it with the air gun
08:53 PM t4nk-freenode: dunno how much heat it would need.. perhaps just hold it over the stove? but I'd really like to keep the motor in tact
08:56 PM SpeedEvil: Brass?
09:11 PM t4nk-freenode: eh... I don't think so, it has a pale metal color
09:19 PM t4nk-freenode: https://proxy.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fae01.alicdn.com%2Fkf%2FHTB1NsjYOFXXXXcrXpXXq6xXFXXXA%2FHot-original-Printer-Carriage-Motor-CR-motor-For-Epson-SureColor-F6070-F7070-F6000-F7000-CR-motor.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 similar to this
09:22 PM CaptHindsight: inkjet printer motors, they are getting worse
09:22 PM t4nk-freenode: did you mean me personally? or the trash they put in?
09:23 PM CaptHindsight: who am i to judge?
09:23 PM t4nk-freenode: I did notice a severe difference between several printers
09:23 PM t4nk-freenode: some printers have stirdy everything
09:24 PM t4nk-freenode: and other bastards all have flimsy stuff, and pref-bly those tiny motors
09:24 PM CaptTactful: hi. any chance I could break in for a question or 2?
09:24 PM CaptHindsight: don't ask to ask just ask
09:25 PM CaptTactful: hesitant 2 interrupt...
09:25 PM CaptTactful: using debian wheezy 2.7.4
09:25 PM CaptHindsight: <------- 2/3 asleep
09:25 PM CaptTactful: trying to configure 2nd parport for sensors
09:26 PM CaptTactful: i havs 3 homeing switches
09:26 PM CaptTactful: 5 machine limit switches as well as probe etc.
09:26 PM CaptTactful: not sure if parport is actually on in lcnc
09:27 PM CaptTactful: in step config i select 2 parports
09:27 PM CaptTactful: get 2 pages
09:27 PM CaptHindsight: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Parallel_Port_Tester
09:27 PM CaptHindsight: test to see ^^
09:28 PM CaptTactful: beauty. this will help a bunch im sure. thx
09:28 PM CaptTactful: I am not sure of HAl
09:28 PM CaptTactful: i select it in config
09:29 PM CaptTactful: but, dont know my way around lcnc m uch
09:30 PM jym: Hey CaptHindsight
09:30 PM CaptHindsight: wuchawant jym?
09:31 PM CaptHindsight: Hey like in hey or like hey?
09:32 PM jym: CaptHindsight: As in, YO, how da hell are ya doin?
09:33 PM CaptHindsight: might be dying again, I'll know more tomorrow, how are you?
09:33 PM jym: CaptHindsight: I WILL be dying tomorrow, 4 day blackout
09:34 PM CaptHindsight: candlelight, books, chalk, shovel etc worked in the olden days
09:34 PM jym: What is this "chalk" and "candle" you speak of?
09:35 PM CaptHindsight: when Abe Lincoln was a child he used to write on a dirty shovel with chalk
09:36 PM jym: and he was shot dead too
09:36 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.flickr.com/photos/internetarchivebookimages/14780346341/
09:37 PM CaptHindsight: pretty sure that is an actual drawing of him ^^
09:38 PM jym: I picked up that Klein CL800 today, gonna see how balanced the panel is
09:39 PM CaptHindsight: don't zap yourself
09:39 PM CaptHindsight: jym: area blackout to reapir power lines?
09:39 PM CaptHindsight: repair even
09:40 PM jym: Nah, I just suspect there is a heavier load on one side of the 110V panel, than the other.
09:40 PM jym: Nope, risk of fire danger due to weather, so they are shutting down the grid.
09:40 PM CaptHindsight: wow
09:41 PM jym: Had a 48 hour blackout 2 weeks ago, a 12hr black out couple of days agi, and a 4 day one starting tomorrow
09:41 PM CaptHindsight: if they sent power through water lines that would not be a problem
09:41 PM jym: Yeah, they are bitch and work on underground lines
09:42 PM CaptHindsight: are you going solar?
09:42 PM jym: well, making the lines underground that is, hell they already burned the town down,
09:43 PM jym: Can't, not enough clearnace due to the forest, plus snow in winter
09:43 PM CaptHindsight: when will fires eason be over?
09:43 PM CaptHindsight: fire season
09:44 PM jym: Have propane generator and they will top off the 250 gallon tank tomorrow
09:44 PM jym: probably next month
09:45 PM CaptHindsight: how long will that tank last you?
09:47 PM jym: The only thing really on the tank in the water heater, but last year I added a quick connect for the generator. The WH alone takes nothing at all. let me lookup the generator again...
09:49 PM jym: Ok, they say just under 9 hours at 50% load using a standard 5gallon bbq propane tank
09:54 PM gregcnc: Sync I have a Lenze MDSKARS w/ a resolver in it. being an Async motor does the resolver need alignment?
09:56 PM jym: CaptHindsight: So I should have at least 14 days if I ran it 24hr/day, plus I have 7 five gal tanks too.
09:58 PM Tom_itx: Stable RTAI 5.2.3 release for LinuxCNC
09:59 PM Tom_L: just got the email
10:09 PM t4nk-freenode: ... darnit, the cog won't budge
10:10 PM t4nk-freenode: I guess I gotta see if I can cut a slit into some plate tomorrow, and then try to hammer it out with a nail
10:11 PM CaptTactful: capthindsight- looked up ur recomendations for parport tester. cant seem to run PortTest
10:13 PM CaptHindsight: CaptTactful: how did you install LCNC?
10:16 PM _unreal_: is there a UEFI boot version of lcnc
10:16 PM _unreal_: ?
10:22 PM drdoc: y
10:22 PM drdoc: hey, even
10:22 PM CaptHindsight: LCNC works with legacy BIOS, UEFI and coreboot
10:30 PM CaptTactful: installed on fresh debian wheezy
10:34 PM CaptTactful: CaptHindsight: LCNC 2.7.14 on Debian Wheezy
10:37 PM drdoc: _unreal_: WebMD says you need to get to a doctor with that
11:23 PM t4nk-freenode: heheh guess sóme illegal immigrants are good for sóme things after all ;)
11:25 PM t4nk-freenode: well, I mangled the gear and motor a bit more..
11:25 PM t4nk-freenode: *ponder*
11:25 PM taloot: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1-c-s.w4004-17417981346.5.62705beeJxW9cw&id=565033409792
11:25 PM taloot: same as pocket NC
11:26 PM taloot: complete LCNC+ driver+ screwn 150$
11:26 PM taloot: Yuntai integrated 3D printing control touch screen, using a single-chip solution, the main control chip built-in 1GHz Cortex-A8 ARM and two 200MHz 32-bit programmable real-time control unit, to meet real-time processing and ultra-low latency requirements, strong performance, rich interface ,Stable and reliable. The software has a variety of modes to choose from. It can transplant the
11:26 PM taloot: existing product code to the real-time control unit or add functions according to the product requirements based on the existing new code. It is a perfect alternative to ARM+ MCU or serial screen + MCU solution. . It can also be applied to laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, industrial robots, CNC machine tools, five-axis linkage machines, etc., and supports up to 9-axis linkage.
11:31 PM taloot: chinese Evolve lcnc a way better overr the years.. this is the benfit of 3d printer evolotuion
11:34 PM Elmo40: that is interesting
11:35 PM Elmo40: how does it run lcnc?
11:36 PM Elmo40: i wonder how in supports 9-axis via 'linkage'.
11:38 PM t4nk-freenode: might not need to remove the pinion after all; got another option with another wheel to drive... hope it'll work
11:38 PM Elmo40: any way to find this board on alibaba?
11:45 PM taloot: hii
11:45 PM taloot: its in tabao
11:46 PM taloot: in taobao you find the good things
11:46 PM taloot: its ARM
11:46 PM taloot: even its with wifi
11:46 PM taloot: its perfect for small machiines i guess
11:47 PM taloot: every thing in one package
11:47 PM taloot: but i stop using steppers without encoder
11:47 PM taloot: so its uesless for me
11:48 PM taloot: mybe cpu+fpga+touchscreen
11:48 PM taloot: all under 1100
11:49 PM taloot: 100$