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Sep 18 2019

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12:23 AM flyback: see what I mean
12:27 AM flyback: that's the response of a typical eh?-hole!
12:27 AM * flyback punches Elmo40
12:27 AM flyback: BMCC
12:27 AM pink_vampire: if someone use firefox here, this addon is a must! https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/image-search-options/reviews/?score=5
12:28 AM pink_vampire: hi miss0r2
12:29 AM miss0r2: hello pink_vampire. are you up to anything interresting?
12:30 AM pink_vampire: I'm thinking about stopping the prints of the MPCNC
12:30 AM miss0r2: why? :D
12:30 AM pink_vampire: https://twitter.com/V1Engineering/status/1170360085731692544
12:31 AM pink_vampire: https://twitter.com/toms3dp/status/1171756530577924097
12:31 AM pink_vampire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68ohaPYyiDA
12:31 AM pink_vampire: this is why
12:31 AM pink_vampire: it is not an open source project, and you can't modify anything
12:32 AM miss0r2: was it supposed to be? :S
12:33 AM miss0r2: that is too much reading for me :)
12:33 AM pink_vampire: tl;dr, if someone makes an improvement to it, you can't share it.
12:34 AM miss0r2: :o
12:34 AM miss0r2: that is shit
12:34 AM sensille: tl;dr tom's a jerk
12:34 AM miss0r2: it would seem like that
12:34 AM miss0r2: surefire way of killing an 'open source' project
12:35 AM sensille: tom clearly disrespected the license
12:36 AM miss0r2: great way of getting excluded from the open source community
12:38 AM pink_vampire: sensille: this is the point, there is no patent on it, and Tom design the part from scratch to solve a problem with the belt. tom shared the file for any use, and Ryan force him to remove it.
12:38 AM miss0r2: why would he even do that?
12:38 AM sensille: but tom's design looked very much like the original
12:39 AM sensille: also he could just have released it under the same license as the original
12:40 AM sensille: but taking parts with non-commercial license, copying them and re-releasing under a free license is direspectful
12:45 AM pink_vampire: sensille: this is the point, according to Ryan perspective, only "V1Engineering" allow to share / sell files / parts related to MPCNC
12:45 AM sensille: not share, but sell
12:45 AM pink_vampire: so lets say I have those 15 or so parts, and I don't want to finish the build, you can't even sell them on ebay.
12:45 AM sensille: only if you want to make money from it
12:45 AM sensille: if you sell them at your cost, it should be ok
12:48 AM Rab: Trying to apply that license to physical instances of the parts, and original workalikes, seems like overreach (at least under US law). I'm pretty sure you can do whatever you want with the parts, and tell V1 to get stuffed.
12:49 AM sensille: maybe. but that would still be disrespectful to ryan
12:49 AM Rab: Now maybe there's some implied social contract, where people in the scene are trying to be nice to V1 and not rip off or compete or whatever. But it's not legally enforceable.
12:50 AM sensille: at least tom admitted that he over-reacted
12:51 AM pink_vampire: maybe we need to make an alternative to MPCNC
12:51 AM pink_vampire: that will be 100% open source
12:52 AM sensille: finish your build and tell us if it's worth it :)
12:53 AM Elmo40: pink_vampire, nice add-on. some users say it reads your user/login details...
12:54 AM pink_vampire: o_o
12:54 AM Rab: Ryan's abuse of CC licensing doesn't exactly inspire respect.
12:54 AM pink_vampire: it was recommended by Mozilla
12:57 AM sensille: Rab: why do you think it is an abuse?
12:58 AM Rab: sensille, because the license can't apply to original physical workalikes. Pretending it does is an abuse.
12:59 AM sensille: it can't apply to purely functional parts. but his copy goes beyond pure functionality
01:00 AM Elmo40: besides, isn't all the copyright/patent stuff only to limit you from producing the items with intent to sell?
01:00 AM Elmo40: patents are public domain. why can't you make it for youself?
01:00 AM Elmo40: besides, who's to know you did it? ;-)
01:01 AM Rab: Is the form of the clamp patented or trademarked? If not, you can create identical clamp-shaped objects all day long, and sell them far and wide.
01:01 AM sensille: i think you are allowed to
01:03 AM Elmo40: pink_vampire, i think this one looks a little better
01:03 AM Elmo40: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/search_by_image/?src=search
01:03 AM Elmo40: there is no limitation on making it for 'personal use'
01:04 AM Elmo40: but if there is a legit patented item, you can still make it and sell it just suffer their wrath >_< (again, IF they find out.)
01:06 AM pink_vampire: Elmo40: thanks!
01:06 AM pink_vampire: so if there is no patent, can someone copy the whole design?
01:07 AM Elmo40: sure
01:07 AM Elmo40: why not?
01:09 AM Rab: https://www.bitlaw.com/copyright/unprotected.html
01:09 AM Rab: Specifically: https://www.bitlaw.com/copyright/unprotected.html#useful
01:19 AM pink_vampire: the part that tom did is compatible, with MPCNC, like any conversion kit that we buy for our milling machines
01:19 AM pink_vampire: the part that tom did is compatible, with MPCNC, like any conversion kit that we buy for our milling machines
01:20 AM pink_vampire: why it sent it 2 times??
01:25 AM Rab: Haha, watching Tom's video and he cites the same bitlaw.com link.
01:29 AM Rab: I like the part where he pulls his design, but then enjoins Ryan from incorporating his enhancement in any derivative work.
02:04 AM Deejay: moin
02:13 AM pink_vampire: hi Deejay
02:13 AM Deejay: hi pink :)
04:31 AM mike_ is now known as Guest2023
04:50 AM Tom_L: morning
05:09 AM pink_vampire: hi Tom_L
05:22 AM jthornton: morning
05:22 AM XXCoder: heys
05:23 AM XXCoder: jthornton: saw huge machine on for first time. its new, that dirt thing was really protective wax/grease thing to stop rust when it dont have pol and coolant protecting it yetr
05:28 AM jthornton: what's pol?
05:28 AM XXCoder: oil*
08:18 AM miss0r2: ahh :] I just found out my new push oil injector also fits the bores on my outside door hinges :) sweet blisfull silense
08:26 AM JT-Shop: I may be shooting myself in the foot but I'm taking the old dryer vent out and patching the wall
08:26 AM miss0r2: uhoh :D
08:35 AM JT-Shop: the extraction went well... now to patch the holes
08:52 AM Loetmichel: ah, btw: if someone of you guys/gals is working with CamBam: DONT use splines when you export from your CAD in DXF. Cambam interprets splines slightly wrong, full circles stay circles, partial arcs will mutate to "eggs"! (Good thing that wasnt a tight fitting part. :)
08:56 AM gregcnc: Why would anyone want a CAM that actually follows the geometry as drawn?
09:02 AM Lcvette: Tom_L: no didnt get it working yet, put in a message to xhc to find out why the output is 2.7v for the mpg and not 5v
09:05 AM Tom_L: probably not a bad idea
09:06 AM Tom_L: JT-Shop, maybe it would have been easier to swap the doors around?
09:07 AM JT-Shop: not possible
09:07 AM JT-Shop: backing in place now for the osb patch
09:07 AM Tom_L: :/
09:08 AM Tom_L: guess the korean's haven't figured that out yet
09:13 AM Tom_L: is there enough difference between 2.7 & master that you must use 'joint' now instead of 'axis' ?
09:14 AM JT-Shop: yea
09:15 AM Tom_L: no wonder he couldn't get his config to work
09:15 AM Tom_L: Lcvette's using master
09:15 AM Tom_L: duely noted.
09:16 AM Lcvette: you solved it?
09:16 AM Lcvette: :o
09:16 AM Tom_L: no but that makes sense since they're moving toward joint terminology instead of axis
09:17 AM Lcvette: ah
09:17 AM Lcvette: you said i needed 10k ohm pull up resistor
09:17 AM Lcvette: ?
09:17 AM Tom_L: kinda progressing away from lcnc's roots imo
09:17 AM Lcvette: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XGH7T9L/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
09:18 AM Tom_L: you could safely try that i'm pretty sure
09:18 AM Lcvette: i have that kit, but not saure if the pull up resistors are in it
09:18 AM * Lcvette uploaded an image: image.png (685KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/BQvBBNhlUyYFoBWxjEvKRsGn >
09:19 AM Tom_L: i would have suggested 1k so somewhere between :)
09:19 AM Tom_L: but i didn't really wanna risk your hardware
09:19 AM Lcvette: 1k
09:19 AM Lcvette: ok
09:19 AM Tom_L: that kit has both
09:20 AM Tom_L: just see what the 10k does
09:20 AM Lcvette: is it a pull up?
09:20 AM Tom_L: yeah, one on each leg to +5v
09:21 AM Lcvette: how do i identify between normal and pullup
09:21 AM Tom_L: how it's used
09:21 AM Lcvette: oh
09:21 AM Lcvette: you mean just turn it around?
09:21 AM Tom_L: be sure to check the resistor polarity though :D
09:21 AM Lcvette: one way its a pull down and the other is pull up?
09:22 AM Tom_L: no i'm messin with ya now
09:22 AM Tom_L: resistors don't have polarity like diodes etc
09:22 AM Lcvette: :p
09:22 AM Lcvette: lol
09:22 AM Tom_L: pulldown would go to gnd
09:23 AM Tom_L: pullup would go to +V
09:23 AM Lcvette: so im gonna put these where the two A+ and B+ go to the 7i77
09:23 AM Lcvette: ?
09:23 AM Tom_L: so tie 2 resistors together and put that at the +5v and the other end of each goes to the mpg A B terminals
09:24 AM Tom_L: yes
09:25 AM Tom_L: A--/\/\/---+5---/\/\\--B
09:27 AM Lcvette: +5---//\--A
09:27 AM Lcvette: --7i77
09:28 AM Lcvette: ```net jogcounts => axis.3.jog-counts
09:28 AM Lcvette: +5---/\/\\--B--7i77
09:30 AM Tom_L: bbl
09:30 AM * Lcvette sent a long message: < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/sDSqZXXkGbKwDbLOjjNfcYYH >
09:30 AM Lcvette: found this blurb in the manual
09:31 AM Tom_L: just like i suspected
09:31 AM Lcvette: but my unit was made with a 24v input and outputs 5v so somewhere internally its stepping down the voltage too much i thinkl
09:31 AM Tom_L: they're open collector so you can use a 200 ohm resistor if you wanted to
09:31 AM Lcvette: so i need 200ohm pull up resistor?
09:31 AM Tom_L: i'd probably use 330 or 1k
09:31 AM Tom_L: it's not critical
09:32 AM Lcvette: k
09:32 AM Tom_L: test with the 1k first
09:32 AM Tom_L: but that will likely fix it
09:32 AM Lcvette: k
09:32 AM Tom_L: gotta run
09:32 AM Lcvette: here is to hoping!
09:32 AM Lcvette: \o/
09:32 AM * Tom_L doesn't wait around for the smoke
10:08 AM Choscura: just off hand, has anybody here put a robot arm on a more conventional CNC assembly before?
10:09 AM Choscura: I have this idea for basically an overhead crane CNC exchange system, think upside down machine lathe and you'll have a rough outline of the picture, and the idea is to have robot arm on the cross slide, so it can move over to tailstock, pick up a piece, move it to the chucke, maniuplate it in, etc.
10:12 AM Choscura: because, I've got a number of different heads I'd like to come up with to make stuff with this. 3d print heads, that carbon-fiber-tape thing they make airbus wings out of, waterjet cutter, EDM cutter/drill head, maybe a laser engraver thing too. Seriously, though, if it were properly articulated and stabilized, I'd be happy just putting a skew chisel in this and using it like a digital shaper.
10:13 AM Choscura: motor winding jigs, some fiber handling stuff for weaving together glass or carbon fibers, the ability to wind or otherwise manufacture springs, etc.
10:14 AM JT-Shop: yea the outside wall is patched, now for the inside
10:15 AM Choscura: JT-Shop, spray-foam, let it set, cut it flush, sand it down, mud plaster, let that dry, sand it again so it's flush, paint, done
10:16 AM Choscura: unless you're doing some kind of structural thing? but fuck the traditional drywall mud stuff, the sprayfoams the best small hole patch for between-studs type patch jobs
10:28 AM JT-Shop: patching a 4" hole, no problem
10:29 AM roycroft: i would not rely on just expandable foam to patch a wall
10:30 AM roycroft: i'd cut a piece of hardware cloth a bit larger than the hole size, push that into the wall, support it with some wire so that it's flush with the inside of the wall, and then spray some expandable foam to hold it in place
10:30 AM roycroft: then mud over that
10:31 AM JT-Shop: I woudn't
10:50 AM flyback: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-nfIfSjglo
11:14 AM Lcvette: Tom_L: im unclear still on the resistor wiring
11:14 AM Lcvette: mainly because the signal comes from inside a box
11:15 AM Lcvette: because its wireless
11:20 AM * Lcvette uploaded an image: VectorImage_2019-09-18_121441.jpg (402KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/MgkjAZuDWEmtHikBLvDoJVru >
11:24 AM * Lcvette uploaded an image: VectorImage_2019-09-18_121830.jpg (405KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/KFbevRqsCRCxhwzftpvBujYb >
11:25 AM Lcvette: The VCC and 0V are 24v
11:26 AM Lcvette: The board has a 24v to 5v adapter on it to convert to the 5v output of the A+ and B+
11:40 AM Lcvette: R3 and R8 have 5.27v going in, and when I move the mpg wheel they have 2.7v on the otherside
11:41 AM Lcvette: So I'm guessing I can source 5vcc from one side of the resistor?
11:41 AM jthornton: sheetrock patched, floor patched, lunch minute is over... time to find that box of left over tile
11:44 AM Lcvette: I have continuity between A+ and the outside of R3 and continuity between B+ and the outside of R8
11:44 AM * Lcvette uploaded an image: IMG_20190918_123356978.jpg (281KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/QGJDVInAnhXIhHPUOSXYFvbJ >
11:45 AM Lcvette: So in guessing I need to add a resistor there?
11:46 AM Lcvette: Any ideas?
12:17 PM Tom_L: you said you saw a note about adding pullups
12:17 PM Tom_L: where did it say to add them?
12:19 PM Lcvette: it didn't
12:19 PM Tom_L: i'd call em
12:19 PM Tom_L: or get a real pendant :)
12:20 PM Lcvette: i left a mesage
12:20 PM Lcvette: this is a nice pendant
12:20 PM Tom_L: it is if it works
12:20 PM Lcvette: very well made
12:20 PM Lcvette: just need to sort out this voltage issue
12:21 PM Lcvette: i like having a wired but wireless setup
12:21 PM Tom_L: i wonder what R10 & 11 are for
12:21 PM Lcvette: the reviews on it say there is no lag
12:22 PM Lcvette: looks like they bridge A- and A+
12:22 PM Lcvette: and B- and B+
12:25 PM Tom_L: too bad you don't have a plain MPG to test with
12:25 PM Lcvette: i do
12:26 PM Tom_L: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-Manual-Pulse-Generator-MPG-6-Terminal-5V-60mm-for-engraving-handwheel/401756411978?hash=item5d8a8c584a:g:xycAAOSwBAxcwslK
12:26 PM Tom_L: wire one up and you can at least test your config
12:26 PM Lcvette: good idea
12:27 PM Tom_L: ^^ those shouldn't need any pullups
12:28 PM Tom_L: you won't have the selector switch unless you rig one up
12:28 PM Lcvette: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CZ7F3Y3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
12:28 PM Lcvette: i have this wired pendant
12:28 PM Lcvette: but iuts wired into another machine
12:29 PM Lcvette: i'll wait and see what the manufacturer comes back with this evening and if nothing else i will swap the wired pendant over
12:29 PM Tom_L: depends if you want to go to the trouble or not
12:33 PM Lcvette: i hate pulling a good running machine apart
12:34 PM Lcvette: if the mfg doesn't have a solution by tomorrow i'll do it
12:35 PM Lcvette: seems like none of my projects ever go smoothly
12:36 PM Lcvette: maybe i should start day drinking
12:36 PM Lcvette: lol
12:41 PM Tom_L: you don't seem to pick the simplest of solutions
12:41 PM Tom_L: you did get your servos working right didn't you?
12:42 PM Tom_L: you could just get another one of those wired pendants instead of ripping the machine apart
01:03 PM Lcvette: but i want the wireless
01:03 PM Lcvette: big machine to walk around
01:04 PM Lcvette: i like having the wireless able to go inside the enclosure for setups
01:04 PM Lcvette: without the sprung cord pulling on it
01:04 PM Lcvette: magnetically sticks to the column etc
01:04 PM Lcvette: makes life easier...once its working
01:05 PM Lcvette: buying another pendant is more money spent when i ave a solution that should work
01:05 PM Lcvette: the simplest solution is mach3
01:05 PM Lcvette: lol
01:06 PM Lcvette: so you are correct, i did not pick the simplest solution, a thought that constantly crosses my mind when i want to do something with a configutation
01:06 PM Lcvette: i do miss the simplicity of mach3's setup and config and ability to add on items like probes and pendants
01:06 PM Lcvette: but i know once linuxcnc is finally all sorted with the new gui it will be better by far
01:07 PM Lcvette: just took an extra year and a half to get there
01:31 PM Tom_L: where did you get that pendant?
01:32 PM Lcvette: from XHC direct
01:32 PM Lcvette: they are sleeping right now
01:33 PM Lcvette: http://www.cdxhctech.com/html/eProduct/
01:34 PM Tom_L: which one did you get?
01:35 PM Lcvette: http://www.cdxhctech.com/html/eProduct/view_381.html
01:35 PM Lcvette: this one
01:35 PM * jthornton takes a grapefruit break after test running the washing machine...
01:39 PM jthornton: break over back to work
01:43 PM * t4nk-freenode carefully scavenges the grapefruit-peels for leftovers
01:44 PM Lcvette: can you do a simple drawing for the pull up resistor connections on a normal mpg?
01:44 PM Lcvette: i thouyght i understood it but then i saw something else that makes me think i don't understand it
01:44 PM t4nk-freenode: I can only draw some very complex drawings of that, sorry!
01:52 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: VectorImage_2019-09-18_024658.jpg (48KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/wHYOUFbOQSJoGhxmhTMrMXiJ >
01:53 PM Lcvette: is this correct?
01:53 PM Lcvette: or dop i just put them inline between the control box and 7i77
01:54 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: VectorImage_2019-09-18_024908.jpg (55KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/hcmVtXbASbGWgsoIybCpTdix >
01:55 PM Lcvette: nopte im not an elecronics person in the least
01:56 PM Lcvette: the lower drawing doesn't make sense but thats how i interperetted what you sent me earlier
01:56 PM Lcvette: Tom_L: ?
02:00 PM t4nk-freenode: Lcvette, pull ups are just pull ups, nothing magic about it; without knowing the exact stuff you have it seems you rfirst drawing is right
02:01 PM t4nk-freenode: tb7-0 for example, then just connect a resistor to that and the other end to 5v. That way when nothing is connected .. the pin will always be at 5v; if you then apply 0v to it, that path will have the least resistance and so it will be low
02:05 PM Lcvette: t4nk-freenode: the issue we are trying to solve is that currently the A+ and B+ are outputting only 2.7v and the threshhold for the mpg input is 2.5v and we are concerned that its not enough voltage to register above threshhold
02:06 PM Lcvette: when not transmitting signal the A+ and B+ don't output
02:07 PM Lcvette: so i think* if i understand it correctly, we need to pull up the output further above threshhold without going over threshhold when not transmitting
02:07 PM Lcvette: but i could be completely wrong here admittedly with my lack of electronics knowledge
02:11 PM t4nk-freenode: I don't really know what the equiptment you're using is exactly, but A+ and B+ are outputs to tb7-0 and 1?
02:12 PM Lcvette: mpg wheel
02:12 PM t4nk-freenode: ... I don't know what that is ;)
02:13 PM Lcvette: manual pulse generator
02:13 PM Lcvette: creates pulses to move axis'
02:13 PM Lcvette: thats what the output is is a pulse stream while turning the hand wheel
02:14 PM t4nk-freenode: it should be safe to just try it out anyhow though.. no problem, the resistors have to be connected to 5v on the one side; the second drawing you had them in series and this does not work
02:15 PM Lcvette: i didn't think that was right
02:15 PM Lcvette: wasn't seeing where the voltage to pull up came from
02:34 PM t4nk-freenode: so when nothing happens, a+ and b+ are at 2.7v? and if you turn the wheel then a+ and b+ occasionally go low?
02:35 PM Lcvette: opposite
02:35 PM Lcvette: no wheel turn A+ and B+ are 0
02:36 PM Lcvette: wheel turn A= and B+ are 2.7v
02:36 PM t4nk-freenode: that's more logical
02:36 PM Lcvette: but should be 5v
02:36 PM Lcvette: or further above the 2.5v threshhold
02:37 PM Lcvette: so i think by using a pull up resistor it would need to keep A+ and B+ under 2.5v when the no wheel motion is present
02:37 PM Lcvette: im guessing when using a pull up resistor, it pulls the bottom and top voltage up
02:37 PM Lcvette: ?
02:37 PM Lcvette: not sure how it couldn't
02:38 PM Lcvette: as it seems it would basically just be adding surplus voltage around the outputs
02:38 PM t4nk-freenode: I am not sure how it would respond if a and b output 2.7, but when they go low it will work
02:39 PM Lcvette: i would imagine it lifts the voltage
02:39 PM t4nk-freenode: it would be easy enough just to test it
02:39 PM Lcvette: i saw a formula but if it added say 1.2v, at rest the circuit would have 1.2v and when turning it would have 3.9v
02:40 PM Lcvette: i will but i need to get the information of where to tap that 5v supply from the mfg
02:41 PM Lcvette: it has an internal 24v to 5v adapter on the circuit board
02:41 PM Lcvette: so im not sure where to grab the 5v+ to run through the resistor and to the A+ and B+ outputs
02:42 PM t4nk-freenode: probably best to tap it close to the 5v source, it doesn't matter too much
02:42 PM Lcvette: i suspect it will be adding a resistor over the R3 resistor and R8 resistor
02:43 PM Lcvette: i am not sure where that source is
02:43 PM Lcvette: and don't want to start soldering onto the circuit board without them approving it
02:43 PM Lcvette: was a pretty pricy pendant
02:43 PM Lcvette: over $200
02:44 PM Lcvette: don't wanna ruin anything unless they instruct me to use a specific source
02:44 PM Lcvette: they should have put it in the manual but its not
02:44 PM Lcvette: likely because they made this one with that 24v to 5v adapter which isn't standard
02:45 PM Lcvette: wish they would have just had two voltage connections, a 5v for the mpg and 24v for the common switches
02:45 PM Lcvette: would have been much simpler to test
02:46 PM t4nk-freenode: I don't think this will do the trick.. tb70 and 1 will be at 5v when nothing is connected
02:46 PM t4nk-freenode: but when a and b output 2.7v.. then tb will go to 2.7v only
02:47 PM t4nk-freenode: if a and b are low, then tb will be low too
02:47 PM Lcvette: i dunno
02:47 PM Lcvette: guess i will wait and see what they say
02:48 PM t4nk-freenode: I just tested that
02:48 PM Lcvette: i thought the resistor part would reduce voltage
02:48 PM Lcvette: of the 5v pull up portion
02:49 PM t4nk-freenode: in series it will affect stuff
02:49 PM Lcvette: if you add a 1k resitor to a circuit it reducxes voltage output correct?
02:49 PM t4nk-freenode: if it is in series it just behaves as i=u*r
02:49 PM Lcvette: so it is in series between 5v course and tb7-0
02:51 PM t4nk-freenode: but it won't do much with the voltage
02:52 PM t4nk-freenode: so if a and b were high at rest.. then it would work, but they aren
02:52 PM t4nk-freenode: t
02:53 PM t4nk-freenode: so you might need an inverter of some kind
02:54 PM t4nk-freenode: max ic
02:54 PM t4nk-freenode: ;) but let the guru's help you.. anything can be done anyhow you want to, but it's not always the most brilliant way
02:55 PM Lcvette: yeah its beyond me
03:06 PM Tom_L: just got back gimme a few
03:06 PM Tom_L: Lcvette
03:07 PM Lcvette: Tom_L: cool
03:07 PM Lcvette: thanks!
03:13 PM Tom_L: your first drawing looks correct
03:13 PM Tom_L: https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/wHYOUFbOQSJoGhxmhTMrMXiJ
03:13 PM Lcvette: lcvette plays in circuitlab
03:14 PM Tom_L: the 2nd one is incorrect
03:14 PM t4nk-freenode: Tom_L, ... that won't solve the issue. will it? won't tb just become 2.7v?
03:14 PM Tom_L: that would be in series which would only make it worse
03:15 PM Tom_L: t4nk-freenode he indicated the outputs were open collector so it should fix the problem
03:15 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: image.png (19KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/NQQbuyvrlgOVCALMiYNjWqoN >
03:15 PM t4nk-freenode: ah!
03:15 PM Tom_L: it will actually float to 5v and the mpg will pull it back to gnd
03:15 PM Lcvette: im trying to run this simulation
03:15 PM Tom_L: just think in reverse
03:17 PM Tom_L: Lcvette why?
03:17 PM Lcvette: so i can better understand what is going on
03:17 PM Lcvette: lol
03:17 PM Lcvette: i believe this is similar to what is happening
03:17 PM Lcvette: with the pull up resistor
03:17 PM Tom_L: the outputs from the mpg 'float' and need to be encouraged to commit to 5v
03:17 PM Lcvette: somehow they are pulling 5v down to 2.7
03:18 PM Tom_L: that's what the resistor does
03:18 PM Tom_L: then when the mpg is turned, each leg in turn will be pulled to gnd
03:18 PM Tom_L: you're thinking it has to be pulled high
03:18 PM Lcvette: so the mpg inputs are grounds?
03:18 PM Tom_L: but the reverse works just as well
03:18 PM Tom_L: sorta
03:19 PM Tom_L: but when it's low, it will be close to gnd potential
03:19 PM Tom_L: measure it to gnd and see
03:20 PM Lcvette: when i measured, i measured between ground and the 7i77 input
03:20 PM Tom_L: the low will be low but the high isn't high enough because it's open collector and needs the pullup resistor to pull it all the way to 5v
03:20 PM Lcvette: and got 2.7v
03:20 PM Tom_L: right
03:21 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/new_pulleys/spindle_enc1.jpg
03:21 PM Tom_L: i had to do the same thing with that encoder to get it to work
03:21 PM Tom_L: it's got pullups on both A & B outputs
03:22 PM Lcvette: nice!
03:22 PM Lcvette: im a visual learner
03:22 PM Tom_L: https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/wHYOUFbOQSJoGhxmhTMrMXiJ
03:22 PM Lcvette: so i am trying to make a similar circuit so i can play with it and see what is happening
03:22 PM Tom_L: so that drawing is correct
03:23 PM Lcvette: also maybe find what size will best work
03:23 PM Tom_L: 1k will be fine
03:23 PM Tom_L: they suggest 220r but anything from there to probably 10k would work
03:23 PM Tom_L: it's not super high speed or i'd say you need to get closer to the correct value
03:24 PM Tom_L: it's just a silly hand wheel
03:26 PM Tom_L: make sure the resistor leads can't short on anything in the control box too
03:26 PM Tom_L: i'll sometimes put small shrinkwrap on the resistor leads to prevent that if they're longer
03:26 PM Lcvette: k
03:27 PM Tom_L: their note wasn't very clear but that's basically what they're telling you to do
03:28 PM Lcvette: i just need them to tell me where to connect the source side of the resistor
03:28 PM Lcvette: I assume it is the R3 and R8
03:28 PM Tom_L: anywhere you can find a good 5v signal
03:28 PM Lcvette: since they measured 5.28v
03:28 PM Tom_L: and have room to solder it
03:28 PM Tom_L: post that box pic closeup again
03:29 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: IMG_20190918_123356978.jpg (281KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/XqSXnyxWVyCoSTdZJpHraXIZ >
03:29 PM Tom_L: i'd probably put them where the wires connect to the board
03:29 PM Tom_L: what's that red vcc wire? 5v?
03:30 PM Lcvette: 24v
03:30 PM Tom_L: dont' do that then
03:30 PM Lcvette: lol
03:30 PM Lcvette: i know right
03:30 PM Tom_L: where's the overall box pic...
03:31 PM Lcvette: thats been the issue for testing is knowing where to grab that 5vcc inside the box
03:31 PM Tom_L: poke around with a meter until you find 5v
03:33 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: VectorImage_2019-09-18_042734.jpg (500KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/drCPXLgLlfCgIadgSskQeUQi >
03:33 PM Lcvette: 5v between R3 and ground
03:33 PM Lcvette: And 5v between R8 and ground
03:34 PM Tom_L: so Q1 is probably a 5v regulator
03:34 PM Tom_L: the center lead
03:34 PM Tom_L: see what Q3 center measures too
03:35 PM Lcvette: Gimme a few to get to the machine, I'm ... Indesposed at the moment
03:36 PM Tom_L: probably one of those capacitors leg is 5v and the other capacitor is 24v
03:36 PM Tom_L: E2 E5
03:36 PM Tom_L: just looking for a place easy to tack a wire
03:37 PM Tom_L: i'd tack a stranded wire and run it to the 2 resistors tied together so there's a little strain relief
03:38 PM Lcvette: Q1 goes to R3 and on the other side I get 2.7v when I turned the wheel
03:39 PM Tom_L: i'd also test those 4 holes by R23 and see what you get there. i bet one is gnd and the other is +V but hard to say how much
03:39 PM Lcvette: So I assume a resistor between q1 and r3output side is what I need?
03:39 PM Tom_L: find a solid 5v that doesn't change
03:40 PM Lcvette: Q1 doesn't change
03:40 PM Tom_L: tie the resistors to the yellow and white wire
03:40 PM Tom_L: tie the other end of the resistors to each other
03:40 PM Tom_L: and run a wire from that point to 5v
03:41 PM Tom_L: i'd measure those 4 pads near R23
03:41 PM Tom_L: that would be a good spot to solder if one is 5v
03:42 PM Tom_L: i'm kinda betting one end is gnd and the other end is +v
03:42 PM Tom_L: but it might be 24 instead of 5
03:43 PM Tom_L: the traces are fatter so they probably carry supply voltage
03:43 PM Tom_L: the 2 center ones are signal of some sort. they're alot smaller traces
03:47 PM Lcvette: R23 is to small
03:47 PM Tom_L: no, the 4 pads beside it
03:47 PM Tom_L: the big holes
03:48 PM Lcvette: Oh
03:48 PM Tom_L: J1
03:48 PM Lcvette: Let me measure voltage
03:48 PM Tom_L: that would be an easy place to grab it
03:49 PM Lcvette: Those are all 3.36v
03:49 PM Tom_L: ok skip that
03:50 PM Lcvette: R3 and R8 have 5.28 v
03:50 PM Tom_L: so you found your 5v off the center of Q1 right?
03:50 PM Lcvette: On one side
03:50 PM Tom_L: which side?
03:51 PM Lcvette: Inside of R3 and R8 both are 5.28v to ground
03:52 PM Lcvette: The sides facing weach other
03:52 PM Tom_L: can you stuff a wire in the thru hole near it? (check the thru hole to make sure it also is 5v)
03:52 PM Lcvette: The other side of R3 and r 8 are 0.000
03:52 PM Tom_L: the trace that runs under R3 might be it
03:53 PM Lcvette: Nothwu are super tiny
03:54 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: VectorImage_2019-09-18_044820.jpg (101KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/bQExqEZAOttVOzhAUInoeCTW >
03:54 PM Lcvette: For reference
03:54 PM Lcvette: I could solder a wire to the side of r3
03:55 PM Lcvette: That's about the best bet size wise I'd be comfortable trying
03:55 PM Tom_L: ok
03:56 PM Lcvette: Bit before I try that I'm gonna wait for a reply I think
03:56 PM Tom_L: :)
03:56 PM Lcvette: O don't want to scrap a 200+ dollar pendant
03:56 PM Tom_L: i'd use a stranded wire there so you have some relief then tie that to the resistors
03:58 PM Tom_L: like they did with the yellow wires below it
04:19 PM JT-Shop: whew, the washer and dryer are installed... now I have to reverse the door to the laundry room lol
04:20 PM Tom_L: maybe you should have built a house around them?
04:21 PM Deejay: gn8
04:22 PM SpeedEvil: Here, spindle speed of washers is a prime selling point.
04:22 PM Tom_L: do they sell more front or top loaders there?
04:23 PM JT-Shop: no clue
04:24 PM SpeedEvil: Front (UK)
04:24 PM SpeedEvil: Toploaders are almost unheard of
04:24 PM Tom_L: they're great until they thrash the bearings to death
04:25 PM SpeedEvil: The bearings can be sized to last forever - in all the machines I've dealt with that have bearing failure, it's been due to liquid ingress through a failed seal
04:25 PM Tom_L: i agree
04:26 PM Tom_L: the last one i changed had chewed the crap out of the shaft too
04:26 PM Tom_L: ball must have gotten loose
04:26 PM SpeedEvil: (and in one case stress/corrosion on the spider)
04:26 PM JT-Shop: secret life of machines guys took some top loaders apart iirc
04:27 PM -!- #linuxcnc mode set to +v by ChanServ
05:31 PM * jthornton is worn out and not ready to lumberjack tomorrow...
05:33 PM jthornton: Tom_L, I built the house around the original top loaders lol
05:38 PM Tom_L: heh
05:39 PM jthornton: when your self unemployed time is no object
05:39 PM SpeedEvil: If the task is fun.
05:40 PM jthornton: yea or challenging
05:40 PM jthornton: tomorrow I'll cut down a huge white oak that died last winter, it's 50' from my new shop...
05:42 PM SpeedEvil: 20 feet tall, or 20 feet around?
05:49 PM Tom_L: 20' around would be one big OLD oak tree
05:52 PM andypugh: This one is 33’ and is particularly famous, to yes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major_Oak
05:53 PM andypugh: “….and is about 800–1000 years old.”
05:58 PM jthornton: it's about 90' tall I guess
05:59 PM Tom_L: gonna make lumber from any of it?
06:01 PM jthornton: yea, we will either make 12' or 10' boards just depends on the length of the usable part and if it is not hollow
06:05 PM jthornton: actually I have 4 to cut down the other three are only 18-24" in diameter
06:07 PM Tom_L: good for your wood lathe :)
06:08 PM jthornton: yea that would be a chunk to chuck up on the JET
06:11 PM jthornton: one of them I have no clue how I will fell it and make it not hang up in other trees...
06:15 PM jthornton: from what I've read your supposed to turn bowls with green wet wood...
06:16 PM Tom_L: yeah probably so
06:17 PM jthornton: then hope they don't crack as they dry out lol
06:19 PM jthornton: dang truck is misfiring now...
06:19 PM Tom_L: the one you had the bed off of?
06:19 PM jthornton: check engine light came on but it will probley just say random misfires lol
06:21 PM andypugh: Low fuel? Simulated misfire is a thing (to encourage refueling)
06:22 PM jthornton: no, it had a 1/4 tank and now it's full
06:22 PM jthornton: '92 chevy z71 v8
06:22 PM andypugh: Probably not on that. :-)
06:23 PM jthornton: had a wood rat chew through some wires that broke the 4 wheel drive, finally found and fixed that
06:23 PM jthornton: maybe I missed one, I'll check the code tomorrow after lumber jacking
06:24 PM jthornton: what was I thinking it's a 2012 the old one was a 92
06:25 PM jthornton: holy crap what was that thing that just flew by oh really it's my memory... crap
06:59 PM _unreal_: so my company just gave me an i5 smart screen
06:59 PM _unreal_: because they cracked the touch display
07:00 PM _unreal_: i5 pc bla lba bla
07:00 PM _unreal_: no idea the specs yet
07:00 PM _unreal_: have not even touched it yet
07:20 PM Sabotend_ is now known as Sabotender
07:44 PM skunkworks: http://electronicsam.com/images/greenmachine/IMG_20190918_182058.jpg
07:44 PM skunkworks: working on the enclosure finally
08:00 PM Tom_L: fully enclosed?
08:02 PM skunkworks: not all of the top... but yes
08:03 PM skunkworks: need to look for some clear lexan at work
08:03 PM Tom_L: side & front plexi?
08:03 PM skunkworks: yes
08:03 PM Tom_L: nice
08:04 PM skunkworks: the existing pan wasnt big enough...
08:08 PM Tom_L: i left mine the 'old school' open enclosure due to space
08:22 PM Tom_L: hey zeeshan
08:23 PM zeeshan: hey tom how is it going
08:23 PM Tom_L: good
08:24 PM Tom_L: how about yourself?
08:33 PM zeeshan: just working away as usual :P
08:34 PM Tom_L: nothing on the lathe?
08:35 PM Wolf__: who is this zeeshan guy
08:37 PM zeeshan: WOLF!!!!!!!!
08:37 PM zeeshan: :D
08:38 PM zeeshan: Tom_L no man, i have so many projects
08:38 PM zeeshan: But I'm making progress slowly and surely :P
08:38 PM zeeshan: you know the realization that you're one person and you can't get it all done?
08:38 PM zeeshan: I feel that sometimes :P
08:38 PM Tom_L: then you wake up one day and you're old
08:39 PM zeeshan: hehe
08:39 PM zeeshan: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8cQuh5YRvZSDrQnk6
08:39 PM zeeshan: Look at how badly i blew up this differential
08:39 PM zeeshan: the only thing that was holding it together was the aluminum mount with the 4 holes
08:39 PM Tom_L: you're sure hard on equipment
08:40 PM zeeshan: hehe
08:40 PM Tom_L: first the subaru engine...
08:40 PM zeeshan: hahaha!
08:40 PM Wolf__: looks fine, just needs some jb weld
08:40 PM zeeshan: if you're not machining aluminum at 1500ipm, you aint living!
08:41 PM zeeshan: wolf fabricate any cool stuff?
08:41 PM Wolf__: *cries* haven’t been doing much machining lately
08:41 PM Wolf__: still playing with trucks https://i.imgur.com/XahTRds.jpg
08:42 PM zeeshan: you're serious business
08:43 PM Wolf__: https://i.imgur.com/CbrC9Uc.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ELEEatG.jpg getting there
08:44 PM zeeshan: do you get drawings for this sort of build?
08:44 PM zeeshan: it looks well engineered
08:44 PM Wolf__: no, just box full of parts and vague directions
08:44 PM Wolf__: I call them truck puzzles
08:46 PM Wolf__: and our crane caught on fire last week, that was fun
08:48 PM zeeshan: how?
08:48 PM zeeshan: brakes?
08:49 PM Wolf__: load safety system control board shorted out and fried
08:52 PM zeeshan: that's nice board to lose
08:52 PM zeeshan: convienient
08:53 PM zeeshan: wolf don't vape :p
08:53 PM zeeshan: i see the vape!
08:55 PM Wolf__: lol
08:55 PM Wolf__: no bootleg thc juice for me so I’m safe
09:13 PM Wolf__: so, working at the trade show over the last 7days, I found a stack of dell optiplex 745 being thrown out, wonder if they run lcnc
09:23 PM _unreal_: optiplex?
09:24 PM Wolf__: https://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/optix/en/opti_745techspecs.pdf
09:24 PM _unreal_: its crazy how not that long ago core2duo was king chum chum
09:26 PM Lcvette: Tom_L: I connected the wired mpg to see what it's output voltage was and it was 2.2v
09:27 PM Lcvette: The tech support says that 2.7v is the avereged voltage pulse
09:27 PM Lcvette: Says it's bouncing between 0v and 5v
09:27 PM Lcvette: And o would need an oscilloscope to see the peak and valley of the pulse wave
09:28 PM Lcvette: Does that sound right?
09:29 PM _unreal_: Wolf__, I'm sure those would run a cnc wonderful
09:30 PM Lcvette: Tom_L : can halscope see pulses maybe to verify?
09:31 PM _unreal_: Lcvette, you live?
09:32 PM Lcvette: ?
09:33 PM Lcvette: I live
09:33 PM Lcvette: Bit still no mpg
09:36 PM Tom_L: i don't use halscope that much but it might work fine for that
09:37 PM Tom_L: if you turn the mpg slowly or nearly stop it, the pulses should be wide enough to measure them with a meter
09:37 PM Tom_L: i used some 5v tolerant leds on mine once
09:38 PM _unreal_: he lives
09:38 PM Tom_L: what did they say about pullup resistors?
09:41 PM Lcvette: They are R3 and R8
09:41 PM Lcvette: Already in the box since it was setup for open collector at the factory
09:41 PM Lcvette: So I'm guessing it is a config issue still maybe
09:42 PM Tom_L: not if you're not getting a good pulse from the mpg
09:42 PM Tom_L: you can watch the mpg pins from hal show pin
09:42 PM Tom_L: as you turn the mpg they should toggle if you turn it slow
09:44 PM Tom_L: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/devel/html/hal/halshow.html
09:44 PM Tom_L: in the watch tree
09:45 PM Lcvette: just fired the maschine pc up
09:45 PM Lcvette: sec wehile i bring on the linuxcnc
09:46 PM Tom_L: if you're running gmocappy i think you may be able to bring that up in a separate terminal
09:46 PM Tom_L: i've never run gmocappy or any other gui but axis
09:47 PM Lcvette: i have it open
09:47 PM Lcvette: not sdure what pin to look for\
09:47 PM Tom_L: the 7i77 pins
09:47 PM Tom_L: they're under the hostmot2 folder
09:47 PM Tom_L: like you had open yesterday
09:48 PM Tom_L: what io pins is the mpg on?
09:48 PM Tom_L: just keep expanding until you get to them
09:48 PM Tom_L: then click on em in the 'watch' window
09:48 PM Lcvette: enc0?
09:48 PM Lcvette: or actual pin input number
09:49 PM Tom_L: probably input number
09:49 PM Tom_L: if you're not sure, you can click on extra ones ya know
09:49 PM Tom_L: they just won't do much
09:50 PM Lcvette: its seeing it
09:50 PM Lcvette: it kicks it into a joint following error when i turn the mpg
09:50 PM Lcvette: joint 0 following error
09:51 PM Tom_L: maybe it's not homed?
09:51 PM Tom_L: i dunno
09:51 PM Lcvette: and when i chsange the selector to a different axis it triggers a folllowing error for that axis as well
09:51 PM _unreal_: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Following_Error
09:51 PM Tom_L: well you know it's doing something :)
09:51 PM Tom_L: it could be trying to turn it backwards
09:51 PM Lcvette: hmmm
09:51 PM Tom_L: remember i suggested you check that
09:52 PM Lcvette: wonder if the 4th axism not being conected and not homing is causing it to not allow movement?
09:52 PM Lcvette: i dont have the machine maion power on, just the conmtrool
09:52 PM Tom_L: the following error isn't on that axis so i kinda doubt it
09:52 PM Lcvette: dservo drives are nbot powered on
09:52 PM _unreal_: Lcvette, check that link http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Following_Error
09:52 PM Tom_L: well that might be part of it
09:53 PM Lcvette: no, they were poowered on yesterday
09:53 PM Lcvette: come on
09:53 PM Lcvette: not that dumb
09:53 PM Lcvette: lol
09:54 PM Tom_L: you've jogged the machine around before right?
09:55 PM Lcvette: yes, i just powered it on and homed it
09:55 PM Lcvette: no more following error but no movement
09:55 PM Tom_L: ok
09:55 PM Lcvette: so its a config issue somewhere
09:56 PM Tom_L: did you change the selector switch for .1 .01 .001?
09:56 PM Lcvette: is there a switch to use the mpg in gmoccapy maybe?
09:56 PM Tom_L: not that i'm aware of. the config should just allow it to work
09:57 PM Tom_L: you need to be in manual mode i think
09:57 PM Lcvette: yeah i changed all the switches around no movement
09:57 PM Tom_L: i know in axis if i'm in mdi mode my pendant is idle
09:57 PM Lcvette: im in jog mode
09:57 PM Lcvette: the jog button
09:57 PM Tom_L: ok
09:57 PM Tom_L: i'm not real familiar with gmocappy
09:58 PM Lcvette: on screen jogging works
09:58 PM Tom_L: what buttons are on the mpg?
09:58 PM Lcvette: none\
09:58 PM _unreal_: is it JUST a wheel?
09:58 PM Lcvette: axis selector and scale selector and the wheel
09:59 PM _unreal_: so two switches and a jog
09:59 PM Lcvette: it is outputting voltage correctly on the 7i77 pins, i checked that
09:59 PM _unreal_: multi stop switches
09:59 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/pendant/pendant1.jpg
09:59 PM Lcvette: it supplies 24v to the axis pins and scale pins for the selected setting
09:59 PM Tom_L: i've added pause, toolchange, spindle stop start, estop and run to mine
10:01 PM Tom_L: you _can_ check the selector switches to see if they respond in the watch window
10:01 PM Tom_L: what pins are they on?
10:02 PM Lcvette: im in hal meter and they change to true when selected
10:02 PM Tom_L: and are they correct?
10:02 PM Tom_L: the right selected axis etc
10:02 PM Lcvette: yes
10:02 PM Tom_L: ok
10:03 PM Tom_L: you're very close
10:03 PM Lcvette: yes
10:03 PM Lcvette: just checked scale and x-jog-select
10:05 PM Lcvette: i just remembered we stabbed in the dark by setting enc.0.count to make it boot into linuxcnc
10:05 PM Lcvette: wonder if that is incorrect?
10:05 PM Tom_L: no
10:05 PM Tom_L: it's correct
10:05 PM Tom_L: i have mine set that way
10:05 PM Lcvette: ok
10:06 PM Lcvette: maybe something with the ilowpass?
10:06 PM Tom_L: net mpg-out ilowpass.0.in <= hm2_7i90.0.encoder.00.count
10:07 PM Tom_L: net mpg-counts <= ilowpass.0.out
10:07 PM Tom_L: net mpg-counts => axis.0.jog-counts
10:07 PM Lcvette: net mpg-out hm2_7i92.0.7i77.0.0.enc0.count => ilowpass.0.in
10:07 PM Tom_L: check the pins on ilowpass
10:07 PM Tom_L: the in and the out
10:07 PM * Lcvette sent a long message: < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/ynoteKnWtNPiIVUGbBNOQnXT >
10:07 PM Tom_L: it's also viewable
10:08 PM Tom_L: that will tell you if the pendant is sending a signal
10:09 PM Tom_L: i think yours is ok
10:09 PM Tom_L: i assigned mine to a net first but i don't think it matters
10:09 PM Lcvette: i don't see anything in show
10:09 PM Lcvette: sorry watch
10:09 PM Tom_L: then the encoder signal isn't getting there
10:09 PM Tom_L: that's where it inputs
10:10 PM Tom_L: still something in your encoder isn't right
10:10 PM Lcvette: wait i am on the pin number now and get red to yellow led chasnges on watch
10:10 PM Tom_L: if you turn it very slow you should still see close to 5v on it's outputs
10:11 PM Tom_L: ok
10:11 PM Tom_L: on the encoder?
10:11 PM Tom_L: the .count?
10:11 PM Lcvette: input-16
10:11 PM skunkworks: https://youtu.be/w3novypPqos
10:11 PM skunkworks: cool
10:11 PM Tom_L: ok where does input 16 go?
10:12 PM Lcvette: those are the inputs for the encoder
10:12 PM Lcvette: enc0
10:12 PM Lcvette: 16 and 17
10:12 PM Lcvette: A+ and B+
10:12 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: VectorImage_2019-09-18_110622.jpg (100KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/IrycoYizYXhEScMkeUmLyFtf >
10:12 PM Tom_L: and you say you see toggle on ilowpass input?
10:13 PM Lcvette: i did not check
10:13 PM Tom_L: brb, puppy has to pee
10:14 PM Lcvette: i low pass shows counts
10:14 PM Lcvette: one pulse for each click
10:15 PM Lcvette: one turn of the mpg shows 100 ounts
10:15 PM Lcvette: so i would say the wheel is working perfectly
10:16 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: VectorImage_2019-09-18_111040.jpg (148KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/nPchoivZRriDLjRmZrxdTkJa >
10:19 PM Tom_L: yeah if you're getting counts it's working
10:19 PM Tom_L: so we'll figure out what in the mpg.hal is off
10:20 PM Tom_L: does ilowpass count up on the + or - turn of the mpg?
10:20 PM Lcvette: jog-scale even shows the correct incrememnt for default x10 qand x100
10:20 PM Lcvette: yeah it has to be the hal
10:20 PM Tom_L: good
10:21 PM Tom_L: so you're not far off
10:21 PM Tom_L: post the current mpg.hal
10:21 PM * Lcvette sent a long message: < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/xRMBUOGAyMgCzdxcesNFWhRO >
10:22 PM Tom_L: what do you see on ilowpass out?
10:23 PM Tom_L: also, show jogcounts and see what it does
10:23 PM Lcvette: it counts 100 per click
10:23 PM Tom_L: it which it?
10:23 PM Lcvette: ?
10:23 PM Tom_L: jogcounts or ilowpass out
10:23 PM Lcvette: which what?
10:24 PM Tom_L: both should be the same
10:24 PM Tom_L: what is the value of ilowpass.out
10:24 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: VectorImage_2019-09-18_111823.jpg (212KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/omgBCSqcZsIbIvZwlfVeACHV >
10:24 PM Tom_L: what is the value of jogcounts
10:24 PM Lcvette: same
10:24 PM Lcvette: they move together perfectly
10:24 PM Tom_L: ok
10:25 PM Tom_L: so it appears to be working
10:25 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: VectorImage_2019-09-18_111930.jpg (108KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/WRLjNvengGqBwOjobzHOlpcU >
10:25 PM Tom_L: find something in gmocappy to enable the pendant
10:26 PM Tom_L: also joint.1.jog-counts and 2 and 3 should show the same value
10:26 PM Lcvette: yup
10:26 PM Tom_L: check those
10:26 PM Tom_L: ok
10:26 PM Tom_L: what gui are you using on the other mill?
10:27 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: Screenshot_2019-09-18_23-21-25.png (99KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/FXKYQoDIzpbLcddbVEIqCwae >
10:27 PM Lcvette: mach3
10:27 PM Lcvette: lol
10:27 PM Lcvette: its my reliablke mill, i don't touch it
10:27 PM Lcvette: just use it
10:28 PM Tom_L: skunkworks do you use gmocappy?
10:28 PM Tom_L: is there a place in it to enable a pendant?
10:29 PM Lcvette: if there is im not seeing it
10:29 PM Lcvette: the only thikng i found that mentions mpg is the screen shot above i posted
10:30 PM Lcvette: i just changed scale velocity to 1.0
10:30 PM Tom_L: don't go changing a bunch of stuff but i did find this: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/blob/master/configs/sim/gmoccapy/pendant.hal
10:30 PM Lcvette: idn't do anything
10:31 PM Tom_L: what's in that 5th tab on the right column?
10:32 PM Tom_L: just below the mdi
10:32 PM Lcvette: thats program mode
10:32 PM Tom_L: try it in that mode
10:33 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: Screenshot_2019-09-18_23-27-16.png (130KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/lhMxipCHwiHKwKfMyAqVqmRq >
10:33 PM Lcvette: i did
10:33 PM Lcvette: nothing
10:33 PM Tom_L: ok, afik the pendant is working but not enabled
10:34 PM Lcvette: maybe gmoccapy needs special hal?
10:34 PM Lcvette: the one you linked?
10:34 PM Tom_L: i'm not sure
10:34 PM Tom_L: if you try it, copy it to a new file and call that file in your ini instead of mpg.hal
10:35 PM Tom_L: to test it
10:35 PM Tom_L: after you fix the IO pins
10:35 PM Lcvette: k
10:35 PM Tom_L: connect the pins as you have them in yours
10:35 PM Lcvette: net jog-counts pendant.jog-wheel-counts
10:35 PM Lcvette: wonder if this line is important?
10:35 PM Tom_L: i have no idea
10:35 PM Tom_L: i've never used gmocappy
10:35 PM Lcvette: it says pendant
10:35 PM Lcvette: my hal doesn't say pendant anywhere
10:36 PM Tom_L: that is a possibility
10:36 PM Tom_L: would you feel better if it said pendant?
10:36 PM Tom_L: :)
10:36 PM Lcvette: i don't understand hal so don't know if thats important
10:36 PM Tom_L: do any of those signals show up in hal show?
10:36 PM Lcvette: for gmoccapy
10:37 PM Tom_L: check that and see if any of them are there
10:37 PM Lcvette: either way im not going to be using gmoccapy, i just asked hazzy to release the latest probe basic version soi i can load it on this machine\
10:37 PM Tom_L: i'd take baby steps with a new interface
10:37 PM Tom_L: can you load axis?
10:38 PM Tom_L: change the gui in the ini file
10:38 PM Lcvette: no it will freak out
10:38 PM Tom_L: ok
10:38 PM Lcvette: theres a bunch oif gmoccapy specific stuff in it
10:39 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: Screenshot_2019-09-18_23-33-31.png (57KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/SIqeNJXQpVZcTOhNnAeOBEmO >
10:39 PM Lcvette: ? maybe something weith thisd?
10:39 PM Lcvette: it doesn't change
10:40 PM Tom_L: you can type it in the dialog to make it true
10:40 PM Tom_L: and test it
10:41 PM Lcvette: typer wehat?
10:41 PM Tom_L: also open the gmocappy tab on the left there and see what pins are there
10:41 PM Tom_L: setp axis.x.wheel-jog-active TRUE
10:42 PM Lcvette: big long error
10:43 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: Screenshot_2019-09-18_23-37-49.png (64KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/NNEEHtHGSyhDCQcKkjukHSnN >
10:44 PM Tom_L: ok forget that idea
10:44 PM Tom_L: just says you can't change it
10:44 PM * Lcvette uploaded an image: Screenshot_2019-09-18_23-39-01.png (105KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/jrpmEeXrTokBxHuZDygHREGI >
10:44 PM Lcvette: gmoccapy
10:47 PM Lcvette: I feel better a out the pendant at least
10:47 PM Tom_L: yeah
10:47 PM Lcvette: 😀
10:47 PM Tom_L: i'm gonna call it a night before we brake something
10:47 PM Lcvette: Counts are not delayed at all from click to screen count
10:47 PM Tom_L: we'll figure gmocappy out soon
10:47 PM Lcvette: Same here
10:47 PM Lcvette: I'm pooped
10:47 PM Lcvette: Tha ks again for your help
10:48 PM Tom_L: pretty sure it's all working though
10:48 PM Lcvette: Hopefully I can load probe basic and see if it works there
10:48 PM Tom_L: eventually you'll want more buttons on it
10:48 PM Lcvette: They are on the screen right next to the door in probe basic
10:49 PM Lcvette: Touch screen
10:49 PM Lcvette: \o/
10:49 PM Lcvette: Lol
10:50 PM Tom_L: i use mine alot
10:51 PM Lcvette: They make a more user configurable model
10:51 PM Tom_L: you may have that pendant file
10:51 PM Lcvette: I may up grade if I find that's the case and pass this one down to another machine
10:51 PM Tom_L: it's in sim/gmocappy/
10:54 PM Tom_L: https://www.reddit.com/r/LinuxCNC/comments/4nhx7f/gmoccapy_interface_intro_video/
10:54 PM Lcvette: im gonna spend the time installing probe basic and try and sort it out there first
10:54 PM Lcvette: since thats the gui i'll be using
10:55 PM skunkworks: Tom_L: no., have not used that gui
10:55 PM Tom_L: that's the qt interface?
10:55 PM Tom_L: skunkworks ok
10:55 PM Lcvette: no sense trying to get it working with this guii don't think especially if it needs a bunch of specialized stuff
10:55 PM Tom_L: skunkworks, he's real close to gettting his pendant working but i think gmocappy has it disabled
10:55 PM Lcvette: yes, the qtpyvcp gui i did
10:55 PM Tom_L: ok
10:55 PM Lcvette: the fancy one with the atc and probing integrated
10:56 PM Tom_L: well keep me posted...
10:56 PM Lcvette: will do!
10:56 PM Lcvette: thanks tom! night bud!
10:56 PM Tom_L: ^^ that video might shed some light on gmocappy
11:36 PM _unreal_: wow you two still at it