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Jul 15 2019

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01:51 AM Loetmichel: mornin'
01:56 AM XXCoder: yo
02:06 AM Deejay: moin
02:06 AM Loetmichel: maaan, that (&(&/(%& 25 pin 4 positions switch has got me good... had to short it to 15 pin because of size restraints. Managed to reassemble (after turning down the shaft) it five times the wrong way... :-( ... finally i did it right. (5 switch layers with 3*4 contacts each, 5 wipers with 3 double contacts each, managed to mount ONE 180° rotated 4 times ;), now to solder the plugs on it.
03:31 AM XXCoder: banana split!
03:32 AM Deejay: whoopsie, wrong cable
05:28 AM Tom_itx: morning
07:12 AM SpeedEvil: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%22project+egress%22 - reconstruction by various youtube channels of the Apollo 11 hatch - to be put together on the 18th in the Smithsonian.
07:30 AM Loetmichel: *booarpsss* 2 cans of military MRE bread and 1 pack of salami... lunch done. Very convenient such a "prepper box" at the company if you have forgotten lunch break AGAIN... :-)
08:05 AM JT-Mobile: morning
09:39 AM perry_j1987: morning
11:08 AM * JT-Mobile is going to ride in the rain tomorrow
11:11 AM * Deejay wants some rain, too
11:16 AM JT-Mobile: we have had so much rain the last 6 months it ain't funny, I could do without any rain on the ride home tomorrow on the bike
11:18 AM Deejay: we have had so few rain the last 1,5 years it ain't funny.
11:21 AM Deejay: dont want to live in a desert :/
11:26 AM JT-Mobile: yea that's just as bad as too much
11:28 AM jym: Morning folks =)
11:32 AM perry_j1987: morning
11:39 AM perry_j1987: what are you guys using for mist coolant reservoirs
11:41 AM jym: 5 gallong bucket?
11:41 AM Tom_itx: JT-Mobile, takes the fun out of a trip a bit ehh?
11:41 AM Tom_itx: i use a 1 gal jug
11:42 AM Tom_itx: they're free :)
11:42 AM Tom_itx: re'use windshield washer fluid jugs
11:42 AM JT-Mobile: yea we are stuck here atm due to light rain
11:43 AM Tom_itx: parts come out squeaky clean too
11:43 AM Tom_itx: JT-Mobile, yeah i've about had my fill of water this year
11:43 AM Tom_itx: with all the rain and the flooded basement...
11:44 AM JT-Mobile: I hear that
11:44 AM Tom_itx: walls are still wet inside
11:44 AM Tom_itx: the guy was just here
11:51 AM JT-Mobile: are they removing the sheetrock?
11:51 AM Tom_itx: i don't think they'll have to do that but probably the baseboards
11:52 AM Tom_itx: they're bowing out more than they were the other day
11:53 AM Tom_itx: perry_j1987, coolant jug in the background : http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Assembly/Final/Vise_parts/table_slot1.jpg
11:54 AM Tom_itx: catch it in a half jug hanging from the drain i did for the table: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Assembly/Final/Vise_parts/Vise2.jpg
11:55 AM Tom_itx: works good until i have too much crap on the table and the jug runs into it :)
12:50 PM gregcnc: should have been obvious this was coming. I signed up for the usps notification emails a while back.now they serve ads in the email
12:50 PM SpeedEvil: Given that tehy give ads in the actual physical mail too to support the service.
12:52 PM CaptHindsight: who here still gets paper catalogs through the mail?
12:52 PM CaptHindsight: I just got a u-line 1" thick again, must be a few times a year
12:52 PM gregcnc: should be an MSC ad today. Ha yeah uline never fails
12:53 PM CaptHindsight: Edmond Optics as well, why I never buy at their prices
12:54 PM CaptHindsight: maybe if you stopped sending me a hardcover book you could lower your prices
12:54 PM gregcnc: ordered from harvey tool once and they send 1-2 per year
12:54 PM CaptHindsight: how thick?
12:54 PM gregcnc: 1/2"
12:55 PM gregcnc: oh reminds me I need packaging
12:57 PM gregcnc: time for leftover chinese food
12:57 PM CaptHindsight: at trade shows I just ask that they keep their website up, don't mail me anything
12:57 PM gregcnc: downloadable catalogs are nice
12:57 PM gregcnc: i was at a site yesterday that had a 2009 version for download
12:58 PM gregcnc: if search is effective a good site is OK
12:59 PM CaptHindsight: back in the 70's 80's we'd get 5-12 inch stacks of mail per day
12:59 PM CaptHindsight: mostly catalogs
01:00 PM CaptHindsight: about 10 years ago I ran into someone at an old location of mine and they said they still gets tons of mail for me there
01:02 PM CaptHindsight: in the past few years I've noticed that you get dropped off email from trade show sources after about a year
01:11 PM Tom_itx: CaptHindsight i used to get dk & mouser, still get uline B&H photo and a couple others
01:11 PM Tom_itx: dk made a good door stop
01:12 PM JT-Mobile: lol
01:13 PM Tom_itx: i think when they quit it was around 3" thick
01:13 PM Tom_itx: 2-3 for sure
01:15 PM CaptHindsight: I keep paper copies of some data since when they convert it to a web form it gets far too clumsy
01:15 PM CaptHindsight: scroll 3 pages wide or many pages down for a spreadsheet
01:17 PM CaptHindsight: i really wish we had 4k moniotrs 1-20 years ago before I had to wear glasses to see up close
01:17 PM CaptHindsight: 10-20 years ago
01:17 PM gregcnc: didn't giant CRT's exist?
01:18 PM CaptHindsight: yes, but res was limited to < HD
01:18 PM CaptHindsight: only 4:3
01:19 PM CaptHindsight: 1600 x 1200 was max for my ~20" crts
01:19 PM CaptHindsight: having 3940 x 2160 on a single display is great
01:19 PM CaptHindsight: 3840
01:20 PM gregcnc: I had something bigger ~2560x1600?
01:21 PM gregcnc: i'd like to get one of those stupid wide ones now
01:23 PM CaptHindsight: i have a bunch of 19" LCD's in the shop that just get moved from project to project
01:24 PM CaptHindsight: after using a 28" 4K monitor for a few weeks they all seem like they are in "old person" mode with big letters
01:25 PM Tom_itx: the ones i kick myself for tossing are all the logic chip data books i used to have
01:25 PM Tom_itx is now known as Tom_L
01:26 PM CaptHindsight: i had several sets of Intel circa 1980-90
01:27 PM Tom_L: i kept one moto 68000 series for whatever reason
01:28 PM CaptHindsight: history
01:32 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.nanodlp.com/ looking at doing something similar for LCNC
01:33 PM CaptHindsight: some are just slicing features that should just be in the slicer
01:34 PM CaptHindsight: dynamic speed and custom accel aren't S curves
01:34 PM CaptHindsight: what is the status of Hazzy?
01:35 PM CaptHindsight: I was thinking about something similar with a 3d plot to preview SVG slices and print progress
01:36 PM CaptHindsight: masking of images is easily handled
01:37 PM CaptHindsight: is there a g-code tool that can "mask" out an area of travel?
01:40 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.scorchworks.com/Gcoderipper/gcoderipper.html
01:40 PM CaptHindsight: maybe modify this for more features
02:07 PM net|: anyone fixed aluminum alloy rims with tig before ?
02:07 PM net|: magnesium
02:07 PM CaptHindsight: SLA/DLP/LCD, SLS and inkjet pretty much are all similar enough to use the same UI
02:08 PM CaptHindsight: 3D inkjet
02:08 PM CaptHindsight: net|: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kajpyU8kQbU
02:09 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGnaSUlXP3M
02:10 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4acOgF9lss
02:11 PM CaptHindsight: net|: you have to be concerned with warping when welding them
02:12 PM CaptHindsight: tons more on youtubers
02:19 PM jym: CaptHindsight: you really into 3D lately it seems
02:21 PM esch: gunna take this opportunity to give a big ol middle finger to allen bradley
02:28 PM CaptHindsight: jym: yeah, mostly the past 10 years except for glue guns
02:29 PM CaptHindsight: it's been a race to bottom so there are some really crappy machines available in most techs
02:29 PM CaptHindsight: not much for UI software that feels pro
02:30 PM CaptHindsight: and hardly anyone is combing different additive techs
02:31 PM CaptHindsight: 3D materials are still far too costly compared to traditional
02:35 PM CaptHindsight: LCNC on the Rpi4 with a decent GUI might be a winner
02:40 PM CaptHindsight: somebody RE'd the interface to some Xaar inkjet heads but gave up after they worked since they thought they were not good for 3D printing
02:40 PM CaptHindsight: I'm free to use them since my NDA expired
02:41 PM CaptHindsight: same for HP gen 2.5 or 3
02:41 PM jym: CaptHindsight: Seems more so in the last few months =)
02:41 PM CaptHindsight: so I'll have LCNC controlled polyjet printer out later this year
02:42 PM CaptHindsight: UV cured inkjet
02:42 PM CaptHindsight: also sand mold or pattern printer
02:43 PM CaptHindsight: and some big fast DLP printers, 2ft x 1ft print area, that prints faster than these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2thSsQrZUM
02:47 PM SpeedEvil: neat.
02:48 PM SpeedEvil: sand is great in many ways. Especially the cheapness.
02:48 PM esch: you can even buy it in bags
02:48 PM SpeedEvil: :)
02:52 PM esch: so I got some used AB TL series servo motors and kinetix 3000 series drives, can get various other mechanical/electrical stuff
02:52 PM esch: but is it worth it to try and use those for a home cnc machine?
02:55 PM esch: I have all the software to do the programming, so I don't have to worry about that little problem
02:56 PM esch: I'm just thinking that it's probably overkill and I'll waste a lot of time and electricity doing something that would probably be better done with a simpler motor and drive
03:05 PM Rab: esch, an impeccable calculus. Send all your pointless excess to me, and I'll reward you with noticeably inferior equipment.
03:05 PM esch: :/
03:09 PM Rab: esch, more seriously, if you base your setup around something exotic, make sure you have spares.
03:09 PM esch: yeah
03:10 PM Rab: And you'd want to make sure the drives are single-phase power input, or have a plan for 3-phase.
03:10 PM esch: when we get retrofit equipment or customer decides to change something months/years later that equipment is up for grabs, we don't use used equipment in new stuff
03:10 PM esch: yeah they'd run off 240 single phase
03:11 PM esch: well the drives anyway
03:11 PM esch: I think most of the drives we use, even the 5000 series end up being 240
03:11 PM Rab: Haven't been following the channel...are you doing something like a knee mill conversion, or building a machine from scratch?
03:12 PM esch: I just popped in there was no previous context
03:12 PM esch: with these drives it'd be a scratch machine
03:14 PM esch: honestly it would end up being pretty simiilar to a lot of the stuff I program for work, with much tighter tolerances
03:15 PM esch: and way smaller
03:15 PM Rab: I think the magic word is free. I don't know why you wouldn't use familiar, high-quality stuff.
03:16 PM esch: most of what I've done here (first automation job) is re-use programs others have made
03:17 PM esch: every machine is different so I've had to change parameters and of course set up the drives to work in the first place
03:19 PM Rab: If the motors seem like overkill, maybe design in some modularity like mounting plates and intermediate couplings so you can downgrade to lighter controls down the road when those fall into your lap.
03:19 PM esch: but yeah that was the idea originally, I've just not found anyone that's done something similar as a bit of a guide or reference
03:20 PM Rab: But I think it's great to have a lot of headroom and not need it, power is usually a pain point on smaller machines.
03:25 PM esch: fair enough
03:27 PM Rab: Crashes or aggressive ramping/bad tuning could be more destructive, so careful consideration of the machine's mechanical limits would be called for.
03:58 PM Rab: Handy chart for mystery plastic identification: http://www.consultekusa.com/pdf/Tech%20Resources/New%20ID%20chart%20.pdf
04:20 PM Deejay: gn8
04:38 PM esch: Rab: lol yeah, I uh, have some experience with some agressive accel/decel
04:39 PM esch: we use smaller ones to drive pumps, a decimal in the wrong place makes that pump a fairly expensive paper weight
04:48 PM CaptHindsight: 10k rpm 2hp sump pump?
04:51 PM Rab: esch, heh
04:52 PM CaptHindsight: https://venturebeat.com/2019/07/15/intels-pohoiki-beach-is-a-neuromorphic-computer-capable-of-simulating-8-million-neurons/
05:01 PM perry_j1987: CaptHindsight looking for a chip to make a new cnc controller with? :P
05:04 PM net|: was able to get the rim welded up for 30 dollars locally
05:04 PM net|: ford alloy rims wernt a problem
05:05 PM net|: going to try hitting it with hammer in a bit
05:16 PM esch: CaptHindsight: servo is geared down and hooked up to a gear pump, wanted to do .5 rev, did 5
05:16 PM esch: gears in the pump made an interesting sound
05:18 PM CaptHindsight: perry_j1987: https://hardware.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=14364882&cid=58930518
05:29 PM CaptHindsight: latest 300mm wide positioner https://imgur.com/QoVC0eR
05:30 PM CaptHindsight: Tompson screws and nuts, Hiwin bearings and rails
06:03 PM CaptHindsight: andypugh: when you were working on the SVG viewer for the DLP projector/printer you wrote it as a HAL component that would get a SVG slice based on the Z-position?
06:05 PM CaptHindsight: ython Code to display a single slice of SVG file as a LinuxCNC HAL component
06:05 PM CaptHindsight: P
06:13 PM andypugh: Yes.
06:14 PM andypugh: Is the next question “can you fnd it” ?
06:15 PM CaptHindsight: have your old Python here
06:16 PM andypugh: Ah, OK
06:17 PM CaptHindsight: looks like based on z position of build stage, the corresponding layer of the SVG would be displayed/projected
06:17 PM andypugh: That’s right
06:19 PM CaptHindsight: ah so i can just gate that with another signal to turn the image ON/OFF
06:20 PM CaptHindsight: and with your approach if you jog to a different Z layer you still project the proper SVG layer
06:20 PM CaptHindsight: proper/corresponding
06:20 PM Tom_itx is now known as Tom_L
06:21 PM andypugh: Should do.
06:21 PM andypugh: It was a proof of concept, more than a finished thing.
06:22 PM CaptHindsight: yeah, but I see now
06:22 PM andypugh: But it worked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChKmIHP7G_U is it being driven by a siggen component.
06:25 PM CaptHindsight: I was thinking about just using M-codes to retrieve SVG layers
06:26 PM CaptHindsight: but I can't see why I'd want a SVG layer to not be synced with the Z-position
06:26 PM CaptHindsight: you approach also work with layerless printing
06:27 PM CaptHindsight: layerless defined by not pausing the Z-axis during prints
06:27 PM CaptHindsight: slicing the 3D models can still be "layers" as an SVG
06:40 PM andypugh: I think that was my idea. The demo allows the printer layers to be thinner or thicker than the slicer layers.
06:40 PM andypugh: It just displays the closest layer to the current Z
06:44 PM CaptHindsight: I can put some precision into it
06:47 PM andypugh: It ought to be possible to generate a new SVG that is intepolated between the two closest.
06:48 PM andypugh: Though I am not sure that would give a useful increase in part quality.
06:48 PM andypugh: CaptHindsight: What are you slicing?
06:49 PM andypugh: I have some Matlab code to slice SVG into HPGL (and, IIRC, EPS) . It’s not far from HPGL to SVG
06:50 PM CaptHindsight: andypugh: slicers are a dime a dozen :)
06:51 PM andypugh: Not that slice to multi-layer SVG…
06:51 PM andypugh: Or maybe they are?
06:51 PM CaptHindsight: 3d models are in every format, native CAD, IGES, STL etc
06:52 PM CaptHindsight: yeah they do slice to multi-layer SVG
06:52 PM andypugh: I should re-write my Inside-Inventor slicer to be an Inside-Fusion slicer. There is probably some demand.
06:53 PM CaptHindsight: I'm just getting this all to play well with LCNC vs gerbls and *duino-poop
06:54 PM andypugh: The slice-display component should probably handshake to HAL for synch, as it is a userspace component.
06:54 PM CaptHindsight: LCNC controlled SLA/DLP/LCD and galvo laser, 3d inkjet, sand mold/pattern printers etc
06:55 PM CaptHindsight: I've been doing multi-axis inkjet for several years but with two parallel systems, LCNC and an inkjet controller
06:56 PM CaptHindsight: gerbls, marlin and other are so awful
06:56 PM CaptHindsight: I can't belive nobody has cleaned up marlin after all these years
06:57 PM CaptHindsight: dyslexic cats would write cleaner
07:00 PM andypugh: I have Sailfish on my printer. It basically works but I have never figured out how to calibrate the print-head offset.
07:00 PM andypugh: It just seems to not work, or not stick, or something.
07:01 PM andypugh: (And it also seems to not work if I try to do the offset in the slicer (Cura) or the interface (Octoprint)
07:04 PM CaptHindsight: what is the native format for Fusion?
07:04 PM CaptHindsight: Autodesk Fusion 360 Archive Files (*.f3d)
07:04 PM CaptHindsight: Autodesk Fusion 360 Toolpath Archive Files (*.cam360)
07:05 PM CaptHindsight: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/fusion-360/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/File-formats-supported-by-Fusion-360.html
07:06 PM andypugh: Ah, well, the thing is that that doesn’t matter for my Inventor slicer, as it slices _inside_ Inventor.
07:06 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.meshmixer.com/
07:06 PM andypugh: It used the Inventor API to project the cut-plane onto a workplane and exports that profile as SVG
07:07 PM CaptHindsight: https://slic3r.org/
07:07 PM CaptHindsight: cura is popular with the cnc glue gun crowd
07:07 PM CaptHindsight: nanodlp (closed source) with the SLA crowd
07:08 PM CaptHindsight: not sure why since it's closed
07:08 PM CaptHindsight: with a tease that it could be open some day
07:08 PM andypugh: CaptHindsight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hefY46fyVvU&t=13s
07:09 PM CaptHindsight: ah that was the part from earlier
07:09 PM andypugh: Yes
07:09 PM CaptHindsight: yeah the STL phase tends to muck up models
07:10 PM CaptHindsight: i often have to repair bad STL files
07:10 PM CaptHindsight: OBJ is better but native 3d models to G-code would optimal
07:10 PM CaptHindsight: would be
07:13 PM andypugh: Well, as I said, my slicer works on the in-memory internal data of the CAD package.
07:13 PM CaptHindsight: SLA and SLS are mostly z-moves XY with galvo or XY as SVG slices
07:14 PM CaptHindsight: along with wipers or rollers that spread powder, resins or sand
07:15 PM CaptHindsight: inkjet is similar only you have to sync a bitmap to printhead positions and have to scan or sometimes interlace the XY
07:15 PM CaptHindsight: interlaced multiaxis inkjet is the most complicated
07:16 PM SpeedEvil: ^colour
07:16 PM andypugh: CaptHindsight: Have you looked at the Mesa data-painter module?
07:16 PM CaptHindsight: CMYK+W
07:16 PM andypugh: (No driver support in LinuxCNC, but how hard could it be? _
07:17 PM CaptHindsight: peter has one now for digital control of galvo heads, but no driver
07:18 PM CaptHindsight: I though that he would just duplicate the analog out with XY100 outs
07:18 PM CaptHindsight: and use the same driver as the 7i77 or is it 7i76 the analog servo card
07:18 PM CaptHindsight: I'll get to it soon
07:19 PM andypugh: Right, time to log off.
07:28 PM _unreal_: ok with any luck I'm generating a tool path using fusion360
07:29 PM _unreal_: and running winblows
07:29 PM _unreal_: :(
07:32 PM _unreal_: so I have no idea whats going on
07:33 PM _unreal_: I dont know if its generating a tool pathor not or what?
07:33 PM _unreal_: sigh
07:33 PM _unreal_: my computer seems to be chugging so I'm asuming its doing somethin
09:15 PM skunkworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xeXuBxliQQ
09:15 PM skunkworks: exciting fluff
09:29 PM SpeedEvil is now known as Guest46477
09:29 PM Tom_L: fancy fluff
09:36 PM skunkworks: Tom_L: how is the basement...
09:38 PM Tom_L: adjuster came today
09:38 PM Tom_L: ripped out the baseboards & carpet tonight after he left
09:39 PM Tom_L: whether he buys it or not, it's gettin replaced
09:39 PM Tom_L: walls are still drying
09:43 PM skunkworks: yeck
09:59 PM norias: is anyone doing a "slicer" for cnc mills like 3d printers have?
10:00 PM norias: i feel like that could be interesting
10:21 PM jym: Tom_L: had a flood?
10:22 PM Tom_L: yessir
10:22 PM jym: Tom_L: Sorry to hear that... pipes or weather?
10:22 PM Tom_L: water heater blew up wednesday night ~1am
10:22 PM Tom_L: slit down the side top to bottom pretty much
10:23 PM Tom_L: no warning
10:23 PM jym: Tom_L: ouch, everyone ok?
10:23 PM Tom_L: yeah
10:23 PM jym: cool
10:23 PM jym: Tom_L: will you be able to dry it out once yu remove everything?
10:24 PM Tom_L: it's been drying since the 11th
10:24 PM Tom_L: and it's all cleared out
10:24 PM jym: fans or heat too?
10:24 PM Tom_L: 8 air movers and an industrial dehumidifier
10:25 PM jym: in the basement or?
10:25 PM Tom_L: yes
10:25 PM jym: drywall?
10:26 PM Tom_L: uh huh
10:26 PM jym: YOu might be able to just remove the bottom 18"
10:27 PM jym: 16"? whateever 48/3 is =)
10:28 PM jym: yeah, 16"
10:36 PM Tom_L: they're allowing for 24"
10:36 PM Tom_L: we'll see how well it dries
11:37 PM pink_vampire: hi
11:43 PM jesseg: howdy
11:57 PM pink_vampire: why I don't have a cnc router????