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Jul 12 2019

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02:04 AM Deejay: moin
02:30 AM Elmo40: moo?
02:39 AM Loetmichel: morning
02:48 AM Deejay: hey there
03:33 AM gloops: ok..i was conned with this pup i bought, this is not a huntaway
03:33 AM gloops: this is a Dingo, no doubt about it
04:38 AM XXCoder: gloops: cant sue?
05:12 AM gloops: <XXCoder> gloops: cant sue? - nah, not saying i dont like the dog, just looks very much like a dingo to me lol
05:12 AM XXCoder: oh
05:12 AM XXCoder: hows things
05:15 AM gloops: so so, finally got time to spare but not making much headway with cnc things yet
05:16 AM XXCoder: broaching hell day
05:16 AM XXCoder: for me
05:16 AM XXCoder: finally home
05:17 AM XXCoder: "broaching" is not an effective tactic in making changes. It's more effective to focus on the problem, not the solution. That said, I strongly believe we can improve the lives of young people – especially those that are young – through a proactive approach to address the biggest barriers."
05:17 AM XXCoder: wtttf
05:17 AM XXCoder: https://talktotransformer.com/
05:18 AM XXCoder: bunch of random attempts, none of em is about cnc broaching lol
05:19 AM gloops: hmm, square hole making?
05:20 AM XXCoder: lol square would be so much easier
05:20 AM gloops: also, you got a workshop going at home?
05:20 AM XXCoder: not yet, no shop to build in
05:20 AM gloops: ahh, thought it sounded like you were doing this at home
05:21 AM XXCoder: nah at work
05:21 AM XXCoder: i was running matino broaching craploads of programs but also sometimes break at a61
05:23 AM gloops: definitely not my depmt lol
05:24 AM XXCoder: lol a61 is big cell
05:24 AM XXCoder: tend to be boring
05:33 AM Tom_L: morning
05:33 AM XXCoder: yo
05:53 AM jthornton: morning
06:52 AM miss0r: I just scored the motherload of tools! :D one complete gauge block set, 8 pcs micrometer set 150-300mm, two digital depth gauges, 4 digital calibers, a thread micrometer set for 0-50mm (metric & imperial) a complete set of telescopic bore gauges from 6 to 80mm two 300mm digital calibers. and some other ods and ends. All of the equipment is mitutoyo. The asking price was 'free' :D They only got rid of it because
06:52 AM miss0r: they did not use it any more, and the upkeep for keeping it all calibrated was annoying to them :)
06:52 AM miss0r: I need to extend my measuering equipment drawer :D
06:53 AM XXCoder: wooow
06:53 AM XXCoder: nice job
06:53 AM XXCoder: sounds like qa equipment!
06:53 AM miss0r: yeah. I just happened to be on the right spot at the right time
06:53 AM miss0r: qu?
06:53 AM miss0r: qa*
06:54 AM XXCoder: yeah quality assurance
06:54 AM XXCoder: they tend to keep stuff better condition
06:54 AM miss0r: well, some of it has some visible wear, but it all looks great and works perfectly
06:55 AM miss0r: When I come back from vacation, I will go back to them for some machine repair. Then they will be done sorting out the stuff, and they promised to set the rest aside for me to browse through
08:08 AM gloops: bladdy hell
08:08 AM gloops: gone into garage - cnc PC black screen
08:08 AM XXCoder: hopefully not while it was running
08:09 AM gloops: machine wasnt running, i leave the PC on all the time now though
08:10 AM gloops: must have happened overnight, fiddled with graphic card connectors etc no joy
08:10 AM gloops: it is beeping at the right time during boot though (prompt to hit f1) seem to think might be just graphic card related
08:11 AM gloops: monitor seems fine, display screen ok
11:28 AM jym: Hola !!!!
11:38 AM gloops: well, thats it with this dell optiplex, let me down once too many times
11:39 AM gloops: so, another 32bit PC required, like rocking horse crap these days
11:43 AM jthornton: why 32bit?
11:43 AM Tom_L: cheap and old
11:44 AM gloops: set up for parport
11:44 AM gloops: not seen 64 bit with parport
11:46 AM jthornton: time to spring for a 7i96 maybe
11:46 AM * jthornton wanders upstairs to take a nap since it's the first Saturday of 4 in a row
11:49 AM pcw_home: umm 32 bit is like 13 years old. almost any Core2 vintage MB will have 64B + parallel port (plus lots of current MBs still have a PP header)
11:49 AM gloops: MB?
11:50 AM gloops: oh i see
11:50 AM pcw_home: MotherBoard
11:50 AM Tom_L: mama board
11:51 AM gloops: ok i find a 64 with parport, is there a ready to install linuxcnc image for 64 bit?
11:51 AM gloops: like idiot proof
11:51 AM Tom_L: of course there is
11:52 AM Tom_L: http://www.linuxcnc.org/testing-stretch-rtpreempt/
11:52 AM gloops: ive seen people trying to build linuxcnc for weeks
11:52 AM Tom_L: why rush a good thing?
11:52 AM pcw_home: you can also be run 32 bit LinuxCNC on a 64 bit CPU (if its not too new for Wheezy)
11:53 AM gloops: ahh thats sounds better - whats too new for wheezy?
11:53 AM pcw_home: Brand new MBs with unsupported hardware
11:54 AM gloops: see im all configured for 2.8 on wheezy i dont want to get into a another lengthy config/setup if possible
11:54 AM pcw_home: Just buy a old Core2 duo MB
11:54 AM pcw_home: (or system)
11:55 AM gloops: i could try installing wheezy image on a hard drive on this 64bit im on now
11:55 AM pcw_home: Worth a try
11:55 AM pcw_home: (or just swap hard drives to test)
11:56 AM gloops: ill try that first, if it runs ill buy a new PC for facebook lol
11:57 AM pcw_home: Unlike windows, if you have a generic kernel like LinuxCNC uses you can often get away with swapping hard drives around
11:57 AM gloops: but will consider core2 64 also, seen some of those local
11:57 AM gloops: yeah wasnt sure debian drive would run on this machine after being installed on different machine
11:57 AM pcw_home: all core2 are 64 bit (core without the 2 is 32 bit)
11:58 AM gloops: basically i want an old 64, older the better
11:59 AM pcw_home: well for Wheezy anything older than say 2015 is probably OK
12:01 PM gloops: excellent thanks - with parport
12:07 PM Tom_L: gloops, i think andy made an iso of wheezy with 2.7.14 on it as well
12:08 PM Tom_L: http://linuxcnc.org/downloads/
12:09 PM gloops: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dell-Optiplex-Desktop-PC-Windows-10-Computer-Core-2-Duo-Tower-4GB-RAM-250GB/202494865355?
12:10 PM gloops: hmm thanks Tom_L - if need be might be able to install that then upgrade to 2.8
12:10 PM Tom_L: yup
12:11 PM Tom_L: i did that but had an issue because i was using remap at the time which interfered with 'run from here'
12:11 PM Tom_L: on 2.8
12:15 PM gloops: i think i upgraded twice on old PC and didnt have any issues, plus one straight install of 2.8
12:19 PM miss0r: gloops: I sent fragalot a text - no new girlfriend or anything like that - he has just been super busy at work
12:19 PM miss0r: Where did you even get the new girlfriend idea from?
12:20 PM miss0r: anyway - he is fine ;) Just busy
12:22 PM gloops: i see miss0r - as i remember it was just something i half read - he said something about a new girlfriend or maybe a new girl - i reckon he was talking about that new mill he bought
12:22 PM gloops: good to know hes ok anyway
12:22 PM miss0r: the 'demanding mistress' :)
12:22 PM gloops: yeah the iron lady
12:25 PM miss0r: time to look through all this nice measuring equipment I was handed today
01:25 PM PL7icnc: good evening
01:26 PM PL7icnc: is Rod or Phil here from the Forum
01:27 PM PL7icnc: Mr Bushman Sorry to give you this missinformation
01:27 PM PL7icnc: Mr Bushman we got very old mashines and old configs as of 2.5 2.6
01:28 PM PL7icnc: the Plasma system has rapedly changed this year alone
01:32 PM Connor: Anyone know anything about a Nova Tool 1340 Bench Lathe model C0662 (or C0682) Can't really make out the 2nd to the last digit. MFG Date 1994
01:32 PM Connor: Trying to find out some specs on it.. Spindle through Diameter, what gearing it does.. etc etc.
02:01 PM * jthornton just came across the pre-flight check list for the Saints blimp ( used to be one of the pilots )
02:01 PM perry_j1987: how does one become a blimp pilot
02:04 PM Tom_L: requires a commercial pilot's license
02:08 PM XXCoder: what I would love to have is anti grav suit
02:09 PM perry_j1987: i want to get a paramotor setup some day
02:10 PM XXCoder: anyone know name of show i think in 90s - police from future is sent to "present time" in orer to send criminals back to future
02:11 PM perry_j1987: timecop?
02:11 PM XXCoder: no, its one where people can be sent back to past, then future, if that person tries to go back again, likely will die
02:12 PM XXCoder: think I found it
02:12 PM perry_j1987: i went through and watched abunch of Sliders few months back
02:12 PM XXCoder: yep time trax
02:12 PM perry_j1987: that was a godo show
02:12 PM XXCoder: too bad execs messed with it too much. (sliders)
02:13 PM perry_j1987: that would prob be a good show for remake
02:13 PM XXCoder: first 2 seasons order was wrong, then third they introduce other human species. then syfy messes with it more, changes how that species look also
02:16 PM XXCoder: syfy did improve it, but also changed :(
02:16 PM JT-Shop: it was a RC Blimp 26' long, I was president of a local RC club at the time so they contacted me
02:16 PM XXCoder: i wish sliders device really existed so i could go to earth where sliders was never meddled with
02:16 PM perry_j1987: lol
02:17 PM perry_j1987: JT-Shop ah neat
02:17 PM perry_j1987: thats a big rc
02:17 PM JT-Shop: yea, it was fun and got to park the van inside the Dome
02:18 PM JT-Shop: now someone tell me where the spare Spyder key is...
02:18 PM Tom_L: is it a $$$ fob?
02:19 PM XXCoder: perry_j1987: time trax season 2 - "the gravity of it all" that is one i want. second stable version of course.
02:19 PM XXCoder: first version is bit instable and could explode if hit
02:20 PM XXCoder: cop had to use first version lol
02:25 PM jthornton: no, just a normal key I take it when we use the Can Am trailer with the Bluewing
03:42 PM tiwake: oh man
03:42 PM tiwake: guys
03:42 PM tiwake: I have machinist porn
03:43 PM tiwake: took a bunch of pictures of sexy things in the shop today
03:43 PM tiwake: realllly sexy pictures
03:44 PM XXCoder: hey hey both hands above desk top
03:57 PM Deejay: gn8
04:33 PM gregcnc: anyone familiar with Tox presses?
04:34 PM gregcnc: https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/hvo/d/itasca-hydraulic-press-tox-pressotechnik/6932288336.html
04:36 PM gregcnc: nothing on the website looks similar
04:36 PM XXCoder: big cylinder
04:38 PM gregcnc: looks like an application specific base
04:38 PM XXCoder: might be adoptable but i dont know presses
04:50 PM tiwake: https://tiwake.com/workpics/
04:50 PM tiwake: I'd rather not share anymore
04:51 PM XXCoder: broaching?
04:51 PM XXCoder: wow thats fancy 4th axis
04:52 PM tiwake: the other pictures I have are even more sexy, but I told the owner I would not really share pictures, and let him decide what pictures he wants for the website
04:55 PM tiwake: XXCoder: yeah, going to be making 1911 slides on that 4th axis
04:56 PM tiwake: a few days ago I made a pin, another guy made the mounting plate, and I assembled/mounted the whole thing in there
04:56 PM XXCoder: virtually all ,machines at work has 4th axis, but none so big it could have 4 4 inch vises.
04:56 PM tiwake: it mounted in there nearly perfectly... amazingly so... was out just a tad
04:57 PM tiwake: 0.001" out
04:57 PM tiwake: heh
04:57 PM XXCoder: why not true it as much as possible, then mill
04:57 PM tiwake: tapped it in
04:57 PM tiwake: then I aligned the jaws
04:57 PM XXCoder: that sounds better way yeay
04:59 PM tiwake: its a really fancy 4-way vice too
04:59 PM tiwake: the jaws are diamond coated
04:59 PM tiwake: super grip
04:59 PM tiwake: going to try and hold 0.002" tolerance
05:00 PM XXCoder: likely able to do it
05:00 PM tiwake: should be able to
05:01 PM tiwake: would not be continuing on the project if not
05:01 PM tiwake: heh
05:01 PM XXCoder: worse one i saw at work was one milled out of single block that has couple .0005" tol on gaps
05:01 PM XXCoder: not holes, gaps between ears
05:01 PM XXCoder: and all kinds of very strange angles
05:01 PM XXCoder: only 5 axis machine at work can do it
05:01 PM tiwake: yeah, those kinds of things are difficult... heh
05:02 PM XXCoder: expensively diffult
05:02 PM JT-Mobile: test
05:10 PM Tom_L: JT-Mobile, on the road already?
05:11 PM JT-Mobile: just packing up and getting a few things sorted out on the laptop
05:20 PM JT-Shop: dang laptop case looks empty without 27 PLC cables in it lol
05:20 PM Tom_L: heh i bet
05:22 PM JT-Shop: and I have a briefcase full of them too...
05:22 PM JT-Shop: the ones that rarely get used
05:22 PM Tom_L: are those kinda like jtag cables?
05:23 PM XXCoder: just a wild guess, but isnt 27 26 more than needed? lol
05:23 PM XXCoder: or is it all dufferent variants?
05:23 PM Tom_L: lots of variants among mfg
05:43 PM jthornton: yea Allen Bradley was the worst one of them all, now a days for modern PLC's usually you just need an Ethernet cable
05:44 PM jthornton: a lot of equipment I work on is pretty old sometimes I have to use my XP laptop
05:44 PM jthornton: Tom_L: they are serial cables
06:32 PM Tom_L: i bet they all think they have a better protocol or communication method
06:33 PM jthornton: or pin out lol
06:34 PM jthornton: or plug for the plc... at one time if you didn't have a serial port on your laptop you could not program a PLC
06:34 PM jthornton: then they came out with USB to serial adapters which saved us
06:35 PM Tom_L: what sort of machines?
06:35 PM Tom_L: non cnc i'm guessing, more line production?
06:35 PM jthornton: Allen Bradley really confused things by having a RS232 and RS485 that uses DH485 protocal
06:36 PM jthornton: yea assembly machines mostly
06:36 PM jthornton: the one I worked on the other day screws the foot into the mount for a washing machine
06:37 PM jthornton: it's called the "foot forward" machine I guess cause the adjustable feet are on the front
06:38 PM Tom_L: how did you get started programming those?
06:38 PM Tom_L: doesn't seem like a straightforward thing to get into
06:39 PM Tom_L: but then you fly blimps and shoot cannons...
06:39 PM jthornton: I worked at a nail plant and they wanted to start a collated plant and I just worked my way in and became the boss...
06:39 PM Tom_L: i remember the nail plant
06:40 PM jthornton: well one of the collators a wire weld one had what looked like a stereo box from the 60's as a controller and it started flaking out
06:40 PM Tom_L: they teach cnc or robotics both? repair at the vo'tech. i noticed that at one of their open houses
06:40 PM jthornton: so I figured out how to replace it with a PLC
06:40 PM jthornton: been programming them ever since
06:41 PM jthornton: no industrial PLC classes?
06:41 PM Tom_L: does each brand require a different program?
06:41 PM Tom_L: i'm not sure
06:41 PM jthornton: oh yea
06:41 PM Tom_L: those types of things thrive on being proprietary...
06:41 PM andypugh: I drifted in to assembly machines straight from Academia. If the company hadn’t gone bust I can see that I would be doing PLCs etc now.
06:41 PM jthornton: and each family is different
06:43 PM andypugh: In fact the only time that I have ever been paid for programming was there, working on a propellor de-icing system testing rig controlled by LabVIEW realtime.
06:43 PM Tom_L: you can probably charge about whaever you want, i doubt anyone else could figure it out
06:43 PM Tom_L: at least not at the plant level
06:43 PM andypugh: So, I reckon if you find that sort of thing interesting, that’s where you sort of end up.
06:43 PM jthornton: I used to get $100 an hour but only charge $75 an hour now
06:44 PM jthornton: when my partner was alive and kicking he brought in a lot of work and $100 and hour was cheap compared to other integrators
06:44 PM Tom_L: how do they keep backups of the code?
06:44 PM Tom_L: just a file on the pc?
06:45 PM Tom_L: binary file?
06:45 PM jthornton: I keep a backup and have it on my web site so they can get to it if needed, they also back it up when they remember
06:45 PM jthornton: yea I think so
06:46 PM Tom_L: sounds like fun
06:46 PM jthornton: yea it's usually pretty challenging for the gray matter so I like that a lot
06:52 PM andypugh: jthornton: As you have a sideline in making LinxCNC boot drives (it seems) Any chance that you could try throwing my debs at a clean install of Mint?
06:58 PM jthornton: yes I can when I get back from osage beach, where are the debs?
06:59 PM jthornton: I can do mint, lubuntu and debian... I assume your talking about the RTAI debs?
06:59 PM andypugh: I sent an email to the dev list, but: https://github.com/andypugh/RTAI/releases/tag/v5.2.2-master-alpha.1
07:00 PM andypugh: I think that you just need linux-image, rtai-modules and linuxcnc_2.8
07:00 PM jthornton: hmm I have mint 19 on the laptop I can try that while on vacation I think
07:00 PM andypugh: Well, only if it doesn’t interfere with having fun :-)
07:01 PM jthornton: oh if you notice any issues with the forum let me know
07:01 PM andypugh: I am here next week, then 2 weeks working away in Spain
07:01 PM andypugh: Then straight to the Stuttgart meetup
07:01 PM jthornton: usually no one is awake in the early morning hours so I program or something while sipping coffee
07:02 PM jthornton: cool, I managed to get to Stuttgart once when I worked for a living
07:03 PM jthornton: andypugh: can you think of any reason to have halcompile in dev and not just part of linuxcnc?
07:03 PM andypugh: No.
07:04 PM jthornton: me neither, sure would be easier if halcompile was just there without jumping through hoops to get it
07:04 PM andypugh: But then I have a feeling that with recent installs -dev comes in automatically. I have not explicity installed it for a while, it seems.
07:05 PM andypugh: Or, possibly, I just install it automatically. Like typing G43 after M6
07:05 PM jthornton: hmm I'll have to check but when I did debian 10 the other day by building a deb I had to install both
07:05 PM jthornton: I do the same lol Tx M6 G43
07:06 PM jthornton: must be tomorrow for you by now
07:08 PM andypugh: Yes, but only just. And YouTube exists :-)
07:08 PM jthornton: lol
07:09 PM andypugh: Not sure I approve of the power tools, but the final product is great: https://youtu.be/j0wuZV10Ixk
07:10 PM jthornton: just getting the couch on wheels with a stereo packed up for the trip even though a goldwing has the fasted time through the tail of the dragon in TN
07:10 PM andypugh: Putting the scales on had my legs twitching vicariousy. (I don;f have ADHD or anything of that sort, in fact I am probably unusually good at boring tasks, but when it’s repetative and needs accuracy and concentration, I start to twitch and feel sick.) Worst is precisr mousing…
07:11 PM jthornton: ah I watch the woodrights shop with roy underhill a lot but no power tools lol
07:12 PM jthornton: interesting work and design
07:17 PM jthornton: and I have just about every power tool you can think of lol
07:19 PM andypugh: Power bolt cropper?
07:19 PM andypugh: Power tinsnip?
07:20 PM Tom_L: right or left hand?
07:20 PM andypugh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8HBaBJMPrs : one of those toools that could pay for itself in a single night :-)
07:21 PM Tom_L: i bet there's some serious gear reduction there