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Jun 30 2019

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12:26 AM veek: aren't prices for fasteners available from catalogues
12:30 AM veek: https://www.anzor.com.au/stainless-bolts says 'Enquire' wth?
12:41 AM Elmo40: volatile material
12:42 AM Elmo40: Tom_L, interesting drivers. can have 'direct line input'.
12:42 AM Elmo40: i'd much prefer it that way!
01:50 AM miss0r: Do any of you guys know how hard(if possible at all) it would be to run a Sanyo Deki servo driver with linuxcnc? (py2c030u0xxxc08) If I can do that, I can have a 4th & 5th axis table for free.. well, it is free anyway - but if I can't run it I'm not sure I'd bother. Its a professional unit that weighs in at around 100kgs I would guess.
02:05 AM DaViruz: looks like it accepts +/-10V velocity command input and encoder outputs, so perfectly possible
02:06 AM XXCoder: hey
02:09 AM Deejay: moin
02:09 AM XXCoder: miss0r: been while forgot what your machine looked like lol
02:09 AM XXCoder: yo
02:10 AM DaViruz: miss0r: and not especially hard.
02:16 AM DaViruz: miss0r: well, i mean, it's impossible, it's better to sell it to me for 100kr ;)
02:21 AM XXCoder: man da is so cheap. im willing to buy it for whole 200 kr
03:34 AM miss0r: DaViruz: Haha
03:34 AM miss0r: XXCoder: That is cheap.
03:34 AM XXCoder: lol
03:34 AM XXCoder: not as cheap tho!
03:34 AM miss0r: Well... i'm getting this 4th &5th axis for free.
03:35 AM miss0r: and it comes with two drivers
03:35 AM XXCoder: nice
03:35 AM miss0r: no backlash in the internal gearing; can do simultanious milling on all axis (no pneumatic lock or otherwise)
03:36 AM XXCoder: that is really quite high end
03:36 AM miss0r: XXCoder: If you recall I run a Deckel Maho 500c. I've build a linuxcnc controller for it, that is ment to replace the philips 432 controller that is on it right now
03:36 AM XXCoder: even expensive 5 axis need to lock usually
03:37 AM miss0r: well.. it all depends
03:37 AM miss0r: This 4th & 5th axis was originally 27k eur
03:37 AM XXCoder: watching one of those machines run. interesting.
03:38 AM miss0r: it has been in production for two years(running 24/7). But I can't see anything wrong with it, no apparent wear ect
03:38 AM XXCoder: its one of those oddities which spindle moves up and down and front in and back'
03:38 AM miss0r: no. Spindle does not move up and down. only forward and back. the table does up/down + left/right...
03:39 AM miss0r: forward/back (y) :)
03:39 AM XXCoder: oh preciative problem. it sure looked like tool was moving not table
03:39 AM miss0r: well.. The spindle has a manual quill, though
03:39 AM XXCoder: cant spell that word at all
03:39 AM miss0r: the word where the perspective does so that it seems what it isn't?
03:40 AM XXCoder: that word yes
03:40 AM XXCoder: perspective
03:40 AM miss0r: Indeed
03:40 AM miss0r: Quite a solid machine; the table is supported all the way in x-axis
03:41 AM miss0r: no stickout over the beating surfaces, like you get on a conventional 'knee' style milling machine
03:41 AM miss0r: beating=bearing
03:42 AM XXCoder: interesting
03:42 AM miss0r: you can hit some realy tight tolerances on that thing. I reballed the x-axis ballnut. I did the same to the y-axis, but it has too much wear - So I need to replace that one. I get a little witnessmark where y-axis changes direction
03:43 AM XXCoder: so a little backlash
03:43 AM miss0r: which is realy annoying :) It also has glass scales, but the wear is too great for it to handle compensation fast enough
03:43 AM miss0r: indeed
03:44 AM miss0r: I'm glad I didn't have to replace the x-axis ballscrew. that thing is REALY expensive. :) its a 45mm ground ballscrew with two ballcages.
03:44 AM XXCoder: ow
03:45 AM miss0r: yeah.. 2.5k eur - ballscrew only, not including the nuts
03:45 AM miss0r: the wear in z-axis I don't mind :) The table is heavy enough that it always 'sits' on the ballnut, effectively eliminating backlash
03:46 AM miss0r: the thing that impresses me the most with this old machine, is that the table can handle a 200kg workpiece, and throw it around at 5000mm/min
03:47 AM XXCoder: yeah it looks super heavy duty
03:47 AM miss0r: (not alot by modern standards, but keep in mind this machine is from '85)
03:47 AM XXCoder: a61 at work is nuts
03:47 AM XXCoder: it can move tombstone 2 inches with friction of second. i couldnt see it move
03:47 AM miss0r: I got it for 1600eur + an arboga u2508 drill press :)
03:47 AM miss0r: wow
03:48 AM XXCoder: yeah. I call it earthquake machine
03:48 AM XXCoder: though they slowed down rapids a little so its less quaky
03:48 AM miss0r: Makino makes realy good gear imo
03:49 AM XXCoder: yeah
03:49 AM XXCoder: it, like any machine, has annoyances though lol
03:49 AM miss0r: Kitamura is also nice, when it comes to the japanese stuff :) If only I needed it/had the room to fit it/could afford it
03:49 AM XXCoder: chips love to pile up where laser tool sensor is
03:49 AM XXCoder: if chips stack right way it floods shop with coolant
03:49 AM XXCoder: happened to me twice geez
03:50 AM miss0r: From a purely mechanical point of view, I prefere kitamura & makino over mazak and alike - they are alot better designed when it comes to slideways, way covers, spindle bearings ect
03:50 AM miss0r: You can tell someone took their time to figure it out proberly right away
03:51 AM XXCoder: yeah
03:51 AM XXCoder: i hate hurco
03:51 AM miss0r: you and me both
03:51 AM XXCoder: haas sucks but not as much as hurco
03:51 AM XXCoder: fadal I like but not wowww
03:52 AM miss0r: well... with the pricetag on the haas, I suppose its good within its own pricerange.. but the hurco - I wouldn't own one if it cost nothing
03:52 AM XXCoder: nothing maybe
03:52 AM XXCoder: any kind of price no
03:52 AM miss0r: well... 'nothing'.. hehe
03:52 AM XXCoder: yeah haas small one at shop isnt too bad, just hate machine that dont instantly stop on jog stop
03:53 AM miss0r: I had a repair job on a hurco. IT suddenly stopped using way oil. so I had to flush the lube system and replace the lube nozzles. You would not believe how much sh*t you have to remove to get to the distributing points. I realy hate that machine
03:53 AM XXCoder: ouch
03:53 AM XXCoder: your hatred is more advanced
03:53 AM miss0r: Indeed - I don't have alot of experience running a haas
03:54 AM XXCoder: my hatred is just usage hatred
03:54 AM miss0r: I repair machines for a living, I should know what I hate and why :D
03:54 AM XXCoder: :)
03:55 AM miss0r: bah.. I've been in here sucking in the beautiful airconditioned atmosphere long enough. I need to get back to doing garden work - next up; a few trips to the recycling station, as I just cleared out the garden shed.
03:55 AM XXCoder: lol later.
03:55 AM XXCoder: my ac is set at 77f
03:56 AM XXCoder: I like conditioned air but not cold
03:57 AM miss0r: mine is set to 20c [68f], but outside its almost 30c [86f].
03:57 AM miss0r: and its only 10:51, not even noon yet. This day is going to kill me
03:57 AM miss0r: anyway - off I go
03:57 AM XXCoder: ugh later
05:22 AM jthornton: morning
05:22 AM XXCoder: hey jt
06:27 AM jthornton: finally finished putting the smart siding on the living room wall yesterday
06:27 AM XXCoder: smart siding?
06:28 AM jthornton: 3 more walls to go... but I'm going to caulk and paint it before moving to the next one
06:28 AM jthornton: yea LP Smart Siding
06:28 AM jthornton: it's a brand name
06:28 AM XXCoder: interesting
06:29 AM jthornton: actually it's SmartSide
06:29 AM XXCoder: we plan to rip out outside walls and put in isulation then new sides
06:29 AM XXCoder: but no idea when, as its quite a bit of money
06:30 AM XXCoder: though why is it called "smartside"
06:30 AM XXCoder: is it just marketspeak or something improved over standard sidings?
06:31 AM Tom_L: morning
06:31 AM XXCoder: yo
06:32 AM jthornton: https://www.menards.com/main/building-materials/siding/engineered-wood-siding/lp-reg-smartside-reg-3-8-x-16-textured-strand-lap-siding/25797/p-1444438211763.htm
06:32 AM jthornton: that's what I'm using... they improved it since I did the garage/machine shop with it
06:32 AM jthornton: morning
06:34 AM XXCoder: interesting
06:35 AM XXCoder: engineered wood similiar to ones we used at old home
06:35 AM jthornton: yea the base is now made from chips and feels stronger than the older stuff
06:36 AM XXCoder: cool
06:47 AM Tom_L: exterior?
06:47 AM XXCoder: yeah
06:50 AM rtagro: h
10:32 AM Deejay: re
11:24 AM enleth: anyone here had any experiences with Unison DEDTRU surface grinders?
11:24 AM enleth: I'm looking at a listing for a used one, $1200
11:25 AM enleth: table traverse doesn't work, seller suggests it's a hydraulic issue
12:43 PM jym: howdy
12:57 PM _unreal_: uploading a new photo of my cnc machine
12:58 PM _unreal_: aside from finishing building the thats still in the works. I just finished all the side crap.
12:58 PM _unreal_: err?
12:58 PM _unreal_: I think I thought more then I typed
12:59 PM _unreal_: aside from finishing the waste board. I'm still working on getting all of the holes done. I just finished all the side enclosures and got the spindle control and a few other controls hooked up finally'
12:59 PM _unreal_: now I can safely drill all of my holes in the aluminum and get them tapped etc... then get the board done
12:59 PM _unreal_: and mounted
01:01 PM jym: cradek: You'll love the boy and the swan... https://youtu.be/NcPA0jvp9IQ?t=1702
01:01 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17asiOfQxG46MzgAa_3xxsYwyG0inSd0_
01:52 PM _unreal_: OMG make it go away
01:52 PM _unreal_: 108 holes to tap
01:53 PM Rab: _unreal_, how are you tapping?
01:57 PM jdh: slowly
01:58 PM jym: VERY clowly
02:14 PM _unreal_: I'm not any more
02:15 PM _unreal_: just broke my tap. got about 1/3 done. and bottomed out on some metal I forgot I had not drilled all the way threw
02:16 PM _unreal_: if I had not forgotten about it I would have likely gotten them all done by 5pm
02:16 PM _unreal_: 3 now
02:16 PM _unreal_: sigh... going to see if I can find some washers and do a fun test milling
02:46 PM _unreal_: milling out a skull
03:03 PM _unreal_: any one around
03:14 PM jym: sorta kinda
03:14 PM Tom_L: no
03:14 PM jym: and that tom bastard is never around
03:21 PM _unreal_: that bastard
03:22 PM JT-Shop: me neither
03:25 PM _unreal_: redoing the mill job in some kind of MDF board stuff for counters and walls..?
03:26 PM _unreal_: really thin but the other job I did I didnt relize till I started milling that the plastic was warped... do to HEAT...
03:26 PM _unreal_: had I flipped it over the warp would not have been a problem oh well
03:28 PM Rab: _unreal_, don't neglect to take pics of your werks
03:28 PM jym: _unreal_: heat from what?
03:32 PM Deejay: gn8
03:36 PM _unreal_: Rab, in the photo I posted. the plastic side parts that cover the electronics
03:36 PM _unreal_: I had some cutoffs but I had heated the poly to form it.
05:53 PM jthornton: what email clients are anyone using on linux?
05:53 PM Tom_L: umm thunderbird?
05:54 PM Tom_L: i could check but i think that's it
05:54 PM SpeedEvil: ^
05:54 PM jthornton: I use that on windoze
05:54 PM Tom_L: well there ya go then
05:55 PM * jthornton downloads and watching videos like there is no data limit today
05:56 PM Tom_L: heh end of month or because a holiday is coming?
05:56 PM jthornton: last day of the month
05:57 PM jthornton: 3.2GB of data left
05:57 PM Tom_L: the kids instructor was pretty happy... he got an instructor's award which only one other instructor there has. so now he can kinda rub it in a bit...
05:58 PM Tom_L: they got in late last night
05:58 PM jthornton: lol that's cool
05:59 PM Tom_L: the rub of it is, all the winner's prizes were not for his field, they were all for an electician
05:59 PM Tom_L: they kinda screwed that up
06:00 PM Tom_L: he did get a set of starret punches
06:00 PM jthornton: sounds like a major screw up
06:00 PM jthornton: and he is a draftsman?
06:00 PM Tom_L: yeah well that's where they put him
06:01 PM Tom_L: his brother last year got a nice mitutoyo 1" digital mic, calipers etc
06:01 PM jthornton: what did he take in the votec school?
06:01 PM Tom_L: he's been taking mostly catia and autocad classes since the HS ticket pays for them mostly
06:02 PM Tom_L: now that he's graduated he's going on to take the machining classes
06:02 PM Tom_L: the catia classes are $$$ if you had to pay
06:03 PM Tom_L: they use that quite a bit around here
06:03 PM Tom_L: Dassault has an office here
06:04 PM Tom_L: so i got a new pair of cable crimpers and wire cutters :)
06:05 PM jthornton: nice, crimpers for ferrules?
06:05 PM Tom_L: they look kinda cheap but the ferrules are the water proof type
06:06 PM jthornton: I've not seen that kind before
06:06 PM Tom_L: both, combination cutter crimper for wire and cable strippers and crimpers
06:07 PM Tom_L: various companies donate the prizes to get their name in the hopper
06:09 PM Tom_L: http://www.starrett.com/metrology/product-detail/metrology/metrology-products/precision-measuring-tools/machinists-precision-shop-tools/Punches-And-Sets/S117PC
06:09 PM Tom_L: that was pretty nice but neither of us will probably use em
06:10 PM Tom_L: i've got a spring loaded one
06:10 PM jym: thats not a crimper
06:10 PM Tom_L: duh
06:11 PM jym: HE did a nice job, is that a home made sander (blue one)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebKqELkA2DI
06:11 PM jthornton: I have a couple of the spring loaded punches and sometime pull out my 117's to make the punch mark a bit bigger
06:12 PM jym: Sometimes I wish my spring loaded would make a harder impression
06:12 PM Tom_L: i'm usually grab a crap tap from the junk drawer that has a point :)
06:14 PM jym: DIY heat treating oven (if anyone cares) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MNwqwmrWgQ
06:18 PM jthornton: time to nuke some burgers on the grill I think
06:19 PM Tom_L: grub time here too
07:01 PM roycroft: i recently made a 2x72 belt grinder, jym
07:01 PM roycroft: i'll take pictures of it soon
07:01 PM roycroft: i haven't finished painting it yet
07:03 PM jym: grinder or belt sander?
07:05 PM roycroft: folks generally call it a belt grinder
07:06 PM roycroft: i'll use it mostly on metals
07:07 PM jym: roycroft: I'm mostly looking to shape and sharpen a few things
07:07 PM roycroft: i'm not sure if there is an "official" difference between a grinder and a sander
07:07 PM roycroft: i tend to think of sanders as things that shape wood
07:07 PM roycroft: and grinders as things that shape not wood
07:08 PM roycroft: mine is closely based on jeremy schmidt's design
07:08 PM roycroft: and i'm very happy with it
07:08 PM roycroft: i put a 3hp motor on it
07:08 PM roycroft: so it has some serious oomph
07:09 PM roycroft: 5hp would have been even better
07:09 PM roycroft: but the motor and platen can tilt
07:09 PM roycroft: a 5hp motor would be a bit much to wrangle
07:09 PM roycroft: the 3hp is already not as much fun as i'd like to tilt
07:09 PM jym: roycroft: screw it, toss it on a 450 big block
07:10 PM roycroft: i built it out of 3/8" and 1/2" steel
07:10 PM roycroft: and i'm really glad i did
07:11 PM roycroft: i've used some smaller ones that are basically stamped sheet metal or 12ga steel at most, and they tend to vibrate and chatter when you push them hard
07:11 PM roycroft: mine's rock solid
07:11 PM roycroft: i try not to overbuild for the sake of overbuilding, or out of laziness
07:12 PM roycroft: but this is one case where it really helps to make it very very rigid
08:07 PM andypugh: belt grinder upgrade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYmsXgIsZBQ
08:07 PM andypugh: Heat treatment: http://bodgesoc.blogspot.com/2014/11/heat-treatment-furnace.html
08:08 PM andypugh: You don;t have to look any further than this IRC for your content :-(
08:08 PM andypugh: I meant :-)
08:13 PM flyback: <roycroft> a 5hp motor would be a bit much to wrangle
08:13 PM flyback: <roycroft> the 3hp is already not as much fun as i'd like to tilt
08:13 PM flyback: it's called a vfd
08:14 PM roycroft: what?
08:14 PM flyback: tsoh misread
08:14 PM flyback: thought you wrre saying you had too much power
08:14 PM roycroft: my motor is 3 phase
08:14 PM flyback: my bad
08:14 PM roycroft: and has a vfd
08:14 PM roycroft: i'm saying a 5hp motor would be significantly heavier than my 3hp motor
08:14 PM flyback: yeha like I said I misread
08:14 PM roycroft: ok, as long as we both are clear now :)
08:15 PM Tom_L: as mud
08:15 PM roycroft: i haven't even slowed down my grinder yet, much less stalled it out
08:16 PM roycroft: so if i'm honest i have to say i don't know if 3hp is powerful enough
08:16 PM roycroft: my old belt grinder is a 1/3hp 1x30
08:16 PM roycroft: and it has always been painful to use
08:16 PM roycroft: but now i have 9x as much power
09:06 PM _unreal_: My first part from my cnc machine came out great
09:07 PM Tom_L: no pics no part.
09:08 PM jym: Tom_L: Well, the hamburger grease bait trap is done, we'll see how it goes. The borax disolved nicely btw
09:08 PM _unreal_: Tom_L, I already posted
09:09 PM Tom_L: jym i heated mine in the microwave
09:09 PM Tom_L: in a jar
09:09 PM _unreal_: But because we have a non believer https://drive.google.com/file/d/17bwORCSpeKapwjR70tMxJiXLaf_wB6YE/view?usp=sharing
09:09 PM Tom_L: HFCS that is
09:09 PM jym: Tom_L: I wanted things I do dispose of
09:09 PM jym: could*
09:09 PM _unreal_: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17asiOfQxG46MzgAa_3xxsYwyG0inSd0_
09:09 PM _unreal_: still a non beliver?
09:10 PM Tom_L: never said i was
09:10 PM _unreal_: my skull and bones even has cock and balls :)
09:10 PM _unreal_: lol
09:10 PM Tom_L: jym i just rinsed it out and kept it for another run later
09:11 PM _unreal_: ? have not seen fdarling in some time
09:11 PM Tom_L: jym i should go check to see who's winning
09:11 PM roycroft: is that doctor zoidber's head surrounded by penii?
09:11 PM _unreal_: why...... cough YES
09:12 PM _unreal_: and its zoidberg as I recal
09:12 PM roycroft: yes, sorry, typo
09:12 PM roycroft: zoidberg
09:12 PM * _unreal_ goes after more wine
09:12 PM roycroft: there should be some claw hands surrounding the whole thing
09:14 PM jym: Tom_L: what's the compentition?
09:14 PM _unreal_: roycroft, not cock and balls?
09:14 PM _unreal_: as in my picture
09:17 PM Tom_L: jym an army of ants
09:20 PM jym: Tom_L: tiny piss ants or black ants?
09:21 PM jym: Tom_L: piss ants are about 3mm long, and black ants are about a cm long and carry stuff
09:22 PM Tom_L: small
09:22 PM _unreal_: I miss the big carpenter ants from "maine" they are .65" long and very gentel
09:22 PM _unreal_: you can pick them up and they wont bite you
09:22 PM _unreal_: they'll destory anything wood but they are NOT like red ants
09:31 PM roycroft: i don't mind the ants so much - i can keep them under control
09:31 PM roycroft: my van is in the shop, however, because it has no brakes
09:31 PM roycroft: my mechanic informed me that rats have chewed through all four brake lines going to the slave cylinders
09:32 PM roycroft: at $60 each + labor i'm really disliking rats right now
09:32 PM Tom_L: better replace with steel braided lines
09:32 PM roycroft: i asked him to find them if he can
09:32 PM roycroft: that won't stop them
09:32 PM jym: roycroft: plastic jar with a #57 hole drilled in the top, place in engine compartment with 2 moth balls.
09:32 PM roycroft: but it will slow them down
09:33 PM roycroft: i had a rat chew through a wall in my kitchen once
09:33 PM roycroft: and it chewed through the water supply line to my dishwasher
09:33 PM roycroft: which was ss braided
09:33 PM roycroft: that was the most unfun new year's eve ever
09:34 PM roycroft: at 3 minutes past midnight i had to send all my guests home because my kitchen was flooding and i could not see where it was coming from
09:34 PM jym: roycroft: rodents go by scent, not sight. and moth balls will knock that out in an instant for them
09:34 PM jym: plus it's poisonous too
09:35 PM jym: roycroft: plastic 16oz water bottle works too
09:36 PM roycroft: jym: that might work for the front brakes
09:36 PM roycroft: i doubt it would have any effect on the rears though
09:36 PM roycroft: this is a full size van
09:36 PM jym: roycroft: Place the bottles in the wheel wells and zip tie them
09:36 PM roycroft: wheelspan is like 12 feet
09:36 PM roycroft: front to back wheelspan, that is
09:36 PM roycroft: whatever the term is for that
09:36 PM roycroft: yeah, that might work
09:36 PM roycroft: i only drive this van a couple times/year
09:37 PM roycroft: so it sits around almost the whole year, which i'm sure makes it more inviting for critters
09:37 PM jym: the moth malls do melt in the heat, thus the TINYEST of hole is all that's needed
09:37 PM roycroft: i may start driving it more regularly
09:37 PM roycroft: in which case the rodent problem will probably go away on its own
09:37 PM roycroft: but i'll find out tomorrow if my mechanic can get braided brake hoses
09:38 PM jym: unless they've bult a nest in it
09:38 PM roycroft: this is gonna cost me about $400
09:38 PM roycroft: i'd rather spend $500 and fix it a lot better
09:38 PM jym: roycroft: That's cheap compared to my neighbosr who had their BRAND NEW (2 months old) truck wiring harness replaced for $1000
09:38 PM jym: due to rats
09:38 PM roycroft: if it was a bmw it would probably cost $4000
09:39 PM jym: probably =)
09:39 PM roycroft: there are cheaper ways to get laid than to buy a beemer
09:39 PM flyback: poison spray th ewires next time
09:39 PM flyback: or buy a snake
09:40 PM roycroft: poisoning the wires would pose liability issues
09:40 PM jym: roycroft: Dollar Tree has moth balls $1 btw
09:40 PM _unreal_: roycroft, put heavy grease on the hoses and the rats wont touch em again. they likely chewed them because they needed something to chew on to wear down there teeth
09:41 PM _unreal_: rat bastards
09:41 PM roycroft: even if you told a mechanic you did it, the mechanic might get poisoned and you would be liable
09:41 PM _unreal_: I had the same issue with my old truck
09:41 PM roycroft: yeah, moth balls sounds like a cheap and easy solution
09:41 PM _unreal_: I had to replace a fuel line because rats chewed the damn fuel hoes
09:41 PM _unreal_: hose
09:42 PM roycroft: why can't trump deport rats instead of people?
09:42 PM Elmo40: then who'd run the banks?
09:42 PM roycroft: i think we'd all be better off if he got rid of the rats
09:42 PM roycroft: who needs banks?
09:42 PM roycroft: we all have mattresses
09:42 PM Elmo40: billionaires
09:42 PM roycroft: who cares about billionaires?
09:42 PM Elmo40: long live bitcoin.
09:42 PM jym: roycroft: Just needs aliens to anal probe him and take him back to their planet
09:42 PM roycroft: except other billionaires
09:46 PM Elmo40: is there any coding required to have linuxcnc use E values for 3D printing? Does it 'know' it is to control a motor or is there a conf file that needs to be toyed with?
09:46 PM Elmo40: My main reason to want to use linuxcnc is the UI.
09:47 PM Elmo40: clean. clear. legible. gives me proper feedback that no machine nor octoprint gives. I.E. current location XYZ.
09:47 PM Tom_L: 3d printing has been done with it
09:47 PM Tom_L: can't tell you much about it
09:48 PM Elmo40: i am baffled that no one else displays this information. they will have it scroll in a terminal window but that is simply displaying the lines of g-code. i want to know where everything is at all times.
09:48 PM Elmo40: yeah. i can't really find anything dated newer than 2017.
09:49 PM roycroft: i should imagine that additive machining is quite different to subtractive machining
09:49 PM net|: https://netpipe.ca/?p=3448 got subframe out today
09:49 PM roycroft: but it's the cad/cam softwarwe that hould handle all that magic, no?
09:50 PM Elmo40: the machine will be multi-machining. + and -
09:51 PM Elmo40: net|, what happened to it?
09:52 PM Elmo40: i need to remove the subframe of the wife's MINI in order to change the control arms... such a horrible design!
09:52 PM roycroft: when i was growing up my next door neighbor was a dodge fanatic
09:53 PM roycroft: every car he ever owned was a dodge
09:53 PM roycroft: he bought one in the early '70s
09:53 PM roycroft: it had a big v8 - i don't know what size exactly, as i never paid much attention to chrysler products
09:54 PM roycroft: but a tuneup cost $700 in early 1970s dollars
09:54 PM roycroft: because one of the spark plugs was located such that the engine needed to be unbolted and pulled forward 3 inches in order to get the special tool for that plug in to remove it
09:54 PM roycroft: my neighbor was used to doing his own tuneup
09:54 PM roycroft: s
09:55 PM roycroft: so, like many owners of that model dodge, he ended up driving it with seven good cylinders and one crappy running one
09:55 PM roycroft: and then he bought another dodge
09:55 PM roycroft: personally, i'd have been done with them after that stunt
09:56 PM roycroft: and i don't know what model it was, but he always drove 4-door hardtop sedans
09:56 PM roycroft: having a wife and three kids and a dog
10:08 PM Kevin`: the problem is all of the car manufacturers do the same shit. cars are designed to be assembled once
10:51 PM roycroft: they don't make tuneups all but impossible
10:51 PM roycroft: that was exceptional
11:13 PM jym: Optical onion orientation... https://youtu.be/j5phH7pxt7Q?t=365
11:16 PM Elmo40: that is cool.
11:17 PM Elmo40: roycroft, i know when chevy paused the camaro and then reintroduced it, the new body had 2 plugs that were impossible to get at unless you dropped the motor.
11:17 PM Elmo40: try changing plugs on a cadillac northstar motor!
11:31 PM * roycroft just takes his vehicles to his mechanic these days
11:54 PM Elmo40: people still do that?
11:55 PM Elmo40: i noticed Mr Lube is now offering spark plug service