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Jun 17 2019

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12:09 AM jym: Wolf__: at least it wasn't black electrical tape or duct tape
12:13 AM Wolf__: true lol
12:13 AM XXCoder: lol
12:13 AM jym: I dont have the chair for mine any longer, but need to find a seat for it, need something cool looking
12:13 AM jym: I kept the steel base though
12:13 AM Wolf__: I plan to put the hover round seat off mine in to my bobcat skid loader lol
12:13 AM jym: it was as heavy as the damn scooter, I tossed it
12:15 AM jym: Hmmm... 24V DIRECT to the motors??????
12:15 AM jym: THAT should give me a good indication of speed =)
12:16 AM Wolf__: lol yeah should, also find out how well the motors are matched
12:16 AM jym: What , you don't like donuts????
12:27 AM jym: Wolf__: Ok, I'm thining a turret mouted paintball gun =)
12:27 AM Wolf__: haha
12:27 AM jym: potato gatlin gun?
12:28 AM jym: 3x4 matrix of potato guns?
12:28 AM jym: ...with speeloader?
12:33 AM jym: Wolf__: just need a linear acuator for height control
12:34 AM jym: Hey, BOTH paintball AND potato cannons!!!!
12:34 AM Wolf__: diy giant servos
12:34 AM jym: well, airsoft instead of paintball
12:35 AM jym: do they have electric automatic airsoft guns?
12:36 AM Wolf__: yeah, its just a motor
12:37 AM jym: Wolf__: Ohhhhhh THIS looks interesting... uses water polymer bullsets https://spreadamor.com/products/water-bullet-sniper-rifle
12:38 AM XXCoder: super fast way to get deadf
12:38 AM jym: XXCoder: ???
12:43 AM jym: WATER CANNON!!!!
12:43 AM XXCoder: that looks like a gun
12:43 AM jym: red tip
12:43 AM XXCoder: will cops care heh'
12:43 AM jym: XXCoder: It would be mounted on a RC robot =)
12:43 AM XXCoder: lol remote fun
12:43 AM XXCoder: know whats even better?
12:43 AM jym: Wolf__: 25gallons of water (200 lbs) could easily be pulled around by a scooter
12:43 AM jym: XXCoder: ???
12:43 AM XXCoder: make it camera remote bots but have spot where water can trigger "dead mode"
12:43 AM XXCoder: remote fight!
12:43 AM jym: hahahaha
12:43 AM jym: I only have one XXCoder
12:43 AM XXCoder: have huge transmitters so big park can be used
12:43 AM Wolf__: should be easy, ya seen people of walmart before ? lol
12:46 AM Wolf__: jym: airsoft in rc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BBnYPuM2s0
01:01 AM jym: Wolf__: Oh wow, I didn't realize airsoft had that much range
01:01 AM Wolf__: yup, I have a electric mp5 full auto airsoft
01:18 AM jym: Wolf__: DIY water pump, impressive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUk_huw7iSI
01:18 AM jym: Wolf__: heh what kinda range do you get with it?//
01:19 AM Wolf__: 25yrds easy dent cardboard @ 50yrds
01:26 AM jym: Eh, not the distance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVVJ5lDS5Eo
01:30 AM jym: Heh https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-DC-12V-160PSI-High-Pressure-Car-Washer-Cleaner-Water-Wash-Pump-Sprayer-Kit/173350468039
01:32 AM XXCoder: am I missing something?
01:33 AM jym: XXCoder: rc water cannon
01:33 AM jym: XXCoder: The scooters can carry a 300lbs
01:34 AM XXCoder: ahh my earlier idea heh
01:34 AM jym: XXCoder: So make the scooter RC and weaponize it with a water cannon
01:35 AM jym: XXCoder: I like the distance of the DIY pump (above)
01:36 AM XXCoder: heh basically tanks game
01:36 AM XXCoder: though need to somehow reset sensor so it can play again
01:36 AM jym: XXCoder: I'm thinking public water water =)
01:37 AM jym: water park*
01:38 AM XXCoder: hmm
01:43 AM jym: For $20 the 12v pressure washer isn't "bad", might get better performance using a larger hose
03:04 AM gloops: all quiet on the western front
03:11 AM nkp216_: Are there any examples of using mesa cards with non_linuxcnc ?
03:33 AM gloops: mach3?
03:49 AM nkp216_: I didn't find examples (
05:05 AM jthornton: morning
05:05 AM XXCoder: yo
05:18 AM jthornton: nkp216_: you can use softdmc whatever that is http://store.mesanet.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=163&search=softdmc
05:19 AM Tom_L: morning
05:23 AM jthornton: morning
05:25 AM XXCoder: hey
05:29 AM Tom_L: you don't know where the tool table gets it's units setting from do you?
05:30 AM Tom_L: (inch / metric)
05:33 AM jthornton: I guess the ini file, why?
05:33 AM Tom_L: well yea but what section?
05:34 AM Tom_L: there's little if any mention of it
05:35 AM Tom_L: somebody had lcnc set up for mm but was entering imperial units in the tool table for tool diameter
05:35 AM jthornton: traj linear units
05:35 AM Tom_L: that's what i thought but i wasn't sure
05:35 AM Tom_L: there are a couple of unit settings in the ini
05:36 AM jthornton: yea linear and angular
05:37 AM jthornton: which you can override in an axis
05:38 AM Tom_L: in that case traj would still control the tool table setting?
05:38 AM Tom_L: it gets confusing
05:39 AM jthornton: no idea
05:39 AM Tom_L: heh
05:39 AM Tom_L: me either
05:40 AM Tom_L: traj would be the path planning so i would guess it would still control the tool data
05:40 AM Tom_L: even though you may have an odd axis set up
05:42 AM Tom_L: if it's ever verified, it might be helpful to add a note in the tool table section as to what controls it
05:43 AM Tom_L: he had an 1/8" cutter so he figured to enter it in the table as such
05:43 AM jthornton: I do know the native units in emc is metric
05:44 AM Tom_L: but it got interpreted as .125 mm instead
05:52 AM jthornton: that doesn't make any sense to enter the diameter in inches when your machine units are mm
07:27 AM Tom_L: it doesn't make sense but it happened
08:07 AM jthornton: I don't doubt that
08:08 AM selroc: I still have the 7I76 sitting there
08:10 AM Elmo40: hence why the EU rover smashed into Mars.. wrong units.
08:10 AM selroc: lol
08:11 AM XXCoder: heh yeah
08:11 AM XXCoder: any science that leaves craters is good science
08:40 AM selroc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSp7RXqSMxE
08:53 AM chris_99: Hi, is it ok if i ask a general metal question? (about cutting 5mm SS, looking at using a particular hole saw)
08:56 AM perry_j1987: morning all
08:57 AM perry_j1987: lol Elmo40 that reminds me of my day yesterday... noticed some suspiciously imperial decimal units in my metric tooltable that were throwing everything off
09:19 AM CaptHindsight: how dare LCNC not read the minds of those using it, file a bug report immediately!
09:21 AM perry_j1987: paperclip guy should have popped up and said "did you mean to use imperial units?"
09:30 AM gloops: winning on lathe by £6 with 4 hours to go
09:31 AM gloops: something telling me theres still a chance...
09:58 AM Deejay: hi
10:06 AM perry_j1987: hi
10:19 AM perry_j1987: big difference going from 24 to 48v?
10:23 AM Deejay: approx. double!
10:24 AM perry_j1987: double what though :)
10:25 AM Deejay: dunno if makes a big differnce. have 48V for the steppers. never tested with 24v :/
10:26 AM Deejay: so cannot say
10:35 AM perry_j1987: k
10:37 AM perry_j1987: so i've been playing with this 4th axis lately. any ideas how to produce an eccentric shaft with the 4th axis?
10:38 AM cpresser: perry_j1987: 3axis mill with 4th axis as rotary?
10:39 AM perry_j1987: ya
10:40 AM cpresser: if you write g-code manually, you want to do a coordinated motion where Z moves with A
10:40 AM perry_j1987: i never have but i was curious if this would be a good time to start
10:40 AM perry_j1987: i couldnt figure how to do it with fusion360
10:40 AM cpresser: i have never done 4axis with fusion. but that should somehow be possible.
10:41 AM cpresser: kind of depends on the post processor
10:41 AM perry_j1987: i couldnt generate any toolpaths for it
10:41 AM perry_j1987: but would this be hard to handcode?
10:42 AM cpresser: did you do a setup with 4 axis?
10:43 AM cpresser: there are quite a few youtube videos out there
10:46 AM perry_j1987: i havnt come across any for anything eccentric 4th axis with fusion360
10:47 AM cpresser: you are right, the videos I found are all just symmetrical parts
10:52 AM jym: morning folks
10:53 AM perry_j1987: morning
11:23 AM jym: Heh, guess everyone still asleep =)
11:23 AM perry_j1987: it is quiet this morning heh
11:23 AM perry_j1987: im trying to figure out all my problems :P
11:26 AM jym: Tequilia is the solution
11:26 AM perry_j1987: heh
11:27 AM perry_j1987: im trying to figure out how/if i can use this 4th axis to do eccentric turning and threads (with 60degree v bit)
11:55 AM perry_j1987: question about helical boring gcode
11:55 AM perry_j1987: the J portion is the diameter of the helix?
11:56 AM perry_j1987: and that represents the edge of your endmill
11:56 AM perry_j1987: so J + endmill diameter = final hole size right?
11:56 AM perry_j1987: im trying to verify this gcode
11:56 AM perry_j1987: and J + endmill diameter gives me the size of hole as measured with my calipers
12:05 PM gregcnc: depends if you're using radius comp
12:09 PM perry_j1987: where do i check that
12:10 PM perry_j1987: well the gcode ie with that math shows 4.34mm and its suppose to be 5mm hole and the actual hole it made was 4.34
12:11 PM gregcnc: g41/42
12:11 PM skunkworks: Does the pci bus have a 2.5 volt rail? I have a card that has a bunch of test points. one says 2.5v but on 2 different systems it measures 2.3ish
12:14 PM skunkworks: Hmm - there is a 2.5v regulator onboard... lm1086
12:14 PM skunkworks: cs-2.5
12:14 PM perry_j1987: nope dont see any g41 or 42 in the gcode
12:14 PM gregcnc: stock to leave?
12:16 PM perry_j1987: made sure that was off too
12:16 PM gregcnc: endmill size in CAM?
12:16 PM perry_j1987: its 1/8 endmill the mic shows it as 3.08mm
12:16 PM perry_j1987: little hard to measure single flute
12:17 PM perry_j1987: but went around the diameter of it with the mic and 3.08 kept coming up
12:17 PM perry_j1987: so i have that in the tool setup in cam
12:17 PM gloops: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Comet-Turret-Knee-Mill-Milling-Machine-Bridgeport-Clone/113783217691?
12:18 PM gloops: £10.51 5 bids, people are bidding in £2s on a mill lol
12:18 PM jym: skunkworks: 3.3v
12:20 PM jym: skunkworks: and what uses 2.5v ???
12:27 PM pcw_home: 1, 1.2, 1.8. 2.0, 2.5, 3.3 are all pretty common voltages ICs
12:27 PM pcw_home: voltages _for_ ICs
12:28 PM pcw_home: 1.5 also
12:28 PM perry_j1987: ok just looking through the cam setup and compensation was set to "in computer"
12:33 PM skunkworks: The regulator measures 2.3v
12:33 PM skunkworks: right at the regulator
12:34 PM skunkworks: something isn't quite right
12:37 PM jym: skunkworks: is it variable?
12:37 PM jym: bad joint?
12:44 PM skunkworks: but it's input is 3.3v.. I cannot find a minimum input voltage for that regulaoter
12:47 PM jym: skunkworks: 5 pin?
12:48 PM skunkworks: lm1086
12:48 PM jym: skunkworks: https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/268/MIC3490-Data-Sheet-DS20006137A-1534916.pdf
12:50 PM CaptHindsight: skunkworks: that regulator comes in several versions of output, 1.8, 2.5, 3.3 5.0 and adjustable
12:52 PM CaptHindsight: droput voltage is ~1V and varies with temp and output current
12:53 PM jym: 1.25v typical
01:00 PM Rab: Those LDOs are pretty sensitive to output capacitance. It's possible the regulator has become unstable due to damaged ceramic cap or something. A scope on the output power rail might be informative.
01:00 PM Rab: I.e. 2.3V is your meter's average for an oscillating output.
01:09 PM phipli: Anyone know what type of capacitor is pale blue/green?
01:10 PM Rab: Any other hints?
01:10 PM phipli: Small, blob on the end of two wires
01:10 PM Rab: Ahh, probably tantalum...could be encapsulated ceramic.
01:11 PM phipli: they look like this (other than colour) : https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQvRY4pD5F1Ct0E3_KuLsXF8_8qFjmt87xfAJG66hVVthmEl8FE
01:11 PM phipli: colour is like the background colour on this resistor : https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRaua_4svCOtlzoPwcJkmtMZvA39Sdi9L4kkT4saJ-XID-DXUYc
01:11 PM perry_j1987: arc move in concave cannot reach corner without gouging
01:12 PM perry_j1987: hmm
01:12 PM Rab: Kind of a disc shape inside the blob? Almost certainly ceramic if it is a capacitor. It could be some other component like a MOV.
01:13 PM phipli: it is a cap - has 105 written on it
01:13 PM phipli: and I've stuck it in a component tester
01:14 PM Rab: Ceramic disc, then.
01:22 PM jym: 30,000 grit sharpening stone?!
01:24 PM jym: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV2YiRewrpk
01:58 PM skunkworks: Rab: I think it is just a poor design... I get 1v minimum from the data sheets - and that corisponds to the readings.. 3.3 -1v = 2.3c
01:58 PM skunkworks: 2.3v
01:59 PM skunkworks: This is a custom board for an imaging machine
02:00 PM skunkworks: reads encoder potion and exposes a screen using dlp
02:00 PM skunkworks: after wiggling a buch of cables it is working agian... a mess of a machine
02:04 PM pcw_mesa: There are "zero" dropout LDOs with P channel MOSFETS, we had endless trouble with them being impossible to make stable at -40C (last TI VR I use)
02:22 PM miss0r2: 'evening
02:23 PM jym: miss0r how deep is the snow?
02:24 PM miss0r2: What snow? its 25c out :)
02:25 PM jym: miss0r WHAT you have heat from the ball in the sky?
02:25 PM miss0r2: It happens once or twice a year.
02:25 PM jym: ah gotcha
02:25 PM miss0r2: It always takes my by surprise.. but it seems the mosquitos saw it comming... :-/
02:26 PM jym: and that's way I'm rooting sage plants right now =)
02:26 PM miss0r2: that works?
02:27 PM jym: for spiders too
02:27 PM miss0r2: I'm only a few more tries away from just covering my entire garden in tarmac & paint part of it green as a lawn. That'll teach those damn mosquitos
02:27 PM jym: miss0rAND the sage plants did well in the snow
02:28 PM miss0r2: ha... Then i suppose it can survice here too
02:28 PM miss0r2: but what quantity are we talking? how big of an area will a sage plant scare mosquitos away from each?
02:28 PM jym: I had mosquito plants, but the soil froze (was potted too) I didn't know
02:29 PM miss0r2: I have a mosquito magnet.. but that thing is getting clogged with the amount of mosquitos at the moment
02:29 PM jym: There's a plant that has the scent of citronella, it's called a "mosquito plant" -shrug-
02:30 PM jym: Not sure yet, my "main" plants are now a year old, so took clippings and rooting them now
02:30 PM miss0r2: ... :-/ All I know is; the amount here is driving me nuts
02:30 PM jym: Why do you think I am trying multiple plants =)
02:32 PM miss0r2: :)
02:32 PM miss0r2: I "completed" my land rover project, though: https://imgur.com/a/jX8DRsE
02:33 PM jym: looks nice, how was it originally?
02:33 PM miss0r2: lemme get you a few pictures... :)
02:33 PM miss0r2: (horrible)
02:36 PM miss0r2: https://imgur.com/a/Ni7y3OW
02:37 PM miss0r2: first three is how it started. The last two is what it looks like now
02:38 PM jym: miss0rOf you screwed up, that aluminum will rust SO fast ;)
02:38 PM miss0r2: yeah hehe
02:38 PM miss0r2: This is when I installed my newly renovated engine: https://imgur.com/a/jfSRfaf
02:39 PM jym: electric fuel pump huh?
02:39 PM miss0r2: new cylinder sleeves, pistons, hardened valve seats, valves, valve guides, rocker shaft, rockers, all gaskets, bearings, bushes & axle seals ect. new timing chain system, new oil pump ect.. the works
02:39 PM miss0r2: mecanic
02:39 PM miss0r2: Just left of the distributor.
02:40 PM jym: Oh, whats the black plate covering?
02:40 PM miss0r2: Its driven by the camshaft
02:40 PM miss0r2: On older models theres an oil filler pipe console on there
02:40 PM miss0r2: This model has a filler cap on the rocker cover
02:40 PM jym: gotcha, almost looked like where a mech fuel pump might go
02:41 PM miss0r2: Yeah. The mounting point where it actualy sits is identical to that one, so yeah
02:41 PM jym: lol, okey so I DO have Half-A-Clue =)
02:41 PM miss0r2: I must admit regretting not adding a filler pipe there. That engine holds 6.85 liters of oil.. it takes for ever for it to run down to the oil pan through the rocker cover.. bah
02:41 PM miss0r2: :)
02:42 PM miss0r2: indeed you do ;)
02:43 PM miss0r2: that two/three things that need doing before the restoration is complete (and can start over) is the replacing the rear drive shaft, rebuild the gearbox and paint it on the inside
02:47 PM * miss0r2 is turning a mount to hold a 40-taper
02:48 PM miss0r2: I've gotten a nice vertex boring head for a steal, and need to remove the drawbar thread entender sleeve, so I can install a draw bolt(?) for my hydraulic tool clamp
02:48 PM miss0r2: for some reason I settled on cast iron for the job - because I just LOVE cleaning everything afterwards
02:51 PM jym: miss0rNice job on the landrover (even if you are color blind ;)
02:52 PM miss0r2: :]
02:52 PM jym: That gawd aweful puke avocado green from the 50's shit
02:52 PM jym: =)
02:52 PM miss0r2: its SK80 :) The color used by the Danish military to this day :)
02:53 PM jym: Ok, THEY are color blind then =)
02:53 PM jym: which I suppose is the equiv to US Army OD (olive drab) green
02:54 PM miss0r2: Yeah. It is basically that colour - but that photo was taken under LED light, so it is a bit off
03:09 PM Deejay: gn8
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06:28 PM jym: Been quiet in here all day, everyone must be out playing =)
06:34 PM jym: Someone clearly doens't know how to cook over an open fire... https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/A1CKbdlfVEL._SX679_.jpg
06:58 PM cerna: jym: You can buy even aluminium tray or drip-mat. And honestly, why not?
06:58 PM cerna: The grass, I don't know.
06:59 PM jym: cerna: ALL the food is burned, probably the coffee too
07:00 PM jym: cerna: The "product shot"... https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Heavy-Folding-Campfire-Medium/dp/B074N1W4G8/
07:00 PM cerna: jym: Ah, I should probably go to sleep. (It's 1.55 AM) I did not see it.
07:00 PM jym: heh
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08:02 PM CaptHindsight: jym: quiet all day in here! If you'd stop yaking maybe someone else could get a word in!
08:09 PM tiwake: I made some spaghetti sauce just now
08:15 PM CaptHindsight: jym: I see your silly cooking pic and raise you this one https://imgur.com/gallery/9PJCDGU
09:07 PM jym: CaptHindsight: Pfff... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE7C5FVGtX4
09:13 PM CaptHindsight: there's an idea, a giant marshmallow pit where kids can jump around in with their socks off, all you can eat as well
09:14 PM Tom_itx: foot smelly marshmallows
09:14 PM Tom_itx: yum
09:21 PM jym: lol
09:21 PM jym: I want to try the pizza
09:23 PM jym: Is titanium cookwear coated or annodized in some way?
09:24 PM jym: I know I can laser engraver annozied aluminum, but does laser engraving titanium alter the surface?
11:11 PM Elmo40: if it is powerful enough