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Jun 08 2019

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01:10 AM Deejay: moin
05:21 AM jthornton: morning
05:21 AM XXCoder: yo
05:29 AM jthornton: looks like the rain fizzled out here
05:31 AM XXCoder: it rained here also, but went dry so fast
05:31 AM XXCoder: no sun, it was already night, but dried anyway
06:20 AM jthornton: wow the humidity is only 84% it's usually 100% in the morning
06:21 AM XXCoder: lol
06:22 AM XXCoder: do you wave cup around when you need drink of water?
06:31 AM jthornton: just open your mouth lol
06:32 AM XXCoder: lol
07:25 AM Tom_L: what's up today?
07:26 AM XXCoder: not a lot. you?
07:26 AM Tom_L: just gettin around
07:26 AM Tom_L: got a program ready to run
07:28 AM Tom_L: at least it's clear today
07:28 AM Tom_L: been decent all week
07:29 AM XXCoder: here it rained a bit havent rained for a while
07:29 AM XXCoder: but stuff dried up fast
07:54 AM jthornton: trying to install emc on lubuntu 19 and running into dependency issues
07:55 AM XXCoder: heh that was why I did ugly workground to get it installed last time. linuxcnc is gone on this pc again after upgrade
07:55 AM Tom_L: jthornton, did you find a working kernel?
07:56 AM jthornton: yea the most recent one worked after I uninstalled something it warned me about but I ignored it the first time
07:59 AM jthornton: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LinuxCNC
08:00 AM Tom_L: somebody updated that recently
08:01 AM jthornton: yea looks pretty recent
08:01 AM perry_j1987: just seen make magazine/makerfaire shut down
08:11 AM jthornton: looks like python-vte has been dropped from ubuntu 19 and that is wanted by emc
08:11 AM elmo40: jthornton, so... what does that mean? backports?
08:12 AM Tom_L: https://forum.pinguyos.com/Thread-Ubuntu-19-04-Removal-of-python-vte-causes-remastersys-based-tools-to-fail-to-install
08:13 AM elmo40: who uses *buntu on purpose anyways?
08:13 AM elmo40: O_o
08:18 AM jthornton: well it doesn't seem to be used anywhere in emc so I deleted the dependency and I'm building emc again
08:18 AM jthornton: elmo40: Lubuntu 19 is very light weight, I'm not using bloated ugly Ubuntu
08:19 AM jthornton: Lubuntu 19 uses LXQT desktop that is QT5
08:21 AM jthornton: Tom_L: wow
08:22 AM jthornton: I thought pcw_home had ubuntu 19 running emc?
08:22 AM Tom_L: dunno
08:33 AM jthornton: time for some bacon and eggs
08:34 AM perry_j1987: *heart healthy cherios
08:34 AM perry_j1987: lol
08:35 AM gregcnc: now with glyphosate!!
08:35 AM Tom_L: you just need a couple pigs and you'd have a fresh breakfast
08:42 AM perry_j1987: woo two parts i made fit together heh
08:42 AM perry_j1987: always a good feeling
08:43 AM Tom_L: interference fit? aka hammer?
08:43 AM perry_j1987: heh
08:44 AM perry_j1987: some time i'll have to try that slip fit where it makes a poping sound
08:44 AM gregcnc: I made a plug to turn a tube between centers a couple weeks ago, BFH was required, oops
08:48 AM Tom_L: you need a live center for that
08:48 AM gregcnc: correct
08:48 AM Tom_L: or a BFH
08:49 AM gregcnc: big f'n hammer was needed to get the plug in the tube
08:49 AM Tom_L: yes. i have BFH in my precision toolbox also
08:51 AM gregcnc: https://racine.craigslist.org/for/d/racine-celtic-12-center-lathe/6906898765.html Somebody here has a Celtic?
08:53 AM Tom_L: sad to see it rusting away
09:04 AM jthornton: hmm the latency-histogram is working with some terrible latency but that cpu is not a high power one
09:45 AM Tom_L: did you try 18.04 on the same pc?
09:51 AM jthornton: no, I did 18.04 on a different pc
09:52 AM Tom_L: would be an interesting comparison
09:52 AM jthornton: this one is a Celeron J1900 @ 1.99GHz but it's running in powersaver mode
09:53 AM Tom_L: i've still got the 18 ssd i pulled and haven't tested on hardware
10:12 AM mozmck_m: What latency are you seeing?
10:12 AM jthornton: me? 150k
10:14 AM x2s: try setting the governor to performance
10:14 AM jthornton: just changed the cpu from power saver to custom with turbo in the BIOS
10:14 AM jthornton: how
10:14 AM jthornton: been trying for 2 days lol
10:16 AM jthornton: and it's back in powersave so that was a waste of time
10:17 AM gambakufu: jthornton: did you actually see a difference in latency when changing from power saver to performance? I didn't see a change when I tested on my machine.
10:19 AM gambakufu: I used this: https://community.mellanox.com/s/article/how-to-set-cpu-scaling-governor-to-max-performance--scaling-governor-x
10:21 AM mozmck_m: I'll send you some settings I use later when i get home. With later kernels I get 100+ uS, but with 4.1 or older I could get around 50
10:22 AM mozmck_m: I assume 150k is nanoseconds?
10:36 AM x2s: jthornton: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/CPU_frequency_scaling but I'm not sure if the cpupower tool is installed or even packaged
10:37 AM x2s: otherwise just use the cpufreg-utils, but keep in mind that you have to set the governor for every single core with it.
10:38 AM jthornton: gambakufu: never got performance to stick
10:39 AM jthornton: x2s: I'll check when I'm done fixing my tomato plant pots that won't drain right
10:39 AM x2s: and this wont survive a reboot
10:39 AM x2s: I wrote myself a small script that I have to run, before I can mill anything...
10:39 AM x2s: yeah, get those plants in order. Well, the pots. ;)
10:40 AM jthornton: mozmck_m: thanks
10:48 AM perry_j1987: looks like Wednesday the threadmill arrives
10:53 AM Tom_L: mozmck_m are those the settings you posted in -devel a while back?
10:53 AM Tom_L: if so i saved a copy of em
10:56 AM Tom_L: but of course i can't fine em now
10:56 AM mozmck_m: I do remember
10:56 AM mozmck_m: Don't
11:04 AM Tom_L: no it was memfob
11:04 AM Tom_L: memfrob
11:04 AM Tom_L: http://dpaste.com/20SC115
11:05 AM Tom_L: <memfrob> I got latency down from 220,000 microseconds to 12,000 by moving LinuxCNC to use CPU 3 then using `rcu_nocbs=1,2,3 isolcpus=1,2,3 nohz_full=1,2,3 idle=poll` on the kernel command line.
11:05 AM Tom_L: <memfrob> LinuxCNC patch: http://dpaste.com/1874J3H
11:05 AM Tom_L: <memfrob> Most important kernel options: http://dpaste.com/20SC115
11:25 AM jthornton: got twice as many drain holes in the tomato pots now and they are sitting on some pea gravel for better drainage, worst looking one are the roma's and they have 4 tomatoes lol
12:04 PM Jymmm: Just got two grapes and a peach tree yesterday, no clue where to plant them as FULL sun is limited
12:04 PM Jymmm: (they were free)
12:21 PM perry_j1987: hmm im not having luck creating a tool path to do a chamfer with 4th axis in fusion 360
01:02 PM CaptHindsight: jthornton: you want all that power save/performance stuff off in the BIOS
01:03 PM CaptHindsight: you want a new cpu to behave like an older days cpu when they didn't do you any favors by changing clock speeds while running
01:05 PM CaptHindsight: Jymmm: go with the most sunny that you have and hope for the best
01:09 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Debian-AHT-June-2019 I sleep better at night now
01:41 PM CaptHindsight: https://techcrunch.com/2019/06/07/make-magazine-maker-media-layoffs/
01:41 PM CaptHindsight: did they run out of *duinos?
02:17 PM _unreal_: later on I'll have to take I photo after a shower...
02:18 PM _unreal_: but I JUST got my milling head mounted to my cnc machine finally
02:19 PM _unreal_: and I have a nice little spindle motor controller now. I just found for got I had. which I could figure out the schematic....
02:19 PM _unreal_: it "could" be speed controlled if I knew what resistor(s) needs to be adjustable
03:33 PM perry_j1987: CaptHindsight heh
03:37 PM Deejay: gn8
04:02 PM skunkworks: Is the forum down?
04:02 PM skunkworks: never mind.. Seems up now
04:09 PM mmachines: How to build the docs?
04:09 PM mmachines: I'd like to make a small change to docs/src/config/python-interface.txt
04:10 PM JT-Shop: checkout then build
04:10 PM JT-Shop: looking to make a PR?
04:10 PM mmachines: Yes I found a small bug so I thought I would try to make a first PR.
04:11 PM JT-Shop: one moment I'll get you some instructions
04:11 PM mmachines: I cloned and built the 2.8 branch but did not build the docs
04:11 PM JT-Shop: ./configure --enable-build-documentation
04:12 PM JT-Shop: make docs
04:12 PM mmachines: ok I see thanks. will try that
04:12 PM JT-Shop: it works I do it a lot lol
04:13 PM JT-Shop: ./configure --help is your friend
04:18 PM mmachines: Is it typical to raise an Issue on github first or possible to create PR without an Issue?
04:20 PM jthornton: if you have a fix with something do a PR
04:21 PM jthornton: or for something even
04:22 PM * jthornton wonders why there is a FIXME: in there
04:24 PM jthornton: hmm he left
04:24 PM jthornton: mmachines: make sure you use the correct branch for the PR
04:24 PM jthornton: if it's wrong all the way back to 2.7 use 2.7
04:25 PM mmachines: oh ok I did not know that
04:26 PM mmachines: I haven't tested 2.7 so I don't know for sure if the behavior was different
04:26 PM mmachines: it's likely an issue in 2.7 too
04:26 PM jthornton: then it gets merged up to 2.8 and now 2.9
04:26 PM jthornton: what is it?
04:27 PM mmachines: I searched the forum and found the issue discussed there too, let me find the link
04:27 PM mmachines: the example for ok_for_mdi is not correct
04:28 PM mmachines: s.homed will always be True
04:28 PM mmachines: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/32-documents/31647-linuxcnc-stat-homed-and-ok-for-mdi-changes
04:30 PM mmachines: doc page: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.8/html/config/python-interface.html
04:31 PM jthornton: homed does work and I see that 2.8 docs are correct in saying it is a tuple of integers
04:31 PM mmachines: that's correct it's a tuple but testing a tuple of all zeros returns True
04:32 PM jthornton: are you talking about the example in the axis dictionary?
04:34 PM mmachines: see the ok_for_mdi() example function. it's in the "Preparing to send commands" sub section
04:34 PM jthornton: ok
04:34 PM jthornton: oh yea that is wrong
04:35 PM mmachines: I was going to suggest:
04:35 PM mmachines: s.homed.count(1) == s.joints
04:35 PM mmachines: s.joints returns the number of joints and we can compare to the count of homed joints
04:35 PM jthornton: test it out
04:36 PM mmachines: it works for me
04:36 PM jthornton: works for me too, very good fix
04:38 PM jthornton: I think I'll have my evening beer now to celebrate your help
04:38 PM jthornton: btw JT whatever is me
04:38 PM mmachines: nice good idea
04:39 PM jthornton: looking forward to your PR
04:40 PM mmachines: ok I will see if I can submit one
04:40 PM jthornton: I see 2.7 is also wrong
04:40 PM jthornton: simple to checkout 2.7 and do the PR from there
04:40 PM jthornton: git checkout 2.7
04:40 PM mmachines: ok
04:43 PM mmachines: I created a fork on github then cloned my fork on my local machine
04:43 PM mmachines: is that correct to create a fork first?
04:52 PM jthornton: was preparing chicken treats...
04:52 PM jthornton: I've never done a PR so I'll see what I can find out
04:54 PM jthornton: looks like you can just make a branch off of 2.7
04:54 PM jthornton: https://yangsu.github.io/pull-request-tutorial/
05:10 PM mmachines: now I also wonder if the interp_state check in this function is a good example
05:11 PM mmachines: when I check the interp_state the value is 2 (INTERP_READING) not IDLE
05:11 PM mmachines: but I'm able to enter mdi mode (without using this ok_for_mdi check) and mdi works
05:14 PM jthornton: what's going on that is making interp_state reading?
05:16 PM mmachines: nothing seems to be going on - this is at the start of my Python file so before running any mdi commands
05:16 PM mmachines: here the user is waiting in a while loop for IDLE:
05:17 PM mmachines: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/21-axis/30180-axis-not-always-polling-for-state-correctly#68859
05:18 PM jthornton: I'd leave that part in IIRC the interp needs to be idle when issuing a mdi
05:20 PM jthornton: time.sleep is a bad thing because things can change while it's sleeping so that is a bad example
05:21 PM Tom_shop: i forgot what the setting was in the ini to turn on/off warnings in the axis screen?
05:21 PM jthornton: warnings?
05:22 PM Tom_shop: the messages that appear on the lower right corner
05:22 PM jthornton: I don't think you can turn them off... I know we talked about this in the past
05:23 PM mmachines: Ctlr + <space> clears the warnings
05:23 PM Tom_shop: i think you can but i forget how
05:23 PM jthornton: yea Tom_shop wants to turn them off
05:23 PM jthornton: hmmm
05:26 PM jthornton: there is no ini entry for that AFAIK
05:28 PM jthornton: DEBUG = 0 - Debug level 0 means no messages will be printed when LinuxCNC is run from a terminal.
05:36 PM Tom_shop: just tried that
05:36 PM Tom_shop: still gives the "information" messages
05:36 PM jthornton: that's just from the terminal, it was the only thing in the docs
05:36 PM Tom_shop: yeah
05:36 PM Tom_shop: i'll check some more later, maybe there's no way to do it
05:59 PM mmachines: interp_state is READING because I called Python from a user define M1NN command
06:10 PM cgipython: has anyone played with CF here? created a mould for it?
06:17 PM cgipython: is there a room to talk about resins/composites?
06:17 PM jthornton: you can talk about anything almost here
06:18 PM cgipython: jthornton, thanks
06:21 PM Tom_shop: even chickens
06:22 PM cgipython: lol
06:22 PM cgipython: Watching this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAdMuZjicrs
06:23 PM jthornton: chickens! of course we talk about chickens
06:24 PM Tom_shop: nearly done with another mould
06:24 PM jthornton: whatcha making now?
06:24 PM cgipython: Tom_shop, picture please :) if you are working on a mould
06:25 PM Tom_shop: different approach to the same part
06:26 PM andypugh: cgipython: Have you seen the Easycomposites videos on Youtube?
06:26 PM andypugh: https://youtu.be/XeeSsmsm9h0
06:26 PM andypugh: Is very good. From 2D CAD to a finsihed carbon part, with hand tools.
06:27 PM XXCoder: yo
06:28 PM Tom_shop: can't get to a pic atm\
06:29 PM cgipython: Is there a way to harden wood to make it stronger than metal?
06:30 PM cgipython: So that I can use that instead of CF?
06:30 PM andypugh: Wood is stronger than metal.
06:30 PM jthornton: yea pykrete
06:30 PM andypugh: (for certain woods, and certain metals)
06:30 PM XXCoder: "stronger" is not clear word
06:30 PM XXCoder: stiffer? more wear resistant? etc'
06:31 PM andypugh: A wooden bade will slice potasssium.
06:31 PM jthornton: morning XXCoder
06:31 PM andypugh: )blade)
06:31 PM XXCoder: hey
06:31 PM cgipython: XXCoder, I want to build a cone that can take high wind velocity
06:32 PM XXCoder: windmill?
06:33 PM cgipython: indeed
06:34 PM cgipython: and it needs to withstand hurricanes
06:34 PM XXCoder: nice
06:35 PM XXCoder: if build in right grain direction it can be very strong indeed
06:35 PM mmachines: JT - looks like two separate PR will be needed for that docs issue
06:35 PM XXCoder: have a big lathe? can always lamimate cone using plane then shape it
06:35 PM jthornton: why is that?
06:35 PM XXCoder: *planks
06:35 PM mmachines: because while 2.7 and 2.8 both have incorrect examples the fix will be different
06:35 PM cgipython: XXCoder, indeed was thinking of using a lathe
06:36 PM cgipython: XXCoder, either CF - or wood + coating
06:36 PM XXCoder: grain forward to wind very strong maybe?
06:36 PM mmachines: I think it will be different at least because 2.7 has different stat attributes
06:36 PM mmachines: I need to look at it some more
06:36 PM XXCoder: there is wood hardener saw it used in one of youtube
06:36 PM XXCoder: guy also used some extremely strong coating for outside - uv protection, and waterproofing
06:37 PM jthornton: I know 2.6 is different but is 2.7 different than 2.8 for stat?
06:37 PM jthornton: mmachines: no problem take your time and thanks for the help and welcome to the team!
06:38 PM XXCoder: awesome:D
06:38 PM XXCoder: all I did is add lame vismach example that doesnt come with tutorial even though i said it would
06:38 PM XXCoder: im sure you will do more :)
06:39 PM mmachines: thanks! 2.7 doesn't have the joints attribute that 2.8 has so fix might be slightly different
06:39 PM jthornton: yep XXCoder is a team member now!
06:39 PM jthornton: ah yea that's right good catch
06:41 PM XXCoder: 2.7 and 2.8 could use a stock define so it could show it in visualizer
06:42 PM XXCoder: and if that support is added, could make it send data to vismach also, so it can update view like my 3axis-tutorial does with tool.
06:43 PM _unreal_: ok trying to calculate my step rates
06:43 PM _unreal_: 2 motors are 1.8 degree per step
06:43 PM XXCoder: or rolfmill if using 2.7
06:43 PM _unreal_: and 1 motor is 2 degrees per step
06:44 PM cgipython: XXCoder, isnt it better to use CF then? Otherwise i have to worry about uv,water, strength, ...
06:44 PM _unreal_: and I have ? 3/8ths threaded rod I think I forget but its 16 turns per inch
06:44 PM XXCoder: im not sure what your windmill size is so it depends really I would think.
06:45 PM XXCoder: im pretty sure cf needs uv protection and its basically same, paint?
06:45 PM cgipython: yes, cf will need uv protection as well
06:45 PM _unreal_: 2 degree's per step would be 50 steps per turn right?
06:45 PM XXCoder: 2/360
06:46 PM _unreal_: and I'm ! 360 DUH I was thinking 100
06:46 PM XXCoder: erm im dumbass, 360/2
06:46 PM _unreal_: and I'm 1/16th stepping
06:46 PM _unreal_: I may drop it down to 1/8th but I'm testing
06:47 PM XXCoder: (360/ degree per step) * microstep
06:47 PM XXCoder: so 180 * 16
06:48 PM XXCoder: 2880 steps for one rotation
06:49 PM _unreal_: I need to find a ruler to ensure the number of threads on the rod
06:49 PM _unreal_: brb
06:55 PM _unreal_: crappy over sized corner square but I think its 18TPI
06:57 PM CaptHindsight: _unreal_: is there a mail list where I can ask someone to post the "glxinfo" and "uname -r" from their Tinkerboard?
06:57 PM _unreal_: LOL XXCoder I amnot sure if its 16 or 18 I'm getting 17 threads
06:57 PM _unreal_: ahh
06:57 PM _unreal_: give me a min and I'll boot up my thinkerboard
06:57 PM _unreal_: I'm running armbian though
06:57 PM andypugh: I think that nearly every stepper is 1.8 degrees / step for 200 steps per turn.
06:57 PM XXCoder: yeah 1.8 is supppper common
06:58 PM XXCoder: 0.9 is slowly getting cheaper lets see if it becomes majority
06:58 PM _unreal_: andypugh, two of my steppers are 1.8 and one is 2
06:58 PM _unreal_: .9? isnt that 400 steps per
06:59 PM andypugh: _unreal_: Any chance your thread is 1.5mm pitch?
06:59 PM XXCoder: yeah
06:59 PM XXCoder: expensive, though getting cheaper.
06:59 PM _unreal_: andypugh, its threaded rod and I built it several years ago
06:59 PM _unreal_: I dont even remember what size it is. I think its 5/16ths threaded rod
07:00 PM andypugh: 8mm is very close to 5/16, but m8 is 1.25mm pitch, not 1.5. Just trying to exlain your apparent 17tpi.
07:01 PM _unreal_: its standard
07:01 PM andypugh: _your_ non-standard standard, maybe :-)
07:02 PM andypugh: Only Liberia, Myanamar and the USA use that “standard” any more.
07:02 PM _unreal_: CaptHindsight, one second
07:02 PM _unreal_: CaptHindsight, uname -r = 4.19.34-rt18-rockchip
07:03 PM _unreal_: what glx info are you looking for?
07:03 PM _unreal_: CaptHindsight, ?
07:03 PM _unreal_: capt hanky panky where are you....?
07:06 PM _unreal_: ok so 360/2=180 180x16 micro steps=2880 2880x18TPI=51840
07:07 PM XXCoder: 18 threads per inch
07:07 PM XXCoder: so its 51840 microsteps per inch
07:10 PM cgipython: what is a cheap way to put a shed on a piece of land that is air conditioned preferably - I have a friend who has a piece of land - I would like to use it as a small workshop - if its not too expensive :)
07:10 PM XXCoder: free old mobile home
07:11 PM XXCoder: knock everything inside out except minium to support roof heh
07:11 PM cgipython: XXCoder, arent those small ?
07:11 PM _unreal_: 51840÷25.4
07:11 PM XXCoder: con: probably lots roaches
07:11 PM _unreal_: 25.4mm per inch
07:11 PM XXCoder: hopefully that rounds to even step
07:12 PM XXCoder: cgipython: nah think small home if single manfacured home
07:12 PM XXCoder: narrow though
07:12 PM XXCoder: if you find one free thats in okay condition though...
07:12 PM XXCoder: but honestly better to build your own shed
07:17 PM _unreal_: OMG.... heh there is a 2x6 as part of the frame for this cnc machine and I'm trying to home/zero my Y axis and it deflected the beem hitting it :)
07:17 PM _unreal_: before stalling the motor
07:18 PM XXCoder: heh them steppers is definitelt pretty strong
07:18 PM _unreal_: nema24
07:18 PM XXCoder: should manually trigger sensor
07:18 PM _unreal_: 34
07:18 PM _unreal_: I dont have end stops on yet
07:19 PM XXCoder: safer than stalling out and ponentally destroying
07:19 PM XXCoder: oh
07:19 PM _unreal_: I built the machine several years ago
07:19 PM _unreal_: I'm only just now getting ti moving
07:19 PM _unreal_: and my brazing joint on my Z coupler just let go
07:19 PM _unreal_: sigh
07:20 PM _unreal_: oh interesting. it didnt brake, I did a shit job brazing
07:22 PM _unreal_: and I return to SIGH...
07:31 PM CaptHindsight: _unreal_: can you pastebin the output from "glxinfo"?
07:32 PM CaptHindsight: _unreal_: sorry was here, just on another screen
07:32 PM CaptHindsight: time flies when you're busy
07:35 PM CaptHindsight: kernel 5.2 is the oldest that may be used with the open 3D accel mali drivers
07:36 PM cgipython: XXCoder, have you ever built one? going to google that now
07:37 PM XXCoder: nah though just ideas for you to consider
07:40 PM cgipython: XXCoder, any ideas of what keywords I am looking for? Building a shed of 1000+sq feet?
07:41 PM CaptHindsight: _unreal_: maybe they built the closed mali drivers for your4.19.34-rt18 kernel
07:41 PM XXCoder: thats quite large
07:42 PM XXCoder: searching is not successful
07:43 PM cgipython: XXCoder, need to keep my cnc and lathes there
07:43 PM XXCoder: maybe reading your region regulations might give you ideas on building.
07:43 PM XXCoder: 1k sqft is approching retail spaces, maybe research retail designs
07:44 PM XXCoder: no success
07:45 PM XXCoder: i guess typically that size people would hire out.
07:45 PM cgipython: The max I found was 24x36 or 14x40
07:46 PM XXCoder: yeah HIGHLY recommand you read regulations. there may be a reason.
07:46 PM XXCoder: here no permission needed size is 20'x2o' max
07:55 PM _unreal_: well that was a big old cluster fuck of what the fuck
07:55 PM _unreal_: my router crashed hard
07:56 PM andypugh: _unreal_: Fusion360 CAM?
07:57 PM _unreal_: well this is just lovely I just did some updates on my tinkerboard and they broke mesa
07:57 PM _unreal_: wtf
07:57 PM _unreal_: man that was wierd. router totally crashed hard
07:57 PM _unreal_: started doing a wierd broken electronics buzzing
07:58 PM _unreal_: pezo speaker buzz
07:58 PM andypugh: _unreal_: Ah, software crash not tool-in-to-table crash?
08:00 PM _unreal_: no
08:00 PM _unreal_: my internet router
08:00 PM andypugh: You know, this is probably the only forum where that ambiguity exists.
08:00 PM cgipython: XXCoder, thanks
08:00 PM _unreal_: ?
08:01 PM cgipython: XXCoder, perhaps I can add two 20x20s :)
08:01 PM andypugh: “My router crashed” here could just as easily be a network router or a woodworking machine.
08:01 PM XXCoder: yeah I was thinking nasty machine crash
08:01 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/A3/Mold_Rev2/Final_mold2.jpg
08:02 PM Tom_L: version 2
08:02 PM XXCoder: cgipython: no problem, but PLEASE check regulations. :)
08:02 PM cgipython: XXCoder, Checking now.
08:03 PM _unreal_: anyone seen my solder paste? I need to go fix this z coupler
08:03 PM _unreal_: re-braze it
08:03 PM andypugh: My solder paste is always easy to find, it’s in the fridge.
08:05 PM XXCoder: yummy
08:05 PM _unreal_: found it
08:06 PM CaptHindsight: _unreal_: maybe they built the closed mali drivers for your4.19.34-rt18 kernel
08:06 PM CaptHindsight: ^^ reposting since you crashed seconds later
08:08 PM CaptHindsight: bbl
08:37 PM Connor: anyone know how to calibrate a double beam digital height gauge? In this case a Mitutoyo 192-656. It's off a bit. Pretty sure it's not the encoder. I'm thinking it was tweaked a bit in shipping or just from use. Not sure.
08:37 PM XXCoder: curved beams maybe
08:37 PM XXCoder: you ever lifted it by beams?
08:38 PM Connor: I'm sure it has been. Who knows how it was handled by the middle man from ebay.
08:39 PM XXCoder: sucks. looking up model
08:39 PM Connor: When that happens can they be brought back into tolerance?
08:39 PM XXCoder: im not sure, one of those in shop had to be sent in after someone lifted it only by beams. destroyed precision
08:39 PM XXCoder: it wasnt cheap but cheaper than new
08:40 PM Connor: The stickers on the top to tell people to not squeeze or lift by the beams where gone.. I re-made some and put them back on. :)
08:40 PM XXCoder: nice.
08:40 PM Connor: I've never had one like this.. I've been tipping it from the beam and lifting from the base.
08:40 PM XXCoder: i always lift by base and use other hand on top, not to lift but ensure it stays upwards as im moving it/
08:41 PM XXCoder: i do tip using top (no hands on beams) but carefully with very little force
08:41 PM Connor: I only checked it up to 10" Didn't feel like stacking all my gauge blocks up to get more than that.
08:41 PM XXCoder: i try to tip using base but no torque heh
08:42 PM Connor: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/metrology/mitutoyo-192-656-height-gage-adjustment-calibration-question-330032/
08:42 PM XXCoder: maybe should send it in for warrantiy repair if it still has, or maybe calubration agency
08:42 PM Connor: Thread suggest something about set screws and moving the beams up and down.. Not sure how that would fix it.
08:43 PM Connor: I don't think it's under warranty.. Looks like a shop used, not a lab or certification use.. Buttons have black smudges..
08:43 PM XXCoder: no old certification on it?
08:43 PM Connor: No idea who/where to get it certificated/calibrated.
08:43 PM Connor: No, not that I saw. The one that was going to get from ebay that did went for too much $$$
08:43 PM Connor: wishing I would have bid a bit more now.
08:44 PM XXCoder: there is tons companies that specialize on this kind of stuff
08:44 PM XXCoder: lots compeitions
08:44 PM XXCoder: company i work for used to have its own master cerificator but lost license then we started sending em to various companies.
08:45 PM XXCoder: changes few times across years i worked there
08:45 PM Connor: They put a cardboard tube over the beam and over the scribe..some bubble wrap and lots of paper.. and stuck it in a box. when I got it... I could feel the base where it almost busted through the bottom..
08:45 PM XXCoder: ouch
08:45 PM Connor: I didn't see any nicks.. and I stoned the bottom, didn't find any burrs.
08:46 PM XXCoder: lucky
08:46 PM XXCoder: would be sad if it had those. have to be reground to good parallel
08:46 PM Connor: If I send it off, I'll have to build a box to ship it in.
08:46 PM XXCoder: not worth money probably
08:46 PM Connor: I do have a surface grinder now. :)
08:47 PM Connor: no clue how I would grind that though...
08:47 PM XXCoder: im betting it'd be... "fun"
08:48 PM XXCoder: smooth surface is fairly easy im pretty sure. smooth surface thats within certain parallel tol?
08:48 PM Connor: parallel with the bores of those beams!!
08:49 PM XXCoder: fun
09:05 PM XXCoder: Connor: is it clean and properly lubucated?
09:06 PM Connor: Looks pretty good. Had a bit of black shmoo on it.. I'm going to clean it up a bit more later. Not sure how to clean the grooves...
09:06 PM XXCoder: good question, i used lint free to just wipe across it, no pressure and added some lathinium
09:06 PM XXCoder: i dont know how sensive those are
09:07 PM Connor: I think I need to break out dental floss or some really fine nylon thread...
09:07 PM XXCoder: ask around first see if one offers price low enough to be acceptable
09:07 PM XXCoder: much easier.
09:08 PM Connor: what? service place?
09:08 PM XXCoder: calibration and certification places
09:08 PM Connor: Yea.. looking for a local place for Knoxville, TN
11:13 PM _unreal_: What would you guys go with? for a small spindle motor, 12-48v 200watt spindle cnc motor? small transformer? or switching supply I'm thinking the higher voltage