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May 25 2019

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01:29 AM Deejay: moin
05:11 AM Tom_L: morning
05:12 AM pink_vampire: hi
05:12 AM XXCoder: hey pink and tom
05:12 AM XXCoder: wow
05:12 AM XXCoder: I witnessed a nasty driving accient
05:13 AM pink_vampire: OMG
05:13 AM XXCoder: guy sped past me towards curve that has speed light
05:13 AM XXCoder: I wondered if I would see guy gets ticket
05:13 AM XXCoder: i got just into visible range of guy as he got 2 flashes (ticket success)
05:14 AM XXCoder: he went into side rail, bounced off it, and grinded into more side rail
05:14 AM XXCoder: he was getting out of control as he went out of my visible range again (another curve)
05:15 AM XXCoder: short time later I saw his car rocking upside down on other way road
05:15 AM XXCoder: I went to park safe spot away
05:15 AM XXCoder: walked to car, helped other cars go by safely
05:15 AM pink_vampire: WOW
05:15 AM pink_vampire: that is CRAZY
05:15 AM XXCoder: till police arrived and i backed off let guy take handle of stuff
05:15 AM XXCoder: however i was only witness so i stayed and told them what happened etc
05:16 AM XXCoder: gave my info I guess for witness if he go to court or whatever
05:17 AM XXCoder: police thought he was going up other way!
05:17 AM pink_vampire: someone got injured?
05:18 AM XXCoder: certainly looked like it, car was nose towards correct way for that road.
05:18 AM XXCoder: yeah he finally got out head was bit bloody, he didnt look hurt but I was in accient bad one I know pain dont come in till later
05:19 AM pink_vampire: i mean other then him
05:19 AM XXCoder: i was lucky in mine, I had whole side body brise and thats it. I changed my car angle in time back then
05:19 AM XXCoder: oh nope
05:20 AM pink_vampire: do you think he will get a ticket?
05:20 AM XXCoder: he certainly will but it wont be major problem he will have.
05:20 AM XXCoder: two light flashes means ticket period. one means it failed to capture car license
05:21 AM pink_vampire: yeah, just the bills for the car / hospital..
05:21 AM XXCoder: older car he may be unable to afford another.
05:22 AM pink_vampire: unicycle
05:23 AM XXCoder: fun
05:23 AM pink_vampire: do you know how to ride a unicycle?
05:23 AM XXCoder: nope
05:23 AM XXCoder: I meant "fun" in very not fun way lol
05:24 AM pink_vampire: LOL
05:24 AM XXCoder: picture riding it to work everyday
05:25 AM pink_vampire: I can ride a unicycle for few miles no problem
05:25 AM Deejay: backwards? :D
05:25 AM XXCoder: and juggling chainsaws
05:26 AM pink_vampire: Deejay: not much backwards
05:26 AM XXCoder: flamelicker pink_vampire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIMsC8a_pG4
05:27 AM XXCoder: probably one you can make with lathe and mill.
05:28 AM pink_vampire: but I also have a clown swing bike, and I can ride them backwards no problem
05:29 AM Deejay: wow, nice
05:29 AM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haFgJuh8kEQ
05:29 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: this video make me want a QCTP
05:29 AM net|: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phAEcp60mus
05:30 AM net|: goliath cnc
05:30 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: no, those are too easy
05:30 AM pink_vampire: I have those https://i.pinimg.com/originals/3c/09/f2/3c09f2814ef54d7cafd29a0dd6efccf7.jpg
05:30 AM phipli: morning
05:30 AM XXCoder: interesting
05:35 AM phipli: Tom_L, JT-Shop have you seen these : https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/
05:36 AM phipli: boards themselves are cheap, but the breakout boards are expensive.
05:38 AM jthornton: morning
05:38 AM XXCoder: hey jthornton saw what I said above? insane.
05:39 AM jthornton: reading back
05:42 AM jthornton: what is the omega2 thing
05:46 AM phipli: jthornton, halfway between a esp8266 and a raspberry pi
05:47 AM phipli: little linux computers about the size of a... (panics because I was about to use something for reference that I'm not sure if it is the same in the US)...
05:47 AM phipli: erm
05:47 AM phipli: about 1.5" by 3/4"
05:47 AM phipli: or perhaps 2" by 1"
05:47 AM jthornton: that's pretty small
05:48 AM phipli: they cost £9, and run OpenWRT
05:48 AM phipli: documentation is good
05:48 AM phipli: main problem is that the breakout boards, basically a requirement, are too expensive
05:48 AM phipli: so I've been designing my own
05:48 AM jthornton: what does the breakout board do?
05:50 AM jthornton: wow a relay expansion is only two single pole relays... that's not much
05:50 AM phipli: https://imagebin.ca/v/4iIiQINw4PNi
05:51 AM jthornton: ah they are using I2C communications to operate the relay
05:51 AM jthornton: nice looking board
05:51 AM phipli: my board has a usb->uart chip, voltage regulator and adapts from 2mm pitch pins to 1/10" headers
05:52 AM phipli: plus has space for a USB host port
05:53 AM phipli: the official equivalent board does the same, (with different uart chip), doesn't have accessible headers and I can't buy it for less than ~£19
05:53 AM phipli: more than twice the cost of the actual board
05:53 AM * jthornton goes to let the chickens out of the run
05:53 AM phipli: I figure I can make a batch of boards and build them up for less than the cost of one of the official ones
05:54 AM jthornton: nice
05:55 AM XXCoder: sell em and net postive
05:56 AM phipli: XXCoder, yeah - I'll stick the spares on ebay and see what happens if I order some
05:56 AM phipli: not sold anything I've made before
05:56 AM XXCoder: yea
05:57 AM phipli: if nothing else it will help other people in the same situation as me
05:57 AM XXCoder: high board prices is kinda outdated what with $20 for 5 board custom nowdays
05:58 AM jthornton: you going to use a double throw relay?
05:58 AM phipli: given the 5x 100x100 minimum order
05:58 AM XXCoder: ohboy huawei lost sdcard assocation
05:58 AM phipli: I think the minimum quantity is effectively 30
05:58 AM XXCoder: they now cant use sdcard products opffically
05:58 AM XXCoder: depends on company
05:58 AM XXCoder: saw $20 for 5 boards. 4 layer I think
05:59 AM phipli: jthornton, not planning any relays as is - with the headers I'd just wiring in one externally
05:59 AM phipli: XXCoder, unfortunately I have a huawei phone and tablet
06:00 AM phipli: they're great, but I wish his trumpiness would back off for the sake of my post sales support
06:00 AM phipli: XXCoder, ~£10 for 5x 2 layer from JLCPCB
06:00 AM XXCoder: orange tariff man backing off? hah
06:01 AM phipli: or $2 if you believe their adverts that don't include postage
06:01 AM phipli: XXCoder, there is always the chance his diet will catch up with him...
06:02 AM XXCoder: he dont deserve death that noble
06:02 AM XXCoder: he should die in stupidest way possible
06:03 AM phipli: choking on a pretzel?
06:03 AM XXCoder: nah slipping and getting head stuck in tiolet water
06:03 AM XXCoder: and drowning
07:06 AM phipli: We'll, I've ordered some of those boards
07:06 AM phipli: lets hope there are no mistakes
07:06 AM XXCoder: nice
07:06 AM phipli: couldn't get 12 on one board in the end, but delivered it only cost £6.50 for 20
07:06 AM phipli: so not complaining
07:07 AM XXCoder: so 2 breakouts for one, at 6 pins each?
07:07 AM phipli: how do you mean?
07:07 AM phipli: each of 5 boards I have has 4 copies of the design on it
07:08 AM XXCoder: ohh
07:08 AM XXCoder: was thinking breakout pins my bad
07:09 AM pink_vampire: what is the smallest 4 jaw that can fit on r8?
07:19 AM XXCoder: hey jthornton wonder if you could make inlay creator script
07:19 AM XXCoder: making both "inside" and "outside" in such way that can glue together then cut apart to make nice inlay
07:20 AM pink_vampire: how bad is $20 chuck?
07:20 AM pink_vampire: https://www.ebay.com/itm/222234294342
07:20 AM jthornton: hmmm fengrave does that already
07:20 AM XXCoder: thats free open source one right?
07:21 AM XXCoder: pink_vampire: dunno it seems made for that cheao exrusion machine thing
07:21 AM pink_vampire: yeah
07:21 AM pink_vampire: I was amazed to even see it
07:21 AM XXCoder: foe me its cheap enough for lols if I had something to attach it to.
07:22 AM XXCoder: but not everyone budgeting is same
07:22 AM XXCoder: i found even cheaper one lol
07:22 AM XXCoder: zinc alloy one lol
07:22 AM pink_vampire: O_o
07:22 AM XXCoder: dude so bad https://www.ebay.com/itm/Z011-Zinc-Alloy-High-Quality-3-Jaw-Chuck-Clamp-Accessory-for-Mini-Metal-Lathe/333168963321 lol
07:22 AM XXCoder: so, so bad
07:23 AM XXCoder: your link seem to be alum body, zinc jaws possibly
07:23 AM pink_vampire: but the title say " Quality 3-Jaw Chuck "
07:25 AM XXCoder: notice it dont say "good" ;)
07:26 AM XXCoder: crap can be high quality crap lol
07:26 AM pink_vampire: LOL
07:33 AM pink_vampire: https://www.ebay.com/itm/223088151718 this one look half decent
07:35 AM XXCoder: looks far less zinc
07:35 AM XXCoder: Body of the Chuck is made of graded caste iron
07:35 AM XXCoder: Jaws of the Chuck are made of Tool Steel and are Hardened.
07:35 AM XXCoder: yep
07:36 AM pink_vampire: but i need one with r8
07:37 AM pink_vampire: it will be the best boring head holder
07:37 AM pink_vampire: boring bar
07:37 AM pink_vampire: **
07:38 AM XXCoder: off to bed later :)
07:39 AM pink_vampire: ok
08:28 AM miss0r: holy shitsticks theres more mosquitos here now than I know what to do with
08:28 AM miss0r: I probably wouldn't even survive trying to feed em all, my laying naked in the grass all afternoon
08:29 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/v1xNoUb.png
08:29 AM pink_vampire: not done yet
08:29 AM miss0r: that looks rather complicated. What am I looking at?
08:36 AM pink_vampire: the letters arms from my typewriter
08:36 AM miss0r: Nice :]
08:38 AM justan0theruser is now known as justanotheruser
08:39 AM elmo40: pink_vampire, fixing them?
08:40 AM pink_vampire: polish them
08:40 AM pink_vampire: take the rust out
08:41 AM pink_vampire: make them move and work again
08:52 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/HzWTZFb.png
08:55 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/SdjRPh7.png
08:56 AM pink_vampire: this is how they look after installation
09:02 AM elmo40: what are you using?
09:03 AM elmo40: acid to remove rust?
09:07 AM pink_vampire: electric elbow grease
09:09 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/njNjE6j.png
09:09 AM pink_vampire: my poor nail polish O_o
09:11 AM pink_vampire: before and after https://i.imgur.com/TjUyDkZ.png
09:24 AM pink_vampire: 14 letters arms done.. 28 more to go..
09:47 AM pink_vampire: wow this is soo cheap https://www.ebay.com/itm/372321681021
09:47 AM pink_vampire: us seller O_O
09:49 AM phipli: how well do they work?
09:49 AM phipli: shame they don't work with alu :)
09:50 AM pink_vampire: no idea
09:50 AM pink_vampire: better then super glue
09:50 AM phipli: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32778406577.html
09:50 AM phipli: Does that count as a 2 pole chuck?
09:51 AM pink_vampire: no idea
09:55 AM phipli: great potential for practical jokes at work
09:55 AM phipli: I guess the same is true of electromagnets
09:55 AM phipli: "I've left the spanner on your desk"
10:00 AM pink_vampire: https://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/gms/d/millwood-my-wife-wants-it-outta-here/6893686251.html
10:05 AM perry_j1987: pink_vampire i've often thought of finding an old typewriter on craigslist for the sole purpose of addressing on envelopes haha they NEVER come out right first time around trying to print on them with the printer
10:07 AM pink_vampire: that is a very good idea
10:08 AM pink_vampire: but something better will be something like a label printer like the ql700
10:09 AM phipli: perry_j1987, I think you should use one of these instead : http://britishletterpress.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/DSCN3024-1568x1176.jpg
10:10 AM perry_j1987: lol phipli
10:10 AM perry_j1987: pink_vampire well part of it is to get the look and feel of typewritten lettering on the envelopes too
10:11 AM pink_vampire: naa just cnc the address with a sharpie
10:12 AM perry_j1987: heh
10:18 AM perry_j1987: have one of those 3in milling vises arriving tomorrow from amazon
10:18 AM pink_vampire: toolmaker vise?
10:24 AM perry_j1987: https://amzn.to/2VSuipg that guy
10:30 AM pink_vampire: I have the 5" version
10:31 AM pink_vampire: I got them from grizzly, but it look identical just green
10:31 AM pink_vampire: I think the toolmaker vise are better for small mill
10:32 AM perry_j1987: this 3inch without the swivel plate will be the right size for this 6040 cnc router
10:33 AM pink_vampire: LOL for 6040 just get a drill vise
10:34 AM pink_vampire: much smaller and lower profile
10:37 AM perry_j1987: ya but they suck
10:37 AM perry_j1987: lol
10:39 AM phipli: Or just get a kid to hold the stock for you while it cuts
10:39 AM pink_vampire: LOLL
10:39 AM pink_vampire: the cutting force on the 6040 is almost nothing
10:39 AM phipli: Small hands. They're better qualified
10:40 AM perry_j1987: you just dont want me to feel like im standing before a mighty bridgeport mill when i stand infront of this 6040 with a tiny 3in vise lol
10:42 AM pink_vampire: I love my 2.5" emco
10:43 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/SXK5bw4.png
10:43 AM phipli: http://elephantandchicken.co.uk/temp/Fred.jpg
10:43 AM phipli: my nephew a few years back
10:43 AM phipli: (no, it wasn't on)
10:43 AM pink_vampire: parenting done right
10:45 AM phipli: he was trying get at various power tools in my brother's workshop once, after the third time my brother asked him not to touch various sharp and bladed power tools he loudly declared "well, what can I play with then?"
10:46 AM phipli: he has a slightly distorted view of what my brother does in the workshop all day
10:50 AM Loetmichel: *huff* *puff* maaan, where did my small copper tube cutter go? $me is trying to remove an old dual valve handle faucet in the toilet washing bowl to fit a new cheap sigle lever faucet... doesent move an inch... took me 30 minutes to get the angle valves under the bowl closed so i can remove it... 30 years since last "remodel"... it shows ;)
10:54 AM roycroft: toilet shutoff valves (when they are even present) are almost always like that
10:55 AM elmo40: because no one closes them
10:57 AM roycroft: one has to go into the job hoping to be able to close the valve, but assuming one is going to have to turn off the main valve for the building and cut the toilet valve out
10:57 AM elmo40: annually i go about the house, closing and opening all of those rubber valves. when they do fail, i replace with a ball valve.
10:57 AM roycroft: also, people tend to open those valves all the way and leave them like that
10:57 AM roycroft: i always open a water valve all the way and then close it about 1/4 turn
10:57 AM roycroft: that helps a lot in keeping the valve from freezing open
10:57 AM elmo40: i dont know why rubber valves are still around! the chlorine kills the buna seals. if they used viton then they would last a little longer. ball valves are the way to go.
10:57 AM roycroft: i do the same thing on welding gas cylinders and the like
11:05 AM Loetmichel: roycroft: yes, same with "under sink" shutoff valves
11:06 AM Loetmichel: elmo40: germany. no chlorine in the water ;)
11:08 AM roycroft: we use chloramine here in eugene - it does not dissipate like chlorine, and some of our water mains are far from the water treatment plants
11:09 AM roycroft: it's rather irritating, because aside from the chloramine injections, we have some of the purest water to be had
11:09 AM roycroft: and it's ideal for brewing - the water profile is quite similar to that in pilsen
11:09 AM roycroft: however, the chloramine has to be removed, and that is slightly problematic
11:10 AM roycroft: it can be removed with an activated carbon filter, but it has to flow through the filter very slowly
11:10 AM roycroft: i flow it at 2L/minute, and my hot liquor tank holds 55L, so it takes quite a while to fill
11:32 AM perry_j1987: what do you guys suggest for cleaning lots of small parts of cutting oil and swarf etc
11:35 AM roycroft: a big ultrasonic cleaner
11:35 AM roycroft: or a small one, if the parts fit
11:35 AM roycroft: i used diluted simple green in mine
11:35 AM roycroft: it works brilliantly
11:42 AM pink_vampire: perry_j1987: I'm dealing with similar stuff, (typewriter) so, I'm letting the part sitting in ziploc bag full with alcohol, and I'm putting it in the ultrasonic for some time,then I'm working on each part with small wire brush
11:42 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/v1xNoUb.png
11:43 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/njNjE6j.png
11:43 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/N3BBF1u.png
11:47 AM perry_j1987: so ultrasonic cleaner better than a partswasher tank
11:49 AM Loetmichel: *FINALLY* MAAAN that thing fought me... didnt need to use the sawzall though, could fold it up to break one tube off... -> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=17394&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
11:50 AM pink_vampire: perry_j1987: for small stuff SURE
11:52 AM pink_vampire: I got the one from HF with the 25% coupon and it is working fine on stuff that will dissolved and fall, like grit, oil, grease and stuff like that - it is not remove tarnish
11:53 AM pink_vampire: the plastic net make it less powerful
11:54 AM roycroft: an ultrasonic cleaner is different to a parts washer tank
11:55 AM roycroft: for small parts it's generally more suitable in my experience
11:55 AM roycroft: if you have old parts that are encrusted with thick grease and grime, then a parts washer tank is a better option, at least initially
11:55 AM Tom_L: ultrasonic cleaner full of trichlorotrifluoroethane
11:55 AM Tom_L: :D
11:55 AM roycroft: but for freshly-machined small parts the ultrasonic cleaner is perfect
11:56 AM pink_vampire: all the milling head parts was done in the ultrasonic and other than abit brusing it was very nice
11:56 AM roycroft: and simple green is safe, biodegradable, and cheap
11:56 AM pink_vampire: roycroft: and make steel black better then cold blue
11:57 AM roycroft: i've not experienced that
11:57 AM pink_vampire: don't leave stuff over night
11:57 AM roycroft: you must either have not diluted it enough or left it in the tank too long
11:57 AM roycroft: and i forewarned you about both
11:57 AM pink_vampire: i was trying to clean my drill chuck,
11:58 AM pink_vampire: it was a big mistake
11:58 AM Tom_L: black is the new clean
11:58 AM roycroft: if you're going to immerse a drill chuck in some kind of cleaning solution you must dismantle the chuck first
11:58 AM perry_j1987: https://amzn.to/2K39ysB think i'll pick up one of these ultrasonic cleaners then
11:58 AM roycroft: you'll have to lubricate the bearings after, and you cannot do that with the chuck assembled
11:59 AM roycroft: perry_j1987: i have a small one almost identical to that
11:59 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/83jpEra.png this is what i fund in the morning
11:59 AM roycroft: i've had it for a good 15 years or so, use it almost daily, and it still works likei t was brand new
11:59 AM Tom_L: mine is that exact size
11:59 AM Tom_L: pretty sure
11:59 AM roycroft: i also have a 20L ultrasonic cleaner that i use for larger parts
12:00 PM pink_vampire: it is so stiff right now you can't even move it
12:00 PM perry_j1987: how much can you fill it with parts
12:00 PM roycroft: i never use anything but plain water in the unit itself
12:00 PM perry_j1987: loose effectiveness if loaded too much?
12:00 PM pink_vampire: perry_j1987: 1.3 is too small
12:00 PM roycroft: when i need to use some kind of cleaning solution i put the cleaning solution in a small glass jar, put the parts in the jar, and put the jar in the basket
12:01 PM roycroft: you should not pack things in tightly
12:01 PM pink_vampire: get something rectangle
12:02 PM roycroft: an ultrasonic cleaner is noisy to the point of being very irritating
12:02 PM pink_vampire: the simple green work grate! but NEVER leave stuff in it more then 3 hours
12:02 PM Tom_L: i usually put the cleaner inside a container inside the ultrasonic cleaner and fill the tank with a water mix
12:02 PM roycroft: so if you get one i recommend you find a place to park it where you do not work
12:02 PM pink_vampire: roycroft: I put mine in the closet
12:03 PM roycroft: i have a lean-to shed that i built next to my garage shop - my air compressor lives there, as well as some grinders and some woodworking machinery that is on casters
12:03 PM roycroft: i put my ultrasonic cleaners out there
12:03 PM pink_vampire: also, do yourself a favor and get one with a drain
12:03 PM roycroft: close enough to the main shop to be easy to access, but far enough away that the noise does not bother me
12:03 PM roycroft: the 1.3L one doesn't need a drain - it's really small
12:03 PM roycroft: the larger ones do need a drain
12:04 PM pink_vampire: the HF also don't have drain, and I'm thinking about getting a small pump
12:04 PM pink_vampire: I don't want to drill it (yet)
12:04 PM perry_j1987: turkey baster
12:05 PM roycroft: i don't drain my small one often, as i only use plain water in it
12:05 PM roycroft: but when i do, it's easy enough to unplug it, pick it up, and dump it out
12:05 PM pink_vampire: mine fill with shit all over
12:05 PM roycroft: the 20L one does have a drain, and i do use simple greein in that one often
12:05 PM perry_j1987: ya i was just reading some people put parts and solution in ziplock bags and plain water in the tub itself
12:05 PM roycroft: i like a glass jar because it can be reused indefinitely
12:06 PM roycroft: ziplock bags cannot, and cause plastic waste
12:06 PM perry_j1987: i imagine different container materials would inhibit the ultrasonic aspect?
12:06 PM roycroft: the glass jar does not absorb the ultrasonic waves, and my parts get plenty clean
12:06 PM roycroft: ultrasonic cleaning can take a while
12:07 PM roycroft: but it's a set and forget operation, so that doesn't matter
12:07 PM pink_vampire: plastic cups also work very good
12:07 PM roycroft: but again, they're plastic, and cannot be recycled - only downcycled at best
12:07 PM roycroft: and they cannot be used indefinitely like a glass jar can
12:08 PM roycroft: in my small one i use jelly jars, which fit nicely, and i can use regular canning jar lids on them
12:08 PM pink_vampire: it is just convenient
12:08 PM roycroft: so i can keep different solvents in different jars, and grab the one that i need at the moment
12:08 PM roycroft: convenience is no excuse to pollute
12:09 PM perry_j1987: that sounds really handy actually
12:09 PM roycroft: i know folks freak out about this
12:09 PM roycroft: and i shall therefore not recommend it
12:09 PM pink_vampire: roycroft: you are right, but fur stuff full with gunk, I just like the disposable ziplock
12:09 PM roycroft: but i've used various solvents such as lacquer thinner and mineral spirits in my ultrasonic cleaners for years and have never had a problem with their flashing off and catching fire
12:10 PM roycroft: so again
12:10 PM roycroft: i am *NOT* recommending that
12:10 PM roycroft: but it does work just fine :)
12:10 PM roycroft: i mostly use simple green though
12:10 PM roycroft: i avoid simple green on brass and other copper-containing alloys
12:11 PM roycroft: it corrodes them quickly
12:11 PM pink_vampire: rubbing alcohol 91% from walmart also work very good
12:11 PM roycroft: and it corrodes aluminium over time, but i haven't really had a problem with that
12:11 PM pink_vampire: the simple green not very good on zinc stuff
12:11 PM roycroft: i buy denatured alcohol by the gallon, which should work almost as well as isopropanol, and is way cheaper
12:12 PM pink_vampire: i want to try vinegar
12:12 PM roycroft: simple green will also remove paint if given enough time
12:12 PM perry_j1987: vinegar is wonderful stuff
12:12 PM perry_j1987: have a bit on your salad and then use some to clean stuff up with heh
12:13 PM roycroft: anyway, i don't think that a 1.3L ultrasonic cleaner is "too small"
12:13 PM roycroft: i use my small one far more often than my large one
12:13 PM pink_vampire: also some recommended hydrogen peroxide
12:13 PM roycroft: but if you are only going to ever get one, then perhaps stepping up to a 3L unit would make sense
12:14 PM roycroft: i would start with the 1.3L and later on get a larger one for larger parts
12:14 PM pink_vampire: the 1.3 is square, I think rectangle is better shape
12:14 PM roycroft: when i need to clean a bunch of fasteners, which is my most common use, the 1.3L is perfect
12:15 PM roycroft: but again, i'm looking at using two different sizes
12:15 PM roycroft: a 3L one would probably take longer to heat up than a 1.3L
12:15 PM roycroft: so that's something to consider
12:15 PM roycroft: i like cleaning at 60-70 degrees
12:16 PM pink_vampire: https://www.harborfreight.com/25-liter-ultrasonic-cleaner-63256.html
12:16 PM roycroft: i have my hot water heater cranked up beyond what is normally recommended, but i have no children at my house, so i don't worry about it
12:16 PM roycroft: it's set to 45 degrees, so when i am filling the cleaner afresh it doesn't take too long to get it to the proper temperature
12:16 PM pink_vampire: with the 25% you can get it for $60
12:17 PM pink_vampire: https://images.harborfreight.com/hftweb/home-page2019/images052419/25off-coupon-new2.png
12:17 PM perry_j1987: why rectangle
12:17 PM pink_vampire: long parts
12:17 PM pink_vampire: like shafts
12:17 PM roycroft: but if the cleaner is sitting idle, with the liquid at room temperature, it takes about a half hour for it to heat up to cleaning temp
12:18 PM pink_vampire: I just put one glass of boiling water, and it is good to go
12:18 PM pink_vampire: anyway you need to add water
12:19 PM perry_j1987: works chips wedged into places at all?
12:19 PM roycroft: not really
12:19 PM roycroft: but a parts washer isn't going to remove them either
12:20 PM roycroft: air at 100psi does a decent job though
12:20 PM roycroft: make sure you're wearing your safety glasses
12:20 PM roycroft: so you don't put your eye out
12:21 PM perry_j1987: squinting first doesnt work? :P
12:21 PM pink_vampire: if you can remove it with nylon brush, probably the ultrasonic will do it
12:23 PM pink_vampire: look at it this way, it will allow you to clean alot of stuff to certain level, but some time you need to put some hand work if you want it very clean
12:23 PM pink_vampire: _I'm out_
12:23 PM perry_j1987: say you have a bunch of m3 screws 50mm long or so
12:23 PM perry_j1987: how much can you pack in there
12:24 PM roycroft: experiment
12:24 PM pink_vampire: about 2 cups of screws
12:24 PM roycroft: all i can say is "pack loosely"
12:24 PM pink_vampire: it will move around abit
12:24 PM roycroft: if they're packed tightly the ultrasonic cleaning action will still separate the grime from the parts
12:25 PM roycroft: but the grime will be trapped between the parts, and will not flush away very well
12:25 PM pink_vampire: the more stuff you put the longer it take, but to put it in 2 batches also take 2 times the time
12:25 PM roycroft: when you rinse after cleaning most of it will come off
12:25 PM perry_j1987: ok
12:25 PM roycroft: but if you pack loosely it will be a lot easier
12:25 PM roycroft: and again, it's a set and forget operation
12:25 PM roycroft: to me it doesn't matter much how long it takes
12:26 PM roycroft: i just plan my work flow appropriately
12:26 PM pink_vampire: also depends on how much gunk you have on the parts
12:26 PM perry_j1987: aye
12:26 PM Loetmichel: roycroft: depends a lot on the ultrasonic cleaner
12:26 PM roycroft: i always have things to do in the shop - i cannot remember ever standing around waiting for the ultrasonic cleaner to finish its scycle
12:26 PM roycroft: i just do other things until i hear it shut off
12:27 PM Loetmichel: i have seen industrial ones (60 liters in the stainless steel bucket) that had ~500W transducers below
12:27 PM pink_vampire: just get one, and see
12:27 PM Loetmichel: it could strip hammerite paint of steel
12:27 PM roycroft: loetmichel: that's not hard to do at all :)
12:27 PM roycroft: i can almost strip hammerite off steel by staring at it really hard
12:27 PM pink_vampire: Loetmichel: heat up the house with his ultrasonic
12:27 PM Loetmichel: it is. when that hammerite was on there for 50 years ;)
12:28 PM roycroft: but my point is still valid
12:28 PM Loetmichel: pink_vampire: it was a mobile unit meant to clean fuel filters for russian jets
12:28 PM pink_vampire: LOL
12:28 PM pink_vampire: you are crazy
12:28 PM roycroft: if you pack a bunch of hammerite-coated parts tightly to gether in the cleaner, the cleaning solution and ultrasonic action will separate the paint from the parts, but but the paint will have nowhere to go
12:28 PM Loetmichel: still had tubes in the transducer exiters... so yes, you could probably heat the house with the system ;)
12:28 PM roycroft: so when you pull the parts out they'll still be coated with the paint
12:29 PM roycroft: that you will probably be able to rinse off fairly easily
12:29 PM roycroft: but if they're not packed tightly together they'll come out a lot cleaner
12:29 PM Loetmichel: pink_vampire: why am i crazy?
12:29 PM pink_vampire: maybe to add an air stone?
12:29 PM pink_vampire: Loetmichel: in a good way
12:29 PM Loetmichel: we bought it with the truck that we converted to an RV
12:30 PM Loetmichel: it was an old eastern military truck
12:30 PM pink_vampire: I will do the same
12:30 PM * roycroft needs to head out to the welding shop
12:30 PM Loetmichel: with said cleaning/reconditioning station in the box on the back
12:30 PM roycroft: i hope to shoot primer on my belt grinder stand yet today
12:30 PM pink_vampire: pink_vampire need to change oil in the car
12:30 PM roycroft: i'm fitting the wooden sides prior to painting, and i have a bit of that to do yet
12:31 PM roycroft: so i can do the machining on the wooden sides while the metal stand is being painted
12:31 PM perry_j1987: need to figure up a vice stop for this new vice thats coming tomorrow
12:31 PM pink_vampire: see you later
12:31 PM perry_j1987: cya
01:01 PM rmaw is now known as __rmaw
01:03 PM Tom_L: what's that company that makes those fancy dial indicator holders?
01:03 PM Tom_L: the arm
01:04 PM Loetmichel: Tom_L: something chinese i cant pronounce :-) http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=14166&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
01:05 PM gambakufu: Noga?
01:08 PM Tom_L: that would be it, thanks
01:09 PM Tom_L: Loetmichel i've got one of those
01:10 PM Tom_L: but when it fails i'll likely get the real thing
01:13 PM Tom_L: Noga makes so many i wonder which one would be close to that
01:16 PM Tom_L: and what the difference between NF DG and MG is
01:52 PM perry_j1987: printing up idea for a vise stop on the 3d printer
01:52 PM perry_j1987: looking forward to the vise coming tomorrow heh
03:47 PM net|: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3642046 handle for propane tanks
04:20 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNBg_1GPuH0 pretty interesting
04:20 PM XXCoder: anyone with cnc cam do it
04:21 PM Deejay: gn8
04:21 PM XXCoder: later
04:22 PM jthornton: night
04:22 PM Tom_L: finally a break in the rain
04:22 PM XXCoder: raining here
04:22 PM Tom_L: but only for a bit
04:23 PM XXCoder: jt check out that video
04:23 PM jthornton: is it long?
04:24 PM XXCoder: extremely micro telsa valve and other stuff.a second
04:24 PM Tom_L: yeah you got time to burn...
04:24 PM XXCoder: 11 min
04:24 PM XXCoder: basically you engrave sheet of plastic by cnc, then bake it it strunks.
04:24 PM XXCoder: you fuse another sheet and its now valve or whatever
04:26 PM XXCoder: hey andy
04:27 PM jthornton: hmm 2.2GB in the good this late in the month
04:28 PM Tom_L: seems a waste not to waste it
04:28 PM XXCoder: im pretty sure its same plastic as old toy back then, you draw stuff then bake it, it turns into more detailed small design
04:29 PM XXCoder: never had it, it was too expensive lol
04:31 PM Tom_L: damn, it must be close to the end of the month. all i got in the mail was bills
04:32 PM XXCoder: lol
04:33 PM XXCoder: jthornton: wonder if your region is supported by google fi
04:33 PM jthornton: I need to check the mail it was not there when we go home
04:33 PM jthornton: what's that?
04:33 PM Tom_L: mine has been coming later and later
04:33 PM XXCoder: its cellphone project, it uses 3 carriers to get best connection, and interesting data plan
04:33 PM andypugh: XXCoder: You used to be able to shrink crisp packets.
04:34 PM XXCoder: first 6 gb is 10 dollars per gb, then unlimited at slower speed for free past that
04:34 PM andypugh: But “Shrinkydinks” used to come as freebies in breakfast cereal.
04:34 PM XXCoder: base phone and text is $15 a month
04:34 PM XXCoder: plus phone itself if you opt to get new one
04:35 PM XXCoder: in my case base is $45, reach unlimited and its $105 dollars but never went nowhere near that
04:35 PM XXCoder: typival is $50-55 lol
04:36 PM jthornton: hmm, saw one of those signs that people do illegal street corner advertising saying the ISP in town now has unlimited data
04:36 PM Tom_L: i've got sprint unlimited
04:36 PM jthornton: my sat internet is $50 a month
04:36 PM XXCoder: comcast here
04:36 PM andypugh: XXCoder: Actually has applications on microfuidics. (Or is that what you were talking about before I came in?) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shrinky_Dinks
04:36 PM XXCoder: 1 tb a month, then 10 dollars per 100gb I think
04:37 PM XXCoder: andypugh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNBg_1GPuH0
04:37 PM jthornton: yes we were watching a video on microfluidics
04:37 PM jthornton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNBg_1GPuH0
04:37 PM XXCoder: homebrew microfluids with cnc :)
04:39 PM XXCoder: anyway jt was thinking maybe you want cheaper backup when data is low. useful if you can buy cheap compitable phone.
04:50 PM Tom_L: it would be nice if they made fixturing for small cncs https://www.carrlane.com/en-us/engineering-resources/technical-information/manual-workholding/modular-fixturing/introduction
05:30 PM XXCoder: fancy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M515Suqh5p0
05:30 PM XXCoder: microhouse done in lunar lander style
05:44 PM SpeedEvil: Now make the legs articulate and you've got something.
05:44 PM XXCoder: lol
05:44 PM XXCoder: looks like cant as its off floor
05:44 PM XXCoder: isulated door is brilliant
05:44 PM XXCoder: with such a small house isulation is pretty imporant.
05:49 PM jdh: lotta water in .mo.us
05:51 PM jdh: my sunday ride looks flooded out
05:54 PM jthornton: where at?
05:54 PM XXCoder: typical washington infinity rain here
05:54 PM XXCoder: not heavy rain but never stops
05:55 PM jthornton: we don't have any rain till Wednesday, I'll try and see if I can get the heavy equipment in place to drop the dead white oak Tuesday...
05:56 PM XXCoder: plan to cut and dry that?
05:59 PM jdh: jthornton: katy trail in rocheport
06:10 PM andypugh: SpeedEvil: A fulkl on Baba-Yaga house on Chicken feet would be so cool!
06:11 PM SpeedEvil: Would it lay eggs?
06:12 PM jthornton: jdh: how long is that trail?
06:12 PM andypugh: https://www.google.com/search?q=baba+yaga+tiny+home&client=safari&rls=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjMgqX25bfiAhXyqHEKHfmHB6QQ_AUIDigB&biw=2059&bih=1302
06:12 PM jdh: 300miles?
06:13 PM andypugh: Surprisingly, it does not seem to have been done
06:13 PM jdh: but not much near I-70
06:13 PM Tom_L: jdh, want some more water? i've got plenty to share
06:14 PM XXCoder: andypugh: dunno may change mind if you go fish and go back to empty lot. ;)
06:14 PM jthornton: dang that's a long trail
06:14 PM jthornton: yea the Missouri river is pretty high
06:14 PM jdh: I'll pass on the water
06:15 PM jthornton: yea north of jeff city roads closed
06:15 PM jthornton: we have a small 26 mile trail here
06:15 PM Tom_L: wouldn't surprise me if I35 closes again
06:15 PM jdh: heading to west side near KC
06:17 PM Tom_L: jdh is that the one near Emporia you were going to?
06:18 PM jdh: eventually
06:18 PM jdh: race is saturday
06:18 PM jthornton: good grief you can ride from St Louis to Kansas City on the Katy trail
06:18 PM Tom_L: heh
06:19 PM jdh: yeah, someday I will
06:19 PM XXCoder: there should be trail here also, canada to mexico
06:19 PM XXCoder: not sure if it extends into those countries
06:19 PM jthornton: jdh: mountain bike?
06:20 PM jdh: gravel road bike
06:20 PM jthornton: road bike with bigger tires?
06:20 PM jdh: yeah. 40mm
06:21 PM jthornton: my buddy and his wife are preparing a couple of bikes like that to do some ride
06:21 PM andypugh: I have a small pile of Ultegra and Chorus stuff bulding up behind me. Frame is on its way from China, wheels from no-idea-where.
06:22 PM andypugh: Going to be a strongly road-oriented gravel bike.
06:22 PM jthornton: interesting
06:23 PM jdh: chorus + ultegra is odd
06:23 PM andypugh: (I had to have a Campag crankset, the Mega-Torque is just such a cool use of a Hirth joint.
06:23 PM * jthornton has no clue what that is...
06:25 PM jdh: never heard of mega
06:26 PM andypugh: I did consider getting some carbon undrilled rims and spoking them like the old WH-R540 Shimano wheels (best look ever, I reckon) but I am pretty sure they wouldn’t work with discs, even if I made my own hubs.
06:27 PM andypugh: https://images.app.goo.gl/ue7UF9G6MED2ixBNA
06:28 PM jdh: no radial lace with disc
06:28 PM andypugh: jdh: Quite
06:28 PM andypugh: And you are right, Ultra-torque, not mega. I think that there was a Mega
06:29 PM andypugh: Interesting that Shimano put the tangent spokes on the rear on the non-drive side
06:29 PM jdh: don't know that one either. never done campy
06:31 PM andypugh: jdh: https://youtu.be/1FMMJoF9fEg?t=39
06:32 PM andypugh: (10 seconds tells you all you need, the rest is sales fluff)
06:33 PM jdh: looks cool
06:34 PM andypugh: I like the mechanical cleverness. Cyclists may be less convinced, but I am more in to the tech than the sweat ;-)
06:35 PM jdh: works for me
06:35 PM andypugh: I am not a serious cyclist, I just cycle to work. That said, nobody has _ever_ overtaken me. I don’t hang about.
06:35 PM XXCoder: i need to fix my bicycle so I can ride again
06:36 PM jdh: I'd be dead riding to work
06:36 PM andypugh: No, just buy a new realy cool and expensive one. Far more satisfying.
06:36 PM Tom_L: are the frames Ti or carbon?
06:37 PM jdh: I'm a serious but slow cyclist
06:37 PM XXCoder: lol
06:37 PM andypugh: jdh: I always make a point of living within walking distance of work, so cycling is relatively easy. It’s currently 7 miles. When it was 14 miles I didn’t bother cycling. (Yes, I do have a fairly broad definition of “walking distance”
06:38 PM jdh: I like Ti
06:38 PM XXCoder: my work is bit far for cycling too
06:38 PM XXCoder: 13 miles or so
06:39 PM jdh: mine is an unsafe 18
06:39 PM andypugh: I decided that when I was 14 miles away that there was a decent route, and cycling _to_ work would be fine. But I would probably never want to leave....
06:39 PM XXCoder: no direct road access here too.
06:40 PM XXCoder: sr-16, i-5 then levee road
06:41 PM jdh: 4700 miles this year. commuting would cut into that
06:47 PM justan0theruser is now known as justanotheruser
08:26 PM _unreal_: Sweet, my two depth touch probes showed up.
08:27 PM _unreal_: not sure if I should set them up with a heat phone connector or JST?
08:27 PM _unreal_: any suggestions?
08:30 PM elmo40: whatever is lying around? ;-)
09:00 PM andypugh: _unreal_: I use Lemo 00 for my probes. But I used to use a headphone jack.
09:01 PM andypugh: And the jack worked fine. And might, possibly, pull out if you were to start the spindle with the probe mounted.
09:11 PM _unreal_: lemo 00?
09:11 PM _unreal_: got alink?
09:12 PM Rab: https://www.lemo.com/en/products/miniature-connector/00-connector
09:13 PM andypugh: I have a bunch of the 2 pin ones, though the coax (as shown there) would work too. I also have a lot of 4-pin ones, and they have to be the most fiddly thing in the world to solder…
09:13 PM _unreal_: andypugh, What I'd like to do is use figure a way to Contact the spindle constantly OR have a servo driven brush to contact the tooling bit..?
09:13 PM andypugh: You could use an RC servo.
09:14 PM Rab: _unreal_, rather than a brush, maybe a pogo pin?
09:14 PM _unreal_: thats what I'm thinking unless I can make constant contact with the spindle
09:14 PM XXCoder: andypugh: ya know, didnt think of headphone jack. thats great idea
09:14 PM _unreal_: pogo pin?
09:14 PM andypugh: But my spindle is BT30, so I don’t need to probe tools, just work.
09:14 PM _unreal_: not sure what a BT30 is ether :)
09:15 PM XXCoder: _unreal_: for convience you may be able toput connector near spindle so theres just short wire leading down from that to tool.
09:15 PM XXCoder: much longer wire setup but easy to use at end
09:15 PM andypugh: I went to the trouble of putting a home-made magsafe on my first probe, but then I never accidentally turned on the spindle with it in, so with the next probes I didn’t bother. What I did do with that probe is accidentally hit the tool-release…..
09:15 PM _unreal_: just got one of these in https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32952409307.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.8.74a061cdE0PY7r&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0%2Csearchweb201602_10_10065_10130_10068_10890_10547_319_10546_317_10548_10545_10696_453_10084_454_10083_10618_10307_537_536_10059_10884_10887_321_322_10103%2Csearchweb201603_53%2CppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=c1e5b20e-6c9f-4134-8a3b-3756fd2a4972-4&algo_pvid=c1e5b20e-6c9f-4134-8a3b-3756fd2a4972&tran
09:15 PM _unreal_: sAbTest=ae803_4
09:16 PM _unreal_: OMG they have stupid links
09:17 PM jym: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32952409307.html
09:17 PM _unreal_: https://tinyurl.com/y5aemylx
09:17 PM andypugh: Did I mention that I found 10 Zeiss touch probes in a skip?
09:17 PM _unreal_: zeiss and skip?
09:17 PM Tom_L: nice
09:17 PM jym: __rmaw: any good?
09:17 PM jym: _unreal_: any good?
09:17 PM _unreal_: the probe? I just took it out of the package
09:18 PM _unreal_: seems ok.
09:18 PM Tom_L: what thickness is it?
09:18 PM _unreal_: um
09:18 PM _unreal_: I'd have to go find a tape measure. the base is heavy for its size
09:18 PM jym: _unreal_: is it spring loaded?
09:19 PM XXCoder: i got one of those unreal
09:19 PM _unreal_: no
09:19 PM jym: Tom_L: Thickness : 2 cm/0.79"
09:19 PM Rab: _unreal_, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pogo_pin
09:19 PM _unreal_: the wire on it will fray I'd say rather quick. I'll likely swap it for silicon wire
09:21 PM andypugh: Or, better still, silicone-insulated copper wire.
09:21 PM andypugh: (I think silicon wire would be a bit brittle :-)
09:21 PM _unreal_: :/ What do you suppose I was talking about andypugh ;)
09:21 PM Tom_L: button with a dial: https://www.shars.com/products/measuring/tool-setters-presetters/mitutoyo-zero-setter-0005-x-1-height
09:22 PM Tom_L: a bit more cost
09:22 PM _unreal_: silicone insulated wire is whats used on quad copters
09:22 PM andypugh: Talking of wiring: I chose today, the hottedt day of the year so far, to re-wire the lights in my spare room. So spent a lot of time very hot in the loft.
09:22 PM _unreal_: I have a ton of it
09:22 PM Tom_L: good way to sweat off a few lbs
09:22 PM _unreal_: andypugh, I'm in south florida
09:24 PM andypugh: _unreal_: I went there once. Didn’t suit my constitution. I hate heat.
09:24 PM _unreal_: I am not a fan of stupid HOT but I hate winter more
09:24 PM andypugh: I am happer at -30C than +30C
09:24 PM _unreal_: I spent over 35 years in maine
09:25 PM _unreal_: andypugh, spend a winter down here... and you'll question that statement
09:25 PM _unreal_: middle of winter down here can get into the 30's maybe once or twice. dead of winter JAN. its ether 40f outside or 70f outside
09:26 PM andypugh: I have only been to Florida in September. It was too hot except at 2pm, when there was torrential rain, every day.
09:26 PM _unreal_: and 40-65 overnights
09:26 PM _unreal_: LOL
09:26 PM _unreal_: july. aug. step. are the stupid hot months
09:26 PM andypugh: Took down this stupid (single bulb) fan fitting: https://photos.app.goo.gl/sdY1nLFo5SdPm5jRA
09:27 PM _unreal_: andypugh, dec. march-june are really nice
09:27 PM andypugh: Put of 3 x 18W LED flush fittings: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PneR4sp6AuW3wtXs8
09:28 PM andypugh: (No, I am not a tidy or neat worker)
09:28 PM _unreal_: jan feb time frame can be hit or miss if your looking to go water stuff
09:28 PM _unreal_: andypugh, I dont trust LED's
09:28 PM _unreal_: I've had a FEW burst into flames now
09:29 PM andypugh: That would, admittedly, be inconvenient.
09:29 PM Tom_L: they certainly don't have the life expectancy they advertise
09:29 PM Tom_L: although i like the 4' strips i put in the garage
09:29 PM _unreal_: yep same hot are work station :)
09:29 PM andypugh: (Do you like my net curtains? Came with the house. I only just noticed them looing at that photo. Normally I look through them.
09:30 PM _unreal_: Tom_L, I dont trust bulbs
09:30 PM _unreal_: 120v outlet one's
09:30 PM Tom_L: andypugh and you've been there how long?
09:30 PM andypugh: 12 years?
09:31 PM Tom_L: heh
09:32 PM andypugh: Right, anyway, I should be in bed, I reckon.
09:32 PM Tom_L: holiday weekend
09:32 PM XXCoder: any ideas on what to do with this pelter thing
09:32 PM Tom_L: well for us anyway
09:32 PM andypugh: (I kept the ceiling fan in the bedroom, it’s worth having at least two days per year)
09:32 PM XXCoder: it can make hot end quite hot, and cold side cold
09:33 PM andypugh: I have a 4 day weekend, as I was working in Germany last bank-holiday.
09:33 PM _unreal_: hhe andypugh my ceiling fan is rarely off
09:33 PM _unreal_: I guess I"m going to go stuff my face
09:33 PM jdh: my ceiling fans have been on for 21 years
09:34 PM andypugh: XXCoder: My experience of Peltier devices is that one side ends up a bit above room temp, and the other side ends up a lot above room temp.
09:34 PM andypugh: They need a fan and heat-sink on the hot side if you want the cold side to actually be cold.
09:34 PM _unreal_: andypugh, poor cooling
09:35 PM XXCoder: yeah hot end have quite large heat sink
09:35 PM andypugh: And on that note, goodnight.
09:35 PM XXCoder: fan attachment also.
09:35 PM XXCoder: night
09:38 PM _unreal_: going to finish the last of my scotch :)
09:58 PM _unreal_: wow it got quite
09:58 PM XXCoder: everyone quit talking so not surpised quite ;)
10:08 PM _unreal_: sigh
10:28 PM likevinyl is now known as Guest85028