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Apr 28 2019

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01:08 AM _unreal_: I see yall missed me
05:27 AM Tom_L: morning
05:27 AM XXCoder: morning
06:36 AM TurBoss: o/
10:41 AM Deejay: hi
01:57 PM Jymmm: Loetmichel: Is there a differes between Aspire Zelos and Aspire Zelos 2.0 ???
02:00 PM Jymmm: Loetmichel: Is this the same thing ??? https://www.elementvape.com/aspire-zelos-50w-tc-starter-kit
02:32 PM justan0theruser is now known as justanotheruser
03:00 PM Deejay: gn8
03:37 PM pink_vampire: hi
03:56 PM XXCoder: hey
03:58 PM Elmo40: hay
04:00 PM XXCoder: hai
04:02 PM pink_vampire: hi XXCoder, Elmo40
04:06 PM Tom_L: pink, get your threaded part made?
04:07 PM pink_vampire: no, it is going to be the last thing i will make
04:08 PM pink_vampire: i"m starting to assembled the cleaned parts
04:10 PM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/28uJG0W.png fresh coat of grease all over the exposed metal
05:07 PM pink_vampire: join #virtualbox
05:42 PM skunkworks: Wow - just installed lineageos on my s5.. Might be able to use it a few more years
05:43 PM XXCoder: nice.
05:43 PM XXCoder: lineageos can be great
05:44 PM skunkworks: well - pie wouldn't root for me.. So running the previous
05:58 PM Tom_L: what do you gain by rooting a phone?
05:58 PM Tom_L: the 5 was a good one..
06:38 PM SpeedEvil: Tom_L: Often things the manufacturer won't let you do. Remove manufacturers apps for more space, reassign buttons, ...
06:44 PM skunkworks: Mainly - tweeking... Control freaking...
06:45 PM skunkworks: Plus this phone was eol with jellybean I think
06:46 PM skunkworks: or lollipop.. Don't remember
06:47 PM skunkworks: Now I can run pie if I wanted to
06:47 PM skunkworks: Seems as zippy as it has ever been
07:05 PM jym: skunkworks: lineageos???
07:10 PM Tom_L: wb jthornton
07:11 PM jthornton: thanks
07:11 PM Tom_L: off riding today?
07:12 PM XXCoder: yo
07:17 PM jthornton: went to St Louis yesterday and spent the night at a B&B then when to the Cardinals game today, they had a special thing for people who got transplants
08:03 PM _unreal_: just found the link to the first cnc machine I ever built https://www.cnczone.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=945
08:04 PM _unreal_: it was very slow very weak and believe it or not very accurate
08:05 PM XXCoder: register required to view'
08:06 PM _unreal_: ? really?
08:06 PM _unreal_: naaaa
08:06 PM _unreal_: prob a poor link
08:06 PM _unreal_: give me a sec
08:08 PM _unreal_: try this https://www.cnczone.com/gallery/showgallery.php/cat/500/ppuser/3850
08:10 PM _unreal_: XXCoder, ?
08:10 PM Rab: _unreal_, same.
08:10 PM XXCoder: only small image
08:10 PM Tom_L: register required
08:10 PM _unreal_: non of you have ever registered to cnczone.com?
08:11 PM _unreal_: REALLY?
08:11 PM Tom_L: dunno but i'm not signed in
08:11 PM XXCoder: not registered
08:12 PM XXCoder: forums? an't got time for that!
08:12 PM _unreal_: there is a LOT of info on cnczone.com
08:12 PM _unreal_: its one of the oldest cnc web sites on the net
08:13 PM Tom_L: nothing i haven't been able to figured out yet
08:13 PM Rab: Yeah, I browse cnczone all the time! But I'm not registered.
08:14 PM _unreal_: wow, 3416 views in 14 years that works out to 244 views per year
08:14 PM _unreal_: :/
08:29 PM pink_vampire: hi
08:29 PM XXCoder: wb
09:16 PM pink_vampire: i took some pics
09:23 PM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/QpZdAH8.png
09:28 PM Tom_L: i see nothing pink there
09:29 PM pink_vampire: the lathe is blueish
09:29 PM Tom_L: looks clean though
09:30 PM pink_vampire: there parts in few dishes here, that i need to assemble
09:51 PM _unreal_: OMG that update took for ever
09:51 PM pink_vampire: what update?
09:52 PM _unreal_: linux
09:52 PM _unreal_: linux in general
09:52 PM _unreal_: Linux localhost.localdomain 5.0.9-200.fc29.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon Apr 22 00:55:30 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
09:52 PM _unreal_: my main computer
09:53 PM pink_vampire: nice
09:53 PM _unreal_: according to my time stamps the update took 30min