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Mar 11 2019

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12:00 AM roycroft: hey folks
12:04 AM roycroft: are there any fairly experienced welders here at the moment?
12:04 AM Wolf__: I know little about hot glue work
12:04 AM roycroft: i need to do some stick welding, and i haven't stick welded in probably 25 years
12:04 AM Wolf__: what ya need to know
12:04 AM roycroft: i just need to know what type of rod to use and what current to use for welding 3/8" mild steel
12:04 AM Wolf__: current for 3/8”, all of it
12:04 AM roycroft: my mig welder isn't up to welding steel that thick
12:04 AM roycroft: yes, it will all be 3/8" thick
12:04 AM roycroft: and i'll bevel it of course
12:04 AM Wolf__: what size mig? I do 1/2” with mine
12:04 AM roycroft: it's a little 110v lincoln electric
12:04 AM roycroft: i really don't think it's up to the task
12:04 AM Wolf__: yeah, that wont do lol
12:04 AM roycroft: even if i were willing to do multiple passes, the steel will just be a big heat sink
12:04 AM roycroft: but i have a 250a tig welder that can do stick welding
12:04 AM Wolf__: my mig runs 0.045” wire at 200A, so 3/8” isnt a issue
12:05 AM Wolf__: haha yeah
12:06 AM roycroft: so do you know what kind of rod i should use, and what amperage?
12:06 AM Wolf__: 7018 is the go to for structural welds
12:07 AM Wolf__: google says 1/8” 150ish, or 5/32 150-200A
12:08 AM Wolf__: I wish I could remember the rod types from when I did my training, I remember one of them going down real nice w/ speed like mig and the flux just peeled off
12:11 AM Wolf__: … I know which rods to grab off my shelf when I need to do stick work but I cant for the life of me remember which numbers are which lol
12:11 AM roycroft: i keep looking for this online and i keep getting links to smaw pages
12:12 AM Wolf__: stick is SMAW
12:13 AM roycroft: er, gmaw
12:13 AM roycroft: sorry, it's late and my brain is pretty fried
12:13 AM roycroft: which may be affecting my google fu
12:15 AM Wolf__: also depends on how much you need weldment to do
12:16 AM roycroft: i'm making a belt grinder
12:16 AM Wolf__: say like holding together a belt grinder vs holding a 36k-lbs truck together =D
12:16 AM roycroft: i won't need to be supporting a lot of weight
12:16 AM roycroft: but i need the weldments to be very strong so that the thing doesn't vibrate/chatter
12:17 AM roycroft: which is why i'm using such thick steel
12:17 AM Wolf__: 1/8 7018 then I thinks
12:17 AM roycroft: i could build the thing with 0.120 steel and it would work ok
12:17 AM roycroft: but it would probably chatter a lot
12:18 AM tiwake: Wolf__: if I design and build an engine, should I press in cylinder sleeves coated with something like aluminum titanium nitride?
12:18 AM roycroft: i probably have some 1/8" 7018
12:18 AM roycroft: but it's a couple decades old
12:18 AM roycroft: even if i baked it for a while it would probably not work well, if at all
12:19 AM Wolf__: Too much moisture in an E7018 electrode could lead to hydrogen cracking. Any open container should be stored at 225 to 300 degrees F. If needed, low-hydrogen electrodes can be reconditioned by baking in a rod oven for one hour at 700 degrees F. Always store low-hydrogen electrodes separately, and do not store them in the same rod oven with other electrodes.
12:19 AM Wolf__: thats if its H4R
12:19 AM roycroft: or just buy some new sticks
12:19 AM Wolf__: err doh, H4r is low hydrogen
12:20 AM Wolf__: throw some in the oven for several hours, then do some test welds
12:22 AM roycroft: i can buy 5lbs of 1/8" 7018 for <$15
12:22 AM Wolf__: or do that =)
12:25 AM roycroft: hmm, i just found a site that suggests 3/16" rod @ 150a for 3/8" steel
12:30 AM Wolf__: just need to watch the weld shrinkage
12:30 AM roycroft: maybe i'll get 1lb of 1/8" and 1lb of 3/16" and play with the welder a bit
12:30 AM roycroft: yeah, that can be a problem
12:30 AM Wolf__: or tack the hell out of it w/ the tig then burn it all in w/ stick
12:30 AM roycroft: a lot of tacks and filling in little bits, moving around a lot, does a pretty good job
12:33 AM Wolf__: I’ve gotten so lazy because of my mig welder
12:41 AM roycroft: mig welding is pretty darn easy
12:41 AM roycroft: almost idiot-proof
12:42 AM Wolf__: yep, hot glue gun
12:43 AM Wolf__: seems idiot proof, but I see often that people fail to set the machine up right, almost aways cold welds w/ almost no penetration
12:43 AM XXCoder: when something is idiot proof, they invent better idiots
12:44 AM roycroft: the only stick welding i've ever done was with an old buzz box that i used to own
12:44 AM Wolf__: but they look great on the outside lol
12:44 AM roycroft: it should be interesting to do dc stick welding
12:44 AM XXCoder: thats easy all you need is sticks, car battery and jump start cables lol
12:44 AM roycroft: i have a tig welder that can do ac or dc stick welding
12:44 AM roycroft: up to 250a
12:45 AM XXCoder: honestly dunno might melt jumper cables
12:45 AM Wolf__: I’m actually qualified for tig 3g aerospace grade on mild steel
12:46 AM roycroft: i've been using my welding/fabrication shop for finishing over the winter
12:46 AM roycroft: i need to go out and clean it out and get it ready for fabrication again
12:46 AM roycroft: but i should be able to do that in an evening
12:46 AM roycroft: then i can start cutting and grinding and welding
12:47 AM Wolf__: I need my new shop like yesterday lol
12:47 AM Wolf__: need room for activities
12:48 AM Wolf__: belt grinder is on my things to build list
12:48 AM roycroft: yes, i spend more time switching the shops around for different tasks than actualy making stuff, it seems
12:48 AM Wolf__: and the frame jig as seen on the project binky vids
12:48 AM roycroft: the new motor for my belt grinder project arrives on tuesday
12:49 AM roycroft: the temperature hit double digits today for the first time in at least a month
12:49 AM roycroft: i'm ready to get fabricating
12:49 AM roycroft: i've been putting off the belt grinder project for well over a year
12:49 AM roycroft: but of all the shop projects i have to do, i am convinced that the belt grinder will be the biggest win
12:49 AM roycroft: because i'll use it for almost all the other projects
12:50 AM Wolf__: yeah nice thing to have
12:50 AM Wolf__: 4x 72?
12:50 AM Wolf__: or 70 whatever
12:52 AM roycroft: right now i have a wimpy little belsaw 1" belt grinder
12:52 AM roycroft: i'm making a 2x72, based on jeremy schmidt's
12:52 AM Wolf__: yeah, I’m thinking about doing the same, semi modded tho
12:53 AM roycroft: i'm going to be doing a few mods
12:53 AM roycroft: mostly adding shrouds/guards
12:53 AM Wolf__: probably some square dom tube vs welding stuff all from flats
12:54 AM roycroft: square dom tubing is not very easy to find
12:54 AM roycroft: espcially 3/8" thick
12:55 AM roycroft: but that would save a lot of time, and make the grinder a lot better looking
12:55 AM roycroft: at least given the quality of my welding :)
12:55 AM Wolf__: thinking 1/4” wall and plate it if needed
12:55 AM roycroft: that would certainly work
12:56 AM Wolf__: but also have mill so I can drill tap on the corner radius for clamping in the tube
12:56 AM roycroft: this is one of those machines where a lot of mass is a good thing
12:56 AM roycroft: as i said earlier, 0.120" tubing would be plenty strong
12:56 AM roycroft: heck, probably 0.046" tuging would be strong enough for a belt grinder
12:56 AM roycroft: tubing
12:56 AM Wolf__: yeah lol
12:57 AM roycroft: but there would be so much vibration that it would not be fun to use
12:57 AM Wolf__: 1/4” is overkill
12:57 AM Wolf__: but mass and flex
12:57 AM roycroft: one thing i found odd is that jeremy went all out on the grinder parts
12:57 AM roycroft: but he did not get a glass platen
12:57 AM roycroft: he says that he'll probably do so "some day"
12:57 AM Wolf__: weld it to 1/2” base plate would be fine I bet
12:58 AM roycroft: i plan on having a glass platen on day one
12:58 AM roycroft: jeremy is odd like that
12:58 AM Wolf__: yeah, I watched all his vids
12:58 AM roycroft: he pays top dollar and severly overbuilds some things
12:58 AM roycroft: and he cheaps out and cuts important corners on other things
12:59 AM Wolf__: it is a nice design, but not the way I would have built it, but he also doesnt (or didn’t) have a mill
12:59 AM roycroft: i have a mill
12:59 AM roycroft: but it's a little mill-drill
01:00 AM roycroft: it's not good for milling anything large or taking any heavy cuts in steel
01:00 AM Wolf__: I also understand the over build part b/c of his farming background lol
01:00 AM roycroft: what i really like and what sold me on the design, is the tilting drive train with the stationary workholder
01:00 AM roycroft: that's the most unique feature of his design
01:00 AM Wolf__: seems every farmer I know, if something breaks, add 3/8 plate to it....
01:00 AM roycroft: and it's a brilliant feature
01:01 AM Wolf__: yeah, that I like as well
01:01 AM Wolf__: from a metal fabricator standpoint its brilliant for shop use
01:03 AM roycroft: i kind of like his incremental saw fence too
01:03 AM roycroft: i don't like most of his shop fixtures though
01:03 AM Wolf__: haha yeah, I made the mistake of watching that one as well
01:03 AM roycroft: i think he has a good functional sense but not much of an aesthetic sense
01:04 AM Wolf__: lol
01:04 AM roycroft: i.e. he'd make a good engineer but not a good architect
01:05 AM Wolf__: way he goes about building some things did make me go “what?”
01:09 AM Wolf__: then again, I’m not great at functional design, but I do ok at seeing mechanical relationships of parts
01:11 AM roycroft: i'm not thrilled with the tensioner/tracking set up on jeremy's grinder, but i haven't figured out how i would make a better one yet
01:12 AM roycroft: i don't have much time to sort that out, as i plan on starting the build very soon
01:12 AM Wolf__: yeah, I might check out how the ones at the sword shop I’m friends with work before I do my design
01:14 AM Wolf__: https://youtu.be/X1EpyUb-srs?t=823
01:15 AM Wolf__: they have a room full of belt grinders =D
01:21 AM roycroft: one thing about jeremy that irritates the hell out of me is that he likes to use long bolts so that he has unthreaded shoulders for a lot of his components
01:21 AM roycroft: which is fine
01:22 AM roycroft: but he never EVER cuts the bolts off where they protrude from the nut
01:22 AM Wolf__: lmao yeah
01:22 AM roycroft: i spent years working in telco central offices
01:23 AM roycroft: when installing equipment racks/ladder rack, etc. we had to cut bolts off flush with the nut or no more than 1/2 thread above the nut
01:23 AM roycroft: yeah, it's a lot of extra work
01:23 AM roycroft: install bolt, mark it, remove it, cut it, grind it smooth, reinstall it
01:23 AM roycroft: but it looks better and is a lot safer both to the cable plant and to personnel if it's cut flush with the nut
01:24 AM Wolf__: if I was going to use a bolt as a hinge pin, I would just order proper shoulder bolts
01:24 AM roycroft: jeremy has also apparently never heard of socket head machine bolts
01:24 AM roycroft: yes, i think he's never heard of shoulder bolts either
01:24 AM roycroft: which are better than those grade 8 things he uses
01:24 AM roycroft: the shoulders are precision ground and hardened
01:25 AM Wolf__: then again, its common for us to have to order bolts/nuts for the trucks, I have a $300 box of nuts and bolts from mcmaster sitting next to the door right now lol
01:25 AM roycroft: the not cutting the bolts off is part of the aesthetic thing i was talking about
01:25 AM roycroft: i'm incapable of not making them nice and tidy
01:25 AM Wolf__: well, ordering shoulder bolts, they would be the right size lol
01:27 AM roycroft: i can probably get most if not all the shoulder bolts i'd need for that project locally
01:27 AM roycroft: if not, mcmaster are only 3 days away
01:27 AM Wolf__: yeah, fastenal?
01:28 AM Wolf__: our local fastenal sucks, I get stuff quicker and cheaper via mcmaster
01:29 AM roycroft: eugene fastener
01:29 AM roycroft: the local fastenal don't have much that big box stores don't have it seems
01:30 AM roycroft: they're not far from where i live, but i've only bought stuff from them a handful of times
01:30 AM roycroft: i don't even think about fastenal when i need to buy hardware
01:31 AM Wolf__: I haven’t bothered to look whats around this area, usually its a “screw this I’ll order it” vs running around all day hunting for stuff
01:31 AM roycroft: i go to eugene fastener
01:31 AM roycroft: if they don't have what i need i order from mcmaster
01:32 AM roycroft: if i have time to wait i'll order from eugene fastener - they can get almost anything, but special orders usually take a couple weeks
02:25 AM miss0r: mornin
02:26 AM XXCoder: yo
02:52 AM Wolf__: well this was fun, glad I’m printing that one part and not milling it tho https://i.imgur.com/1Hc1eOH.png?1
03:02 AM Deejay: moin
04:48 AM Loetmichel: hmm... $me just "repaired" the Jansjoe LED desk light with a spare 5v1 2A psu, 3 10ohms 1/4W resistors and a fitting plug to the lamp. measuring 0,55A. close enough to the spec 0,6A. But: MAN do the resistors get hot... *touch* *FSSSS* "Ouchie!"... lets see if there arent a few more fitting resistors to make a 3,3Ohms 1,5W one in the junkbox ;)
04:49 AM jthornton: mornig
05:18 AM Tom_L: morning
05:20 AM syy__: got it back together :D
05:20 AM syy__: http://gtwr.de/div/emcosuper11_018.jpg
05:20 AM syy__: almost
05:21 AM Tom_L: how old is that?
05:21 AM syy__: 1983
05:21 AM Tom_L: looks pretty clean now
05:21 AM XXCoder: good morning
05:21 AM XXCoder: nice
05:21 AM syy__: yeah, it cleaned up great
05:21 AM syy__: and
05:21 AM syy__: its new under all the dirt :D
05:21 AM XXCoder: lol
05:22 AM syy__: its in ridiculous good shape
05:22 AM Tom_L: is that 4" chuck?
05:22 AM syy__: uhm
05:23 AM syy__: 140mm
05:23 AM syy__: its a bit of a weird size
05:23 AM syy__: 5,51"
05:23 AM XXCoder: exactly irregular number size? ;)
05:23 AM XXCoder: *irrational
05:23 AM syy__: but i put my 125mm 6jaw on it anyway
05:24 AM syy__: way supperior chuck
05:24 AM Tom_L: where were those made back then?
05:24 AM Tom_L: japan?
05:24 AM syy__: austria
05:24 AM Tom_L: huh
05:24 AM syy__: yeah :D
05:24 AM syy__: all done in austria, not australia
05:50 AM gregcnc: Still made in austria
05:53 AM syy__: i think so
05:53 AM syy__: at least the cnc machines
06:04 AM gregcnc: what are super 11 worth there?
06:05 AM gregcnc: there was one locally not long ago, in pieces, and they were asking 5kUSD. It had some accessories
06:13 AM miss0r: finally got some inserts that can do proper chip break on this 42crmo4
06:13 AM miss0r: but my lathe is struggeling with it :D
06:14 AM gregcnc: what did you end up with?
06:14 AM miss0r: some WNMG 060408EN-NMT1
06:14 AM miss0r: I also bought a new cutoff tool while I was at it
06:18 AM miss0r: if I could only figure out the trick to installing the inserts in this cutoff tool
06:19 AM gregcnc: which one?
06:19 AM miss0r: uploading picture
06:19 AM miss0r: https://imgur.com/a/xE2bPqB
06:20 AM miss0r: Am I just supposed to force it in there? it seems a bit tight :D
06:22 AM gregcnc: no pic?
06:22 AM miss0r: :S
06:22 AM miss0r: ctrl+F5
06:22 AM miss0r: perhaps it wasn't complete when you accessed it
06:22 AM gregcnc: there it is. Did you get a tool for it?
06:23 AM miss0r: I did not
06:23 AM gregcnc: the whole below the seat is for a tool, and the cam shape relief above int eh insert
06:24 AM miss0r: I'll call the salesman and tell him he better send me the tool in a hurry ;)
06:24 AM gregcnc: bigger question would be how to get it out without a tool
06:24 AM miss0r: more violence, eh? :D
06:24 AM miss0r: well - best no break it until I get the tool :D
06:25 AM jthornton: interesting parting tool
06:26 AM gregcnc: iscar makes similar
06:26 AM miss0r: I'm just about to test it out
06:27 AM jthornton: I'm good at breaking them
06:27 AM miss0r: this is what it looks like in the holder: https://imgur.com/a/h9oNTef
06:28 AM jthornton: ok your normal blade type holder
06:28 AM miss0r: yup
06:29 AM jthornton: the ones I broke had a much shorter insert, I can see the longer insert being much better
06:29 AM weenerdog: good mawnin gents and gentettes
06:29 AM gregcnc: does most of the world do daylight savings?
06:30 AM gregcnc: i'm going to be hosed tmr, woke up 3 hrs early today
06:30 AM weenerdog: i was sleepy and went to bed earlyish saturday night, got up 6am DST. did it smooth as silk this time :)
06:31 AM jthornton: well Arizona, Hawaii and the territories don't do daylight mess you up time lol
06:31 AM weenerdog: i think indiana either
06:32 AM miss0r: damn. this thing cuts like a knife through hot butter
06:32 AM miss0r: it only took me ~20 seconds to part off 38mm 42crmo4 with a 6mm bore
06:32 AM jthornton: according to wikipedia Most areas of the United States observe daylight saving time (DST), the exceptions being Arizona (except for the Navajo, who do observe daylight saving time on tribal lands), Hawaii, and the overseas territories of American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands.
06:32 AM gregcnc: I think most modern grooving/cutoff work pretty dang well
06:32 AM weenerdog: took your advice and moved my doings to solidwoix, jt.
06:33 AM miss0r: the one I was using before, not so much ;D
06:34 AM miss0r: I need to make an ajustment to the tool holder here though
06:35 AM miss0r: I need to remove 1mm of material off the bottom - it bottoms out on my toolpost, and I am ~1mm short of getting to center line
06:35 AM miss0r: which could reak havok :D
06:36 AM weenerdog: cool thing about solidworks is you get more money's worth out of your computer because you can make it work all night. lol. i was modeling a 1605 lead screw and changed the length from 1300 to 1500 mm and it chooched the whole time i slept last night. finished now :)
06:36 AM miss0r: hehe nice
06:37 AM gregcnc: what took that long to process?
06:37 AM x2s: Hi. Have you ever tried double-faced adhesive tape to hold your parts in place? What's your experience with it?
06:38 AM miss0r: x2s: I've used it alot for PCBs and engraving
06:39 AM gregcnc: x2s all depends on surface area, cutting loads, heat, coolant
06:39 AM jthornton: also note there are a wide range of holding power on double sided tape
06:39 AM weenerdog: gregcnc, 1500mm lead screw
06:39 AM miss0r: I like super glue for doing aluminium in one setup :]
06:39 AM weenerdog: cut with a profile
06:40 AM gregcnc: shouldn't take but a few seconds
06:40 AM weenerdog: well it chooched all night
06:40 AM gregcnc: swept cut or?
06:41 AM x2s: miss0r: gregcnc: thanks :)
06:41 AM weenerdog: well swept
06:41 AM gregcnc: that's like 1970's speed
06:41 AM gregcnc: solid sweep?
06:41 AM weenerdog: ja
06:41 AM gregcnc: thsoe suck
06:41 AM x2s: I'll try to get some medium strength tape then. It's for sticking MDF to MDF.
06:42 AM miss0r: x2s: Carefull with that
06:42 AM weenerdog: its one pretty, anatomically correct ball screw :)
06:42 AM weenerdog: swept along a helix 1500 mm long
06:42 AM miss0r: x2s: While MDF has a high compression strength, it is not very strong in tension. very easy to rip the surface off with double sided tape
06:42 AM gregcnc: not worth the time, fake it
06:43 AM weenerdog: i just did it for the hell of it, greg. still getting the hang of sw.
06:43 AM weenerdog: figured it would be a good exercise
06:43 AM gregcnc: sure, I learned not to use solid sweep a long time ago. it doesn't even generate proper goemetry most of the time
06:44 AM gregcnc: about he only time I try it is when I want to see what an odd end mill toolpath would look like
06:45 AM weenerdog: i'll model the nut tonight and see if it squooks when i mate 'em together :)
06:45 AM x2s: miss0r: hm. Then I'll better go for the lowest one possible and maximize the surface area
06:45 AM gregcnc: brave to try to mate with those faces
06:45 AM x2s: Thanks for the hint :)
06:45 AM miss0r: yeah, that is the way to go. No problem
06:46 AM weenerdog: transitioning from 25 years of autocad to sw was kind of a white rabbit chase but worth it. now i can get back to designing my build.
06:46 AM weenerdog: all cool projects need at least one big fat white rabbit or you didn't learn anything :)
06:47 AM miss0r: hehe
06:47 AM miss0r: if that ain't the truth, I don't know what is :)
06:48 AM miss0r: I'm having a realy slack day :] doing nothing
06:48 AM miss0r: I just tested out a few of my new tools. Perhaps I'll sweep the floor or something. Feeling lazy
06:48 AM weenerdog: slack days are good for the soul once in a while
06:49 AM weenerdog: spring is almost here and i've gotta hit it hard. i farm for a living and mostly hibernate in the winter :)
06:49 AM miss0r: Indeed, then you have a sizeable hudle in front of you.
06:50 AM miss0r: I just finished an impossible project last week. I'm pretty burned out
06:50 AM miss0r: last week was 82 work hours long
06:50 AM weenerdog: you should play outside some
06:51 AM miss0r: I 'could', but it is still below zero outthere
06:51 AM weenerdog: ah
06:51 AM miss0r: we just had a few nice weeks, but now it turned cold again
06:51 AM gregcnc: 0°C, wimp
06:52 AM miss0r: gregcnc: hehe, its just; there no reason to go out
06:52 AM miss0r: if I had some work to do, I could not put off, I would :)
06:52 AM weenerdog: march is crazy here in the mountains. snowed 4" friday. 63f(17c) and sunny yesterday
06:52 AM gregcnc: lol
06:53 AM miss0r: gregcnc: You are forgetting this is Denmark. 0c is basically shorts'n t-shirt weather :P
06:54 AM Loetmichel: miss0r: it isnt? i do shovel snow in jeans and tshirt... isnt that a norm?
06:54 AM miss0r: my client was very satisfied with the result of his camera trolleys. So he agreed(owning a photo studio) to take some professional product pictures, and send them to me :)
06:55 AM weenerdog: gnice
06:55 AM miss0r: Loetmichel: Theres the 'norm' and theres 'you' :)
06:55 AM Loetmichel: hihi
06:56 AM sensille: barefooted, i take it?
06:57 AM miss0r: sensille: oh no. he even leaves his feet off
06:57 AM sensille: yeah, why bother with that
06:59 AM Loetmichel: sensille: nope, but in espandrilles sometimes :-)
06:59 AM sensille: but why a shovel?
06:59 AM miss0r: I always assumed he'd lay down naked on one spot at a time, melting the snow away
06:59 AM Loetmichel: to get the driveway clear?
07:00 AM weenerdog: i dont shovel snow. my truck has this button on the dash that says "4x4" :)
07:01 AM weenerdog: i shovel the porch
07:01 AM miss0r: weenerdog: My car has a manual lever that does the same :D
07:01 AM sensille: what, shovel the porch?
07:02 AM gregcnc: probably porsche
07:02 AM miss0r: gregcnc: Do I look like I own a porsche? :D
07:02 AM miss0r: I wish - I had kids instead
07:03 AM weenerdog: i doubt if a porsche would make it up the road i live on
07:03 AM miss0r: I'm sure it'd get there - I just don't know how it would look after completing the trip
07:03 AM gregcnc: the other day there was a typo with porch porsche, don't know who was around
07:04 AM Loetmichel: weenerdog: my car has no problems with a little snow
07:04 AM Loetmichel: my wife on her crutches on the way to the garage HAS though.
07:04 AM weenerdog: i almost bought a 930 turbo project car a few years ago but didn't
07:05 AM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=10138&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
07:05 AM weenerdog: would have been a fun ride but i was too busy and it needed a bunch of work
07:05 AM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=10135&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
07:06 AM weenerdog: why thats just a good dusting ;)
07:06 AM miss0r: I dearly remember a snowstorm of november 2015. Me and my at the time VERY pregnant wife driving home at night through that weather. In a regular sedan with no fourwheel drive. more than once stretch was like "if I let go of the accelerator now, we are stuck" :)
07:06 AM miss0r: we had 60cm of snow that night
07:10 AM Loetmichel: exposed aggregate concrete and crutches and snow dont mix well
07:14 AM Loetmichel: miss0r: i always think its funny that all the germans in my city drive like its armageddon once the first few flakes of snow are on the ground
07:14 AM Loetmichel: i drive that Opel Omega in the pictures. rear wheel drive, front engine: no weight on the back... and i STILL have no problems whatsoever in the winter
07:14 AM Loetmichel: on the contrary, its funny do drift around corners :-)
07:36 AM jthornton: after watching a video to replace the transfer case shift motor on my truck I think I'll let my mechanic do it lol
07:45 AM weenerdog: jthornton, what kind of truck?
07:46 AM jthornton: 2002 chevy z71
07:46 AM weenerdog: did you check the vacuum actuator?
07:47 AM jthornton: no, where is that?
07:47 AM Loetmichel: jthornton: lately i discover that lots of jobs on the car i would have done with joy a few years ago are now of the "let the mechanic do it, he gets paid for that" category ,)
07:47 AM weenerdog: its under the battery on my truck. hang on i'll look it up. 1 sec.
07:48 AM weenerdog: like... the truck just doesn't go into four wheel drive? thats the symptom?
07:48 AM jthornton: yea the tendons in my middle finger on my right hand have been acting up
07:48 AM jthornton: yea it blinks 4 wheel but never shifts
07:49 AM Loetmichel: no, i am just to lazy to get dirty nowadays.
07:49 AM Loetmichel: :-)
07:49 AM jthornton: I don't mind getting dirty and working hard
07:49 AM weenerdog: it is way more likely its the vacuum actuator. lemme see where it is on your truck.
07:49 AM weenerdog: its easy to check too. and replace.
07:49 AM jthornton: thanks
07:54 AM x2s: .oO( double-faced adhesive tape is much more expensive than I've thought )
07:55 AM jthornton: this is actually the same as my truck so if it is the actuator that's not too bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ5ZfLGNcT4
07:55 AM jthornton: weenerdog: be back in a bit
07:57 AM weenerdog: jthornton, i think its under your battery. this is the part you're looking for http://i.fixya.net/uploads/images/sscullys_185.jpg
07:57 AM jthornton: ok thanks
07:58 AM weenerdog: check the vacuum lines going to it and check the diaphram. if its working, when you hit the 4x4 button, it will pull the cable about an inch. it activates a slip collar in the differential. thats what engages the go.
07:59 AM weenerdog: and spend the money for an ac delco. it'll be $50. the cheap ones dont last at all.
07:59 AM jthornton: ok I might have a hole in a hose from a wood rat
07:59 AM weenerdog: that would do it
07:59 AM weenerdog: or the diaphram on the actuator has a hole in it. salt kills them.
07:59 AM weenerdog: might save you some $
08:01 AM Loetmichel: whats a wood rat?
08:02 AM weenerdog: woodus rattus - a rodent that feeds on important things under the hoods of cars
08:03 AM weenerdog: jt : do the controls for changing the heat/air inside the truck work well? does it go from defrost to dash to floor quickly or really slowly?
08:03 AM weenerdog: (its the same vacuum system.)
08:18 AM weenerdog: jt : they also make an aftermarket deal where you mount a "T" handle under the dash and just pull it, bypassing the vacuum stuff. its bombproof, and you get the added benefit of low range without the front differential engaged (kinda handy if you're trying to put a trailer somewhere tight)...
08:20 AM weenerdog: i know all this because the vacuum switch (its on the xfer case) went out on mine, and it slurped transmission fluid up into the vacuum system and wrecked it all lol. had to completely redo it.
08:31 AM jthornton: ouch
08:32 AM PL7icnc: someone Here in this Channel also in the Forum ?
08:33 AM PL7icnc: or even a Moderator Here
08:39 AM JT-Shop: what do you need?
08:40 AM weenerdog: patience apparently
08:41 AM JT-Shop: lol
08:42 AM Loetmichel: hihi
08:55 AM JT-Shop: weenerdog: I don't see any vacuum hoses under the hood except the brake booster hose and under the battery is the wiper fluid bottle
08:56 AM weenerdog: facing the firewall, you should see a "T" connector on the right side. against the firewall
08:57 AM JT-Shop: near the brake booster?
08:58 AM beachbumpete1: Morning LinuxCNC :)
08:59 AM weenerdog: jt i was wrong about the location.
08:59 AM weenerdog: https://ww2-secure.justanswer.com/uploads/dt69nova/2011-04-23_220730_pic.gif
09:01 AM weenerdog: different on my s10. i assumed it would be similar.
09:02 AM weenerdog: but the system is the same. just routed differently.
09:03 AM JT-Shop: mine is a 1500 so totally different than the s10/15 I assume
09:04 AM weenerdog: ya. i got a 97 z71 project truck up at the building. great shape, perfect body, no 3rd and 4th, and the engine leaks some oil. got it for $500.
09:05 AM JT-Shop: I think in 98 they changed the truck up a bit
09:05 AM JT-Shop: nice
09:06 AM weenerdog: looks new. i'll rebuild the engine this summer and put a junkyard transmission in it (same transmission number as s10, so theres zillions of them cheap)... will be a nice truck when i'm done, and i'll have next to nothing in it
09:06 AM weenerdog: i've had my 99 s10 blazer for 16 years :)
09:06 AM JT-Shop: cool
09:07 AM JT-Shop: when I tow the splitter out of the big shop I'll put the truck in and take a look at the actuator, they are easy to test
09:07 AM weenerdog: anyhow, its highly likely your problem is vacuum, and it'll be an easy cheap fix.
09:07 AM JT-Shop: well there went the last 7i76 in the states
09:08 AM JT-Shop: if it is I can't find it lol
09:08 AM weenerdog: my splitter hooks on the back of the tractor and runs off its hydraulics
09:08 AM weenerdog: i'd like to have one of the gas ones that tilt up. handy for big big stuff.
09:16 AM JT-Shop: I built this one from scrap mostly http://gnipsel.com/images/splitter/
09:16 AM JT-Shop: got a Dodge K car rear axle and narrowed it down lol
09:17 AM JT-Shop: ah well off to town for me
09:18 AM weenerdog: thats slick
09:29 AM JT-Shop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYVxoMx5VC4
09:30 AM JT-Shop: not finished in that video
09:30 AM pink_vampire: JT-Shop: - wayyy too slowwwwww
09:32 AM pink_vampire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMsObwqD788
09:40 AM weenerdog: lol
09:40 AM weenerdog: what could go wrong?
09:41 AM weenerdog: that guy IRCs with his elbows now, by the way
09:41 AM weenerdog: how many ton, jt?
10:02 AM beachbumpete1: That's seriously insane
10:40 AM pink_vampire: any taps for tapping m2 holes in inconel 718?
10:41 AM Jymmm: pink_vampire: what are you making using inconel?
10:42 AM pink_vampire: trying to push the limits of the cnc
10:42 AM Jymmm: where does the inconel come into play?
10:43 AM flyback: https://imgur.com/a/HPKLKtw
10:43 AM flyback: just sad
10:43 AM pink_vampire: LOL
10:44 AM pink_vampire: how he got smoke??
10:44 AM Jymmm: pink_vampire: let out the magic smoke
10:53 AM SpeedEvil: pink_vampire: Step 1. Find time machine to undo broken taps.
10:53 AM pink_vampire: SpeedEvil: LOLLLLLLL
10:54 AM SpeedEvil: pink_vampire: (no actual experience alas, good luck. I would expect a nice sharp tap to be a prerequisite which you already knew
10:56 AM SpeedEvil: many holes?
10:56 AM pink_vampire: 1 m2 blind hole
10:57 AM pink_vampire: 8mm deep
10:57 AM SpeedEvil: There are obvious hacks if you can drill a ~4mm or whatever nice hole init.
10:57 AM SpeedEvil: then press in a easy to tap steel.
10:58 AM SpeedEvil: or 8mm pocket
10:58 AM pink_vampire: mmm
10:58 AM pink_vampire: brb
12:08 PM fragalot: 'sup
12:11 PM methods_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=KndmtryfiTk
12:11 PM methods_: heheh table saw wheels
12:11 PM methods_: what could go wrong
12:13 PM fragalot: grippy
12:13 PM fragalot: unless if you need to brake :D
12:18 PM methods_: yeah
12:18 PM methods_: one way grippy
12:25 PM roycroft: so, ceramic grinding belts vs. zirconia
12:25 PM roycroft: ceramic cost 35-50% more
12:26 PM roycroft: do they last 35-50% longer grinding mild steel?
12:26 PM fragalot: longer than that in my experience using tool steels. not sure if that applies to mild steel
12:26 PM roycroft: so for hss and the like they're definitely a better value
12:27 PM roycroft: i'll be doing some experimenting to figure out what works best
12:27 PM roycroft: i'm afraid that this belt grinder i'm building will cost me about $1500 or more to make
12:27 PM roycroft: but i'll probably have twice that much invested in belts before long
12:27 PM fragalot: saving money on grinding belts is a false economy
12:28 PM roycroft: sort of
12:28 PM roycroft: i need to determine what grits i'll use for various tasks
12:28 PM roycroft: and that will involve a fair amount of purchasing belts that i probably won't stock long-term
12:29 PM roycroft: although i don't know if buying, say, a 24 grit aluminium oxide belt is going to tell me if i'll find a 24 grit zirconia or ceramic belt useful for the same task
12:29 PM SpeedEvil: same belt velocity and loading per unit width pretty much sets the performance.
12:30 PM SpeedEvil: So you can try with a much smaller belt.
12:30 PM Wolf__: suggestion no to keep belts stored for long term, been told that glue joints can break down and throwing 72” of belt itsnt fun
12:30 PM fragalot: Wolf__: orly?
12:30 PM roycroft: i'll not be purchasing multiples of the same belt initially
12:30 PM roycroft: not until i sort out what works for me
12:31 PM Wolf__: yeah, was told this by sword and knife maker
12:31 PM roycroft: and as far as a much smaller belt
12:31 PM roycroft: i'm building a 2x72 grinder
12:31 PM roycroft: the only reasonably smaller belt i can get is 1x72
12:31 PM roycroft: and that won't be much of a savings
12:32 PM fragalot: if any given that that seems like an odd size
12:32 PM roycroft: initially i'll just have a platen, no contact wheels
12:32 PM fragalot: I agree with your strategy of just trying them all out though :D
12:32 PM roycroft: and i don't think i want to run a 1" wide belt on a 2" wide platen
12:32 PM fragalot: good luck keeping track of lifetime on them :-)
12:32 PM roycroft: and i'm not going to make a 1" wide laten
12:32 PM roycroft: platen
12:33 PM roycroft: i know some folks buy wide belts and split them to the size they need for the task at hand
12:33 PM SpeedEvil: I mean a 1x20 or so at the same FPM will have the same effect. and at least give you a very good idea.
12:33 PM fragalot: SpeedEvil: not if it doesn't fit onto your grinder
12:33 PM roycroft: but then i would need to build a 1x20 grinder
12:33 PM SpeedEvil: (of grits required)
12:33 PM SpeedEvil: well, yes.
12:33 PM fragalot: :P
12:33 PM SpeedEvil: Which is minutes.
12:34 PM fragalot: do you charge by the hour?
12:34 PM SpeedEvil: I mean for a hacky one just to evaluate belts.
12:34 PM fragalot: if so, I might be interested in hiring you, pre-paid of course
12:34 PM roycroft: but performance notwithstanding
12:35 PM roycroft: is it reasonable to expect that a particular grit size will give a consistent finish regardless of the type of grit?
12:35 PM roycroft: assuming that it's hard enough to cut the material, of course
12:35 PM fragalot: roycroft: no
12:35 PM fragalot: when it comes to belt grits, types and finishes, they don't think it be like it is, but it do
12:35 PM roycroft: i would not try grinding hardened steel with an aluminium oxide belt, for example
12:38 PM roycroft: it sounds like i'll be buying a lot of different belts and spending a lot of time experimenting with them
12:39 PM fragalot: you'll probably find out rather quickly if a belt works for you or not
12:39 PM fragalot: and lifetime-wise, don't spend too long pondering if it's worth it or not,.. it's not like we're talking 20mm helical carbide vs 20mm chinese HSS endmills here
12:40 PM roycroft: i'm looking at sets like this to start out with:
12:40 PM roycroft: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079S9PMB3/
12:40 PM roycroft: there's a fine grit set that is similar for about the same price
12:41 PM roycroft: yeah, they're pretty cheap individually
12:41 PM roycroft: it's just that i can see stocking quite a few different types
12:41 PM roycroft: and i'm not even talking about finishing yet
12:41 PM roycroft: i'll probably get some scotch-brite belts and other similar finishing belts
12:41 PM roycroft: maybe even some leather belts
12:42 PM fragalot: yeah, but you don't buy them all immediately
12:42 PM fragalot: buy a set you think will work, if you like it, buy it again, and a different one
12:42 PM fragalot: continue down the list
12:42 PM roycroft: for the little belsaw grinder that i currently have i can get two types of belts locally - "coarse" and "fine"
12:42 PM roycroft: they're both aluminium oxide
12:43 PM roycroft: i'd say "coarse" is about 80 grit
12:43 PM roycroft: and "fine" is about 150 grit
12:43 PM fragalot: alox is great for wood & handle
12:43 PM fragalot: s
12:43 PM fragalot: absolute dogshit for everything else :P
12:43 PM roycroft: yes, and i grind metals on it all the time
12:43 PM roycroft: and get frustrated all the time
12:44 PM fragalot: yea, lol
12:44 PM roycroft: you can see why i have determined that the new belt grinder is my top priority shop project
12:44 PM fragalot: i've sharpened 50mm drill bits on my 1" tiny 120W grinder
12:44 PM fragalot: with alox belts
12:44 PM roycroft: also, that belsaw grinder is 1/4hp
12:44 PM fragalot: it takes hours.
12:44 PM roycroft: moving up to 3hp will be very nice :)
12:52 PM roycroft: i have a 6x80 sander that i use primarily for woodworking, but i think i'll get some coarse zirconia belts for it to help with the 2x72 grinder build
01:02 PM gloops: getting the hang of blender https://ibb.co/RHtvVMf
01:05 PM fragalot: hey look, a single use endmill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W8O4oVGL00
01:06 PM gregcnc: you guys in the UK, do you get hit on customs for everything coming from the states?
01:06 PM fragalot: gregcnc: yes
01:07 PM fragalot: not in the UK, but since the UK is currently in the EU, the same tariffs apply
01:07 PM fragalot: for now
01:07 PM fragalot: gloops: neat
01:07 PM gloops: not bought anything from usa - but yes
01:07 PM TurBoss: in spain too
01:08 PM TurBoss: not cheap
01:08 PM fragalot: you essentially pay taxes twice, plus customs fees
01:08 PM gregcnc: a guy is buying a 10USD part and said it's cheaper to pay 15USD postage twice than to order two in the same package due to brokerage fees?
01:08 PM gloops: fragalot still practising but its one of those things you keep doing a bit and going back to, then one day it just all seems very easy
01:08 PM fragalot: gregcnc: postage is included in the customs calculations here
01:08 PM fragalot: so if postage is mentioned on the bill - no. if postage is not mentioned, then yes
01:09 PM gloops: in the new free trade era the UK and USA will have 0 tariffs or duties
01:09 PM fragalot: gloops: why on earth would either party want to do that
01:09 PM gloops: partly ideological but i think thats how it will go
01:09 PM gregcnc: hmm. it just seems crazy to me.
01:10 PM fragalot: gregcnc: basically, there is usually a value threshold
01:10 PM fragalot: I don't pay any import duties if the value is below €25
01:10 PM fragalot: if the value exceeds €25, I pay a €12 forfeit + 21% VAT & whatever administrational fees there are
01:11 PM fragalot: obviously the VAT is calculated at the end after everythin has been added together
01:11 PM gregcnc: OK, I'll just do as he asked, he must know
01:11 PM gloops: the EU set tariffs and so on with the USA
01:11 PM gloops: (on our behalf)
01:11 PM fragalot: you were one of the biggest players in that negotiation gloops
01:12 PM gloops: we only have 1 vote fragalot
01:13 PM gloops: i dont think there is much need for tariffs between nations who produce similar things at similar prices
01:14 PM fragalot: gloops: if one member state says no, the trade agreement must be ratified by all EU member states, or it is only applicable provisionally
01:14 PM gloops: we arent going to undercut them and vice versa, so long as a reasonable trade balance is kept 0 tariffs will work
01:15 PM gloops: fragalot when the EU wanted to tariff chinese steel more heavily Cameron said he'd veto it, its the current conservative ideology here, free trade, libertarian
01:16 PM fragalot: gloops: he's a politician. you say one thing that wins you votes & then do something else anyway
01:16 PM fragalot: where-as i've just quoted the european trade negotiation handbook
01:17 PM gloops: well, theyve never lifted a finger to save UK heavy industry, they gave the new nuclear reactor job to china, lots of public contracts
01:17 PM gloops: (the current tories)
01:17 PM gregcnc: sorry
01:17 PM fragalot: that'd be what your government decided to do on their own
01:17 PM gloops: yes
01:18 PM fragalot: not sure how leaving or staying in the EU makes a difference there
01:18 PM gloops: well, the old right is back in numbers, bit more patriotic
01:19 PM fragalot: that may be part of the problem
01:19 PM fragalot: the markets have changed, a lot.
01:19 PM gloops: MUKGA
01:19 PM fragalot: ?
01:20 PM gloops: make UK great again
01:20 PM fragalot: :D
01:38 PM _abc_: Hi. What's a normally sustainable pulse rate on a parallel port under linuxcnc current? Is 64kHz realistic?
01:48 PM gloops: id say so, depending on everything else
01:56 PM _abc_: Does anyone actually make cnc threaded leadscrews with 3.2mm pitch?! Instead of 3.175?
01:57 PM _abc_: I found a machine from china whose controller is set to 3.2mm pitch leadscrew. I suspect this is wrong and I need to check if the tables shows the expected ~1% error...
01:58 PM Rab: 0.125984 is a legitimate US fraction, I'm sure it's correct.
01:58 PM _abc_: https://www.haydonkerkpittman.com/products/lead-screws-and-nuts/lead-screws-by-size/1-8-32mm wow lost in translation. IS that 3.2 or is it 3.175 now.
01:59 PM fragalot: _abc_: don't worry they'll average them out by wearing out their machines that make them
01:59 PM _abc_: That is a good point fragalot
02:00 PM fragalot: in any case, it doesn't make much difference for linuxcnc
02:00 PM _abc_: It makes a difference if one measures the created parts with a Chinese caliper which reads 0.8% long or not.
02:01 PM _abc_: See my page peter5.50webs.com/ chinese measuring tape accuracy
02:02 PM fragalot: as long as everything you own has the same error it's fine
02:02 PM fragalot: :D
02:02 PM _abc_: yep
02:03 PM _abc_: It's sad though. Everything is broken, if everything is broken the same way everything seems okay and you start questioning the really good "outside" measures.
02:03 PM fragalot: yup
02:04 PM fragalot: this is one of the reasons that johanson was such a success
02:04 PM _abc_: Johanson?
02:05 PM fragalot: inventor of the gauge block
02:05 PM Wolf__: I dont think anything I have measures in chinese
02:05 PM _abc_: fragalot: oh
02:05 PM _abc_: Wolf__: we are poor and do have a lot of chinese things.
02:05 PM fragalot: I have some trustworthy tools, and some chinese tools
02:05 PM Wolf__: I’m cheap, I have lots of used metrology gear
02:05 PM fragalot: the chinese stuff gets used for relative measurements
02:06 PM _abc_: Wolf__: used stuff here in Eastern Europe is also chinese
02:06 PM Wolf__: no russian stuff?
02:08 PM Wolf__: jo-blocks are great https://i.imgur.com/tRCODRc.jpg
02:09 PM fragalot: they're even better when the numbers on them make sense
02:10 PM Wolf__: lol
02:15 PM gloops: what type of machine is this _abc_ ?
02:16 PM Wolf__: in theory its all relative measurements =P I design in metric then convert my prints to inch if I’m manual milling (and need to use blocks or other inch things)
02:23 PM JT-Shop: dang 2:20PM and I've not got anything done except found some high protein soft cat food the cat would eat... gotta get her eating again
02:23 PM methods_: ah that sux
02:24 PM methods_: that's never a good sign
02:26 PM jthornton: yea it was doing ok until a week ago and has pretty much stopped eating she just ate half that pack of rabbit in oil so I'm thinking maybe a tooth problem
02:27 PM jthornton: being a feral cat putting her in a cage and making a trip to the vet is out of the question at this point in our relationship
02:27 PM fragalot: does your vet do house calls?
02:27 PM jthornton: she won't sit still for anyone else in eye sight
02:28 PM jthornton: even my wife can't get too close
02:28 PM fragalot: catnip?
02:28 PM jthornton: heck I can
02:28 PM methods_: you might have to cook some mushy stuff for it
02:28 PM methods_: assuming you even want to put that much effort into said feral cat
02:28 PM jthornton: 't even get close unless we are in the familiar places
02:29 PM jthornton: I like her so yea she is worth the effort
02:29 PM jthornton: if I can get her tame enough to go to the vet she is getting fixed pronto
02:29 PM methods_: when my dog was gettin to that point i would pressure cook some stew stuff for him
02:29 PM methods_: that was the only thing he'd eat by that point
02:29 PM methods_: that and liver
02:30 PM methods_: but after awhile he wouldn't even eat that anymore
02:30 PM jthornton: hmm, I'll keep that in mind if she stops eating the packets of high protein food
02:30 PM methods_: sucks when they get there
02:30 PM jthornton: well this is a very young cat so it's not age related
02:30 PM methods_: ohhhh
02:30 PM jthornton: but yea it sucks when they get to that point
02:30 PM methods_: thought it was an old cat not wanting to eat
02:31 PM jthornton: we had two cats from the same litter and after 15 years we had to put one down for cancer
02:31 PM methods_: do cats get lockjaw?
02:31 PM jthornton: the other brother went pretty fast after loosing his brother
02:32 PM jthornton: dunno seems to not have a problem moving the jaw just has a problem chewing
02:32 PM methods_: https://wagwalking.com/cat/condition/lockjaw
02:32 PM methods_: might want to keep an eye out for more symptoms of that
02:32 PM methods_: difficulty eating is one of them
02:33 PM jthornton: it has none of the other symptoms
02:33 PM methods_: yeah that's why i was saying you might want to watch for them
02:34 PM methods_: cat might have just hurt his mouth out hunting or something though
02:34 PM jthornton: yea that looks like some pretty bad shit
02:34 PM jthornton: that's what I'm thinking as she seemed to like to hunt
02:34 PM methods_: well a house cat would get vaccine for it
02:34 PM methods_: it's just tetanus
02:35 PM methods_: but since it's feral tetanus is a possibility
02:36 PM jthornton: I'll keep an eye on her, but just getting her to eat and she really went at it but didn't like the big chunks and would only eat 3-4 kernels of hard food
02:36 PM jthornton: so I'm thinking a mouth injury or tooth
02:36 PM fragalot: tooth problem. simple to fix if you don't wait too long
02:36 PM methods_: well hopefully it's just that
02:37 PM jthornton: yea I'll just have to play it by ear and keep an eye on her
02:37 PM jthornton: I don't mind mushing up her food for a while if that is what I need to do
02:38 PM gloops: perfect, ill do a sim cut of this when ive had something to eat https://ibb.co/LPqM3sQ
02:41 PM JT-Shop: hmm I just passed her by and she is sprawled out on the deck in the sun taking a nap
02:42 PM methods_: heheh recovering from injuries requires it
02:43 PM fragalot: speaking of jo blocks
02:43 PM JT-Shop: yep, need that full belly to really enjoy the nap
02:43 PM fragalot: david richards' new video
02:43 PM fragalot: "who the hell needs measuring equipment" :D
03:05 PM _abc_: gloops: re: which machine: a chinese engraver table
03:09 PM _abc_: gloops: that ibb.co pic I hope you make it using 3d print not milling...
03:09 PM _abc_: fragalot: tbh when you buy 3 calipers from 3 different countries, and they look similar and DO NOT read the same you normally start doubting your sanity. I have been there.
03:10 PM _abc_: Now I have one caliper, Itrust it (a little). No more worries.
03:10 PM fragalot: _abc_: it's worse when you buy 2 at the same time from the same supplier and they don't agree.
03:10 PM _abc_: No, then you can simply average the readout.
03:11 PM fragalot: i've got 2 mitutoyo's that work flawlessly but are analog and therefore annoying (dial type), a €450 Tesa digital that gets the last say, and a €25 chinese jobbo for layout
03:12 PM fragalot: what I do like though, are those chinese mechanical digital readout micrometers
03:12 PM fragalot: for relative measurements, they're lovely & never run out of battery
03:12 PM fragalot: for true measurements.. just reference off of what they read on a class0 gauge block
03:13 PM fragalot: (which is usually less than half a digit off, good enough for me)
06:06 PM gloops: quiet
06:41 PM jthornton: can hear a pin drop
06:56 PM skunkworks: funny story... In high school - a rep from the phone company came to explain how phones worked.. They talked about how they are running fiber trunk lines. He said 'that will make voice communication the speed of light instead of the current speed of sound...'
06:57 PM skunkworks: The teacher tried to correct him - but it went over his head...
07:00 PM DaViruz: those old accoustic phone lines were terrible.
07:05 PM MacGalempsy: good evening
07:07 PM methods_: yeah i still have a couple of those tin can string phones hooked up here
07:21 PM Tom_L: wonder how many kids could even use a rotary dial
07:48 PM Elmo40: 7
07:48 PM Elmo40: more if they went on youtube
07:50 PM Tom_L: then there are those you just click the receiver a couple times to get the operator's attention so she could plug the right wire in
08:10 PM Tom_L: would a diamond tile cutter work to cut a carbide mill shank?
08:39 PM _unreal_: hello
08:39 PM _unreal_: trying to get..
08:39 PM _unreal_: freaking hell I hate time change
08:39 PM _unreal_: 9:30 I need to get my daughter fed
08:39 PM SpeedEvil is now known as Guest81458
10:35 PM _unreal_: ok I'm back
10:46 PM Elmo40: Tom_L, it is diamond...
10:46 PM Elmo40: problem will be force applied, evenly.
10:48 PM Tom_L: it's diamond
10:48 PM Tom_L: yeah i may give it a try once they arrive
10:48 PM Tom_L: test on a broken cutter first
10:49 PM Tom_L: i just got one coming that will be a little too long
11:00 PM renesis: might not, could get hot, which can wear away the diamonds, which might make it hotter, which will wear away more diamonds
11:02 PM renesis: take pics!
11:03 PM Tom_L: ?
11:03 PM Tom_L: the blade is in a water bath
11:03 PM Tom_L: dunno, i may try it
11:05 PM renesis: oh, yeah thats maybe fine
11:06 PM Tom_L: it's about all i have that would touch it otherwise
11:06 PM Tom_L: i don't think any abrasive wheel would
11:06 PM Tom_L: just make dust all over the place :)
11:07 PM renesis: whatever fancy grinding stones they use to make them
11:07 PM Tom_L: yeah
11:07 PM Tom_L: i could take it to the grind shop but probably won't
11:07 PM renesis: the tile saws go right the tile but that shit is crazy hard and prob doesnt expand much
11:08 PM renesis: but if youre dumping water on it might be fine
11:09 PM Tom_L: i nearly forgot i had it
11:09 PM Tom_L: worth a shot i guess
11:09 PM renesis: would just listen and back off on force if sound starts changing a lot
11:10 PM Tom_L: yup
11:13 PM holzjunkie1 is now known as holzjunkie
11:58 PM skunkworks: Might be getting the hang of fusion...