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Feb 08 2019

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02:33 AM Deejay: moin
03:09 AM gambakufu: can anyone confirm this (pcw_home, maybe) - the option to latch on probe isn't available in current mesa configurations? looking through the code, it seems that bitfiles do not create a Probe pin.
03:10 AM gambakufu: (talking about encoders)
04:06 AM jthornton: morning
04:20 AM XXCoder: morning
04:20 AM XXCoder: snow prediction all way to tues now
04:21 AM XXCoder: starting "today" (friday)
04:21 AM XXCoder: hm if I go to work overtime tomorrow, I might be unable to go back home even with short drive
04:21 AM XXCoder: good thing I have reading material for in least 40 hours
04:22 AM XXCoder: and theres also retro mini game thing if im tired of reading
04:24 AM jthornton: pretty strange for you to get snow?
04:25 AM XXCoder: snow almost always happens annually
04:25 AM XXCoder: but its nearly always "snow dont like ground" type
04:25 AM XXCoder: and usually 2 well seperated days or maybe 2 days together and another day seperately
04:26 AM XXCoder: this weather is "decade" rare
04:42 AM x2s: Hi. Are there any caveats for building and running LinuxCNC on Debian Unstable with their -rt kernels?
04:42 AM XXCoder: hey
04:42 AM XXCoder: dunno, I usually just use stock linuxcnc cd install
04:43 AM x2s: Which is oldstable, isn't it? I'd like to have access to a few of the newer tools, without having to backport them
04:44 AM x2s: Well, I'm going to try. And report if someone wants to know if it works :)
04:44 AM XXCoder: cool :)
04:46 AM x2s: The -rt-Kernels seem to become a fixed part of Debian, even though I fear they wont make it into Buster
04:48 AM x2s: But that would make it possible to build packages directly for Debian some day, which might be able to simplify some things.
04:49 AM x2s: (oh, you could get that wrong. What I simply mean is that heaving packages directly in the Debian repository makes it easier to install and gives a bigger audience and such things)
04:50 AM XXCoder: makes sense but dunno also
05:18 AM Tom_L: 12F Hi 28
07:01 AM jthornton: damn windblows pc down here is getting flakey
07:01 AM XXCoder: jeez
07:10 AM x2s: it builds on Unstable with a few minor changes
07:11 AM XXCoder: hows latency like so on?
07:11 AM x2s: if it runs I'll find out, when I get my milling machine ;)
07:13 AM XXCoder: lol ok. curious what machine?
07:15 AM x2s: just a stepcraft d420
07:16 AM x2s: nothing fancy. But who knows what comes after it...
07:23 AM jthornton: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/41-guis/36011-modification-of-tklinuxcnc-gui
07:31 AM jelly-home is now known as jelly
07:37 AM x2s: hm. Why does the package need the libxenomai-dev packages for every architecture? That doesn't look like it's necessary.
07:42 AM jthornton: XXCoder: https://github.com/jethornton/tkemc
08:03 AM x2s: Looks like I got all changes that were necessary to build it on unstable. Anyone cares for a patch?
10:48 AM fragalot: baby shark do doo do do
11:02 AM gloops: hmm Nigel Farages new party got official approval today, that could set the cat among the pigeons
11:06 AM fragalot: i was just about to watch the ch4 on that
11:06 AM fragalot: you ruined the surprise!
11:07 AM gloops: not heard anything other than its been approved lol - the Brexit Party
11:08 AM fragalot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_d0GvfpllA
11:09 AM gloops: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/02/08/thousands-tory-party-members-defect-nigel-farages-brexit-party/
11:10 AM fragalot: I love how the article draws you in with that title, and starts off with "they are likely to"
11:16 AM fragalot: they also have a website where you can register your interest, or donate.. but there is no manifesto to speak of
11:20 AM SpeedEvil: It's Nigel Farage.
11:20 AM SpeedEvil: I think that makes it pretty clear.
11:20 AM fragalot: :D
11:21 AM fragalot: "my EU term will end, and I need money"
11:29 AM gloops: i dont think he needs the money, hes loaded - Mr Brexit, 10k for an after dinner speech
11:31 AM gloops: it seems reasonable to assume UKIP was a faction of the tory party, the hard right anti EU wing, it was collapsed when the referendum was won - too soon, this is just another manifestation
11:42 AM Papagno: Hi I want use exsternal offset with TKlinuxcnc. But is not fuction. the same config fuction on axis interface . The exsternal offset fuction only with axis interface ?
11:49 AM justan0theruser is now known as justanotheruser
12:03 PM pcw_home: External offsets are a motion feature, not really related to the GUI
12:10 PM gambakufu: hey pcw_home, could you tell me if encoder latch on probe is an abandonded feature on hostmot2?
12:10 PM pcw_home: its supported in hardware but the driver does not support it
12:11 PM gambakufu: ok, thanks.
12:12 PM Papagno: Pc
12:13 PM pcw_home: Its more complex to support than you might expect because of the motor/axis/joint translations
12:14 PM fragalot: pcw_home: you're just being lazy. admit it. :)
12:17 PM Papagno: pcw_home, Peter , i have write add in axis[x] ini file line OFFSET_AV_RATIO = 0.05. have add in hal : net E:paused <= halui.program.is-paused => axis.x.eoffset-enable and setp axis.x.eoffset-scale 0.01.after run Tklinuxcnc, reference axis ok , send auto and start program, impose pause, halcmd setp axis.x.eoffset-count 10. but axis x not move because ?
12:18 PM Papagno: pcw_home, the same ini file and hal file with axis interface and axis x move
12:49 PM Papagno: i have write add in axis[x] ini file line OFFSET_AV_RATIO = 0.05. have add in hal : net E:paused <= halui.program.is-paused => axis.x.eoffset-enable and setp axis.x.eoffset-scale 0.01.after run Tklinuxcnc, reference axis ok , send auto and start program, impose pause, halcmd setp axis.x.eoffset-count 10. but axis x not move because ?
12:49 PM Papagno: the same ini file and hal file with axis interface and axis x move
01:10 PM CaptHindsight: metal powders are easy to make, it's a high profit margin industry still
01:11 PM Tom_L: any good sources?
01:11 PM CaptHindsight: plastic powders are a bit more expensive to make since you have to cryo cool while grinding to keep the plastic from melting
01:13 PM CaptHindsight: China, check the baba
01:13 PM Loetmichel: CaptHindsight: dont grind then. use a very fine shredder
01:14 PM gloops: i looked at making metal powder, a bit of a pain for DIY
01:14 PM CaptHindsight: shred to 25um particles?
01:14 PM fragalot: CaptHindsight: also known as slow sanding
01:14 PM CaptHindsight: again it depends who is doing the DIY
01:15 PM Tom_L: what's the cost per ton for Ti powder?
01:15 PM gloops: mainly for mixing with resin/casting
01:17 PM gloops: brass = £4 per 100g
01:17 PM SpeedEvil: gloops: copper is unfortunately expensive
01:18 PM gloops: at those rates £40 000 a tonne
01:19 PM gloops: SpeedEvil for artistic stuff its mainly bronze, brass and aluminium
01:19 PM gloops: you can get an authentic cast iron look with iron filings in resin, letting it rust a bit
01:21 PM fragalot: don't forget the crushed pencil leads for that authentic graphite covering everything you own
01:22 PM CaptHindsight: Tom_L: it's just above the raw price
01:23 PM gloops: copper/brass £475 per 25kg (a sack)
01:26 PM gloops: https://www.mbfg.co.uk/QL3763.html?gclid=CjwKCAiA7vTiBRAqEiwA4NTO6wqm4SDkrVCFNTwtOvrO8hm9guamKHAuh6O9l1C-n2N5yIBbzOwXixoCvC4QAvD_BwE
01:28 PM SpeedEvil: https://www.cfsnet.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000002.pl?WD=powder%20copper&PN=Copper%2dMetal%2dPowder%2d500gm%2dpack%2dDMPCOP_500%2ehtml#SID=47
01:30 PM gloops: thats better ive saved that link thanks
01:31 PM SpeedEvil: They are good for fibreglassy stuff too
01:31 PM gloops: yeah general resin not a bad price
01:32 PM Tom_L: i'm guessing they need to use inert gas on all sintering
01:33 PM CaptHindsight: mitrogen, argon can make the laser fuzzy
01:33 PM Tom_L: seems Ti could be a fire hazard otherwise
01:33 PM CaptHindsight: yeah boom go
01:33 PM Tom_L: i know at the vo'tech they have an array of 12-15 tanks hooked to the printer
01:33 PM Tom_L: the guy told me they use _alot_ of gas
01:34 PM CaptHindsight: have to purge the oven
01:34 PM fragalot: its better to use helium
01:34 PM CaptHindsight: and have a draft though the oven
01:35 PM fragalot: that way you can release it into a confined space & kill everyones iphone
01:35 PM CaptHindsight: better for whom?
01:35 PM CaptHindsight: perfect
01:35 PM fragalot: :)
01:35 PM Loetmichel: is ln2 possible in pressurized containers?
01:35 PM CaptHindsight: might be more cost effective to just use rocks
01:36 PM Loetmichel: cant remember the triple point
01:45 PM CaptHindsight: AI hears your anger in 1.2 seconds
01:45 PM CaptHindsight: https://venturebeat.com/2019/02/07/affectivas-ai-hears-your-anger-in-1-2-seconds/
01:45 PM CaptHindsight: how long to hear stupid?
01:48 PM fragalot: CaptHindsight: just put youtube on random
01:49 PM Loetmichel: CaptHindsight: a lot less
01:49 PM Loetmichel: i guess less than 1 sec ;)
01:50 PM Loetmichel: intelligent is even easier: just look for silence ;)
02:13 PM CaptHindsight: anyone flown on an A380?
02:14 PM fragalot: voluntarily?
02:14 PM fragalot: if so: yea
02:14 PM CaptHindsight: how are they?
02:14 PM CaptHindsight: did it fell cramped?
02:14 PM fragalot: screens in business first are quite good but the seats are very narrow
02:14 PM fragalot: premier plus is alright
02:15 PM CaptHindsight: are they all two levels?
02:15 PM fragalot: no
02:16 PM CaptHindsight: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airbus_A380#/media/File:Airbus_A380_cross_section.svg
02:16 PM fragalot: maybe they are but the upstairs is crew,.. i've only been on the pleb level
02:16 PM * fragalot is now wondering if there were stairs he completely missed
02:16 PM CaptHindsight: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airbus_A380#/media/File:Airbus_A380_seatmap.svg
02:17 PM fragalot: that'd be a yes, I COMPLETELY missed them :-)
02:17 PM CaptHindsight: lower level floor covered in hay with wooden benches or standing room only
02:18 PM fragalot: lol
02:18 PM CaptHindsight: upper level posh surroundings with recliners and open bar
02:34 PM asdfasd1: anyone tried electroplating iron on copper?
02:42 PM gloops: why would you?
02:42 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.finishing.com/379/18.shtml
02:43 PM CaptHindsight: asdfasd1: ^^
02:43 PM asdfasd1: I did try that
02:43 PM asdfasd1: but something is wrong
02:44 PM asdfasd1: the second recepy should work at room temperature
02:44 PM asdfasd1: initialy begin, but later become black
02:50 PM CaptHindsight: asdfasd1: https://sci-hub.tw/10.1016/S0026-0576(02)82026-8
02:53 PM asdfasd1: thanks for that link, one of the recipies already tried, same black coating
02:53 PM asdfasd1: obviously Im doing something wrong
02:55 PM CaptHindsight: sometimes you don't seee your own mistakes
02:56 PM asdfasd1: and sometime in desperation Im mixing randomly chemicals and when have success I cant reproduce it anymore
02:57 PM asdfasd1: this morning made nice shiny iron coating, but dont know how I made it
02:57 PM asdfasd1: cant reproduce it anymore
02:58 PM Jymmm: I want to see photos of this iron plating
02:59 PM asdfasd1: its gone, I did sand the workpiece for next attempt
03:01 PM asdfasd1: now I can make only very thin coating, almost transparent
03:01 PM asdfasd1: when I leave it longer it become black
03:01 PM asdfasd1: it is still attracted to magnet, but it is black and porous
03:06 PM gloops: sounds toasted
03:07 PM asdfasd1: what you mean toasted? too much current?
03:14 PM gloops: well, black and porous, yeah
03:16 PM asdfasd1: I did try with very low current
03:16 PM asdfasd1: it seems the problem is with oxidizing
03:16 PM asdfasd1: iron easy oxidize
03:17 PM asdfasd1: the black is still magnetic, like ferrite core transformer
03:23 PM gloops: would humidity affect the process?
03:23 PM asdfasd1: the workpiece is submerged in electrolite
03:23 PM gloops: lot of oxygen in water
03:23 PM gloops: oh yes i see
03:24 PM asdfasd1: I think I was able to reproduce my messed up recepy
03:24 PM asdfasd1: but Im not good at chemestry so I have no clue wat has been done
03:42 PM Rab: asdfasd1, making soldering implements?
03:52 PM asdfasd1: yes
03:52 PM asdfasd1: at least making attempts hahah
03:52 PM asdfasd1: so far embarasing results
04:12 PM Deejay: gn8
04:52 PM jthornton: hmm can't tell if it is a hard drive or motherboard problem...
05:58 PM XXCoder: jthornton: hd making any noises thats abnormal?
05:58 PM XXCoder: normal procure would be trying hd on other computer
05:58 PM XXCoder: or enclosure
05:59 PM jthornton: yea tried it on another pc and went round and round with windblows repair never working and boot up to a micro flash of blue then off
06:00 PM XXCoder: geez
06:03 PM XXCoder: wish me luck. going to work and its snowing lol
06:03 PM XXCoder: return hom,e would be worse
06:04 PM jthornton: drive safe
06:04 PM XXCoder: thanks
06:52 PM skunkworks: is there a drilling cycle that just pauses at every so often to break chips?
06:52 PM skunkworks: (in linuxcnc)
06:58 PM Wolf__: yeah, peck cycle
06:59 PM Wolf__: seems there is a chip break as well, G73
06:59 PM Wolf__: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gcode/g-code.html#gcode:g73
07:10 PM Roguish: G73 is the one.
07:17 PM skunkworks: ah - I was in the 80's and missed that - Thanks!
07:17 PM skunkworks: need to drill and tap a lot of holes
07:18 PM skunkworks: http://electronicsam.com/images/greenmachine/20190208_180523.jpg
08:16 PM skunkworks: that is working great!
08:17 PM skunkworks: about .03 peck keeps the shavings from wrapping
08:17 PM skunkworks: "
08:19 PM Tom_L: there should be 2
08:20 PM Tom_L: one is a peck and one is a full retract
08:21 PM Tom_L: G73 & 83
08:22 PM Tom_L: G82 just keeps the drill warm
08:22 PM skunkworks: I normally use G83
08:22 PM Tom_L: same here
08:22 PM skunkworks: but I have to drill a ton of holes and don't really want to re-trackt
08:22 PM skunkworks: re-track
08:23 PM skunkworks: retreact
08:23 PM skunkworks: whatever
08:23 PM Tom_L: yeah that takes alot of time
08:23 PM skunkworks: 1/2 tap drill + 1 inch deep
08:24 PM skunkworks: thumps real nice... thump thump thump
08:24 PM skunkworks: shavings end up being about 3 inches long
08:25 PM Tom_L: how much are you taking per pass?
08:26 PM skunkworks: about .030"
08:26 PM Tom_L: what would really be cool would be a cycle that pecked but with 2 vars. one for the start which could take more and one for the final which would take less deep in the hole. the cycle would calculate the average as it went further in the hole
08:27 PM skunkworks: sure - I think someone wrote something like that in o-words
08:27 PM Tom_L: i don't know any machine that does that, just a passing thought
08:27 PM skunkworks: kinda like the threading cycle
08:28 PM skunkworks: that poor drill. this tombstone is pretty hard..
08:30 PM Tom_L: drilling holes in the tombstone?
08:32 PM skunkworks: yah something we got at an auction.. it was made at the factory.. only has some radial holes - adding a 2" on center hole patern
08:33 PM Jymmm: tombstone???
08:33 PM Jymmm: RIP ???
08:33 PM Tom_L: yeah
08:33 PM Jymmm: granite?
08:33 PM Tom_L: no, steel
08:34 PM Jymmm: Ah
08:34 PM Tom_L: https://tombstonecity.com/
08:34 PM Tom_L: for fixturing
08:35 PM Jymmm: That's not RIP btw
08:35 PM Jymmm: I have explored an abandond cemetary that had steel and even plywood headmarkers
08:35 PM skunkworks: http://electronicsam.com/images/greenmachine/20190208_180523.jpg
08:36 PM Jymmm: skunkworks: JEEBUS, wth is that thing?!
08:36 PM Jymmm: skunkworks: and I dont' think one spring clip will hold it =)
08:36 PM Tom_L: a tombstone
08:37 PM Tom_L: skunkworks that must have been a special one
08:37 PM Tom_L: is the center dowelpinned?
08:37 PM Tom_L: like a 1" dowel maybe
08:38 PM Tom_L: Jymmm alot of them have locating pins on the bottom
08:38 PM Tom_L: for pallet changers
08:39 PM Jymmm: Tom_L: Ah, and is skunkworks making his own in that pic?
08:39 PM Tom_L: he's drilling it out to a grid pattern yes
08:39 PM Jymmm: Oh, so modding it
08:39 PM Tom_L: yup
08:40 PM Jymmm: cool
08:40 PM Jymmm: I still don't tink a single spring clip will hold it ;)
08:40 PM skunkworks: 1-1/4 dowel pin
08:41 PM Tom_L: won't quite fit on that little mill you just modded
08:43 PM skunkworks: one drill done...
08:43 PM skunkworks: we broke a centering drill - I guess we didn't get it all out of the hole ;
08:43 PM skunkworks: ;)
08:43 PM Tom_L: heh
08:44 PM skunkworks: wonder where the drill dr is...
08:44 PM Jymmm: to sharpen???
08:44 PM skunkworks: sure
08:44 PM skunkworks: that is why you never bottom the drill in the chuck...
08:45 PM Jymmm: do tell?
08:45 PM Tom_L: no where for the drill to go if you break it and it quits cutting
08:45 PM Tom_L: it will push back in the collet instead
08:45 PM skunkworks: It stopped drilling - instead of blowing the drill up - it just pushed it back into the chuck
08:46 PM Tom_L: ahem... notice i said collet :D
08:46 PM skunkworks: sure - either way
08:46 PM Tom_L: a little more grip
08:46 PM Jymmm: Good to know
08:46 PM Tom_L: more surface contact
08:47 PM skunkworks: http://electronicsam.com/images/greenmachine/20190208_202342.jpg
08:48 PM Jymmm: skunkworks: cast them in acrylic and sell as industrial jelewery
08:49 PM Jymmm: skunkworks: I'm semi serious
08:49 PM Tom_L: there was a company here that could cast things like dandelions etc in acrylic... i have no idea how they did it
08:49 PM Jymmm: a charm on a ballchain necklace
08:50 PM Jymmm: Tom_L: dry in baking soda then cast I'd supose
08:50 PM Tom_L: no clue
08:51 PM Tom_L: the seed pod, not the yellow flower
08:51 PM Tom_L: seems like a rather fragile process
08:52 PM skunkworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUJg200Sf9s
08:52 PM Jymmm: OH, the puffy part, spray with acrylic or hairspray
08:53 PM MacGalempsy: good evening
08:55 PM Jymmm: skunkworks: You could have just used a $5 drill from harbor freight ;)
08:58 PM skunkworks: I think these sets are from enco - but they seem ok
08:59 PM Jymmm: skunkworks: Sorry, I meant $5 corded drill, instead of the K&T =)
09:02 PM skunkworks: http://electronicsam.com/images/greenmachine/20190208_205557.jpg
09:04 PM Tom_L: hit something hard
09:07 PM skunkworks: the center drill tip that I thought we got out.. ;)
09:24 PM Jymmm: Gawd, that's a sexy piece of wood... https://youtu.be/p8tGHklazJQ?t=840