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Jan 15 2019

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03:12 AM Deejay: moin
03:49 AM Deejay: re
04:58 AM jthornton: morning
04:58 AM XXCoder1: yo
04:58 AM XXCoder1: man heavy fog here lol
04:58 AM XXCoder1: right at 32f
05:01 AM jthornton: I've not looked outside yet
05:01 AM jthornton: says 35°F
05:01 AM jthornton: with a high of 40°F
05:04 AM jthornton: my chicken web page is flaky and does not stay current anymore I wonder what's wrong
05:05 AM XXCoder1: I wonder if it has a memory leak somewhere
05:06 AM XXCoder1: so it slowly fills memory
05:06 AM XXCoder1: look if its "swapping" often now (not sure if device uses swapping when memory is low)
05:06 AM jthornton: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DCsSK5dGpb/
05:06 AM jthornton: I just have to hit the refresh button on the browser
05:07 AM XXCoder1: that or maybe browser itself just stopped
05:08 AM jthornton: yea I think I'll try a different browser, the page is rather simple
05:10 AM jthornton: I had been using google chrome to watch that page
05:11 AM jthornton: I should write a python web browser to display that page for me
05:20 AM Tom_L: 26F, Hi 52, Lo 32
05:21 AM XXCoder1: interesting
05:21 AM XXCoder1: today I used my car fog lights for first time
05:21 AM XXCoder1: fog was that bad
05:25 AM jthornton: I used to drive a lot in the fog when I lived on the gulf coast
05:26 AM XXCoder1: we live close to inlet sea here
05:26 AM XXCoder1: so yeah lots water
05:27 AM jthornton: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/41-guis/35849-qtpyvcp-tutorial
05:28 AM XXCoder1: saved link nice
05:28 AM jthornton: took about 15 minutes to make a working vcp or gui whatever you want to call it lol
05:30 AM XXCoder1: yeah it looks functional if plain
05:30 AM XXCoder1: great for 15 min.
05:31 AM jthornton: it's just to show how to build the various parts of the gui so yea very plain
05:31 AM jthornton: I think I'll make one for the mill to replace touchy
05:31 AM XXCoder1: plain is great for tutorials yeah
05:31 AM XXCoder1: same reason I made rolfmill so simple
06:18 AM XXCoder1: jthornton: looks like I will get third hydralight salt water usb charger and light thing lol
06:19 AM XXCoder1: first had bad tabs, second was fine but they changed design before they could ship additional cells
06:19 AM XXCoder1: hopefully third will be final. jeez lol
06:22 AM jthornton: what is that?
06:23 AM XXCoder1: it uses salt water (olviously zinc) battery to power usb charger and its a light source
06:23 AM XXCoder1: amazing since as long as its not used it can literally be stored for 20 years (assuming zinc is sealed)
06:24 AM jthornton: interesting, something for camping or everyday use?
06:26 AM XXCoder1: can be camping for very long term emergacy storage
06:26 AM XXCoder1: once batteries is unsealed and wet it will corrode till gone I guess can somehow dry it and use dehyrogator to make it very dry and seal again
06:33 AM MacGalempsy: good morning
06:37 AM flyback: aluminum can do the same thing
06:37 AM flyback: high energy as a primary one-shot battery
06:38 AM flyback: I thought about making batteries from old soda cans
06:38 AM XXCoder1: i guess it cannot be stopped once started unlike zinc one?
06:38 AM flyback: problem is the damn laquer on them
06:39 AM flyback: it's *CANucked*
06:39 AM flyback: I don't think you can stop zinc either
06:39 AM XXCoder1: could "freeze" once dried
06:39 AM XXCoder1: or in least last for quite a while while not making much power
06:40 AM flyback: god their stuff sounds like so much hype
06:40 AM XXCoder1: heh yeah
06:41 AM flyback: I had a toy as a kid like 30 yrs ago that used carbon, aluminum and air battery you added salt water
06:42 AM flyback: thing is the zinc is destroyed in the reaction
06:43 AM flyback: just like a carbon zinc battery
06:43 AM flyback: hence why they leak
06:43 AM flyback: it dissolves the shell
06:43 AM XXCoder1: yeah its how those lights work also
06:43 AM XXCoder1: it uses solid rod so it longs hours
06:44 AM XXCoder1: lasts
06:44 AM flyback: I have some nickel zinc rechargeables 1.y7v but they have problems with dendrite formations
06:44 AM flyback: half are dead and I never really used them
06:44 AM XXCoder1: 10 hours I think, but meanwhile it can be stored for 20 years
06:44 AM XXCoder1: once opened and used it might last couple years once dried and sealed again?
06:46 AM flyback: dunno
06:46 AM flyback: not impressed sorry
06:46 AM flyback: nickle iron batteries are neat also
06:46 AM XXCoder1: its not bad not woow
06:46 AM XXCoder1: but mine comes with solar panel
06:46 AM flyback: shitty density and self discharge
06:47 AM flyback: but they won't wear out
06:47 AM XXCoder1: so yeah BOTH ones I got got solar panels. lol
06:47 AM XXCoder1: probably so will third one. jeez
06:47 AM flyback: you can beat the shit out of nickle iron for decades
06:47 AM XXCoder1: sounds super cheap
06:47 AM flyback: and only have to change the liquid and clean the cells once every few yrs
06:47 AM XXCoder1: aka can make HUGE batteries
06:47 AM flyback: no cause no one makes them cause they don't wear out
06:47 AM flyback: hehee
06:48 AM XXCoder1: depends on ratio of iron and nickle I guess
06:48 AM flyback: furrywulf got some to rebuild
06:48 AM XXCoder1: cool. hows furry so far?
06:48 AM XXCoder1: havent nbeen in here for quite a long while
06:49 AM flyback: dunno she finally took my advice though or just concidence
06:49 AM XXCoder1: advice for batteries?
06:49 AM flyback: got some generators from a place that closed, sold some of them kept one or two
06:49 AM flyback: no getting a small generator for rare times a year if solar isn't enough
06:49 AM XXCoder1: ahh cool
06:49 AM flyback: there's nothing anti-green about having a emergency backup
06:50 AM XXCoder1: im considering solar power and wind power combo kit
06:50 AM XXCoder1: 800 watts I think
06:50 AM flyback: more power to ya :P
06:50 AM XXCoder1: lots winds here in colder weather, and sun in summers.
06:50 AM flyback: but i'd still have a gas genset myself as a backup
06:50 AM XXCoder1: but uncertain
06:50 AM flyback: what about water, could you do hydro?
06:50 AM XXCoder1: its for offsetting expensive power stuff like AC
06:50 AM XXCoder1: nah sadly
06:51 AM XXCoder1: small lot doesnt include any river or anything else
06:51 AM flyback: I seen people do plenty with diverted pipe hydro not having to damn anything
06:51 AM flyback: oh you bought an area without utilizites?
06:51 AM flyback: what about coal mines etc on the property?
06:51 AM XXCoder1: i live in city :)
06:52 AM XXCoder1: tacoma specifically :P
06:52 AM flyback: neat
06:52 AM flyback: oh washington so you guys have hot summers right?>
06:52 AM XXCoder1: the wind prop is pretty small though, 400w version
06:52 AM flyback: have you seen people make wind turbines from brushless dc washing machines etc
06:52 AM XXCoder1: similiar for solar. theres $600 kit that includes both
06:52 AM flyback: 400w is close to that range
06:53 AM XXCoder1: yeah
06:53 AM flyback: for a rewind
06:53 AM flyback: I think you can get 100-200w stock
06:53 AM XXCoder1: i got no idea how to wire it into house though
06:53 AM XXCoder1: and batteries etc
06:53 AM flyback: you want a grid tie inverter if you plan to sell back to grid
06:53 AM XXCoder1: how to prevent backlash if thunder says fan for example
06:53 AM flyback: downside is some of them can't blash start
06:53 AM XXCoder1: *say thunder hits fan
06:54 AM flyback: black start
06:54 AM XXCoder1: black start?
06:54 AM flyback: nice thing about grid tie is they use the mains ac to modulate the inverter so it's impossible for it to be out of phase with utility power
06:54 AM flyback: black start = start itself
06:54 AM flyback: like a ups that can start from battery when the mains was alreayd off
06:55 AM XXCoder1: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/USA-Stock-No-Tax-No-Duty-Daily-12V-500W-H-Hybrid-System-Kit-400W-Wind-Turbine/32500963481.html
06:55 AM XXCoder1: example
06:55 AM flyback: my point about the climate you are in is
06:55 AM flyback: some places
06:55 AM flyback: like california and arizonia
06:55 AM XXCoder1: 500w wind 400w solar
06:55 AM XXCoder1: oh wrong kit a second
06:55 AM flyback: are using solar absorption chillers
06:55 AM flyback: for a/c
06:56 AM flyback: since their power usage is highest related to cooling
06:56 AM flyback: so they use a old tech like amonia and natural gas and propane air conditioners/fridges
06:56 AM flyback: only use the sun the heat the gas to do the cycle
06:56 AM XXCoder1: one of larger kits https://www.aliexpress.com/item/400W-Wind-Generator-5-100W-Flexible-Solar-Panel-Peak-2000W-Inverter-12V-24V-Controller-Houseuse-Wind/32846483520.html
06:57 AM flyback: you know you can make lightning detectors using radios etc
06:57 AM flyback: if you wanted to have some kind of relay system to disconnect shit in a storm etc
06:58 AM XXCoder1: but how about direct strike on wind power fan for example
06:58 AM flyback: you can't detect the lighting about to hit your house, too late, but you can detect storms in the area and try to isolate some of your shit
06:58 AM flyback: well the fan would be CANUCKED
06:58 AM flyback: but you could possibly prevent it from hitting the house and battery bank and inverters
06:58 AM XXCoder1: yeah probably should ground it so it dont send power into house
06:59 AM flyback: well you want some kind of large disconnect switch with a large gap and then some kind of grounded spark gap etc
07:00 AM XXCoder1: besides protection what do you think of such kits as I linked to
07:00 AM flyback: I dunno enough to tell you who makes good kits sorry
07:00 AM flyback: make sure your solar is mppt controller
07:00 AM flyback: I think all of them are now
07:00 AM XXCoder1: cool
07:01 AM flyback: I don't understand all the math, speedevil does
07:01 AM flyback: but the nature of solar cells is they aren't constant voltage
07:01 AM flyback: soi you need to regulate based on that
07:01 AM XXCoder1: of course
07:01 AM flyback: if you lose power
07:01 AM flyback: bathroom bbl
07:01 AM XXCoder1: same as wind power it varies so much'
07:11 AM flyback: espically perm magnet gens
07:11 AM flyback: their regulation is *CANUCKED*
07:11 AM flyback: but electronics can handle this perfectely
07:11 AM flyback: so for small scale is makes more sense
07:11 AM flyback: you get better low rpm perfomance but more electronics but they are economical at small scale
07:12 AM XXCoder1: i dont plan to make em myself
07:12 AM XXCoder1: just buy a kit
07:12 AM flyback: they sell perm magnet ones
07:12 AM flyback: nothing wrong with them
07:13 AM flyback: in fact they are high for getting power out of low speed wind
07:13 AM flyback: high/great
07:14 AM flyback: perm magnet is king for < 1000w I would say
07:14 AM XXCoder1: good t know
07:14 AM XXCoder1: i was thinking 600w or so
07:14 AM flyback: CAR alternators use a excited rotor to do regulation
07:15 AM flyback: downside is you lose a bit of power but you gain good regulation and scales higher
07:15 AM flyback: I like verticle windmills myself
07:15 AM flyback: they don't scale high but they work in nearly standstill
07:15 AM XXCoder1: the ribbons type
07:15 AM XXCoder1: looks like dna winding looking thing?
07:16 AM flyback: commercial goes horizontal/prop type cause you get more out of the high side
07:16 AM flyback: also with verticle though you don't need a tail or moving into the wind
07:16 AM flyback: and you can have a spinning skirt for a water seal
07:17 AM flyback: but again I am not the expert on any of this I just share what I have lwarned OVER time
07:18 AM flyback: army came up with a clever hack
07:18 AM flyback: they have a excited rotor but they excite with ac and use spinning diodes to make it dc
07:18 AM flyback: so no slip rings
07:18 AM flyback: although slip rings don't care me
07:19 AM flyback: they are continious so you can use a conductive lube and also you can have a replacable wear ring
07:19 AM flyback: communitators I would avoid like ebola
07:19 AM flyback: unless you get a source of dc motors so cheap etc it's worth just replacing them
07:20 AM XXCoder1: lol ok
07:20 AM flyback: you know why right?
07:20 AM XXCoder1: like I said ill just buy a kit. no build by myself
07:20 AM flyback: comunitators it's containely making and breaking
07:20 AM flyback: so it's arcing, wearing out etc
07:20 AM flyback: you can't reduce the friction cause lube would short out the segments or prevent contact
07:21 AM flyback: yeah I know just giving you some background on different things people do
07:21 AM XXCoder1: ahh ok :) sorry quite tired and planning to go to bed soon
07:21 AM flyback: ok :)
07:21 AM flyback: another time then
07:22 AM flyback: id ask around before ordering anything that expensive
07:22 AM XXCoder1: indeed
07:22 AM XXCoder1: there is cheap no solar ones for just $200 or so which isnt too bad but no invertor etc so probably cost more
07:44 AM MacGalempsy: XXCoder1: what are you working on?
09:09 AM conmega_ is now known as conmega
09:55 AM MacGalempsy: does anyone have any experience 3D scanning with the HP Sprout G2?
09:57 AM MacGalempsy: it is probably the cheapest structured light 3d scanner, and its a whole workstation
10:50 AM gloops: http://www.ladbible.com/technology/technology-samsung-unveils-219-inch-tv-called-the-wall-and-its-a-monster-20190115?c=1547511167980&fbclid=IwAR1ZcafEIZg3zu98iXEas-7WdosYP0X0CNQimz4tRWd2DV77jU-fvi8s4IU
11:13 AM fragalot: evening
11:17 AM gloops: hello
11:50 AM fragalot: miss0r: seems my 'new' universal boring head may be missing in the mail >.>
01:00 PM fragalot: never thought it'd be so hard to give away an older generation inverter welding setup
01:23 PM fragalot: parliament in the UK seems quite packed
01:26 PM rmu: 24:600
01:26 PM fragalot: Hors d'oeuvre!! :D
01:27 PM fragalot: I quite like this division business
01:28 PM gloops: John Barrons ammendment defeated in the commons 600-24 votes!!
01:28 PM gloops: MPs now out to vote on Mays Brexit deal
01:29 PM fragalot: Aye
01:29 PM SpeedEvil: Sigh.
01:29 PM gloops: my estimate, she will lose by 160-180
01:29 PM SpeedEvil: just back out and pretend the whole shitshow never happened.
01:29 PM fragalot: just read up on some history, and in 1974, an impasse in the division vote was broken by a member of parliament being wheeled in an ambulance whilst uncoinscious after he'd suffered a heart attack a little while before
01:30 PM gloops: yes a few have been carried in on stretchers
01:30 PM fragalot: gloops: You're on. If you win, you get my little TIG welder. If you lose,.. you can also have it. but you must come pick it up in both cases :P
01:31 PM SpeedEvil: fragalot: you're in the US - I forget.
01:31 PM gloops: well im not sure if ill be banned from europe or not lol
01:31 PM gloops: probably need a ream of paperwork to bring a tig welder over
01:31 PM fragalot: SpeedEvil: belgium
01:31 PM fragalot: gloops: just hop on the ferry whilst you still can
01:32 PM gloops: this vote isnt really important anyway
01:32 PM fragalot: free travel & trade and all that
01:32 PM rmu: funny i didn't yet see any memes featuring the speaker of the house shouting "OOOORDERRR!"
01:32 PM gloops: might be a while before im those parts again
01:32 PM fragalot: rmu: probably because that's too common?
01:33 PM fragalot: gloops: 's fine. I can wait. :-) so far nobody seems to get past the "is it still for sale?" question stage
01:33 PM rmu: it's a funny guy somehow
01:34 PM gloops: May loses, nothing changes really
01:35 PM fragalot: at least it stops /that/ impasse
01:35 PM gloops: she goes to Brussels tomorrow, the EU will capitulate
01:35 PM fragalot: rmu: I wonder if he does voice exercises before going to work
01:35 PM fragalot: stretch the vocal chords so he doesn't tear them to bits
01:36 PM rmu: fragalot: could be he is a "trained" metal singer
01:36 PM fragalot: lol
01:38 PM fragalot: prepare for appetizers!
01:41 PM gloops: here it is
01:41 PM gloops: whoo
01:41 PM fragalot: guess you're getting a welder
01:41 PM fragalot: congrats
01:42 PM gloops: ayes 202 nays 432
01:44 PM gloops: no confidence vote in UK government coming
01:52 PM gloops: so no confidence vote, May wins, she is then in a stronger position to go to brussels, because this is getting real now for the EU
01:52 PM fragalot: i'm not sure if she is in that much stronger of a position
01:53 PM gloops: 70 days left lol, we leave on march 29 - they want 39 billion they better start offering a deal
02:02 PM rmu: it reminds of the tsipras vote in greece. he also was in a much stronger position afterwards
02:03 PM fragalot: actually.. I'm going on holiday to the UK in april
02:03 PM fragalot: I wonder if I'll need to apply for a visa
02:03 PM fragalot: after march
02:03 PM fragalot: which will take weeks
02:03 PM fragalot: hm.
02:04 PM fragalot: or if my car insurance would still be valid
02:04 PM fragalot: or my drivers license
02:04 PM fragalot: or the car license :P
02:04 PM gloops: i dont think anybody knows so it wont matter lol
02:04 PM rmu: i'm going in june. wondering the same.
02:05 PM rmu: but i won't bring a car
02:07 PM gloops: the EU has issued us with 900 truck permits
02:07 PM MacGalempsy: yo
02:07 PM gloops: howdy
02:08 PM MacGalempsy: making chips?
02:08 PM gloops: im not this week
02:09 PM MacGalempsy: been looking into 3d scanners this week. no chips or dip
02:36 PM CaptHindsight: I looked for 3D scanners and there was either tiny maker junk or $50K turn key systems that output native CAD formats
02:37 PM CaptHindsight: have to make my own unless there's a $50k budget for a scanner
02:41 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.3dnatives.com/en/top-10-low-cost-3d-scanners280320174/
02:44 PM CaptHindsight: never had the best of experiences selling on Craigslist , but it seems far worse now
02:44 PM CaptHindsight: quite a cesspool of "buyers"
02:45 PM rmu: CaptHindsight: strange list there. "this scanner has an accuracy of 30 microns or 0.5 mm, equivalent to 0.05% of the size of the scanned object."
02:47 PM CaptHindsight: your choice, obviously :)
02:48 PM CaptHindsight: DAVID Pro SLS-3D
02:48 PM CaptHindsight: hah, the specs here are even worse https://www.3dnatives.com/en/3D-compare/scanner/david-pro-sls-3
02:48 PM CaptHindsight: Resolution (mm) : 30
02:49 PM Tom_L: andy got a faro arm he's playing with
02:49 PM fragalot: CaptHindsight: please allow 2cm due to manual measurement
02:49 PM rmu: there it says mm
02:49 PM rmu: strange
02:49 PM rmu: 30mm is not any kind of "resolution"
02:49 PM CaptHindsight: the editors suck
02:49 PM rmu: even approximation with lego bricks would be better ;)
02:50 PM rmu: at 300×500mm that would be only 10×17 "pixels"
02:50 PM CaptHindsight: https://www8.hp.com/us/en/campaign/3Dscanner/overview.html
02:51 PM CaptHindsight: Resolution/Precision:
02:51 PM CaptHindsight: Up to .05% of scan size (up to .05 mm)
02:51 PM rmu: get a high resolution camera (sony a7r is cheap), decent lens, a turntable, and write the software yourself
02:51 PM CaptHindsight: up to or down to?
02:52 PM CaptHindsight: yeah, not any reasonably priced options
02:52 PM fragalot: i've got an a7RII - can confirm that they have _BRILLIANT_ sensors.
02:52 PM CaptHindsight: mount it on the machine, it has 5+ axis
02:53 PM rmu: the original a7r is about €1k5 now
02:53 PM CaptHindsight: cameras shmameras
02:55 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.artec3d.com/portable-3d-scanners/artec-eva-lite#specifications
02:57 PM CaptHindsight: "what's Linux?" when it comes to drivers and application software
02:57 PM CaptHindsight: do people have winders systems with all the welded shut to run dedicated apps like this reliably?
02:58 PM CaptHindsight: all the ports
02:58 PM gloops: ive just been installing a printer on windows - what a f... about
03:00 PM JT-Shop: well crap stamps.com says I have to update to the new crappy software with the tablet look and huge screens...
03:03 PM CaptHindsight: yeah, the apps all seem to get worse every version
03:04 PM JT-Shop: I like one developers comment, it's that way because it fits my work flow
03:05 PM CaptHindsight: https://youtu.be/LXzJR7K0wK0?t=11 soon
03:05 PM JT-Shop: no putube for me during pay time
03:05 PM CaptHindsight: the USPS website isn't much better and the agents at the post office are constantly frustrated with them
03:06 PM XXCoder1: CaptHindsight: sure if we keep cutting education and school budgets
03:06 PM CaptHindsight: it started grabbing text from other lines you select lately
03:07 PM CaptHindsight: you to cut n paste a customer street address and it also grabs the customer name
03:07 PM JT-Shop: well being on medicare saves me $1000 right on top and $3000 in deductibles so far I'm liking it
03:08 PM fragalot: I should really stop buying 2nd hand machine tools
03:08 PM fragalot: /ALL/ of them appear to get lost in transit
03:08 PM * JT-Shop should blast the pipe and put it in the box and call it a day
03:09 PM fragalot: tapmatic 50x, 2 sine plates, kaiser PA automatic boring head... none of it's made it here & all of them have a tracking # in limbo
03:09 PM CaptHindsight: fragalot: lost forever or temporarily?
03:09 PM fragalot: the tapmatic is lost forever & has been refunded by the shipping company
03:09 PM fragalot: the other 3 are "under investigation"
03:10 PM CaptHindsight: USPS has been pretty great until they lose something, then it's investigations for weeks
03:10 PM CaptHindsight: UPS, DHL and FEDEX investigate for maybe a day
03:10 PM JT-Shop: should have bought my tapmatic...
03:10 PM fragalot: I have had bad luck with USPS several years ago
03:10 PM fragalot: as in, really bad luck
03:11 PM fragalot: JT-Shop: what'cha got on offer?
03:11 PM JT-Shop: https://mesaus.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=80
03:12 PM CaptHindsight: fragalot: USPS sent me a pic of a damaged 20L pail of resin...
03:12 PM CaptHindsight: the pail was on it's side wit the arrows pointing sideways in the photo :)
03:12 PM CaptHindsight: this end up
03:13 PM fragalot: CaptHindsight: USPS held my items in customs storage for 6 months before contacting me demanding storage fees of €750, followed by €300 import duties, and delivery of a neatly repackaged, but obviously dropped and damaged quad CPU xeon server.
03:13 PM fragalot: then did absolutely nothing when I filed for insurance
03:14 PM fragalot: 3 of the CPU's had been ripped out of their sockets, the chassis was warped, and one of the SCSI drive and it's bay was mangled beyond repair
03:14 PM JT-Shop: ouch
03:15 PM XXCoder1: ouch
03:15 PM * fragalot dislikes USPS :P
03:16 PM mozmck: We lost over $20000 worth of stuff to UPS and they refused to pay even though it was all insured.
03:17 PM mozmck: So, USPS is not the only one!
03:17 PM fragalot: mozmck: Yeah. I don't know which shipping company to trust any more, other than a local spedition company
03:17 PM fragalot: but they are only suitable for "it really, really, really needs to get there!" kind of shipments
03:20 PM CaptHindsight: Fedex loses any paperwork or checks sent
03:20 PM CaptHindsight: DHL can't find my location
03:20 PM CaptHindsight: UPS keeps screwing up my billing
03:20 PM pcw_mesa: Fredex lost a shipment to Portugal for 6 months (it was in Tennessee all along, they really did nothing to find it unless pushed every day)
03:20 PM pcw_mesa: $15K
03:21 PM CaptHindsight: yeah they don't want tp pay
03:21 PM CaptHindsight: they figure if they make your life difficult enough you'll give up
03:21 PM pcw_mesa: I suspect they have huger warehouses of lost packages
03:22 PM rmu: UPS screwed up every lenovo shipment up till now. eventually everything arrived, but it was usually delayed 2 weeks or more, sitting in a warehouse 5km from me
03:22 PM CaptHindsight: cheaper to store than payout
03:22 PM fragalot: pcw_mesa: they do not have a huge warehouse of lost packages, because they auction them off periodically
03:22 PM fragalot: rmu: same!
03:23 PM fragalot: my laptop was sent via UPS, re-routed to local depot after failed home delivery, yet showed up at my doorstep anyway 4 days later, with no mention of it ever even getting near said depot where I was told to pick it up
03:23 PM rmu: to me it looks like they sell (to lenovo) a service to deliver the package within some timeframe, and if that timeframe is exceeded, some external reasons are made up
03:23 PM Wolf__: with seeing backend of large commercial freight works, its really not hard for stuff to get lost
03:24 PM fragalot: ooooh. new clickspring video
03:24 PM fragalot: Wolf__: don't forget the subcontracting of subcontracted shipments
03:24 PM rmu: so showing "the receiving business was closed" on the tracking form while the actual package is still somewhere in the air is borderline fraud IMHO
03:24 PM Wolf__: I work two trade shows in the DC area that each have over a million lbs of freight that come in to them
03:25 PM Wolf__: common to find full skids of mis-delivered things there
03:25 PM CaptHindsight: Wolf__: well it's all those numbers and street names, who can keep it all straight? :)
03:26 PM Wolf__: biggest thing is when they stack things to fill the trucks
03:26 PM Wolf__: then dont unstack when they deliver lol
03:26 PM CaptHindsight: rmu: they will just claim it was a mistake
03:26 PM CaptHindsight: we need a world package court
03:28 PM CaptHindsight: the shipping services really don't want to communicate with each other or with you
03:28 PM Wolf__: I also get to see that a lot of people dont know how to pack things on a pallet correctly for freight shipping, and dont understand that when you freight ship something that its going to get moved on/off trucks a dozen times lol
03:28 PM rmu: i'm waiting for a package that was last seen at customs office in minsk one week ago. not holding my breath.
03:28 PM CaptHindsight: they use 2nd and 3rd parties and don't tell you what office the package is at
03:32 PM CaptHindsight: most of the trucking co's i have dealt with were slime
03:33 PM jym: CaptHindsight: green?
03:33 PM CaptHindsight: have found UPS, MME and couple others to be decent
03:33 PM * jym is just testing an irc client
03:33 PM CaptHindsight: any color
03:33 PM jym: babypoogreen it is!!!
03:33 PM jym: poop*
03:34 PM CaptHindsight: glow-in-the-dark
03:34 PM jym: lol
03:34 PM CaptHindsight: is there such a thing as a reputable mover?
03:34 PM jym: me not liking the look/feel of this client
03:35 PM * jym sighs
03:36 PM CaptHindsight: jym: my little pony IRC client?
03:37 PM jym: somethng like that
03:37 PM jym: might as well be... pidgen
03:38 PM CaptHindsight: My2 Mommies IRC client?
03:39 PM jym: CaptHindsight: lol, that might be better than this thing is
03:39 PM jym: CaptHindsight: Pidgin in mate
03:40 PM jym: lets try that again...
03:40 PM Jymmm: Hmmm, test2
03:40 PM Jymmm: Oh lag
03:41 PM jym: big lag, like 40 seconds
03:45 PM Deejay: gn8
05:27 PM Roguish_ is now known as Roguish
06:02 PM sliptonic: why won't pncconf's advanced options hal components page let me increment the number of absolutes?
06:21 PM jthornton: you would have to ask on the forum
06:56 PM chunkypuffs: Anybody here very familiar with Fusion?
06:56 PM chunkypuffs: Also, those who know who I am, I have a bouncer now, so I won't miss any messages.
06:58 PM chunkypuffs: There's a specific part of fusion called "DCS" meaning distributed cam
06:58 PM chunkypuffs: I would like to know if it runs on linux
07:45 PM sliptonic: chunkypuffs: I don't think anything Fusion runs on linux. What's it s'posed to do?
07:48 PM chunkypuffs: sliptonic, It simply processes the CAM toolpathing on various machines
07:48 PM chunkypuffs: it's a distributed cam system, it daemonizes on a windows system, and runs on a port, and you just enable it in your client, and then you can use a Windows PC to do all of the CAM toolpathing for you
07:48 PM chunkypuffs: https://cam.autodesk.com/download/distributed-cam
07:48 PM chunkypuffs: "Use unused CPU cycles on your network to calculate faster."
07:48 PM chunkypuffs: Seems that Wine doesn't crash immediately, so we'll see if this works in Wine.
07:59 PM norias: oh, HSMWorks
08:20 PM ziper: XXCoder1, hi, can i talk to you about carbon fiber
08:59 PM norias: GOSH
11:08 PM Jymmm: You guys have been doing CNC so wrong all these years... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPdk2-neduU