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Oct 29 2018

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12:58 AM pink_vampire: brass VS power hacksaw
01:02 AM pink_vampire: brass win
01:02 AM miss0r: :o
01:02 AM miss0r: morning
01:06 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/wbTnMSO.png - this is after half an hour
01:06 AM miss0r: wtf.. something is wrong there
01:06 AM miss0r: are all the teeth gone?
01:06 AM pink_vampire: no
01:06 AM MarcelineVQ: even with a backwards mounted blade it should be making progress :o
01:06 AM pink_vampire: brand new blade
01:10 AM trentster: Hey all, I am trying to get edge finding routines to work, I can auto probe Z without issue, but when I try run e.g. a hole center finding routine I just get an info popup in the interface and the machine does not move. Any pointers from you heavy hitters in the audience?
01:13 AM miss0r: what does the info popup say?
01:14 AM trentster: miss0r: let me go to the workshop and grab a screenshot
01:14 AM trentster: 1 sec
01:16 AM trentster: miss0r: "Probe four times +x, -x, +y, -Y at feednorm. (i)
01:18 AM miss0r: Sounds like it is asking for a manual probe. Are you sure you have the setup done correctly?
01:19 AM trentster: miss0r: No, I am trying to use the auto probe touch plate as the probe going very slowly, the same way i do for Z height. (click one wire on the bit the other is on the plate.
01:20 AM trentster: I know a proper probe is the way to go, just thought it would be neat to have this option.
01:20 AM trentster: I know the touch off plate works cause I use it for Auto Z every day
01:21 AM miss0r: Indeed. Looking for some documentation here
01:21 AM trentster: This is the routine I found on the forums. https://pastebin.com/p3H8GYE4
01:22 AM miss0r: trentster: And you are sure your macro is complete?
01:23 AM miss0r: I can suggest reading this: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/forum/49-basic-configuration/29187-work-with-probe
01:24 AM trentster: miss0r: thanks…reading now.
01:29 AM pink_vampire: done
01:30 AM pink_vampire: starrett 10 tpi did the trick https://i.imgur.com/vP5THit.png
01:31 AM miss0r: pink_vampire: Are you sure it is brass? :) I mean - we are talking about a material notorious for not packing up blades'n files
01:33 AM pink_vampire: the source is metal junk yard.. so
01:33 AM pink_vampire: it is very heavy for the size, and cut fast with the 10 tpi
01:34 AM miss0r: hmm. sounds somewhat strange
01:35 AM pink_vampire: it is power hacksaw, so "fast" is anyway not the correct word to describe it
01:36 AM miss0r: hehe yeah. :]
01:42 AM laminae_: whew, got all the optical limit and home switches working, input pullup touch sensor working, the final step is nao
01:43 AM laminae_: I would like to be able to use "home all" and just have it ignore the z axis, i'm reading the doc file and it says that is a-ok but i don't see the commands in the ini file that should corrspond to that
01:46 AM pink_vampire: is is cut on the lathe amazingly good
01:49 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/0195enl.png
02:12 AM laminae_: Nevermind, figured it out, had one digit off x.x
02:26 AM XXCoder: pink_vampire: still working on it eh
02:47 AM pink_vampire: yeah
02:47 AM XXCoder: cool :)
02:47 AM pink_vampire: manual lathe is super fun
02:54 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: https://i.imgur.com/cTVNW8T.png
02:55 AM XXCoder: made the connection ring I see
02:56 AM gloops: brass is nice to turn
02:56 AM MarcelineVQ: gonna end with the thinnest part? :O
02:56 AM gloops: looks like you got the emco singing now pink_vampire
02:57 AM pink_vampire: singing ?
02:59 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/ThTQNhu.png
02:59 AM pink_vampire: better picture
02:59 AM gloops: yeah, like running well, finely tuned etc
02:59 AM pink_vampire: yeah, it is amazing old iron
03:00 AM Deejay: moin
03:00 AM XXCoder: yo
03:06 AM pink_vampire: how to upgrade your drill to TiN-Coated https://i.imgur.com/KIqtLz3.png
03:07 AM MarcelineVQ: :>
03:08 AM XXCoder: lol
03:11 AM pink_vampire: now i need to do the tapered hole O_o
03:11 AM XXCoder: feeding at 2 axis at once
03:11 AM XXCoder: you can do it
03:12 AM pink_vampire: mmmm no
03:12 AM gloops: got rotating top slide by the look of it
03:12 AM pink_vampire: i'm going to set the compound
03:17 AM gloops: ive got some tapered reamers which make life a bit easier if trying to get a fit for morse tapers or whatever
03:29 AM pink_vampire: the hole is 22deg taper
03:31 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/Zez6acO.png?1
03:32 AM gloops: i see the shard of hss is proving the most versatile tool lol
03:32 AM pink_vampire: the shim LOL
03:37 AM gloops: well, still having erratic problems with a motor, it starts slow, eventually kicks in and jumps to full speed/power, when its warm it works fine
03:37 AM gloops: sometimes turns wrong way
03:39 AM pink_vampire: in the cnc?
03:39 AM gloops: think ill strip it today and do some cleaning, check the bearings
03:39 AM gloops: nah its for a bandsaw
03:40 AM pink_vampire: i have power hacksaw
03:40 AM pink_vampire: I'm sure you can cut much faster
03:41 AM gloops: well its only for wood, i have got a bandsaw that cuts steel, usually a bit quieter than hacksaw too
03:41 AM gloops: but hand feed lol
03:43 AM pink_vampire: one day...
03:44 AM gloops: space really, have to decide what warrants a place
03:47 AM Loetmichel: *GNAAAAAAAAAHH!!!1111* coworkers worked on some thin clients for two weeks now... enclosures taped, powder coated, cables and plugs screwed in, PCBs for PSUs and monitor mounted... now the thin client board should go in... "why is that 5mm to big?" ... customer wants a new model client thats mini-itx instead of 160*100mm. WAAAAHHHH... and nobody told me or anyone down here in the manufacturing
03:47 AM Loetmichel: level. So we have to rip out all the stuff we have already done order the other enclosure design with bigger back caps (already did them for a different customer)... "redo from start"... and the delivery deadline is still ticking down... :-(
03:58 AM gloops: better with a product range lol, this is what we sell, if it aint there we dont do it
04:00 AM pink_vampire: almost done with the taper https://i.imgur.com/hm1DyGV.png
04:01 AM Loetmichel: gloops: we DO sell that other client.
04:02 AM MarcelineVQ: yellow brass sure is pretty
04:02 AM Loetmichel: but to a different customer. i was told to "do 20 clients for customer X like the last batch"
04:02 AM Loetmichel: nobody told me that they switched to a different client.
04:02 AM MarcelineVQ: or bronze, or whatever, as if I could tell hehe
04:02 AM pink_vampire: bronze is red almost like copper
04:03 AM gloops: i looked at melting brass, it is doable with a diy kiln
04:03 AM gloops: not done any quantity though, just a few small blobs
04:03 AM pink_vampire: i will save the shavings for you
04:04 AM gloops: lol, proper kiln is something for another day..or year
04:04 AM Blumax: Hello, is it possible to change defaults jog speed to start? I would like this to be 100% of the beginning.
04:04 AM pink_vampire: I have map torch
04:04 AM gloops: theres scrap brass everywhere in totally useless shapes
04:05 AM gloops: but brass bar or plate is a stupid price
04:05 AM pink_vampire: 5$ per lbs
04:05 AM gloops: Blumax i *think* default jog speed is the max velocity
04:06 AM MarcelineVQ: bronze can be as yellow as your piece there, and brass can be as red as clay, just depends on the mix :O Kinda curious about the flow-rate you're going to get with this adapter, lets us know how it works out
04:07 AM MarcelineVQ: Is the flow from 3/8 to 1" or 1" to 3/8" ?
04:08 AM pink_vampire: I need to stop each time and walk to the computer, I wish it was voice
04:08 AM Blumax: gloops, good :) DEFAULT_LINEAR_VELOCITY, I search "job speed" ... bad way :( Thank you gloops :)
04:08 AM pink_vampire: it is a reducer for my radiator
04:08 AM pink_vampire: from 1" to 3/8"
04:10 AM gloops: thats also the speed the rapids move at Blumax, i had some playing with mine because the gantry jacknifes at a certain speed, it always did it during rapids until i reduced max velocity
04:10 AM Blumax: Ok, I take note :)
04:17 AM XXCoder: pink_vampire: shaping up nicely
04:17 AM XXCoder: I guess rotated umm cross thingy?
04:17 AM XXCoder: not sure what its called
04:24 AM pink_vampire: compound
04:25 AM pink_vampire: one side is done
04:26 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/8mdB7tZ.png
04:29 AM XXCoder: awesom now to make second one
04:29 AM XXCoder: and maybe third
04:30 AM gloops: whats it for?
04:30 AM pink_vampire: i need to make the other side
04:30 AM XXCoder: yeah though its easier to run few of em on side A first
04:30 AM XXCoder: then all of em on B
04:30 AM XXCoder: less setup time
04:31 AM pink_vampire: I know it is going to sound funny but I don't have holder for parting tool
04:35 AM pink_vampire: it is tricky to hold
04:36 AM XXCoder: you could make inverse cone
04:36 AM XXCoder: use super glue glue it in it
04:36 AM XXCoder: then use torch to pop it off after making it complete
04:37 AM pink_vampire: to complicated
04:37 AM XXCoder: not really just grab a scrap alum rod, cut a cone that will nicely hold you part on it
04:38 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/MkCvk8E.png
04:39 AM XXCoder: yeah would work I think? dunno
04:41 AM pink_vampire: it can work or it will fly across the room
04:42 AM XXCoder: fun/ light touches
04:51 AM jthornton: morning
04:53 AM gloops: might pay to make some soft covers for chuck jaws some time, from ally or whatever
04:55 AM XXCoder: yo
04:55 AM MarcelineVQ: gloops: they also look nice, it's like sweaters for your chuck
05:10 AM gloops: yeah should have a set really
05:17 AM pink_vampire: scrap
05:17 AM pink_vampire: i killed it
05:17 AM XXCoder: doh what happened
05:17 AM MarcelineVQ: busted cutting the thin end?
05:19 AM pink_vampire: just got mesmerised by the large chips and go 21mm instead of 17mm
05:19 AM MarcelineVQ: ah, well, now you can practice brazing :D
05:20 AM MarcelineVQ: $90 in brazing supplies later... "nah, I'll just cut a new one"
05:21 AM pink_vampire: i will try finish it
05:21 AM pink_vampire: just for practice
05:22 AM pink_vampire: BTW this is my first mistake on the lathe
05:22 AM MarcelineVQ: Most people's first mistake involves crashing sounds and things in the air that don't belong in the air, so you're doing better than average
05:23 AM pink_vampire: the cut is fine, is just 4 mm deeper
05:24 AM MarcelineVQ: is that 8 off the dia or 4 off the dia?
05:24 AM pink_vampire: 8 off from the side
05:24 AM pink_vampire: 4**
05:25 AM MarcelineVQ: 4 off the radius? so it's now 8mm small overall?
05:26 AM MarcelineVQ: Just wondering because if it's just 4 overall you can probably get away with a hose clamp and still use it
05:26 AM pink_vampire: the part that the hose clamp hug is 17mm instead of 21mm, the part become shorter
05:27 AM MarcelineVQ: oh the length is 4mm short ok
05:27 AM gloops: at least youve still got all your fingers and both eyes
05:28 AM pink_vampire: lol yeah
05:29 AM pink_vampire: I need a cnc lathe
05:31 AM gloops: still plenty of scrap to be made with one of those lol
05:33 AM pink_vampire: https://imgur.com/gallery/b0DFDwG
05:35 AM XXCoder: second one car disco lol
05:35 AM MarcelineVQ: what the fuck is that sludge coming out of the rad cap
05:35 AM XXCoder: oil and coolant
05:35 AM MarcelineVQ: It's like someone hid their pudding in there so the kids wouldn't get it
05:36 AM pink_vampire: my GF killed a car by adding the windshield fluid to the oil
05:41 AM XXCoder: jeez lol
05:42 AM XXCoder: some of those car with water in weird places im pretty sure are flood cars
05:42 AM XXCoder: insurance covered those so they get car nove it far away from flood site and resell it hiding the fact that car was in flood
05:43 AM pink_vampire: she didn't got anything
05:45 AM XXCoder: #17 more disco lol
05:46 AM gloops: looks like water leak internally, head gasket maybe
05:46 AM XXCoder: yeah though some of those water ones is impossible
05:46 AM XXCoder: so likely flood car
05:46 AM XXCoder: like from tires
05:48 AM XXCoder: #21 wow! dont look like never changed oil ever
05:50 AM BitEvil is now known as SpeedEvil
05:51 AM MarcelineVQ: water in tires isn't that uncommon, if you always top up from a moist air tank, not as much as in that vid though haha. sometimes offroaders put water in the tires to lower the vehicle center of gravity, not that it helps too much with most tire sizes
05:51 AM MarcelineVQ: It's more of a thing you'd see in tractors and such, large tires can serve as ballasts when filled with water
05:52 AM gloops: father in law had head gasket go, which he changed against my advice, was funny at the time the engine just became a foam making machine, every hose you pulled off was just pumping gunk out
05:54 AM gloops: about 6 cans of oil and engine flush later he realised it was a bad move
05:54 AM XXCoder: lol
06:05 AM jthornton: tractors don't use water in the tires anymore... alcohol is used now
06:08 AM MarcelineVQ: Well you have a mix of some kind, don't want exploded tires. that used to be calcium chloride, I'd be inclined to use an antifreeze of some kind
06:08 AM XXCoder: jthornton: tire booze lol
06:09 AM jthornton: yea the calcium chloride was too corrosive and would eat the rims even through the tubes
06:11 AM huibuuh: Hey hou, can someone help me with buying a CNC? I'm not sure if I can use LinuxCNC with this one:
06:11 AM huibuuh: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-6040-3-Axis-Desktop-CNC-Router-Engraver-Milling-Machine-Engraving-Drilling/232740909280?epid=10018304911&hash=item36307070e0:g:yUEAAOSwR8pbvF0g:rk:4:pf:0
06:13 AM jthornton: look for one without the mach crap controller
06:13 AM XXCoder: theres cheaper ones
06:14 AM XXCoder: even with crap controller you can throw away and build better
06:14 AM XXCoder: hmm those has encoders
06:22 AM huibuuh: hmmm, I don't understand :D
06:24 AM huibuuh: Isn't mach on my computer?
06:36 AM huibuuh: XXCoder what do you mean with "those has encoders"?
06:41 AM XXCoder: steppers all have positional senses
06:41 AM XXCoder: sensor
06:42 AM XXCoder: so its bit more fancy, but you could still use em with some other hardware so you can use linuxcnc
06:43 AM huibuuh: so when I get that machine I have to buy something extra to run it with lunix cnc?
06:43 AM huibuuh: linux* lol
06:44 AM XXCoder: " Mach 3 software is simple and intelligent" LOL
06:46 AM XXCoder: it says emc2 supported so linuxcnc can run it I guess
06:47 AM Deejay: RIP emc2
06:47 AM huibuuh: cool, thank you
06:47 AM huibuuh: so LinuxCNC is emc2 compatible?
06:47 AM Deejay: linuxcnc is emc2 ;)
06:47 AM XXCoder: indeed
06:47 AM huibuuh: oh, lol
06:48 AM XXCoder: old name, changed by lawsuit of some kind
06:48 AM huibuuh: I was searching for "parallel" because I read LinuxCNC can't do USB because USB is shit in terms of real time
06:48 AM huibuuh: but was unsure if it would actually work
06:49 AM huibuuh: thanks XXCoder, looks like I'm soon gonna have a CNC :P
06:49 AM XXCoder: usb is not realtime, but may work well anyway
06:51 AM huibuuh: hmmmm, well then I wouldn't have to build a new PC, I think I'm gonna try and see if I need parallel
06:59 AM jthornton: to test your PC download the LiveCD and boot from it then test your latency
07:00 AM jthornton: wow Monique really needed to get to the nest box the door was only open an inch and she put her head under it and lifted it enough to get out and dashed over to the nest box
07:01 AM huibuuh: jthornton yeah will do that
07:02 AM XXCoder: lol
07:04 AM gloops: if it runs mach3 it must use a PC - so should just be able to install linuxcnc instead
07:04 AM gloops: what you dont want is the ones with their own built in controller
07:06 AM jthornton: wow my pip package installs lol
07:08 AM XXCoder: hey jt how goes your linuxcnc-tools or whatever?
07:08 AM jthornton: I've been working on my new chicken pop door lol... it's working nice and opens and closes when it should
07:09 AM jthornton: wow that didn't take Monique long to lay that egg
07:10 AM XXCoder: probably in hurry
07:10 AM jthornton: I glad she didn't lay it from the roost
07:18 AM miss0r: You know that feeling, when you just want to do something with old computer hardware? :)
07:19 AM MarcelineVQ: like emulate gameboy on a 386
07:20 AM miss0r: Something like that.. :) I'm looking at a 286 I have stored away under my desk here. I think I will try to make it live
07:22 AM miss0r: ha... its a 386
07:22 AM miss0r: AM386 DX/DXL-40
07:22 AM miss0r: neat
07:22 AM jthornton: my VMC has a 386 with the math chip
07:23 AM miss0r: nice. You know my VMC has a computer alot slower than that ;P
07:23 AM miss0r: Sadlt, this 386 here does not have a co processor
07:24 AM miss0r: TO THE LAP! :P
07:25 AM miss0r: also, I found something quite cute! :D
07:25 AM miss0r: A wifi to model converter. So I can attach my olden hardware to the network
07:25 AM miss0r: model=modem
07:41 AM gloops: bandsaw blade in post, just need to bodge some tyres on the wheels and check the motor out again before blade arrives
10:33 AM skunkworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYj388Q5zm0
10:47 AM -!- #linuxcnc mode set to +v by ChanServ
10:47 AM cradek: I like the time lapse. I don't know about the music.
10:49 AM Rab: Intro really adds some pathos, I was expecting to see the machine tipped off the forklift.
10:51 AM SpeedEvil: Real life Klaus
11:17 AM skunkworks: cradek: didn't have the volume up.. sorry
11:59 AM fragalot: Hey
12:01 PM diverdude: Anybody with some experience in linux and serial communication interested in earning some extra money by helping me getting communications up and working with this translation stage? https://www.thorlabs.com/thorproduct.cfm?partnumber=KMTS25E/M It needs to be able to home, move absolute and relative in 2 directions and give position. Should be on linux. Have manual describing protocol. 60USD/hr - price negotiable depending on hour estimate
12:04 PM fragalot: there appears to be zero documentation on the low level serial protocol
12:04 PM diverdude: fragalot: there is a 367 page document
12:05 PM fragalot: couldn't find that on the linked page :)
12:05 PM fragalot: got a link to that?
12:05 PM Rab: diverdude, will you retain ownership of any driver framework, or could it be contributed to LinuxCNC or otherwise made public?
12:05 PM diverdude: I think because you need to be logged in. I can give you the link
12:06 PM diverdude: Rab: Could be made public....i dont mind if its public
12:06 PM fragalot: does your boss mind? :P
12:06 PM diverdude: fragalot: im my boss :)
12:06 PM diverdude: fragalot: its for me hehe
12:06 PM diverdude: fragalot: bought the damn thing myself :D
12:06 PM fragalot: had to ask :)
12:06 PM Rab: diverdude, cool, I don't have time for the effort but I wish you luck.
12:07 PM diverdude: ofc
12:08 PM diverdude: Rab: heh ok....i hope somebody can help out on this. I did manage to make it work once using libftdi...but then something happened (i must have upgraded something) and now its not working anymore
12:08 PM fragalot: ftdi was notorious for bricking "non-authentic" devices a while back
12:09 PM diverdude: The problem with these things is that all the companies only write windoze code :/ If you are a linux user there is no help to get
12:10 PM diverdude: fragalot: ok - so what does that mean?
12:10 PM fragalot: if you had an ftdi clone chip in the device you had, and you connected it to a windows computer using the driver from ftdi, it would brick your device instantly
12:10 PM Rab: Yeah, I have a stash of various serial and ethernet servo drives with Windows-only support, software being hefty payware or just unobtainable...back burner projects, where the protocol is documented.
12:11 PM diverdude: ok - brick means not working?
12:11 PM fragalot: diverdude: brick means destroy the device
12:11 PM diverdude: ohhhhhh
12:11 PM diverdude: thats bad
12:11 PM fragalot: https://www.zdnet.com/article/ftdi-admits-to-bricking-innocent-users-chips-in-silent-update/
12:11 PM diverdude: but this is original ftdi i think....it was pretty expensive
12:12 PM diverdude: think i paid 1400 EUR or something for it
12:12 PM fragalot: yeah this bricking thing was ages ago :)
12:12 PM Rab: https://hackaday.com/2014/10/22/watch-that-windows-update-ftdi-drivers-are-killing-fake-chips/ https://hackaday.com/2016/02/01/ftdi-drivers-break-fake-chips-again/
12:12 PM fragalot: ha I didn't know it happened twice :)
12:12 PM Rab: diverdude, oh, the FTDI chipset is integrated into the controller?
12:12 PM diverdude: Rab: yes
12:12 PM Rab: Probably less likelyhood of fake...one would hope.
12:13 PM diverdude: i have tried it on windows already...it works fine
12:13 PM Rab: There were a few reports of fake chips making it into ordinarily reliable supply chains.
12:13 PM fragalot: Rab: yea that was fun :D
12:13 PM diverdude: but it does not work on linux :(
12:14 PM diverdude: it should
12:14 PM Rab: OK, that should rules out fake chip.
12:14 PM diverdude: but i dont know how to communicate with it
12:15 PM Rab: diverdude, does the controller act as a simple serial device, or does it use extended FTDI chipset functions?
12:15 PM diverdude: Rab: hmm i think it can do both actually
12:15 PM Rab: Some of those FTDI chips can do bitbanging or other stuff.
12:16 PM diverdude: hmm how can i share this PDF document
12:17 PM Rab: Have you tried recording simple movements with Windows USB snooping software?
12:18 PM Rab: diverdude, maybe Google Drive.
12:19 PM Rab: Or I guess Dropbox has a free account.
12:20 PM diverdude: here: https://bit.ly/2Q0vJzX
12:23 PM Rab: Mirrored: http://reboots.g-cipher.net/APT_Communications_Protocol.pdf
12:26 PM diverdude: so should be possible on normal serial right?
12:26 PM fragalot: I don't see anything too weird at a first glance
12:31 PM Rab: diverdude, looks like it. You said you had this working before, how were you interacting with it? LinuxCNC with a translation layer, or some other control software?
12:33 PM Rab: It seems like you could test the controller just by sending bytes to the serial device, e.g. MGMSG_MOD_IDENTIFY.
12:33 PM diverdude: Using this library: https://gitlab.com/weinshec/pyAPT
12:33 PM Rab: Oh, wow.
12:33 PM fragalot: job done :D
12:35 PM diverdude: but its not working for some reason....when i connect first time its working ok. Then i close connection....and then i cannot connect anymore - i cannot even manually jog...i have to completely take out power and then connect power again before its back alive
12:36 PM Rab: diverdude, this is all important information.
12:37 PM Rab: Maybe it's something simple like new version pylibftdi not releasing the device properly?
12:38 PM fragalot: looks ike the library does not send an FTDI reset, like the one mentioned at the start page 28 of the serial manual
12:38 PM diverdude: Rab: i have tried connecting it to my raspberry pi 3b+ now. Its identified there and connected to /dev/ttyUSB0
12:38 PM diverdude: fragalot: i see - interesting....but so strange that it was working a few months ago
12:39 PM fragalot: diverdude: line 63, controller.py
12:39 PM fragalot: # skipping reset part since it looks like pylibftdi does it already
12:39 PM fragalot: perhaps pylibftdi updated and no longer does it
12:39 PM Rab: diverdude, I like the idea of avoiding libftdi entirely and just using pyserial or something, but since this person has done all the work it only makes sense to take advantage of it.
12:40 PM Rab: CaptHindsight, beep
12:40 PM CaptHindsight: honk honk
12:41 PM diverdude: Rab: yeah that was my thought as well....would be really nice to have just clean understandable low level serial communication since this ftdi stuff does not work properly
12:41 PM Rab: CaptHindsight, I was wondering about thermal dissipation of that powerSTEP01 thing...lemme find my query
12:41 PM diverdude: fragalot: do you know what needs to be changed in that library to make it work then?
12:41 PM CaptHindsight: Rab: they don't post any that I could fine
12:42 PM CaptHindsight: just the low on resistance ~10mOhms
12:42 PM Rab: CaptHindsight, seems a little weird. The package seems obviously designed to heatsink through the PCB footprint, strange that they don't have layout recs.
12:42 PM CaptHindsight: oh I saw the layout docs
12:42 PM CaptHindsight: very specific
12:43 PM fragalot: diverdude: I *think* line 63 should be this: self.fdll.ftdi_set_bitmode(byref(self.ctx), 0, BITMODE_RESET)
12:43 PM CaptHindsight: Rab: I think they are in the data sheet
12:43 PM fragalot: except self.fdll should be dev.ftdi_fn
12:44 PM Rab: CaptHindsight, I couldn't find anything in the datasheet. Of course there's a suggested footprint.
12:44 PM diverdude: fragalot: ok in which file?
12:44 PM fragalot: diverdude: controller.py
12:45 PM diverdude: ok, let me try
12:46 PM CaptHindsight: Rab: follow them and do not ask
12:47 PM Rab: CaptHindsight, yeah, but the footprint by itself won't dissipate any heat.
12:47 PM fragalot: diverdude: another example code seems to use this: dev.ftdi_fn.ftdi_set_bitmode(0, BITMODE_RESET) to reset the device to a known state
12:47 PM CaptHindsight: run the numbers, 10A, ~10mOhms, 80V max rms, not much resistance
12:48 PM Rab: I guess the obvious thing to do is copy the eval board layout.
12:48 PM CaptHindsight: Rab: I haven't looked at the pads vs the package, but 10A copper routes obviously on the outer layer do it
12:50 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.st.com/resource/en/data_brief/evlpowerstep01.pdf yeah, look at the layout
12:52 PM Rab: Yeah, was looking at gerbers for the nucleo board...pretty similar
12:53 PM CaptHindsight: heat travels out the corner pads to a wide copper area, you could add a heat spreader there
12:54 PM Rab: The nucleo shields apparently work fine stacked, it'd be interesting to know if active cooling is called for at some point.
12:55 PM fragalot: diverdud_: I don't dare ask: but.. did it work? :P
12:55 PM CaptHindsight: if they don't provide ant thermal number then you could use the eval board, measure temp vs power over time and see what to do to improve
12:55 PM CaptHindsight: ant/any
12:56 PM fragalot: I guess it didn't work
12:57 PM Rab: diverdude is jumping up and down so hard they can't stay connected.
12:59 PM diverdude: fragalot: sorry - i got disconnected
12:59 PM diverdude: fragalot: i have subclassed the controller like this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZvYQmPbnXb/
12:59 PM diverdude: so i am instantiating that class to communicate with the device
12:59 PM diverdude: hence, when i added the line you suggested to line 63 of the controller class i am getting ´object has no attribute 'fdll’
01:00 PM fragalot: diverdude: yeah it would do, that's why I corrected myself to dev.ftdi_fn.ftdi_set_bitmode(0, BITMODE_RESET)
01:00 PM diverdude: oh - i did not see that
01:00 PM diverdude: must have been while i was disconnected
01:01 PM fragalot: looks like it, you pinged out shortly after
01:02 PM diverdude: byref is not defined
01:02 PM diverdude: ack
01:02 PM diverdude: my bad
01:02 PM fragalot: xD
01:03 PM diverdude: BITMODE_RESET is not defined
01:04 PM fragalot: BITMODE_RESET = 0x00
01:04 PM fragalot: BITMODE_BITBANG = 0x01 -- which is the alternative option to set it to.. no idea what your device needzs
01:05 PM * fragalot stares blankly at that stray 'z'
01:05 PM fragalot: I really should see if there's any moisture damage on this keyboard or if it really is just a multiplexing issue because this is driving me nuts
01:05 PM diverdude: hehe
01:05 PM diverdude: i will try both
01:07 PM diverdude: ok, connected...its homing now
01:07 PM fragalot: which it did before, so that line didn't break anything
01:07 PM fragalot: which is good
01:07 PM fragalot: :D
01:08 PM diverdude: yeah...but i was able to do that be fore also
01:08 PM diverdude: now i closed connection and connected again...aaaand its hanging like before :/
01:08 PM fragalot: right, whilst it is hanging
01:08 PM fragalot: sudo dmesg | grep ttyUSB0
01:09 PM diverdude: ok
01:09 PM diverdude: hmm
01:10 PM diverdude: error from flowcontrol urb
01:11 PM diverdude: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/w4K9kGGC9D/
01:11 PM fragalot: I think there was a kernel issue with ftdi-sio
01:11 PM diverdude: fragalot: btw. its no longer connected to my raspberry pi - i moved it back over on my mint 19 machine
01:12 PM diverdude: fragalot: i see....that could very well be....because if my memory serves me correct (it often does not though) It worked on mint 18 and debian squeeze, but not when i installed mint 19
01:13 PM fragalot: I'd start looking there then rather than paying someone to program something that won't make it better :P
01:13 PM diverdude: fragalot: could that make sense?
01:13 PM diverdude: fragalot: but i guess if its raw serial commincation i will not have such issues right?
01:13 PM fragalot: it does
01:13 PM fragalot: I don't know
01:14 PM fragalot: it's still going through the ftdi chip...
01:14 PM diverdude: fragalot: do you know which kernel has issues with ftdi-sio ?
01:14 PM fragalot: No ideqa
01:15 PM * fragalot stares blankly at that stray 'q'
01:15 PM Rab: diverdude, tried emailing the pyAPT author?
01:15 PM diverdude: fragalot: hahahaha....thats actually quite funny :D
01:16 PM diverdude: Rab: no i have not tried that
01:16 PM fragalot: it seems that when I press keys too fast after one another, it throws a random other one in
01:16 PM CaptHindsight: Rab: 16mOhm gate resistance at 10A is only 1.6W, not much heat to dissipate
01:17 PM diverdude: But i guess my plan of trying this out on raspbian OS instead might make sense....i hope it has an older kernel then
01:17 PM fragalot: D+E+A = DEQA and E+D+S = EDZS :/
01:17 PM diverdude: fragalot: you are too fast my main. gotta slow down :)
01:17 PM Rab: CaptHindsight, noted.
01:17 PM diverdude: main = man
01:17 PM Rab: fragalot, are you using a Thinkpad?
01:18 PM fragalot: Rab: no, dell inspiron 15 5000 series
01:18 PM Rab: ahh
01:18 PM fragalot: only a few months old
01:18 PM Rab: Heard a similar complaint from fellow Thinkpad user, apparently an issue with the keyboard controller on certain newer models. I type slowly so it doesn't affect me.
01:18 PM fragalot: CaptHindsight: we have different opinions on what is "not a lot of heat to disspate" :P they add up!
01:19 PM fragalot: Rab: could be that we've got the same controller
01:19 PM fragalot: they're all made in china by the same company in the end anyway these days
01:19 PM Rab: rite
01:19 PM {HD}: XXCoder: hey. Last night were we talking about interval or jitter?
01:20 PM CaptHindsight: Rab: if you put those right on the back of the stepper motor I'd get fancy with coupling those traces to the heatsink enclosure
01:20 PM fragalot: diverdude: supposedly you can replace the ftdi_sio kernel module with libftdi .. don't quote me on that, and don't ask me how.
01:21 PM diverdude: my mint 19 runs kernel 4.15.0-generic and my raspberry runs 4.14.71-v7+ So it could actually be that it works on my raspberry if fragalot is right about the ftdi-issue in some kernel version
01:21 PM CaptHindsight: fragalot: maybe :) , 200W from a 2 x 2cm package was pretty common for me
01:21 PM diverdude: fragalot: hmm ok....i already ran sudo-apt-get install libftdi1
01:21 PM fragalot: CaptHindsight: :D
01:21 PM diverdude: fragalot: did that a while ago
01:22 PM fragalot: diverdude: still need to disable ftdi_sio I think
01:22 PM diverdude: fragalot: hmm i see
01:23 PM CaptHindsight: fragalot: I was at some design conference maybe 15 years ago. I sat through some demo of how they did the thermal management for an embedded computer in a military tank....
01:23 PM diverdude: fragalot: hmm some fellow on stackoverflow wrote: " I started using pylibftdi which is based on libftdi and it's not sensitive to ftdi_sio."
01:24 PM CaptHindsight: they went over all the number for convection, conduction and radiated heat transfer...
01:24 PM fragalot: CaptHindsight: and then they put it in the crude oil fuel tank? :P
01:25 PM CaptHindsight: at the end of the session i asked them why they didn't just flood the enclosure with coolant...
01:25 PM diverdude: Rab: you said i could just send a serial command to it and get a response. What should I send to try that?
01:25 PM fragalot: CaptHindsight: because it would leak if it got shot?
01:26 PM CaptHindsight: they look surprised and puzzled, wrote the suggestion down and ended the session
01:26 PM fragalot: lol
01:27 PM gloops: there was no aircon in Rommels day
01:27 PM fragalot: we try to make our controllers so that no additional coolant is required whenever possible.. granted, we're only dealing with switching 480W of inductive loads at 10kHz or so
01:28 PM CaptHindsight: if tanks in WWII had computers in them the heat from the tubes would have kept the crew warm on cold nights
01:28 PM gloops: same with Montys crews, when it got too hot you just undid your top button
01:29 PM fragalot: CaptHindsight: if you could make it boil tea the brits would be all over that as a solution
01:29 PM CaptHindsight: fragalot: yeah, coolant leaks, fans get jammed with dust etc etc
01:29 PM fragalot: CaptHindsight: that and those solutions cost money, passive cooling without heatsinks doesn't :D
01:30 PM Rab: diverdude, maybe MGMSG_MOD_IDENTIFY on pp.39? 0x23 0x02 0x01 0x00 0x11 0x01
01:30 PM Rab: If successfull, I guess the light on the controller will flash.
01:32 PM diverdude: Rab: how can i quickly test that in a terminal?
01:32 PM Rab: Or maybe that's for a different controller (BSC103). You might have to play with the last two bytes.
01:34 PM Rab: diverdude, maybe small ser.write script?
01:34 PM diverdude: Rab: you mean using pyserial?
01:34 PM Rab: diverdude, yeah
01:37 PM diverdude: Rab: using baudrate 115200 right?
01:38 PM Rab: diverdude, looks like it, according to the protocol doc.
01:40 PM diverdude: Rab: ok i tried doing it - no response back
01:43 PM laminae_: Hey guys, i'm stocking up on endmills for aluminum, since my old machine was not nearly rigid enough i didn't waste money on good endmills, what are you go to endmils for aluminum? i'm looking for a few 1/4in flat downcut and 1/8 and the same in ball nose
01:44 PM diverdude: Rab: fragalot this is my small test script (python3) http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bvW5pm2rB6
01:44 PM diverdude: it just waits for something back but nothing comes
01:45 PM fragalot: I don't think it's supposed to
01:46 PM fragalot: typically an identify command makes a little LED blink on the driver
01:46 PM fragalot: but I haven't read the manual, so no idea :-)
01:46 PM CaptHindsight: laminae_: http://www.harveytool.com/prod/High-Helix-End-Mills-for-Aluminum-Alloys---45--Helix---Square_61.aspx
01:47 PM fragalot: I wish I could find a local equivalent of harvey - they make really neat stuff
01:47 PM laminae_: Thanks!
01:47 PM CaptHindsight: laminae_: https://www.maritool.com/Cutting-Tools-End-Mills-Finishers-Square-End/c78_79_80/index.html
01:48 PM CaptHindsight: ^^ the 2 and 3 flute
01:49 PM laminae_: Wow, those are much more affordable than i expected
01:50 PM Rab: diverdude, what fragalot said
01:50 PM fragalot: oh my god what are those sizes
01:50 PM fragalot: 29/64
01:51 PM fragalot: at what point do you go to the decimal system?
01:51 PM CaptHindsight: uhmerican sizes!
01:51 PM Rab: laminae_, I use this guy: https://www.ebay.com/str/carbideplus
01:51 PM diverdude: Rab: fragalot something is interesting though...when i send S.write(b'\x23\x02\x01\x00\x11\x01') it also hangs it up completely, just like when doing the ftdi with pyAPT
01:52 PM fragalot: what does dmesg say
01:53 PM fragalot: I'm thinking something messes up, and the device can't handle a partial message correctly
01:54 PM CaptHindsight: Made in the USA https://www.shars.com/products/cutting/end-mills?to_be_used_on=aluminum
01:54 PM diverdude: fragalot: nothing interesting in dmesg it seems
01:54 PM laminae_: How significant is the performance from uncoated to coated tiain, tin etc when cutting almunim?
01:55 PM fragalot: uncoated is preferable
01:55 PM fragalot: aluminium likes to stick to tiain
01:55 PM fragalot: (in my experience)
01:55 PM laminae_: Ah, i thought it was the opposite, good to know
01:55 PM diverdude: fragalot: this is whats in dmesg since i connected it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/g2jvVQgyxG/
01:55 PM CaptHindsight: laminae_: watch your feeds and speeds, too hot tends to make alu stick as well
01:56 PM fragalot: diverdude: could be that the ftdi_sio module is still handling it
01:56 PM fragalot: diverdude: try unloading that kernel module & try again
01:57 PM CaptHindsight: laminae_: https://www.moldmakingtechnology.com/careers/selecting-a-carbide-end-mill-for-aluminum-applications
01:57 PM diverdude: fragalot: ok, how is that done?
01:57 PM fragalot: diverdude: no idea. been 12 years since I've last deqalt with that stuff
01:57 PM fragalot: d e a l t >.<
01:59 PM laminae_: so, this says 2 or three flute which is what i read earlier, is it fair to assume that chip evacuation is better on a 2 flute vs a 3 flute?
01:59 PM laminae_: Assuming the same depth of cut
01:59 PM diverdude: ok... how are problems like this normally solved ? :( I feel totally clueless.... the only thing i can think of which will give me a solution is to get a windows machine to be an intermediate communicator - and run a webserver on that windows machine that can talk with the translator. I can then call the windows machine from my linux machine via http
02:00 PM diverdude: which would be an insane solution :/
02:00 PM diverdude: but seems only possible solution
02:00 PM diverdude: translator = ftdi device
02:03 PM CaptHindsight: fragalot: 64ths is usually the limit for fractions, we also use decimals as well as numbers and letters for drill sizes in addition to your mm only system :)
02:03 PM fragalot: diverdude: try sudo rmmod ftdi_sio (or something along those lines?)
02:03 PM fragalot: CaptHindsight: how do you live with yourselves? next you'll say that you use gauge sizes for sheet metal that have no relation to anything else
02:03 PM fragalot: or schedule for wall thickness
02:04 PM CaptHindsight: keeps things interesting
02:04 PM fragalot: unless if said walls are on square tubing, in which case it's inches again
02:04 PM CaptHindsight: just imagine how boring life would be with just mm or mm and decimals :)
02:05 PM CaptHindsight: and they don't teach this in engineering school
02:05 PM CaptHindsight: more on the job stuff
02:05 PM fragalot: at least you are consistent when it comes to liquids
02:05 PM CaptHindsight: if yah can't hack it maybe you should try accounting
02:06 PM CaptHindsight: same with software
02:06 PM fragalot: i've seen our american SAP/ERP/Whatever implementation
02:06 PM CaptHindsight: eleventy zillion ways to write something
02:06 PM fragalot: accounting is the LAST thing I want to do
02:06 PM fragalot: lol
02:09 PM CaptHindsight: why do we assign weights to leather? 2oz vs 5oz etc
02:09 PM CaptHindsight: or papers
02:10 PM fragalot: because the same thing is done to paper, but differently
02:10 PM CaptHindsight: 100lb paper stock
02:10 PM CaptHindsight: I don't want to pick up that sheet :)
02:11 PM CaptHindsight: AC cooling capacity in tons
02:11 PM fragalot: really?
02:11 PM CaptHindsight: I'd like 3 tons of electricity please
02:11 PM fragalot: here it's in BTU which is a unit I also do not understand
02:12 PM CaptHindsight: BTU's are fun
02:12 PM SpeedEvil: https://what-if.xkcd.com/140/ On three tons of electricity
02:14 PM CaptHindsight: 1 ton = 12,000 BTU's
02:15 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.energyvanguard.com/blog/55629/Why-Is-Air-Conditioner-Capacity-Measured-in-Tons
02:15 PM fragalot: I refuse to read that
02:15 PM cradek: ha
02:15 PM CaptHindsight: blame Andy or gloops for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_thermal_unit
02:18 PM fragalot: That too.
02:24 PM CaptHindsight: see if you can pass the classes here and actually build something that works then they know you studied on your own
02:26 PM gregcnc: who's ready for halloween? https://www.instagram.com/p/BphjJWYFCHk/
02:29 PM fragalot: gregcnc: as brilliant as that is, he should get a good talking to for pretending to work at a lathe that obviously has no stock in it
02:31 PM SpeedEvil: fragalot: https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/badstockphotosofmyjob?src=hash
02:31 PM fragalot: hehe. balance sheet.
02:32 PM fragalot: wait. why are these tweets dutch
02:32 PM fragalot: does twitter auto-translate?
02:32 PM SpeedEvil: dunno
02:36 PM Rab: CaptHindsight, paper weight is per ream of 500 sheets. Here's all about a ream: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Units_of_paper_quantity
02:37 PM Rab: Which I think just adds to the comedy.
02:38 PM Rab: Note that the article never mentions the dimensions of a "sheet".
02:38 PM CaptHindsight: would you rather work in a paper mill or a gin mill?
02:39 PM SpeedEvil: Puppy. (but taking good care of them)
02:40 PM fragalot: CaptHindsight: gin mills must be fun in the UK wfhere the word "unit" takes a whole new meaning
02:41 PM CaptHindsight: is twitter for twits?
02:42 PM Rab: CaptHindsight, depends on types and incidence of mortality. Although they probably both offer horrible ways to die.
02:43 PM Rab: If twitter is for twits, is git for gits?
02:45 PM cradek: Rab: not necessarily, but it was written by a git
02:46 PM cradek: that's how it got its name
02:51 PM andypugh: Says the man who wrote Touchy?
02:55 PM hazzy-m: lol
02:56 PM andypugh: (That’s actually mentioned in the Touchy manpage, ’tis deliberate AFAIK)
03:00 PM cradek: andypugh: all true
03:43 PM {HD}: I want to add a button “go home” to axis. Can I do that?
03:48 PM skunkworks: look at halui and MDI http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/gui/halui.html
03:49 PM {HD}: skunkworks: So looks like a “yes” just gotta add the correct code to config file...
03:49 PM skunkworks: then connect a buttion to halui.mdi-command-<nn>
03:55 PM Deejay: tell me how it works after you got it running ;)
03:56 PM {HD}: Sweet. I will try to figure that out tonight. Just stepped away from my machine to generate some new gcode.
04:04 PM skunkworks: I would do a G0G53xyz (where you want to go in machine coordinates..)
04:13 PM Tom_L: i would do Z first
04:13 PM Tom_L: then X & Y an anything else
04:29 PM JT-Shop: {HD}: that's pretty easy to do one line in the ini and a couple of lines in the xml file I can get you an example if you need it
04:30 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/configs/NEW_MILL/
04:30 PM Tom_L: mine is in the ini and probably postgui.hal
04:36 PM {HD}: Wow thanks people. I haven’t done any custom stuff yet. Only stepconf wizard.
04:36 PM {HD}: Getting into the config files is a bit intimidating...
04:42 PM JT-Shop: {HD}: at some point you have to ween off the wizard!
04:42 PM JT-Shop: do you know where your configuration files are?
04:44 PM {HD}: They are in the “my-mill” folder on my desktop(shortcut)!
04:44 PM {HD}: Alright I am back at machine
04:45 PM Deejay: gn8
04:46 PM JT-Shop: well no they will be in ~/linuxcnc/configs/name_of_your configuration
04:46 PM JT-Shop: you may have a symlink as well from the wizard
04:47 PM {HD}: Right symlink=shortcut...
04:51 PM {HD}: I see the [halui] code setting up command 0 in Tom_L’s files.
04:51 PM {HD}: But work zero
04:52 PM JT-Shop: should be MDI_COMMAND G53 G0 X0 Y0 Z0 or similar then you need a button connected to that, a PyVCP button is the easy way
04:55 PM {HD}: JT-Shop: look at Tom_L s files. Is that about what I want. I do like hitting z0 first the x0&y0 at the same time.
04:55 PM {HD}: I don’t see where Tom_L sets up pyvcp.but
04:57 PM JT-Shop: I don't see a rapid to machine home in tom's file unless they subroutine does that
04:57 PM JT-Shop: he may have a physical button
04:59 PM {HD}: Oh man! Physical buttons would be sweet!
05:00 PM JT-Shop: best to start simple then work up to complex, if you have a spare input that is easy as well
05:01 PM {HD}: I currently have 6 spare inputs! And I do have another parport breakout somewhere.
05:02 PM andypugh: You can test things now from the command line: halcmd setp halui.mdi−command−00 1
05:02 PM andypugh: halcmd setp halui.mdi−command−00 0
05:02 PM JT-Shop: you just need one input for a rapid to home unless you want more like rapid to Z0 then XY0 that needs a subroutine
05:02 PM andypugh: To toggle the mdi-command pin
05:02 PM {HD}: JT-Shop: “MDI_COMMAND = G53 G0 Z0”
05:03 PM {HD}: ?
05:03 PM {HD}: Where do I put that?
05:03 PM {HD}: In .ini
05:03 PM JT-Shop: yea that sends the Z axis to the home position no mater what
05:03 PM JT-Shop: [HALUI]
05:03 PM JT-Shop: MDI_COMMAND = G53 G0 X0 Y0 Z0
05:03 PM {HD}: Under [HALUI]?
05:03 PM JT-Shop: yea
05:03 PM JT-Shop: be back in a bit gotta take care of the chickens
05:04 PM {HD}: Right I want to do z first then x&y
05:05 PM Tom_itx: well that was the wrong button
05:05 PM infornography: yummy yummy chickens
05:05 PM Tom_itx: i may have forgotten to post the subroutine there
05:09 PM Tom_itx: mine is set up to go to work zero, not machine zero but the idea is the same
05:10 PM Tom_itx: o<work_zero> sub
05:10 PM Tom_itx: G90
05:10 PM Tom_itx: G0 Z0
05:10 PM Tom_itx: G0 X0 Y0
05:10 PM Tom_itx: o<work_zero> endsub
05:10 PM Tom_itx: m2
05:10 PM {HD}: Tom_itx: I think having a work zero button is also a good idea.
05:10 PM Tom_itx: that's all it is though
05:10 PM Tom_itx: i posted it in that dir now as well
05:11 PM {HD}: Tom_itx: and how do you link that to the gui?
05:11 PM Tom_itx: look at display.xml
05:12 PM {HD}: Ohh! I thought you said it was in post.hal
05:12 PM Tom_itx: part of it is
05:12 PM Tom_itx: i think
05:12 PM Tom_itx: and the main .ini
05:13 PM Tom_itx: [HALUI]
05:13 PM Tom_itx: MDI_COMMAND = O<work_zero> call
05:13 PM Tom_itx: MDI_COMMAND = G10 L20 P1 X0
05:13 PM Tom_itx: MDI_COMMAND = G10 L20 P1 Y0
05:13 PM Tom_itx: MDI_COMMAND = G10 L20 P1 Z0
05:14 PM Tom_itx: those are for setting the offsets
05:14 PM Tom_itx: the sub is to send it to the zero work offset
05:15 PM Tom_itx: change the sub to some other Gcode of your choice if you want to
05:16 PM {HD}: Whats the difference between sub endsub and call?
05:17 PM Tom_itx: sub and endsub define the boundaries of the subroutine as you see in work_zero.ngc
05:18 PM Tom_itx: call is used in the main code to call it
05:18 PM {HD}: https://i.imgur.com/63eufHO.jpg
05:18 PM Tom_itx: the filename and 'o' word need to be the same
05:18 PM skunkworks: o not 0
05:19 PM Tom_itx: that doesn't quite look right to me HD
05:19 PM Tom_itx: skunkworks your opinion?
05:19 PM Tom_itx: the MDI_COMMAND are for single line commands
05:19 PM Tom_itx: you would define the sub in a separate .ngc file
05:20 PM skunkworks: right - not like toms - you need a ngc file with the first one
05:20 PM Tom_itx: and they are called in the order they are listed
05:20 PM skunkworks: *like tims
05:20 PM skunkworks: toms
05:20 PM Tom_itx: or fred
05:20 PM skunkworks: george
05:21 PM Tom_itx: the 2 G53 lines will execute but not quite like you think
05:21 PM Tom_itx: the other 2 are wrong
05:24 PM skunkworks: each mdi line corisponds to a hal pin that you activate
05:24 PM {HD}: https://i.imgur.com/HwEJCJf.jpg
05:25 PM {HD}: I don’t have an existing.cml
05:25 PM Tom_itx: better
05:25 PM {HD}: Xml*
05:25 PM Tom_itx: you will
05:25 PM Tom_itx: you'll have to hand write it
05:26 PM Tom_itx: that's what displays the widgets on the screen
05:26 PM Tom_itx: and you make hooks to them there and define what they do in the .ini or other .hal file
05:27 PM {HD}: Wow. I am glad I only have to do this once.
05:27 PM Tom_itx: take one of my buttons and follow it back to the hal or ini file and you'll get the idea how it works
05:27 PM Tom_itx: the different widgets are in the help docs
05:28 PM Tom_itx: with examples
05:29 PM Tom_itx: in the postgui.hal file:
05:29 PM Tom_itx: # Fixture Offset Code
05:29 PM Tom_itx: net x-fixture pyvcp.x-touchoff => halui.mdi-command-01
05:29 PM Tom_itx: net y-fixture pyvcp.y-touchoff => halui.mdi-command-02
05:29 PM Tom_itx: net z-fixture pyvcp.z-touchoff => halui.mdi-command-03
05:29 PM Tom_itx: hooks to those commands you defined in the .ini
05:29 PM Tom_itx: [HALUI]
05:29 PM Tom_itx: MDI_COMMAND = O<work_zero> call
05:29 PM Tom_itx: MDI_COMMAND = G10 L20 P1 X0
05:29 PM Tom_itx: MDI_COMMAND = G10 L20 P1 Y0
05:29 PM Tom_itx: MDI_COMMAND = G10 L20 P1 Z0
05:30 PM Tom_itx: then the x-fixture will be called in my display.xml
05:30 PM Tom_itx: etc
05:31 PM jthornton: {HD}: can you zip up your config and post it somewhere?
05:31 PM Tom_itx: i believe the MDI_COMMAND starts count at 0
05:32 PM jthornton: also instead of screenshots use paste.ubuntu.com
05:33 PM {HD}: jthornton: I would like to do all those things but I am limited in my current environment as I have no network out here. Just 4g...
05:33 PM jthornton: Tom_itx: you may be overloading him with information
05:33 PM Tom_itx: maybe but it takes all the steps to make the button work
05:34 PM jthornton: make a copy and bring it inside then post them?
05:35 PM jthornton: for a physical button it's two lines added to the configuration, the halui and the hal
05:35 PM {HD}: jthornton: let me go through these help docs and see if I can find it.
05:36 PM jthornton: are you going to do a PyVCP button to start with?
05:36 PM jthornton: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/gui/pyvcp-examples.html#_rapid_to_home_button
05:37 PM jthornton: there is your example!
05:37 PM jthornton: I thought I did an example of that
05:37 PM Tom_itx: that's just too easy :)
05:38 PM jthornton: I like easy
05:38 PM {HD}: Let me click it
05:38 PM Tom_itx: https://www.staples-3p.com/s7/is/image/Staples/s0105150_sc7?wid=512&hei=512
05:39 PM * jthornton wanders back to the chicken yard
05:39 PM Tom_itx: did you get your door fixed?
05:39 PM {HD}: Haha
05:39 PM jthornton: fixed? it was never broken...
05:40 PM Tom_itx: well you were working on something...
05:41 PM Tom_itx: you got a gear motor for something recently..
05:41 PM {HD}: Those examples are not in the OSes docs
05:42 PM Tom_itx: you pay for and get top tier support here :D
05:44 PM {HD}: 👍
05:49 PM {HD}: In the postgui.hal is it .mdi-command-00 because its the first in the list?
05:50 PM jthornton: yes, and what docs are you referring to?
05:51 PM jthornton: Tom_itx: yes I'm building a new chicken pop door for the shed and it's working very nice
05:51 PM jthornton: I got the other gear motor today along with the lock as well
05:53 PM {HD}: https://i.imgur.com/XlJea9U.jpg
05:54 PM jthornton: looks right to me where did you put the subroutine file?
05:54 PM {HD}: I am getting air “custom_postgui.hal:6: Pin ‘ Halui.mdi-command-00’ does not exist
05:54 PM {HD}: S/air/error
05:55 PM {HD}: The .ngc is save in my configs file
05:55 PM {HD}: Folder*
05:55 PM jthornton: the .ngc file must be in either the nc_files directory or a directory on the search path which I assume you have not configured yet
05:56 PM jthornton: you also have to restart LinuxCNC after adding a subroutine file
05:56 PM jthornton: and after making any changes to the configuration
05:57 PM {HD}: jthornton: like reboot the computer? I will move the .ngc to nc_files
05:57 PM jthornton: no, just restart LinuxCNC
05:58 PM jthornton: also did you add the .xml file to the display section?
05:59 PM {HD}: Yes display.xml is added to the [display] section
06:01 PM {HD}: Arg! I am going to go grab a usb drive.
06:01 PM jthornton: why?
06:07 PM {HD}: https://github.com/a7hybnj2/LinuxCNC_Config/tree/master/181029_1901/linuxcnc
06:08 PM {HD}: Still getting some error
06:08 PM jthornton: what error?
06:09 PM {HD}: The same one I quoted earlier ^
06:09 PM {HD}: Pin doesn’t exist
06:11 PM jthornton: comment out that line then run your configuration and in axis show hal configuration to see the pin names
06:12 PM jthornton: I don't have a parallel port on this pc so I can't run the configuration
06:13 PM {HD}: https://i.imgur.com/Vikx7Gx.jpg this?
06:13 PM jthornton: yes you can check for spelling errors by viewing the pins
06:13 PM jthornton: hmm I don't see halui
06:14 PM {HD}: [HALUI] is under [HAL] in the .ini
06:15 PM {HD}: I have comments near it
06:15 PM jthornton: no your missing HALUI = halui in the [HAL] section
06:15 PM jthornton: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/gui/halui.html
06:16 PM jthornton: so my example is missing a step I see :(
06:16 PM * jthornton goes to lock up the chickens for the night and call it a night
06:18 PM {HD}: jthornton: it works!
06:20 PM jthornton: yippie! now the sky is the limit
06:20 PM jthornton: see you later
06:23 PM {HD}: I have already been reading about hooking up this huanyang vfd to the halui.
06:23 PM {HD}: Thanks everyone that helped!
06:26 PM andypugh: This might be hard to resist
06:26 PM andypugh: https://www.aldi.co.uk/workzone-240v-portable-bandsaw/p/086075229503400
06:32 PM jthornton: interesting a portable bandsaw with a vise
06:33 PM andypugh: You can unbolt from the base for hand-held use
06:34 PM andypugh: I saw it on eBay for £220 and was about to buy one (payday tomorrow, and the account looks healthy) but did a quick web search…. Glad I did.
06:35 PM SpeedEvil: I am unsure I don't have enough saws.
06:35 PM SpeedEvil: :)
06:35 PM andypugh: No more: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1YFQnPiHVmw1ttcx8
06:36 PM SpeedEvil: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Evolution-FURY6-Multipurpose-Table-Mitre/dp/B00E15ZJJ2 just got on ebay, which is a fucking odd device.
06:36 PM SpeedEvil: Seems to work OK though
06:37 PM SpeedEvil: It is not a fine woodworking tool, but it was bought to a large degree to be cutting up stuff to dispose of.
06:38 PM andypugh: The Evolution saws seem pretty good from what I have seen.
06:38 PM SpeedEvil: Indeed.
06:41 PM skunkworks: andypugh: that portable bandsaw has the capacity you need?
06:41 PM andypugh: 127mm. Yes, should do most of what I need.
06:42 PM andypugh: (It would _just_ do the bar in that photo.
06:51 PM SpeedEvil: andypugh: how did that work?
06:51 PM andypugh: What?
06:51 PM SpeedEvil: andypugh: the hacksaw
06:51 PM andypugh: Slowly.
06:51 PM SpeedEvil: :)
07:19 PM {HD}: I know this has nothing to do with Linux CNC but
07:19 PM {HD}: I started “notes“ in now it starts every time my computer starts.
07:19 PM {HD}: I don’t see a way to permanently exit.
07:35 PM andypugh: I _think_ that if you exit the app and then wait long enough before shutting down it won’t re-open.
07:36 PM andypugh: It bugs me too that apps I close before shutting down re-open automatically.
07:37 PM CaptHindsight: thats why distros should take votes for every feature...
07:37 PM CaptHindsight: then we would know who is too blame
07:42 PM {HD}: I certainly want to blame somebody.
07:57 PM {HD}: Do I want to learn fusion 360 and be tied to evil autodesk and the internet or use some foss thing or something completely different...?
08:06 PM MarcelineVQ: you're not tied, skills you learn there are transferable
08:26 PM {HD}: MarcelineVQ: well I have basic modeling skills already but I was using rhino and blender. I want to switch to something a bit more machinist oriented...
08:48 PM SpeedEvil: https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/ferrari-1400-h fun
08:48 PM SpeedEvil: Blender is ideal for designing machines that might need to grow fur at some point.
08:54 PM {HD}: SpeedEvil: I have played with blender but never took the time to fully learn it. I made my coffee and sprinkle donuts and moved on.
08:57 PM SpeedEvil: Indeed - it's largely orthogonal to actual 3d modeling of machines you might want to construct at many points.
08:57 PM SpeedEvil: Or at least has so many features that you will never want to use that it's spammy.
09:16 PM roycroft: i picked up a nice 600mm starrett square blade today
09:16 PM roycroft: it has a satin finish, but it's pretty well-worn, and is getting rather shiny in places
09:17 PM roycroft: i'd like to restore the satin finish at least somewhat
09:17 PM roycroft: any suggestions on a good way to do that?
09:19 PM Tom_itx: 3m pad maybe?
09:19 PM roycroft: that would probably just make it shinier, i should think
09:19 PM roycroft: it would make the finish more even but in the wrong direction
09:19 PM Tom_itx: 2500 or more grit paper
09:19 PM roycroft: that would make it very shiny
09:20 PM roycroft: blasting with find aluminium oxide is more what i'm thinking
09:20 PM Tom_itx: sand blast it :)
09:20 PM roycroft: i just need to protect the paint in the engravings
09:20 PM Tom_itx: why the need to change the way it looks?
09:20 PM roycroft: because it's hard to read when it's shiny
09:20 PM roycroft: that's why starrett offered a satin chrome finish in the ifrst place
09:21 PM roycroft: it's a purely functional thing
09:21 PM roycroft: and if i might make it worse i'd rather do nothing
09:44 PM CaptHindsight: is there an easy way to manually control 1 axis with a +/- button while a program is running?
09:44 PM {HD}: Rub paraffin into engraving sand blast it the. Melt out the wax
09:47 PM roycroft: i was considering some kind of filler for the engraving
09:47 PM {HD}: Or Polyethylene+paraffin wax.
09:47 PM roycroft: paraffin might work great for that
09:47 PM {HD}: I think they call it “machinists wax”
09:47 PM roycroft: i should probably take some scrap steel and practise the technique on that
09:48 PM roycroft: some of my other rules are starting to get a wee bit shiny
09:48 PM {HD}: Or maybe “machining wax” I don’t remember
09:48 PM roycroft: i've had some of them for decades
09:48 PM roycroft: and they do get used a lot
09:48 PM Tom_itx: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/pendant/pendant2.jpg
09:48 PM CaptHindsight: apply metal etch through a silk screen
09:48 PM roycroft: but the one i got today is worn way worse than any others that i ahve
09:48 PM Tom_itx: i used krylon paint on those
09:49 PM {HD}: I need a cheap one of those pulse generator things
09:50 PM Tom_itx: 20 bux
09:50 PM {HD}: Tom_itx: link?
09:50 PM roycroft: i have some sealing wax, which horologists use to fill the engraving on clock faces
09:50 PM Tom_itx: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-Manual-Pulse-Generator-MPG-4-Terminal-5V-60mm-for-engraving-handwheel/123279983497?hash=item1cb40f4389:g:IXQAAOSwX9FZJ~8i:rk:11:pf:0
09:51 PM {HD}: I wonder what the makeup of sealing wax is.
09:51 PM roycroft: i don't know
09:51 PM roycroft: but it gets pretty hard and brittle
09:52 PM Tom_itx: The proportion of chalk varied; coarser grades are used to seal wine bottles and fruit preserves, finer grades for documents. In some situations, such as large seals on public documents, beeswax was used. On occasion, sealing wax has historically been perfumed by ambergris, musk and other scents.
09:52 PM {HD}: Tom_itx: looks good but that would require a bit of extra work to get that to communicate with the computer.
09:52 PM {HD}: Unless like a arduino would be good wnough
09:53 PM Tom_itx: are you using a mesa card?
09:53 PM Tom_itx: direct interface if you are
09:53 PM roycroft: i doubt ambergris is used any more
09:53 PM {HD}: Whale goo
09:54 PM {HD}: Tom_itx: I am not currently using a mesa. Someday maybe.
09:57 PM {HD}: Are these complete garbage? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202320679481
10:21 PM Tom_itx is now known as Tom_L
10:30 PM CaptHindsight: dunno the heidenhain I have are brutes
10:32 PM Tom_L: does anybody have a link to the cam work ich had been working on?
10:32 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Axis-LCD-CNC-Controller-USB-Motion-Control-System-Servo-Stepper-Motor-Lathe/122354480572 check disout ~$180 shipped
10:34 PM CaptHindsight: wonder which CPU is inside and what cnc software
10:52 PM SpeedEvil is now known as Guest15443