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Oct 13 2018

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01:51 AM Deejay: moin
02:07 AM nallar is now known as Ross
04:16 AM gloops: quiet again
04:17 AM syyl: *psst*
04:18 AM gloops: nobody is building cnc machines anymore
04:18 AM syyl: cnc is just a trend, fading away
04:18 AM syyl: no future in it
04:19 AM gloops: like skateboards and hoola hoops
04:22 AM XXCoder: cnc as hobby maybe
04:22 AM XXCoder: cnc as work not gone nytime soon
04:23 AM syyl: (i am just joking)
04:29 AM XXCoder: lol
04:29 AM XXCoder: on a unrelated note, just started trying discord. it sucks
04:29 AM XXCoder: I tried to nick ping someone and nope no worky
04:34 AM XXCoder: sigh discord on "colorblind" mode is still pretty close to unreadable to me
04:34 AM XXCoder: very low contrast
04:34 AM XXCoder: pink_vampire: help lol
04:45 AM jthornton: CaptHindsight: yea the header came with each zero
04:46 AM jthornton: morning
04:57 AM Jin^eLD: mornin
04:59 AM Jin^eLD: again a bit off topic, if I have a motor circuit breaker and the start button does not klick in even with mains power disconnected (it just pops out back if I press it), can I assume it's broken?
04:59 AM Jin^eLD: never had to deal with this thing before
04:59 AM jthornton: depends on the type of start button, I assume it used to click before?
05:00 AM Jin^eLD: I don't know how it worked before :( I got this machine untested
05:01 AM Jin^eLD: let me show it
05:07 AM Jin^eLD: https://snag.gy/5Mp4z0.jpg
05:07 AM Jin^eLD: I think its supposed to click in
05:08 AM Jin^eLD: so basically my question was: how is it supposed to behave when the power is off?
05:09 AM Jin^eLD: i.e. can I assume its broken if it does not click in when off power, or is it some magnetic kind of thing that works properly only when powered
05:09 AM Jin^eLD: ?
05:10 AM MarcelineVQ: That white thing between the controls there is likely a test screw, if it's in the wrong position it might be causing your tripping problem. There's an example here http://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_enDocType=Instruction+sheet&p_File_Name=1645571_01A55.pdf&p_Doc_Ref=1645571_01A55
05:10 AM Jin^eLD: but I think I anyway will need to call an electrician :) thought I'd swap this thing out quickly but its not cheap, hence the questions...
05:10 AM jthornton: usually older stuff like that is just mechanical, the cover just pops off of them
05:10 AM MarcelineVQ: that's from the model that replaces your model
05:10 AM gloops: does the front pull off if you take that screw out?
05:11 AM gloops: have a look, spring my be off, or some plastic locator snapped or something
05:13 AM gloops: like if someone whacked the red and broke it
05:13 AM Jin^eLD: ok wait, so the white screw between the buttons, as I read above might either be a "test screw" or just a screw to hold the front panel?
05:13 AM Jin^eLD: I found that diagram from Schneider yesterday but to be honest I did not quite understand it
05:14 AM gloops: mark its location, then try removing it
05:14 AM Jin^eLD: ok
05:14 AM gloops: in fact listen to Marceline
05:15 AM Jin^eLD: MarcelineVQ suggested its a test screw but from the link I don't really understand how to use it to test something?
05:16 AM gloops: well youre gonna be learning about it lol
05:16 AM Jin^eLD: hehe
05:16 AM jthornton: looking at it again it's in a box by itself so that tells me it's a manual motor starter not a breaker
05:16 AM jthornton: if you tug on the cover does it come off?
05:17 AM Jin^eLD: one thing I tried yesterday and I know it's something I probably should not have was, to hold the on-button and then to try to turn the machine on, but nothing happened
05:17 AM gloops: might be no good if the red button is stuck on
05:17 AM gloops: i reckon somebody thwacked the red and broke something, get the front off and check it out
05:18 AM jthornton: Jin^eLD: did you meter the hot side to see if you have power?
05:19 AM Jin^eLD: gloops: the red button pops out mechanically if I press the white button, no matter if powered or not, it just never stays that way
05:19 AM Jin^eLD: btw this is how it looked on the outside of the machine, it had a cover with some transparent rubber, so I assume its also the main on off switch https://snag.gy/n1ROHP.jpg
05:20 AM Jin^eLD: jthornton: I am not an electrician so basically I do not try to measure anything on devices that are powered :)
05:20 AM Jin^eLD: especially with 380v
05:20 AM Jin^eLD: but I do hear a relay click when I hit the foot pedal that is supposed to actually start the motor
05:20 AM jthornton: you should give up now and call an electrician then
05:21 AM Jin^eLD: jthornton: probably the best solution, yes.. I was mostly hoping to hear "if its off and still does not pop in - broken, replace", but indeed it seems its more complicated
05:21 AM Jin^eLD: although I could try to remove the front cover as suggested just to see if any broken pieces fall out
05:24 AM Jin^eLD: thanks for all the suggestions
05:25 AM jthornton: good luck\
05:26 AM gloops: they are only £10 to replace anyway
05:26 AM gloops: used that is
05:28 AM Jin^eLD: new 40 euro and the store closes in 1.5 hours :)
05:29 AM Jin^eLD: if I had an offer for 10 I'd just go ahead and replace it and see what happens :)
05:29 AM jthornton: take the old one to the store and ask them if it's broken or not
05:37 AM Jin^eLD: thats not a small shop where they know their stuff well, its an "electrician supermarket" or something, really huge and they have pretty much everything, but noone for such things
05:37 AM Jin^eLD: i.e. the guys who work there know where to find stuff and came make some smaller suggestions but that's about it
05:38 AM jthornton: then go to the store find one and press the button if it clicks buy it
05:39 AM Jin^eLD: oh right, that is actually a good idea
05:39 AM Jin^eLD: I should hurry up then
05:39 AM Jin^eLD: l8r :)
05:39 AM Jin^eLD is now known as Jin|away
06:29 AM * jthornton has to check for an egg under the roost before the light comes on...
07:20 AM jthornton: no broken eggs today for a change
07:57 AM * miss0r2 feels more dead than alive!
07:57 AM miss0r2: This is what always happens when I end up at a bar with the guys
08:09 AM miss0r2: fragalot: I think you got a hold of my friends last night, and persuaded them into making sure I got realy drunk!
08:57 AM fragalot: miss0r2: Maybe I did have a quick chat with Elias
11:58 AM pink_vampire: ?
01:23 PM JT-Shop: hmm I need to clean rust and polish a 1/4" blind hole...
01:23 PM pink_vampire: sounds like fun
01:54 PM * Loetmichel should REALLY clean up his mess here... since a couple months i can see one of my notebooks in the wifi, even have SAMBA access... but for the life of me i cant find it... must be plugged in though or it would be empty by now. :-)
02:03 PM * JT-Shop has a bunch of things he should do... and a bunch of things he wants to do
02:05 PM syyl_: and both things dont match up?
02:24 PM JT-Shop: nope
03:39 PM Deejay: gn8
03:43 PM pink_vampire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC4KiulYs68
05:11 PM andypugh: Who can guess what this is for… https://photos.app.goo.gl/degxjZWWvnVeCjeN6
05:12 PM jthornton: which part?
05:14 PM andypugh: The red 3D printed bit
05:14 PM jthornton: hmm to hold your water bottle?
05:17 PM EntropyWizard: Tie up your horse.
05:30 PM Rab: EV charger holster?
05:31 PM jthornton: a flux capacitor holder
05:32 PM Rab: That apparatus to the immediate left is completely alien-looking.
05:33 PM andypugh: It’s for my high-speed spindle, which otherwise has no flat surfaces to sit on. https://photos.app.goo.gl/uCV5ceLKSgrWM4e17
05:34 PM jthornton: ah the hole is just a material saver?
05:35 PM andypugh: Rab: That’s just a perfectly normal IEC60309 connector
05:35 PM andypugh: jthornton: Mainly a printing-time saver
05:41 PM Rab: andypugh, nice.
05:57 PM skunkworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KU3dwWQOiCU
06:06 PM andypugh: Is that actually a normal bandsaw adapted to move on rails?
06:15 PM skunkworks: heh - no. all home made
06:16 PM skunkworks: but before horzontal bandsaws were popular
06:16 PM skunkworks: that is a 2 inch wide bandsaw blade.
06:16 PM skunkworks: 1 tooth per inch iirc
06:17 PM skunkworks: 24" wheels
06:35 PM XXCoder: pink_vampire: interesting video