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Aug 30 2018

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01:47 AM Deejay: moin
01:51 AM Loetmichel: mornin'
02:33 AM gloops: some idiot found my lathe and started bidding on it..
04:05 AM fragalot: hey
04:14 AM syyl: Mr. schaublin!
04:17 AM MarcelineVQ: yeah hey, did the delivery happen?
04:18 AM fragalot: it did
04:18 AM fragalot: obviously damaged
04:18 AM MarcelineVQ: At least they're predictable :<
04:18 AM fragalot: but I've managed to repair most of it, just need some new parts
04:19 AM syyl: saw the pictures
04:19 AM syyl: was great packaged *eyeroll*
04:19 AM fragalot: need to turn a new hardened bushing for the Z handwheel, 3 new crank handles (M10), new belt for feed, and a new cable sleeve for the feed override
04:20 AM fragalot: yeah.........
04:20 AM syyl: looks almost like it broke trough the pallet and they tried to lift it up again with a forklift
04:21 AM fragalot: I believe that that is exactly what happened
04:21 AM * syyl asked his crystal sphere
04:21 AM fragalot: so now I need to find a service tech that is willing to inspect and quote the schaublin for repairs if I want to claim warranty on shipment
04:22 AM fragalot: not sure if it's worth the hassle now that i've fixed most of it myself..
04:22 AM MarcelineVQ: had time to check all the gearing?
04:23 AM fragalot: not every gear, but the random one I slected for power feed worked a treat... with a sock as the belt.
04:23 AM fragalot: the spindle drive gear looks mint
04:24 AM syyl: thats good
04:24 AM fragalot: and the spindle belts look like they were replaced at some point
04:24 AM fragalot: all in all i'm content. wish they hadn't crashed it, but still content.
04:24 AM syyl: it will be a fine mill :)
04:25 AM fragalot: table has a few more marks than I would like though.
04:25 AM syyl: this old tony approved
04:25 AM fragalot: hehe yeah
04:25 AM syyl: this old fragalot
04:25 AM fragalot: I had the exact same issues he's had too
04:25 AM fragalot: rapids didn't work
04:25 AM syyl: the rapid?
04:25 AM syyl: ah :D
04:25 AM fragalot: low and behold, someone ripped the cable :D
04:26 AM fragalot: so far the only rust i've found is also on the back of the horizontal supports, but it cleaned off really well
04:26 AM syyl: :)
04:26 AM syyl: and now for the hunt on schaublin accessories?
04:27 AM fragalot: it came with a load
04:27 AM syyl: do you have other heads for it?
04:27 AM fragalot: so what I need/want still is the slotting head, and horizontal support
04:27 AM fragalot: yes
04:27 AM fragalot: a high speed head with quill
04:27 AM fragalot: and the indexing setup
04:28 AM syyl: yesss!
04:28 AM syyl: the hs head is a nice one
04:28 AM fragalot: :)
04:28 AM syyl: congrats
04:28 AM fragalot: shame that the indexer didn't come with the gears to lock it to X travel
04:28 AM fragalot: but hey, still a good find "D
04:28 AM fragalot: thx, i'm happy
04:29 AM fragalot: and really lucky it wasn't 1cm wider or it wouldn't have fit xD
04:45 AM jthornton: morning
04:46 AM fragalot: Mornin' jthornton
04:47 AM jthornton: how's the mill coming along?
04:47 AM XXCoder: yo
04:47 AM SpeedEvil: I am making a new wooden structure. While I would like to put strain guages all over it to verify I've done the sums right, this is prohibitively expensive. Are there such things akin to 'shock guages' where you glue them on and they break if they extend or contract >1% ?
04:54 AM fragalot: jthornton: cleaning up still. need to contact a local machine dealer to see if they are willing to inspect the damages done in shipping, but debating if it is worth wasting their time.
04:54 AM fragalot: since i've already fixed most of it myself,... but I may have missed something that will bite me later.
04:55 AM jthornton: does the shipper cover the damages?
04:55 AM XXCoder: man the cat serial killer in wa havent been caught
04:55 AM fragalot: jthornton: if I can produce an invoice for said damages, it is insured.
04:55 AM XXCoder: 12th cat killed
04:55 AM jthornton: ah I see
04:56 AM fragalot: and the invoice would mean that first I need to pay it out of pocket
04:56 AM fragalot: which I can't
04:56 AM jthornton: catch 22 then
04:56 AM fragalot: yup
04:56 AM fragalot: like I said, I did get it back to a state where it is perfectly servicable, just need some minor parts still
04:57 AM fragalot: so I'm thinking of just sending the invoice for the new handles and cable shields I ordered
04:57 AM jthornton: I tipped over my Samson lathe when I brought it home and just stood it up and started fixing the broken handwheels
04:59 AM fragalot: looking forward to going home to continue on it :)
04:59 AM XXCoder: lol im ALMOST at 111 pto hours
04:59 AM XXCoder: 110.98
04:59 AM jthornton: pto?
05:00 AM jthornton: paid time off?
05:00 AM fragalot: power take off
05:00 AM fragalot: guessing tractor
05:00 AM XXCoder: jt yeah basically. for sick or vacation so on
05:00 AM fragalot: oh
05:00 AM jthornton: I don't think XXCoder has a tractor
05:00 AM fragalot: his loss :)
05:00 AM XXCoder: not even remotely. lol
05:01 AM XXCoder: eh yard is way too small for one
05:01 AM fragalot: small tractor
05:01 AM fragalot: with pedals
05:01 AM fragalot: and hand levers for the tiny bucket
05:01 AM XXCoder: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81Xy1ArTyUL._SX425_.jpg this model?
05:02 AM fragalot: that is a tricycle
05:03 AM XXCoder: lol
05:04 AM jthornton: https://www.outbacktoystore.com/Pedal-Tractors-Ride-Ons/IH-Farmall-Case-IH-Pedal/Case-IH-Maxxum-130-CVX-Pedal-Tractor-with-Loader-and-Trailer-by-Falk.html
05:04 AM XXCoder: ohh fancy lol
05:05 AM jthornton: https://www.outbacktoystore.com/Pedal-Tractors-Ride-Ons/John-Deere-Pedals/12-Volt-John-Deere-Ground-Loader-Tractor.html
05:05 AM jthornton: 12v
05:06 AM XXCoder: lol
05:08 AM SpeedEvil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2POHL66MQvY
05:08 AM SpeedEvil: Alas these toys are too expensive
05:09 AM XXCoder: speed, I remember reading about one guy who needed to evucate new area under house to make new basement
05:10 AM XXCoder: he was bored and it wasnt a rush job, so he used rc tpys to evacuate like its huge machines
05:10 AM SpeedEvil: I can't find that again on youtube
05:11 AM Tom_L: morning
05:11 AM TurBoss: tricicle choof on yt
05:11 AM TurBoss: :P
05:11 AM TurBoss: morning
05:11 AM XXCoder: SpeedEvil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3pO6KycamI ?
05:13 AM SpeedEvil: yes, that looks like it. :)
05:13 AM SpeedEvil: Of course, add CNC, ...
05:15 AM XXCoder: you can tell its been many trips
05:16 AM Tom_L: SpeedEvil, https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/strain-gauges/8656226/
05:18 AM SpeedEvil: Tom_L: yeah - no. https://www.shockwatchuk.com/shop/shockwatch/shockwatch-impact-labels/ - I mean - but for elongation/compression
05:18 AM Tom_L: i knew what you meant but couldn't find the right search words
05:18 AM SpeedEvil: 'prohibitively expensive' = I can't use 50 of them.
06:59 AM fragalot: miss0r: just had a quick look at your biax during my lunch break: the little rubber wedge looks home-made, and I broke one of the brushes when I had a look at how worn they were (about halfway) - i've got a set of spares at home to replace them.
06:59 AM fragalot: I
06:59 AM fragalot: miss0r: I'll make a crate for it & get looking at what shipping service to use to get it to you :)
07:15 AM miss0r: fragalot: Sounds great. What rubber wedge are we talking about? Is that something I can order from somewhere? (if I even should?)
07:16 AM fragalot: it's a little rubber wedge to allow the scraper blade to flex
07:16 AM fragalot: i'm sure that either their homemade strip will work, or at most may need sanding down to a wedge shape
07:16 AM miss0r: alright. :] good to know
07:17 AM miss0r: I hope you will make a prettier crate than I did :D
07:17 AM fragalot: more screws
07:17 AM fragalot: with a square drive
07:17 AM fragalot: or rounded torx :D
07:17 AM miss0r: AND you will take your time to drill out the torx
07:17 AM miss0r: haha yeah
07:18 AM fragalot: I may try a technique I haven't used in a while
07:18 AM fragalot: it's an old carpenters trick to make the screws or nails nearly 100% invisible
07:18 AM fragalot: :D
07:18 AM miss0r: please dont. :D
07:18 AM fragalot: :)
07:19 AM miss0r: Okay... I know I 'somewhat' started this trend, but who says you can't be the bigger man, and just make a regular crate? :D
07:19 AM miss0r: ... Who am I kidding
07:21 AM miss0r: So; I suppose you've canceled your weekend plans to mess around with that new mill of yours? (some video of it in action would be nice)
07:21 AM fragalot: kinda :D
07:21 AM robotustra: could somebody remind me a link to new GUI for linuxcnc?
07:21 AM robotustra: drawn in blender?
07:22 AM fragalot: still need to finish some work on someone's laser cutter first, and saturday is going to be spent @ town hall I think
07:22 AM miss0r: yeah..
07:23 AM miss0r: so; sunday will be your day off?
07:23 AM fragalot: Pretty much.
07:25 AM TurBoss: robotustra: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/41-guis/34572-a-widescreen-blender-style-interface
07:26 AM robotustra: TurBoss, thanks
07:26 AM robotustra: trying to make my own GIU
07:27 AM robotustra: thinking about good layout
07:27 AM TurBoss: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/41-guis/34996-another-gui-project-underway check this
07:28 AM Tom_L: robotustra, you seen this one? https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/VAxzgxBtBrPZtYQHwVKzgnZS
07:28 AM robotustra: Tom_L, no, but it's too fancy and futuristic. I would not work with this one
07:28 AM Tom_L: will this be the year for 100 new GUI's
07:29 AM robotustra: I like flat interface with clear graphics
07:29 AM robotustra: it's ok
07:29 AM robotustra: I think it should be happen earlier
07:30 AM robotustra: there are 2 types of GUI drawers: 1) programmers 2) machinists
07:31 AM robotustra: and I think that programmers who uses cnc machine rarely can use ANY interface
07:32 AM robotustra: but when we come to the efficiency I would say that machinists should know BETTER which GUI is the best
07:32 AM robotustra: just because they are better UX in their field
07:33 AM TurBoss: https://gitlab.com/Hazzy/qtpyvcp
07:34 AM TurBoss: work in progress
07:34 AM robotustra: I'm writing gui in qt
07:34 AM robotustra: c++
07:35 AM TurBoss: oh great
07:35 AM robotustra: because I don't know python :)
07:35 AM TurBoss: but you now c++ :P
07:35 AM robotustra: and don't want to touch it even with 10 feet rod
07:36 AM TurBoss: I was playing with QML
07:36 AM TurBoss: very powerfull
07:36 AM TurBoss: does magick
07:37 AM robotustra: https://imagebin.ca/v/4DyXEET3zDGF
07:37 AM robotustra: a couple of buttons
07:37 AM robotustra: all buttons are described in a text
07:38 AM robotustra: layout is parsed from text file
07:38 AM * TurBoss uploaded a video: Peek 21-08-2018 08-33.webm (1387KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/kkkLcpTMAtSEzOgYMFdhvaYg >
07:40 AM TurBoss: with QtPyVCP we are developing custom QtDesigner plugins that can be drag and drop in the main window to design the UI within the QtDesigner
07:40 AM * TurBoss uploaded a video: Peek 30-08-2018 06-20.webm (293KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/IwKxzxyZfbmHmbfiduIgJYCR >
07:41 AM robotustra: I'm not competing to anyone, I just want to have gui I lke
07:41 AM TurBoss: sure
07:41 AM robotustra: as for me I would like to edit txt file with gui
07:42 AM robotustra: not drug and drop
07:42 AM TurBoss: :)
07:42 AM robotustra: because you can't make a complex behaviour of the button with drug and drop
07:42 AM robotustra: you'll need extra dialogs to do a setup for button
07:43 AM gloops: the graphics are too bold nd gawdy for my liking
07:43 AM gloops: i like the original interface
07:44 AM robotustra: so I come back to buttons drawing, after place them on it's place
07:47 AM jthornton: enough coding it's off to the shower for me
07:50 AM robotustra: Tom_L, many GUI is useful for discussion, and may be it will converge to some good solution finally
07:58 AM robotustra: a qurstion, what is the right scripture on the button "+Z" or "Z+"
08:06 AM miss0r|office: Z+
08:09 AM robotustra: could you explain why?
08:10 AM robotustra: on old hardware cncn interfaces I saw +Z
08:11 AM robotustra: fanuc for instance
08:12 AM fragalot: Because Fanuc is wrong. :)
08:13 AM robotustra: really? do you write negative numbers like "-1234" or like "1234-"?
08:14 AM robotustra: as for me "1234+" has different meaning with comparison to "+1234"
08:14 AM fragalot: no, but I do like to say 'move up''instead of 'up move'
08:15 AM robotustra: you are attaching ourself to the language but not to semantics
08:15 AM fragalot: and in terms of jogging, it is Z + .001mm, or whatever your jog distance is set to
08:15 AM TurBoss: +Z imo
08:16 AM fragalot: Eh depends on what you're used to I guess :)
08:17 AM robotustra: using it to write on a buttons on a GUI for lcnc of cause
08:30 AM miss0r|office: heh... on my maho it is +Z
08:30 AM miss0r|office: I would have thought it was the other way around
08:31 AM gregcnc: I think ± in front of the letter is clearer on the panel
08:34 AM fragalot: The Maho has spoken!
08:35 AM fragalot: on my schaublin it doesn't even say Z, let alone + or -
08:35 AM gregcnc: , some lathes only use arrows, others don't have these buttons at all and have handwheels
08:36 AM fragalot: There are even lathes that don't have handwheels
08:36 AM gregcnc: mind control?
08:36 AM fragalot: wood lathes
08:36 AM fragalot: just use a chisel on the tool rest
08:36 AM gregcnc: i assumed we were talking cnc interfaces
08:37 AM gregcnc: my mistake
08:37 AM fragalot: touch screen :P
08:37 AM miss0r|office: :D
08:37 AM fragalot: miss0r|office: just get a touch panel for your conversion
08:38 AM miss0r|office: I have one...
08:38 AM fragalot: you can use the on-screen keyboard to write the gcode,.. or a drop-down
08:38 AM miss0r|office: But not having a keyboard.. I dunno
08:38 AM miss0r|office: That would be almost as slow as on the maho.. I'm in
08:38 AM fragalot: :D
08:38 AM fragalot: dropdown with only a 'next' button to go through the list
08:55 AM miss0r|office: fragalot: You'd enjoy programming that for me, knowing how much I would hate it
08:58 AM fragalot: miss0r|office: https://imgur.com/gallery/r102w
08:58 AM miss0r|office: haha
08:58 AM fragalot: I'd use slider bars for the movements because it's intuitive.
08:59 AM miss0r|office: Yeah, nothing gives precise motion like slider bars on a touchscreen :D
09:00 AM miss0r|office: remember, no stylus allowed
09:00 AM fragalot: not too long either because we don't want to waste screen space
09:03 AM HexaCube: sup folks o/
09:04 AM miss0r|office: indeed. It will also be the only way to jog the axis around, for homing/indicating operations :D
09:04 AM * miss0r|office stocks up on the exchangeable top on his haimer
09:04 AM HexaCube: hmmmpf, some updates from yesterday... Moved to the other mill at work. got down to +-0.05mm
09:05 AM HexaCube: I honestily still am not happy with that though
09:05 AM Loetmichel: hmm, anyone an idea how to make a (transparent) housing for the front part Mill that opens flat and folds away? the back 150mm have already a housing made of 18mm marine plywood. -> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=17079
09:05 AM HexaCube: I have one thing to try, still, though
09:09 AM FinboySlick: HexaCube: Still racing towards zero? ;)
09:09 AM HexaCube: yup :P
09:09 AM HexaCube: I think I was milling in the wrong axis, anyways.
09:09 AM FinboySlick: Loetmichel: Something like a US garage door maybe?
09:09 AM HexaCube: it's two passes
09:09 AM HexaCube: and the two passes are a bit different every time
09:10 AM HexaCube: different to each other, i mean
09:10 AM Loetmichel: FinboySlick: those segemted doors?
09:10 AM Loetmichel: that roll up?
09:10 AM Loetmichel: could work...
09:10 AM HexaCube: because I have a fairly small surface that needs to be parallel, I think I'll mill it from the other axis, so it's just one pass for the surface instead of 2
09:10 AM FinboySlick: Roll or slide into the top or bottom.
09:11 AM fragalot: HexaCube: is the mill 'trammed'?
09:11 AM HexaCube: fragalot: no idea to be honest. I'd... think so?
09:12 AM HexaCube: it's at work, I hope they did that? :D
09:12 AM fragalot: if you can see a difference when making 2 passes, it likely isn't
09:12 AM fragalot: if it is done right the surface should have a pattern like )()()()( instead of ))))))
09:12 AM FinboySlick: HexaCube: It's relatively easy to check and worth checking every time you need something precise.
09:12 AM HexaCube: FinboySlick: how do I check it?
09:13 AM HexaCube: What I tried today was using a dial indicator to see the height difference
09:13 AM fragalot: Loetmichel: you mean other than a dowel on the bottom of the plexi panel and a slot for it to slide under the mill?
09:13 AM FinboySlick: You put an indicator in the spindle, then you sweep an arc over the table. A full circle should have the same measurement all the way around.
09:13 AM FinboySlick: Extra hint: Don't turn on the spindle when you're doing it.
09:13 AM HexaCube: FinboySlick: I think we don't have a spindle mount for a dial around
09:13 AM HexaCube: LOL
09:14 AM fragalot: HexaCube: so plop the magnet on
09:14 AM HexaCube: that works? D:
09:14 AM HexaCube: never considered that, hrmmm
09:14 AM Loetmichel: fragalot: i mean something that can slide "up and out of the way" when loading the mill or changing a mill bit... and the sides have to be removeable, too for "loading thru"
09:14 AM Loetmichel: of long parts
09:14 AM fragalot: all you care about is that it is a rigid connection to the spindle
09:15 AM FinboySlick: HexaCube: Do you have a dial test indicator? Those usually have a stem you could just pop in a collet.
09:15 AM fragalot: Loetmichel: upside down window blinds :P
09:15 AM fragalot: FinboySlick: that does not give you much range to sweep with
09:15 AM fragalot: if he has a mag base that can hold on to the spindle that works fine
09:16 AM HexaCube: we do have mag bases, yeah
09:16 AM FinboySlick: fragalot: Yeah, but it's better than nothing. You can do a 4" circle.
09:16 AM HexaCube: the indicator looks more or less like this one: https://www.picclickimg.com/d/l400/pict/253452837042_/Analoge-Messuhr-001-mm-Genauigkeit-Meßwerkzeug-Ebenheitsmessung-Rundlaufmessung.jpg
09:19 AM FinboySlick: HexaCube: You're learning a pretty good lesson though. Never assume that something is the right dimension or at the right angle. Always check.
09:20 AM HexaCube: this is how I milled it today - https://i.imgur.com/0GMJ0vT.png
09:20 AM FinboySlick: HexaCube: This is a manual mill, right?
09:20 AM HexaCube: you can see the 4 mounting holes on each side of the pass
09:20 AM HexaCube: these holes should be as parallel as possible I believe, and as close to each other in height
09:21 AM HexaCube: that's where the carts for my Z-axis are gonna be mounted
09:21 AM fragalot: how are you holding it in the mill
09:21 AM HexaCube: FinboySlick: today I used a CNC mill because the vice wasn't tilted like the one on the manual mill
09:21 AM fragalot: because 0.05mm is easy to bend it when you hold it wrong
09:21 AM HexaCube: fragalot: using parallels and the plate ontop, with the two long sides being clamped against
09:22 AM HexaCube: how are they called, the parts on the vice that touch the part?
09:22 AM HexaCube: chuck..?
09:22 AM fragalot: vice jaws
09:22 AM FinboySlick: HexaCube: You're clamping against your target dimension. Probably not a good idea.
09:22 AM HexaCube: jaws, that's it
09:22 AM HexaCube: it's one of those hydraulic jaws, I can set it between 1 and 4 tons
09:23 AM fragalot: let me rephrase
09:23 AM fragalot: with 1 to 4 tons of clamping pressure, it is VERY easy to make your part flex 0.05mm :)
09:24 AM HexaCube: hmmm, I see
09:24 AM HexaCube: the part is 10mm thick, btw
09:24 AM HexaCube: well, now it's 5mm in the middle :P
09:24 AM FinboySlick: If the back is reasonably flat. I'd hold it down flat on the table with toe clamps.
09:25 AM HexaCube: hmm, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do that. I'm off work tomorrow though, next week my instructor will be back so I can discuss with him, perhaps
09:26 AM HexaCube: but it's surprisingly difficult to get something really flat :D
09:27 AM FinboySlick: HexaCube: Well, just flat enough that whatever micro-bend you cause when you're clamping it isn't measurably altering your slot width.
09:27 AM HexaCube: the slot width isn't that important but I'm thinking I wanna get the two mounting surface for the rail(carts) as close to each other as possible
09:28 AM HexaCube: maybe it's not as important as I think it is, though
09:28 AM HexaCube: I'm not sure how hard it is to tram rails afterwards
09:29 AM HexaCube: here, that's what I mean https://i.imgur.com/Wawrimv.png
09:29 AM FinboySlick: You put an indicator on the cart and you run it along a straight edge.
09:29 AM HexaCube: the rails will mount on the spindle-side
09:30 AM HexaCube: the carts are mounted to the x-carriage
09:30 AM FinboySlick: HexaCube: Hmm. You only have one cart on each rail? I'd expect two.
09:30 AM HexaCube: it's a really small axis
09:30 AM HexaCube: one sec I'll show you the full assembly
09:31 AM HexaCube: https://i.imgur.com/RpndtBA.png
09:31 AM HexaCube: I'm not sure if 4 carts are really necessary
09:31 AM HexaCube: also, wouldn't 3 be preferred?
09:31 AM HexaCube: something about overcontraining?
09:32 AM FinboySlick: They aren't that rigid in that direction, your spindle will deflect when you move in the Y axis.
09:33 AM HexaCube: I'm mainly planning to do PCB milling with this router, loads are pretty small overall
09:33 AM FinboySlick: Yeah, it'll work. And it's your first build so it'll be great to figure out where you'd modify the design later on.
09:34 AM FinboySlick: Don't underestimate just how good rigidity is for a machine though.
09:34 AM HexaCube: yes, I mean, I believe you.
09:34 AM HexaCube: The thing is, I'm trying to keep the cost down.
09:34 AM fragalot: don't underestimate the forces needed to drill FR4 too.
09:34 AM HexaCube: Cost has always prevented me from making a router so far, this time I'm trying hard to do as much as needed
09:35 AM HexaCube: right, drilling shouldn't deflect the spindle in X/Y though, so that's not too horrible. The only thing I'm a little worried about is cutting the board outline, but it doesn't matter if the outline is a little off
09:36 AM HexaCube: it's just tradeoffs upon tradeoffs, but *any* working router is better than none at all, too :D
09:36 AM FinboySlick: HexaCube: It will since your spindle isn't directly in like with your axis. But don't let that stop you. Your design will work, we're just pointing out things you'll want to improve on the next one.
09:37 AM HexaCube: ohhh, you're right, I totally overlooked that! it's a very fair point then, I will think about it
09:38 AM HexaCube: I think I'll try building the machine axis by axis
09:38 AM HexaCube: that way I can make a bit of progress without going broke
09:38 AM FinboySlick: HexaCube: Well, remember that the scrap bin is your friend.
09:38 AM HexaCube: here's the full machine so far, still WIP of course https://i.imgur.com/739LvA6.png
09:39 AM HexaCube: but I admit, it's a weird looking design, I'm aware of that :P
09:39 AM HexaCube: FinboySlick: not if I have to pay for the stuff ;_;
09:39 AM HexaCube: luckily the stock at work is pretty much free, 4€ per kg of alu is fine
09:39 AM HexaCube: especially because I pay for the end result, not the full stock
09:39 AM HexaCube: the more holes, the better :D
09:40 AM robotustra: is there any "standard reference" set of images for cnc control buttons?
09:40 AM FinboySlick: HexaCube: If it's that cheap, replace your extrusions by solid plates ;)
09:41 AM FinboySlick: HexaCube: Making those two vertical posts into triangles would really help.
09:41 AM HexaCube: FinboySlick: but that's a *lawt* of machining. I was trying to keep the machining to a minimum and only small parts.
09:41 AM HexaCube: FinboySlick: yes, I will be adding additional bracing though
09:41 AM FinboySlick: HexaCube: Well, you can laser-cut those.
09:42 AM HexaCube: it's something that everyone recommends and I'm gonna do that,I just didn't design them yet :P
09:42 AM FinboySlick: or plasma or whatever you have at work.
09:42 AM HexaCube: yup, lazor
09:42 AM HexaCube: pew pew
10:30 AM pink_vampire: hi
10:31 AM Simonious: o
10:31 AM Simonious: o/
10:33 AM pink_vampire: I have annoying issue with linuxcnc
10:34 AM Simonious: Yeah? Doubt I can help, I'm relatively novice with it myself. What are you trying to get it to do?
10:41 AM pink_vampire: i want to get a 1 logic signal if the velocity is greater than 0
10:50 AM Simonious: pink_vampire: yup, don't know how, but doesn't sound like an unreasonable todo item. :/
10:53 AM pink_vampire: for pvc foam it is better to go climb or conventional?
10:53 AM jdh: spindle velocity? axis velocity?
10:53 AM pink_vampire: 24K rpm
10:53 AM pink_vampire: jdh: axis velocity
10:53 AM Loetmichel: pink_vampire: PVC foam? like that "forex" stuff?
10:54 AM pink_vampire: Loetmichel: yeah
10:54 AM Loetmichel: hmm... i use 2mm mill bits made for alu with that
10:54 AM Loetmichel: you need something sharp and polished.
10:55 AM Loetmichel: or the swarf will stick
10:55 AM pink_vampire: me too but 3.175
10:55 AM pink_vampire: but to cut it climb or conventional ?
10:55 AM Loetmichel: wht means "climb"?
10:56 AM jdh: motion.current-vel for each joint perhaps
10:56 AM Loetmichel: ah.... just google it
10:56 AM pink_vampire: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/attachments/f21/38772d1317680462-climb-milling-conventional-when-using-carbide-climb_conv1.jpg
10:56 AM Loetmichel: climb cutting on the edge you want to have clean
10:57 AM Loetmichel: the conventional side will have a burr
10:57 AM pink_vampire: but with foam it is not the opposite?
10:57 AM Loetmichel: that forex stuff is stiff
10:57 AM Loetmichel: its not like elastic foam
10:58 AM Loetmichel: it cuts much like a solid plastic
10:58 AM pink_vampire: the stuff i have is pvc foam
10:58 AM Loetmichel: yeah, but hard PVC, no softeners in it?
10:59 AM gregcnc: wouldn't a test cut be more effective?
10:59 AM Loetmichel: so its not "spongy"
10:59 AM pink_vampire: you can leave a mark on it with your finger nail easy
10:59 AM Loetmichel: yeah, its the same stuff
10:59 AM Loetmichel: it cuts much like massive PVC, not like soft foams
11:00 AM Simonious: NOT foam insulation..?
11:00 AM Loetmichel: if the mark dosent disappear over time
11:00 AM pink_vampire: gregcnc: i using it for yeas and all the time i forgot to right it down!
11:00 AM gregcnc: but a test cut would be complete in the time it took to ask the question?
11:01 AM pink_vampire: it is the same material that use here as trim board
11:01 AM pink_vampire: gregcnc: true lol
11:02 AM Loetmichel: pink_vampire: be prepared to have your machine look like that though: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=16432&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
11:02 AM Loetmichel: or that: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=16429&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
11:02 AM pink_vampire: i had it much worse
11:02 AM Simonious: This is why you mount a vacuum to the head.
11:03 AM pink_vampire: 1/2" end mill in 1.5" plastic make you feel in a snow storm
11:03 AM Loetmichel: Simonious: vaccum is needed to holt the workpiece on the vaccum table ;)
11:03 AM Simonious: Loetmichel: I screw my work down.. no vacuum on the table
11:03 AM TurBoss: you need a kirby
11:03 AM TurBoss: :P
11:04 AM Loetmichel: ... so it was not free to be used as a cleaner
11:04 AM gregcnc: surely there is more than one vacuum in germany?
11:04 AM Simonious: I use climb milling with foam insulation, it comes out a little rough.
11:04 AM Simonious: not terrible
11:04 AM TurBoss: the character
11:04 AM Loetmichel: only one in that shop ;)
11:05 AM Simonious: https://photos.app.goo.gl/vMDuWpGVY5LDZdZ7A
11:06 AM pink_vampire: Simonious: on a mil???
11:06 AM Simonious: router table..
11:06 AM Simonious: on the mill I stand there like a goof with the hand held vacuum wand.
11:07 AM Loetmichel: Simonious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUqo3zxv5Vo
11:07 AM Loetmichel: have the same "foot" for the new mill in the company
11:08 AM Loetmichel: dont use it that often though because of the vacuum table ;)
11:08 AM Simonious: no flexy on the vacuum? odd.
11:09 AM Loetmichel: i destroyed half a dozen flex hoses so far with that machine
11:10 AM Loetmichel: it milled glass fibre boards and carbon fibre boards 90% of the time
11:10 AM Loetmichel: that dust is like a sand blaster
11:10 AM Simonious: alright then :)
11:10 AM Loetmichel: every corner of the flex hose gets holes in them after a few months ;)
11:10 AM Loetmichel: the 50mm PVC pipe has enough wall thickness to last ages ;)
11:10 AM Loetmichel: also you dont have to prop it up
11:11 AM Loetmichel: it only swivels at certain points and so it holds itself up
11:11 AM Simonious: never bind sup?
11:11 AM Simonious: *binds up?
11:11 AM Loetmichel: nope
11:11 AM Simonious: seems like a good solution
11:11 AM Loetmichel: not as long as i used it
11:11 AM Simonious: That setup eat router bits too?
11:11 AM Loetmichel: ... as long as you have enough ceiling height ;)
11:12 AM Loetmichel: yes
11:12 AM Loetmichel: anything you throw in
11:12 AM Loetmichel: up to 8mm shaft
11:13 AM pink_vampire: i need a 3d printer
11:14 AM Simonious: pink_vampire: you are way overdue, late to the party and out of excuses.
11:14 AM Simonious: I've used one for two prints already today.
11:14 AM pink_vampire: what do you mean?
11:14 AM Simonious: for some custom PCB mounts
11:15 AM Loetmichel: pink_vampire: the cheapes ones are only about $120 these days... what hold you back?
11:15 AM Simonious: I mean, get one already! (or build one if that is your thing)
11:15 AM Simonious: I've built a few, but for the time and the money.. buying one is better these days.
11:15 AM Loetmichel: s/hold/is holding
11:15 AM pink_vampire: i did a 3d printer head for my cnc machine
11:15 AM Loetmichel: Simonious: i have a cheap Anet A8
11:15 AM Simonious: yeah, that can work
11:15 AM Loetmichel: works good so far...
11:15 AM Simonious: Loetmichel: like it?
11:16 AM Loetmichel: very much
11:16 AM pink_vampire: but i want somthing that can print true voxels
11:16 AM Simonious: Loetmichel: I have the 5th MendelMax and it's offspring and parts to build many more..
11:16 AM Loetmichel: bit of tinkering neccessary (especially securing the thermocouples) and its good to go
11:16 AM Simonious: Loetmichel: I'm printing on : https://www.amazon.com/BIBO-Extruder-Engraving-Printing-removable/dp/B01LNADH8M this morning
11:16 AM Loetmichel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXOaENFDYYE
11:16 AM Simonious: nothing ot brag about, but it works well enough
11:17 AM Simonious: Loetmichel: that is a pretty good looking machine and looks like it nearly qualifies as a reprap
11:18 AM Loetmichel: fun stuff: it acts as a generator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pipvNz6ofUs
11:18 AM Loetmichel: enough to boot the "ardunio" ;)
11:18 AM Simonious: Loetmichel: yeah, mine too, not the bibbo, but the ones I built
11:19 AM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=16983 <- build volume is ok, too
11:19 AM Loetmichel: 220mm by 220mm by 230mm...
11:20 AM Loetmichel: and for 128 eur you can get it these days in germany...
11:20 AM Simonious: Loetmichel: if I design another printer it'll be a Z-bed, with coreXY motion
11:20 AM Loetmichel: they are pretty cheap these days
11:21 AM Simonious: Loetmichel: can't complain about that if it prints well
11:21 AM Loetmichel: pink_vampire: how fast can your CNC mill travel?
11:21 AM Loetmichel: Simonious: it prints well NOW ;)
11:21 AM Loetmichel: took a bit of tinkering and a new nozzle though
11:22 AM Simonious: Loetmichel: heh.. yeah.. what I really want is a MarkForged printer.
11:22 AM Simonious: Loetmichel: not very cheap to buy or operate though
11:22 AM pink_vampire: Loetmichel: faster then the house allow
11:23 AM Simonious: Loetmichel: I've got one of their prints here (it's a nut and bolt that work well with each other and real nuts and bolts). I think it's an M8 though.. well tuned printers can do that.
11:23 AM Loetmichel: one time when i have some spare money and a LOT of time at my hands i will attempt to make a laser sintering brass/stainless printer
11:23 AM Simonious: At this state I'm pretty much only interested in 3D printers that work out of the box or with minimal fussing.
11:23 AM Loetmichel: pink_vampire: i asked because if its less than 100mm/sec you will not be happy with it as a 3dprinter
11:23 AM HexaCube: Loetmichel: using what kinda laser, if I may ask?
11:23 AM Simonious: %s/state/stage/
11:23 AM HexaCube: don't you need high energy pulsed lasers for metals?
11:24 AM Loetmichel: HexaCube: i have a 100W IR laser diode arry somewhere.
11:24 AM HexaCube: that is sufficient? D:
11:24 AM HexaCube: interesting
11:24 AM Loetmichel: nope, you only need a very small focus ;)
11:24 AM HexaCube: I would have thought it would need much more
11:25 AM Loetmichel: its a question of power denstiy
11:25 AM Loetmichel: +t
11:25 AM Loetmichel: if you can get over the threshold that melts the metal dust particles it will work
11:25 AM Loetmichel: if not: nothing will happen
11:25 AM HexaCube: I'm aware but you can't focus it down infinitely I think?
11:26 AM Loetmichel: so if the laser is weak you need to concentrate it more
11:26 AM Loetmichel: you can focus it enough
11:26 AM Loetmichel: a friend had an 80W co2 tube on his laser cutter
11:26 AM Loetmichel: it was able to cut 0.2mm thick stainless
11:27 AM HexaCube: wait really?
11:27 AM HexaCube: damn
11:27 AM HexaCube: that's surprising and really cool
11:27 AM Loetmichel: so it should be possible to do sintering wieth a 100W
11:27 AM HexaCube: I bet you could make solder stencils for it hehe
11:27 AM HexaCube: for it? with it i mean
11:27 AM HexaCube: (shame on you, Dr. Freud)
11:27 AM Loetmichel: it couldnt cut 0,3mm stainless though ;)
11:29 AM jym: Loetmichel: 80W CO2 cutting SS.... that had to be EXTREMELY slow
11:29 AM Loetmichel: jym: yes
11:29 AM Loetmichel: about a mm/sec
11:29 AM Loetmichel: but it did it
11:30 AM jym: Loetmichel: I have some ss I can cut with plain scissors like like it was paper. My 30W CO2 just reflects off it soemthign fierce.
11:30 AM Loetmichel: so i have good hope that 100W could be enough to sinter 0.02mm metal "dust" together
11:31 AM Loetmichel: jym: as i said: we couldnt get the 80W tube to cut 0.3mm thick
11:31 AM Loetmichel: ss
11:31 AM jym: Loetmichel: Maybe, I know a 250W CO2 can, to some degree.
11:31 AM Loetmichel: not with any time in the world
11:32 AM Loetmichel: you just cant focus it fine enough
11:32 AM Loetmichel: it blackens 0.3mm and warps it but doesent cut
11:32 AM Loetmichel: 0.2mm is fine though
11:32 AM jym: Loetmichel: I have a 2.0 lens , suspect I'd need to have/use a 1.0 lens
11:32 AM Loetmichel: strange, isnt it?
11:33 AM jym: Loetmichel: Yeah, and a 50W YaG will cut/mark plantium no problem at all
11:34 AM Loetmichel: hmmm. thinking about it: maybe thats the reason why the 80w is cutting the stuff: it makes it hot enough to blacken with oxygen... try to put som soot on your SS
11:34 AM Loetmichel: maybe your 30W cuts it then?
11:34 AM methods_: milk of magnesia will work on reflective stuff
11:34 AM methods_: just wipe it on and let dry
11:36 AM methods_: lays down a nice thin non-reflective layer
11:49 AM pink_vampire: all the parts are done
11:49 AM gregcnc: no,no I still have parts to make
11:49 AM pink_vampire: and it is better to go conventional
11:56 AM fragalot: hey
11:57 AM pink_vampire: hi fragalot
12:04 PM fragalot: miss0r: miss0r|office: https://photos.app.goo.gl/2Wr8mMFLTqNCRtYZ7
12:05 PM methods_: oh nice score
12:06 PM fragalot: methods_: this is one i'm selling :) i've got another
12:06 PM methods_: oh nice
12:07 PM fragalot: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HLfamzecskWtdRFZ8 <== this is mine
12:07 PM fragalot: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nBXa2Rsx18UT8B6RA
12:08 PM methods_: got some work to do on that one
12:08 PM methods_: that plate
12:09 PM fragalot: you should have seen it before I started, I don't think it was ever checked but always just trusted, lol
12:09 PM fragalot: now it's a nice 40ppi plate I keep around
12:09 PM methods_: nice
12:09 PM methods_: scraping is a handy skill to have
12:09 PM fragalot: especially if you don't own a surface grinder xD
12:10 PM methods_: yeah
12:41 PM Me4502 is now known as Guest63841
12:53 PM CaptHindsight: who is making a scanner large enough for ~24" x 12" x 12", +/-0.01" res is plenty
12:54 PM CaptHindsight: ~60cm x 30cm x 30cm
12:55 PM CaptHindsight: 0.25mm res
12:55 PM methods_: 3d scanner?
12:55 PM CaptHindsight: yes, 3D
12:56 PM methods_: leica?
12:56 PM methods_: brown and sharpe, zeiss
12:56 PM methods_: the usual suspects i'd assume
12:56 PM methods_: budget?
12:57 PM fragalot: kinekt? :D
12:58 PM methods_: keyence
12:59 PM methods_: swing by imts next wknd
12:59 PM methods_: there will be tons of people in there with scanners
12:59 PM CaptHindsight: keyence is like mentioning Neiman Marcus / Needless Markup
01:00 PM methods_: yes they are quite spendy
01:00 PM methods_: but just throwin that one out there
01:01 PM CaptHindsight: yeah, trying to find something in the next hour
01:01 PM methods_: oh wow
01:01 PM fragalot: no pressure
01:01 PM fragalot: methods_: you snooze, you lose. :D
01:02 PM TurBoss: CaptHindsight: renishaw
01:02 PM methods_: http://www.metronor.com/industrial/
01:02 PM TurBoss: :P
01:02 PM CaptHindsight: I don't really keep track after all the crap hobby scaneers flooded the market
01:02 PM methods_: i had them come in for a demo
01:02 PM methods_: that thing is pretty cool
01:02 PM HexaCube: geez, you guys don't screw around do you? D:
01:02 PM methods_: camera based cmmm
01:02 PM HexaCube: is everyone in here a professional?
01:03 PM methods_: http://www.metronor.com/industrial/products/trackscan/
01:03 PM fragalot: HexaCube: I'm not
01:03 PM methods_: that trackscan is really cool
01:03 PM methods_: and it was i think around $35-50k
01:03 PM methods_: not sure what your budget is for this though
01:04 PM CaptHindsight: it's open
01:04 PM methods_: all camera based so very flexible
01:04 PM methods_: and not super accurate
01:04 PM CaptHindsight: I can mount the parts in a 5- axis and spin the parts
01:04 PM methods_: should be perfect for the tolerances you were looking for
01:05 PM Rab: HexaCube, professional IRC chatter?
01:05 PM methods_: you making a decision in the next hour?
01:06 PM CaptHindsight: https://matterandform.net/scanner something like this only large and that works would be ideal
01:06 PM methods_: ah ok
01:06 PM methods_: not sure of anything in that realm
01:06 PM CaptHindsight: putting together some options
01:08 PM methods_: https://www.shapegrabber.com/3dscanners/
01:09 PM CaptHindsight: already there :)
01:10 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.laserdesign.com/products/xlp-laser-scanner
01:10 PM CaptHindsight: attaches to your CMM
01:11 PM jym: CaptHindsight: you are such a tease
01:13 PM robotustra: drawed some buttons https://imagebin.ca/v/4E0APwRzDeIB
01:14 PM CaptHindsight: ^^ only winders software
01:14 PM CaptHindsight: thats the usualblem with something off the shelf, just winders software and no specs for writing your own app
01:16 PM * robotustra take a 10 min break and continue :)
01:18 PM HexaCube: man, is there anything less fun than organising a cad file? -_-
01:18 PM HexaCube: I don't think there is
01:19 PM Tom_L: what's wrong with a cad file?
01:19 PM HexaCube: the CAD file is fine, but organising it is boring :P
01:19 PM HexaCube: but I'm at a point where not naming components gets confusing
01:20 PM gregcnc: decide on a system of (dis)organization and stick with it
01:20 PM Tom_L: name them _, __, ___, ____ etc
01:20 PM FinboySlick: HexaCube: Experience is when you start naming everything from the get go ;)
01:20 PM fragalot: ^
01:20 PM Tom_L: then complain about confusing
01:20 PM HexaCube: I knoow I should do it but i'm too lazeh
01:21 PM fragalot: every part should have a sensible name, or at least a part number with some strucutre if that's your thing
01:21 PM fragalot: and use sub assemblies where they make sense
01:21 PM FinboySlick: HexaCube: Lazy never saves energy. It just makes you have to spend it all at once later.
01:21 PM robotustra: ranging and organizing it's not a problem of CAD, but the general one
01:21 PM HexaCube: https://i.imgur.com/RCvCErh.png
01:21 PM HexaCube: ^ now it's looking better
01:22 PM HexaCube: I'm seperating it into different axes too so the software runs smoother...
01:22 PM * HexaCube hits slow PC
01:22 PM fragalot: HexaCube: https://imgur.com/gallery/oR21fId
01:22 PM FinboySlick: HexaCube: Being lazy is like taking a loan on your efforts, really ;) There's always interest.
01:23 PM robotustra: imgur is dead
01:24 PM Tom_L: naw they just blocked you
01:24 PM robotustra: who?
01:24 PM FinboySlick: *they*
01:24 PM miss0r: fragalot: I think that is enough screws :D hahaha
01:24 PM robotustra: I don't really care much about it
01:24 PM FinboySlick: The ones in 'They know who you are'.
01:25 PM miss0r: fragalot: What've you got in there to keep it from bouncing around?
01:25 PM robotustra: why there is no simple and clean flat interface for linux cnc yet?
01:25 PM Tom_L: because you haven't written it yet
01:25 PM fragalot: miss0r: foam on the edges, and stuffed to the brim with shredded cardboard
01:25 PM robotustra: Tom_L, fortunately I'd started
01:26 PM miss0r: fragalot: Nice :) A much prettier box than I made, for sure
01:26 PM fragalot: much prettier .. because it's veneered? :D
01:26 PM miss0r: fragalot: nah, mostly because it looks like you've sawn the pieces to fit together :D
01:26 PM fragalot: it was a bit big if I hadn't
01:27 PM miss0r: also, Might I recommend GLS?
01:27 PM miss0r: lol
01:27 PM fragalot: You may
01:27 PM miss0r: I mean: how the pieces fit together*
01:27 PM robotustra: Tom_L, https://imagebin.ca/v/4E0APwRzDeIB
01:27 PM FinboySlick: Remember when I kept saying "Can't wait to build the house so I have a real place to start using my mill." Well, much to everyone's surprise, I'm sure, it turns out that building a house is very hard work.
01:27 PM miss0r: They have a package shop very close to me. It would be convenient
01:27 PM FinboySlick: Especially when you are afraid of heights.
01:28 PM Tom_L: robotustra you got a long ways to go
01:28 PM robotustra: Шэь тще шт ф ргккн
01:28 PM fragalot: miss0r: trying to get the GLS website to show me nearby ones but ItDunWerk(tm)
01:28 PM robotustra: I'm not in a hurry
01:28 PM fragalot: ok there's one about 5km away
01:28 PM robotustra: Tom_L, to make a new button takes me 1-5 min
01:29 PM miss0r: I wonder what the shipment will amount to
01:29 PM fragalot: good Q
01:29 PM Tom_L: fragalot be sure to label it flamable and radioactive
01:29 PM miss0r: Tom_L: not radioactive, I'm probally already on a watchlist :D
01:30 PM Tom_L: and put tamper stickers on it
01:34 PM fragalot: Tom_L: I am considering putting a shockwatch sticker on
01:35 PM CaptHindsight: 3D scanners that only support nVidia also turn me off
01:39 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.creaform3d.com/en at least these will output a 3d model in native SW or NX format
03:28 PM * JT-Shop built my house, garage and machine shop by his self... I hired the Mennonites to build the new shop as I could not build it that cheap
03:29 PM JT-Shop: or that fast, it took them 4 days to put up a 30' x 50' x 12' wood frame metal outside building
03:31 PM MarcelineVQ: dang
03:36 PM jym: JT-Shop: how much?
03:39 PM JT-Shop: $20,950 with roll insulation including 6" concrete slab
03:40 PM Rab: Wow, nice.
03:40 PM Loetmichel: nice. thats a big "garage"...
03:40 PM Loetmichel: aka workshop
03:40 PM Rab: Are you doing finish-out for electrical etc?
03:41 PM JT-Shop: long done with that, I have a zillion outlets 6" more insulation and OSB walls
03:41 PM Loetmichel: but i dont get why you americans still use tin as a outer hull for houses
03:41 PM Loetmichel: isnt that EXTREMELY loud in rain?
03:41 PM JT-Shop: no, it's very quiet
03:42 PM JT-Shop: I cool the whole thing with a tiny little 120v wall AC and a few sticks of wood per day to heat in the winter
03:43 PM * Loetmichel s company has 100mm thick corrugated metal with foam core on part of the roof... MAN does that sound like a big steel drum when it rains...
03:44 PM jym: JT-Shop: DAAAAAMN
03:46 PM JT-Shop: Loetmichel: the metal is compressing the roll on insulation with is outside the framing so it keeps the metal from moving
03:46 PM Deejay: imagine a hailstorm ;)
03:46 PM JT-Shop: been in there during a hailstorm still quiet
03:46 PM jym: Loetmichel: Have a snow roof (metal) on the house, and cna barely hear rain
03:51 PM andypugh: The only sensoble thing to make roofs from is rocks. How many times do I have to point this out :-)
03:52 PM Loetmichel: jym: we have that stuff on the roof: https://www.heinl-bauelemente.de/sandwichpanelle-sandwichplatten/cat/16293/PURPIR-D%C3%A4mmkern/
03:52 PM Loetmichel: in 100++mm thick
03:53 PM Loetmichel: of the building addition.
03:54 PM Loetmichel: fun fact on the side: the roof "a-frames" are made of engineered wood... and are about 1' by 1' at the outer edges and 1' by 3' in the middle
03:54 PM Deejay: gn8
03:54 PM Loetmichel: the addition is about 50'by 50' though
04:13 PM jym: andypugh: You can point it out in 150 years when you have to replace them... again ;)
05:05 PM CaptHindsight: I once gave someone a 100 year warranty on an aluminum sign
05:06 PM SpeedEvil: A painted one?
05:06 PM CaptHindsight: black anodized, cnc cut
05:07 PM SpeedEvil: Did you actually verify teh dye was good?
05:07 PM SpeedEvil: Some of them badly UV fade
05:08 PM CaptHindsight: I made the colorant, wasn,t dye, was pigment ground to sub 50nm
05:08 PM CaptHindsight: carbon black holds up pretty well to UV
05:09 PM SpeedEvil: ah
05:10 PM CaptHindsight: pigments in a ceramic or glass will hold up for 100's of years
05:10 PM SpeedEvil: yeah
05:11 PM CaptHindsight: matching TCE to the substrate is another issues
05:11 PM CaptHindsight: -s
06:53 PM robotustra: what is "tool check" for?
07:43 PM Tom_L: robotustra in regard to what?
07:44 PM robotustra: the button on cnc control terminal
07:46 PM Tom_L: in axis?
07:50 PM robotustra: https://imagebin.ca/v/4E26o8eUtfEs
07:50 PM robotustra: did some coloring
07:51 PM robotustra: http://www.centroidcnc.com/images/t400_jogpanel_600.jpg
07:51 PM robotustra: here abofe E-stop button
07:51 PM Tom_L: what control is that?
07:52 PM robotustra: between "single block" and "feed hold"
07:52 PM robotustra: yellow
07:52 PM robotustra: below X-
07:53 PM robotustra: may it's to move tool to a position to verify it's state
07:55 PM pink_vampire: robotustra: what ui is that?
08:01 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, you are about 1 picture or the second?
08:02 PM pink_vampire: https://imagebin.ca/v/4E26o8eUtfEs
08:02 PM robotustra: I'm doing it
08:03 PM robotustra: I'm drawing buttons right now
08:03 PM pink_vampire: it is a new ui back end?
08:05 PM robotustra: sort of, I'm not a lcnc developer, if I'll finish it and somebody will want it I possibly publish it
08:06 PM robotustra: I would like to have gui like this, adapted for touch screen
08:07 PM pink_vampire: I would love to
08:08 PM robotustra: good then
08:08 PM pink_vampire: I need stuff for probing
08:09 PM robotustra: do you mean a gui for probing?
08:10 PM robotustra: this is just main layout, I'm planning to make MDI layout too
08:10 PM pink_vampire: yes, I have about every macro you can think of for probing
08:11 PM robotustra: in this gui I'm doing you can draw your own elements and attach whatever you want in text ini file
08:14 PM robotustra: soon I'll need to understand how to interface with hal and lcnc from this gui
08:15 PM pink_vampire: sound like haven
08:15 PM pink_vampire: I'm not a programmer at all
08:16 PM pink_vampire: but I know how to work with SVG
08:16 PM robotustra: you'll no need of any SVG
08:16 PM _unreal_: sup
08:17 PM Tom_L: u tell us
08:17 PM pink_vampire: I mean if you want me to help you with icon design
08:17 PM robotustra: you can draw everything in terms of moveTo, lineTo, arcTo
08:17 PM _unreal_: Just got a lot of my hardware
08:17 PM _unreal_: Got my motors, drivers, and bunch of other stuff
08:18 PM _unreal_: just purchased an @#$@#$@# SD card so I can load an OS for the tinker board
08:18 PM Tom_L: time to put it to work
08:18 PM _unreal_: :S I dont think I'm going to get time to do a DAMN thing right now
08:18 PM _unreal_: I'm working on getting my daughter tobed... she's eating pizza right now
08:19 PM Tom_L: your night to cook :)
08:19 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, it's not difficult for me to dwar an icon if you give me a sample from internet
08:20 PM robotustra: now I'm just drawing a "standard" buttons, common to any cnc machine
08:20 PM _unreal_: I was so impressed with her JOB on writing her thesis (4th grade) 9yo... I'm letting her have her list kid sizes coke at 9pm
08:20 PM _unreal_: list=last
08:21 PM robotustra: _to_much_emotions_detected_
08:21 PM pink_vampire: I'm using the "Axis" ui and i made a font to use as icons (yes I'm that horrible when it come to programming)
08:22 PM robotustra: I installed linux cnc and looked at all gui which came with it. And I didn't find any relevant for me and then I decided to write my own
08:23 PM robotustra: axis in not even look like cnc console
08:23 PM robotustra: to select axis from combo box? Are you serious?
08:24 PM robotustra: imho the cnc console must be of "one touch access" concept
08:24 PM pink_vampire: i need to linux cnc for AFM
08:24 PM robotustra: any action do in one touch
08:24 PM robotustra: do you have one?
08:24 PM Tom_L: crash?
08:25 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, what are you investigating with AFM?
08:25 PM pink_vampire: atoms
08:25 PM robotustra: do you have -270C chamber?
08:26 PM pink_vampire: no need to
08:26 PM robotustra: then you can't resolve atoms :
08:26 PM robotustra: )
08:26 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, what type of AFM do you have?
08:27 PM Tom_L: https://books.google.com/books?id=-2ev3yYwvq0C&pg=PA46&lpg=PA46&dq=basic+cnc+icons&source=bl&ots=LHV9uT7lAW&sig=ue0OorRvFYCj9WXLyVqkX_SzO3U&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjR6MyJkJbdAhUEnq0KHeEqDyMQ6AEwFHoECAQQAQ#v=onepage&q=basic%20cnc%20icons&f=false
08:27 PM Tom_L: start around P 46
08:28 PM robotustra: Tom_L, thanks, but I'll try to adapt these icons for "hobby machinist" case
08:29 PM _unreal_: So I'm torn between trying https://www.asus.com/uk/Single-Board-Computer/Tinker-Board/HelpDesk_Download/ or https://www.elar-systems.com/website/index.php/entertainment/member-area/category/2-downloads
08:29 PM _unreal_: ubuntu or debian and xubuntu or lubuntu
08:29 PM robotustra: don't think many hobby machinists have automatic tool clamp/unclamp
08:29 PM _unreal_: ?
08:30 PM _unreal_: robotustra, lol
08:30 PM robotustra: _unreal_, debian 100%
08:30 PM _unreal_: robotustra, I picked up an asus tinker board
08:31 PM _unreal_: Just got an SD card I'm trying to solve What image to drop on to it... I dont know what is the most mature... but its going to be LINUXCNC for now
08:31 PM pink_vampire: https://dberard.com/home-built-stm/
08:32 PM _unreal_: pink_vampire, What the hell is that
08:32 PM robotustra: why not to try install lcnc image on it directly
08:33 PM robotustra: it's atomic force microscope
08:33 PM pink_vampire: https://dberarddotcom.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/scan1-36_2.png?w=1000&h=&crop=1
08:33 PM _unreal_: robotustra, I dont know that it iwll support the gpu
08:33 PM CaptHindsight: it's an ARM board
08:33 PM robotustra: why do you need gpu on linux cnc?
08:34 PM CaptHindsight: user interface
08:34 PM pink_vampire: for the UI
08:34 PM _unreal_: lol
08:34 PM robotustra: which one? :)
08:34 PM robotustra: are you kidding me?
08:34 PM pink_vampire: the tool path
08:34 PM robotustra: haha
08:34 PM _unreal_: robotustra, I'm not running "turbocnc" here
08:35 PM _unreal_: Though dont get me worng it had its day
08:35 PM CaptHindsight: System-on-chip used: Rockchip RK3288
08:35 PM CaptHindsight: Graphics: ARM Mali-T764 GPU - Supports 1080 & 4K
08:35 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, did you build it yourself, or just going to build?
08:36 PM CaptHindsight: no open driver, so youre stuck with whatever kernel they provide a binary driver for
08:36 PM robotustra: I'm not sure debian will have drivers for that
08:36 PM pink_vampire: the software is what stopping me from doing it
08:36 PM CaptHindsight: https://tinkerboarding.co.uk/forum/forum-4.html
08:37 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, software design is stopping me from building robots, but I still building them :)
08:37 PM CaptHindsight: https://tinkerboarding.co.uk/forum/thread-69.html
08:37 PM _unreal_: Ok the kid is in bed
08:38 PM CaptHindsight: chloroform worked?
08:38 PM robotustra: it means you have +30 min to talk befo go to sleep?
08:39 PM _unreal_: CaptHindsight, What are you reccomending as far as an image
08:39 PM _unreal_: from the 2 links I posted
08:39 PM _unreal_: ?
08:39 PM CaptHindsight: haven't read those threads but I see all sorts of posted issues
08:40 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, I don't think you need lcnc to control AFM
08:40 PM CaptHindsight: atomic farce microscope?
08:41 PM robotustra: yes
08:42 PM robotustra: he/she wants to build it
08:42 PM pink_vampire: robotustra: it is X and Y for scanning, and there is several ways to do scanning paths
08:42 PM robotustra: you can do it with usual arduino
08:43 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTqxnaOf7TU
08:43 PM pink_vampire: maybe some day...
08:43 PM robotustra: the same principle
08:44 PM pink_vampire: convert it to pic scale
08:45 PM pink_vampire: pico*
08:45 PM robotustra: yes
08:45 PM robotustra: easy
08:45 PM robotustra: just remove lashbacks
08:46 PM pink_vampire: there is no backlash in the AFM it is all pre loaded
08:46 PM robotustra: I'm talking about my system :)
08:47 PM pink_vampire: spring?
08:47 PM robotustra: anti lachback nuts
08:48 PM robotustra: btw, I used nuts form cd-rom readers, they also have no lash backs
08:48 PM pink_vampire: "lash backs"??
08:48 PM robotustra: backlash
08:48 PM robotustra: my enrgish is poor
08:49 PM robotustra: my enrgish is poor
08:49 PM robotustra: backlash
08:49 PM jdh: close enough
08:49 PM pink_vampire: lol
08:51 PM Tom_L: robotustra some do
08:52 PM robotustra: Tom_L, these icons look obsolete :)
08:53 PM robotustra: I think that dvd-roms are a good candidate to be converted to AFM
08:53 PM robotustra: as soon as they have head adjustment
08:54 PM robotustra: like electro magnets + springs
08:54 PM pink_vampire: they are in use
08:54 PM pink_vampire: http://web.archive.org/web/20170402020256/https://openafm.com/2015/11/09/new-design/
08:55 PM robotustra: cool
08:57 PM robotustra: this configuration of parts is needed to prevent cantiliver from bending?
08:58 PM pink_vampire: the bending of the cantilever is read by the dvd laser
09:00 PM robotustra: ok
09:01 PM robotustra: could somebody explain me the diff between JOG and RAPID
09:01 PM pink_vampire: jog is the speed you are move the machine by hand
09:02 PM pink_vampire: rapid is the speed for G0
09:02 PM robotustra: ok
09:02 PM robotustra: it means jog is usualy smaller than rabid
09:02 PM robotustra: rapid
09:03 PM robotustra: is jog related to G1?
09:03 PM pink_vampire: rapid is the MAX speed
09:03 PM pink_vampire: no
09:03 PM pink_vampire: Feed Override is your max G1 speed
09:04 PM robotustra: hm, it the book it's written than JOG and RAPID could be dome in manual mode
09:04 PM Tom_L: jog is everything under rapid
09:05 PM robotustra: ok
09:05 PM robotustra: Handle == MPG?
09:05 PM pink_vampire: keyboard
09:06 PM robotustra: MPG on the button means "manual pulse generator"?
09:07 PM robotustra: so AUTO mode icon is way not evident for hobby machinist...
09:07 PM robotustra: I would never guess the meaning
09:08 PM pink_vampire: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jogging
09:10 PM robotustra: I know what is jogging, but not in terms of cnc
09:10 PM pink_vampire: you never used a cnc before?????
09:11 PM pink_vampire: but you re design the interface?????????
09:11 PM robotustra: I used mach3
09:11 PM robotustra: for 3 years
09:11 PM robotustra: 4+
09:12 PM pink_vampire: don't make linux cnc mach3
09:12 PM robotustra: but mainly in auto mode
09:12 PM Tom_L: pink_vampire, it's his toy let him play
09:12 PM Tom_L: you don't like it you can take your toys and go home :)
09:13 PM robotustra: that's why I'm asking, there are some difference between professional cnc control and toyish mach3 control
09:13 PM Tom_L: https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/VAxzgxBtBrPZtYQHwVKzgnZS
09:13 PM robotustra: my taget user is me
09:13 PM Tom_L: i'm kinda liking that one so far
09:13 PM Tom_L: so why are you asking us then?
09:13 PM robotustra: I have to understand if I need it first :)
09:13 PM robotustra: I'm asking general questions
09:14 PM robotustra: and I will possibly add professional icons to my gui
09:14 PM robotustra: anyway any control can be added thou
09:14 PM pink_vampire: i was also using mach3 before and the LCNC ui was soo complicated at the beginning, but after about a month, I understand the power in linux cnc.
09:15 PM robotustra: i didn't use lcnc yet
09:15 PM robotustra: I'm building new machine to run on lcnc
09:15 PM Tom_L: you're missing out on life
09:16 PM Tom_L: as you use it you will see what you need
09:16 PM pink_vampire: Tom_L: you are right.
09:16 PM robotustra: before I finished my lathe I'm not moccing anything
09:17 PM robotustra: missing
09:17 PM robotustra: I can't start use it :)
09:17 PM robotustra: yet
09:17 PM Roguish: robotustra: you really should use simple vanilla linuxcnc with axis gui for a bit before working on a ui.
09:17 PM robotustra: Roguish, I don't need to use it, I can just watch people use it on youtube
09:18 PM Roguish: BS
09:18 PM Tom_L: ^^
09:18 PM pink_vampire: ^^
09:19 PM robotustra: what is vanilla
09:19 PM Tom_L: plain
09:19 PM pink_vampire: the basic
09:19 PM Roguish: robotustra: you see that link Tom_L just put up? that ui has like 5 or 6 people working on it.
09:19 PM Roguish: it ain't easy.
09:20 PM Tom_L: coming along quite nice too
09:20 PM robotustra: Roguish, and what?
09:20 PM robotustra: what if I'm a genious?
09:20 PM Roguish: good luck. you need it.
09:20 PM Tom_L: go forth and do it
09:20 PM robotustra: I will
09:21 PM robotustra: I have no machine to try lcnc yet
09:21 PM Roguish: is it done yet?
09:21 PM robotustra: https://imgur.com/gXNcD41
09:22 PM robotustra: https://imgur.com/WeVibDf
09:22 PM robotustra: I think in a 1/2 of year
09:23 PM robotustra: https://imgur.com/DEpWtuJ this guy work on mach3 and I don't want to ruin setup yet
09:23 PM Roguish: looks ok so far. have you figured out how to get the 2 axes square? really 90 degrees, in really parallel planes?
09:23 PM robotustra: yes, I have right angles
09:24 PM Roguish: are you sure? have you measured them?
09:24 PM robotustra: yep
09:24 PM pink_vampire: what rails and blocks are those?
09:24 PM Roguish: what tolerance? 1 deg? .1 deg? .001 deg? .000001 rad?
09:25 PM Tom_L: infinity and beyond...
09:25 PM robotustra: Roguish, I use a rule, "if you can't make it exact - make it adjustable"
09:25 PM robotustra: I'll adjust after, I have a range
09:26 PM Roguish: adjustable is good. so long as you can adjust to your expectations.
09:26 PM Roguish: it's all relative. and scalable.
09:27 PM Tom_L: i _could_ remake some of the parts on mine and get it more accurate i think since all i had to machine them in the beginning was a sherline
09:27 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, HGR20 HIWIN
09:27 PM Roguish: it's all about expectations and requirements.
09:27 PM Tom_L: i'm not making aircraft parts etc so i'm pretty happy with it
09:27 PM Tom_L: yeah
09:28 PM pink_vampire: need to be more letters in the model
09:28 PM Roguish: i did a machine that was good for +-0.10 inches. but that was over 210 feet x 70 feet x 10 feet.
09:28 PM Tom_L: i think i downloaded all the block models for the 20mm rails
09:28 PM robotustra: true, it's quite easy to adjust right angle for lathe after
09:29 PM robotustra: to verify convex/concave cuts
09:29 PM Tom_L: i used to run some parts that were +0 - .0005 too but i don't expect that from mine
09:29 PM robotustra: and diameters on the cylinders
09:29 PM Roguish: not trying to bust you nuts, just keep it real. and most important, have fun doing it.
09:30 PM Tom_L: that's what i'm about nowdays
09:30 PM robotustra: thanks that you beleive in me, it's not my first machine
09:30 PM Roguish: cool, we look forward to seeing it run.
09:30 PM robotustra: and I kinda scraped an iron plates for half of the year :)
09:30 PM robotustra: manually
09:31 PM robotustra: I know that geometry for mashine is more important than the surface roughness
09:32 PM _unreal_: ok had dinner
09:32 PM _unreal_: I'm back
09:32 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, HGW20CC
09:33 PM robotustra: it's for Z axis
09:33 PM robotustra: SSR20XV for X axis
09:34 PM _unreal_: ok so the image is an IMG... do I DD that to my sd card?
09:34 PM _unreal_: I see no detials on how to write the image to the sd card
09:34 PM _unreal_: sigh
09:35 PM Tom_L: umm there's a way to convert it i think
09:35 PM Tom_L: at least to a thumb drive
09:35 PM Tom_L: i'm not sure about SD
09:35 PM robotustra: I usually do dd to /dev/sd*
09:35 PM robotustra: directly
09:35 PM robotustra: but I don't know what image you are talking about
09:36 PM Tom_L: for his arm board
09:36 PM _unreal_: https://www.asus.com/uk/Single-Board-Computer/Tinker-Board/HelpDesk_Download/
09:36 PM _unreal_: robotustra, click the down arrow. i'm looking at the latest debian image
09:36 PM _unreal_: 1gb
09:36 PM Tom_L: i use rufus
09:36 PM _unreal_: downloads as a zipfile unzips as an img file
09:37 PM _unreal_: I dont do drugs
09:37 PM robotustra: I would try dd
09:37 PM Tom_L: i don't either but i use rufus
09:37 PM _unreal_: oh rufus not rufes
09:37 PM robotustra: if it will not work, 2) plan B
09:37 PM Tom_L: https://www.handheldgroup.com/support-rugged-computers/knowledgebase-KB/5795/
09:37 PM robotustra: but pretty sure it will work
09:37 PM Tom_L: click click and done
09:38 PM robotustra: "said adwanced point clicker..."
09:38 PM robotustra: v
09:39 PM robotustra: any boot image written to any block device should work
09:39 PM robotustra: with dd
09:40 PM robotustra: dd if=./boot.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=1024
09:40 PM robotustra: sd<whatever>
09:41 PM robotustra: check dmesg to find out what is your sdcard drive
09:44 PM robotustra: or /dev/mmcblk0
09:47 PM robotustra: I think I did something like "dd if=./...iso of=/dev/mmcblk0" and it was ok
10:21 PM robotustra: the guy on a video just confessed that axis ui is not usable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t_-FcmUUzU&t=9m5s
10:28 PM _unreal_: why didnt any one tell me I fell asleep
10:29 PM MarcelineVQ: you looked so peaceful
10:30 PM _unreal_: you should have blinked louder
10:45 PM _unreal_: shit no wonder it didnt work. I of=/dev/sdb1 not /dev/sdb
10:49 PM _unreal_: re-writing the card
10:49 PM _unreal_: arg....
10:50 PM _unreal_: for being a "fast" card it sure is slow
11:01 PM _unreal_: sdfit booted
11:02 PM _unreal_: it booted
11:41 PM rue_: anyone here have a cnc laser machine?
11:59 PM flyback: hey rue_
11:59 PM flyback: how are you doing these days?
11:59 PM flyback: ok?