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Aug 02 2018

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12:04 AM jesseg: Howdy
12:08 AM hazzy-lab: hello!
12:08 AM hazzy-lab: did you find a source for the bearing?
12:08 AM jesseg: hazzy-dev, oh yeah -- I called Atrump - turns out manual has a misprint. 3010ZZ is wrong number - supposed to be 6010ZZ -- which they normally stock (out of stock today) but it's also available on mscdirect and lots of other places.
12:09 AM hazzy-lab: excellent, there are a couple of double rows in the BP that are rare as hens teeth, for a bit I thought you might need one of those, glad its standard bearing
12:10 AM jesseg: yeah me too :D
12:15 AM jesseg: so my mill has a little oiler cup that would basically run oil down the quill sliding area as well as down the spindle bearings....
12:16 AM `Wolf: normal and messy
12:16 AM jesseg: I figured I'd want to use way oil on the quill sliding surfaces and spindle oil naturally down the spindle bearings...
12:16 AM jesseg: but it seems they both drink from the same spout?! How do I use two different oils?
12:17 AM `Wolf: you don’t lol
12:17 AM hazzy-lab: yeah, the same oil for both, lol
12:18 AM jesseg: I gotta admit, back in my naughty days, when I was umm using bar oil, it did provide a lovely viscous action on the quill. I could let go of the drill press handle and the quill would go up nice and smooth and not bang.
12:18 AM hazzy-lab: spindle oil is fine for the quill
12:18 AM jesseg: oh OK
12:18 AM hazzy-lab: haha, fluid damed quill
12:18 AM hazzy-lab: damped*
12:21 AM jesseg: yeah it's real nice. You just let go and it perfectly goes up and stops without going too fast or damaging anything
12:21 AM sealive: morning
12:21 AM sealive: getting desert temps here again after a cool breeze
12:22 AM sealive: and a very hot weekend
12:33 AM sealive: off 2 garden
12:34 AM hazzy-lab: sealive must be Ichs, lol
12:34 AM hazzy-lab: who else would say off 2 beer garden? xD
12:34 AM `Wolf: must be lol
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01:50 AM jesseg: hey if anyone could help me, I'm trying to diagnose a strange issue with my spindle motor: http://videoflier.com/movies/1533185055591695469890
01:50 AM jesseg: I videoed it because it's so strange
01:51 AM hazzy-lab: jesseg: classic worn bearing bore
01:52 AM hazzy-lab: looks like the bearing bore was play in it, so the bearing it moving side to side
01:52 AM hazzy-lab: it does not have end play because of the spring washer
01:52 AM jesseg: hazzy-lab, lol tell me more... so the inside bore of the motor bearing? or the hole it goes into in the motor end plates?
01:52 AM jesseg: oh the whole bearing is sliding back and forth? that's what it feels and sounds like but I couldn't imagine how that would come to be....!
01:53 AM hazzy-lab: yes, that is very common
01:53 AM hazzy-lab: easy to fix too
01:53 AM jesseg: ok fascinating.... so what do I do, bed it in JB weld lol
01:53 AM jesseg: or can I just ignore it? The motor runs smooth and quiet
01:54 AM hazzy-lab: you can get little corrugated shim-stock specifically for taking up the play
01:54 AM jesseg: ahh gotcha
01:54 AM hazzy-lab: but you could also just glue the bearing in the lock tight ...
01:54 AM hazzy-lab: with*
01:55 AM jesseg: and if I do nothing, will it wear excessively faster than if I do something?
01:55 AM hazzy-lab: you could leave it, but what happens it the drag from the grease slowly spins the bearing in the bore and it gets worse and worse if you don't stop the bearing from spinning somehow
01:55 AM hazzy-lab: right!
01:56 AM jesseg: fascinating. WIth the constant side force of the pulley I would not have imagined the outer race constantly dragging around
01:56 AM jesseg: Is there any chance this made in china motor was just made lose? LOL...
01:57 AM jesseg: well I guess the machine does have some hours on it
01:57 AM hazzy-lab: yes, could be the fit was always loose and it just got worse over time as the bearing spun
01:57 AM hazzy-lab: ot it was always like that ... lol
01:58 AM jesseg: How do I get the motor apart? I tried taking the rear fan off and the front face plate bolts, but couldn't get the front face plate to come free
02:00 AM hazzy-lab: most motors have little indents for a screwdriver in the bell (end cap) right next to were the bell meats the can
02:00 AM hazzy-lab: but a flat blade in there and tap lightly, and repeat all around until it works free
02:00 AM hazzy-lab: it sould come off pretty easy
02:01 AM hazzy-lab: you could also tap on the mounting ears (which I assume it has) with a block of wood
02:01 AM hazzy-lab: you cant damage much, just go slow and steady
02:02 AM hazzy-lab: jesseg: after 3am here, I need to sleep ...
02:02 AM hazzy-lab: gn8
02:03 AM jesseg: Nighters, thanks a million hazzy-dev
02:10 AM Deejay: moin
05:10 AM jthornton: morning
05:13 AM XXCoder: yo'
05:14 AM jthornton: down to 14:00:13 hours of daylight... days are getting shorter
05:14 AM XXCoder: yep
05:14 AM XXCoder: shop was actually livable today
05:15 AM XXCoder: though im going though bad issues with air pressure changes its great
05:15 AM jthornton: weather has been nice for this time of year
05:15 AM XXCoder: 2nd record hottest july ever
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07:41 AM sealive: hi all
07:41 AM sealive: super hot in germany
07:48 AM sealive: stilll full bot alert here
07:49 AM sealive: im off tilll ater
08:03 AM JT-Shop: pcw_home: can the 7i76E put out 3.3v step and direction?
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09:48 AM roycroft: do any of you who use solidworks know if any useful information is lost when exporting a .sldprt file to .step?
09:53 AM gregcnc: I suppose it depends on what you intend to do with the .step
09:53 AM roycroft: i want to open it with fusion 360 to use the cam features
09:54 AM roycroft: i've been looking at fusion 360 but its cloud-based stuff makes it unsuitable for me for design work
09:54 AM robotustra: and it depends on the meaning of "useful information"
09:54 AM roycroft: so i want to continue to use solidworks for design
09:54 AM roycroft: and fusion 360 to generate gcode
09:55 AM gregcnc: when i tried that i thought I imported sldprt
09:55 AM roycroft: i could not do so
09:55 AM roycroft: but that might be part of the cloud stuff
09:55 AM roycroft: i did the import in offline mode
09:55 AM roycroft: and it did not allow an import of a .sldprt file
09:55 AM roycroft: but it would import .step
09:55 AM Wolf_: it is part of the cloud stuff
09:55 AM roycroft: that might be acceptable
09:56 AM roycroft: i can go online when i need to generate gcode
09:56 AM roycroft: i do a lot of work offline though
09:56 AM roycroft: an fusion 360 is not very functional in offline mode
09:56 AM roycroft: i'll try it online and see if i can import a .sldprt file
09:56 AM gregcnc: if you import sldprt you get sketches etc, I think you get just solids with step
09:57 AM roycroft: i'm just looking for a free/cheap way to generate gcode from a cad file
09:57 AM roycroft: my version of solidworks is too old to use the now-bundled cam plugin
09:58 AM gregcnc: right
09:58 AM roycroft: i was willing to give fusion 360 a go for design work, even though i despise anything cloud-based
09:58 AM roycroft: i was going to bite my tongue and accept that it might be the thing i need to do
09:58 AM roycroft: then i found out that it's mostly useless in offline mode
09:59 AM roycroft: like all the part libraries are cloud-only
09:59 AM roycroft: so now i'm back to solidworks, which functions perfectly well without being tethered to the internet
10:00 AM roycroft: too bad, actually, because although i like solidworks, i hate that it is so dependent on using a mouse
10:00 AM jdh: whatis SW price vs 360?
10:00 AM roycroft: and fusion 360 looks like it has a decent command interface
10:00 AM gregcnc: lol
10:00 AM roycroft: fusion 360 is $25/month for the commercial version
10:00 AM roycroft: free for students/makers
10:01 AM roycroft: solidworks cost us about $5.5k when we bought it in 2011
10:01 AM roycroft: i don't know what current pricing is - they don't publish their prices
10:01 AM roycroft: but i should imagine it's about the same now
10:01 AM gregcnc: it hasn't really changed
10:02 AM Wolf_: its about the same price
10:02 AM Wolf_: for the mostly base version
10:02 AM robotustra: instead of collaboration and support of the development free CAM product you still pay for licences
10:03 AM roycroft: i'm not interested in that discussion
10:03 AM roycroft: i'm just looking for a solution
10:03 AM roycroft: i don't object at all to others having that discussion
10:03 AM roycroft: i just don't want to participate
10:04 AM robotustra: solution is export part to STL and generate pathes with pycam for instance
10:04 AM roycroft: i can give that a go
10:04 AM roycroft: i have pycam
10:04 AM roycroft: and frankly, if i can avoid fusion 360 completely i'd be happier
10:05 AM robotustra: I also looking for working tool chain to generate g-codes
10:05 AM roycroft: we got a good deal on solidworks when we bought it
10:05 AM robotustra: I'm still doing 2d and 2.5d milling,
10:06 AM robotustra: I use t-flex + ArtCam
10:06 AM roycroft: i don't remember all the details, but we got it through through a government agency for whom we were doing work
10:06 AM roycroft: and got solidworks premium for the cost of the base license
10:07 AM roycroft: i'm just getting ready to start cnc milling, and initially it will be 2d and perhaps a little 2.5d
10:07 AM roycroft: i'm not really looking at doing anything 3d for a while
10:08 AM roycroft: that said, i now have access to some 3d printers, and have some parts that i'd like to make, but i don't think those printers are suitable for the parts
10:08 AM Wolf_: got any vets working there? soildworks does have a $100 license
10:08 AM robotustra: I was thinking to use this one, but it looks suspisious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M99VshffvDY
10:08 AM roycroft: i'm an internet veteran
10:08 AM roycroft: but i don't think that counts
10:08 AM robotustra: roycroft, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M99VshffvDY
10:08 AM Wolf_: lol
10:09 AM roycroft: hey
10:09 AM roycroft: i have some real battle scars from running an isp in the '90s
10:09 AM roycroft: freecad is a nice idea, but it has a bit of maturing to do yet
10:10 AM roycroft: it's a project that i could see myself using and supporting at some point
10:10 AM * roycroft did not mean to insult actual vets there, and was just making a feeble attempt at humor
10:11 AM robotustra: I'm so upset with the free tools that I'm about to write my own 2d-2.5d path generator
10:11 AM robotustra: without any gui even
10:12 AM roycroft: i don't care about guis, for the most part
10:12 AM roycroft: if you saw my workstation you would see that immediately
10:12 AM gregcnc: machining in the 80's?
10:12 AM roycroft: i'm on an imac right now, and i have three displays connected to it
10:12 AM roycroft: two of them are full of xterms
10:12 AM roycroft: and the third is the one that acutally does gui stuff - it has nagios open in a browser
10:13 AM roycroft: guis are useful for some things
10:13 AM roycroft: but a lot of stuff is just more cumbersome to use in a gui environment
10:13 AM robotustra: I use console or text editor 95% of all my working time
10:13 AM roycroft: the bottm line is: i'm not married to gui or to not-gui environments
10:14 AM roycroft: i use what works best for me for the task at hand
10:14 AM robotustra: that's why I would like to make a console tool to generate g-codes
10:14 AM gregcnc: for simple work I'm sure it's OK.
10:15 AM robotustra: like: > stl2gcode model.stl -o path.nc --tool=tool.ini
10:15 AM gregcnc: if that's all you need i suppose it's hard to justify upgrading SW for integrated CAM
10:15 AM roycroft: that is all i need
10:16 AM roycroft: solidworks 2012 is more than sufficient for the stuff i'm doing and am likely to do in the future
10:17 AM roycroft: the only other reason i would need to upgrade would be if the version i have no longer runs on recent windows releases, and the virtualization software i use no longer supports the version of windows (windows 7) that i'm currently using
10:17 AM gregcnc: single pass cuts to make the parts?
10:18 AM robotustra: like: > stl2gcode model.stl -o path.nc --tool=tools.ini
10:21 AM roycroft: i want to sort this out soon
10:22 AM roycroft: i'm at a point where i can hand-write simple gcode and get it doing what i need it to do, in simulation mode
10:22 AM roycroft: but that's too tedius for most real parts
10:22 AM roycroft: i'm on vacation the week of the 13th, and i plan on doing some real cnc milling right after i return
10:23 AM roycroft: one reason offline cad work is important - i'll be camping in a place where there is no internet (no distratctions :) and plan on designing several parts while i'm there
10:25 AM robotustra: camping drived design in nature inspiration
10:25 AM robotustra: driven*
10:30 AM roycroft: i don't mind using technology when i'm camping
10:30 AM roycroft: i do prefer not using the internet, though
10:30 AM roycroft: i'll be on-call, as i always am, sadly
10:30 AM roycroft: and i will have to check emails twice/day
10:30 AM roycroft: but only an emergency mailbox
10:33 AM robotustra: I don't read any email while I'm on camping
10:34 AM robotustra: I disable all internet communications if I want to rest
10:34 AM roycroft: were that i could
10:34 AM roycroft: but since i'm on-call i do have to check for emergencies
10:35 AM roycroft: fortunately my networks are robust enough now that i rarelyh have to respond to anything
11:10 AM robotustra: anyway the problem of good and free cad/cam toolchain is still #1
11:10 AM selroc: hello
11:14 AM robotustra: hello
11:15 AM selroc: I have to try out Blender https://www.blender.org/
11:17 AM robotustra: what for?
11:17 AM robotustra: blender is a hipster software written by hipsters for hipsters
11:18 AM robotustra: :)
11:18 AM robotustra: as soon as I see it :)
11:19 AM hazzy-lab: robotustra: lol, so true xD
11:20 AM robotustra: I don't know what logic should be to create such UI
11:20 AM robotustra: you'll spend a years of learinng it
11:21 AM selroc: I spent a few months to learn FreeCAD
11:21 AM jdh: and?
11:21 AM selroc: and it works well with PyCAM
11:23 AM selroc: PyCAM takes STL input so it works well, I made several parts this way
11:24 AM robotustra: I spend about a week to start to draw in t-flex 15 years ago, still using it
11:24 AM robotustra: actually, less, may be 3-4 days
11:25 AM robotustra: FreeCAD is designed for aliens too.
11:25 AM selroc: the topic is anyway the problem of good and free cad/cam toolchain is still #1 so I talk open source
11:26 AM robotustra: I can't use it because the logic is too wierd with comparison to good one
11:27 AM robotustra: I'm for free, open tools, so I'm planning to contribute one day
11:28 AM robotustra: actually already started
11:28 AM selroc: then probably I am an alien
11:30 AM robotustra: "I will write my own GUI with black Jack and ..."
11:35 AM roycroft: as i said earlier, freecad needs some time to mature
11:36 AM robotustra: roycroft, can you make a chamfer in one-two clicks?
11:48 AM roycroft: sure
11:50 AM roycroft: i really wish i'd gotten a new mac pro instead of an imac
11:50 AM roycroft: the displays on this imac are beautiful
11:51 AM roycroft: but it's such a slow machine compared to my old (2008) mac pro
11:51 AM roycroft: it's taking about 3 minutes for a linuxcnc vm to load
11:51 AM roycroft: my macbook pro is even faster than this
11:53 AM robotustra: I istalled lcnc on Athlon 3GHz on ssd and it boots about 11 seconds from power up to login
11:54 AM robotustra: much faster than my zenbook
11:54 AM robotustra: about 10 times faster
11:55 AM robotustra: so I need to move on ssd's all what I have
11:55 AM sealive: hi all
11:55 AM sealive: selroc, nice to get you sadisfied on FreeCAD
11:56 AM sealive: robotustra, more interest is the latency you got
11:57 AM sealive: XXCoder, firer hedding your way
11:58 AM hazzy-lab: sealive: Ichs, why did you change your nick? I did not recognize you ...
11:58 AM roycroft: hmm, so i just made a part in solidworks, exported it as stl, and pycam rotated it so that the top is now the front
11:58 AM sealive: hazzy-dev, this nick is registerd
11:58 AM hazzy-lab: ah, I see
11:59 AM roycroft: i guess i'll have to figure out how to rotate it back
11:59 AM roycroft: pycam doesn't seem to have that capability though
11:59 AM sealive: roycroft, better to use for real mechanical parts STEP not stl
11:59 AM roycroft: someone here told me to use stl with pycam
11:59 AM roycroft: i can try step
12:00 PM roycroft: as i pause the linuxcnc vm and unpause the solidworks vm, then vice versa
12:00 PM roycroft: so maybe by lunch time :)
12:01 PM roycroft: i just need to figure out a workflow that gets me from solidworks to gcode
12:01 PM hazzy-lab: jesseg: You like corona light, right? https://i.imgur.com/z26Mmd8.png
12:01 PM roycroft: whatever it takes without spending $5k
12:02 PM robotustra: I told
12:03 PM roycroft: actually, the unpausing/pausing of solidworks went pretty fast
12:03 PM roycroft: it's the linuxcnc vm that takes so bloody long
12:05 PM roycroft: which is odd, because the solidworks vm is 50GB and the linuxcnc vm is only 20GB
12:06 PM roycroft: and pycam does not understand my .step file
12:08 PM R2E4: Hi all...
12:09 PM R2E4: anyone working on a pure python remap?
12:13 PM roycroft: aah, i found how to flip things
12:19 PM jesseg: hazzy-dev, yeah sweet! what is it?
12:20 PM sealive: im off for today did do a new Commit to FreeCad but i think it will not be accepted to get better g-code
12:21 PM sealive: someone will find a small hint to not merge it
02:46 PM miss0r: goodevening
02:48 PM hazzy-lab: miss0r: hello
02:48 PM miss0r: hello hazzy. Are you up to anything interresting?
02:49 PM robotustra: a bot?
02:49 PM miss0r: what is?
02:50 PM hazzy-lab: yes, got a new VFD rated spindle motor for the RF45 mill, and got most of the parts to switch to a PDB and TTS tooling
02:50 PM miss0r: nice.
02:50 PM miss0r: I love it when all the parts are in, and you can just go at it, no more waiting
02:50 PM hazzy-lab: how is the EDM?
02:51 PM miss0r: which one? :)
02:51 PM hazzy-lab: the big one!
02:51 PM miss0r: well.. its... big :)
02:51 PM miss0r: Its running
02:51 PM hazzy-lab: great!
02:51 PM miss0r: (not at this very moment, as I have no work for it at the moment)
02:52 PM miss0r: not that is was a particularly complicated relay replacement, infact, it was trivial. But I was not aided by the 20mm wire length lol
02:58 PM Wolf_: wire stretcher helps
03:04 PM miss0r: wolf_: I would just LOVE to own one :D
03:05 PM Wolf_: I keep wondering if I should have gotten a EDM from the auction
03:05 PM Wolf_: then I remember I have no space lol
03:05 PM XXCoder: just ask doctor who on how to solve that lol
03:07 PM Wolf_: smaller on the outside would help
03:09 PM miss0r: hehe :] Everyone should own an EDM
03:10 PM robotustra: what is EDM?
03:12 PM Wolf_: electronic dance music
03:13 PM robotustra: are you kidding me?
03:13 PM Wolf_: or Electrical discharge machining
03:13 PM robotustra: oh
03:13 PM robotustra: I have to build one
03:13 PM Wolf_: spark eroding
03:13 PM robotustra: for kids
03:14 PM robotustra: is it really useful for something at home?
03:15 PM Wolf_: hmm, I’m thinking due to power needed and machine size, not so much
03:15 PM miss0r: Wolf_: nonsense !
03:15 PM miss0r: You can engrave the kids names in silverware with a badboy! There you go: home use
03:15 PM Wolf_: lol
03:16 PM robotustra: on a silver I could engrave
03:17 PM robotustra: I with a usual mill
03:17 PM Wolf_: good for burning out broken taps
03:17 PM miss0r: Yeah, but unless you have a bad endmill, you will make no sparks!
03:17 PM robotustra: or WC
03:17 PM Wolf_: cutting hardened tool steel
03:18 PM robotustra: tungsten carbide
03:18 PM miss0r: AND you can make a square inside corner in a pocket
03:18 PM Wolf_: really I dont know much about it
03:18 PM robotustra: I can broach corners
03:19 PM miss0r: not in tungsten carbide, you cant :D
03:19 PM robotustra: I think it consumes a lot of current
03:19 PM miss0r: Its not too bad, actualy
03:19 PM miss0r: I think my one is 2500watt at full power
03:19 PM robotustra: I can sharpen WC with diamond stuff
03:20 PM robotustra: it's like all my appartment consumption at max
03:20 PM robotustra: actually it like a welder
03:20 PM robotustra: what is the area of erosion?
03:20 PM Wolf_: depends on the machine
03:21 PM miss0r: not realy
03:22 PM robotustra: I would like to make FFF metal printer
03:22 PM miss0r: you can 'in theory' slap as big of an electrode in there as you feel like.
03:22 PM Wolf_: or small https://youtu.be/pCtWPbTDbuY lol
03:22 PM robotustra: at room temperature
03:23 PM miss0r: :D
03:23 PM robotustra: no, they didn't succeed
03:24 PM Wolf_: yeah, the guy with the lathe beat the EDM in drilling out a pencil lead
03:26 PM robotustra: commit; push; go home';
03:27 PM CaptHindsight: https://imgur.com/gallery/H3iLtjY which taper is that?
03:27 PM CaptHindsight: https://i.imgur.com/58VYl7S.mp4
03:27 PM Wolf_: mt5 maybe?
03:28 PM Wolf_: mp4 is a clip from abom78
03:29 PM XXCoder: weird, it has english captions but no words at all lol
03:31 PM XXCoder: Wolf_: insanr
03:32 PM CaptHindsight: https://youtu.be/GNhVxHPCy2Q?t=14m53s Abom79
03:32 PM CaptHindsight: XXCoder: ^^ was a clip from here like Wolf_ mentioned
03:33 PM Wolf_: he might have meant that crazy game show from japan that I linked
03:34 PM XXCoder: a hole though the pencil lead
03:34 PM XXCoder: no wood
03:43 PM XXCoder: Wolf_: yeah
03:44 PM CaptHindsight: that show could never be on US TV....
03:44 PM CaptHindsight: all the maker types would be upset
03:44 PM gregcnc: not reality enough?
03:45 PM CaptHindsight: the people with the skills and equipment wouldn't want to give up their tricks
03:45 PM CaptHindsight: the maker types would be upset that they can't even come close to working on anything similar
03:45 PM gregcnc: probably why the "challenges" are ridiculous
03:46 PM CaptHindsight: the US challenges would be really dumb
03:46 PM XXCoder: They're trying to cut air pollution standards. I guess they miss being able to taste air
03:46 PM CaptHindsight: anything for a buck
03:47 PM XXCoder: mere money? doubtful
03:47 PM XXCoder: they want to taste air again, thats it.
03:47 PM gregcnc: shopping for web host sucks
03:48 PM CaptHindsight: the whole format of the show would have to be dumbed down as well
03:48 PM Wolf_: so something like americas got talent?
03:48 PM gregcnc: nah, just release a guide to drinking games with the show and it will be fine
03:50 PM XXCoder: just carefully control context, for example in snake in planes, don't drink on "motherfucker"
03:50 PM XXCoder: or you will die
03:51 PM Wolf_: lol there is other eps of that show https://youtu.be/yUi9T_vj8zA turning vs metal spinning titanium
03:51 PM gregcnc: https://www.reddit.com/r/goldrush/comments/4sumv1/gold_rush_drinking_game/
03:52 PM XXCoder: Wolf_: all curved, essentally no grippable part at end? dang custom hold is needed
03:52 PM Wolf_: one piece no seams
03:53 PM gregcnc: the drama in the translation is surreal
03:54 PM Wolf_: yeah, only thing I hate about NHK world
04:03 PM Deejay: gn8
06:53 PM skunkworks: kids are sucked into short circuit
08:50 PM roycroft: no disassemble!
09:01 PM robotustra: delorie is a guy who build ornithopters?
09:01 PM djdelorie: er, no?
09:02 PM robotustra: ok
09:03 PM robotustra: ah, it was delaurier
09:03 PM robotustra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-qS7oN-3tA
09:03 PM robotustra: delaurier
09:03 PM robotustra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-qS7oN-3tA
09:03 PM robotustra: Designer: James DeLaurier
09:04 PM djdelorie: no relationship
09:06 PM robotustra: ok
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