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Jul 30 2018

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12:00 AM Lcvette[m]: Hazzy, Turboss and I have been tinkering on some probing routines and screen gui ideas and were discussing how many folks liked the PP interface but how it would be nice to have a version more generic for the average linuxcnc user.
12:03 AM Lcvette[m]: the metal one
12:03 AM Lcvette[m]: bought it 3 years ago
12:07 AM MrHindsight: https://www.harborfreight.com/1600-Watt-Heavy-Duty-Dual-Temperature-Heat-Gun-10001100-69342.html
12:07 AM MrHindsight: only $38
12:10 AM hazzy-m: hardinge is the company that bought out Bridgeport, from what I have seen the hardinge machines are better than the BPs ever were. Most of the new parts come from them too, and are very good quality
12:10 AM jesseg: interesting
12:15 AM roycroft: hardinge lathes can be very high quality and are highly sought out
12:16 AM jesseg: so I guess if shophardinge.com has the part I need it's probably a good part then :P
12:16 AM roycroft: there's a good chance it's a decent part
12:24 AM hazzy-m: jesseg: Yes, if you buy a genuine BP replacement part it will either be made by hardinge or be NOS. There are good replacement parts made by others though, and sometime the cost of the hardinge part is not worth it.
12:25 AM hazzy-m: MSC is a hardinge dealer, and has a good selection of PB part at decent prices, surprisingly!
12:25 AM jesseg: hazzy-m, good point. However, in this case, my own mill manufacturer (Atrump) actually sells parts but for slightly more than they are listed on shophardinge.com
12:26 AM jesseg: Unfortunately, the atrump parts website listed the gear I needed a week ago and now it doesn't LOL I need to call them Monday.
12:27 AM jesseg: MSCDIRECT.COM ?
12:28 AM jesseg: hmm, I wonder of MSC has parts.. They do sell BP mills but not sure if they have parts..
12:29 AM jesseg: but anyway $50 isn't a bad price for a gear I guess. I mean if I were to take the time to make one myself it'd take a good day of setup and work
12:30 AM XXCoder: tiny kitchen knife. lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gxlo-nvdEXY
12:30 AM hazzy-m: They do have BP parts in stock, but lost I checked (a year or so ago) they did not have them in the catalog
12:34 AM jesseg: XXCoder, this is bizarre. Why am I watching it?
12:35 AM XXCoder: because youre watching it
12:35 AM jesseg: and what's the stuffed dog got to do with anything ?
12:35 AM XXCoder: he makes a lot of strange knives
12:35 AM XXCoder: yeah no idea either
12:36 AM XXCoder: he jokes around a lot
12:36 AM XXCoder: surpising professional looking tiny knife
12:36 AM XXCoder: but then hes damn good on kitchen knives
12:37 AM XXCoder: cuts like one also apparent;y
12:38 AM jesseg: I'm surpised he didn't use heat and hammering again later to thin out the blade once he had the side profile cut
12:38 AM XXCoder: who knows? he can make pasta knife that can really cut
12:38 AM XXCoder: and not weak knife either. its only weakness is water, he had to wipe it each cut
12:41 AM jesseg: lol I never thought of using a drill bit for a rivet
12:43 AM jesseg: he definitely did a nice job on it though
12:46 AM XXCoder: yeah
12:46 AM XXCoder: see how he cuts paper dang
01:21 AM IchGucksLive: morning from sunny Germany
01:21 AM IchGucksLive: XXCoder, how are the firers developing
01:22 AM XXCoder: east end but smoke starting to creep west to here
01:22 AM XXCoder: thankfully rain on thursday. monday is only very hot day this week
01:23 AM IchGucksLive: XXCoder, i got a real good papercutter dragknive
01:23 AM XXCoder: nice
01:23 AM IchGucksLive: up to 1mm paper
01:25 AM IchGucksLive: XXCoder, let me upload a vid
01:27 AM IchGucksLive: XXCoder, https://youtu.be/nxx7Kakavjc
01:27 AM IchGucksLive: its 450g/m²
01:28 AM XXCoder: interesting
01:28 AM IchGucksLive: i do all masking on 270g/m²
01:28 AM IchGucksLive: for painting
01:28 AM IchGucksLive: cake decoration
01:29 AM XXCoder: food grade paint I guess
01:31 AM IchGucksLive: airbrush
01:31 AM XXCoder: interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5L6W0YoAd4
01:32 AM XXCoder: making la,inar flow noozle
01:32 AM XXCoder: laminar
01:39 AM IchGucksLive: im off 2 garden Bye
01:58 AM Loetmichel: mornin'
01:59 AM jesseg: Guten morgen
02:00 AM Loetmichel: maan. not quite an hour in the company and already a part milled, second one in progress, talked to 2 external designers via phone AND glueing some copper foil onto a video projecter chassis... and thats not counting the 4 interruptions by the boss:"THAT had to be shipped last week, hurry up!"... if i had 8 arms i still would have not enough ;)
02:03 AM norias: ain't that the truth
02:29 AM Deejay: moin
02:30 AM norias: hi
04:53 AM jthornton: morning
05:29 AM IchGucksLive: hi all
05:29 AM XXCoder: welcome back
05:30 AM IchGucksLive: heat is overwalming all here
05:30 AM Deejay: need rain
05:30 AM XXCoder: my room is getting cool. awesome. 74f. rest of top floor is at 81f
05:30 AM IchGucksLive: XXCoder, never sleep this days at fire behind the house
05:30 AM IchGucksLive: Deejay, How not
05:30 AM IchGucksLive: who
05:33 AM IchGucksLive: off for dinnner
06:16 AM veek: help aid assist, (anyone awake), i'm looking for a book on metals/metallurgy - practical guide to buying - something similar to the Time Life books on woodworking/preserving
06:45 AM TurBoss: veek in spain we have "Casillas"
06:46 AM TurBoss: https://www.amazon.es/Libros-L-Casillas/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=n%3A599364031%2Cp_27%3AA.L.%20Casillas
06:46 AM TurBoss: i hope someone knows some similar book
06:58 AM veek: TurBoss, thanks - took a look - it seems to be a handbook which would NOT fit my needs - i'm a newbie so I wouldn't understand any of it.. the Time Life books on woodworking are a gentle intro to wood .. starts with basics 'cambium' 'phloem' 'xylem' and shows you how to buy wood with pictures and stuff http://pix.toile-libre.org/?img=1532951869.png
06:59 AM TurBoss: oh sorry I missunderstood :)
06:59 AM veek: the metal equivalent would be something about grain and alloys and tempering and hardening and how to buy metals (what length, number ssytem) eg:http://www.isibang.ac.in/~library/onlinerz/resources/Enghandbook.pdf
07:02 AM veek: Casillas is like.. the 'Blackbook for xxx' (or like Clark's tables/schaums series)
07:04 AM Beachbumpete1: Morning LinuxCNC ;)
07:48 AM rmu: veek: that probably depends where you are located, in europe you buy metals in formats like 2×1, 2,5×1,25 or 3×1,5 meters, thickness specified in mm.
07:49 AM rmu: veek: with the alternative "custom units", thickness is specified in "gauge" and standard-dimensions are whatever, don't know ;)
07:49 AM rmu: veek: so at least you should specify in which kind of unit-system you are located
07:51 AM veek: rmu, metric
07:58 AM rmu: veek: i don't have a book for you, but you could start with the materials science and metallurgy pages of wikipedia
08:31 AM JT-Shop: morning Pete
08:35 AM Beachbumpete1: Hey JT
09:35 AM miss0r: I wish I had something like mcmaster in denmark. I need a slap of mild steel that is roughly 20x150x200, and it seems I need to burchase 6.1meters worth of 20x150 to get that small peice.
09:55 AM jdh: no local places you can buy drops or odd sizes?
09:56 AM miss0r|office: Well, I'm sure I could go dig up somewhere. But you'll just never know what they have laying around until you start digging in the scrap pile. With mcmaster, you can just pick it from a list online, I like that
09:56 AM gregcnc: Ebay?
09:57 AM miss0r|office: gregcnc: I guess. Have you had any experience buying steel from there? Do you know what you get?
09:57 AM gregcnc: I buy materials on Ebay, but not if I need to be sure about the grade
09:58 AM miss0r|office: hmm.. Yeah, that is what I was worried about
09:59 AM gregcnc: though there are some real distributors on there that would be fine
09:59 AM gregcnc: nobody bothers to sell cut lengths of material over there?
10:00 AM miss0r|office: I've found a few, but the material they sell is more along the lines of hobby. So, basically theres nothing in the size I need
10:03 AM miss0r|office: I'm sure I can find some material I need at one of my clients. But it would just be nice if mcmaster had a european counterpart
10:04 AM gregcnc: openone?
10:09 AM miss0r|office: Doesn't seem like anything?
10:16 AM IchGucksLive: hi folks realy hot in germany
10:24 AM robotustra: global warming is coming
10:24 AM robotustra: pretty soon you
10:25 AM robotustra: 'll grow bananas in Germany
10:25 AM gregcnc: they arelady grow bananas in iceland
10:26 AM IchGucksLive: gregcnc, as they got unlimited power ofcause
10:31 AM robotustra: do you mean volcanos?
10:37 AM IchGucksLive: thermal
10:42 AM roycroft: when i left my house today the sun was yellow-orange
10:42 AM roycroft: when i got to the office (50km south of my house) it was orange-red
10:42 AM roycroft: smoke from the fire down by the california border
10:43 AM roycroft: it used to be that there was a big fire in southwestern oregon every decade or two
10:43 AM roycroft: now it's every year
10:43 AM roycroft: last year the smoke stuck around for over a month
10:44 AM roycroft: keep in mind that the fires are 300km south of here
10:44 AM roycroft: we're not close by any means
10:45 AM roycroft: the good news is that it's only going to get up to 31 today
10:45 AM roycroft: the bad news is that the reason is in part due to the smoke
10:47 AM IchGucksLive: .weather Zweibrücken
10:48 AM robotustra: nicht versteen
10:51 AM IchGucksLive: off till later
10:55 AM robotustra: where I can read how the LCNC GUI is connected to the HAL and how it sends the commands?
10:56 AM jthornton: you have to read the code
10:56 AM robotustra: is it in gremline?
10:57 AM jthornton: that also might depend on the GUI some use different languages
10:57 AM robotustra: for example axis
10:57 AM jthornton: gremlin is the plot display
10:57 AM robotustra: ah
10:58 AM robotustra: but what part of code connects buttons and real hardware?
10:59 AM jthornton: Axis is a mix of languages and is impossible for me to understand what does what, I program in python
11:00 AM robotustra: ok, what code do you recommend to look at to find connection layer?
11:01 AM hazzy-m: robotustra This is a good start: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/devel/html/config/python-interface.html
11:02 AM robotustra: thanks
11:02 AM jthornton: yea that's a better place to look
11:02 AM hazzy-m: Almost all of the GUIs use the python interface to commant and recieve status updates from LCNC
11:02 AM robotustra: good
11:02 AM robotustra: it's what I was looking for
11:04 AM hazzy-m: after that probably look at jthornton's GUI examples, those are what I learned python from :)
11:04 AM jthornton: :)
11:05 AM robotustra: ok
11:31 AM jthornton: hazzy-dev: I'm starting from scratch again with some better ideas for the code :)
11:36 AM hazzy-m: jthornton I guess that is good, now at least you are somewhat familiar with Qt, so you won't just be concentrating on getting it to work
11:37 AM jthornton: yea, just sorting out what does what is a pain lol
11:37 AM * jthornton noticed that his lunch minute is up so back to work
11:44 AM jthornton: I've cleaned up my code to populate the combo boxes http://gnipsel.com/files/7i96/7i96-rev8.zip
11:44 AM jthornton: doesn't do anything except populate them at the moment... more in the morning :)
11:57 AM IchGucksLive: hi
12:00 PM IchGucksLive: seams Yt channel is only increesing if you post one file per day
12:05 PM robotustra: is there any example how to use linuxcnc module from c/c++ code?
12:19 PM hazzy-m: robotustra maybe look at the keysticckk GUI, I think it is written in C or C++
12:20 PM hazzy-m: You can send NML commants directaly from C++
12:22 PM hazzy-m: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/blob/master/src/emc/usr_intf/axis/extensions/emcmodule.cc#L231
12:26 PM IchGucksLive: im off Gn8
12:37 PM robotustra: actually as soon as I understand it's just a message based bidirectional communication?
12:37 PM hazzy-m: yes, that is corrrect
12:38 PM hazzy-m: it is very sinpler in concept
12:39 PM robotustra: if I want to do something I sould 1) prepare string command 2) send it to motion controller and 3) poll status?
12:45 PM miss0r: fragalot: You around?
12:53 PM roycroft: when i write some gcode to mill a circle at the top of a part, and i run the code, it always homes before it starts running the job
12:53 PM roycroft: the problem with that is that i touch off to the fixture, which is at the bottom of the part, so homing would crash it
12:54 PM phipli: JT-Shop, JT-Shop
12:54 PM roycroft: is that that something i fix with a coordinate offset?
12:54 PM phipli: jthornton
12:54 PM roycroft: like if the finished part is 22mm high, and it's slightly overize, i set z to 28mm above the touchoff point and go from there?
12:54 PM roycroft: oversize
12:57 PM fragalot: miss0r: hey
12:57 PM miss0r: it speaks! :]
12:57 PM fragalot: sometimes :-)
12:57 PM miss0r: How was your trip?
12:58 PM fragalot: great!
12:58 PM fragalot: very interesting country once you manage to escape the gazillion of tourists :P
12:58 PM miss0r: yeah... :) I went there quite out'a season
12:58 PM miss0r: Did you get to taste some of the local 'cuisine' ? :)
12:59 PM fragalot: apparently if I tried the puffin my mother in law would have disowned my wife
12:59 PM fragalot: so no :P
12:59 PM miss0r: puffin ? :S
12:59 PM miss0r: didn't you go to iceland?
01:00 PM fragalot: yes
01:00 PM miss0r: apparently a bird, ah
01:00 PM fragalot: indeed
01:00 PM miss0r: What about fermented shark?
01:00 PM fragalot: Hell no. :D
01:01 PM fragalot: a dish that is known for being absolutely disgusting isn't all that high on my "I want to try this" list
01:01 PM miss0r: what?! sissi !
01:01 PM fragalot: :D
01:02 PM fragalot: have you?
01:02 PM miss0r: I tried that with my fater inlaw. We had to vent the apartment for two hours before the girls got back.. They chould still smell it :)
01:02 PM miss0r: (they were out to ride those icelandic pnoys, with a weight limit of 90kgs on their back, so we had to find something else to do)
01:02 PM Tom_L: roycroft, for that very reason i set my tools above the part
01:03 PM fragalot: bahaha :D
01:03 PM Tom_L: nice storm rollin thru here
01:04 PM fragalot: as long as you didn't have to smell it twice
01:04 PM miss0r: nah.. he washed it down with the icelandic snaps
01:04 PM miss0r: let me descripe the taste and texture to you:
01:05 PM miss0r: they looked like those small salad cheese cubes. They tasted like the most rancid cheese you could ever imagine, but the texture was that of tough beef
01:05 PM fragalot: sounds like I missed out
01:05 PM fragalot: lol
01:05 PM miss0r: yeah well. Atleast I can say that i've tried it ;)
01:05 PM * fragalot afk, might be back in ~1hr
01:05 PM Tom_L: what's with alaskans that bury food and dig it up and eat it months later?
01:06 PM miss0r: fragalot: I will most likely be gone by then. Get back to me on your mill project soon
01:08 PM miss0r: Tom_L: Same with the icelanders.
01:09 PM miss0r: It was due to them having a serious lack of food. (most local cuisine was born this way or due to other limitations). It was a way to make stuff eaddible
01:30 PM JT-Shop: Tom_L: it's a way to preserve the food
02:00 PM roycroft: tom_l: i want to do that, but i'm not sure how to do it
02:00 PM roycroft: that's what i'm getting at
02:00 PM roycroft: do i touch down, then jog up 200mm or whatever, and set that as my zero?
02:01 PM roycroft: touch off, rather
02:02 PM * roycroft is obviously new to doing this, and still hasn't found a good primer on writing gcode, although jt-shop's docs have been more helpful than the others
02:04 PM gregcnc: roycroft is the code telling the machine to home?
02:05 PM roycroft: no, i'm not telling it to home
02:06 PM fragalot_: miss0r: mill is still waiting for gibs. can't get hold of machinist friend due to him being on holiday this week.. so.. meh.
02:06 PM roycroft: G17 G21 G40 G49 G80 G90 G92.1 G94 G54
02:06 PM gregcnc: why would it do something that is not in the code?
02:06 PM roycroft: that's what i used for a preamble
02:06 PM roycroft: i go to linuxcnc
02:06 PM roycroft: home
02:06 PM roycroft: then jog z up above the part
02:06 PM roycroft: then i run the code
02:07 PM roycroft: and it always rapids down to the bottom first, then comes back up to the start of the first milling operation
02:08 PM gregcnc: there must be a Z move telling it to do so
02:08 PM gregcnc: hand code or?
02:08 PM roycroft: the next line is:
02:08 PM roycroft: G0 Z-28; 6mm above top of part
02:08 PM roycroft: hand code
02:08 PM roycroft: so that brings it back up above the part
02:09 PM roycroft: back to where it was before i started running the code
02:09 PM roycroft: i'm thinking it has something to do with setting the coordinate system
02:09 PM roycroft: either g92 or g54
02:12 PM gregcnc: so Z-28 ends up other than where expected?
02:12 PM roycroft: no, that ends up exactly where i want it
02:13 PM roycroft: the problem is that if this were a real machine with a real part, the cutter would crash into the part while homing to the fixture before it goes back up the 28mm
02:13 PM gregcnc: define"homing to the fixture"
02:13 PM roycroft: i touch off on the part holder
02:14 PM roycroft: which means i'm touching off to the bottom of the part, not the top of the part
02:14 PM gregcnc: in the program?
02:14 PM roycroft: on the simulated machine
02:14 PM roycroft: i.e. when i home the z axis
02:14 PM gregcnc: you are not homing
02:15 PM gregcnc: what do you mean by homing
02:15 PM roycroft: well maybe i'm still confused by terms
02:15 PM roycroft: i jog to a position
02:15 PM roycroft: select the x axis
02:15 PM roycroft: press the "touch off" button
02:15 PM roycroft: same for y and z
02:15 PM roycroft: then when i press home it goes to that position
02:15 PM gregcnc: but this is not in the program
02:16 PM roycroft: right
02:16 PM roycroft: but when i run the program the first thing it does is go to that x,y,z position
02:17 PM gregcnc: but you're saying the machine goes to this position when you execute the program?
02:17 PM roycroft: yes
02:17 PM roycroft: no matter where i put the tool before i execute the program it goes there first
02:18 PM * roycroft is obviously still rather confused by all of this
02:18 PM gregcnc: anyone know if this is a sim thing? real machines don't do this
02:18 PM roycroft: it's probably a me thing :)
02:19 PM gregcnc: unless the code calls for a move, it simply should not happen
02:19 PM roycroft: well maybe my g92 or g54 is doing it
02:19 PM roycroft: that's what i'm trying to sort out
02:19 PM gregcnc: so if there is no G0 x0. y0. z0. it should not move there
02:19 PM gregcnc: no
02:20 PM roycroft: i showed you the complete preamble, and then the first actual move
02:20 PM roycroft: and it moves before that moe
02:20 PM roycroft: i should single-step it and see what happens
02:20 PM gregcnc: i'm not sure what's happening, but I doubt a real machine would make that move
02:28 PM roycroft: i'll sort it out eventually, i'm sure
02:28 PM roycroft: but right now it's time for lunch
02:28 PM gregcnc: I wouldn't chase it to far without confirming this is a sim issue
03:25 PM Tom_L: roycroft, i set my model lower in my cad cam the amount i want to clear the material
03:25 PM Tom_L: generally it's 1"
03:26 PM Tom_L: on the larger machines i worked with we set it down 2-3" unless it was a big part then we went more and set the tools off gage blocks
03:26 PM Tom_L: i have a 1" gage block i use on mine to set the tools
03:26 PM Tom_L: most of what i do is thinner than 1"
03:27 PM Tom_L: so my z clear will always go to a safe spot
03:27 PM Tom_L: or 'home'
03:48 PM roycroft: g92 is for setting offsets, for example, when one has fixtures to make multiple identical parts in one operation
03:49 PM roycroft: so i'm thinking i home, which puts z down at my fixture, jog up to clear the part, insert the part in the fixture, then at the beginning of the program do g92 x0 y0 z0
03:49 PM roycroft: i have another vm running right now and don't want to start up the linuxcnc vm at the same time, but i'll test that when i can
03:50 PM Tom_L: i typically don't use G92 but YMMV
03:50 PM Tom_L: but i have cad cam and the ability to move things where i want em
03:51 PM roycroft: so you would, in my example, physically touch off z on the fixture, jog up the 28mm to clear it, then push the "touch off" button
03:51 PM roycroft: and it would home to that point in the air, and not on the fixture
03:52 PM roycroft: i'm trying to learn how to write gcode by hand to 1. help learn how the gcode interpreter works, and 2. to be able to tweak things if some software-generate gcode doesn't work out quite right
03:52 PM roycroft: plus, i don't have cam software yet that i want to use
03:53 PM roycroft: i've been avoiding fusion 360, but i did look at it a bit more, and i may end up giving it a go
03:53 PM roycroft: i like solidworks, but i really like typing commands in autocad and not clicking on stuff
03:53 PM roycroft: and fusion 360 seems to give be the best of both worlds
03:53 PM roycroft: parametric modeling with a command line
03:54 PM roycroft: if i end up using that i'll let it generate the gcode for me
03:56 PM * JT-Shop needs to pick one table/desk/flat spot a day and clean it off...
03:56 PM roycroft: that's easy
03:57 PM roycroft: clean one spot off
03:57 PM roycroft: the next day move stuff from the second spot to the first spot
03:57 PM roycroft: keep that up and soon you'll have "cleaned" every spot in the shop
04:03 PM JT-Shop: well that was not the plan lol
04:13 PM Tom_L: pull dumpster next to table... swoop table clean... move to next
04:14 PM * Tom_L picks thru JT-Shop's dumpster for tools n such
04:15 PM Deejay: gn8
04:15 PM roycroft: a smelting furnace might come in handy for the job as well
04:16 PM JT-Shop: some have so much crap on them swooping could be dangerous
04:16 PM gregcnc: roycroft If you are seeing movement other than current position directly to commanded when G0Z-28 is executed, something is up, my real machine has never done this
04:18 PM Tom_L: nice storm headed your way unless it loses steam...
04:18 PM gregcnc: there are exceptions, but I don't see your case as one of these
04:18 PM Tom_L: moved in pretty quick here
04:28 PM JT-Shop: I think it's going to die out, forecast down to 30%
04:45 PM Roguish: hazzy-dev: it that GUI getting close to tryout? looks good.
04:47 PM ziper: i'm back from the auction
04:47 PM ziper: i got an autofile and a bunch of crap
04:48 PM hazzy-m: Roguish No, still a long ways to go
04:48 PM Roguish: ok
04:48 PM hazzy-m: it could probably run a machine, but it would not be conveniant
04:48 PM ziper: someone got a great deal on a south bend lathe and a vertical mill
04:48 PM ziper: auctioneer did a pretty bad job
04:49 PM SpeedEvil: ziper: Diddn't Jay-Z do a song about that?
04:50 PM ziper: i dont know enough jayz songs to get the joke
04:50 PM SpeedEvil: (death of autotune)
04:51 PM SpeedEvil: I assume it's just a vertical file - as has been shown on clickspring - oscillating?
04:52 PM ziper: yeah
04:53 PM ziper: also a woodworking tool that I am not really sure what it is
04:54 PM ziper: craftsman, about 2 ft long, 6 inches wide. has a flat top surface. kind of looks like a belt sander with only one roller
04:56 PM Rab: ziper, any pics?
04:57 PM ziper: tomorrow
04:57 PM Rab: ziper, you didn't go for the lathe? Have you found one already?
04:57 PM ziper: too much
04:59 PM ziper: oh, maybe a joiner?
04:59 PM gloops: jointer
05:00 PM gloops: be careful if you arent familiar with it, they like knuckles and fingers
05:01 PM ziper: can you scarf with one?
05:03 PM hazzy-m: ziper Scarf joint on a jointer? Not intentinaly, yes :D
05:05 PM SpeedEvil: http://www.aei.mpg.de/2277280/first-light-for-grace-follow-on-laser-interferometer
05:05 PM SpeedEvil: neat
05:05 PM SpeedEvil: https://i.imgur.com/3uGGmP8.png micron level ranging at a couple of hundred kilometers.
05:12 PM sync: SpeedEvil: yeah it is pretty neat what they do
05:12 PM SpeedEvil: GRACE is neat. Actually being able to see changes in aquifer level over time.
05:16 PM hazzy-lab: https://ghostgunner.net/collections/featured-products/products/ghost-gunner-2-deposit
05:17 PM hazzy-lab: Interesting arrangement for a small mill
05:23 PM SpeedEvil: Indeed. Buy small mill, print gun, use it to get proper mill.
05:26 PM hazzy-m: I can't tell how the Z works ...
05:27 PM jthornton: well that was a bittersweet moment to watch the strange dog touch the hot wire with it's nose and run off the property howling
05:34 PM Roguish: long live the chicks.....
05:55 PM JT-Shop: I'm trying to make that happen... unlike the first group
07:11 PM robotustra: the feelings I'm getting from UI in linuxcnc can be described by this episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krcNIWPkNzA&t=1m58s
07:46 PM roycroft: holy moly
07:46 PM roycroft: here's a statistic i'm not proud of at all
07:47 PM roycroft: oregon currently has the most large fires burning of any state - 15
07:47 PM roycroft: nothing like the carr fire though
07:47 PM roycroft: that is unreal
08:26 PM hazzy-dev1 is now known as hazzy-dev
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09:25 PM roycroft: i just found a lynda.com course on g-code programming
09:25 PM roycroft: i think i'll watch that before i ask any more dumb questions here
10:22 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Skate_truck/Skate_Truck4.jpg
10:22 PM Tom_L: 3 positions run so far with no tool setting changes
10:23 PM Tom_L: last one is the bottom profile but ran out of time tonight
10:24 PM CaptHindsight: trained chickens https://imgur.com/gallery/tuQUPu9
10:33 PM * Lcvette[m] uploaded an image: image.png (199KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/kEHYEHZNLopYUAJZrnjsbUfz >
10:33 PM Lcvette[m]: thoughts?
10:41 PM CaptHindsight: nice to see work being done on gui's
10:42 PM Lcvette[m]: thanks
10:43 PM Lcvette[m]: this is a group effort of myself Turboss and Hazzy
10:44 PM `Wolf: wish I knew enough to contribute but I’m clueless when it comes to coding
10:45 PM `Wolf: look like I got the oiling figured out on the X2 X axis ball nut https://i.imgur.com/vsKVbUK.jpg
10:45 PM `Wolf: guess now I need to design a metering manifold
10:48 PM hazzy-m: Wolf: Looks good!
10:48 PM `Wolf: hope so, that one stupid fitting was $9
10:49 PM hazzy-m: there is a name for drilled bolts like that, do you remember?
10:49 PM `Wolf: banjo fitting IIRC tho that might be a automotive term
10:49 PM hazzy-m: Oh, I thought you had made it :)
10:50 PM hazzy-m: ah, that sounds right
10:50 PM Lcvette[m]: nice!!! looks good!!
10:51 PM `Wolf: I could have made that but the size makes it somewhat a pain
10:52 PM hazzy-m: yeah, if you cost your time it's not worth it
10:53 PM `Wolf: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/817On-nJ4pL._SX522_.jpg
10:53 PM `Wolf: making that would be time consuming
10:54 PM `Wolf: rest are cheap M5- 4mm OD push connect fittings
10:56 PM `Wolf: which gives me a idea for the metering block using brass setscrews and drilling them to use as metering orifices
10:57 PM `Wolf: if I can figure out what the hole sizes will need to be for the flow amount…
10:57 PM `Wolf: I foresee a mess of way oil everywhere lol
10:58 PM Tom_L: Lcvette[m], is that the one hazzy started?
10:59 PM `Wolf: this GUI you guys are working on, is it for touch screen?
10:59 PM hazzy-m: yes and yes
10:59 PM `Wolf: nice, I’ll have to check it out then
11:00 PM `Wolf: I have a nice 15” touchscreen to use with my X2
11:00 PM hazzy-m: Actualy CrisM started it, and we took it and ran with it :)
11:01 PM hazzy-m: It should fit nicly on a 15" screen
11:01 PM `Wolf: =)
11:01 PM `Wolf: if I ever get the X2 built
11:01 PM hazzy-m: I only have an 14" touch screen on my mill :(
11:01 PM `Wolf: seeing I decided to hand scrape the whole thing
11:01 PM hazzy-m: wait, mine is smaller than that, lol
11:02 PM hazzy-m: haha, eventualy
11:02 PM hazzy-m: you will most certainly finish before the GUI is ready, lol
11:02 PM `Wolf: gotta practice on something when that book gets here lol
11:02 PM hazzy-m: Yes!
11:02 PM `Wolf: X2 = semi expendable
11:03 PM `Wolf: and badly built
11:03 PM `Wolf: lol
11:04 PM nallar is now known as Ross
11:04 PM `Wolf: I think my one surface plate is at least A grade so I should be good to go, still need to find a long straight edge to use for the table and column (and the surface grinder)
11:06 PM `Wolf: waiting to learn what I actually need first though
11:06 PM hazzy-m: do you have a camle back straight edge for getting into the doevtais?
11:07 PM `Wolf: nothing yet
11:07 PM * hazzy-m needs spellcheck, lol
11:07 PM `Wolf: I need to measure the surface grinder ways to see how long I need
11:07 PM hazzy-m: ok
11:07 PM `Wolf: and to see what the angle is on the V way
11:08 PM hazzy-m: Sombody was selling raw castings for them, they idea being you would learn to scrap makign the tools you need to scrape
11:08 PM `Wolf: the X2 I dont think I can mess it up any worse then how they come lol
11:09 PM hazzy-m: lol, you'd have to realy try, looks like they scrape them with an angle grinder and a 36grit disk
11:09 PM `Wolf: fly cut with a clapped out china mill
11:11 PM Lcvette[m]: I didn't know this was Chris Morley's baby
11:11 PM Lcvette[m]: I didn't know this was Chris Morley's baby
11:11 PM hazzy-m: seeing pics of where they make those things is reveiling, the equpment is not much bitter or better quality, it is impressive how well they do
11:12 PM `Wolf: true lol
11:12 PM `Wolf: granted you really can’t expect all that much at the price point they sell them at
11:13 PM `Wolf: the vise on my bigger mill cost more then the whole X2 mill did
11:13 PM hazzy-m: Lcvette: yes, I'd like to give back at least some of the changes, but it is going to be hard, as my aproach is very diffrent than his
11:15 PM hazzy-m: yeah, that is true, lol
11:16 PM `Wolf: https://i.imgur.com/pNAvy1M.jpg not even a kurt…
11:17 PM hazzy-m: Good thing, if it was a Kurt you'd have to send it to me ...
11:17 PM hazzy-m: :D
11:18 PM hazzy-m: (hazzy's name is Kurt)
11:18 PM `Wolf: lol
11:18 PM hazzy-m: The CMT's are good
11:18 PM `Wolf: GMT
11:18 PM `Wolf: =)
11:18 PM hazzy-m: :]
11:19 PM `Wolf: 6” is a bit overkill on the mid sized knee mill I think, but working area of it helps I think
11:21 PM hazzy-m: as long as it fits and does not restrict y (and maybe z) too much, then its not too big!
11:21 PM `Wolf: sticks over the Y DRO scale by 1/2”
11:21 PM hazzy-m: is that a 6" x 26" or an 8" x 32" ?
11:22 PM hazzy-m: Do you bolt it down to the back T-slot?
11:22 PM `Wolf: 7.5”x19 5/8”
11:23 PM `Wolf: using the center through bolt holes and keys with it
11:23 PM `Wolf: 7.5”x19 5/8” travels 9”x30” table
11:24 PM hazzy-m: ok
11:24 PM hazzy-m: That's big enough for a lot of work
11:25 PM `Wolf: the slots on my table dont line up with the 6” vise spacing so I could off set it depending on which way I bolt it down
11:26 PM hazzy-m: I have a full size BP, (12" knee and 48" table) it's too big for my space, what you have would be ideal
11:27 PM `Wolf: this thing is a odd one, knee has 13.75” travel
11:28 PM `Wolf: https://i.imgur.com/pj1M5zS.jpg
11:29 PM `Wolf: only part I dont really like is the gearbox X powered
11:29 PM `Wolf: feed
11:29 PM hazzy-m: Oh, you have the power feed!!!
11:29 PM hazzy-m: haha
11:29 PM hazzy-m: WHy don't you like it?
11:30 PM `Wolf: its attached to the knee, fixed 6 speed gear box,
11:30 PM `Wolf: and its 3phase so it only works when the spindle is running
11:31 PM `Wolf: due to static phase converter
11:31 PM hazzy-m: Ah, that is frusterating
11:31 PM `Wolf: the newer ones that mount to the handles are kinda nice IMO
11:32 PM hazzy-m: Yeah, and so much less complex
11:32 PM `Wolf: and dont drool oil all the time
11:33 PM hazzy-m: I guess that drives the X thru a key way in the screw?
11:33 PM `Wolf: yup
11:33 PM `Wolf: which makes taking the table off a total pain in the ass
11:33 PM hazzy-m: I bet
11:34 PM `Wolf: I really want to take the motor off the head and change it over to a servo motor drive
11:35 PM `Wolf: 1hp step pulley setup right now
11:38 PM `Wolf: also no reverse or brake
11:38 PM `Wolf: right now
11:39 PM hazzy-m: http://dealerselectric.com/Y522.asp?utm_campaign=ShippingConfirmation&utm_medium=GoECart-Transactional-Email&utm_source=Dealers-Industrial-Equipment
11:39 PM hazzy-m: http://dealerselectric.com/Y522.asp
11:40 PM hazzy-m: sorry for the long link
11:40 PM hazzy-m: I just got that motor for my mill
11:41 PM `Wolf: lol love the Our price vs retail price on it
11:42 PM hazzy-m: It is designed to replace DC servos, so has ver wide speed range and full torque at almost 0 rpm
11:42 PM hazzy-m: LOL
11:43 PM `Wolf: nice and has drawing
11:44 PM Lcvette[m]: Retail in that motor is alot higher
11:44 PM `Wolf: If I VFD this thing, that means I’ll need to either set up a 1HP rotary converter for the power feed or convert the power feed
11:44 PM hazzy-m: VFD on the power feed too!
11:45 PM hazzy-m: it coulc be a realy small one, that is probably only 1/4hp, right?
11:46 PM `Wolf: looks like it, can’t read the HP stamp but its 0.8KW
11:47 PM `Wolf: err 0.18KW
11:53 PM `Wolf: weird just noticed the drawing doesn’t match the motor on that page