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Mar 24 2018

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01:42 AM fragalot: mornin'
01:45 AM XXCoder: yo
01:45 AM XXCoder: check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fgbxgz5S2dc
01:45 AM XXCoder: pretty cool
01:57 AM gloops: hmm i found the limitation of 4 gig of ram with blender displacement modifier
01:59 AM XXCoder: 32 bit version?
02:00 AM gloops: yeah old xp era pc, i dont know what chip is in this
02:02 AM gloops: this is a good example of a depth/height map tool though, makes height based on light/dark values
02:02 AM gloops: could be very useful if i can find out how to convert the rendered image into a mesh
02:05 AM gloops: im still at the very beginner level but i can see that blender just blows away a lot of commercial apps, can easily do anything the vectric apps or artcam can do
02:05 AM XXCoder: linuxcnc itself has same thing
02:05 AM XXCoder: only it make gcode out of it
02:06 AM gloops: yes ive seen that but not used it, i will try it when i start using the machine, only instal of linuxcnc ive got is on the garage pc
02:07 AM gloops: the problem with these depth map tools, you have little option for precise editing of the 3d shape once its rendered, if you can make a mesh with it you can edit it
02:08 AM gloops: because they are never really right just from a height calculation on grayscale
02:12 AM gloops: simple as exporting as stl, we'hay
02:17 AM gloops: https://ibb.co/nnOukS good mesh, ability to manipulate at single vertex level, that is quite a potent tool
02:23 AM IchGucksLive: google blender embos for cool fast engrave stl
02:26 AM gloops: Ichs yes it can do stuff like that - very well it seems
02:27 AM IchGucksLive: but it is not a construction mesh
02:27 AM gloops: how do you mean?
02:27 AM IchGucksLive: with freecad you are 4Clicks more and got a real clean mesh
02:28 AM gloops: iver never used mesh in freecad
02:28 AM IchGucksLive: on letter
02:28 AM IchGucksLive: partdesign
02:29 AM gloops: i dont know, you can subdivide the mesh in blender to really micro levels, if your computer is fast enough, heh, it takes 5 minutes to rotate it
02:31 AM IchGucksLive: gloops: https://youtu.be/dfeNNL7hYlA
02:31 AM gloops: i dunno i would think these tools would be useful for 3d printing and woodwork, artistic stuff, if you can get a fairly good depth map quickly from a 2d image
02:31 AM IchGucksLive: positiv text https://youtu.be/QJB6XACpIWQ
02:32 AM IchGucksLive: like my most hit video the engel back and forth
02:32 AM IchGucksLive: from 3D to grayscale
02:32 AM IchGucksLive: from grayscale to real 3D
02:33 AM gloops: ill be catching up on freecad as well soon
02:33 AM IchGucksLive: as you say
02:34 AM IchGucksLive: gloops: and remind how far yopu got from where you cam,e month ago
02:35 AM gloops: slow progress on the machine Ichs but it really is almost done, maybe cutting today or tommorrow
02:35 AM gloops: been too busy, ive got time now for a couple of weeks
02:35 AM IchGucksLive: keeo your time
02:35 AM IchGucksLive: its freesing outside
02:35 AM gloops: lol
02:36 AM gloops: long winter this has been
02:36 AM IchGucksLive: i got the new E-bike to test today will go as it hits 10deg for a run
02:36 AM gloops: way behind with the garden/growing
02:36 AM IchGucksLive: oh here about 500 plands are waterd already
02:36 AM gloops: electric bike?
02:37 AM IchGucksLive: yes we got 10 for old man toours
02:37 AM IchGucksLive: you may got notice that my timeline got cahanged
02:37 AM gloops: nice way to get around
02:37 AM gloops: on youtube?
02:37 AM IchGucksLive: one daughter got devorced and came back with the grndchilds
02:38 AM gloops: ahh
02:38 AM IchGucksLive: we reshaped the area and now serve gusts as 10years ago
02:38 AM gloops: they will keep you busy then
02:39 AM IchGucksLive: within 4weeks booked out till Nov
02:39 AM IchGucksLive: Bike arena
02:39 AM gloops: excellent
02:39 AM gloops: put the prices up lol
02:39 AM IchGucksLive: from canada to Newsealand
02:40 AM IchGucksLive: her old friends got all bicicle stores and now we are in BIG Business
02:40 AM gloops: have you ever used Ever Electronica motors Ichs? got a couple off ebay not tested them yet
02:41 AM IchGucksLive: i got a 9k Euro Ebike at 650W
02:41 AM IchGucksLive: its like a rocket on hill
02:41 AM gloops: so youre doing alright then - good to hear
02:42 AM IchGucksLive: last year it took me 25 min to come up at age 70
02:42 AM IchGucksLive: and yesterday i testet 2min
02:42 AM gloops: steady on..lol
02:42 AM IchGucksLive: it hit 38km/h
02:42 AM IchGucksLive: scary
02:43 AM IchGucksLive: ok it has been the max out of it as old gracy man on weel
02:43 AM gloops: it is on a bicycle yeah, only got to hit a hole or a stone
02:43 AM IchGucksLive: it is hard gravel
02:44 AM IchGucksLive: <- hope to suurvive this season
02:44 AM IchGucksLive: ok will go off untill later will be long rides this season for shure
02:44 AM gloops: have a nice day
02:45 AM IchGucksLive: it says 120km on level 2
02:45 AM IchGucksLive: i will push that to 150km and make the touries sweet
02:45 AM IchGucksLive: :o
02:59 AM miss0r: mornin
03:01 AM miss0r: Ich is 70? 0.o
03:05 AM gloops: yes only 30 or so years left
03:06 AM miss0r: I would have never guessed :]
03:07 AM miss0r: gloops: have you snapped a photo of your control box yet? I build this one yesterday, but it is just for running one axis: https://imgur.com/a/FH7IP
03:08 AM gloops: ill get a photo later, mine was built for functionality not show though haha
03:10 AM miss0r: This is not show! When it comes to this stuff, you can't have it clean enough. It helps with troubleshooting in the future
03:10 AM gloops: i did mine so there wont be any trouble in the future
03:11 AM miss0r: Hehe, alright :D I'm hoping I did so as well, but you never know
03:11 AM Deejay: moin
03:11 AM miss0r: o/ Deejay
03:11 AM Deejay: yo :)
03:12 AM gloops: everything is twisted, shielded with copper and insulated - before it gets to the 10mm shielded motor cables
03:13 AM miss0r: And I found out that I did some miscalculations with my machine here... I lack power. I'm going to start out trying to use a 10tooth pulley on the motor to replace the 20 tooth one, that should help some...
03:13 AM gloops: all earthed, theres nothing to go wrong when its done
03:13 AM miss0r: You just jinxed it
03:13 AM gloops: is this the cut off grabber miss0r? what motor you got on it
03:14 AM miss0r: Its the grabber, yes. I used a 57HS4120A4 its a 2.0 amp 200 steps
03:15 AM miss0r: I have it accelerating & decelerating a load of 5 kgs at the moment, moving it back and forth, but it takes almost nothing to throw it into loosing a step. So i'm hoping doubling the torque will do me well
03:15 AM gloops: 0.5 Nm? thought youd have gone for something stronger
03:16 AM miss0r: Yeah, somewhere in that lies the miscalculation
03:17 AM MrSunshine: hmm anyone know of a tool from google that you can print division "plates" etc with given dimensions ?
03:17 AM miss0r: I think it'll be fine once I put the smaller belt pulley on there
03:17 AM MrSunshine: seen something on youtube about it but cant find any
03:17 AM miss0r: what the .... is a division plate ?
03:18 AM gloops: lol
03:18 AM MrSunshine: think bolt circle patterns
03:18 AM gloops: like a dividing plate?
03:18 AM MrSunshine: but alot more lines etc
03:18 AM MrSunshine: dividing .. yes that might be the name :P
03:18 AM gloops: as in, dividing head
03:18 AM gloops: yeah i think ive seen printouts for those, cant remember where though
03:19 AM MrSunshine: you get a print of a circle with alot of lines and more circles on to be able to layout stuff =)
03:19 AM miss0r: I don't think i've come across that software
03:21 AM gloops: you can easy make a printable model you know, just use circular array
03:22 AM MrSunshine: yeah, but sounded nice to just use a ready made thingie that prints the right size .. had problems with printing from cad programs up the whazoo...
03:27 AM gloops: https://ibb.co/nzAXN7
03:28 AM gloops: same with lines, surprisingly accurate a carboard wheel against a marker, if the wheel is big enough
03:37 AM fragalot: hi
04:09 AM gloops: right, time for a bit of work
04:11 AM gloops: get spindle working, sort some wires out, running out of stuff left to do now
04:11 AM XXCoder: cool
04:23 AM miss0r: In general; how much torque will it cost me to do 1/2 steps compared to full steps?
04:24 AM XXCoder: theres table somewhere
04:24 AM miss0r: just ish :)
04:24 AM XXCoder: certainly not no-loss though
04:25 AM miss0r: sure, but will I half the torque?
04:26 AM XXCoder: I dont know sadly
04:26 AM * miss0r googles on
04:28 AM miss0r: I am engraving my new logos on some resopal plate at the moment. One can not build a proper machine without installing an engraved logo plate :]
04:34 AM miss0r: "When half-stepping, the drive alternates between two phases on and a single phase on. This increases the angular resolution. The motor also has less torque (approx 70%) at the full-step position (where only a single phase is on)." <- how do you read that? Am I looking at retaining 70% torque or am I retaining 30% ?
04:40 AM hazzy-dev: morning
04:45 AM miss0r: mornin
04:48 AM hazzy-dev: miss0r: There are eq to calculate the torque lost for so many micro-steps, but doing 1/2 is not going to make or break you. In fact in some setups I think i get better usable torque due to less resonance in the assy with more micro-steps
04:49 AM miss0r: So, I should be reading that as leaving me with 70% torque?
04:51 AM hazzy-dev: Depending on the motor it might be less than 70% theoretically, but how it actually behaves is very hard to tell. You really just have to play with it, at least that is what I have found
04:52 AM hazzy-dev: I had 8x microsteping on my mill, and ended going to 16 because the performance was actually better
04:52 AM miss0r: Alright, will do so, thanks. I have already hit a snag, where I have too little torque. I have ordered a timing belt pulley with half the teeth of the one in place. I'm hoping this will be enough, otherwise i'd have to add another reduction
04:52 AM hazzy-dev: I can do over 400 ipm on X and Y
04:54 AM miss0r: https://imgur.com/a/YxXrB <- i'm working on this at the moment. Not very complicated, but I need moar powah!
04:55 AM miss0r: This is the control box, for just one axis, lol: https://imgur.com/a/FH7IP
04:56 AM miss0r: Sweet, that is twice as fast as my mill
05:07 AM hazzy-dev: Very nice and neat control box!
05:08 AM miss0r: I think neatness is _very_ important with this stuff. Helps the next quy
05:11 AM hazzy-dev: Lots of brains in that box, PLC AND an arduino!
05:13 AM hazzy-dev: When siemens came out with the arduino module for their PLCs I thought it was redundant, but they no compliment each other well somtimes
05:15 AM miss0r: Indeed. i just use the arduino here for the step control & position calibration. The PLC is there as an intermediate device between the arduino, HID & the machine this linear rail installs on
05:27 AM jthornton: morning
05:27 AM gloops: for my two pennworth, for an industrial application i wouldnt be using a motor that just manages at its maximum capacity, quadruple the motor size
05:28 AM gloops: some dirt on the ballscrew is going to stall that it will always be acting up
05:32 AM XXCoder: very neat, miss0r
05:32 AM jthornton: miss0r: is that one of those double belt drives?
05:55 AM gloops: and on that note, i have got as good a demo of noise problems as you can get lol
05:56 AM gloops: got spindle running, - while spindle is on low rpm z axis is stepping on its own, constantly
05:56 AM jthornton: a little cross talk heh
05:56 AM gloops: if i touch the spindle shielding to the box it doubles
05:57 AM jthornton: is the shield grounded only on one end?
05:57 AM gloops: also explains lifeless driver yesterday - it was the z
05:58 AM gloops: its all grounded on one end except for a couple i havent grounded at all yet, and the box isnt grounded itself yet
05:59 AM gloops: maybe the box is working as a jumper, some kind of circuit going
06:04 AM gloops: jump lead from box to machine frame stops it, box just need earth
06:05 AM gloops: and i need some milk, cant do this without tea
06:17 AM gloops: no i think you are right jthornton, some shielding is touching the z plate, (grounded also to the box) i bet thats it, will sort it shortly
06:18 AM jthornton: yea that creates a ground loop
06:18 AM jthornton: very bad
06:57 AM gloops: final packet of grub screws arrived..bloody hell if this carries on ill have to find some wood to cut with it lol
07:10 AM miss0r: XXCoder: Thanks
07:10 AM miss0r: jthornton: double belt drives? :S
07:12 AM miss0r: gloops: If you have not grounded the box yet, all the sheilding is doing is acting as an antenna.
07:20 AM miss0r: i'm off, I'll be back later tonight
07:35 AM nallar is now known as Ross
07:44 AM dave__: ive got like an upside down fork symbol on the vfd power rail, that is the ground/earth right?
07:48 AM dave__ is now known as gloops
07:49 AM gregcnc_: better check the manual, it may be the dinner bell connection
07:49 AM gloops: chassis ground
07:50 AM gloops: i know how easy these things are to smoke up lol, very cautious tinkering
07:51 AM gregcnc_: they burn up if you get water in them
07:53 AM gloops: going by the number of burnt vfd posts on facebook i think they must burn up if you look at them wrong
07:53 AM gloops: roycroft did his
07:54 AM gregcnc_: no name types or big name?
07:54 AM gloops: hy
07:54 AM gregcnc_: well
08:31 AM jthornton: miss0r: the kind where there is a top belt that fits in a bottom belt
08:36 AM MrSunshine: hmm how the heck much does a cyclone reduce air speed ? ... do not have a guage but feels like its about half or less in airspeed at the router with the cyclone
08:37 AM MrSunshine: 3hp dust collector or 5hp cyclone ... damn
08:37 AM MrSunshine: thats a huge loss
08:41 AM enleth: I'm trying to figure out the proper way to change gears on the new lathe, as with the spindle completely stopped the gear lever often won't move beyond the current gear or maybe the next one, until the spindle is rotated by hand a little bit
08:41 AM Tom_L: https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/woodworking-tips-1605may/dtew/dtew1.html
08:41 AM Tom_L: MrSunshine
08:42 AM MrSunshine: tho i have a spiral hose from the fan to the cyclone also ... feels like that would impact performance also
08:42 AM enleth: the french manual seems to imply that gears should be changed with the motor shut off but the spindle still moving - in other words, when it's spinning down to a stop
08:42 AM enleth: my french is pretty bad, but this sentence appears rather clear
08:42 AM Tom_L: will it run at say 5 rpm?
08:43 AM enleth: this is about the gearbox connected directly to the motor
08:43 AM Tom_L: make a sub to do that and switch during
08:43 AM enleth: there is a backgear further up, but this gearbox always gets full motor rpm on the input
08:44 AM Tom_L: see that's why i'm glad i did a mill :P
08:44 AM gloops: well thats todays session done, i learned i got bad wiring problems
08:44 AM Tom_L: gloops, i went thru that on my sherline once
08:45 AM Tom_L: shielded everything
08:45 AM gloops: not sure where to look really, just have to work it out
08:45 AM Tom_L: grounded the frame to the box etc
08:45 AM gloops: what was up with it Tom_L?
08:45 AM Tom_L: ground loops are sneaky bastards
08:46 AM Tom_L: you will probably not fine one particular problem but a series of small ones will add up
08:46 AM enleth: either the user is supposed to wrestle the chuck to rotate it while bumping the lever with a knee, or my french is fine and it's OK to switch gears during spindown
08:46 AM gloops: the annoying thing is it worked fine with normal cable on a board, gone to all this trouble and now ive got noise trouble!
08:46 AM enleth: I'm just wondering if it's common in manual lathes to switch gears like this
08:46 AM Tom_L: ALWAYS use shielded wire
08:47 AM Tom_L: and pay attention to wire routing
08:47 AM Tom_L: HV and signal don't mix well
08:47 AM gloops: the trouble is coming when the vfd is on
08:48 AM Tom_L: since i learned that, i had not one single issue with the new mill wiring
08:48 AM Tom_L: vfd's are noisy creatures just like women
08:48 AM gloops: im using the 12v feed from the vfd, but i always have, im sure thats something to do with it
08:49 AM Tom_L: add a cap there??
08:49 AM Tom_L: big one and a small one
08:49 AM gloops: probably better with a seperate 12v psu for the pwm
08:49 AM gloops: but as i say, it worked ok with that 12v supply before
08:50 AM Tom_L: yeah i know
08:50 AM Tom_L: but you were just lucky
08:50 AM gloops: maybe
08:50 AM Tom_L: follow good wiring guidelines and generally you won't go wrong
08:51 AM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/A9_New/A9_new2.jpg
08:51 AM gloops: well its shielded/and or twisted, the vfd has a metal wall between it and drivers, the psus behind a metal partition
08:51 AM Tom_L: had to reprogram that little bugger last night
08:52 AM Tom_L: the cusp height on the ball was wrong
08:53 AM Tom_L: gloops, yeah it's one of those 'ya gotta be there' things to fix
08:54 AM gloops: true yes, no textbook answer, will something ive missed no doubt
08:54 AM Tom_L: and i'd love to visit england but i don't think she'd like being left behind :D
08:54 AM gloops: hehe well ive got to do some other stuff might have a look at it later
09:06 AM Sabotend_ is now known as Sabotender
09:35 AM gloops: right..a passing look at it again..the ongoing 'liveness' of the input switch cables, which i put down to the cap draining off, isnt the cap draining off, even though the vfd is switched off and lights off, there is still some power going through it, - when unplugged it does die properly
09:35 AM gloops: quick google indicates that is probably a neutral>earth issue in my garage wiring
09:40 AM gloops: or the vfd..
09:58 AM andypugh: gloops: unplug everything to see if it is a fault in a plug or appliance.
10:01 AM enleth: gloops: what do you mean by 'liveness' and how is it measured?
10:01 AM enleth: neon probe? voltmeter?
10:02 AM enleth: induced voltages in disconnected wiring can be surprisingly close to line voltage, but any kind of load will instantly drop them to effectively nothing
10:03 AM enleth: well, except some neon probes and most active AC probes
10:03 AM MrSunshine: will be fun to see how much losses will be added by a filter bucket ... :P
10:12 AM gloops: enleth - i get a shock off the wires when everything is switched off
10:13 AM gloops: now, the bob 12-24 led is pulsing when everything is switched off, this is fed from vfd 12v out
10:13 AM gloops: if i unplug the vfd - not just switch the socket off, the led goes out
10:18 AM gloops: socket switch is only cutting the live, neutral is still connected
10:21 AM enleth: gloops: so connect just the neutral to the VFD and see what happens
10:21 AM enleth: even better, neutral and earth
10:21 AM enleth: if it does shock you - neutral issues
10:22 AM gloops: well, the other issue is im having severe noise like symptoms, when the vfd is switched on its affect the z axis - z stepping constantly on its own
10:23 AM gloops: i will try that enleth, wont be today though ive spent my time on it
10:23 AM gloops: strange stuff happening, drivers seemingly switching off, mains tripping etc
10:23 AM gloops: always the z driver though
10:25 AM gloops: its actually not when the vfd is powered up - only when i switch the spindle on and rotate it - as i said, the 12v supply for the pwm comes from the vfd, strange problem
10:30 AM Tom_L: gloops, i've had a few outlets in this old house wired with neutral as hot
10:31 AM andypugh: gloops: Sounds to me like your CNC machine is haunted.
10:32 AM gloops: andypugh yes i think thats the most rational explanation
10:32 AM Tom_L: witch hunt..
10:34 AM gloops: i reckon this vfd might be knackered, even though it has been working fine, but ill check everything again tommorrow, run an extension from the house and use that to eliminate garage wiring
10:35 AM gloops: could also swap z driver
10:45 AM Tom_L: gloops, i thought you got a new z driver
10:57 AM gregcnc_: gloops be careful https://youtu.be/gEEFBhQoOyo
11:15 AM IchGucksLive: hi
11:19 AM IchGucksLive: later
12:27 PM gloops: so, when i boarded the garage out i left a light cable with bare ends dragging on the floor
12:46 PM IchGucksLive: hi
12:53 PM IchGucksLive: im off Gn8 got a real cool day on new E-bike
12:53 PM IchGucksLive: and now making telescope redy to show guests the star glase
01:11 PM slipalong: Is it possible to get the real spindle speed displayed on axes with just phase A connected to the BOB, Im running low on pins
01:11 PM Tom_L: should be
01:12 PM slipalong: Im struggling to see an example config Tom
01:12 PM Tom_L: mesa encoder?
01:12 PM Tom_L: use it in single mode iirc
01:14 PM slipalong: no just a parallel port
01:14 PM Tom_L: not sure then, my setup is all mesa
01:15 PM Tom_L: i'm sure it can be done
01:15 PM slipalong: The example in the documentation uses phase A and index
01:15 PM Tom_L: just leave the index off if all you want is speed
01:15 PM slipalong: Im planning on getting a Mesa card, but they are very expensive in Europe
01:15 PM Tom_L: jt will ship you some
01:16 PM slipalong: I quite fancy the ethernet version but the european distributor doesn't have one it stock
01:17 PM slipalong: I will ask JT next time I see him active
01:17 PM Tom_L: yeah those are a litte more
01:17 PM Tom_L: i'm using a parallel port version
01:17 PM Tom_L: 7i90
01:17 PM slipalong: so you recon use the example in the docs and just dont connect Index
01:17 PM Tom_L: works great
01:17 PM Tom_L: i would try that
01:17 PM Tom_L: as a starting point
01:18 PM slipalong: cool will go and have a play now
01:20 PM slipalong: That 7I90HD is only 64 euros
01:20 PM slipalong: good price
01:20 PM Tom_L: i use that and a 7i47S on mine
01:20 PM Tom_L: the S gives me spindle control 0-10v
01:20 PM slipalong: http://eusurplus.com/index.php?route=product/manufacturer/info&manufacturer_id=12&page=3
01:20 PM Tom_L: there are other daugher cards you could use
01:20 PM slipalong: I just made a low pass filter and converted PCM to 0-10V
01:21 PM Tom_L: but you've already got a parallel port
01:21 PM enleth: slipalong: I ordered directly from Mesa before, but I'll probably order from a local EU distributor next time to avoid local customs
01:21 PM slipalong: seems to work ok with the stock G0704 motor controller
01:21 PM slipalong: The parallel ports are a bit slow
01:21 PM enleth: waiting six weeks for those assholes to put a stamp on a package, and having to pay for the privilege, is a fucking joke
01:21 PM Tom_L: yeah, i don't know how bad they tax you on imports
01:22 PM Tom_L: slipalong, not with a mesa card
01:22 PM Tom_L: i plug the 7i90 into the parallel port
01:24 PM slipalong: so you connect the 7i90 to the PC via a parallel port?
01:24 PM Tom_L: yes
01:24 PM Tom_L: then the mesa card does all the work
01:24 PM slipalong: ah got ya
01:24 PM Tom_L: step timing etc
01:24 PM slipalong: cool like it
01:24 PM Tom_L: and it gives you 72 io
01:25 PM slipalong: I have some glass scales I want to use for axis position feedback
01:25 PM slipalong: going to need quadrature inputs * 3
01:26 PM slipalong: so lots of pins
01:26 PM Tom_L: should handle it ok
01:26 PM Tom_L: if not you can add a sserial card
01:26 PM Tom_L: for some of the redundant io
01:26 PM slipalong: nice
01:27 PM Tom_L: just need differential io which the 7i47 has
01:27 PM Tom_L: RSxxx whatever it is...
01:42 PM fragalot: gloops: do you happen to know where I could get stackable bins with a door on the front?
01:43 PM fragalot: I want to find a better way to store my fertilizers as they're taking up way too much space in their respective bags, and standard bins suck when you have to move 4 20kg bins to get to the one you want :P
01:45 PM gloops: fragalot no dont think i know the type you mean
01:45 PM fragalot: gloops: https://ak-i21.geccdn.net/site/images/n-picgroup/SUN_BH1888102PK.jpg
01:45 PM gloops: hoarding fertiliser may arouse suspicions these days you know, for a number of reasons
01:45 PM fragalot: easy to find in the USA, it seems
01:46 PM fragalot: i'm not hoarding anything.. That's the size the packages come in
01:46 PM fragalot: I can't help it that they sell calcium in 20kg bags
01:46 PM gloops: those are commonplace here either i dont think
01:46 PM gloops: nitro-chalk?
01:47 PM gloops: ARENT commonplace here
01:47 PM JT-Shop: slipalong: what are you looking for?
01:48 PM gloops: there are lots on ebay though, stacking laundry bins
01:48 PM fragalot: gloops: link,
01:48 PM fragalot: ?
01:49 PM gloops: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-x-Stacking-White-Waste-Recycle-Laundry-Sorting-Plastic-Bins-Boxes-Lids/112721797045?
01:49 PM gloops: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-x-30L-Plastic-Recycling-Stacking-Bin-Laundry-Kitchen-Recycle-Box-Hinged-Lid/252936265843?
01:49 PM gloops: will post to europe
01:49 PM fragalot: sweet!
01:52 PM gloops: local garden stores stopped selling high nitrogen in 25kg bags, weighed it out in 1 kg bags, he doesnt sell it at all now
01:53 PM fragalot: I don't really use nitrogen that much
01:54 PM gloops: ive got chickens so i dont buy any, some bonemeal and fish/blood/bone thats all
01:54 PM Cromaglious_: anyone have a hal and ini file for a 7i92M setup?
02:00 PM fragalot: gloops: turns out ikea sells them... (Sortera)
02:01 PM gloops: yeah they are useful for laundry, kitchen i suppose those kind of places will have them
02:01 PM fragalot: €10 per bin for the 36 liter one, that's pretty good
02:06 PM gloops: suppose it depends how strong they are, ive had some of the cheap smaller open front tubs for screws and bolts and stuff and they were not strong.
02:08 PM fragalot: that's why i'm going to ikea to see them in person rather than buy online or buy from ebay :P
02:10 PM gloops: yeah good plan
03:20 PM gloops: what do you grow anyway fragalot?
03:21 PM fragalot: assorted veg
03:22 PM gloops: ahh ok
03:22 PM fragalot: this year will be lettuce, tiny tomatoes, even tinier (really it's cute) melons, beans, onions, carrots, spanish peppers & maybe beans
03:23 PM gloops: excellent, cant beat home grown veg
03:23 PM gloops: i grow harbinger and brandywine toms
03:23 PM gloops: although shirley is probably the best all round tomato
03:28 PM fragalot: maybe, I don't know any of the breeds' names
03:29 PM fragalot: bought a bag of potatoes to try & grow too but forgot which ones
03:30 PM gloops: if theyre first earlies and you got a decent variety, youll probably be growing them for life heh
03:30 PM fragalot: :P
03:30 PM fragalot: going to try the "bag" method
03:30 PM gloops: shop potatoes are a totally different thing to first early spuds out of the ground
03:31 PM gloops: a lot do that yeah ive never tried it
03:31 PM fragalot: i've put some in the ground before, works well, but I always forget to pile the soil up higher as they grow
03:31 PM fragalot: hoping the bags being in the way will serve as a reminder
03:32 PM Tom_L: fragalot do you slice the potatos?
03:33 PM Tom_L: cubes
03:33 PM fragalot: no
03:33 PM fragalot: am I supposed to?
03:33 PM Tom_L: you get more
03:33 PM fragalot: interesting
03:33 PM Tom_L: every eye is a plant
03:33 PM gloops: ive seen photos on facebook where they open the bags and theres a big crop inside, i think some feel around inside as well, get the big enough potatoes out and leave the plant growing to get more
03:33 PM Tom_L: i cube them and bag the cubes in sulphur to skin them over
03:33 PM Tom_L: then plant the cubes
03:34 PM fragalot: I may try that, but I don't think i'll even plant the 100 taters I bought anyway
03:34 PM fragalot: so i'm not sure if it's worth the bother :P
03:34 PM gloops: i dont cut them - but the more eyes you leave on the more potatoes you get - but smaller, if you only leave one or two eyes on you get fewer but bigger potatoes
03:34 PM Tom_L: next time don't get so many :)
03:35 PM Tom_L: russet red are good 'new' potatos
03:35 PM gloops: 100 thats a lot to bag lol
03:35 PM fragalot: Tom_L: they only sold 'm in crates of 100 :P
03:36 PM Tom_L: like horse radish?
03:36 PM Tom_L: i did that one year
03:36 PM gloops: horse radish is invasive
03:36 PM Tom_L: was a sweet hot instead of store bought hot
03:37 PM Tom_L: yeah, i did one plant
03:38 PM Tom_L: peas are a pita
03:39 PM gloops: if its the same type we have here, theyre reluctant to plant it unless its contained, it spreads and gets difficult to control
03:40 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/house/house.jpg
03:40 PM Tom_L: quite a few years back
03:40 PM gloops: grows wild round here though so not difficult to get hold of
03:40 PM Tom_L: you do cucumbers?
03:40 PM Tom_L: i put them in cages like tomatoes
03:41 PM gloops: i usually stick a couple in, i dont grow them from seed anymore just buy a couple of plants
03:41 PM Tom_L: had 200+ one year from 6 mounds
03:41 PM gloops: yeah the all female types can throw lots of cumbers
03:45 PM Tom_L: haven't done a garden in a few years now though
03:45 PM fragalot: I did cucumbers last year
03:45 PM fragalot: underestimated how large the plants get
03:45 PM Tom_L: never had luck with carrots
03:45 PM Tom_L: fragalot, that's why i caged them
03:45 PM fragalot: carrots are very picky about the soil
03:45 PM Tom_L: and they seem to do better
03:46 PM Tom_L: i know
03:46 PM Tom_L: beets?
03:46 PM fragalot: when I last did them, in one row you'd find great ones, with really .. arty .. ones right next to 'm
03:50 PM gloops: i dont take many photos of stuff but i have got some https://ibb.co/iMsvc7
03:51 PM gloops: they are pink fir apple spuds, very good to eat, not so easy to skin
03:51 PM fragalot: there are tricks to skinning 'm
03:51 PM Tom_L: is that the variety?
03:52 PM Tom_L: skin is the best part "
03:52 PM fragalot: rock tumbler, sandblaster, caustic soda,.. :P
03:52 PM gloops: pink fir apple < thats the variety, salad potaoes, great cold but we eat them hot just boiled, theyre a bit different to other spuds
03:53 PM gloops: sprouts https://ibb.co/ekemjn
03:53 PM Tom_L: those look healthy
03:54 PM Tom_L: i mound the potatoes in rows and go down the row and pull the small ones from the cracks in the soil
03:54 PM fragalot: I thnk that's larger than my entire veggi plot, lol
03:54 PM Tom_L: mine was small but i got alot in it
03:55 PM Tom_L: gloops plans to feed an army
03:56 PM gloops: virginia gold lol https://ibb.co/fk06H7
03:56 PM Tom_L: don't know about that one
03:57 PM gloops: tobacco
04:01 PM Tom_L: well, it didn't look like weed :D
04:02 PM gloops: its only a bit of land we rent round the back, local gentry owns it charges nothing and nobody ever sees him
04:06 PM fragalot: how do you rent something that the land owner doesn't charge for
04:06 PM gloops: £7 a year - nothing for about half an acre
04:06 PM fragalot: damn, that is cheap
04:09 PM gloops: some ancient law, his family has to provide common land and plots for growing veg and keeping poultry and so on, for the village folk, he probably wouldnt have to honour it if it went to court but the family has for a long time
04:29 PM Deejay: gn8
05:13 PM ves: hmm
06:25 PM CNCZombie is now known as DanMN
08:12 PM JCress: Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I'm trying to setup a MPG on a 7i77 using pncconf. I found references on the forum about changing the 7i77 mode to 2 in the I/O Connector 3 tab, but when I try the drop down tabs are all greyed out. Would anyone know why that would be?
08:50 PM enleth: someone here mentioned needing a very small boring bar
08:50 PM enleth: https://youtu.be/yGvOwHGFoHg?t=10m51s well this is definitely not ABOM-sized
08:51 PM enleth: not sure if that's something he ground, or an actual factory-made boring bar, but I don't remember seeing a smaller one ever before
09:10 PM JCress: That's a nice looking chuck he's got on there.
09:12 PM jdh: mesa makes a fairly small boring bar for TPG inserts
09:44 PM enleth: JCress: AFAIR the major reason he keeps two similar-sized lathes in his home shop is to always have the collet chuck on one of them
09:44 PM enleth: there isn't much difference between the two otherwise
09:59 PM JCress: Ahh I'd never actually noticed he had two similar lathes, it would be convenient though if you had a spare lathe kicking around
10:19 PM XXCoder: whew
10:19 PM XXCoder: made few more panels to finally close ALL gaps in walls in living room and bedroom downstairs
10:20 PM SpeedEvil: :)
10:20 PM XXCoder: so once those is screwed on it's done, and ready for spackle and orange peel