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Mar 23 2018

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01:43 AM IchGucksLive: morning from germany
01:56 AM IchGucksLive: im off till later
02:49 AM miss0r: good morning
02:55 AM Loetmichel: hihi, customer ordered a 55" level_a monitor for mointing on the wall... for measurement we need a stand though... lets see what we have as scrap wood laying around... works! -> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=17034&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
03:01 AM Deejay: moin
03:06 AM miss0r: Loetmichel: hehe
03:06 AM miss0r: mornin' Deejay
03:07 AM Deejay: hey there :)
04:35 AM gloops: hmm, notice blender traces svg to 3d mesh
04:35 AM gloops: inkscape traces bitmap to svg, few clicks from bitmap to 3d mesh, useful
04:50 AM miss0r: the feeling you get, when you carrie a box containing 2000 2x0,75 wire ferrules, and bunb it on the side of the workbench & dropping it on the ground. Did I mention the box was open ? *sigh*
04:50 AM sync: :)
04:51 AM miss0r: Luckily I just swept the floor yesterday... but still :-/
04:59 AM jthornton: morning
05:07 AM miss0r: mornin'
05:34 AM Tom_L: hi
06:02 AM jthornton: looks like another round of rainy weather for the next few days
06:05 AM gloops: well that didnt last long, tb6600 driver looks to have packed in, pfff seriously beginning to think this is jinxed lol
06:06 AM gloops: just had everything working, 5 minutes - another snag
06:07 AM XXCoder: sure you wired it well? because I remember that sparky fun before
06:11 AM gloops: it was working fine 5 minutes ago, got a realtime error, now dead, cant see any loose connections, multimeter battery dead that was working yesterday too lol
06:11 AM gloops: the driver has been working fine for last few days
06:11 AM XXCoder: strange
06:12 AM gloops: have to test it later when i get a battery, i have got a spare somewhere
06:15 AM gloops: nope, its working, switch psu off and on, working again..
06:17 AM miss0r: too small psu?
06:17 AM gloops: will check settings for half half amps idling, might be getting warm, didnt feel particularly warm though
06:17 AM XXCoder: one psu 3 steppers?
06:18 AM gloops: well theres only 2 motors per psu, they about 10 amp psu i think
06:18 AM XXCoder: if so, try disable Z and test only XY and see if it still gets overcome
06:18 AM miss0r: gloops: I have two 60amp 24volt psu, if you're interrested ;)
06:19 AM miss0r: oh... 40 amps
06:19 AM gloops: i havent earthed the metal box yet dunno if there is some charge build up affecting stuff, that wouldnt disable driver though i dont think
06:19 AM miss0r: that sounds like a stretch
06:19 AM gloops: miss0r no good i need 50-60v
06:20 AM XXCoder: I thoight tb6600 max at 48v?
06:20 AM miss0r: the 60volt PSUs i've got are only 30 amps thou :]
06:20 AM gloops: im sure ill find it whatever it is anyway, it will happen again no doubt
06:20 AM gloops: XXCoder yeah they are, these psus give out about 44v
06:21 AM miss0r: XXCoder: They are 50 volts maximum
06:21 AM XXCoder: ok
06:21 AM gloops: i have got 2 4.5 Nm motors though that will take more volts, ive got a psu for those anyway
06:22 AM miss0r: Here I am AGAIN waiting for a package to be delievered. I need to plan better ahead
06:23 AM gloops: im waiting for some m8 grub screws, pretty much ready to go real soon, im not even putting a cutter in until i think it is proper ready to work though
06:23 AM gloops: because even when i think that there will be a dozen more things i didnt think of
06:23 AM XXCoder: im waiting for shop.
06:23 AM XXCoder: sadly wont happen for in least a year.
06:24 AM gloops: thats a year to plan and design XXCoder
06:24 AM gloops: what i really dont like with this is when you have a few hours to work on it, then some stupid snag turns up and wastes the time
06:25 AM gloops: you can weld a gantry up in 30 minutes - then it takes 2 hours to get a screw in somehere
06:25 AM miss0r: I ordered a DIN rail enclosure for an arduino yesterday with DHL EXPRESS from germany. The tracking tells me it is out for delievery.. but that can be late still
06:26 AM XXCoder: usa/china trade wars
06:27 AM miss0r: ?
06:27 AM XXCoder: both usa and china is threatening tariffs on stuff
06:28 AM XXCoder: funny because usa needs china far more than china needs usa
06:28 AM miss0r: meh. That means we need to start making everything outselfs :]
06:29 AM XXCoder: not happening
06:29 AM XXCoder: you'd be surpised on how much stuff china makes that was invented in usa that usa dont know how to make
06:29 AM XXCoder: like lcd screens
06:29 AM XXCoder: amoled, so on
06:30 AM miss0r: I'm sure. China is the factory of the world
06:30 AM miss0r: Bleh! Every time I think I hear a car engine idle, I go look out the door, to see if the parcel is finally here!
06:31 AM miss0r: I payed 65EUR for the express, it better be here soon OR ELSE... or else I will wait some more
06:36 AM XXCoder: fun
06:41 AM gloops: well homed and jogging, thats todays progress, only thing is should have been somewhere at 12 not even been in shower yet haha
06:42 AM miss0r: Won't make that apointment :)
06:42 AM miss0r: Then you can use the time you just have in spare now, and shoote a video of the thing jogging around
06:42 AM gloops: nah ill go, ill tell her i thought she said half past
06:42 AM XXCoder: and shoot video while bathing, using waterproof controller and drone
06:43 AM miss0r: hehe
06:53 AM miss0r: I'm going nuts waiting for this package! And I can't get on with this project before I have it
06:55 AM XXCoder: today I ran broaching job for first time
06:55 AM XXCoder: interesting but not really fun
06:55 AM XXCoder: I cant read while broaching.
06:56 AM miss0r: hehe. So for something to be fun, you'd need to able to read at the same time? :]
06:56 AM XXCoder: well reading is much more enjoyable lol
06:57 AM XXCoder: one postive though, time went so fasy
06:57 AM XXCoder: negative, very dirty
06:57 AM MrSun is now known as MrSunshine
06:57 AM miss0r: hehe
06:57 AM MrSunshine: hey, anyone here been working with cyclones for dust collection ?
06:57 AM XXCoder: I wanted to make one evenually but not yet
06:58 AM miss0r: MrSunshine: Yeah, and I failed missurably
06:58 AM jthornton: I have one on my blast cabinet
06:58 AM jthornton: one even
06:58 AM MrSunshine: trying to design one for an old vacuum pump (side channel blower) and it has a 50mm in/outlet.. but from what i can gather when i look for designs etc the cyclone diameter should be 2x the in/outlet diameter of the cyclone ..
06:58 AM MrSunshine: that would be only 100mm in diameter
06:58 AM MrSunshine: feels a bit small somehow
06:59 AM gloops: bad hostage situation in france, 2 dead so far
07:00 AM miss0r: MrSunshine: That does sound strangely small
07:01 AM miss0r: gloops: That is bad, I just googled it
07:02 AM gloops: just been on TV
07:02 AM miss0r: No TV in my shop
07:02 AM MrSunshine: https://snag.gy/ahzXji.jpg that is the deisn parameters .. going for #1
07:03 AM MrSunshine: high efficiency .. as the throughtput wont be to huge
07:03 AM MrSunshine: just some dust from the cnc :P
07:04 AM Beachbumpete1: morning guys
07:04 AM XXCoder: im thinking of printing 2 coke bottle cyclones to use with vacuum for my cnc
07:04 AM MrSunshine: i guess i can test the design as long as i have a good filter at the vacuumpump :P
07:05 AM MrSunshine: tho rolling cones in sheet metal doesnt seem to fun :P
07:05 AM XXCoder: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1447214
07:05 AM XXCoder: the coke bottle design one, designed to work with vacuum
07:05 AM miss0r: woo, package arrived !
07:06 AM XXCoder: nice!
07:06 AM MrSunshine: XXCoder: also hellasmall but i guess it could work =)
07:06 AM XXCoder: yeah my machine is pretty small
07:07 AM MrSunshine: oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained i guess .. lets build this badboy and see what happends :P
07:08 AM MrSunshine: will be like 400mm high atleast ... :P
07:08 AM XXCoder: yeah
07:09 AM gloops: can you hack some vaccum cleaner MrS
07:09 AM gloops: cant
07:10 AM MrSunshine: gloops: why when i have a side channel blower with the capacity of 5 vacuums ? :P
07:10 AM gloops: not for the power, i mean the cyclone parts
07:10 AM MrSunshine: cleaned out over 1L with glass fiber dust out of the impeller of it (its hollow) .. it was vibrating like hell when i tried it out so started investigating :P
07:11 AM gloops: wow cast iron welding rods £2 each ish on ebay, my local supplier used to sell a small bundle for that
07:11 AM gloops: called this morning and hes stopped doing them
07:12 AM MrSunshine: https://snag.gy/Bf6GiQ.jpg
07:12 AM MrSunshine: was a fun little project that took a full day .. it was like cement in there :P
07:12 AM gloops: looks pretty solid lol
07:13 AM MrSunshine: mechanical + preasure washer to get it out
07:13 AM MrSunshine: got it for like 20$ so im happy anyways :P
07:16 AM MrHindsight: MrSunshine: look for an old 10K rpm spindle to drive it :)
07:16 AM methods_: good god how many tabs do you have open
07:17 AM methods_: how many terabytes of ram do you have on that computer lol
07:20 AM MrHindsight: heh, I once looked at friends slow PC, he had just about every file as a shortcut on his desktop
07:23 AM MrHindsight: wasn't there some contest to see how many tabs you can have open without crashing?
07:27 AM methods_: i don't know if there is but i think you're winning
07:32 AM XXCoder: lol think my record is over 100
07:32 AM gregcnc: let me check
07:32 AM XXCoder: same time thats with no load plugin till focus click. so ponentally i could have thousand tabs as long as I dont try to load all of em
07:33 AM XXCoder: pre-plugin era I did open 100 tabs it was slow but worked lol
07:34 AM gregcnc: mine crashed once with 200+ open it never slows tough
07:34 AM methods_: wow
07:34 AM gregcnc: hasn't crashed since quantum
07:36 AM gregcnc: we have a latop that runs like molasses though. I haven't checked why
07:37 AM methods_: maybe it's the 200 tabs lol
07:37 AM MrHindsight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJCizZb16gY Most chrome tabs open at one time World Record!
07:38 AM gregcnc: this box has 16gb of ram so, but is 5 years old now, the laptop was cheap
09:02 AM MrHindsight is now known as CaptHindsight
09:12 AM Loetmichel: gregcnc: so what? i still have THAT running in the shop as a surfstation/mp3 player: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=15999&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
09:12 AM Loetmichel: ... talking about old... :_)
09:54 AM CaptHindsight: http://mmbr.asm.org/content/80/1/161.full Biological Nanomotors with a Revolution, Linear, or Rotation Motion Mechanism
09:54 AM skunkworks: exit
09:54 AM skunkworks: heh
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10:29 AM Beachbumpete1_: jeez man figuring this print and scaling for drawings is a PIA
10:29 AM Beachbumpete1_: 99 percent of the time my drawings go directly to CAM and are machined
10:29 AM Beachbumpete1_: now I gotta provide prints in scale and I am having a tough time figuring out how to do that in draftsight
10:30 AM Beachbumpete1_: GAAAHhhhhhh
10:39 AM JT-Shop: dang I have to translate the German - English translation so I can connect up this control transformer
10:49 AM gloops: traffic gets worse every day, 4 hours 'running' about, or more like crawling about
11:20 AM fragalot: 'sup
11:27 AM gloops: knackered but basically functioning
11:27 AM fragalot: sounds like the concrete vibrator I got from ebay
11:27 AM fragalot: violent little bastard
11:27 AM gloops: oh you got one, excellent
11:28 AM fragalot: I got one of those chinesium vibrator motors
11:28 AM gloops: sounds just the job
11:28 AM fragalot: if it doesn't wreck the mold, yes
11:28 AM fragalot: :D
11:28 AM fragalot: I bolted it to my 400kg workbench to test it, and it moved it across the shop as if it was nothing
11:28 AM gloops: cant you slow it down?
11:29 AM gloops: cant beat resonance
11:29 AM fragalot: don't know, I need to take it apart to see what type of motor it uses
11:29 AM fragalot: or I could just add some damping material
11:29 AM fragalot: i'll figure it out :)
11:29 AM fragalot: vacuum pump arrived too
11:29 AM gloops: yeah was just thinking that
11:30 AM fragalot: made in the netherlands, and it's HEAVY
11:30 AM gloops: heavy is usually a good sign
11:30 AM fragalot: finish is great too, :-)
11:30 AM fragalot: I think i'll start washing the aggregates tomorrow & start some epoxy trials
11:31 AM gloops: i bought some expoxy today, £1 in poundland lol, just have some around for stick, thought crossed my mind of entombing my cracked compound slide in exoxy instead of welding, bit i dont think it would work
11:31 AM gloops: expoxy-epoxy
11:32 AM gloops: in fact ignore that sentence haha
11:32 AM fragalot: certainly wouldn't try it with £1 poundland epoxy
11:32 AM fragalot: you'll be lucky if you get it to harden fully :P
11:33 AM gloops: oh no not with that, would buy some, the design doesnt allow any build up on top though really, i dont think it could work
11:33 AM fragalot: I used to get my epoxy from hobbyking, but they raised the prices a lot lately
11:33 AM fragalot: used to be like $2 for 500ml :P
11:34 AM gloops: it can work for plugging holes for bolts, that kind of stuff
11:38 AM gloops: well, im almost there, cant find soldering iron though and forget to get one when i was out, you can tell youre nearly finished because you just dont give a toss about finishing it anymore lol
12:04 PM fragalot: roycroft: CaptHindsight long live HR1865 "FOSTA" ?
12:09 PM Loetmichel: soo, finally. Got at least the main box done... packing the 5V2A psu and the remote into alu on monday and then can that prototype be measured. And then (if EMI is passed) i have to build another one for the customer... with a bit less Fiberoptic ratsnest inside ;). -> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=17037&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
12:29 PM IchGucksLive: hi all
12:32 PM IchGucksLive: hi holzjunkie
12:33 PM holzjunkie: tach auch
12:33 PM holzjunkie: oder english day to
12:33 PM holzjunkie: ;-)
12:33 PM holzjunkie: till now nothing arrived
12:34 PM holzjunkie: I´m sill waiting for
12:35 PM holzjunkie: this weekend i´ll make further my lahte with the steppers
12:37 PM IchGucksLive: thats cool
12:37 PM IchGucksLive: holzjunkie: 8Nm steppers
12:37 PM IchGucksLive: i used 72V and this big ones
12:38 PM holzjunkie: IchGucksLive: no 23mn on an 11kw lathe if it is to small i also got 30nm steppers :-)
12:38 PM IchGucksLive: holzjunkie: on a retrofit better to go for ballscrew on X
12:39 PM IchGucksLive: that is quite over my limit
12:40 PM holzjunkie: its an Gildemeister Nef 480 as i buoght it i didn´t it is possilble to kontroll Anlaog Servodrivers with Mesa
12:40 PM IchGucksLive: the 7i777 will ruun it like a full version
12:41 PM IchGucksLive: gildemeister got the 802D inside
12:41 PM IchGucksLive: they will fitr the mesa system
12:42 PM IchGucksLive: and as i rember the maincontrol got a DOS PC104 plug this will give a full opertunity
12:43 PM IchGucksLive: im getting called to saerve the guests im off GN8
01:04 PM fragalot: gloops: I have to say.. an oil filter on the outlet of the pump is not a luxury, lol..
01:06 PM gloops: on the vacuum pump?
01:06 PM fragalot: yeah
01:07 PM gregcnc_: yeah a bit messy otherwise
01:07 PM fragalot: it surprised me just how much oil vapour it shoots out
01:07 PM gloops: so lemme see, thats to stop any resin getting sucked into the pump
01:07 PM gloops: ahh an oil filter for ..oil
01:07 PM fragalot: gloops: no, on the OUTLET of the pump
01:08 PM fragalot: eg. where it farts the air out
01:08 PM gloops: right
01:09 PM gloops: well, if it does the job, whatever is near the outlet would soon be black, and possible fire/health hazard
01:09 PM gregcnc_: https://youtu.be/38blwceqj5U?t=23s
01:09 PM fragalot: I tried wrapping rags around it, but it just blasts the mist right through
01:10 PM gloops: an air filter would probably be better - is this oil filter one you fitted or fitted as default?
01:11 PM fragalot: there isn't one
01:11 PM Loetmichel: isnt that oil level glass supposed to be half full?
01:11 PM fragalot: if the oil level is visible it's fine
01:12 PM Loetmichel: and not nearly upper corner?
01:12 PM fragalot: eg. not too full, and not too low
01:12 PM fragalot: near upper is marked 'max' on mine
01:12 PM Loetmichel: ah
01:12 PM Loetmichel: ok then
01:12 PM Loetmichel: thought that may be the reason for that amount of mist
01:12 PM gloops: not let it can be fed back into anything
01:12 PM gloops: like it can be
01:13 PM fragalot: I dunno, maybe it can
01:13 PM fragalot: all I know I don't want it in my lungs
01:15 PM gloops: well a big in line filter isnt cheap
01:15 PM fragalot: about €40
01:15 PM gloops: could make one with carbon easy enough, or find a car air filter box and rig something up
01:16 PM gloops: probably as well to get it outside ?
01:16 PM fragalot: car parts is a good suggestion
01:16 PM fragalot: i'll have a look around
01:20 PM gloops: not like it will be running daily though, youll survive
01:21 PM fragalot: Eh, things add up
01:21 PM sync: Yeah, you want a vapour trap
01:23 PM jdh: keep those damned vaper guys away
01:25 PM * fragalot sneaks a vape nation sticker on jdh's back
01:38 PM heathmanc: Hey everyone!
01:38 PM CaptHindsight: Howdy!
01:39 PM Tom_L: what's happenin on this fine friday?
01:39 PM heathmanc: Me, just lost trying to figure out which cards to use...
01:39 PM fragalot: today is boring, but tomorrow epoxy experiments!
01:39 PM Tom_L: don't glue your fingers together
01:40 PM CaptHindsight: fragalot: tip #16 don't fall asleep while standing in wet epoxy
01:40 PM heathmanc: Is it possible to use the 7i42ta for a single encoder input and single pwm output?
01:41 PM Tom_L: it's just a protection card
01:42 PM heathmanc: I've got 2 7i40 on one p2 and a 7i37ta
01:42 PM heathmanc: but I need a spinx1 and an encoder input for it
01:42 PM fragalot: CaptHindsight: you've scared me now
01:42 PM fragalot: what were the other 14 tips?
01:43 PM Tom_L: don't spit into the wind
01:43 PM Tom_L: don't eat yellow snow
01:43 PM fragalot: what about brown snow
01:43 PM Tom_L: heathmanc what fpga cards do you have?
01:44 PM heathmanc: 6i24, 5i20, 4i65, 4i69-25
01:44 PM heathmanc: any one of those
01:44 PM heathmanc: would prefer to use the 4i69-25 if possible
01:44 PM heathmanc: I'm a collector of cards...
01:45 PM Tom_L: the 42 is a 50pin daughter card
01:45 PM heathmanc: yes
01:45 PM heathmanc: i just need an extra pwm and encoder input
01:45 PM gloops: blender isnt bad at this - vector to 3d, https://ibb.co/b6CpkS , https://ibb.co/fh6zkS , https://ibb.co/hXYJen , https://ibb.co/iy8WX7
01:45 PM CaptHindsight: fragalot: #5 don't ask Jymmm about licking anything
01:46 PM heathmanc: I have a 7i33 and 7i48 also
01:46 PM Tom_L: you need a few more cards
01:46 PM gloops: would need to convert curves to mesh though to work on it further, curves are a nightmare
01:47 PM heathmanc: also a 7i76 and 6i25.. but they won't be of help..
01:47 PM heathmanc: What I need is to quit screwing around and put something together
01:48 PM CaptHindsight: heathmanc: how fast do you need to count encoder signals?
01:49 PM heathmanc: not terribly, this is for the spindle
01:49 PM heathmanc: What kind of options you got?
01:49 PM CaptHindsight: slow spindle?
01:50 PM heathmanc: undecided, somewhere around 5-6k
01:50 PM heathmanc: RPM that is.
01:50 PM CaptHindsight: how many counts / rev?
01:51 PM heathmanc: Don't have the encoder, waiting till I sort this out.
01:51 PM CaptHindsight: for slow signals you can use the general purpose IO
01:51 PM CaptHindsight: but not in your situation
01:52 PM heathmanc: And to hook up the SPINx1 PWM?
01:52 PM heathmanc: I'm not afraid of buying more cards...
01:53 PM Tom_L: we can see that
01:54 PM Tom_L: ok i gotta figure this cutter path out
01:58 PM heathmanc: Still really at a loss.. Can I not just pick up the PWM from a breakout board like the 7i42TA? Same with the encoder?
01:58 PM Tom_L: as long as the signal is there for it
01:59 PM heathmanc: So for instance, if I had both 7i40 on p1, 7i42TA on p3, and 7i33 for I/O on p4
02:09 PM CaptHindsight: heathmanc: it depends
02:10 PM CaptHindsight: heathmanc: you might be able to if you modify the FPGA's
02:10 PM CaptHindsight: it depends on what else is shared on that bank of pins
02:12 PM heathmanc: In your opinion, what's the simplest answer with this?
02:12 PM CaptHindsight: I forget how fast the GPIO pins can toggle
02:13 PM CaptHindsight: what is the total number of pwm and encoders for the entire system?
02:14 PM CaptHindsight: have a drawing or list of all the IO?
02:14 PM heathmanc: 4 each for the 7i40's
02:14 PM heathmanc: plus one encoder and pwm for the spindle
02:14 PM heathmanc: so 5
02:15 PM heathmanc: I don't have a drawing for all of the IO, this is for a G0704 (small mill) with nothing really fancy
02:15 PM CaptHindsight: was actually wondering why you were asking since the boards have encoder inputs and pwm outputs
02:16 PM heathmanc: because XYZA are on the 7i40s
02:16 PM heathmanc: using those encoder inputs
02:16 PM heathmanc: just have the dangling encoder for the spindle, and the spinx1 for the vfd
02:16 PM CaptHindsight: each 7i40 supports 2 motors
02:16 PM Tom_L: what about an mpg?
02:17 PM Tom_L: that will need one
02:17 PM heathmanc: yup
02:17 PM fragalot: can't go without an MPG, heathmanc
02:17 PM CaptHindsight: if you have 5 then you'll need 3 x 7i40
02:17 PM heathmanc: don't have have an MPG yet, but am up for options
02:17 PM Tom_L: make one
02:17 PM fragalot: I got an ebay one, and apart from the kinda dinky EMG stop on it,.. it's actually pretty alright
02:17 PM heathmanc: I don't need 3 7i40! those are h bridges
02:18 PM Tom_L: :)
02:19 PM CaptHindsight: this is why a drawing or list would be helpful
02:19 PM CaptHindsight: I have poor mind reading skills :(
02:19 PM heathmanc: I shoot from the hip!
02:19 PM heathmanc: Sorry...
02:20 PM heathmanc: have 4 hbridges on one connector, each 7i40 is 2
02:20 PM heathmanc: using 4 encoders and 4 pwm
02:21 PM heathmanc: have a wj200 hitachi vfd that needs a spinx1
02:21 PM heathmanc: and the encoder from the spindle needs a home
02:27 PM heathmanc: sounds like a 7i47s might be the ticket?
02:51 PM kenjax: hello, does anyone know if there is a line command to update bios? (not interested in the usb method), thanks
02:55 PM CaptHindsight: kenjax: odd place to ask about BIOS updates, depends on the motherboard
02:56 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.flashrom.org/Flashrom
02:57 PM CaptHindsight: you better know what you are doing or you can easily end up with a brick vs motherboard
03:00 PM gloops: dji -400 and falling, old Don burst that bubble really well lol
03:01 PM fragalot: at least he didn't order new passports that signify independence from the place they're divorcing from
03:01 PM fragalot: :D
03:03 PM gloops: well we dont mind france so much, we have humiliated them so many times
03:04 PM gloops: Agincourt will probably stand as the greatest military humiliation of all time
03:04 PM CaptHindsight: maybe he wants to strike Korea before Muller strikes him?
03:05 PM kenjax: <CaptHindsight> well, it's a linux channel and I was looking for a linux command so...
03:11 PM CaptHindsight: gloops: still gloating after 600 years?
03:12 PM CaptHindsight: the French won all the culinary battles against England
03:12 PM gloops: well, yes lol
03:12 PM gloops: no i dont believe that at all CaptH
03:13 PM CaptHindsight: bangers and mash vs?
03:13 PM gloops: i prefer english cooking
03:13 PM fragalot: you would :P
03:13 PM fragalot: but french cuisine is overrated
03:13 PM fragalot: english cuisine doesn't exist
03:14 PM gloops: we make the best pies and puddings anywhere
03:14 PM gloops: after all who invented the cornish pasty? or the pork pie
03:15 PM gloops: Napoleon said 'an army marches on its stomach' < maybe he was right, and the rest is history
03:16 PM fragalot: neither of which appeals to me if i'm honest
03:16 PM gloops: fragalot do you still put salad cream on chips?
03:17 PM fragalot: salad cream?
03:17 PM gloops: mayonnaise
03:18 PM fragalot: we do, but britain's interpretation of mayo is just wrong
03:18 PM fragalot: there is way too much sugar and not nearly enough vinegar & egg in it
03:18 PM fragalot: and with vinegar, I mean "put this stuff on your crusty limescale to get rid of it in seconds" vinegar
03:19 PM gloops: yes you cant beat good vinegar
03:20 PM gloops: you know, it was englands dietary knowledge that allowed them to explore the globe
03:32 PM CaptHindsight: even India won the food wars with Britain
03:35 PM gloops: i dont eat indian food, not good in this climate
03:35 PM gloops: you should eat what grows where you live i think
03:37 PM CaptHindsight: for me that would be corn, cows, chickens and soy
03:38 PM gloops: yes good healthy eating CaptH
03:38 PM gloops: no potatoes?
03:38 PM FinboySlick: gloops: I'd be eating spruce :P
03:38 PM CaptHindsight: not so much, that s more out west
03:38 PM gloops: the incas lived on corn, beans and squashes
03:39 PM JT-Shop: when you see a column marked klemme on a control transformer what does that mean in English
03:40 PM CaptHindsight: gloops: and look where it got them :)
03:41 PM gloops: klemme translates into clip or clamp, one meaning anyway
03:42 PM CaptHindsight: JT-Shop: transformer from germany?
03:42 PM gloops: or in electrical context - contact making terminal
03:42 PM gloops: switch?
03:43 PM fragalot: definitely not switch
03:43 PM MrSunshine: https://snag.gy/0tH13Y.jpg cobbled together a cyclone today =) will be fun to test it out =)
03:43 PM fragalot: MrSunshine: You'll love it :D
03:44 PM fragalot: is there a spiral inside of it to guide the air down first?
03:44 PM CaptHindsight: JT-Shop: Terminal
03:45 PM JT-Shop: yes a Murr
03:45 PM JT-Shop: thanks
03:45 PM MrSunshine: fragalot: nope ... made it simple to drawings now to check it out if it works, will make a better version later if it works =)
03:45 PM fragalot: MrSunshine: :)
03:45 PM CaptHindsight: from a possible german in ##electronics
03:45 PM MrSunshine: fragalot: this one has been formed with a hammer so not perfectly round :P
03:45 PM JT-Shop: CaptHindsight: the chart makes sense now :)
03:46 PM fragalot: MrSunshine: I use a thien baffle style one, and for its simplicity, it really is amazing how much it lessens the load on the filters
03:46 PM JT-Shop: it's a multi tap transformer
03:46 PM MrSunshine: fragalot: got a thein for my shop vac
03:46 PM MrSunshine: works great =)
03:46 PM CaptHindsight: guten lucken!
03:46 PM MrSunshine: even catches the finest mdf dust
03:46 PM fragalot: yup
03:47 PM fragalot: I haven't cleaned the filter bag in years
03:47 PM fragalot: yet dumped several barrels of dust
03:47 PM CaptHindsight: Loetmichel must be out of the office
03:47 PM JT-Shop: yea
03:48 PM MrSunshine: wanted to try a cyclone as im lead to believe that they have higher efficiency ratio for the suction power
03:48 PM fragalot: if built right, i'd imagine so
03:48 PM CaptHindsight: pressure differential, there is no such thing as suction :)
03:49 PM fragalot: there is suction power though
03:49 PM fragalot: eg. how much of a pressure differential it can generate at a given flowrate
03:49 PM CaptHindsight: though I'm all for an SI unit for Suction the "Sucks"
03:49 PM * MrSunshine slaps CaptHindsight around a bit with a large trout
03:49 PM fragalot: well I haven't heard that in a while
03:50 PM CaptHindsight: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airwatt
03:51 PM fragalot: Suction power. P
03:51 PM fragalot: :P
03:51 PM CaptHindsight: not to be confused with the measurement unit for toilets, the shit ton
03:52 PM fragalot: is that where sticktion comes from too?
03:53 PM CaptHindsight: https://petition.parliament.uk/archived/petitions/56017
03:53 PM CaptHindsight: thank the Brits
03:54 PM fragalot: 19 signatures, lol
03:54 PM FinboySlick: Well, the UK has lost its sense of humour a couple years ago, as evidenced by the Nazi Pug.
03:55 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.allianceforwaterefficiency.org/Maximum_Performance_(MaP)_Testing.aspx
03:55 PM CaptHindsight: and for reference http://www.allianceforwaterefficiency.org/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=9136
03:55 PM CaptHindsight: Maximum Performance (MaP) of Toilet Fixtures
03:57 PM gloops: thw UK hasnt lost its sense of humour, its just that nobody dare speak here
03:58 PM gloops: obviously measures have been taken to rectify this state of affairs
03:59 PM gloops: hollywood moving studios here now http://www.cityam.com/282844/gbp100m-hollywood-studio-and-entertainment-complex-coming
04:00 PM CaptHindsight: is Pinewood the current main studio?
04:01 PM gloops: i dont know, says there 40odd movies are being filmed in london at any time
04:03 PM CaptHindsight: and how many normal ones? :p
04:03 PM gloops: Woman arrested after blowing small plastic trumpet at police during Sheffield trees protest https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/woman-arrested-after-blowing-small-12241665
04:10 PM Loetmichel: CaptHindsight: i was playing fallout. whats wrong?
04:11 PM CaptHindsight: Loetmichel: JT had a question about a German word on a transformer
04:11 PM CaptHindsight: problem was solved
04:12 PM CaptHindsight: klemme = terminal
04:12 PM CaptHindsight: sorry to have disturbed your game
04:16 PM Loetmichel: de nada
04:58 PM Deejay: gn8
06:12 PM Isleape1 is now known as Isleape
08:13 PM gregcnc_: well dang. the air compressor started leaked down over night. While almost every original fitting leaks on this thing the tank is leaking where a bracket was welded on.
08:16 PM hazzy-dev: Oh boy, that is probably not safe. A air tank can be a real bomb if it lets go
08:17 PM hazzy-dev: My grandfather lost an ear to an air tank explosion, and he was a good ways from the tank when it went
08:17 PM gregcnc_: barely a year and half old
08:19 PM hazzy-dev: Ouch, either it is a Chinese tank or somebody like me welded it ...
08:20 PM gregcnc_: somewhat cheap california air tools. for oall the things that would fail, I thought the tank would be the last
08:21 PM hazzy-dev: I always heard good things of california air tools. What a shame
08:21 PM gregcnc_: the hardware is junk, the pump has been fine
08:22 PM Tom_L: gonna weld it?
08:22 PM Tom_L: what's max pressure on it?
08:22 PM gregcnc_: in only have elmers glue to weld with
08:22 PM Tom_L: is it a pinhole or can you tell?
08:23 PM Tom_L: run a screw in the hole
08:23 PM gregcnc_: can't see much it' on a weld
08:23 PM gregcnc_: bracket
08:24 PM Tom_L: i probably wouldn't weld on mine.. it tops out at 170psi
08:24 PM gregcnc_: this is maybe 125
08:25 PM Tom_L: we had an old one that started rusting so we kept adding more sheet metal screws to it :)
08:25 PM gregcnc_: shrapnel bomb?
08:25 PM Tom_L: naaa
08:26 PM Tom_L: worked fine for years
08:34 PM jdh: chinese tanks are paper thin
08:37 PM hazzy-dev: https://youtu.be/KVP_A7eGYxw
08:41 PM hazzy-dev: It is worth watching that thru. And that was just a little tiny compressor tank ...
08:42 PM hazzy-dev: For heavens sakes, be careful!
08:43 PM gregcnc_: I'm pretty sure the welder burned a hole through.
08:46 PM gregcnc_: what a pain. I need something quiet.
08:48 PM andypugh: gregcnc_: If it’s 18 months old then demand a new one. Even if they only offer a 1 year warranty a tank failure after such a short time is completely unacceptable, and they really ought to agree.
08:49 PM gregcnc_: I'll have to wait until Monday to find out.
09:57 PM ves: ugh... anyone have a working HAL and ini using as 7i92M?
09:58 PM ves: ugh... anyone have a working HAL and ini using as 7i92M?
10:01 PM andypugh: ves: Is yours giving an error? What error?
11:12 PM ziper: Tom_L, i did the same thing when i drilled a hole in the keel of my boat